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How to Make A Money Tree Birthday Gift Idea

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How to Make a Money Tree & Other Birthday Ideas

Let it be known that birthday gifts are basically the best part about birthdays, right? (That and CAKE!) But at the top of the birthday gift list is often the one thing we all think about on a daily basis in some way or another: MONEY! While money doesn’t buy happiness, it can help buy things that make us happy! One of the best money gift ideas for birthdays is a money tree, which just like it sounds, is a tree made of money! We can’t think of anything better than that, so we’re going to tell you how to make a money tree AND other fun and creative money birthday gift ideas right here!

In general, we’d say the amount of money given as a birthday gift varies greatly depending on the age of the birthday boy or girl! That is to say, you wouldn’t necessarily need to shell out hundreds of dollars to a 6 year old…But as you consider how or how much to give a money gift, just remember one thing: You’re making their birthday extra special with a little extra spending money! They’re going to love it no matter what!

Step by Step Guide: How to Make a Money Tree

First up, how to make a money tree! This relatively simple project takes just a bit of planning and a stack of paper money. Head to the nearest ATM if you need some cash! Secondly, follow the instructions laid out so well by SoTipicalMe. Not only is this step by step guide impressive, it’s the cutest money tree we’ve ever seen!

To clarify, making a money tree doesn’t take very long and the results are totally worth it! Just imagine the look on the recipients face when you deliver it! Priceless! 😉 (Not to mention, their birthday will now be ‘how ever many dollars are on the tree’ better because now they get to spend all that money! Oh yeah!)

We highly recommend shopping for the ribbons and embellishments for your money tree with the recipient in mind. What’s their favorite color? Do they have a favorite sport? Are they beginning a new chapter of their life with a new year ahead? Make it special, specific, and full of love. That’s what a true gift is all about!

Now, how about some other birthday money gift ideas?

Money Gift Ideas for Birthdays

What we find most fun about a money gift is the way you can present the cash! Instead of a plain card with a few bills stuffed inside, why not make something extraordinary with the money instead? (Much like the money tree gift idea above!) We’re here to inform you that whomever receives the gift will absolutely LOVE the extra thought and detail you put in to the presentation. On that note, when you see these money gift ideas for birthdays below, you’re going to be just as excited about the gift you’re giving as they are when receiving it!

  • Box of Balloons: Surprise! These birthday balloons aren’t just regular balloons! Have fun popping these money-filled balloons all day long! BONUS: These balloons will leave the birthday boy or girl grinning all day with anticipation to spend their new birthday money!
  • Strings Attached: This gift idea comes with a few fun rules and a required shopping trip! In other words, the best gift ever! I don’t know about you, but I would have NO issues with that!
  • Money Wrapped Candy Bars: Combining two favorites, candy and cash will always be a hit! And She’s Crafty really said it best, “Just give them what they really want!” (We’ve also been told that a money tree is exactly what they want! 😉 )
  • Cold  Hard Cash: Breaking into this cold hard cash will most definitely be worth the work! On top of that, this idea would make a great gift for someone you know who’s looking to build some muscle! 😉
  • Surprise Balloon Door: Adorn the birthday boy or girls bedroom door with these money-filled balloons for them to find first thing in the morning! This early morning surprise will kick off their birthday celebrations just right!
  • Soda Pop Bottle: On one hand, soda is delicious. On the other hand, this soda pop bottle filled with cash beats a delicious drink of soda any day! Anybody celebrating their birthday will be praising your name after receiving this fun gift!
  • Cash Wallet: Why put money inside a wallet when you could gift a wallet made of money itself? Not only that, this idea is creative as it is valuable!

  • Birthday Bouquet: Flowers on your birthday? Sweet and thoughtful! Money flowers on your birthday? Best gift ever! (In addition, the step by step guide for how to make a money tree up above yields a birthday gift just like this birthday bouquet!)
  • Money to Burn: It would be important to include instructions with this gift indicating that the money is intended to be burned, aka spent without a second thought! 😉
  • Cash Cake: Chocolate may be yummy, but this idea “takes the cake” when it comes to birthday gifts!
  • Candle Card: This idea is cute, easy, and perfectly themed. Most importantly, these candle bills are the perfect addition to a birthday gift! Just be sure not to blow these candles away!
  • Money Tie: What a fun way to give some cash to that special man in your life! In addition, you could also make a similar gift bow-tie style!
  • Rose Bouquet: Every girl loves roses! Certainly these money-roses would make a birthday girl feel special! 
  • Cash Roll: The gift that keeps on giving! The birthday boy or girl will certainly enjoy this seemingly never-ending fun rolled up surprise!
  • Mobile: This would make the perfect gift for an expecting birthday mama! While baby might not have a lot of say in where the money goes, they would certainly be entertained by it!
  • Cash Wreath: This wreath is as impressive as it is cute! Although, it would almost be a shame to take down the bills when you’re ready to spend it! (We feel very similarly about the idea we first mentioned on this post! If you want to know how to make a money tree as well, scroll to the top of this post!)

To sum up, any one of these money gift ideas would be fun to give! The best part is, you could give multiple money gifts all year, each with a fun twist and spin!

And don’t forget! If you’re looking to see how to make a money tree (the ultimate birthday gift!), just scroll right back to the top of this post!

Lastly, money gifts can be used to celebrate additional milestones throughout the year, other than a birthday. Make sure to check out these Graduation Money Gift Ideas and Fun Money Gift Ideas for Christmas!

Enjoy your money gifting!


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9 DIY Money Tree Gift Ideas

They say money doesn’t grow on trees, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a tree out of money. Money trees are a unique way to give money as a gift.

I remember my aunt giving me a money tree as a gift when I was growing up and I loved it. The best part about receiving a money tree as a gift is that you can tell the person giving it actually put some effort into creating it. Also, since the gift is literally just money it means that you get to decide how you want to spend it!

Money trees make excellent gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and other events. Plus, they’re way more fun to give (and receive) than just a wad of cash.

In this post I share 9 easy money tree gifts that you can create from scratch.


9 Easy DIY Money Trees to Gift this Year

1. Ribbon and Bills

You’ll have to hunt a little for this money, but it’s worth the work. This small money plant is easy to carry and deliver. Plus, as So Tipical shows you, you can use any ribbon you want to suit the occasion.

One tip to make this gift a home run is to spread out the denominations of the bills. That is, spread out the fives and tens so that the person receiving the gift gets to have some fun taking the tree apart to find out just how much money is in it!


2. Classic Topiary

There’s a reason this one is a classic money tree idea because it looks so good. Sunburst Gifts shows you how to make a classic topiary out of dollar bills.

Don’t be surprised if the recipient of this gift is hesitant to pull apart the bills in front of you – it looks so cool that they may just want to keep it as a decoration for a little while!


3. Origami Money Tree

Put your origami skills to some use. Skip to my Lou created this cute money tree for teacher appreciation week.

This is one money tree that teachers are sure to love because it’s clear that it takes a bit of time and effort to make it. The effort is worth it though because the end product just looks so unique and cool.


4. Hanging Money Tree

Giggles Galore offers another great teacher appreciation money tree idea. It’s simple and quick, but no less impactful. For those who aren’t well-versed in origami or are in a crunch for time, this is one of the easier money trees to make because it just involves hanging bills from the branches of a small tree.

One trick for making this money tree gift stand out is to decorate the basket that holds the plant in a unique way. After all, since the tree itself will be a bit sparse, the basket (or whatever container you place it in) will need to look great to pull off this gift.


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5. Christmas Tree Money Tree

While this one is best for a holiday like Christmas, it looks good no matter what the season or the holiday. It’s All Rosie shows you how to make a Christmas tree money tree.

One tip to make sure this money tree turns out well is to use a smaller pot or basket so that the bills fill up the bottom and so that it doesn’t look too sparse.


6. Money Bouquet

While this post is mostly about money trees, it was hard to resist this money bouquet. As Jen Balcer explains, it’s easily customizable for whoever you’re giving the gift to.

On the plus side, this bouquet might be easier to make than some of the other money tree ideas listed above since it just involves wooden sticks and no complex origami or designs.


More Money Tree Ideas…

7. Money Potted Bouquet

This also isn’t a tree, but it’s too cute to pass up. Fun Squared shows you how to make this money bouquet of flowers that are good for any season.

One tip to make this bouquet look its best is to fill the bucket or pot you place it in with confetti or some other fun-colored filler.


8. Sports/School Themed Money Tree

This money tree is a perfect graduation gift or a gift for your favorite sports super-fan. Plays with Needles shows you how it’s done.

The key to making this money tree gift idea a true hit is to place emphasis on the design of the pot that it’s placed in. A sticker of a sports mascot or a little phrase on the side of the pot can turn this money tree gift into a real hit.


9. Simple Wedding Money Tree

Shari’s Berries offers up this simple wedding money tree design. It’s quick and easy, yet elegant enough for any affair.

Maybe a tree isn’t your style, if not, consider origami money. There are butterflies, flowers, and hearts. You can find them all on Etsy.


Simple Tips to Make Money Trees the Best Gifts Possible

No matter which money tree gift idea you like best, here are a few tips that you can use with any of the trees to make them the best gifts possible:

  • Spread out the different denominations of bills to make it more challenging for the recipient of the tree to find each of the bills and add them all up.
  • Create a unique design for the basket, bowl, or pot that you place the money tree in. After all, half of the gift is the container itself, so by making it unique and custom-tailored to the person you’re giving it to you can make the gift truly unique and heartfelt.
  • Personalize the gift by using their name. Consider designating it for a particular savings goal such as new car savings fund.

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your money tree is the best gift possible.


Bonus: If you’re looking for even more money tree gift ideas, check out this Pinterest Board by Mary Howard that has over 75 unique ideas.

Have you ever made a money tree?


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How to make your own money tree at home? Vovet.



Doing something with your own hands is interesting, unique and beautiful. Do-it-yourself fakes are unusual and "carry" the effect of surprise and surprise. From childhood, I was drawn to build something. These were different dolls, little animals, flower arrangements, various caskets and much more.

In the last five years I have been interested in various souvenirs related to money. I went to the souvenir departments, as well as the Feng Shui departments. Many believe that the "Money Tree" brings not only good luck, but also prosperity to the house. I didn't want to buy. I looked closely and decided to do something with my own hands. And since the topiary is one of the "money" trees, I chose it. My very first tree was made from paper money. Souvenir notes, but they look like real ones. Making money topiary with your own hands is not at all difficult. The main thing is to understand the principle of manufacturing sequence. I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or the topiary really helped, but after I finished doing it, they returned the debt to me and offered me a part-time job.

I have already made many trees. They are all different. I gave it to my relatives and friends for their birthday. For greater effect and originality, I attached a real bill to the side. It turned out a wonderful gift, which I really liked, was different from others, and it still decorates the interior of everyone to whom I gave it.

But today I want to share instructions on how to create a "money" tree from coins. Surely, many still have Soviet coins. If not, then you can use the coins of our time. You can make such a monetary souvenir as a gift to a friend, relatives, superiors, or for your home or office. This unusual interior decoration will add its own zest, delighting with its simplicity of execution and unusual, very beautiful result of work.


for manufacturing will be needed:

  • mug or pot
  • Foam ball (with a diameter of 5 cm. )
  • Threads (any)
  • pair of decorative leaves (any)
  • Strong wire
  • Squamous towers
  • Coins of the same good (any)
  • A little modeling compound
  • PVA glue
  • Dry gold glitter
  • Glue gun
  • Can of quick dry gold enamel
  • A little gypsum (construction alabaster)

Step-by-step instructions:

Bend the wire with pliers

Dilute a little gypsum with cool water and bring to the consistency of thick sour cream and pour the mixture into the prepared container (mug or pot). We immerse the tail of the wire there. This will be the trunk of the tree. Sets quickly (about 5 minutes). Therefore, the wire must be held with your fingers in the desired position (also 5 minutes). Leave and let the plaster harden.

While the plaster is curing, take a foam ball (you can make it yourself or buy it in a specialized store), wrap it with a thread like a ball. This will be the basis for the coins.

After wrapping, cover the ball with coins. It must be glued symmetrically. Be sure to leave a hole corresponding to the diameter of the wire.

Glue decorative leaves to the wire. We do this with a glue gun.

We form the trunk of our future "money" tree with the mass for modeling.

We put the "ball of coins" on the tail of the wire at the top and fix it with hot glue.

Decorate the remaining coins by covering the top of the pot or mug.

The last step to complete is to cover the coins with gold paint, as well as the trunk and leaves. So we will give the coins shine and attractiveness. This is, of course, painstaking work, but the result is worth it.

Let the paint dry.

For more effect, you can decorate a little. To do this, you can take 1: 1 water and PVA glue, adding gold sparkles to this mixture. We paint the trunk and leaves with this mixture, you can cover a couple of coins on top of the topiary. This procedure is most convenient to do with a clerical brush.

Let the glue dry. On top, you can add, for example, a butterfly.

Our tree is ready. Each time the tree turns out different, but always beautiful. It depends on the size of the ball and coins. I hope my article was useful and will help you.

To attract capital into your life, you need to make a tree with a positive mood and a desire to get rich in the future. Thus, you create an atmosphere for increasing income. If you believe in what you are doing and what you are striving for, then your aspirations will surely come true. Be sure to put such a tree in the southeast side, the wealth sector (according to Feng Shui).

Various fakes can be made from coins, which help to attract good luck and prosperity. Here your imagination and desire to create plays a role. For example, such as in the picture.

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90,000 to make a money from coins


  • Do-it-yourself money tree from coins step by step
  • How to make a do-it-yourself money tree from coins

Today, handmade gifts have become very popular. Agree, everyone is pleased to receive not another trinket for their birthday, but a certain symbol. The money tree is such a symbol. Anyone can make a money tree with their own hands from coins. It will not only decorate the interior of the owner, but also bring success and financial well-being to the house.

According to the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, the money tree should be placed in the southeast side of the house. Businessmen often place the talisman on their desktop and believe that in this way it attracts customers. It is believed that the cash flow is located near the front door, so it is more efficient to place a tree near it. For a better effect, you can put a large banknote under the talisman.

DIY money tree from coins step by step

To make your own money tree from coins you will need:

  1. Coins. They can be of different denominations. Coins of the same size look very impressive on a tree, but no one forbids using components to your taste.
  2. Drilling equipment. You will need to make holes on the coins, so prepare a tool for making them. You can make holes with a drill or machine.
  3. Gold shade paint. It is most convenient to purchase paint that is sprayed.
  4. Several sheets of newspaper or paper. You will need it for bedding.
  5. Copper and aluminum wire.
  6. Disposable tableware: large and small plates.
  7. Super glue and PVA glue.
  8. Gypsum or other settable mixture.
  9. Stone.
  10. Paints. We recommend using gouache.
  11. Varnish.
  12. Bath salt.
  13. Various small figurines, such as a toad with a coin. This is optional.

How to make a money tree with your own hands from coins

1 step

We make small holes in coins using special equipment.

Step 2

Lay out the coins on a surface that you don't mind staining with paint, for example, on a newspaper sheet. We lay them out at a short distance from each other and paint with a golden hue.
When one side is dry, turn the coins over to the other side and repeat the manipulation.

step 3

With the help of copper wire we make the so-called "twigs", which consist of several coins (usually three). To do this, we fasten the coins with wire through the holes, twisting its free end.

Step 4

Next, make larger branches. To do this, combine several small branches into one large one. Remember that the size and splendor of the tree crown will depend on the number of branches.

Step 5

Take some aluminum wire and turn it into a dollar sign or whatever sign you like. To prevent the dollar from falling apart, the knots are fastened with copper wire.

step 6

Connect the resulting branches with our sign, using copper wire to fasten the knots.

7 step

This step will be about creating a container for the tree. To do this, take a disposable plate and pour a mixture of gypsum and PVA glue into it (it is pre-diluted with water) by 1/2 part.

Learn more