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Coolest 35+ Homemade Christmas Season Costumes

Can’t get enough tinsel in your life? Does the thought of waiting 2 more months until your favorite holiday seem like agony? Then start your celebration early with these sparkly Christmas season costumes.

An easy and fun DIY costume idea is to dress up in a Christmas tree costume. Why should the tree get all the fun? Adorn yourself with beautiful ornaments and a gleaming star on top of your head. Another awesome idea is an angel on top of a tree costume. Check out the photo below for fantastic homemade costume inspiration.

In addition, you will see DIY costumes from the many Christmas movies and television shows. Take a look at the Ghost of Christmas past costume and the adorable Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer costumes.

So if your love of Christmas cannot wait until December, try one of the homemade costumes from the awesome collection below.

I don’t know about you, but for me, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, running a close second to Christmas. My love of these two holidays inspired me to come up with my oldest son’s Mini Christmas Tree Costume years ago and replicate it again this year for my 3 year old. SUPPLIES: 1 … Read more

Decided to DIY with my bestie for an ugly sweater christmas party. We went immediately to Jo-Ann Fabrics and bought some tulle, hot glue and glitter. We are so happy with how it turned out and the reaction of our friends was priceless. When all was said and done we really wanted to share our … Read more

I love creating an original Halloween costume for our school Halloween Parade every year. As a teacher, I’ve received dozens of scarves as gifts throughout the years and I wanted to use them in some fun way as a costume. I came up with “The Scarves of Christmas Past” for a costume based on The … Read more

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love competing in contests!  I try to make costumes that make people smile and they can relate to.  Usually I choose a weather theme but this year I decided it would be more for fun and not competition (well, that’s how it started at least.) My husband is … Read more

Here’s how I made my Christmas costume – A Tree Angel on a tree! I started with an old flower girl dress that was floor length.  Then, turned up the bottom so the skirt was half the length and hand stitched a few spots.  I took some thin rope light and hand sewed it to … Read more

I made this costume for my next door neighbor Lilly! I wanted to do something happy and bright! When I was young the high school parade floats were always made in my grandparents garage which I have great memories of getting to help out. So I decided to try and create a costume using this … Read more

This was one of our biggest hits on the courts and it was super easy to make. The girls costume on the left was actually purchased but the one on the right was handmade and they both look great.  You start with a plain red dress from a thrift shop.  Cut the top and bottom … Read more

I have made a few homemade costumes before, it just takes imagination. My one son has bleach blonde hair, so he has gone as Billy Idol (when he was just two) and it fit him perfectly.  Then the following year was his little brother’s first Halloween, and they went as Mighty Mouse and Underdog, again … Read more

Christmas on Halloween? Hey, the Stores do it, Why Not? Spent way too much money on tulle,  made the skirt, ran out of tulle. I would have liked to use more but didn’t want to spend more money.  We sewed leaf sequins to her headband, and the star and Bought led battery lights.  She absolutely … Read more

I did this Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer couple costume with my friend from work for a “Christmas themed” costume. She dressed up as a  reindeer, and I went to Goodwill and bought over the belly button pants that we’re to short, wore bunchy socks, grandma shoes, huge glasses, and a Goodwill button up … Read more

This year we decided to make the Happy Holidays Girls group costume! All of the Holidays are hand made which makes them awesome! These ones were a little harder to make, but the finished product was worth the time and effort! The holidays consisted of a Easter Bunny, a Leprachaun, Santa, Cupid, and the Turkey! … Read more

My friend and I came up with the ingenious idea to make a creative homemade Christmas Tree and Present couple costume. Best part is they were ridiculously cheap. Everything we got was from the thrift store and it was all done in 1 day. Firstly the Xmas tree was a ton of fun to put … Read more

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree costume for a girl for the New Year

Good day!

Do you feel the approach of the New Year? I think you're already teased by the festive decorations of the shops. But this is for ordinary passers-by. But parents face a new task - a children's costume for the holiday. Which? Of what? I decided to make a selection on this topic. And, if earlier I wrote about the Snowman outfit for boys and girls, today we will consider a cute and fluffy Christmas tree.

Of course, these ideas are more suitable for girls. Therefore, in our arsenal today we have dresses and skirts.

But before you start sewing, let me remind you that you can create a garland, Santa Claus, Snowman, New Year's clock with your own hands. Sew toys for the Christmas tree from felt and independently create the hero of the occasion from improvised materials.

But back to the suit. You need to stock up on green cloth. It is better if it is shiny satin, gabardine, lace or velvet. Felt looks less elegant.

Also, the outfit needs to be festively decorated. And so we stock up on braid and ribbons. Tinsel and rain will do, as well as beautiful beads and buttons.

Shall we start making?


  • Christmas tree costume for a girl for the New Year, we build a pattern with our own hands
  • Workshop on making a costume from felt and paper
  • How to sew a dress from tinsel and tulle
  • Video instruction on how to knit a dress Herringbone» for a girl
  • How to make a tulle skirt without sewing for kindergarten
  • Headdress-decoration for a Christmas tree costume
  • How to quickly and easily make a Christmas tree costume from an ordinary T-shirt and skirt
  • Herringbone costume ideas

Christmas tree costume for a girl for the New Year, we build a pattern with our own hands

Here is a variant of a light dress. It consists of a base on which tulle is sewn in stripes. It is done quickly and I will try to describe in sufficient detail the process of its creation.


  • T-shirt according to the size of the child,
  • thick transparencies or newspaper,
  • handle,
  • scissors,
  • ruler or measuring tape,
  • satin (size depends on the height of the child),
  • tulle (3*0.6 m),
  • thread with a needle,
  • line,
  • thin tape.

First, take a T-shirt to make a dress pattern. According to my measurements, the length of the dress from the shoulder seam is 55 cm. But you can have your own sizes, because the children are different in height. We will lay this length on the pattern later, from the bottom of the T-shirt.

Now we put a thick film on the T-shirt (you can use a newspaper). And we circle the front with a pen.

From the bottom we measure the required number of centimeters, increasing the length. We finish the bottom pattern.

Fold the film in half, matching the lines and cut out the pattern.

We take a green satin about 40 cm wide. We pin the pattern to its inside with pins and circle it.

We make allowances along the edges of 1 cm. Cut out the part and the front part is ready.

Next, we make the back, a lock will be inserted at the back. Cut the pattern in the middle. And transfer to the fabric.

Outlining, leaving allowances. In the place of the neckline, you need to build up a little, because the back is always higher than the front. Cut out the details.

Place them right sides together and sweep up to the zipper line.

We connect the front and back and sweep the side seams and shoulders.

We sew all the seams on a typewriter, sew in a zipper or make buttons. We process the bottom of the dress and smooth the seams.

We process the neck and armholes with inlay.

Let's take care of the ruffles. Take 0.60 cm tulle. Lay it out and cut it into three parts, 20 cm wide.

Divide the dress into three parts in front and behind. To mark the line, take a remnant or chalk.

Sew the sides of the tulle. Like a circle. We put it on a dress. We form sweets and sew to the dress across the entire width and front and back.

Done. The outfit already looks festive and you can leave it like that.

Rear view.

But for splendor, we sew a fishing line in a zigzag pattern to the bottom of each strip of tulle. Get beautiful shuttlecocks.

So that the line is not visible, we process the edges with an oblique trim.

If desired, you can add decorations in the form of sewn small Christmas decorations, tinsel or beads.

Workshop on making a costume out of felt and paper

A simpler version of the costume. It consists of a cone-cap and cape. It can be added to a green dress or t-shirt with pants.

Make patterns as shown. The length of the cape may vary. Therefore, I do not indicate the amount of felt. First you need to cut a pattern, measure. And then buy fabric.

Transfer templates to felt. Make a cone out of paper, fastening the edges well.

Cover the cone with cloth. It is convenient to fix the felt with PVA glue and silicone hot glue from a thermo gun.

From below, the remaining allowances must be tucked in and glued. Sheathe the edge with rain or tinsel.

We transfer the cape pattern to the fabric, cut out the detail.

The cape can be made long and decorated as desired.

How to sew a dress from tinsel and tulle

Here is another interesting version of the dress. Let's take tulle as a basis, yet it creates volume well. And that's exactly what we need in a Christmas tree costume.


  • eurotulle,
  • gabardine,
  • bias trim,
  • tinsel,
  • scissors,
  • thread with a needle and a sewing machine.

See drawings for fabric dimensions.

i.e. we need four pieces of tulle of different lengths. We measure and cut them.

Put together and sew each section into a ring using machine stitching.

We process the bottom of each part with an oblique or zigzag trim.

Main parts sewn together and ready.

Next, find the place of the armhole, put a zigzag stitch.

We process the neck with a zigzag. And we collect in folds.
We take the tape and lay out the details on it.

Sew the tape right side to wrong side.

Turn the trim inside out and sew. Inside we will insert a ribbon that we will tie around the neck.

We will make a lining from gabardine. After all, tulle pricks. We sew the gabardine on the sides, leaving 15 cm for the armhole. We sew the bottom in two folds.

The resulting lining is sewn to the dress, starting from its middle part.

Insert the tape into the neck and tighten.

Sew tinsel along the edge of the stripes for elegance.

Video instruction on how to knit a herringbone dress for a girl

I liked another idea for a dress. It is crocheted with cotton thread and decorated with a ribbon.

More about it is described in this video. It also fully shows the creation process.

Of course, hook number 2 is small and it may take a couple of evenings to knit. But it looks beautiful.

How to make a tulle skirt without sewing for kindergarten

But the easiest option for a costume is to make a tutu skirt or a tattoo from tulle. The upper part can be anything: a T-shirt, a turtleneck, a T-shirt or a similar elastic top, as in the photo.

We take:

  • medium hard tulle 3 m wide and 3 m long,
  • scissors,
  • adhesive tape or duct tape.
  • ribbed top.

Below is a fabric consumption chart if you get other sizes. Usually a length of 55 cm is more than enough for a preschool child.

Let's start tinkering. Let's expand the tulle in length.

Now let's draw the fabric. You need to cut the strips so that they do not stretch in length. Otherwise, the skirt may be slightly deformed.

Measure 55 cm. Fold the fabric in half and cut. The width of the strips is 15 cm.

Now we take the top. If you do not have this, then take a wide elastic band "honeycomb". It is sold in all sewing stores.

For convenience, the top is better to pull on the mannequin. Don't have a mannequin? Then we put it on a plastic bucket or jar.

Take a strip of fabric and fold it in half. We collect by hand.

Pull the elastic of the top through the hole (starting from the second row from the bottom), form a loop and tie a knot.

You need to make two rows.

To prevent the top from showing through, put on a green T-shirt, blouse or sew on a lining under it.

Tulle skirt without sewing with honeycomb elastic

Now let's look at how to make a simple skirt without using a top. First, let's see the process of creating a "honeycomb" based on an elastic band, below there will be a master class with a regular elastic band.

We take honeycomb elastic and tulle of medium hardness in the color you need (3 meters).

Gum is better to take a similar plan. It comes in different widths.

But you can get by with the usual one, more on that below. The splendor of the skirt depends on the width of the elastic band.

Next, we need to take strips of tulle 15 cm wide. we will fold it in half.

Next, determine how many lanes you need. For such an elastic band, everything is simple. We count from the bottom how many holes are in the second row.

We got 33 holes, so we cut off 33 strips. Next, determine how many rows you will do, the more of them, the more magnificent and less transparent the skirt will turn out.

For example 3 rows. Each has about 33 bands. So you need to cut 99 strips of tulle. This means that its width is 3 m, and the length is equal to the length you need, for us it is 60 cm.

Lay out the fabric in 4 layers, smoothing the edges and ends. We mark 15 cm with soap and cut the strips.

We start to tie them. To do this, take one, folded in half.

Thread the middle through the elastic hole. We pass the ends into the loop formed and tighten the knot.

Straighten the tulle immediately. Next, we make the second row in a checkerboard pattern.

If desired, you can take different shades. For the Christmas tree, the alternation of green and red is suitable.

Tutu skirt made of stripes with a regular elastic band

Well, a very quick version of the tutu looks like this.

We take an ordinary elastic band. Its length is equal to the volume of the child's waist. Fold the elastic in half and sew the edges.

We stretch the elastic band over a jar or plastic bucket. This is for convenience.

And we tie strips of tulle around the entire circumference of the elastic band. You already know how to cut the strips from the previous master class.

When there is no free space left on the elastic, you can start decorating.

Front with a pretty red satin ribbon bow.

Christmas tree costume headpiece

Of course, a costume consists of more than just a dress and a skirt. The headgear is also important. Therefore, I offer a master class on creating a beautiful kokoshnik or cardboard crown.

Before starting the nuances.

  1. First, you need a thick cardboard or glued several times.
  2. Secondly, you need to choose the fabric that will be the base. Satin, crepe, guipure. You can replace the fabric with paper.

If you use satin and PVA glue, spots will appear, it is better to replace with paper or guipure.

We take:

  • cardboard,
  • heavy paper or green cloth,
  • ribbons, 8-12 cm wide,
  • rubber band,
  • PVA glue,
  • braid and beads for decoration.

The pattern is in front of you.

Transfer it to thick cardboard and cut it out.

Begin to glue the base.

First glue one side of the crown.

Apply this side to fabric or paper and let dry. Then the material will completely stick. For the best grip, we put a weighting agent on top.

Cut out the crown. We do the same with the second side. After drying, we begin to decorate.

Take the tape and glue the edge. To do this, you will have to cut the desired length of the braid.

It remains to fix the beads on the front side of the kokoshnik.

Understanding how the crown will stay on the head. We take a piece of gum, measure it along the back of the child's head.

Next, take a strip of tape, measure the length +2 cm from the size of the elastic band. Because when we insert an elastic band, it will stretch.

We turn the strip inside out, sew the edges and do not touch the ends. Turn the strip out.

Next, we make ties for the kokoshnik. To do this, we mark two cuts of the tape, about 50-80 cm long and 8-10 cm wide. We fold each strip in half and sew it on a typewriter. Turn right side out and iron.

Let's take care of the drawstring. We insert a paper clip into the elastic band and stretch it through the tape sewn in advance.

Sew the edge of the fabric along with the elastic. This is necessary so that the tape does not go.

We take the crown. From the wrong side we glue the tape for the tie. She has one side of the drawstring.

Do the same with the second side.

It turns out such an ornament on the head.

The bands can be tied under the chin or at the back of the head.

Below is a tutorial on how to create a kanzashi-style head ornament.

Now for a couple of quick headwear options. Often mothers simply take a headband and decorate it.

Fabric, the same tulle, artificial twigs and rowan berries are taken as decor. Or here is an example of using cones.

In general, we take everything that is at hand.

How to quickly and easily make a Christmas tree costume from an ordinary t-shirt and skirt

Now I'll show you another simple way to create a costume. It consists of a white t-shirt and skirt. The skirt is tied like an apron at the back of the child's waist.

We take:

  • white T-shirt with a small pattern on the chest,
  • tight mesh for bouquets,
  • stapler,
  • tape,
  • lining fabric,
  • ribbon and Christmas toy for decoration.

Take the grid square, fold diagonally. We assemble with an accordion and connect with a stapler.

Several types of mesh can be used. With a pattern or take a different shade.

All blanks in the form of feathers are ready, we make the basis for the skirt.

To make it not transparent, let's take two layers of this grid. The width is 20-30 cm, and the length is equal to the circumference of the child's hips + 15 cm.

Put the strips together. On them with the help of a stapler we fix the blanks in the form of feathers.

Finish the top of the skirt with tape. Leaving allowances for ties about 20 cm. We sew on a typewriter.

Making decorations. We take nylon tape. We fold a bow from it and sew on a Christmas tree toy.

Attach the decoration to the bottom of the hem.

Tie a skirt like an apron.

To prevent the skirt from pricking, you can sew a lining.

Or cut off the bottom of an old dress.

Let's take care of the top of the outfit.

We take a white T-shirt. If you have a drawing, don't worry. Just cut out a triangle from white fabric, wider than the pattern.

We sew it on the appliqué. On top of the white fabric we sew a piece of the same mesh as on the skirt. And decorate it all with tinsel.

On the top of the "herringbone" we will attach the same dyeing from ribbons and a Christmas decoration as on the hem of the skirt.

Herringbone Costume Ideas

Here, this cute suit is made according to the principle of the upper master class.

Below is an idea that can be made with thick felt or cardboard.

\ This is how the suit looks when unfolded.

Another simple but interesting idea.

Satin looks much more elegant because of its sheen.

Wear this headgear.

The more tiers and strips of tulle, the more luxurious the costume looks.

Such a funny outfit for girls is decorated with tinsel.

Here the bottom of the strips of fabric is finished with fishing line and bias binding. As we watched in the very first master class.

The headband on the girl's head is decorated with tinsel.

Also beautiful.

Very charming herringbone.

So many different ideas to inspire you.

A simpler costume with a garland.

Beautiful combination of green and red shades.

Here is a beauty in a cape with a hood.

Nice idea with a wonderful headpiece.

Thank you for your attention and I will be happy to continue the search for other New Year's and masquerade costumes. After all, only up to 10 years old children love to dress up! And it's great! Let them remember every New Year!

How to sew a Christmas tree costume for a girl for the New Year with your own hands

Will tell: Ekaterina Belaya



One of the easiest New Year's costumes to make is the outfit of the most important guest of the New Year holidays - Christmas trees. A green dress or suit, a little tinsel and New Year's attributes are enough - and the green beauty's outfit is ready. Such a costume always attracts attention with its brightness and elegance.


  • Images
  • The process of manufacturing a costume with a fox skirt
    • necessary tools
    • Materials
    • Difficulty
    • Special terms
    • Step -by -step 9002 ?
    • Gallery


    The process of making a tiered skirt suit

    Required tools

    To sew the outfit you will need:


    Green thread

    Tape measure

    Sewing machine



    For convenience, their approximate cost is also indicated there. The final price is calculated for the suit of the largest size.

    Size Material Quantity Cost
    2 years (height 92 cm) Jersey 0. 5 m at 1.5 m wide From 120 rubles.
    Eurotulle 1.5 m at 3 m wide From 180 rubles.
    Decorative elements From 150 rubles.
    4 years (height 104 cm) Jersey 0.7 m at 1.5 m wide From 180 rubles.
    Eurotulle 1.8 m at 3 m wide From 200 rubles.
    Decorative elements From 150 rubles.
    6 years old (height 116 cm) Jersey 1 m at 1.5 m wide From 240 rubles.
    Eurotulle 2 m at 3 m wide From 240 rubles.
    Decorative items From 150 rubles.
    8 years (height 128 cm) Jersey 1.3 m at 1.5 m wide From 250 rubles
    Eurotulle 2.4 m at 3 m wide From 300 rubles
    Decorative elements From 150 rubles.
    Total From 700 rubles. for suit

    For the top of the dress, you can also use some other fabric, such as satin, but in this case you will need to insert a zipper into the dress. Therefore, it is better to take stretching material - jersey or velor.

    A versatile fabric that can be used to sew anything from underwear to outerwear

    Fabric for real princesses and fabulous dresses

    Shiny fabric for smart formal wear and colorful accessories

    Expressive delicate fabric that requires extra care


    You don't need to be a professional to sew this dress, but you do need some sewing skills. It is desirable to perform seams on an overlock (since knitwear is used), but you can use a zigzag seam on a conventional machine.

    The best overlockers for home and production according to customer reviews

    The best sewing machines from budget to computerized

    Video instruction

    Christmas tree costume


    Special terms

    3 List

    • Sweep - Temporarily join two pieces.
    • Baste - temporarily attach one to another.
    • Overcast - Overcast the piece of fabric with a buttonhole to protect it from fraying.
    • Stitch - Sew 2 pieces together.
    • Iron on - reduce the thickness of the seam with an iron.
    • Iron on - Lay the seam allowance to one side and secure with an iron.
    • Iron on - straighten the seam allowance and iron to secure.

    Step-by-step instructions

    Instructions for sewing a costume for a 4 year old girl. All calculations for a different age will be easy to do using the formula below.


    1. First you need to cut out the bodice of the dress. This is done using the pattern below, or you can find a simple-style dress for a child, circle its top and make an independent pattern.
    2. The bottom of the pattern for a 104 cm girl will be 15 cm.
    3. To calculate another size, measure the circumference under the child's chest and divide by 4.
    4. Don't forget about 0.5 cm seam allowances.
    5. For the bodice, you will need to cut out 2 parts for the front and back.

    The pattern of the bodice can be taken as a basis:

    Pattern of the bodice of the dress

    Skirts for the base of the dress are made in the form of rectangles and are calculated as follows: 5 = 93 see

  • Second skirt - 93 cm * 1.5 = 140 cm.
  • Third skirt - 140 cm * 1.5 = 210 cm.
  • Height of rectangles - 15 cm.

    For the third tier, the length of the fabric is not enough, so you will need to cut out 2 pieces with a length of 150 cm and 60 cm. If the dress is made for an older girl, then more tiers can be made.

    Tailoring of tiers:

    1. The skirt parts are folded in half lengthwise facing inward and the side seams are sewn.
    2. The details of the third skirt must first be sewn together along the side seams, then do the same as with the first two tiers.
    3. You will then need to assemble the skirts. The first part is pulled together to the width of the bodice. The second - up to the width of the first tier along the bottom edge. The third - up to the width of the second tier. To do this, stitch the upper edge of the tier around the circumference with a seam with the widest step. And then, pulling one thread, collect the skirt to the desired width.

    Tailoring of the bodice:

    1. Starting to assemble the bodice, you need to fold the parts of the front and back facing inward and sew along the shoulder sections.
    2. After that, 2 identical parts of the bodice are obtained - lining and front side. On one element, you need to iron the shoulder seams to the side of the front, and on the other, to the side of the back.
    3. Then the two parts of the bodice are folded face to face and aligned along the neck line and along the side seams.
    4. The neck is chipped off with pins and stitched around the entire circumference.
    5. After that, the part is turned right side out, and the neck must be ironed.
    6. Now you need to process the armhole. The details of the front and back are folded face to face along the side seam, which is located under the armhole, and pinned.
    7. Then the whole armhole is turned inside out, and the cut of the armhole is pinned up with pins, after which it is sewn on a typewriter. It is important to ensure that no excess bodice fabric gets into the seam.
    8. Then iron the seam and turn the piece right side out.
    9. Repeat the same with the second armhole.
    10. It remains only to stitch short side cuts, iron the seams in different directions, iron the armholes - and the bodice is ready.

    Ruffle pattern:

    1. Tulle strips are easier to cut by folding the fabric several times.
    2. The tiers are 20 cm high to cover the base of the dress.
    3. The width of the first strip is 6 meters. The second - 9 meters, the third - 12 meters.
    4. Tulle skirts are made in the same way as the base tiers.

    Product assembly:

    1. The first tier and the first frill are joined together. To do this, you need to put the base part inside the fluffy skirt and sweep them along the upper edge by hand.
    2. After that, the first tier is connected to the front of the bodice (the lining does not need to be touched yet) face to face and pinned.
    3. Then the parts need to be swept and sewn on a typewriter.
    4. Subsequent tiers are sewn to the top ones in the same way.
    5. The bottom tier of the skirt needs to be overlocked or overcast by hand.
    6. In order to fasten the lining of the bodice to the stitching seam of the first tier, it is necessary to overcast the cut of the lining.
    7. Press the stitching seam of the tier to the top of the product, close it with a lining and sew everything on by hand.


    1. Decorative snowflakes are sewn or glued onto the bodice of the dress.
    2. Place some plastic Christmas decorations on top of the lush tiers. It is important not to overload the outfit with decor.
    3. The last step is to check that there are no protruding threads anywhere, cut off, if any.

    Other costumes:

    Christmas space alien costume. Easy to sew in a few evenings

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    How to sew a suit in one evening. Step by step action plan

    Final look

    To complete the look, you can put on a headband with New Year figurines: stars, snowflakes or Christmas trees.

    And if there is no time to sew a dress?

    A simple green dress or T-shirt can be used to create a Christmas tree costume, as well as a matching skirt and tights. But such an outfit needs to be improved:

    1. Tinsel is suitable (it is advisable to choose one color), which can be sewn along the edge of a dress or skirt. It is appropriate to use Christmas tree decorative garlands, small bows and plastic toys.
    2. The simplest solution for head decoration is different headbands with bright figures .
    3. Any shoes or shoes can be put on the legs.

    It is not superfluous to ask the child himself how he would like to see his costume: children often have really interesting and creative ideas. And the costume, made according to the wishes of the "customer", will delight his little mistress even more.