How to make a christmas tree floral arrangement

Christmas Tree Centerpiece Step by Step Tutorial


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See how to make a Christmas tree centerpiece with pine, cypress and fresh roses! A small tabletop Christmas tree is an excellent holiday decoration for small spaces and a beautiful Christmas table centerpiece. You also learn small Christmas tree decorating ideas and tips for extended vase life.

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Christmas tree centerpiece – Cute tabletop Christmas tree idea

I’m so excited to share this Christmas tree centerpiece tutorial with you because, well, CUTE! While this small holiday tree looks a little fancy, I’ll show you how to make and decorate a tabletop Christmas tree, and you’ll see how easy it is. Grab some evergreen, whatever ornaments you want to add and let’s get to it!

I work as a florist and love holiday flower arranging projects. These decorated miniature Christmas trees sell like hot cakes during the holiday season, and I create quite a few of them every year. So I thought you might enjoy this Christmas tree decorating idea, too.

This DIY holiday craft project is a little more advanced and takes 2 to 3 hours to finish, but I walk you through every step and share plenty of tips along the way. And even if you don’t make this project, you’ll learn how florists create the intricate mini holiday trees that you see in shops and on websites.

The post consists of two parts:

  • First, I show you how to build your own Christmas tree centerpiece from scratch using fresh pine and cypress.
  • Then, I’ll show you how to decorate a mini Christmas tree.

So, if you already have a small Christmas tree and just need small Christmas tree decorating ideas, skip the first section and scroll down to decorating portion of the post, where you will find inspiration and tips for decorating small Christmas trees.

What is a Christmas tree centerpiece?

A Christmas tree centerpiece is essentially a handcrafted flower arrangement that looks like a mini Christmas tree. But instead of using a live tabletop Christmas tree, this DIY holiday tree is constructed

from evergreen twigs, which are inserted into floral foam. I made mine with pine and cypress clippings, but you could use other conifers or boxwood, too.

Making this type of Christmas table centerpiece gives you full control to customize the tree size to your needs. Need a 3-foot tabletop Christmas tree? Check. Looking for Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces or tiny Christmas decorations? Check.

With this holiday flower arranging project, you can craft creative Christmas trees for small spaces and tabletop tree centerpieces.

How do you make a Christmas tree centerpiece?

How to make a small Christmas tree? Creating a small Christmas tree takes a little time, but is pretty easy, and I promise it’s well worth the effort.

Here’s how to make a Christmas tree centerpiece at home:

Cut and soak the floral foam

First, we need to trim 2 pieces of floral foam. Cut away 3 triangles at one end of the floral foam to form a tip as you can see in the pictures.

Next, soak the floral foam in plenty of water, for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Then push the round floral foam base into a round container or bowl. Insert 4 long skewers and stack the rectangular foam pieces on top.

Push a few skewers diagonally through the floral foam to connect the two pieces and trim the skewer ends that stick out.

Now we have the base of our Christmas tabletop centerpiece.

Arrange the evergreen

Now cut evergreen branches or Christmas tree clippings into smaller twigs.

First, put 1 twig at the very top. This twig will be the tip of the mini Christmas tree and define the height. My mini Christmas tree was 2 foot high, but you can make yours can be shorter or taller.

Next, insert 4 long twigs at the very bottom on opposite sites of the tree. These will determine the width of the tree.

Then fill in the tree with more twigs. Start at the bottom of the mini holiday tree, cutting the twigs shorter as you go up. Think of the tree as a triangle and try to create a triangular shape.

Use small twigs to fill in the top of the tree.

Tips: When arranging the green, I constantly mixed the pine and cypress to create visual interest. While making the mini holiday tree, step back occasionally and study your creation from various angles to see if there are empty areas to fill.

Finally, use garden shears or scissors to trim any twigs that stick out too much.

How to decorate a mini Christmas tree

How do you dress up a mini Christmas tree? Small decorated Christmas trees look so festive and cute!  Here is the step-by-step for how to decorate a small Christmas tree:

Fresh flowers

Since the tree is built around floral foam, we can use fresh flowers to decorate your mini Christmas tree centerpiece. Fresh flowers are a great way to create a truly unique Christmas tree. I used large roses ranging from apricot to light pink.

It’s best to use flowers with a sturdy stem since the stem has to be pushed into the floral foam. Cut the flowers at a flat angle and insert them into the foam. Aside from roses, you can also use lilies, carnations or chrysanthemum. These blooms are relatively long-lasting and should stay fresh for at least a week if freshly harvested.

If using a small live Christmas tree, use silk flowers instead of fresh blooms.

Large ornaments

The next step is to dress up our mini holiday tree with larger ornaments, spacing them evenly around the tree. I used a few bauble ornaments in pink and dark red, some matte, some shiny, and a few powder pink star ornaments. The goal here is to fill in any empty spots between the roses and create a harmonious arrangement.

Be sure to use only lightweight ornaments as the small pine and cypress twigs won’t be able to support heave decorations. The best way to secure an ornament is to tie it on a branch.

Mini Christmas tree ornaments

Working your way from the top down, fill in around the large ornaments with small- and mini-size decorations. It’s a good idea to put some ornaments closer to floral foam to create depth and interest. They will reflect light and make the tree sparkle from the inside.

I used hot glue to adhere the tiny ball ornaments and glitter snowflakes, which allowed me to put them on the very tip of a twig.

Christmas tree topper

I simply used a pretty satin ribbon as an easy Christmas tree topper idea. This mini Christmas tree won’t hold lager and heavy tree toppers, but if you attach an ornament (e.g. a star) on top of a skewer, you can insert as a topper.

More small Christmas tree decorating ideas

This Christmas tree centerpiece is super easy to customise, and you can use almost any decorations you have to dress it up! Right now I’m loving dusty rose and glitter ornaments. It looks fresh and modern but still cosy and cute and makes for an elegant Christmas centerpiece.

Of course, you can also go for a classic red and gold theme, or try or make a snowy flocked Christmas tree with snowflake ornaments and silver accents. Another possibility would be to use Christmas cookies, cinnamon sticks and dried orange slices as decorations.

Using ornaments from one colour family in several sizes and textures will give the tree a continuous look from the tip to the truck. Even an eclectic Christmas tree will look better when the colours compliment each other.

Let me know your suggestions to decorate a DIY tabletop Christmas tree in the comment section below. I can’t wait to hear about your ideas!

How do you display the Christmas tree centerpiece?

Display the tree in a cooler place out of direct sunlight and away from a radiator. This is the best way to ensure that the mini Christmas tree centerpiece doesn’t dry out but stays fresh and beautiful. You can also replenish the floral foam every 2 to 3 days, by watering it with a watering pot.

Can I change the flowers?

Yes, of course! As I mentioned, the flowers should last for about a week. After that, you can replace them with new flowers to continue the tree looking stunning.

Over to you!

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DIY Tabletop & Floral Christmas Tree Decorations

The series “Unboxing the Holidays” is all about bringing you top-notch advice and creative ideas to make the most of the season’s special moments. In this article, DIY expert Julie Mulligan informs how to create your own tabletop Christmas tree along with decorating tips.

I love Christmas and I love decorating Christmas trees! The main tree in my home tends to be pretty traditional, changing only slightly from year to year, with new ornaments added here and there. So, what I want to talk about is the beauty and versatility of fresh tabletop Christmas trees. These beautiful arrangements are usually handcrafted by your local florist and make great gifts. As a matter of fact, the Holiday Flower Tree has been a best-seller since it was first introduced by nearly 20 years ago!

Trending mini Christmas trees with lights

If you’ve attempted to decorate a Christmas tree with lights, challenges ranging from broken bulbs to tangled cords are enough to have you scrap the lights for a tree with ornaments. Fear not, some mini Christmas trees with lights come pre-assembled, like this Holiday Spruce or Rustic Christmas Tree. Another festive option is the Hand Tied Mini Christmas Tree Bouquet that’s a hand-tied bouquet and comes with lights in a rustic mason jar. There are also trees that come with ornaments if you want the full tree package.

Mini Christmas trees are versatile

Whether you live in an apartment, are an empty nester, or are traveling during the holidays, tabletop Christmas trees are festive additions for those who want to have a tree without the production. You can add a mini Christmas tree to the bedroom, kitchen, foyer, office, or any space that cannot accommodate a larger tree. In fact, the trees are sustainable too, like the Holiday Lavender Tree, and can be replanted in your garden or kept indoors for natural decorative appeal during the cozy winter months. Other options of trees that can work for the holidays and after are bonsai, olive, magnolia, and, money trees. Simply add a tree skirt or lightweight ornaments and it’s getting to look a little more like Christmas.

DIY tabletop Christmas tree

If you have a little time and want to get creative, these trees are pretty easy to make. The basic instructions are the same for whatever size tree you want. The smaller the tree, the faster and easier it will be to construct. Petite trees are so sweet and can be tucked into so many unexpected spots. Larger trees, on the other hand, allow you to create a completely custom look based on your choice of container, decorations, and color scheme.

How to make a tabletop Christmas tree

What you need:

  • Floral foam
  • Dish/plate
  • Tape
  • Clipper
  • English Boxwood
  • Assorted evergreens

Step 1: Set up your floral foam

Cut the corners from one end of the foam as shown; fill your sink with water; and place the foam into the water, allowing it to become totally soaked through. Tape the foam into a plate/dish. You can use any waterproof container as the base and put the foam directly into your chosen container before creating the tree. Or you can create the tree using a smaller base, like the one in the image, and then place the finished tree into a decorative container.

Step 2: Prepare your greens

Boxwood is the main green that I used for the tree, and I accented it after the main shape was created, filling in with other assorted evergreens such as cedar, pine, and balsam.

Before starting, cut the greens off of the main branch into smaller pieces of varying lengths ready to insert into the foam.

Step 3: Arrange your greens

Start by inserting a taller pre-cut piece of boxwood at the top to create your basic height. Do the same at the bottom and the sides. This gives you the base shape of your tree.

Step 4: Fill in your tree

Continue adding pieces of boxwood, turning the tree as you go, until you have filled in the whole tree.

Step 5: Accent with various evergreens

I like to add a few sprigs of other evergreens for two reasons. The first is that evergreens such as balsam and pine add wonderful fragrance. I find it adds visual interest as well.

Tabletop Christmas tree decoration ideas

At this point, your tree is ready to decorate! Because this tree is actually a “flower arrangement,” you can easily use fresh-cut flowers as a primary decorating feature. Just give your chosen flowers a fresh cut and insert them directly into the foam; they will stay fresh for up to two weeks at least. I like to use fresh flowers that will dry nicely too, such as baby’s breath (which looks like snowflakes), pepper berries, and heather.

Here I nestled my Christmas tree arrangement into a large bird’s nest basket and added white heather, baby’s breath, and pepper berries.

In keeping with the woodsy feeling, this is the same basic tree arrangement placed in a natural birch container. The decorations include dried pods, baby’s breath clusters, vintage silver pine cone ornaments, and burlap ribbon garland.

The theme really comes to life with the addition of these faux snowy owls. Owls are on-trend, and this is an easy way to include them in your holiday decorating.

I have created and decorated so many different trees over the years, and I find that I never run out of new ideas. Here are a few more examples to inspire you to create one of your own and start a new tradition. It’s also a great way to give a truly personalized gift!

Do-it-yourself Christmas flower arrangements

Traditional New Year's decor at home - a Christmas tree with glass balls and toys, garlands and rain, can be supplemented or completely replaced with other decorations. Today, fresh flowers can be purchased at any time of the year, so we suggest making New Year's flower arrangements that will become the central element of the festive table setting and decorate the interior of the room.


  1. Basic rules for flower arrangements
  2. New Year's flower arrangements from fresh cut flowers
  3. Flower arrangements from plants in pots

Basic rules for flower arrangements

If you plan to use Christmas flower arrangements as a festive table decor, it is advisable to follow certain simple requirements:

  • flowers should not have a strong aroma, as some of the guests may not like this smell or cause allergies;
  • flower arrangement should be clean, fresh and tidy, as food and dishes are supposed to be in close proximity, so make sure that needles, leaves, petals or pollen do not crumble onto plates;
  • if there are ground plants in the center of the composition, hide the ground under moss, leaves or decorative ornaments, the appearance of black soil does not promote appetite.

New Year flower arrangements from fresh cut flowers

It is customary to use white flowers and greenery for New Year's decor, so that they resemble snow-covered pines and spruces in the forest. In addition to green and white, red, as well as silver and gold details, look festive in New Year's flower arrangements. Of course, you can use any other colors, but try not to make the bouquet too colorful and bright. Use roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies, tulips, orchids, freesias and other flowers.

In addition to natural flowers, cones, coniferous branches, deciduous green branches, moss, ribbons, lace, Christmas decorations, tinsel, beads, decorative candles can be used in compositions.

It is not necessary to put tall flowers in a vase among the dishes, you can make a small flower arrangement with a maximum height of 20 cm. To do this, cut the flowers and put them in water in a small vessel - a vase, jar, bowl or bowl. The vessel can then be decorated with tinsel, organza, lace or ribbons. To strengthen the cut flowers in the composition, you can use a floral sponge. From it you need to cut the base, water well and put in a suitable container. Then stick branches and flowers into the sponge as your fantasy tells you. Do not forget that in flowers with pollen, for example, in lilies, it is worth cutting off the stamens in advance. The center of the composition can be fruits, cones or a candle. Do not forget about thematic decoration with Christmas toys and other attributes of the winter holidays.

Flower arrangements from plants in pots

Another option for Christmas flower arrangements is room plants in a pot. It is important that the plant is beautiful, healthy and well-groomed. Water the flower pot well, wipe the dust off the leaves, put it in a decorative vessel or on a plate, and then decorate it with paper, cloth, ribbons and Christmas tree decorations. So an ordinary plant from the windowsill will take on a festive elegant look. Don't forget to cover the ground in the pot with moss, pebbles, cones or tinsel. As a table setting, azaleas, phalaenopsis, cyclamens, begonias, violets and others are suitable.

According to the Bible, the Magi found the newborn Jesus by following a bright star in the sky. Since then, the star has become a symbol of Christmas, and the ornamental plant poinsettia or the most beautiful euphorbia is very similar to it. A poinsettia with bright red or white flowers is a great New Year's gift and a good alternative to cut flowers and bouquets. It can be placed in the center of the festive table, and then decorate the windowsill.

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How to make New Year's bouquets and compositions with your own hands?

Making a New Year's bouquet with your own hands is not at all difficult. But it is important to think in advance what materials you want to make it from, in the end everything depends on their availability and price.

In this article we will show some ideas on which New Year's bouquets are the easiest to make with your own hands, the master class will take into account only the available materials.

Bouquet of eucalyptus, cones and cotton

You will need:

  1. A few sprigs of eucalyptus. It can be bought at the nearest flower shop or flower market. Eucalyptus is a fairly common type of greenery, and is available from virtually any seller;
  2. Cone. You can buy it in decor stores, as well as in New Year's sets that can be found on the shelves of hypermarkets. Well, or take a walk in the park; 🙂
  3. Cotton. Cotton is sold in branches in flower shops, it is often included in New Year's bouquets. There are about 7-10 boxes on one branch. Some flower pods may be sold by the piece;
  4. Twine. Any hardware store or construction hypermarket;
  5. Tape. Any flower shop or even a tent, as well as a shop for needlewomen;
  6. Scotch;
  7. Skewers from 15 cm long or sticks;
  8. Scissors or secateurs;
  9. Fine and flexible wire. You can also buy in a flower shop, there is a suitable one.

And now step by step:

  1. We separate the cotton bolls from the trunk with a pruner;
  2. We attach a skewer to each box with adhesive tape. Here you need to try to wrap it very tightly, otherwise the cotton will constantly fall off. The tape should be fairly sticky. Florists use for this purpose a special sticky tape - anchor;
  3. Using wire, attach the cones to the skewers;
  4. We cut the eucalyptus into small branches about 20 cm high;
  5. We collect 3-5 branches of eucalyptus in a small bouquet;
  6. Insert 2 skewers with cotton and one with a cone into the resulting bouquet;
  7. We tightly tie the resulting bouquet with twine;
  8. Top tightly tied with tape;

Our New Year's bouquet is ready!

Examples of sentences from the section: New Year

New Year's compositions from spruce branches

New Year's compositions can be absolutely any form, and everywhere there are tricks. But the rules for their manufacture are the same.

You will need:

  1. Floral oasis with tray;
  2. Sold in flower shops Bunch (armful) spruce branches;
  3. Christmas twigs can be bought at Christmas markets, markets, stalls, in an online store;
  4. Secateurs, knife Candles, toys, any decor, wire, Christmas flowers;
  5. Any container.

Further, the principle of making New Year's interior compositions is the same:

  1. Soak the oasis in water for 30 minutes;
  2. Place a well-soaked oasis in a container of your choice and cut around the edges;
  3. Cut spruce branches with secateurs;
  4. Insert spruce branches into the oasis so that there are no gaps. The ideal shape will not work right away, so it's better to choose something chaotic;
  5. Decorate the resulting New Year's table composition with cones, beads, toys to your taste. Attach decor with wire.

Sample sentences from the section: New Year

Compositions for the new year can have a different shape and size. The easiest way to make them in wooden boxes. Even if you don’t get an even and beautiful shape from spruce branches, it’s not scary.

New Year's bouquets of flowers and New Year's arrangements are often made with fruits, especially oranges and tangerines. They just decorate the table.

A simple bouquet of tangerines and spruce branches can be made in 5 minutes by simply threading the fruit onto skewers and placing them among the spruce branches. By the same principle, a bouquet of cones and spruce branches is made, only the cones are attached to skewers on a wire.

Winter flower arrangements can be both in the form of a Christmas tree and in the form of a basket.

Ideas for original flower gifts

An original bouquet for the New Year may consist of lilies of the valley, hyacinths, daffodils and other spring flowers, it will be truly fabulous. Only a real romantic can give such flowers for the New Year.

You can give not only a bouquet with a Christmas tree, but also a fir tree decorated with toys of your choice

Finally, you can give something completely unexpected and not thematic, for example, a bouquet of garden daisies or summer forget-me-nots.

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