How to make a christmas tree from driftwood

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What could be better decor for the cottage or your front porch at the holidays than a full sized rustic driftwood Christmas tree?

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

You may have seen our little roundup of DIY Driftwood Christmas Decor. We have to confess that there was one other project idea that we loved but didn’t include: a creative and simple tabletop driftwood Christmas tree from DIY Driftwood. We didn’t include it because the bug hit us and we decided we wanted to make our own full-sized driftwood Christmas tree to sit on the front porch of our parents’ new home!

If you’d prefer to buy a smaller, table top version, we have our driftwood Christmas trees for sale in our Etsy shop!

They come in three different sizes as well as the option for some white washed pieces.

Materials Needed to Make your own Full-Sized Driftwood Christmas Tree:

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  • a good collection of thicker pieces of driftwood in various lengths. Ours ranged from 4 inches to 4 feet.
  • a long rod for the center of the tree. We had thin yellow metal rods from an old chimney sweeping kit. You could use anything that’s thick and sturdy enough to hold all that driftwood – such as this rebar*, which would work really well.
  • a strong base to hold up your creation. We cut a small stump from a thick branch of a fallen Ash tree from a recent storm.
  • a drill *with a drill bit* that’s a touch larger than the diameter of the center rod.

How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree:

The concept for this type of tree is pretty simple:

  1. Arrange your driftwood from longest to shortest having enough pieces to reach your desired height.
  2. Drill holes in the mid-point of each piece of driftwood, making sure the holes are large enough for your center rod to go through.
  3. Prepare the central support rod by drilling an appropriately size hole in the small branch stump and then inserting the rod inside.
  4. Starting with your longest, spear each piece of driftwood until you are done. And voila, you have a tree!

Check out our growing driftwood tree in this fun little video.

Lessons Learned when making our Driftwood Christmas Tree

Although in theory it’s simple, we did actually have to take apart our driftwood Christmas tree two times before getting it right. Mainly because we underestimated how many pieces of drift wood we would need for the height of the center rod! Tip: You will need more driftwood pieces then you think you’ll need.

In retrospect, it was great to use what we had on hand (the rod from the chimney sweeping kit). However, the tree does slant a touch. For our next tree (we’ve decided now that we each need one for our front porches) we will look for something stiffer, like a stainless steel rod (e. g. rebar, old shower curtain rod).

The kids were so helpful with this project. They helped to arrange the rods from longest to shortest, adding them onto the rods and even wanting to drill them. Here’s the boy inspecting the final product. We couldn’t believe the little puppy-shaped friend he found on one of the driftwood pieces!

We’re looking forward to decorating our DIY driftwood Christmas tree for the holidays with some ornaments and lights including our reindeer driftwood ornaments and ocean life felt ornaments. However, we may just keep it out year-round as a rustic decor piece for the front porch.

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How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree

Jane and Sonja

What could be better decor for the cottage or your front porch at the holidays than a rustic driftwood Christmas tree?

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  • thick pieces of driftwood in various lengths e. g. 4" to 4'
  • a central support rod e.g. rebar, shower curtain
  • a strong base to hold up the central support rod e.g. small branch stump
  • a drill with a bit that’s a little larger than the diameter of the central support rod
  • Arrange your driftwood from longest to shortest having enough pieces to reach your desired height.

  • Drill holes in the mid-point of each piece of driftwood, making sure the holes are large enough for your center rod to go through.

  • Prepare the central support rod by drilling an appropriately size hole in the small branch stump and then inserting the rod inside.

  • Starting with your longest, spear each piece of driftwood onto the rod until you are done.

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How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree

Christmas is right around the corner again, so now is the time to try your hand at making a driftwood Christmas Tree.

Parts list for Making a Driftwood Christmas Tree:   
•    20-25    Driftwood pieces, various lengths.  (check out our for driftwood pieces)
•    1    Starfish or other tree topper
•    3    8/32 Threaded rod 3′ long
•    3    8/32 nuts
•    3    8/32 washers
•    3    8/32 lock washers


•    Power Drill
•    11/64″ brad point drill (The brad point drill has a sharp point on it. It is made for drilling holes in wood without the drill wandering. The 11/64” size is perfect to allow the threaded rod to fit through).
•    1/2″ Forstner bit (use this bit to make a couterbore hole in the base piece so that the nut, lock washer, and washer will not stick out on the bottom of the base).
•    Pliers
•    Hacksaw To cut the threaded rod.
•    File  (This is to clean up the end of the threaded rod after you cut it with the hack 

•    Scrap wood block (A groove cut into the block will make it easier to hold the driftwood pieces while you drill them).
•    Hot glue gun – For gluing the starfish on to the top piece.


Steps for Creating Your Driftwood Christmas Tree:
1.   Choose the two largest pieces for the base of your driftwood Christmas Tree.
If you are lucky, you can use a curved piece to fit over the very bottom piece. I ended up turning a branch so that the base would at least have three points to rest on.  

   2.   Hold the base pieces together exactly the way you will want them to be positioned, and drill through both of them together. When you put them onto the threaded rod, this is how they will be aligned.

3.     Next, using the Forstner bit, you will want to enlarge the hole on the bottom part of the base just deep enough so that when you screw in the nut it will not stick out and the base will will sit flat.

4.     I also counterbore the hole on the top part of the base to hide the nut.  So, here you see a counterbored hole in both the bottom and top of my base pieces.

5.   Next put the nut, lock washer and washer on the threaded rod – in that order. The washer goes against the wood. The lock washer goes next, then the nut. The lock washer will help keep it from loosening up over time.


6.  Insert this  into the top piece of the base and then put the bottom piece on.


7.    Put on a washer followed by a lock washer and then finally a nut.  Make sure that the hardware does not stick out past the bottom or the tree will not stand up. This is why you want to counterbore a hole.



Tighten the nut at the top until the two pieces are tight and stable. Do not tighten it too much or it could crack the wood.

8.     Lay out the pieces for the rest of the tree according to length, with the smallest at the top.

9.     Hold each branch in place to get an idea of where you want to drill the hole and mark where you want to drill the hole.


10.     Hold each piece against a block of scrap wood when you drill the hole. If you make a V shaped groove in the block, it will be easier to hold the pieces still when you drill them.

11.    Then just slide the drilled branch onto the threaded rod.  Don’t secure the pieces as they will need to be removed in order to cut the rod to its final size.  Later you can adjust the pieces for best placement and secure them with a glue gun if you wish.  I didn’t see the need for that.

12.     Continue drilling and placing the branches until they are all done.

13.     When all the branches are in place, mark the threaded rod with a sharpie at the point where you want to cut the excess. I decided to leave about 3 inches on top to put the starfish.

14.  Remove all the branches and carefully lay them out in the order in which you had them placed on the rod. 

15.  Now cut the threaded rod with a hacksaw. Use a file to clean up the sharp, cut end of the threaded rod in order to be able to thread an 8-32 nut onto the end.


16.     Re-assembly the tree.  Here is what it looked like after I cut the threaded rod and put all the branches back on, then a washer, lock washer and nut – in that order.  Tighten the top nut enough to hold the tree together. I was still able to move the branches a little to position them for best placement.


17.     Finally, I chose a small, straight piece of driftwood for the top and drilled a hole straight through the middle to be able to insert it over the rod. To drill it, I held the piece against the scrap block with a clamp. This kept my fingers away from the spinning drill bit.


I also filed the very top into a point so that it would fit into the starfish better when I glued it.
 Here’s how it looked before I glued the starfish on top:


18.     Position the starfish. Decide just where you want to glue it.   Glue the starfish on to the top with a hot glue gun and hold it in place while it hardens.  Place it on top for a finished tree.  



Need some Driftwood Christmas Stars for your new Driftwood Christmas Tree? Check out our Tutorial for Creating Driftwood Christmas Stars.  Don’t feel like making your own driftwood Christmas tree – then check out this Driftwood Christmas Tree from Amazon Deco 79 Driftwood Tree, 13 by 21-Inch or this cute driftwood reindeer Deco 79 Wood Deer, 18 by 11-Inch.

How to make a Christmas tree from dry tree branches, sticks and snags

Christmas without a Christmas tree? Is that possible? A holiday without it loses all its appeal.
It's a whole process - to buy a tree smelling of fresh needles, set it in the middle of the room, decorate with toys and colorful lights. But what if there is simply no place for him? Or, for example, you do not belong to those who are able to destroy a living tree for the sake of a holiday? In this case, ingenuity and a creative approach to solving any problems will come to your rescue. You can make a charming Christmas tree with your own hands from dry branches, sticks and snags. Handicraft means something and is highly valued.

It should be noted that over the past decades, the attitude towards decorating the house for the New Year and Christmas holidays has changed radically. If the old tradition has been preserved, then its implementation is already devoid of any prohibitions and taboos. The main motto of the art of creating a Christmas tree is the use of any improvised means and waste materials, the free flight of fantasy, taking into account the visual space necessary for its placement.

We advise you to take advantage of the completely free and accessible to all gifts of the forest. Walking through the park or the edge of the forest, you can effortlessly collect non-standard knotty sticks in an armful, which will make a wonderful decorative Christmas tree. Feel free to involve children in this process. You will be surprised by their out-of-the-box thinking and ability to choose unusual driftwood. These should make a colorful and festive buildable tree. Its advantage is that there will definitely be a place for it in your apartment or house.

Variations on the New Year theme

There are countless ways to decorate for the New Year. Note that a mighty pine tree today in a modern living room is an extreme rarity. She needs an acceptable alternative. Most people prefer to replace the Christmas tree with an artificial one, rent a coniferous tree in a pot, or just get by with a few fresh-smelling branches.

Very handy - you can decorate walls with them or place them together with bright decorations in an original vase.

We offer an even more convenient and original option - a decorative tree that will easily fit on a door or occupy a corner free from things. Thus, you can “kill a few birds with one stone” - do not clutter up the space limited by furniture and replace the traditional version with a wonderful and original creative product in all respects. It remains only to choose a convenient time for a walk in the forest thicket or in the park area.

What you need to make your own wooden Christmas tree

To make a wooden Christmas tree you will need:

✔ Wooden sticks or small driftwood of various lengths.

✔ Secateurs or saw (depending on wood thickness).

✔ Christmas decorations, balls, lights.

✔ Artificial decorative elements of your choice, such as stars, handmade wooden toys, jewelry, pine cones, etc.

To connect the hanging tree elements, you must have:

✔ Thin wire, fishing line, thick thread or elastic.
✔ Hot glue.
✔ Special glue gun.

If you have enough space for a standing tree in your room, prepare a stand for it. Use a drill and a hacksaw when working.

The process of making a Christmas tree from driftwood. Getting down to business with the mood

1. After the forest-smelling thick coniferous branches are delivered home, distribute them according to the principle of decreasing from bottom to top. You should end up with a pyramid-shaped Christmas tree.

2. To hang a homemade one on the door, you need to tightly tie the ends of the sticks. The result is a single beautiful design. Think about the options for loops on which you can hang jewelry. Holes should be drilled in sticks or snags for a standing tree. They are necessary for stringing parts on a metal rod, on which the entire structure will then be held.

3. Pick up a small but rather thick log to support the homemade Christmas tree. A metal rod with sticks strung on it is strengthened in a pre-drilled hole.

4. The penultimate touch remains - decorating the Christmas tree, based on your capabilities and imagination. You can buy colorful decor in the store or make it yourself. Multi-colored glass balls are especially popular all over the world. Without them, the tree will look boring. Other decorative details can be glued or hung. Use multi-colored threads for hanging jewelry. We advise you to give preference to red and yellow.

5. What else is missing from your Christmas tree? Probably decorations for the very top. Here the best option is a star, which can be made of wood or any other material.

After all the hard work, your wonderful Christmas tree is finally ready. Your family has settled down around it to admire this wonderful creation of your mind and hands.

Are you still thinking about making a handmade Christmas tree? Don't waste your time! On New Year's Eve or Christmas under your Christmas tree it will be very noisy and joyful!

Irina LAZUR, specially for Lady Chef.Ru


Gingerbread Christmas Trees

New Year's Salad "Herringbone"

Herringbone napkin

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DIY creative Christmas tree - tips and ideas from Winter Story

New Year without a Christmas tree is like January without snow: a festive tree is an indispensable attribute of winter celebrations. However, it does not have to be traditional coniferous, living or artificial. After all, if Christmas days are the time for magic, then why don't we ourselves act as sorcerers and decorate the interior with a creative Christmas tree? Moreover, there are a lot of options: structures made of metal, wood and paper, figurines made of fur, garlands and even sweets - it is very difficult to list such a multitude of miracles! But we'll still try. And you take note.

Original Christmas trees: a wealth of ready-made solutions

If you want to add a little bit of enthusiasm to your festive decoration, but don't have time to get creative yourself, designer Christmas trees will help you. Ideas and their implementation from well-known brands can surprise, please, and charm. All that is required of you is to choose from a generous assortment.

Metal tree

This tree is the basis of your Christmas art. A figured frame with special clothespins is designed to secure balls, stars and other decorations. An excellent addition would be the Rosa garland or the usual rain. Want even more originality? Then, instead of the usual toys, place photographs, multi-colored pictures, sweets or small presents for loved ones and guests on the designs. By the way, a metal Christmas tree can also act in a similar capacity after the holidays. For example, serve as a stand for jewelry or household items.

Wooden Christmas tree

A symbol of home comfort and family unity - a Christmas tree made from the warmest natural material. Manufacturers offer such accessories in different designs:

  • Tabletop green beauty with colored wooden toys is a souvenir for those who like it brighter.
  • LED Christmas tree with a New Year's theme composition - to create a magical atmosphere on the eve of the holiday.
  • A figurine with a laconic design and a natural tone is the epitome of natural beauty for fans of interior decorations in rustic, Scandinavian or eco-style.

Trees made of wood look incredibly attractive and harmonious, and therefore have been at the peak of popularity for several years now.

Hanging tree

It is possible that the Mad Hatter was the first to think of placing a Christmas tree on the ceiling - an idea just in his spirit. However, it also appealed to the designers of Christmas decor. A coniferous accessory in toys and garlands, hung upside down, is what you need for a setting in the style of a tea party at the March Hare. Crazy holiday extravaganza guaranteed!

But a floating Christmas tree made of luminous balls is a decoration of a different kind. It seems as if it was created by fairy magic and is only subject to it: one cherished word, and the sparkling crown will rise up or begin to fly around the room. A bewitching spectacle!

Non-standard Boltze Christmas trees

The German brand, founded in 1974, has only recently appeared on the Russian market. Almost half a century ago, Boltze was created as a small family business in Hamburg. Now it is a world famous brand under which magnificent interior accessories, decor items and Christmas decorations are produced. All products are made only from environmentally friendly noble materials.

Each creation of European masters surprisingly combines the high style of decoration and the feeling of home comfort. And a lot of fantasy too. Christmas trees are a prime example of this. Just look at the charming fur trees - this is the real embodiment of warmth and tenderness. Metal accessories with clear crystal pendants captivate with fragile perfection. Christmas trees made of thin garlands impress with their simplicity of design and bizarre play of light.

Luminous Christmas tree

The main attribute of the New Year and at the same time a spectacular lamp - guess what it is? That's right, a Christmas tree with LED lights. What only models are not invented today! Table figurines made of wood, rattan or acrylic threads can create a festive mood only with their presence and soft light. Trees with sparkling fiber optic needles also look great. And the hanging accessory will become a bright and, moreover, compact decoration, which is especially appropriate in a nursery.

Large models are also held in high esteem, and mainly in public places or on the street. A yard in a metropolis or a suburban area - any territory will be transformed with such a miracle. For example, an elegant inflatable Christmas tree made of textiles will gather around itself not only kids, but also adults. Still, because under it are "gifts", and the branches shine, despite the frost!

DIY Christmas Trees: The Art of Magic

If among the many ready-made solutions you did not find a Christmas tree to your liking, create it yourself. Of what? From improvised materials, festive decor and your own inspiration. The last ingredient is the most important. And we are ready to help with tips.

Christmas tree of garlands

The most incendiary option in the truest sense. There are several ways to make a bright exclusive:

  • Lay out the contours of the tree on the wall or a large piece of cardboard if you are afraid for the safety of the wallpaper. The light tree will look especially impressive if you “dress up” it with toys.
  • Assemble a wooden slat frame and wrap generously with garland. It is better to take several with colored light bulbs of various shapes: balls, snowflakes, figurines, etc.
  • Use an ordinary ladder as a base. Expressive accessories and a star on the crown will also come in handy here.

Edible Christmas tree

Delicious bunnies and bears can be found on the New Year tree, but the Christmas tree itself cannot be eaten. It's time to correct this misunderstanding! It is easy to build a familiar silhouette from vegetables or fruits, sweets or sandwiches. And to make your creation recognizable, try to follow the color scheme.

Let's say cucumber slices, kiwi circles, lettuce leaves or light grapes will perfectly cope with the imitation of needles. Round sweets in a golden wrapper will play the role of balls, an asterisk is easy to cut out of an apple or carrot. Voila - a delightful decoration appears on your holiday table. Just do not mix different tastes: a sweet Christmas tree should not have cervelat or hot peppers.

Christmas tree hut

What child does not like hiding places and secret places! Children are also always delighted with the New Year tree. You have the opportunity to combine both by making a hut in the shape of a Christmas tree. Or vice versa, we will not argue. To do this, you will need: a cone of wooden sticks or a stepladder, coniferous garlands, a lot of toys and an LED thread.

We create an impromptu crown on the frame, and then decorate it. The finished "building" is the perfect place to hide gifts. It's also a great playhouse! Believe me, the kids will settle in it for all the holidays.

DIY hanging tree

Even such a non-standard Christmas attribute is easy to make yourself. There would be a suitable basis. A lucky find - a finished design: three wicker wreaths of different diameters are connected by chains. Each tier has hooks for toys. Decide on your own: you can build a decorative Christmas tree using a coniferous garland or do without it, simply fixing the decorations on the frame. The first option is closer to the traditional one, the second one is an embodied creative: it looks unusual, fresh and airy. It remains to hang your masterpiece from the ceiling - and the spectacular Christmas tree is ready.

Imagination without limits

We have shared with you the most common ideas for creating extraordinary Christmas attributes. In fact, there are ten times more of them. No original ideas? Then just look around - almost all surrounding objects are suitable for creativity:

  • Children's toys. The pyramid folded from bright figures will charm your baby. Such a Christmas tree does not have to be green at all: the main thing is to maintain a recognizable shape, and sweets will serve as the best decoration.
  • Photographs. From your memories it is easy to create a wall panel that will set you in a warm mood. Whether these will be pictures of old or only for the outgoing year, black and white or color - your loved ones will certainly like the idea.
  • Books. A creative solution for students and bibliophiles. It is recommended to add a Christmas tree in the form of a slide from textbooks, fiction and other literature with a garland, crown the crown with a star - the laws of the festive entourage must be observed!
  • And also artificial flowers and decorative driftwood, fabric, yarn and buttons, corks, bottles and even egg cartons - every thing and any material that is at hand will come in handy.

We are sure that this list has not yet included your idea - the one and only. On a fine December evening, you will definitely bring it to life with your children. After all, family creativity is an incredibly exciting process. And a Christmas tree made with soul, whether it is a Christmas tree made of paper or textiles, will fill the house with a sense of Christmas magic.

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