How to make a christmas tree from wood

Wooden Christmas Tree - A Fun DIY Project

Hi friends, who’s ready to talk Christmas trees?  Over the years we’ve had real and fake and then real and then fake again. But today I’m talking about a smaller Wooden Christmas Tree for your porch.

You can make this project fast and from any scrap wood or trim board you have laying around.  And yes, you can even use pallet wood to create your wooden Christmas Tree.

I created this as part of a trash to treasure project with some of my blogging friends and I’m excited to share it with you today.  The concept is to use something that’s no longer wanted and turn it into something useful.

My husband and I were cleaning up the side yard a few weekends ago and as he was throwing scraps into the garbage bin I’m thinking to myself “but wait, I can make something out of that.”

He is surely tired of hearing me say stuff like that so I kept it to myself (this time LOL).  Then the next morning I went dumpster diving and got busy.

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Wooden Christmas Tree Supply List

  • Scrap wood or pallet material
  • Straight Edge
  • Carpenter’s Square
  • Pencil
  • Miter Saw
  • Cordless Drill
  • Exterior Screws
  • White Paint, if desired
  • Painter’s Tape

Making the Wooden Christmas Tree

Step 1: Determine the size for your tree

You can make your tree as tall as you want by spacing your boards closer together or farther apart. My tree is 30″ tall by 20″ wide

Step 2: Laying out the Wooden Christmas Tree design

  • Pull out all your pieces of scrap 1×4 wood.
  • Arrange them according to size.
  • To the bottom board attach a 20″ wide piece of blue painters tape with a mark in the center at 10″.
  • Working from the bottom up use a piece of the scrap 1×4 wood on edge to set the spacing between each board.
  • Use a straight edge and a carpenter’s square to mark the point on the very top board. It should align to the mark on the bottom board made on the painter’s tape.

Step 3: Mark the boards for cutting

  • Next line up the straight-edge to the marks at the tip and the bottom right edge of the blue tape.
  • Pressing down on the straight edge carefully drew a line across all the boards to mark the boards for cuts.
  • Repeat the same steps on the left side.

Step 4: Cut the Christmas tree branches

You’ll need to use a Miter Saw, circular saw or a jigsaw to make the cuts.

  • Adjust the base of the miter saw a little at a time until the blade is lined up with the pencil mark.
  • Make a test cut about 1/4″ on the outside of the line and adjust the blade until your test cut is aligned with the pencil mark.
  • Go slowly until your blade just barely marks the surface of your board as shown below.
  • Actually, this isn’t fine furniture so if your cut is off a little no one will know, it’ll be our little secret.

With nearly all the boards cut I was stumped for a minute about how to cut the small tree top keep my fingers attached to my hands 🙂  I joke, but power saws are serious business, I can’t stress this enough.

Use a longer piece of scrap to hold the shorter piece for the point in place while you cut.

Hold the bottom piece closest to you firmly against the piece for the point and cut carefully. In my illustration I held the boards with my right hand and operated the miter saw with my left.

You could reverse this to operate the saw with your right hand.  Success, and I still have all my fingers!  Seriously, safety first at all times.

Next I grabbed another piece of scrap and did a dry fit of my pieces.

Cut a 1×2 for the trunk of the tree (mine is 28″ long). Cut a point at one end.

Cut an additional square piece of wood for the trunk. This is optional, I decided not to give mine a trunk afterall.

Step 5: Paint the parts of the tree

My scrap wood was primed so I just hit all the raw edges with some white chalk paint. You can paint your individual pieces before assembly or after.

Assembling Your Wooden Christmas Tree

Step 6: Assembling the tree

  • On a flat surface lay out the boards in order face down as shown below.
  • Use the piece of scrap spacer again between each “branch” and attach the scrap trunk with two screws per board with a cordless drill. and 1-1/4″ screws  (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of the attached screws.)
  • Pre-drill your holes so the screws don’t split the wood.

Small Wood Signs – Santa Stop Here Sign

Colorful Wood Christmas Decor

I’ll share a secret, I had to attach the trunk 3 times.  The first time I attached it with the rough side facing the front (seriously frustrating).

The second time I had my spacing wonky and ran out of trunk when I got to the top piece.  Well, thankfully the third time was the charm so please learn from my frustrating lesson 🙂

As I mentioned before, I decided not to use the bottom trunk because it would be too hard to prop the tree against a wall.  I like it better sitting on the ground anyway.

Here’s what it looks like on our back porch with some cute tinsel trees and a few Christmas picks.

Didn’t it turn out great?  I hope you love it as much as I do and are inspired to make your own wooden christmas tree!  There are so many design options you can play with to make them uniquely yours.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to pin this to your favorite Christmas Board.


20 Pallet Christmas Tree Ideas

From stockings hung by the chimney with care, to a Christmas roast "beast" to rival anything served up in Whoville, the most wonderful time of the year is filled with special traditions enjoyed by families everywhere. But there is perhaps no symbol of the season more universally beloved than the brightly-lit and beautifully-decorated Christmas tree. And along with trees tiny and tall, artificial and real and indoor and out, there's now another type of tannenbaum on the block: the pallet Christmas tree.

Yep, Christmas trees made of pallet wood have been on trend with crafters for awhile now because they're easy and inexpensive to make, and have a countrified charm that can't be beat. There are a range of pallet Christmas tree styles, too, as you can see below. So whether you're looking to DIY your pallet tree with the help of a few power tools, or would prefer to create it with simple glue and paint, you're going to find what you need in our roundup. We also have an assortment of advent trees to help you count down to the big day, and even a couple of pre-made pallet wood trees that'll save you time and energy. Still feeling crafty? Check out our DIY Christmas Gifts That'll Mean so Much to Your Friends and Family.


Pallet Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

Dainty Dress Diaries

Count down the days to Christmas in style by making your old pallet into an advent calendar. We guarantee it will look so great that your guests will swear you bought it.

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Traditional Pallet Christmas Trees

Our Home Made Easy

You can't go wrong with a classic design. That's why we love these traditional green trees—they'll fit into any home!

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DIY Rustic Pallet Christmas Tree

The Thinking Closet

Remember the reason for the season with this pallet Christmas tree featuring the famed Bible verse from Luke 2:11. This project even comes with a free cut file to make creating it easy peasy.

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Outdoor Pallet Christmas Tree Sign

The Country Chic Cottage

If you can't spare the time to craft your pallet wood tree from scratch, this is the project for you. It features not only a premade tree but also a free cut file that will have you creating a cheery looking Christmas sign for your yard in no time flat.

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Solid Pallet Christmas Tree

Beyond the Picket Fence

There are plenty of ways to personalize this tree, which was cut whole from a pallet that didn't have much space in between the boards. But we confess we love the homey, unfinished look.

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DIY Advent Tree

A Beautiful Mess

This pallet advent tree is a beauty in and of itself, but to make it really pop, be sure to wrap the packages pinned to it in colorful red-and-white paper.

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Rustic Christmas Tree

Her Tool Belt

Even if the only Brad you know is Pitt, this is still a relatively simple project to do because the cuts you need to make to create the chevron shape are all the same angle.

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Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Over the Big Moon

The perfect addition to homespun Christmas decor, this pallet tree turns simplicity stunning with weathered wood of different shades.

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Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Average But Inspired

If power tools aren't really your thing, this pallet project is for you. Simply paint and decorate with twine, and this advent calendar tree is ready to go.

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Marquee Light Pallet Christmas Tree

Get ready for gasps when your guests see this marquee tree light up for the first time.


Scrap Wood Christmas Trees

Refresh Living

Ah, finally a clever use for all that scrap wood you've been keeping around. For an extra-festive, rustic look, touch up the pieces with green milk paint before glueing them together.

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DIY Advent Calendar Pallet Christmas Tree

Courtesy of Tamara's Joy

Celebrate Christmas every day of the month with this stunning advent calendar.

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Pallet Christmas Tree Card Holder

Courtesy of Making It in the Mountains

Searching for a creative way to display the holiday cards collecting on your counter? Look no further! The silver bell garland on this wide-pallet Christmas tree makes it easy to display a dozen or more.

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Advent Calendar Pallet Christmas Tree

Courtesy of Remodelaholic

Deconstruct a pallet, use leftover planks, or round up some scrap wood to build this beauty. This tree's simple design means you can source your wood from just about anywhere.

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Wooden Christmas Tree Made From Pallet Wood

Thistlewood Farms

Sometimes bigger isn't better. This adorbs tree is only 16" tall and 12" wide, but it makes a big statement thanks in part to that smart-looking framing.

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Pallet Christmas Tree Sign

Courtesy of Funky Junk Interiors

With its galvanized bucket stand and rustic star, this pallet Christmas tree and sign will fit right in at the farmhouse.

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DIY Pallet Tree With Lace Look

The Shabby Tree

Believe it or not, all you need to create a lace look on your pallet tree is lace fabric and a can of spray paint. Lay the lace on your tree, paint over it, and presto! When you pull off the fabric you'll have a lace pattern left on your tree.

Get the tutorial at The Shabby Tree.


Pallet Wood Christmas Tree DIY

Scavenger Chic

While this stylish pallet tree could be decorated with almost anything, we love the vintage grayish-green Christmas ornaments. The white-washed backing board provides a nice contrast to the plain wood of the tree, too.

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Large Rustic Pallet Christmas Tree

Little House of Four

Created specifically as outdoor decor, this two-layer pallet Christmas tree is made from little else than wood and nails. You'll have it whipped up in no time!

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Wooden Christmas Tree

Courtesy of Rogue Engineer

Cut your pallet's planks into smaller sizes and stack 'em to create this dimensional display. You can even take it a step further by displaying trinkets or candles on the "branches."

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Christmas tree made of wood with your own hands: Christmas tree made of boards, wooden Christmas tree with your own hands

Eternal choice: natural or artificial Christmas tree? Wooden! It is beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly. Let's tell you everything about wooden Christmas trees: what they are, what they are made of and how to make them with your own hands.

There is good news for the followers of the ecological concept in home improvement. Instead of a natural Christmas tree, you can put a wooden one. A Christmas tree made of wood may not replace the real one, but it definitely will not be superfluous in the New Year's decoration of the house.

A wooden tree is also suitable for those who do not worry too much about the fate of disposable New Year trees. The festive decor perfectly combines live spruce and small wooden decorations for the whole house.

Wooden Christmas trees are different:

  1. From boards. You can choose raw boards, make deliberately rough spruce from them and decorate it to a minimum. Put such a Christmas tree on the floor or near the wall.
  2. Set. This is a Christmas tree of a special three-dimensional design. It is assembled from wooden parts. The stability of the tree gives a cross-shaped base. Details are attached to a metal bar located in the center. You can string boards or branches. The volume is created due to the fact that the base of the branch is larger, and the top is smaller. As soon as the prefabricated structure is ready, hang toys on it, attach candles or figurines.
  3. Dummy. This is a Christmas tree made of two pieces of wood plywood. They are connected in a section along the center. In one plywood, a cut is made from the lower base to the middle, in the other - from the middle to the top: this is how the model of a wooden Christmas tree is fastened in the middle.
  4. Tabletop. These are small trees for decorating a table, a chest of drawers, a fireplace. They are made from the remains of building materials - plywood, fiberboard or MDF board. The finished tree is covered with acrylic paint and decorated with small New Year's toys.

    Here's how to make a tree out of boards:

    1. Take boards and lay them out. Mark the outline of the tree with a marker or pencil.
    2. Use a jigsaw or saw to cut the trees along the lines.
    3. Make a base. Make a hole or a hole in a thick block of wood. Use a drill or screwdriver. If there is no wooden block, you can take a bucket of sand and place a tree in it. Decorate the bucket in advance in the New Year theme.
    4. Processing boards. They can be rubbed or sanded.
    5. How to make stain: mix ¼ brown paint and water. We apply the mixture in two layers on the prepared boards.
    6. We are waiting for about half an hour - the stain should dry.
    7. Checking. If the mixture is dry, wipe the boards with wax or a candle. So the paint is not completely absorbed into the wood and it can be removed.
    8. Choose colors. Green, red, white, blue, brown are suitable for the New Year tree. We paint wooden plates.
    9. Waiting again. After half an hour, we begin to rub with sandpaper those places where the wax was applied. In this way, we age the New Year tree.

      1. Draw a large isosceles triangle on a plywood sheet. This is the basis.
      2. We make the sides and blanks of the shelves. We measure the length of the base, the sides of the triangle. We measure a fragment of the future trunk and sides. We horizontally divide the wooden structure into equal parts - this will be the place for the shelves.
      3. We draw on the plywood blanks. Beforehand, we think over the width of the rectangular shelves. The standard range is from 5 to 10 centimeters.
      4. Cut out blanks with a jigsaw: triangles and rectangles.
      5. Glue the rectangular shelves perpendicularly to the side bases. We use special glue for wood.
      6. Glue the back part for stability and the barrel.
      7. Waiting for the glue to dry. After that, we paint the trees with acrylic paint in two layers.

      Decorate the finished tree with toys, figurines, flowers, candles and garlands. Christmas trees made of plywood are easy to manufacture and original in the interior.

      Christmas tree cut from a single piece of plywood

      If you are making Christmas trees with board shelves, knock down the shield before starting work. In the rest, the order is the same - make the base, attach wooden dies for the silhouette of the Christmas tree, fix the shelves horizontally.

      Wood Christmas trees

      You can make a decorative Christmas tree not only from plywood and boards, but also from tree branches and spruce paws. Such a tree looks simple, but it is precisely this effect that is needed to create a Christmas tree from branches. The main goal of such a rustic cozy Christmas tree is to amuse and delight those around you.

      Twigs are attached to the wall according to the silhouette of the Christmas tree and decorated with toys, garlands, cones

      A wooden Christmas tree is very simple to do with your own hands. First, find branches of different sizes. Attach them to the wall using thread, rope or jute cords. There is only one rule: at the top of the branch is shorter, at the base - longer. Decorate with tinsel, toys, LED garland.

      You can make a composition from symmetrical Christmas trees

      Christmas tree from wooden peeks

      Such a tree turns out to be simple, strict and geometric. The peek tree will decorate the house for many years - the construction turns out to be very durable.

      Peeke Elki are hung out of oconies, and the last length of 9,0002 bost to the ELKA from the PEEC:

    10. 3APACTIONS. Prepare the paint. You will also need screws or hooks, self-tapping screws and a hacksaw for working with wood.
    11. Prepare the base. Think about the height of the tree and saw off the rack base.
    12. Make slat branches. The bottom will be the widest crossbar, over the top - the narrowest.
    13. Nail branches to the base using small nails. Also, the slats can be fixed with screws.
    14. Leave extra little space for top decoration. We close the screws on the branches - they serve as hooks for toys.
    Three-dimensional silhouette of a Christmas tree from wooden pecksIt is possible to make a movable structure from pecks

    And this is how they make Christmas trees from blocks on the walls. Pants of different lengths are drilled through the middle. Then, bars are strung on a thick rope, moving from bottom to top: from the largest to the smallest.

    After each throw, tie a knot to secure the construction. At the end, a loop is made - with its help, the Christmas tree from the bars is hung on the walls. A large tree made of bars is made by analogy with a rack.

    Christmas trees made of bars are decorated with durable tablet candles

  5. Assemble base. On the base, make marks for fastening the branches.
  6. Saw off the slats for branches. You need to start from the top, move to the base.
  7. Connect the ends of the pegs so that they match and form a triangle. Saw off the lower parts at the sides and base. Collect the triangle.
  8. Sand the cuts with sandpaper. Make the surface as smooth as possible.
  9. Arrange all cut rails in a triangular shape. Assemble the Christmas trees and glue them together with wood glue.
  10. Make a stand. Glue cubes or blocks to the base. 10 centimeters is the normal length for a stable base of a Christmas tree 50 centimeters high.
  11. Wait for the adhesive to dry completely. Start decorating the Christmas tree. As a decor, you can use fishing line or wire with stringed small toys. Glue the wire to the side rails.
  12. You can decorate the structure with spruce branches. The branches are carefully tied to the sides and base of the fishing line. After fixing the branches, the excess ends and needles are removed with a secateurs.
  13. Leave the table tree to dry in a vertical position. As soon as the glue dries, move it to the table, bedside table or window sill.

Here is a photo of homemade table trees made of wood.

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How to make a Christmas tree from improvised materials with your own hands

What is the New Year without a Christmas tree? Of course, without it, a fabulous and magical atmosphere will no longer reign. Real Christmas trees have been gradually replaced by artificial ones. They are certainly beautiful, and you do not need to spend money on buying a new tree every year. But do-it-yourself decorative Christmas trees will bring special comfort and festive mood to your home. So it's time to step back from tradition.

DIY original Christmas trees

What tree do you usually see in your house? Surely this is a stately, tall beauty, lavishly decorated with toys and all kinds of luminous lights. However, we suggest that you pay attention to the trendy small desktop compositions. For their manufacture, you can use a wide variety of materials: wooden sticks, Christmas balls, cones, threads, paper, sweets and much more. other. The scope for your imagination is simply limitless.

Miniature Christmas beauty is the best fit for small apartments. And if you have pets who now and then strive to play with a shiny Christmas ball, this option will come in handy.

Wooden Christmas tree

There are many ways to make it. For example, ordinary twigs and twigs that can be found in the park can be used as the main material.

Now think about where the New Year's composition will be placed and what size it will be. Small rods are suitable for desktop. They can be fixed with hot glue in such a way that the shape of the Christmas tree is obtained. There is the possibility of attaching branches to a pre-made cone-shaped frame made of thick cardboard.

Larger sticks and branches are better for outdoor wooden Christmas trees. AT as they will fit any slats. For such a design, it is better to provide a good and reliable foundation. It is better if it is a wooden circle or a cross-shaped mount made of rails, made by analogy with the base of artificial Christmas trees.

Please note that it is better to use nails or self-tapping screws to fasten large sticks. And for small twigs, a hot glue gun is suitable.

But the wood options don't stop there. Buy in a hobby shop wood cuts. It is better to take different diameters. So the composition will look more interesting. You will also need a saw cut with a diameter twice as large as the largest part of the future Christmas tree. It will act as a foundation. Make a tree trunk using a regular but not very narrow stick. Literally 10 cm in length is enough.

Now let's start assembling. Start from the bottom. Attach the trunk to the wooden circle with a large amount of hot glue. As a trunk, you can use a piece of rail. Then you need to glue the saw cuts together. At the base will be the widest part, and then, moving up, gradually narrow the tree. As a result, you should get a triangle. At the end, attach the triangle to the imitation trunk. The original do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of saw cuts is ready.

In fact, there are a lot of ideas for making Christmas trees from wood. They can be flat to be hung on the wall. For example, by making a frame from a garland in the form of a triangle, and carefully fixing the sticks in a horizontal order in the center. By the same analogy, it is possible to build a wall structure from saw cuts, thin branches and slats.

Hanging Christmas tree

How to make a hanging Christmas tree with your own hands? Everything is not as difficult as it might seem. The main task is to figure out in which part of the ceiling to attach a hook for hanging a Christmas tree structure. To make such an unusual Christmas tree you will need:

  • Thick transparent line;

  • Scissors;

  • Chain no thicker than 1 cm;

  • Metal grid in the form of a circle with a diameter of at least 30 cm;

  • Connecting brackets;

  • Lightweight Christmas balls or any other toys;

  • Carabiner for hanging ornaments.

Using wire cutters, cut the chain into four equal lengths. Attach them to metal grid with connecting brackets at an equal distance from each other from friend. And fasten the chains on top with a metal carabiner. The base is ready.

Use fishing line to attach balloons. Start assembling the Christmas tree from the center of the metal grid. This will be the top. The fishing line, respectively, will have the smallest length. Then increase the length of the line and gradually move from the center of the lattice to the outer circle.

Luminous Christmas tree

Make a tapered base out of cardboard. It can be both large floor and small for placement on a bedside table or chest of drawers. Wrap the base with a long LED garland. If there is an outlet nearby, then the garland can be powered by current. When there is no outlet, it is better to choose battery-powered LEDs.

Would you like a wall-mounted Christmas tree? No problem. Make a cardboard frame in the form of a Christmas tree, on which you attach a garland or multi-colored tinsel. Put the resulting impromptu tree against the wall. If you don’t feel sorry for the existing finish, then drive nails with hats into the wall to repeat the contours of the spruce. It remains to form a Christmas tree from the LEDs.

What else can you make a Christmas tree with your own hands

Let's look at a couple more materials from which you can make the main attribute of the New Year. Many of them can be found in almost every home.


Prepare the tapered frame in advance. Then cut colored double-sided paper in green shades into strips 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 cm long, etc., depending on the height of the spruce you need. Width of strips 1 cm.

Glue the bases of the strips together with glue, but do not bend them. Must get elements in the form of droplets. When all the strips are glued, proceed to assembly.

Alternating shades of green, form the bottom row, gradually moving up.

From threads

There are two ways to make it:

  1. As a panel;

  2. Bulk.

For the first option, you will need a wooden base, into which you need to hammer furniture studs, making a spruce outline. Now you need to wrap the contour with threads.

The second option involves the use of a paper or cardboard base cone. A thread or yarn pre-soaked in PVA glue is wound on it. Twine will also work. The wall density depends on the intensity of winding and the thickness of the thread. The Christmas tree can turn out to be translucent or have a fairly clear outline.

The frame is removed after the threads have completely dried. Place an LED candle inside, and the craft will gain volume.

From cones

Each cone can be turned into a small Christmas tree. Attach the bump to the milk or yogurt lid with hot glue. Decorate the lid with cotton. Decorate the Christmas tree with small pom poms or confetti.

And you can make a bigger spruce. To do this, glue the cones together, starting from the base. The lower part will be the widest, like a real Christmas tree. Rising up, reduce the number of cones and gradually narrow the top.

From cotton pads

You will again need a cone-shaped base of cardboard or thick paper. We will attach cotton pads to it using PVA or hot glue.

Take a cotton pad, fold it in half and then in half again. You will get four layers. Apply glue to the resulting folds and glue to the cardboard base, starting from the bottom tier.

Leave a small distance between the discs (approximately 5-10 mm) so that you can spread them a little, giving the spruce a beautiful shape.

From plastic bottles

Take some green plastic bottles. It is desirable that the shades on them match. Cut each container into three parts, highlighting the bottom, even middle and neck.

The bottom will act as a stand. For greater stability, overlay it with plasticine or decorative stones in color.

Make the barrel out of thick paper. Roll it into a tube, secure with glue or tape and insert it into the neck. For example, a piece of metal-plastic pipe is suitable as a barrel.

Now we move on to cutting the middle part of the bottle. Cut it lengthwise and then break into three rectangles of approximately the same size. Of them we will make coniferous branches. In total, it will be enough for you to cut 3-4 bottle “cores” to get 9-12 blank rectangles.

Use scissors to cut each piece into thin strips without cutting all the way through. Leave somewhere 10-15 mm. The narrower the cut strips, the more voluminous it will turn out. Christmas tree. To make the fringe fluffy, take a dull knife, pinch a few strips with your thumb and “stretch” them with a knife. As a result, they become like curls.

Finally attach the coniferous branches to the trunk with tape. Start at the base of the trunk and work your way up. Let the fringe overlap.

When your beautiful Christmas tree is ready, start decorating it. You can decorate as you like. These can be homemade toys, iridescent balls, cones, pompoms, CDs, tinsel, rain - there are many options.

Is the house decorated? So let's move on to cleaning. There must have been scraps of paper, pieces of twigs or other material lying on the floor somewhere. Pick up large debris, vacuum, and then mop floors and surfaces with Glorix Cleaner. Dilute 1 cap of product in 4 liters of water. After your home has shone cleanliness, you can safely prepare for the New Year.

If you're tired of the traditional artificial Christmas tree, it's time to try something new. Make a Christmas tree with your own hands from improvised materials. Use our instructions for making the main New Year's beauty, connect all family members and make an original decoration for the interior.

Frequently asked questions about how to make an original Christmas tree

What can you make an original Christmas tree from?

There are a lot of options for making an original Christmas tree: from paper, plastic bottles, wood cuts, threads. You can learn more about this by reading our article.

How to make a paper tree with your own hands?

Prepare a tapered base of thick paper or cardboard in advance.

Learn more