How to make a christmas tree on the wall

60 Wall Christmas Tree - Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas

60 Wall Christmas Tree – Alternative Christmas Tree Ideas… Now that Fall is here and Christmas is fast approaching, we’re thinking about redecorating our homes or offices which means it’s the perfect time to dig out those decorations for some DIY inspiration and to start thinking about a tree. There are some Christmas traditions we just can’t give up…One of those is the decorated Christmas tree; it is a tradition since years. In fact as modern life goes ahead with technology,  many new and creative ideas come up fitting our spaces with home fashions on the holidays. This vertical fashion; wall Christmas tree Alternative Christmas Tree Idea that we can’t get enough, but in fact we want to get a bit more.

For some people the Christmas tree is something a must on Christmas Eve that we think we can’t get a bit more creative with, but for this reason, we’re here to inspire you to think more creatively.  There are many non-traditional trees out there made of different materials and most of them are already available in your house. All you have to do is just chose the type of tree.

Today’s article is about the hanging wall Christmas tree that can be made of pipes, shelves, cards, corks, garlands, decals, paper and much more.  Not only is it an amazing idea for those who live in small houses; but the perfect solution for celebrating the holidays in full swing. This alternative Christmas Tree Idea is for those who has a large space too and would like to continue decorating other rooms or little spaces. Here we are offering so many amazing DIY Christmas wall art ideas alternative to the Christmas tree.


Having a style suitable for everyone, thousands of different ideas to make beautiful and festively decorated Christmas tree art for the walls; listed here are our Top unconventional and different styles of Christmas Tree wall purely decorative. These tree wall are loaded with Christmas cheer but no one can imagine Christmas with no tree, Christmas Tree Wall are to solve a number of problems:
1.  Christmas Tree Wall can be mixed and matched with other exclusive designs.
2. Christmas Tree Wall can be a symbol of the season in your home and an optional idea instead of a large Christmas tree.
3. Seniors who are unable to stand with the putting up and taking down of a tree or cannot also deal with the hours spent on can still enjoy the season with Christmas Tree Wall.
4. Christmas Tree Wall helps you to add more than one tree to a home with minimum budget, not having the time or the space to put another up.
5. Christmas Tree Wall is a trendy office party decoration accessory as an ideal choice for temporary indoor decoration.
6. Christmas Tree Wall is the hottest most affordable, safe and clean way to decorate your kid’s room.
7. The last and not the least it does not need a lot of money or a valuable time to decorate and redecorate.
These Christmas wall tree are unique, unusual eco-friendly for any modern house and unpredictable suggestions for holiday designing.


Here are some unconventional ideas instead of a traditional real Christmas tree for a modern Christmas Theme  as an alternative tree;

It’s OK if you refuse to give up the idea of having a Christmas trees  but many reasons are in the way. OR maybe you’re not with the ideas to hang artificial evergreens on the wall or still have an endearing feeling of gathering around a tree.  If these aren’t your thing then a faux tree can be a good alternative. A piece of decor isn’t quite traditional enough to handle than a traditional natural one and solve a number of problems related to the big size trees. Faux trees are gorgeous although fake but the perfect addition as a glam centerpiece to your holiday decor scheme.


Lighted Christmas Wall Tree;

Lighted wall Christmas tree with evergreen branches and/or adorned with string lights to be flaunted on the wall in the shape of a tree, really looks just like the real thing. This Lighted wall Christmas tree has the same traditional look to enjoy and are even durable enough as a focal point for your holiday entertaining space. It has evergreen branches to hold Christmas lights, ornaments and bows. Hanging a wall tree could be hanged anywhere from a living room wall to a dorm, great for a small apartment and spaces.


Festive Lighted Christmas Wall Tree curtain;

Just because the Festive Lighted Christmas Wall Tree curtain‎ are not the standard version of a real tree then there will be no holiday, in fact they have their own charm. They are an eye catching holiday accent curtains fashion with a painted Christmas tree. The lighted Christmas Wall Tree curtain style could be hanged on a wall or over a window for a completely unique look; it has colorful LED lights to brighten up and add light to your widow as a holiday decor.

Use Christmas tree wall decal to make a flat Christmas tree;

For many people having a real Christmas tree is just a tricky business. An alternative flat holiday wall decal tree may be the right choice instead. The holiday wall decal decor is a simple way to incorporate a Christmas tree with many possibilities. All you need is a little bit of blank wall space to stick this wall decal and little time. The sticker decals are eco-friendly and a bit more eco-minded to make a tree out of it. The decal is made of vinyl free alternative to real Christmas trees. They come in a large range of cheery design and colors. Christmas tree wall decal ‎are easily peel away or washy tap for families who want a tree in several places in the house without the mess or without a lot of effort. It leaves your house clean at the end of the season.



Pipe Christmas Tree Wall Hanging;

It’s a new way to upgrade your creatively and come up with a project by making a Christmas tree decorated with PVC pipe or you can make them from paper tubes or wood. Either material used is cut in various sizes as seen in the image to create a unique DIY Christmas tree.  Pipe Christmas Tree Wall Hanging is filled with fun ornaments, figurines, and different objects. Mix-match with colors in side each tube to build this colorful eye-catching Christmas tree. This Interesting décor for your walls are inexpensive and easy-to-make can be used year after year. These holiday wall hanging will easily bring the crafter out of you helping to create your own unique DIY wall Christmas tree. It’s sure to bring lots of seasonal cheer to press your guest and even Santa himself.

DIY Wall Light Christmas Tree;

You definitely will like this alternative Christmas tree… a repurpose objects into a lighted wall tree that can be the center of attention during the holidays. It is perfect if you have short space for a real tree. It is very easy to install as its technical process is very easy and you don’t need an expert or lot of things to make it. All you need to do is to add new long string of Christmas lights on your wall in the shape of a tree. The string of the Christmas‎ tree might be made of multi-color or single colors, contoured or a zigzag strings. You may attach some branches or some ornaments the option is yours. This type of DIY wall alternative Christmas light tree is aware of the shaped tree to reminding us with the real ones.


Shelf Christmas Trees;

Floating shelves for book lovers can be used to make creative Christmas trees and show off your love for books!  This idea is so simple and a great alternatives DIY, because you can use few books  which I believe are the most common in many houses and re-cycle them to from your Christmas tree. Or instead you can cover just a few of your shielded books to make your library like a Christmas tree…A Christmas holiday shape on your bookshelf!


DIY Honeycomb Christmas Tree;

This is a very easy Christmas tree alternatives DIY yet fun and colorful and most of all an enjoyable tree  for kid’s room. Honeycombs are made of many kinds of colors and found in every home as the occasions do not end. Make a Christmas tree large or small, depending on your space from honeycombs. It could be a multicolor tree or all one color depending too on your mood. It gives some more holiday fun DIY project that can even fit a real tree in a tiny apartment and condo especially for a family with kids around.


Less Is More: The Half Christmas Tree;

It is a holiday trend that suits small spaces and don’t have room for a full Christmas tree. Especially for people still believe in the traditional natural tree.  People who likes to look at new ideas for living with less and having your favorite tradition. A new half Christmas tree for wall is such a good idea. It appears to be a real one with bushy and full form from the front. There is no need to decorate the back which is stickled to the wall because no one will ever see it…a half decorated Christmas Tree plus less half expensive too.  The Half Christmas Tree is pushed against the walls, it saves big valuable space. A half tree gives the same warm festive look and still looks like a full blown traditional Christmas tree with all the characters mentioned above.


Corner wall Christmas tree;

A Corner Christmas Tree is a quarter tree in size nearly the same idea of a the half Christmas tree and with all its advantages and half characteristics. Corner wall Christmas tree fits and looks great on any corners, just the perfect choice for short on space.

Wall Christmas Tree is a modern method to bring them from traditional tree to off-the-wall. Be inspired by these glamorous wall Christmas tree ideas and decorate your home or office with a luxuriously tree this year .

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most Images source; pinterest.

DIY Wall Christmas Trees: 3 Ideas Perfect For Small Spaces

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When it comes to original Christmas decorations, "The Great Christmas Light Fight" judge Taniya Nayak is a pro. And she doesn't only judge decorations — she DIYs them, too!

That's why we weren't surprised when she showed us three out-of-the box holiday décor DIYs that we honestly never would have thought of ourselves. (Seriously, your neighbors won't have anything like this!) 

Not to mention her DIY wall Christmas tree ideas are perfect for people who live in small spaces. 



Rachael Ray Show

Do you have beautiful leftover ornaments that didn't quite fit on your tree — OR do you live in a small space with no room for an actual tree?

Either way, this cork board tree is your new BFF! (And really, who doesn't have an unused cork board lying around?)

All you have to do is lay your cork board flat on the ground and hang ornaments on it with clear fish wire in the shape of a tree. It's a fun activity for kids, too! 

Pro Tip: Start from the bottom and work your way up, Taniya suggests.  


Rachael Ray Show

If you don't have otherwise useless wrapping paper scraps leftover after your gift-wrapping spree, we applaud you — but if you do, listen up! 

Roll up those scraps, staple them and tack them onto a brown butcher paper-covered foam core board in the shape of a Christmas tree. And voila, they won't go to waste! 


Rachael Ray Show

Don't get us wrong, we love a good traditional wreath — but we also love this genius wreath alternative. 

Grab all those mason jar lids that are collecting dust in your cabinets, glue them together in the shape of a Christmas tree with a glue gun. (Safety first, friends!) Then, using twine, tie small ornaments around each loop, like so:

Rachael Ray Show

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Tinsel tree on the wall and DIY garlands, 50+ Christmas tree ideas

How to make a tinsel tree on the wall

Tinsel tree is a very creative decoration for any home, office space or apartment. Its length can be completely different: from a couple of decimeters to several meters. It all depends on the size of the room, the availability of time that a person is willing to spend on building such a Christmas tree and materials. It is also necessary to take into account one circumstance: in order for the decoration to turn out symmetrical, it is best to make it together.

In order to fix the Christmas tree on the wall, first of all, it is important to prepare all the necessary materials:

  • Tinsel (it is better to give preference to 3-meter or 4-meter ones).
  • Pencil (for marking).
  • Fixing elements.

How to fix a tinsel tree on the wall

There are several ways to fix a tinsel tree to the wall:

  • Adhesive tape (regular, double-sided or masking).
  • Safety pins or needles (this method is only suitable if there is wallpaper). The pin is carefully driven under the wallpaper by about half.
  • Buttons . An outline is created, and tinsel is wrapped around the buttons.
  • Contact paper (special paper, adhesive on one side). To do this, the paper with the sticky side out is attached to the wall with adhesive tape, and the hedgehog is glued to the sticky side with tinsel.
  • Self-adhesive hooks or cable trays . A very convenient option: the hook is glued to the wall, and tinsel clings to it.
  • Metal hangers .

Mounting technology is as follows:

  • Step 1. Decide on the wall on which the decorations will be placed. Then, using a simple pencil, mark up (put a few dots): the top, tiers of the Christmas tree and the trunk.
  • Step 2. Starting from the very top, fasten the tinsel with sewing pins or double-sided tape. This should be done in such a way that the tinsel does not sag in any case and matches the previously applied markup as much as possible.
  • Step 3. It should be borne in mind that for walls with wallpaper, it is better to use pins, and for painted (plastered) - adhesive tape.

Christmas tree made of tinsel on the wall

Christmas tree made of tinsel will be a wonderful decoration for the New Year holidays. It can be monophonic: green, silver, golden, blue. The main thing is to choose fluffy material.

The multi-color decoration also looks very nice. For example, the Christmas tree itself is green or blue, but its tips are silvery. This creates the illusion of frost or snow.

Wall Christmas tree made of garland

Instead of tinsel for a Christmas tree on the wall, you can use a garland. During the day, such a Christmas tree looks sparse, but in the evening it is just perfect. A wall-mounted garland Christmas tree will be a great addition to a minimalist design.

Remember! In the case of fixing the garland with buttons, first we stick the buttons into the wall, and then we wind the garland!

Christmas tree on the wall made of tinsel and garlands

The Christmas tree made of tinsel and garlands looks incredibly beautiful and festive on the wall. It looks amazing, both on and off.

In the case of a Christmas tree made of tinsel and a garland, you can wrap the garland only along the contour, or cover the space inside the spruce.

How to decorate a wall-mounted tinsel Christmas tree

If it seems that a tinsel Christmas tree is not smart enough and you want to give it an even more festive look, then this is possible. So, a paper star will look great on top.

The branches of the tinsel Christmas tree can be decorated with colorful plastic balls. They can be of different sizes, but, nevertheless, very large ones are best left for another occasion.

In addition, beads, figurines of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, angels made of textiles can be used to decorate a wall fir tree made of tinsel.

The main thing is not to be afraid to show your imagination and creativity. By the way, all these decorations are easy to fix with sewing pins or double-sided tape (here it is also important to choose the right material so that you can easily remove it later without damaging the wall itself).

Of course, such a beauty will not be able to please with the aroma of real pine needles, but it is easy to give a festive atmosphere, to add variety to the New Year's interior.

Help us become better: if you notice an error, select the fragment and press Ctrl+Enter .

Christmas tree on the wall how to make it yourself, Christmas tree made of felt on the wall, from sticks, snowflakes and branches photo

New Year holidays are coming soon. And their most important and favorite attribute is a beautiful Christmas tree. But what to do if there is absolutely no place for her in the house? Refuse? In no case! It is enough to show a little imagination and creativity, and place the tree on the wall. There are many different ways to do this in practice.

Garland Christmas tree

One of the most popular and favorite options is the garland Christmas tree. She will be able, shining with different colors and modulations, to create an amazing mood both day and night. To make such a decoration is quite simple. It is enough to mark the wall with a simple pencil, then insert buttons, sewing pins or nails along the edges of the crown and branches, and finally hang the garland (carefully without damaging the wires).

If desired, you can fill the middle of this decoration with lush tinsel or Christmas decorations. The main thing is not to forget that the main condition for placing such a Christmas tree is the obligatory proximity of the outlet.

Tinsel Christmas tree

A tinsel Christmas tree is created in the same way as a garland. First, markings are made on the wall with a simple pencil, then fluffy tinsel is attached using double-sided tape or sewing pins. At the same time, the Christmas tree can be either monophonic: blue, green, silver, golden, or multi-colored. For example, you can combine several colors.

It looks especially amazing when the decoration itself is green or blue, and on the tips the silvery color gives the impression of snow or frost. If it seems that the Christmas tree is not decorated enough, then you can always attach a paper star to the crown, and holiday balls to the branches.

Wall Christmas tree made of tinsel and garlands

A Christmas tree made of tinsel and garlands will look very nice. At the same time, the garland itself can be attached to a frame made of plywood, branches, or simply with double-sided tape directly on the wall. The main thing is not to forget that next to this whole structure there should be an outlet. Then you can repeat the outlines of the garland with fluffy tinsel, or fill it in the middle of the future Christmas tree. In general, do not be afraid to show imagination and creativity.

Christmas tree from tree branches on the wall

Very creative, but at the same time, a tree made of branches looks natural. To make such a beauty, it is enough to prepare the branches and decide what they will be. So, the branches can be painted in the color you like, wrapped with yarn or tinsel, glued with colored tape, or left in its natural form. Next, you should tie them together and hang them at the very top to a hook previously driven into the wall.

The Christmas tree made of branches in the Scandinavian style also looks original. For it, it is necessary to glue thin pieces of wood on one side with double-sided tape, and on the other, nail live spruce branches. At the very end, it remains to attach the elements to the wall in the form of a Christmas tree or ladder.

Christmas tree made of snowflakes on the wall

A wall Christmas tree made of snowflakes will be an excellent option for New Year's decor. To do this, you need to cut out snowflakes and fix them on the wall in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Christmas tree made of sticks and cones for the wall

Another example of an eco-style Christmas tree made of sticks and cones. For such a beauty, it is necessary to attach sticks with superglue to drywall or plywood, giving them the shape of a spruce. And then decorate with cones to your liking. It will also be good to put a little white paint on the product, it will give the Christmas tree an atmosphere of snow, frost and cozy family evenings.

Painted Christmas tree

If there is a person among relatives or friends who draws well, this will be an excellent option for creating a Christmas tree. Today, 2D or 3D drawings are able to amaze the imagination with their naturalism. You can also order a poster with the image of the fir tree you like in the printing salon, choosing the material to your taste: canvas, foam board, synthetics, photo wallpaper. And the holiday will be much closer.

Christmas tree on slate

If you have a slate board in your home or office, you can use it to create a Christmas tree. There are many advantages to this option. So, you can decorate a painted Christmas tree in a matter of minutes. In addition, "disassemble" it even faster. And if the size of the slate allows, then it is better to create a magnificent holiday card in general. Real garlands, tinsel, multi-colored balls, Christmas toys can give her mood.

It is also worth noting that all family members can take part in the design and creation of such a Christmas tree, children, for example, will write a letter to Santa Claus and wishes to relatives, and adults will draw the Christmas tree itself.

Textile Christmas tree on the wall

An equally interesting idea is a textile Christmas tree. You can make such a tree yourself from an old T-shirt and bleach.

Felt Christmas tree for the wall

This cute felt Christmas tree is a great option for decorating with a small child. To make it, you need the following materials: green felt and other colors, thread, needle, scissors, double-sided tape, buttons, satin ribbons.

The perfect Christmas tree for little ones.

Thread and rope Christmas tree on the wall

Another simple but very interesting version of the Christmas tree is made of thread and rope. Materials that will be needed: threads (ropes), adhesive tape (preferably decorative), scissors, toys (cut out of paper), a pencil.

First mark the wall with a simple pencil. Then repeat it with threads (ropes), securing with decorative tape and decorating with paper toys. Ready!

Christmas tree on the wall with tape

Decorative tape and electrical tape can be used not only to decorate gifts, but also to make a beautiful Christmas tree on the wall. To do this, you must first outline the spruce with a simple pencil, and then repeat the drawing with the selected adhesive tape, using your imagination and creative thinking.

Sticker Christmas tree

The same technique can be used for a sticker Christmas tree. The main thing is to choose a place (it will look good above the desktop), make small outlines with a simple pencil and, using green, yellow, blue stickers, create your masterpiece.

Paper Christmas tree on the wall

Paper Christmas tree looks stylish and eco-friendly. In this option, you can show all your creativity and imagination. So, you can use green corrugated paper, it needs to be given the desired shape, then it should be glued to double-sided tape, and then to the wall. And the magnificent, festive beauty is ready.

A Christmas tree made of old, no longer needed books looks no less interesting. Retro fans will especially like this one. In this case, it is important to pre-soak the pages with strong tea or coffee, dry them, and then, showing your creativity, stick them on double-sided tape on the selected wall. This will give the room an atmosphere of incredible comfort. The holiday will be very warm, family and home.

Christmas tree from a photo on the wall

A good option for a Christmas tree is from photos. Or, as it is also commonly called, a moodboard. For its manufacture, the following materials are needed: photographs with which pleasant memories are associated, double-sided tape, a simple pencil and scissors.

It should be noted that in this form it is not just a decoration for the holiday, but also a stunning wall of inspiration, which can be considered for a very long time, remembering the brightest moments associated with relatives and friends.

Wall Christmas tree made of beads

Beads, key chains, brooches, magnets brought from distant travels - all this can lie in a box or casket for years, and no one will remember about them. But if you show a little imagination, then this decor will make a magnificent Christmas tree on the wall.

To do this, it is necessary to select, first of all, the materials you like. And then, using double-sided tape, pins or a glue gun, mount it on the wall in the shape of a spruce. If there is any doubt that everything will be fixed right away, you can first make a preliminary markup on the wall with a simple pencil. With such a tree, amazing memories for the New Year holidays will be provided.

Christmas tree made of balls on the wall

Beautiful and at the same time cute Christmas tree can be made on the wall from Christmas decorations. It is enough to choose not very large (preferably medium-sized) multi-colored balls, angels, deer, stars, and you can decorate the selected space.

Learn more