How to make a christmas tree out of pine cones

How to make pine cone Christmas trees: 2 ways

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Love decorating with pine cones for Christmas? Here are 2 ways to make DIY pine cone Christmas tree tabletop decor!

I love pine cones! They are a fun way to bring winter vibes into your home decor without it being like snowflakes and snowmen.

You can use pine cones in a lot of ways, but one thing that’s fun to do for Christmas is to make a tabletop Christmas tree out of pine cones!

I have made pine cone trees 2 ways – one super mini and another a little bigger.

Either is a fun Christmas craft to do alone while drinking wine or with your kids!

Additionally, you could paint these pine cone Christmas trees green. I opted not to, to go for a more “natural” look, but if you want more christmasy, just add green spray paint!

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How to make wine cork mini pine cone Christmas trees

These mini pine cone trees are perfect for holiday place cards, or to serve as trees alongside your holiday village!

Supplies needed:

  • Pine cones
  • Wine corks
  • Serrated knife
  • Hot glue gun + glue
  • Glitter paint, sequins, beads, or whatever you want to use as ornaments

Steps to make:

  1. Make sure that your pine cones have fully dried out and opened
  2. Use serrated knife to carefully cut a cork in half width-wise to make it into 2 shorter “stumps”
  3. Use hot glue to attach the cut end of the cork to the bottom of the pine cone
  4. Once that is dry, use glitter paint or glue + sequins to add ornaments!

If you are making this Christmas tree craft for kids, you can use coaster-sized wood sliced instead of corks to make them easier to balance and less likely to be knocked over!

Kids might like decorating with bigger sequins or even pom poms to make an adorable pine cone tree collection!

How to make a tabletop cone pine cone Christmas tree

These tabletop trees can be made from any size foam cone. They come in 12″, 18″, 24″, and 36″ at my local Michaels store!

Supplies needed:

  • Foam cone in size of choice
  • Pine cones
  • Hot glue gun + glue

Steps to make:

  1. Make sure that your pine cones have fully dried out and opened
  2. Starting at the base of the foam cone, apply hot glue to the bottom of each pine cone. Press into the foam cone.
  3. Complete a layer and then work your way up towards the point of the tree.
  4. End with a pinecone vertical on top!
  5. Decorate or paint if you prefer that look

I really loved doing these pine cone crafts. I might have to make a pine cone wreath next!

What are you crafting with pine cones this winter?!


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How to Make Pine Cone Christmas Trees

In this post, you will find a tutorial on how to make your own pine cone Christmas trees. This is a fun craft you can make with kids during the holidays.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Hello everyone! Have you finished your Christmas decorating yet? If not, here is a project that I completed recently that turned out WAY better than I expected. If you have an abundance of pine cones or have access to some, then you may want to make your own...

Pine Cone Christmas Trees!

We have one tall pine tree in our yard that drops a ton of pine cones. Ever since I started crafting with pine cones, Leo picks them up and tosses them into a large container to save them for me. I like to think of these free pine cones as "nature's gift!" 

I brought one of my pine cone Christmas trees out onto the front porch so that I could photograph them better in the natural light, but currently they are residing on our hearth as part of our Christmas mantel decorations. I'm still tinkering with the mantel because it's missing something, and I haven't quite figured out what that is yet!

As you can see, I decided to use a blue, green, and red color scheme this year. A few months ago, I found a new and gorgeous shade of spray paint called "French blue."

Yes, that was several months ago when I started painting pine cones blue! Now I will have to admit that you are going to need a lot of pine cones for this project, especially if you decide to make 2 trees like I did! But spray paint dries really fast outdoors and the rest of the project can be done inside. 

In fact, this is a great project to enlist a few helpers and I love listening to Christmas music with my family during the holidays.

What you need to Make Pine Cone Christmas Trees

  • lots of pine cones of various sizes (I used 31 for each tree but you may need more)
  • spray paint (I needed 2 cans for 2 trees and I found the French blue shade at Walmart)
  • white acrylic craft paint
  • small artist brushes
  • glue gun and plenty of glue sticks
  • round cardboard base with a diameter of 12 inches (I used cake bases).
  • miniature Christmas ornaments (I purchased 2 packages at Hobby Lobby)

Step 1

The first step in making these pine cone Christmas trees is to spray paint all of your cones and allow them to dry thoroughly.

Step 2 (optional but recommended)

Then, if desired, paint the tips of each cone with white acrylic craft paint. (I used titanium white by DecoArt.) This would be a really good job for youngsters to do-you can't mess up this part!

Step 3

Next, you will need a round base for your tree, and I used cake circles. I purchased these 14 inch circles, but they were too large for the wooden planters that I planned to put the trees on. So I simply cut them down to 12 inch size. You could easily cut cardboard circles from a box, and it doesn't matter if the circle is perfect or not because no one will see that part! 

Step 4

Get your glue gun ready. Place your largest pine cones on the outside edge of the circle and glue down. (I found it easier to add the glue to the circle.) While doing this, try to nudge one pine cone into the next one. As you can see in the above photo, I didn't pull my cones all the way out to the edge. If you do so, you will have a taller tree and will need more pine cones.   My 2 trees ended up being 15 inches tall.

Step 6

Once you glue down the first layer of cones, then start with the next one. But this time, pull your cones in just a bit in order to start shaping your tree. I put some pine cones down inside the hole that started forming, but I don't think that you really need to do that. 

As you continue your layers, use smaller and smaller cones. When you get closer to the top, start angling your cones down to make the shape of a tree.

Step 7

Oh, yes. You will have lots of glue strings to remove! At least, I did. Remove excess glue strings and continue.

Step 8

I found that the top of the tree needed a skinny pine cone, and here I've started adding some red ornaments. 

Step 9

I used 2 packages of these red ornaments that I found in the section of Hobby Lobby where the miniature tree decorations are sold. Finish adding red ornaments as seen below. You can see where I tucked them into the places where 2 cones met. I did hot glue them but only burned 1 finger! Ha! Be careful in this step! 

Final Pine Cone Christmas Tree

I am just delighted with how these trees turned out! I can just imagine them done in different colors or made with bleached pine cones. 

Close up of my pine cone Christmas TreeFull shot of my pine cone Christmas tree

I can't wait to show you how they look on our hearth, but they would make a great gift for someone with limited space. Or, I'm thinking they'd make a great centerpiece on a table. Or...

Well, you can see how my mind works! At the time, I'm loving the blue, red, and green combo. 

To see more of my pine cone crafts, you can click on any of these links:

  • How to Make Pine Cone Zinnias
  • Summer Wreath Made with Pine Cone Zinnias
  • Fall Rake Wreath with Pine Cone Zinnias
  • Chicken Wire and Pine Cone Wreath

I hope you enjoyed making this pine cone Christmas tree. And thanks in advance for sharing this with friends and family.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of cones - 10 workshops and many ideas

Oh, soon we will be picked up, swirled and wrapped up by the New Year's fuss. In the meantime, while we still have time, let's start creating a festive mood for ourselves and start decorating our homes.

You can start making Christmas decorations, Christmas cards and wreaths. And of course, do not forget about the beautiful Christmas tree. Earlier, I devoted a separate article to this topic. And now I propose to make a Christmas tree from cones on your own, with your own hands.

This is a very exciting activity. And most importantly, you will get a great result. Of course, you need to do everything with your family, because this is a family holiday. Therefore, call the children, moms and dads and let's start crafting!


  • Christmas tree made of spruce and pine cones on the cone - 2 master class
  • Christmas tree from sisali with their own hands to kindergarten
  • Christmas tree from cones and balls
  • Christmas tree "Christmas tree" from cones and walnuts
  • Christmas tree ideas from cones and oranges (dried citrus fruits)
  • How to make crafts with acorns for the New Year
  • Crafts for beginners, video mini Christmas tree
  • Christmas tree from cones and tinsel to school
  • Workshops from branches and cones

Christmas tree from cones and pine cones 2 master class

The most common method of creating a Christmas tree is gluing cones to a cone. The fastest way to make it is from thick cardboard (sheet A4). There are several options for its formation. I'll show you two of the neatest.

For the first method, take:

  • cardboard,
  • tape,
  • pencil,
  • stapler,
  • scissors,
  • measuring tape (compass).

Take a sheet of cardboard. With a centimeter tape or compass, we measure the short side of the cardboard.

Then we apply the beginning of the ruler to one corner and mark the desired size from it along the entire width of the cardboard. We connect the marks with a pencil - we get a semicircle. Cut out this piece.

We roll a cone from it and fasten the seam in the wide part with a stapler. We connect the top with tape.

Now we make the bottom of our Christmas tree. To do this, take the cone and put it on the rest of the cardboard. We cut out the resulting circle and pierce a small hole in its center with scissors.

Then, using adhesive tape, glue the bottom to the base of the Christmas tree. We glue the bottom tightly so that the cone does not stagger and does not go to the sides.

Insert a sushi stick, knitting needles or skewers into the hole.

For the second method, take:

  • cardboard sheet,
  • compasses,
  • glue,
  • ruler,
  • scissors.

We measure the narrow side of the cardboard with a compass and set aside this value from the corner.

Cut out the resulting part.

Now measure 5 ml from one straight side of the part with a ruler and mark this line with a pencil. We will bend it.

Make two oblique cuts at the top and bottom so that the edge easily curls inward.

Then we coat this part with hot or any other glue and turn the cone so that the adhesive part catches on the second side.

That's all the cone is ready.

Buds can now be attached to the hot glue. For this, any, spruce and pine, are taken. But pine ones are longer and they are not as convenient to decorate as spruce ones.

Glue the material on the entire surface of the cone.

If you add decor to the cones, then you can glue them in a chaotic manner, but if you use only this material, then follow the order of the rows. Also, you need to glue the cone on all sides at once, distributing the material over the entire surface. Otherwise, you just might not have enough cones.

How to use buds:

  1. Glue whole buds.
  2. Cut the cone lengthwise with pruning shears and glue the halves together. This is useful when there is little material or you like the clear shape of the Christmas tree.
  3. Cut the bump crosswise and glue the pieces.
  4. Gut the bud into scales or florets and use them.

Always glue the bottom first. Follow the rows, so the craft will look neater. Move from the bottom wide edge of the cone to the top.

Then all that's left is to decorate it.

If you want to make a stand, you can use flower pots, small flat jars, plastic bottle bottoms, nail polish or hair foam caps, etc. for this purpose. In order for the stand to hold the Christmas tree well, it can be filled with alabaster, gypsum, polyurethane foam or plasticine, iron coins for weighting.

Styrofoam cones can also be used. You can also cut them yourself if you have a piece of the right width on hand or buy it from craft and craft stores.

Cover the cone with corrugated or kraft paper so that it does not shine through with its whiteness. Or you can wrap it with burlap.

And see how you can assemble a Christmas tree on a cone from the scales of a cone and its branches. For example, from pine.

Spruce. We divide the cones into scales or small inflorescences. We begin to glue them onto the cone with hot glue.

If you have scales, then you need to do this from the bottom up. Spread the scales in rows. If you just have small parts, then you can glue them both up and down and generally randomly.

That's what happens.

And in this master class, you can clearly see that parts of the cone are used.

Of course, this is a very painstaking business, but also very interesting!

Do-it-yourself sisal Christmas tree for kindergarten

Sisal decor is very simple and beautiful. This fiber is now sold in stores for decoration and crafts. And it comes in completely different shades. Balls from it are made very simply - they roll by hand. Therefore, such a craft can be done with a child and taken to kindergarten.


  • paper cone,
  • several types of sisal,
  • hot gun,
  • cones.

Separate small pieces of fiber from the sisal with your hands and roll them into balls.

We try to make them the same.

Then we attach the cones to the cone in different places, leaving room for the sisal balls. In this space we glue our balls.

You can decorate with beads, ribbon bows, Christmas tree beads, decorative berries, etc.

Christmas tree made of cones and balls

Now let's look at how you can diversify cones. Of course Christmas balls. To do this, you need to take the balls a little less than the cones. It looks prettier that way. Sizes should be chosen miniature so that they do not spoil the overall shape of the Christmas tree.

And we do everything as usual. Look at the instructions.

Balls can be glued to a cone or put on branches.

See how the decor is placed on the base in an original way.

And you can also play with the shapes.

Choose the balls according to the general tone of the craft. Bright ones look more elegant, but pastels are more stylish.

Balloons go well with gifts, inscriptions and other elements of the New Year.

Christmas craft "Herringbone" of cones and walnuts

Walnut shell is very often used in crafts. It has a pleasant relief, as well as small size. But I suggest using the whole nut completely, because we will make the Christmas tree without a base cone.


  • walnuts,
  • cones,
  • thermo gun with glue rods.

We won't use a cone, we'll just start gluing the buds together to form a circle.
The biggest fruits go to the bottom.

Starting from the second row, we slightly reduce the number of cones, and also alternate them with nuts.

And we make row after row, keeping the shape of the cone.

Attach a cone to the top. Don't feel sorry for the glue. The structure must hold up well. More glue may be needed for nuts.

If desired, the Christmas tree can be painted with balloon enamel or decorative elements can be added.

Ideas for Christmas trees made from cones and oranges (dried citrus fruits)

Eco-friendly is in vogue now. What can we use based on this trend? dried fruits - candied fruits, shells, pods and sprigs of spices (cinnamon, vanilla, star anise, cloves).

But it is also very easy to make candied citrus fruits in winter. Moreover, this is just an orange-tangerine season.

Pieces of lime, tangerine or orange can not even be dried, but only slightly dried. This is necessary so that the juice dries up and does not drip down the Christmas tree. But what a scent that comes from her.

Looks very elegant and expressive!

How to make an acorn craft for the New Year

A very beautiful Christmas tree is obtained by adding acorns to the main material. They have a smooth surface and look beautiful after staining. Usually no one from the first time can guess what is added to the cones.


  • cone,
  • acorns,
  • cones,
  • thermo gun,
  • paint.

Let's make a cardboard base in advance, as described above. We will not make the bottom or put it in a pot.

Now let's start decorating. We will put all the elements on hot glue.

It turns out such a blank.

If you silver or gild acorns, it will not be noticeable at all that they are. It will give the impression that these are Christmas decorations.

Crafts for beginners, video mini herringbone

Also for beginners and small children, I offer light versions of this green beauty.

The video shows in detail the process of making a Christmas tree from just one thing.

A similar process is shown in this step-by-step photo.

And some more interesting ideas for you.

It is very original in that the cone "stands" on a saw cut tree.

Such mini crafts can be a great present for the New Year, if made with soul.

And also a very concise version of crafts. Simple, but style and taste are felt.

Christmas tree made of cones and tinsel for school

A very simple version of crafts made of cones and tinsel. It is done in an hour, and with dexterity it will take even less time. Even a small student will cope. It is important to buy tinsel in combined shades in advance: blue, green, silver, etc.

So, let's take:

  • tinsel,
  • cones,
  • foam,
  • thermal gun,
  • acrylic paint,
  • paper cone.

First, we divide the foam into particles, they will imitate snow. And glue them on the bump. Didn't find foam? Then skip this moment.

Glue the buds onto the cone in a spiral.

Glue tinsel between them, also in a spiral. You can take one fluffy one or several multi-colored ones, it depends on your desire.

Now take the most beautiful cone in your opinion and paint it in white acrylic paint.

Glue it to the very top.

Workshops with branches and cones

And now it's time to see how you can make a Christmas tree with branches. We will consider two master classes. For the first, we need live spruce branches. And for the second, take a vine or dried tree branches.

For master class No. 1, take:

  • pots,
  • cellophane,
  • floral sponge (oasis),
  • spruce or pine branches,
  • cones,
  • tinsel,
  • wire.

Cellophane should be placed in the planter. In which we will put a damp sponge. This is necessary so that the branches do not dry out longer. If desired, the pots can be decorated with tinsel.

Mark the diameter of the planter and cut out the same size for the oasis to fit in the planter.
Now paste the oasis and give it a cone shape.

We insert branches into it.

Insert the longest branches at the base, then reduce their length. And closer to the top we insert very small and short branches.

Make a loop out of the wire and wind it around the bump. Then we insert the edge of the wire into the sponge.

For master class No. 2, take:

  • branches (vine),
  • thick rope,
  • thermal gun,
  • cones,
  • decor.

The first step is to make a round base out of branches. For this we take branches. They should not be overdried, otherwise the circle will not work. Therefore, it is better to look for a vine or prepare material in the fall.

Then we take 7 branches of the same length - these are the stiffeners of the cone. And we braid them with a vine. Can be fixed with hot glue.

We are trying to braid all the stiffeners to the very top. If you have a thick rope or twine, then you can alternate rows with them.

We fix the bottom with hot glue or coat with silicone. This is important so that our tree does not unwind back. We also coat it from top to bottom in different places.

Let's move on to decor. Of course, we will not do without cones. We glue them in a random order. For decoration, let's take more natural material: vanilla sprigs, walnut shells, etc.

The final step is to glue the beads and other decorative elements. it can also be entangled with a garland.

Well, it's time to show you a lot of different ideas.

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See how spruce and pine fruits can be combined.

Buds are very easy to color. And if you have paint that is not water-soluble, then the Christmas tree will feel great on the street.

Use of different placement and size of media.

Well, my dear, are you inspired? I am sure that I will get a positive answer)) All the best and bright to you!

How to make a Christmas tree from fir cones with your own hands with photo and video

Everyone associates the New Year with the smell of tangerines and pine needles, with miracles, and, of course, with fir cones. At first glance, the cones do not look festive at all, but one has only to turn on the fantasy, as the usual natural material will sparkle with completely new colors. We invite you to learn how to make a Christmas tree from fir cones with your own hands!

Making such a Christmas tree is very simple, even a child can do this task, so making a Christmas tree from cones can be a great way to make New Year gifts or holiday decorations for your home.

Preparation Rules

Very often the cones falling from spruces and pines turn out to be closed and open only after a while, thereby changing the original appearance in which this cone was delivered to your home. This can overshadow the craft somewhat, so before you start making a Christmas tree from spruce or pine cones, you can familiarize yourself with some of the intricacies of preparing cones for crafts.

  1. If you want to leave the buds closed, put them in a container of wood glue for literally 20-30 seconds after picking, this will prevent them from opening.
  2. If you have collected closed buds and want them to open as soon as possible, there are several ways to achieve this:
  • you can put them to boil for half an hour, and then dry them on the battery;
  • send the cones to the oven, heated to 250 degrees, for 2-2.5 hours.
  • plus the heat treatment will kill the microbes and small insects living in the buds and make them safe.

There is also a way to correct the shape of the cone: you just need to soak it in water for 5-10 minutes, tie it with a thread and dry it on a radiator. To whiten the bumps, they need to be soaked for 5-6 hours in water with diluted bleach (1: 1), then rinsed thoroughly and dried.

Getting Started

For work we need:

  1. Cones. Their number depends on how large a decorative Christmas tree you want. The more cones, the larger and more magnificent the Christmas tree made of pine cones. Cones for crafts need to choose good ones, without defects;
  2. Glue gun;
  3. Paint cans. The color depends only on your imagination;
  4. Garland;
  5. There are two ways to make such a Christmas tree: glue the cones on a pre-prepared cardboard cone or on a fiberboard base. In our master class, manufacturing will be carried out according to the second method, with a fiberboard base (instead of fiberboard, you can take a chipboard sheet or any other dense material that is easy to cut).

Now that the buds have been processed, the first step is to sort them into large and small. This task can easily be entrusted to a child.

Next, take our sheet of fiberboard (chipboard or other dense material), this will be the basis of our Christmas tree.

The sheet size will vary depending on how big you want your Christmas tree to be.

We have a 30×30 cm sheet. Draw an even circle on it with a compass and cut it out with a jigsaw. Only dad can handle this task, and in this way you can involve the whole family in the process of creating a fluffy beauty with your own hands!

In the cut out circle, you can make another circle, smaller, as shown in the photo. This is necessary in order to later place a garland inside the future Christmas tree, thereby creating beautiful overflows and glow.

You can also make tree legs to make it more stable. You can use special iron legs, or you can buy plastic legs for furniture in the store. The main thing is that the base should stand firmly on the surface.

Now we proceed directly to gluing the cones. To do this, we take the largest cones and use a glue gun to glue them along the edge to our base. Glue is applied directly to the cone itself and to its base, and to the sides in order to fasten adjacent cones together. When the first circle is glued, you need to wait until the glue has completely dried and hardened, otherwise the whole structure may fall apart.

The second row is a little more difficult to make: the buds are attached to each other, in the gaps between the buds of the first row. No need to spare glue if you want to get a stable structure. Again, we are waiting for complete drying when we finish with the second row. And in the same way we glue the remaining rows, with each row slightly shifting the cones to the middle, forming a cone.

For the top of the Christmas tree, it is best to choose an oblong cone with a pointed tip to make it look more realistic.

Next we have a crucial step - painting. This is not necessary if you want to preserve the natural colors of the material. We will cover the Christmas tree with silver spray paint. We repeat that absolutely any color can be chosen by you.

It is best to paint with spray paints outdoors, as such paints have a specific smell that is not so easy to weather, or we open all the windows in the apartment, and cover the walls and floor in the place where the painting will be done, cover with newspapers, so as not to stain anything around. After painting, you need to wait for the paint to dry completely.

Now back to the hole in the base. We will put a garland in it so that the Christmas tree sparkles from the inside. The decision whether to decorate the Christmas tree itself or not is up to you, we threw some tinsel on top.

And now our beauty is ready! Its production took about 1.5 hours, not including the preparatory stage, and also turned out to be minimally costly.

Learn more