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3D Christmas Cards: A few steps to make your card stand out. (with illustrations)

Tra-la-la-la-laaaaaa the Christmas season is practically upon us. Oh how I LOVE this time of year. And I (!) like to make it last as long as possible… which is why I have been listing to my Christmas Music Playlist already!! Teehee. Once you have your music going, your craft materials ready, get Handmade Christmas Card making!

This pop up card was first published in Oct 2017 and republished for your convenience!

The best thing about this diy Christmas Card, is that it does not require any templates to make! You only need a series of rectangular pieces of paper!

A handmade card is simply the perfect way to send your holiday message this year! And you don’t need special materials to make our cards – this Christmas Tree Cards can also be a made with simple white paper from the printer – representing a “snowy” landscape for Christmas and Winter. The perfect Pop Up Christmas Cards to make!

How do you make a simple 3D Christmas card? How do you make a pop-up Christmas tree card?

Making 3d Christmas cards is not difficult, if you choose the right project! As mentioned, we have a great set of Handmade Christmas Card for you to browse. But key to making a simple card, is sticking to basic shapes that are easy to connect.

Today’s tutorial is one of those examples, as is our easy Christmas Tree Pop Up Card here:

It is based on “paper chain” making – a childhood staple that all kids love to make. Once you get the hang of making a basic paper chain, it is so easy to turn it into a 3d Christmas Card.

Anyway. I digress. We have been having LOTS of fun with Paper Fans or Paper Concertinas lately.. there are so many cool and fun projects you can make using this technique. Including todays DIY Christmas Pop Up Card! Such a pretty 3D Christmas Trees Paper craft for both kids and grown ups. We absolutely love Paper Crafts, especially Paper Crafts for Christmas!

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3D Pop Up Christmas Tree Card DIY – Materials needed:
  • A5 sheet of green paper (or white) – this can be construction paper, but I usually use “printer paper” quality paper for these crafts
  • A little brown paper/ card
  • Scrap of yellow paper for the star
  • Snowflake confetti (optional) – I have used ours on a number of projects and it lasts ages
  • Glue stick
  • Pair of scissors
  • Rulers
  • A6 Card stock & envelope (I used blue)

How to make a Pop up Christmas Card

This DIY Christmas Pop Up Card is based on the concertina paper folding technique or “paper fan folding”. It is a simple technique with very effective and oh so pretty results. Love it!

We have many more Paper Fans Crafts for you to check out here on Red Ted Art (I will bring them all together in one post for you **soon**).

In the meantime… do watch this quick and easy Christmas Tree Pop Up Card video with step by step instructions below.

Video Tutorial: How to Make a 3D Christmas Card

You can watch the video tutorial on autoplay on this blog post! Or scroll right down to the bottom of this post for a YouTube video.

3d Christmas Tree Card – Step by Step Photo Instructions

Begin by making your paper fan for your Christmas Tree
  1. We used an A5 sheet of green paper – which is approximately 10cm x 15cm. I am aware that US “standard sizes are a bit different… it doesn’t have to be exact! Just adjust the sizes in the next step.
  2. Fold your paper along the 15cm edge as neatly and evenly into a paper fan as possible. You should be left with a concertina paper strip 15cm long. We made 0.5mm wide accordion folds.
  1. Cut this paper strip into 5cm, 4cm, 3cm, 2cm and 1cm (A5 is actually JUST a little smaller than 15cm, so just adjust each section by a couple of mm and you are fine!). As mentioned.. it isn’t exact. Just make sure you get 5 pieces that get smaller each time.

Prepare and stick your Paper Tree stem to your pop up card
  1. Take your brown piece of paper. You will need approximately 3cm x 3cm.
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. Then fold the edges in by 0.5mm. So you should have folds: 0.5mm, 1cm, 1cm, 0.5mm
  4. Glue the 0.5mm strips onto the card. You now have a “Pop up” steam.
Glueing in your Paper Fan Chrismas Tree.
  1. Take your longest strip and glue just above the tree trunk on the LEFT side of the card.
  2. Repeat this step and layer the remaining 4 strips evenly – leaving a little space for a star.
  3. Once all are glued in place. Carefully add glue to the “upward facing” surface of your strip. This can be a bit fiddly.. as the concertinas like to bounce around a bit.
  4. Hold in black. Flap over the right side of the card and secure to the the green strips.
  5. When you open the card up, you should have your paper fan Christmas Tree pop up

Finally, decorating and adding details to your 3d Christmas Card DIY
  1. Now have fun – add a Christmas star.. snowflakes, night sky stars, a Christmas present, a snowman… anything you wish!! Enjoy.

What do you write in a Christmas Card?

Now my kids are older and they have started making their own Christmas Cards for Family and Friends, they often ask me, What do you write in a Christmas card? Or What do you say on the back of a Christmas card?

My answer is – it really depends! If it is a very good friend or close family member, you may want to wish to take a little time and write a little about how your years been – include any references to when you last saw this person, as well as a generic seasonal greeting.

If it is one of “many cards” you are writing and sending, you may want to keep it a little shorter. Afterall, the recipient will appreciate that you handmade the card in the first place. Visit Prima for some great ideas!

Other Fun Christmas Card Ideas to make with kids

We have more fabulous Christmas Tree Cards – these are made from newspaper! Aren’t they fabulous?

Or have a go at Paper Quilling for Beginners, with this easy Quilled Christmas Tree Card –

Here is another adorable Winter Pop Up Card that you may fancy checking out – DIY Pop Up Snowman Card! So cute. I love this pop up christmas card, as it is easy to add unique designs to this type of pop up! You can even add some cute photos! Lots of fun ways to make greeting cards special!

I think a version of Hattifant’s 3D Paper Trees would look amazing as part of this card too! Hop over and have a look at hers too!

More Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

More fabulous Paper Christmas Crafts for Kids

Super fabulous Paper Christmas Crafts you have to see!

How do you make easy Christmas Cards for Kids?

The answer is easy! Check out our Handmade 3d Christmas Card collection. It also links to a set of fantastic “super simple” Card making designs for “bulk” holiday card making!

Contains many more 3d Christmas Pop Up Cards!
The video how to is also available on YouTube:

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DIY Pop Up Christmas Cards (2 Ways)

Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links which I can earn a small commission off if you click and purchase the item, at no extra cost to you.

A DIY pop up card is a fun take on original Christmas cards. Havn’t you noticed how the pop up cards in stores sell for a premium price compared to the regular cards? People love them! And for good reason, it’s fun to open a card that pops up.

These pop up Christmas cards are easy to make and take a few supplies you probably already have on hand (I did). It’s a great way to customize a card and make it special for someone. Instead of going out and buying a card, you can use supplies you already have so that you’re being less wasteful too.

These Christmas cards are guaranteed to make your mom go “awww” or your grandpa hang it up on display. It’s a great craft to get your kids in on since it’s so easy. You can bet I’ll be having my future kids DIY these cards one day.

How To Make Pop Up Christmas Cards


  • Colored construction paper
  • White copy paper
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Ruler
  • String (for the tree card)


click the images to shop

Christmas Tree Card

Step 1

Take a piece of green paper and fold it like a fan or accordion. Follow the photos to make it.

Step 2

Once that paper is folded up, cut it at 5 centimeters, 4 cm, 3cm, 2cm, and 1cm. Make sure the pieces end with flaps pointing in the same directions.

Step 3

Taking a new piece of paper (I suggest brown or blue) fold it in half to be the card. Starting with the 5cm piece (which will be the tree’s bottom), glue the last flaps horizontally to the center of the card. It will create a fan/rainbow effect. Place a line of hot glue in the middle to secure that the piece won’t pop completely out.

Repeat this with the other green pieces, placing them above the one before. It will go 5cm on the bottom, 4cm above, 3cm, 2cm, then 1cm, making a tree!

Step 4

Cut out a star and fold it in half. Glue it to the top of the tree in the card fold. Then cut out a rectangle of black or brown paper and fold it in half, then fold the edges in and glue those edges on the card to be the stump of the tree.

Cut out squares and rectangles for the gift boxes and then glue them down under the tree. Draw ribbon and bows on the boxes. You can make a few 3D by putting string on the boxes and gluing it down.

This DIY Christmas tree pop up card is really easy to make. You could also do the tree in white paper and add snowflakes around it like it’s outside. Or you could decorate the tree by adding different colored dots on the branches. It’s really easy to make it unique and add your own little touch.

Next up is a different version of Christmas cards that can also double as regular ole’ holiday cards if you don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s a snowman card! Complete with snowflakes and all.

Snowflakes & Snowman Card

Step 1

Follow this guide for how to make the perfect paper snowflake.

Step 2

Fold a new piece of copy paper like the Christmas tree card, into an accordion but with 1 inch folds instead of 1cm folds. When it’s folded up, cut out a half snowman shape on one side of it.

Step 3

Unfold to reveal a pop up snowman! The pieces will need glued together since when you cut the snowman out, it cut on the fold line to keep the paper together. Just take a glue stick and glue the pieces that fell apart to each other. Then glue the outer flaps of the snowman down to the center of a piece of paper folded in half to be the card.

Step 4

Add black dots as buttons to the snowman and cut out a little carrot nose from orange paper and glue it on one of the flaps so that you can see it. Draw arms and a hat if you want and whatever else to make your snowman unique! You could give him gloves, a scarf, or a mouth. Then glue your snowflakes around the snowman. Only glue one half of each snowflake down so that they pop up too!

These DIY Christmas cards that pop up are so fun and unique. You can get however creative you want, plus include the kids! It’s a special take on holiday cards to give to the special people in your life. Everyone loves things that are handmade. It shows how put the time into the gift and didn’t just stop by the store last minute. Plus, handmade gifts are one-of-a-kind! If you want to include a little something else with your card, make some sugar scrub, tassel earrings, or a custom hat! Some great gift ideas for beach lovers are DIY seashell towels or some seashell candles. Whoever is receiving your gift will love it. After all, it’s the thought you put into it that counts. 

Tell me, would you make these cards? Which one is your favorite? I think the snowman is mine because I loved making the snowflakes. Why don’t we make more snowflakes as adults? A DIY paper snowflake garland would make great decor. Maybe I’ll make that next! Stay tuned…


Do-it-yourself postcard Christmas tree (master classes)

Do-it-yourself postcard Christmas tree (master classes)

December 10, 2021 | Categories: Children's theme, Games and entertainment, News in the topic, Education and development, Gifts, Holidays, Miscellaneous, DIY | Tags: diy, handmade, video, video master class, children's New Year's cards, children's paper crafts, paper Christmas tree, Christmas tree with your own hands, ideas for New Year's cards, how to make a New Year's card, beautiful New Year's cards, master class, master class Christmas card, New Year's cards, New Year's paper cards, New Year's cards with children, DIY New Year's cards, New Year's postcards photo, New Year's crafts, New Year's paper crafts, New Year's tree postcard, New Year's card to kindergarten, New Year's card to school, New Year's card to school with your own hands, New Year's card master class, three-dimensional New Year's card, three-dimensional postcards, Christmas tree postcard, do-it-yourself Christmas tree postcard, postcard for the New Year tree, do-it-yourself postcards, do-it-yourself gift, craft New Year's card, paper crafts, Christmas card, christmas card to school, christmas card diy, christmas card do it yourself to school, christmas, do it yourself, photo

Everyone expects interesting, original and useful gifts from Grandfather Frost, and from you too. New Year's greeting cards with sincere kind and warm wishes for the next year are expected no less.

In this article, we have prepared for you several photos of master classes on making beautiful and unusual voluminous greeting cards with your own hands, with which you can surprise and delight your loved ones.

DIY postcards

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree postcard from old magazines

What is the New Year without a beautiful Christmas tree. It was the Christmas tree that we chose as the main decoration of the New Year's greeting card.

Use a sheet of thick decorative paper folded in half for the base of your postcard. On the front side of the future homemade postcard, we will build a beautiful Christmas tree.

Roll tubes out of old magazines. The tubes can be thin, thick, short or long, it all depends on your preferences. Now proceed to the formation of the crown of the Christmas tree. The tubes must be glued to the front side of the postcard in such a way that you get a voluminous elongated triangle. The top tube should be the shortest, and the bottom one the longest.

Decorate the top of your paper Christmas tree with a pretty button or a star cut out of shiny decorative paper.

Make the stem of the Christmas tree out of wooden sticks wrapped in gray or brown rope.

A finished Christmas tree can be decorated with sequins, beads, rhinestones or pretty little buttons.

DIY Christmas tree card

DIY Christmas tree card

We again make a thick sheet of decorative paper folded in half as the basis for the future postcard.

We fold neat accordions from colored green paper. It will be necessary to make 3 accordions.

Fold accordions in half and glue the sides in contact. You should get three small fans.

Now green paper fans are ready, glue them inside the greeting card (see photo).

Postcard Elka from corrugated paper

CDeading geometric yourself

Modern and interesting congratulatory postcard, you may turn out if you make a little berelment and appropriation when it is created when creating it .

Video master classes - Do-it-yourself volumetric Christmas tree card

Don't be selfish, share with your friends!

Go to commenting!

New Year animation: 40 video card templates

New Year holidays are just around the corner! It is already possible (and necessary!) to prepare greeting cards for relatives and colleagues.

We offer to present the traditional wording “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” in a more interesting way! For example, create a personal video greeting.

With our video maker, you can make a New Year's video with congratulations yourself, and even online. How it works: enter your text (the more creative the better), and in a couple of minutes watch the finished video postcard. If everything suits you, you can start exporting the video for further download or distribution on social networks. Everything is simple!

We have collected the best Christmas and New Year templates for you. Choose the right one and create a New Year's video card!

  1. Postcard: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Rejoice your loved ones on these holidays, even if they are far away. Design a video postcard with your wishes and funny animation. Just upload your image, add text with congratulations, and your New Year's video will be ready in no time!


  1. 2D screensaver: Christmas mood

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  1. New Year card in 3D

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  1. Intro Intro: Christmas Stories

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  1. Intro Intro: Christmas Atmosphere

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  1. Video card: Christmas gifts

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  1. Slideshow: Christmas Tale

Share your happy holiday memories with our Christmas Tale slideshow template. It will be great if pleasant moments are stored not only in memory, but also in a beautiful video. How to use the template: Upload your images and your video will be ready in minutes. Create a slideshow, New Year greetings or party invitation today!


  1. Intro screensaver: Christmas tree in lights

Congratulate your family and friends by creating a beautiful holiday video! A chic Christmas tree in the lights will envelop everyone who views your video greetings in the New Year's atmosphere!


  1. Screensaver: New Year Card City

The original postcard "New Year's Card Town" is a great way to congratulate your loved ones. Upload your logo, add text, customize the color and get your animated postcard ready!


  1. Intro Intro: Christmas Miracle

Share the feeling of the New Year's miracle with your audience and help them rediscover the magic of the New Year by creating a beautiful video! How to use the template: Upload your logo and add text, and your intro will be ready in a couple of minutes. The template is perfect for Christmas promotions and greetings, party invitations and more. Create a video with the New Year's Miracle template and send your sincere wishes.


  1. New Year's 3D album

Collect the best holiday photos and create a 3D New Year's album with this template with beautiful effects and smooth transitions. Ideal for decorating a family video album or corporate greetings.


  1. Christmas Screensaver: Santa's Reindeer

Santa's funny deer will bring presents and greetings in this New Year's video. Create a short greeting, screensaver or card to please your friends or clients.


  1. Intro: Merry Christmas with Santa

Create a greeting video card with a fancy Merry Christmas with Santa template. A short video of 30 seconds with beautiful animation is a great option to congratulate your loved ones by creating a cozy video. Wish them good luck, happiness and joy in the New Year and Christmas!


  1. Once upon a Christmas

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  1. New Year's intro screensaver: Flickering Lights

Flickering lights around the Christmas tree are sure harbingers of the upcoming New Year! This New Year, send your warmest wishes to your loved ones in the form of a beautiful and elegant video card. Choose a style, add text, upload your logo and your video is ready!


  1. Promo: New Year on the globe

The globe is turning - the New Year is coming! Meet elegant Christmas trees, beautiful gifts, Santa Claus and bright fireworks in the starry sky. Available in 2 styles, the Globe New Year promo template will perfectly decorate your logo for the holidays and will be the perfect intro for a New Year's Eve party, holiday promo, company intro, New Year's video greeting and much more.


  1. New Year logo

Festive logo animation is a great option for an intro for a corporate video for the New Year. Sweep past the Christmas decorations to your slogan logo! This template is great for YouTube channels, corporate greetings, greeting video intros, animated greetings, and interview intros.


  1. Video Card: New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve Video Postcard is a colorful template that will help you create a festive animated postcard for social networks, for sending by email. mail or video greetings for relatives, friends or colleagues. Just upload your logo, customize the color scheme and edit the text. The postcard is ready - may peace and happiness reign in your home this New Year!


  1. Intro Intro: New Year's Magic

Believe in New Year's magic! Make a wish and send your wishes to your family and friends with the help of a New Year's greeting card. A 15-second card with delicate transitions will give your greeting a subtle creative touch. Hopes, dreams, desires and congratulations - we all took into account. Create your video with intro “Magic of the New Year” today!


  1. Timer Template: Magical New Year

The most magical time of the year is coming - the New Year! Send your warmest wishes with this beautiful New Year countdown timer video. Your magical video greeting will be remembered for a long time. Make your video by uploading your logo, adding your message and changing the style.


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  1. Christmas snow globe

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  1. Santa logo animation

Upload your logo and add text to the Santa Logo Animation Template to create an old school video card or intro. The template has 1 field for an image or logo and 2 fields for text, as well as a character - Santa Claus on a sleigh, holiday decorations and decor.


  1. Intro Intro: Sparkling Tree

New Year is the time when everything around sparkles and shimmers. Send your best wishes with a video created with the Sparkling Tree Intro Template. It's perfect for holiday promotions, New Year greetings, party invitations, and more. Holidays are coming - create your video today!


  1. New Year greetings and gifts

Let the magic happen by creating a holiday video with this template and make your friends, loved ones or clients happy. Just upload your images, logo, change the text and watch the finished video. Let the magical atmosphere of the New Year envelop your loved ones. Try making a video for free!


  1. Logo Animation: Fireworks

Share happiness, send warmest wishes to your loved ones with this video created with Fireworks Logo Animation Template. Let the audience make a wish as colorful fireworks unfold in the night sky.


  1. Slideshow: Christmas frames

When to share memories from the past year, if not on New Year's Eve? Upload your photos and create a slideshow video card. Tell a story, share funny or touching photos with your loved ones!


  1. Magic Video Card

New Year and Christmas celebrations will be more fun with a colorful video. Upload your logo and text as a greeting and create a beautiful New Year greeting video to wish a Happy New Year to your friends, customers and family members. Create a video and please your loved ones.


  1. New Year greetings with sparkles

The countdown starts - it's time to wish your loved ones a Happy New Year! Show your family and friends how much you love them by creating a beautiful video with the New Year Glitter Greetings template. Permeated with the atmosphere of New Year's magic, the template is ideal for decorating New Year's intros, corporate greetings, or any other project that requires a festive design.


  1. Postcard with a timer until the New Year

It's time to say goodbye to the outgoing year and start counting the minutes until the New Year. Send your warm wishes to the chime of the clock at 12 at night - let your loved ones celebrate a magical holiday with you. Use the New Year's Countdown template to create the perfect New Year's greetings, impressive teaser, New Year's Eve party announcement, corporate greetings, and more.


  1. Logo Animation: Happy New Year

Join the Christmas season and give your logo a festive look with this logo animation template.

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