How to make a christmas wreath out of tree trimmings

How to Make a Wreath Out of Branches • a traditional life

One of the things I love about being a full time homemaker is that I have time to be creative with my hands. Instead of grabbing what I need on my way home from work, I get to savor the process of making the desired items for my home.

There’s something so unique and beautiful about handcrafted homes, furniture and décor. And right now, I want to walk you through an easy, DIY project that anyone can do! I’m going to show you how to make a wreath out of branches!


Making your own wreath frame is simple. All you need is a number of tree boughs, floral wire and a pair of pruning shears. And this tutorial, of course! Let me walk you through the process!


Step 1: Choose Wood Types Suitable for Wreath Frames

If you have trees growing on your land, you can go out and collect your boughs (or saplings) for wreath making, so long as they’re the right type!

Cedar, willow, dogwood, poplar and birch are all excellent options. But stay away from tree types that release resin (pine, spruce, fir) or have sticky buds (like cottonwood). Why? Because if your wreath is hanging against a wall, window or door, these boughs will likely leave resin or sap behind. And it’s very difficult to get off!


Step 2: How to Harvest Your Material

Grab a pair of pruning shears (you can get some here), your winter coat and head outdoors. Using your shears, begin cutting and collecting limbs (or saplings). Try to take as much as you can from each bough! Longer branches are easier to work with and you’ll need less of them to complete a wreath.

That being said, you don’t want the base of your bough to be more than ½ inch (1.5 cm) in diameter. Go bigger than this and you won’t be able to shape or bend the wood fibers without breaking the branch.

Once you’ve collected enough boughs to fill both hands, trim off all greenery and branches, so you’re left with a smooth, bare “stem.”

And then, it’s time to head indoors!


Step 3: Create the Size and Shape You Want

If you live in a very cold climate, give your branches time to warm up before attempting to work with them. They’ll be more pliable! But once you’re ready, it’s time to begin creating your frame!

This is where you’ll want floral wire (grab some here). Take two branches and overlap them by about 1/3 of their length. Twist the ends around one another, then wire each end into place.

Do the same with the other ends, adjusting them to create the circle size you desire for your wreath.

Congratulations! You just made the base of your wreath frame! And from here on, it’s easy.


Step 4: Add to Your Wreath

Continue weaving wood boughs around your frame, as best you can. Stagger the placement of the branches large ends, so you don’t have extra outward force in one area.

If you do it right, you shouldn’t need to use very much floral wire in the process. Play with your frame and use the natural force of the bent boughs to hold things in place. Small twiggy ends can sometimes be pushed into the wreath’s frame.

Don’t worry if branch ends are sticking out all over, making your wreath frame unsightly. You’ll trim them up later! In this stage, you just want to keep adding boughs, until you’re happy with the thickness of your wreath.


Step 5: Trim Ends and Tidy Up

Once you’re happy with how your wreath looks, go ahead and use your pruning shears one last time. Trim off all the ends that are poking out from the frame.

Once your wreath is trimmed up, all you have to do is add a bit of ribbon or jute twine to the top for a hanger. And just like that, you’ve made your own wreath frame!


Wrapping Up…

Because these wreath frames have a vintage, classic feel, they can be used year-round in your home décor! They aren’t just for Christmas. You can redress your beautiful frame with each season’s change, use it as a centerpiece or even display it bare (I think they’re beautiful enough for that!).

What do you think? Where would a wreath fit in your home?

DIY Wreaths for the Holidays that Won't Cost you a Cent.

DIY Wreaths you can make yourself, for free, without going out to buy any materials.  

This is the ultimate budget Christmas decorating project.   All it takes is a bit of time and a few materials from Mother Nature. 

Anyone can make these evergreen wreaths; the tutorial is step by step and couldn’t be easier. 



How about some vintage pine DIY wreaths in a rustic window display. 

These wreaths can be as big or as full as you want them to be.  I wanted mine to look vintage.  Something you might find in an idyllic French Christmas scene circa 1800 something.   

My wreaths are a bit thinner because I didn’t want a fluffy wreath.  Instead of trimming them to get a nice uniform look, I also left them disheveled and poking out all over.  Rustic!

That “rustic” look fits well with the feel of my home, but maybe not for yours.

That’s ok… if you want your free pine wreaths to be fuller and more modern looking, you can still get that look with these forms, it just takes a bit more time and fussing. 




These are free DIY wreaths, but you still need to find the trees!

So a few things – to make these DIY wreaths you will need to have access to some evergreen trees.  

If you live in the desert or a balmy warm climate I am not at all sorry that you cannot complete this project.

While I am freezing my face off with – 30 degree weather you’re drinking cold drinks in the sun, so technically you win life.  I have no sadness for you.  Sorry. 

I digress – but seriously, if you live in a warm climate with no evergreen trees we should be friends and you should invite me for drinks. 

Oh yes, back to these wreaths. 

You will need access to some trees; pine, spruce, cedar, any evergreen tree that is worthy of being turned into a wreath will work just fine.  

You will also need access to smaller trees or bushes with thin bendable branches.  Think shrubs like lilac, or hedges.


Tools and Materials 


  • Large evergreen branch ( for the wreath hanger )
  • Small evergreen tips 
  • 22 Gauge wire/ or you could use fishing line, or even small butchers twine, whatever you have. But the wire makes the job go easier. 



  • Garden shears
  • Wire cutters
  • Small pliers 
  • Hand saw



Step 1

If you want to make the rustic branch for the DIY wreaths to hang from, make sure you cut a nice size branch off your tree.  

Look for something at least 2 inches in diameter.  

No trees were harmed in the making of these wreaths – I took off a lower branch that was due for some trimming in the spring. 

Don’t send me angry tree loving emails – I love my trees!



Step 2

Use garden trimmers and snip off all the side branches.   If you hit a branch that is too big to snip off use a handsaw.  

Save all your pine trimmings because you will use them for your wreath. 



Step 3

Making your wreath form is fairly easy.  

You need two straight branches, measuring 1/2 -3/4 inch wide and about 30 inches in length.  You can trim them down to any size you want, but it’s best to grab them around that long to start out. 

I used lilac hedge branches, but any branch will do so long as it is straight and will bend. 

If you make your wreath forms any larger than 48-60 inches around, I would suggest making two forms and attaching them together so they reinforce each other. 

As the pine boughs are added it puts a bit of weight on the forms.  Doubling up just ensures they won’t break. 

Make sure the branches you pick are bendable!  You do not want old growth here because they will be too dry and will not bend, they will simply crack.



Trim off any excess stems or branches.  

Once the branches are cleaned up they need to be soaked down with warm water for a minute or two. 

Dampening down the branches will help them bend. 


Step 4

Lay two branches side by side.

Use your wire to fasten them together – it doesn’t have to be pretty, it only needs to be well fastened.  Once the pine boughs are attached you won’t even see the wire. 

Once the first side is fastened, bend the whole thing into a circle and fasten the other side with more wire. 

If your shape is not quite round you can gently bend the branches into shape, but “gently” is the keyword.  I broke a set doing this because I was a bit too rough. 

I made four of these wreaths and all of them ended up more or less round. 

No weird shapes, they all ended up being fairly circular in the end.    If you do get a weird shape, I would suggest starting over and trying to bend two different branches.

If the circle is off a tiny bit, don’t worry about it, you can always sort it out as you trim and add your boughs around the wreath form.  



Step 5

Let the form dry. 

Once it is dry test it.  Gently tug on the sides to make sure the form will not come apart and that it is sufficiently wired on both sides. 

If it feels a bit loose, or not quite secure, add a bit more wire around where you attached the branches to each other. 



Step 6

Look for lush green, full tips on your branches, those are the pieces we want to use for our wreath. 

Separate the evergreen tips so that the best looking, most lush branches are set aside.

See in the photo below how lush and full that tip is, that’s what we want for the top of our wreath.  We can use the not so great ones on the bottom layer. 



Step 7

The first layer of pine branches is intended to create a base for the next layer.

This layer does not have to be perfect, or beautiful, it just needs to attach to the frame securely.  Add lots of wire around each evergreen tip as you attach it.  

The length of the tip doesn’t matter, so long as it can bend with the frame, and there are full tips almost the length of the clipping. 



Step 8

The next round is a bit different.  You’re going to want to find your best-looking tips and start laying them down one by one.  They will need to be overlapped like fallen dominos all aways around the wreath in the same direction. 

Each time you add a new branch, tie it down with wire, and then add the next and do the same until you make it all the way around.

The tighter you make these overlaps, the fuller the wreath will be.  



Step 9 

To create the rustic branch wreath hanger I simply cut my big branch down to fit my window and tied it up in the corners with some cup hooks.

My husband had a stroke that I did that to the windows I spent 4 months restoring, oh well! 

I used some twine to attach my branch to my cup hooks.  You can see it in the photos, but the curtains do a good enough job hiding it that I didn’t fuss.  

I used some leftover burlap ribbon to attach the wreaths to branch. 

I tried to get some good photos but the sunlight just wasn’t co-operating, but these DIY wreaths do look pretty hanging in my windows! They match the rustic vintage vibe I have going on in my home. 





Do-it-yourself New Year wreath and Christmas tree

This year, our family was lucky in the face of two shaggy, mustachioed-striped muzzles. And we seriously thought about the fact that it is not worth putting a real New Year's beauty on the next New Year. Well, you don’t want to constantly pick it up from the floor and sweep away the fragments of your beloved Christmas toys, looking into the sly eyes of cats. Therefore, we decided to look for options on how to make a small imitation of a Christmas tree. These ideas will also come in handy for those who have small children who know the world around them.

New Year's gifts and handmade souvenirs will be appreciated even by business partners. Now it is very popular to give souvenirs with logos as New Year's gifts in labor collectives. Only they usually need a large number, so they are ordered from specialized companies. And for your household and for yourself - you can try and make gifts, decorations and even a Christmas tree yourself.

How to make a New Year's wreath with your own hands

The first thing that caught my eye was wreaths on a door or a wall. And here is where the fantasy roam! You can make several wreaths of different styles or materials and hang them in different parts of the apartment. You can also involve younger family members in the process - there will be no less pleasure than from jointly decorating a Christmas tree.

The basis of the wreath is thick wire, a vine, very thick cardboard (for example, from an old box) or special foam blanks that can be found in the store.

New Year's Cone Wreath

A fir cone wreath can be made without a frame - just fasten them together and then decorate as desired, for example, cover with spray paint or sprinkle with sparkles.

Photo: Christmas wreath of spruce cones

You will also need hot glue, adhesive tape, twine, a stapler or small hairpins: the choice depends on the base on which everything will be attached.

New Year's wreath of multicolored conesPhoto

Popular materials for the wreath itself are coniferous branches, cones, clusters of mountain ash.

New Year's coniferous and berry wreath Photo

Find examples of wreaths you want to make in advance, or lay out your materials to get an idea of ​​how the result will turn out.

Cut an orange or lemon into thin circles and pat dry. Get some cinnamon sticks. Attach them to the wreaths and the mixture of spicy aromas will create a truly festive mood.

New Year's wreath with spicesPhoto

New Year's wreath of sweets

Do you or your family members have a sweet tooth? Then you should definitely make a wreath of sweets and chocolate bars. Yes, the base will need to be chosen more reliably, because it will weigh a lot - but what a bright and tasty result!

New Year's candy wreathPhoto

New Year's wreaths are no longer something alien in Russian homes. This is a really interesting decoration that looks great not only on the door, but also on the wall, on a shelf and even hung on a curtain (provided that the weight of the wreath is small).

New Year's wreath of textile toys

Yes, and with the design there is where to roam Photo

How to make a Christmas tree with your own hands

And if you want a small but real Christmas tree? There is an exit! The so-called oasis will come to your aid - a material similar to compressed sand, which perfectly retains moisture. You have probably seen it in flower arrangements. An oasis is for sale in florist shops and centers.

Grind the oasis so that it looks like a cone, but do not make the top too sharp, and then put it in a bowl of cool water to completely soak. Install the finished oasis on the base. Now you need spruce branches: arrange them by size (the longest at the bottom, the smallest at the top) and start collecting the Christmas tree. This is very easy to do because the oasis material is very malleable. Such a Christmas tree will delight you for a long time.

Garland Christmas tree Photo

Another Christmas tree requires corrugated cardboard and fir branches. Lay the branches on the cardboard so that they resemble a real tree, secure them with a stapler and cut the cardboard along the contour. Such a Christmas tree can be safely hung on the wall or put on a shelf.

Christmas tree made of branches and cardboardPhoto

I also found an option for kids. Stock up on cardboard, felt, Velcro and thread or hot glue. Cut out a Christmas tree from cardboard, glue or sheathe it with thick felt. Make Christmas decorations from multi-colored felt.

Glue Velcro on the Christmas tree itself and on the toys. Mount the Christmas tree on the wall and get a new game for you and your child: toys can be removed and hung again without fear of breaking.

DIY Christmas wreath: 66 DIY Christmas wreath ideas with photos

The first Christmas wreath was made from an ordinary wheel and decorated with needles and candles - according to the number of weeks left until the holiday. Every Sunday, the children burned the next candle and counted when the long-awaited Christmas would come. The tradition with candles is a thing of the past, but we have not stopped decorating the interior with a festive wreath. In anticipation of an imminent miracle, we create a festive atmosphere with our own hands - we are inspired by ideas, we learn how to make a New Year's wreath on the door with our own hands.

H. Jourdain, La tête dans les idées

1. Colored paper
This New Year's wreath is reminiscent of the traditional Christmas version of holly with decorative berries. It is made on a cardboard base with a glue gun: for the petals you will need pink, red, orange, burgundy and gold paper. Berries can be rolled up from cotton wool or paper. Or maybe use already "cut" colored stickers?

Step-by-step master class on making a New Year's wreath from paper holly.

Mobius Home

2. Cut paper
The same idea as with holly, but instead of relying on bright curly leaves - music paper and large, simple petals. Stick them tightly on top of each other and assemble the wreath using double-sided tape. The main thing in this case is that a beautiful volume will be obtained only from a large number of petals. We'll have to get rid of more than one solfeggio album.

Julie Murray

3. Sheet music
Decorators love to experiment with sheet music, but in fact, any monochrome paper with an unobtrusive pattern is suitable for interior decoration. Fold the music sheets into bags, connect the paper elements with glue or a stapler.

Eva Yáñez

4. Clothespins and beads
Another inexpensive and easy way to make a wreath with your own hands is to fix wooden clothespins on a wire circle, discharging them with beads. Clothespins can be painted or decorated with decorative tape.

5. New Year's wreath of bobbins
As it turned out, you can make a door decoration with your own hands from anything - bobbins, unused felt-tip pens, pencils, pens, oblong spools with colored threads. In other words, any objects of bright color and oblong shape.

Cut out a circle from cardboard and start gluing onto the base with a gun. For reliability, secure the parts with additional wire or thin elastic bands.

Stephanie Woody

6. Ribbon as fastener
We attach the New Year's wreath with a decorative ribbon that we hang on a hook. We fix the loop with a decorative button, and attach the decoration to the ribbon with double-sided tape.

The Happy Home Blog

7. Ribbons and Buttons
Sew a soft base like you would for a pillow and stuff it with cotton, leftover yarn, unwanted old knits or knitwear, scraps of old coats or furs. Synthetic substitutes from the nearest needlewomen store are also suitable - traditional synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, synthetic yarn or fabric. And even old tights and socks. But on top there should be a very beautiful, pleasant to the touch fabric - decorate it with ribbons and buttons.

If you want to make a fragrant wreath, stuff it with dry herbs, needles, juniper cones and berries.

Agnes Blum

8. Yarn, lace, fabric flowers
Making a Christmas wreath on the door with your own hands is very simple. We wrap the cardboard frame with thick or thin colored yarn, decorate with ribbons and fabric decorative elements.

You can even organize a wreath making workshop with your friends and neighbors: easy, fun and fast!

Silver Spoon

9. Yarn + fabric brooches
Step one — wrap the yarn around the cardboard. To make a contrasting ornament, we wrap the shape, following the sequence of the pattern, or embroider with a contrasting thread. It remains to decorate the New Year crafts with fabric brooches and a pair of beads.

Lisa Atkinson Photographer

10. Pompoms
Do you want to make a wreath on the door with your own hands? Just sew the pom-poms together. Each pom-pom will take quite a lot of yarn: you have a chance to use up absolutely all the “leftovers” and balls that have accumulated over the year. And for those who do not have time to cut yarn, in needlework stores you can find a dozen or two ready-made pompoms, already laid out in bags.

DIY: How to wind pom-poms

Mobius Home

11. Fabric and snowflakes… from plywood
An elegant and unusual version of the New Year's wreath: cut out a circle from fabric and process the cut with braid. Using a glue gun, glue the snowflakes to the base.

Tip: Wooden plywood snowflakes can be replaced with lace snowflakes.

Welt der Blüten

12. Lavrushka Christmas wreath
To create this decoration, you will need laurel branches, Christmas decorations (in our case, balls) and decorative details - stars and hearts, which can be cut out of foam or made from salt dough and painted.

See on the topic ...
step-by-step instructions on how to make wreaths and Christmas decorations from dried fruits, nuts and cones

Diana Martini

13. Wishes with wishes
New Year's decor from fir-merchants can be decorated . These can be door linings and antique keys (as in the photo), jewelry - bracelets, beads and voluminous earrings; as an option - cutlery, key rings, children's toys - Lego or Kinder figures.

The decoration is attached to the wall with a large red ribbon, and the items are tied with small red ribbons (red symbolizes "wish fulfillment").

Julie Ranee Photography

14. Framed Wreath
When making your own Christmas wreaths, don't forget about the frame effect. This photo shows how you can create an interesting composition from simple details. Place a New Year's wreath of pine needles in the frame instead of the picture. And hang it on the window sash handle.

Z Gallerie

15. Peacock Feathers
Another quick way to make a Christmas wreath is to use natural feathers. Cut out a cardboard circle, then wrap it with a garland. Hide most of the garland in decorative feathers (glue them in succession with a gun).

Tip: You can do the same with beautiful voluminous scarves or bright women's scarves. Please note - the garland should not heat up.


16. Willow twigs
Another interior composition — bare twigs look great on their own against a white wall. A little trick on how to make a New Year's wreath with your own hands: soak the branches, otherwise they will break without bending.


17. Hanging balls
A Christmas wreath of pine needles can be made more interesting by decorating it with golden, brown and black balls on long hangers.

More photos of this Christmas wreath

Franziska Land

18. Needles and wooden balls
Wooden balls always look very stylish on a Christmas tree. In this case, they are tied to a coniferous branch with a narrow black braid.

Step by step tutorial on how to make these wreaths (in German)

Matthew Caughy Interiors

You can make an unusual version of a wreath even from tangerines and a dish. Use wicker fruit bowls with large holes. Put tangerines and fruits in them. Decorate with live plants, which will require a floral sponge. Decor with a New Year's mood is ready!

Luci.D Interiors

20. Buttercup flowers
Bright flowers can be woven into a New Year's wreath made from fresh leaves, such as laurel. To make the decoration last longer, it is better to take high-quality artificial flowers.


21. Green plants
To create the wreath in the photo, the author needed a thin iron hanger (they give out dry-cleaner's clothes) and evergreens. In our climate, you can use greens from flower shops or cut off overgrown ampelous plants.

Using a hammer, shape the hanger to the desired shape, attach the plants with thin (or special floristic - can be bought at any flower shop) wire.

Step by Step Tutorial (in French) For example, from textile bows and flowers. The desired letter can be cut out of thick paper.


More decoration options in the photo link

Rehab: Reloved Finds Art & Design

23. Cotton or cotton imitation
Fans of eco-style will love the idea of ​​a Christmas wreath made from natural materials or their imitation. Dried twigs, branches and roots, cones and acorns, nuts and chestnuts, as well as their shells, evergreens, dry herbs and straw that stood all autumn in a vase, dried and artificial berries, decorative pumpkins, bark and birch bark, as well as citrus peel - natural color and dyed, flat and rolled. We fasten everything with glue and wire.

24. Tree bark
This wreath is easy to make for those who have a wood-burning stove in their country house or at home. After chopping firewood, there are always a lot of bars and peeled bark. From these leftovers you can make quite a Christmas decoration.

Nifelle Design - Fine Interiors

25. Artificial snow
To make a snow spray, dip the branches for several days in a strong saline solution. You can spread them with PVA glue and dip them into semolina or grate the foam. The easiest option is to buy artificial snow in the form of a spray in the store and sprinkle on the wreath.

More ideas and photos of New Year's decor at the link


sub-zero temperatures will last. Arrange and freeze in the form of multi-colored ingredients - berries, leaves, cones. And then hang it on a red ribbon on the gate or door.

Rikki Snyder

27. Grocery set
Edible materials are also suitable for a New Year's wreath: dough, pasta, fruits, cookies. Decorate your kitchen or dining room with this craft.

See also ...
more ideas of Christmas and New Year's decor in the photo according to the link


28. Papier-Masha
New Year's wreath can be created using papier-mash technology: from paper mass, gypsum and gypsum and plaster glue.

Funky Junk Interiors

29. Rusty pipe wreath
Christmas decor is also an occasion for men's needlework. Use old tires, iron cans, screwdrivers and wire cutters as material, as well as wires, light bulbs, old flash drives and CDs.

Welcome Home Interiors of NC

30. Various combinations
Ready-made garlands can be used to make Christmas wreaths and make wonderful interior installations.

Holly Marder

31. Beads on plate
Glass beads can be attached to a plate (serving tray) using double-sided tape. And the result is a rather unusual version of the New Year's wreath.

Marie Hebson's interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.

32. Gypsum or polyurethane stucco molding
Even stucco molding and gypsum ceiling parts can evoke associations with Christmas decor - hang an interior part that was not useful during the repair with a tape.

The Firefly Garden

33. Artificial feathers
Artificial feathers for crafts can be dyed in a variety of colors. In this case, they have shades from turquoise to deep, almost black, blue and resemble Christmas tree tinsel.

Rikki Snyder

34. Eucalyptus
A luxurious New Year's wreath on the door can be woven not only from laurel leaves, but also from fragrant eucalyptus.

Eucalyptus Leaves Christmas Wreath Step by Step Tutorial (English)

Savvy Seasons

35. Christmas balls
Thickly decorate the finished wreath of spruce branches with colorful balls and ribbons. For decor, any packaging fabrics are perfect: organza, artificial or jute colored mesh, sisal.

Grace & Glory Home

36. Retro balls
For fans of the vintage style, we recommend weaving a decoration for the New Year from old balls or small Christmas decorations.


37. Artificial berries and birch bark
The wreath does not have to be hung on a ribbon, you can only pretend that it is hanging on it. A dyed birch bark ribbon in this case is an original piece of decor.

Turnstyle Design

38. Wire and paper
Several wreaths can be combined into a geometric arrangement. Moreover, the wreaths themselves, like the Christmas trees, in this case are only nominally similar to traditional ones - the photo shows a metal interpretation of the Swedish himmel technique.

Instead of feathers, you can use faux fur or soft wool to make your own New Year's wreath.

41. Fabric, ribbons, beads
Lay out the fabric on the table and shape it into a circle. We fix the gathering places with threads, then we sew or attach decorative elements with pins: ribbons and beads of a contrasting color.

Irena Carter Interiors

42. Boa and wide ribbon
In the interior in the photo, the wreath is assembled from a boa - perhaps one of the fastest ways to perform. Just wrap the boa with a metal hanger, wire, narrow cardboard frame. You can do the same with beautiful voluminous scarves or bright women's scarves.

Shannon Malone

43. Soft balls
Sew soft fabric puff balls of different sizes, tightly connect them together in the form of a wreath, hang on the wall.

The Happy Home Blog

44. Ribbons, tinsel, paper
From these simple materials, bright wreaths can be made the fastest. We can do without even making a frame.

More examples of Christmas paper decor in the photo at link

45. Deciduous ornamental plants
As a wreath, you can use not only coniferous plants, but also ornamental deciduous plants with dense dense foliage. Pay attention to the shape - the Christmas wreath does not have to be round

Rikki Snyder

Louise de Miranda

47. Dry branches
Dry bleached branches are collected in a dense wreath. The remains of the leaves add autumn charm to the winter accessory. For snowballs, you can use cotton wool and hairspray, or buy small pom-poms at a sewing store.

Nifelle Design - Fine Interiors

48. Curved wicker
Beautifully twisted wicker wicker is a wonderful element of New Year's decor for an eco-friendly interior.

The Firefly Garden

49. Artificial berries and garland
Artificial berries on the branches are woven into a bright wreath. The flower is made of a dense fabric mesh, the core is an ordinary Christmas tree garland.


50. Formal question
Christmas decor can be in the shape of a heart, a star, a Christmas tree, a bow or any Christmas figurine. The main thing is to create a festive atmosphere.

Falken Reynolds Interiors

51. Birch bark
Birch bark is a soft, easy to work material. Fragments of the same size are assembled into a wreath using a plastic or wire ring. Depending on the base, they are glued with a gun or screwed with wire.

Tatyana Rozhkova

52. Berries and cones
This celebratory wreath is made from wooden blocks and layered with berries and cones.

More photos from this project here

Holly Marder

54. Cones and dried oranges
Dried citrus fruits are very decorative. With their help, as well as cones and cinnamon sticks, you can decorate a coniferous wreath.

55. Checkered fabric and greenery
A New Year's wreath to decorate the front door is enough to decorate with a bright fabric to create a festive mood.

Woodman Design

56. Fall Style
If you don't get much snow in your area in the winter, make some fall holiday decor. The wooden blocks in this example are nailed down with small nails and decorated with bright colors.


57. A modest wreath on the window
It is not necessary to spend a lot of time and effort on making a New Year's wreath. Sometimes a little decor is enough. A thuja branch, a small bell and candles are a simple and touching option.

Park City Nursery

58. If not on the window or door, then where?
A beautiful wreath of coniferous branches does not have to be hung up, it can be put on a garden sculpture, a vase, a doll.

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

59. Coniferous like laurel
Even neoclassical sculpture can be decorated with a festive wreath on New Year's Eve.

More Christmas Decorations

Go Make Me

60. Aluminum foil and LEDs
Make your own Christmas star. To do this, you will need aluminum foil, tape and LEDs.



61. Wreath on the door
It is not necessary to hang a coniferous wreath on the front door, it can be made of unbreakable silver balls. And it does not crumble, and it does not beat!

Lori Currier Interiors

62. If you don't have much space in your house…
Don't put up a Christmas tree. Decorate the house with festive wreaths: decorate entrance and interior doors, free walls and mirrors in the hallway and bedroom, as well as windows, cabinet doors and curtains.

Z Gallerie

63. Attention to the center
Christmas wreaths are a wonderful decorative element. They can be used one at a time, or as part of a decorating solution, combining shapes, materials, styles.

Target Home

64. Ensemble
In this interior, wreaths have become part of the wall decor, the most interesting of which is made of bleached bark.

April and the Bear

65. Contrast of materials
Another unusual wreath for the New Year can be made from felt and wire. On the wire base you need to attach stars cut out of felt. To create a frame, we need at least three meters of wire. And if there is no felt at home, dense, not loose fabrics will do.

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