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How To Fold A Christmas Money Tree

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I shared my money tree on Instagram stories and a few of you asked how I did it so here is a short tutorial.

Some people might think that cash is tacky or not personal enough but I’ve never met anyone to turn down cash and in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t care what people think of me. 😉 I’m not usually a fan of gift cards because, more often than not, they get lost. When I give cash as a gift I do like to spruce it up a bit by making fun shapes! I wanted to share this Christmas tree shape with you in case you wanted to do the same thing.

The pictures below show the tree being made out of only five-dollar bills and the video shows a mix of bills (5’s, 10’s, 20’s). You can use any bills or any mix of bills that fit your budget and still have a fun way to present the gift.

These instructions were adapted from wikiHow.


In addition to the written step-by-step instructions below, we’ve also made an easy-to-follow video on how to make your own Christmas Money Tree!



Use your imagination after you’ve created your money tree. We love the idea of putting the tree in a box (using tape to help hold it in place) and placing small bows around the bottom of the tree and one at the top as a tree topper. You can see how we accomplished this in the video below.

We’ve also given this gift in a card. Again, you may want to use tape to secure the tree to the card so it stays in place.

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Prefer written instructions? Follow the steps below!

STEP 1: Fold the right side of the bill over as pictured below. Take note of where the fold is. You cannot see the “five” under the columns. This will be your tightest fold.

STEP 2: Fold the left half over as pictured below.

STEP 3: Turn over the bill and tuck in the flaps that are hanging down.

STEP 4: Take your next bill and fold over the right side as pictured below. This part of the tree should be a little larger than the first. Take note of where the fold is (you can see the entire “five” along the bottom.

STEP 5: Repeat for your last bill. This fold will be the biggest as you are just folding it down the center of the bill.

STEP 6: Take your folded bills and slightly tuck them into each other.

STEP 7: Take your final bill and fold or roll it up to be the tree “trunk”.

Ta-da! Now you have a fun way to give money! Wrap it up in a box or put it in a card…no matter what way you give it, they are sure to love the gift you give!



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How to Make an Origami Tree out of Money


Dana Hinders

Dana Hinders

Dana Hinders is an origami expert and writer who shares her knowledge on mastering the art of origami. She has over 15 years of experience creating origami greeting cards, envelopes, gift boxes, and holiday decorations.

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Updated on 12/07/19

Dana Hinders

Who wouldn't want a money tree? Although you can't give someone a tree that actually grows money, you can do the next best thing and fold an origami dollar bill tree to slip inside a greeting card.

The money tree featured in this tutorial is relatively easy to complete. Even a beginner should be able to fold the tree in about five minutes, which makes this a great choice for a last-minute gift.

You can fold the money origami tree from a bill in the denomination of your choice, but keep in mind that this tutorial uses a one-dollar bill, so you will need to adjust your reference points if you're using a bill with a higher value.

  • 01 of 08

    Fold to the Right Side

    Dana Hinders

    Begin folding your origami dollar bill tree with George Washington's face up. Fold the top left-hand corner of the bill over so it is flush with the right side. The corner of the bill should touch the point that is right after the second "L" in "ONE DOLLAR." Crease firmly, then unfold.

  • 02 of 08

    Fold to the Left Side

    Dana Hinders

    Fold the top right-hand corner of the bill over so it is flush with the left side. Crease firmly, then unfold.

  • 03 of 08

    Fold Across the Intersection

    Dana Hinders

    Fold the top of the dollar across the intersection of the two diagonal creases you have made. When finished, the top of the dollar bill should be resting just above the first "L" in "ONE DOLLAR." Crease firmly, then unfold.

  • 04 of 08

    Collapse the Folds

    Dana Hinders

    Using your horizontal crease as a guide, collapse the folds as shown. The process of collapsing the folds is the same as what is used in the first two steps of the origami jumping frog.

  • 05 of 08

    Create the Second Tier of the Tree

    Dana Hinders

    Fold over the top flap on the left side of the paper. Fold the bottom portion of the bill into the center as demonstrated in the photo. Fold the top flap back to its original position. Repeat these steps on the right side of the bill.

  • 06 of 08

    Create the Bottom of Your Dollar Bill Christmas Tree

    Dana Hinders

    Repeat the folds in steps 1 to 4 on the opposite end of the bill. When you're finished, your origami money tree should look like the photo to the left.

  • 07 of 08

    Tuck the Bottom Into the Top

    Dana Hinders

    Fold the bottom triangle up and tuck it into the flap of the top triangle as shown.

  • 08 of 08

    Complete Your Origami Dollar Bill Tree

    Dana Hinders

    Flip your bill over. Fold a second dollar bill into a small thin strip and tuck it into the flap of the top triangle to create a trunk for your tree.

    If you're giving your money tree as a gift, you can use a small amount of poster putty to adhere it to a greeting card. This will also help keep the model from coming apart in transit.

    Money origami is fun to give as a gift throughout the year, but this money origami tree is especially appropriate for Christmas.

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Christmas tree made of ruble or dollar bills

On the eve of the New Year holidays, shop counters are full of all kinds of artificial Christmas trees, which, I think, will not surprise anyone. Christmas tree made of banknotes will be an excellent replacement for the factory spruce, because it is creative and original, and, as it is believed, contributes to the material well-being of its owner.

Many shapes and options available Christmas trees from banknotes . All of them are made quite easily.

In principle, the most important thing in the manufacture of money beauties is to make or find a suitable base: a foam or cardboard cone. Christmas tree branches can also be completely different: folded in the form of droplets or "pounds", etc.

In this master class I will tell you how to make a fluffy Christmas tree from twisted banknotes .

You will need:

  • cardboard,
  • banknotes 27-30 pieces,
  • jute twine,
  • PVA glue,
  • hot gun,
  • tape,
  • wire 1.5 mm,
  • scissors.

Step 1: Make a cardboard cone.

In order not to hold and not wait for the glue to set, we fix the seam with adhesive tape.

To make everything beautiful, we will paste over the inside of the cone with banknotes.

Cut 4 wires 30 cm long and hot glue them to the cone.

Twist the wires together.

Step 2: Christmas tree branches.

I cut the banknotes in half, I wanted to make a fluffy Christmas tree. If you plan to place the branches less often, then you can also make from whole bills.

And so…

Cut the banknote in half and twist one edge.

Use hot glue to fix the banknotes on the cone as follows.

Second row staggered.

And so on to the top of my head.

To make the last row a little narrower, cut the bill halves to the middle, as shown in the photo.

Glue the halves together as follows.

And fix with hot glue on the cone.

Step 2: The top of the tree.

I decorated the crown with jute twine. Leave a small tail of twine, we still need it.

2 banknotes are folded in half in the form of droplets and glued together. This will be a bow for decorating our Christmas tree.

We fix the bow with the remaining tail of jute twine.

The Christmas tree, of course, can also be made on a leg. To do this, you can use ordinary skewers for barbecue.

Glue a pair of cardboard circles and 3 barbecue skewers together with a heat gun. Fasten with some wire. Like this…

Let's hide everything with twine...

This is how the Christmas tree turns out!

This money tree can be not only a wonderful decoration for your New Year's table and workplace on the eve of the New Year holidays, but also a worthy exclusive gift to your loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Happy to help!

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of banknotes (master class) | Sea hobby

How to make a Christmas tree out of banknotes

For two years in a row, my friends have been actively teasing me and asking me to make Christmas trees for them as gifts. After all, it is very convenient to put such a Christmas tree on the desktop of colleagues, colleagues, doctors, secretaries, bank employees, with best wishes for financial success in the coming year.
I offer a master class with instructions for making your own budget gift.
For work we need souvenir dollars, glue stick, gypsum, water, a cardboard cylinder from toilet paper, sandpaper, acrylic paint, decoupage or parquet varnish, a New Year's napkin and a wooden skewer about 20 cm.

1. Dilute gypsum with water to a state of very thick sour cream, fill cardboard forms with it, place a skewer in the middle (which will be our trunk) and leave to harden. To prevent leakage, one side must be covered with cling film and fixed with tape.
2. We cut the souvenir dollars in half and fold each half into a bag, fix it with a glue stick (from experience it is easier and cleaner to work with it). You need about 37 such bags.

3. Back to the plaster base. The cardboard form can be removed, torn and thrown away, it’s not a pity. And the workpiece must be polished. With a knife, you can cut off large irregularities (if any). Next we work with sandpaper. To achieve a smoother surface, you can wet the workpiece a little and then dry it on a battery.
In the photo, the primary blank
and sanded for 2 minutes under running water

4. While the base is drying, we will form spruce tiers - 4 pieces. To do this, with the same pencil, we glue the sides of our bags of dollars a little under a slope, so that the result is not the sun, but a Vietnamese hat with fields. The lower tier will consist of 12 pieces, the next 10 or 11, then 9 or 8. It is necessary to try on the tiers to each other so that each next one is smaller than the previous one. And the top will need to be made from 6-7 things very carefully so that all the upper tips come together.
5. Now we need to decorate the base. You can simply paint it, you can do decoupage with napkins, you can decorate it with ribbons or colored cardboard, paste over with coins .

Learn more