How to make a feather tree

Homemade SmileyMe DIY German Feather Christimas Tree with How to Instructions!

So You Want to Make a Feather Christmas Tree? These are All the Rage & a Hot Item These Days...A Perfect Family Project for Gift Giving, Selling, or Keeping. Christmas Feather Trees are Easy to Make & a Great Conversation Piece. Options are Many & if You Have a Little Craft Sense, A Good Eye, & Have Previously Put Together a Fake Christmas Tree, This Should be an Easy Craft Project for You!
(For Customer who Would Like to Buy Them - Pre-Made Feather Trees are Available too)

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Plumage Feather Tree (Easy)
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This an Easy Craft Project for Small Children & the Options are Endless in How the Final Look Will be. Use Whatever Color & Style Small Feather that You Prefer. See All of Our Beautiful Feathers Styles Here

Begin by Making a Cone Shaped Base. This Can be Done With a Stiffer Paper & Staples or Glue or if You Want to Skip this Step, Buy a Styrofoam Cone. This Tree Can be Any Size Desired.

Use a Glue Gun or Other Type Glue to Begin Adding Feathers Close Together to the Base in Rows Proceeding Up to the Next Row as Each One is Finished. Feathers Should be Glued at the Stem in an Upside Down Fashion with the Natural Curve of the Feather Facing Down & Out. This Will give Your Tree a Fluffy Look Similar to the Branckes of a Regular Tree. Feather Sizes can Be Stagered to Give a More Natural Look or Exactly the Same. Always Be Sure to Cover the Previous Glue Row as You Proceed to the Top so That All You See is the Feather Fluff.

Children Will Love this Simple Feather Tree Project & can Have Even More Fun by Decorating these With Pom Poms, Sequins, Bird Seed, or Whatever They Desire.

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Pine Cone Feather Tree - Easy
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Using the Instructions Above, a Feather Chritmas Tree can Also be Made Using a Large Flat Bottomed Pine Cone. Just Glue as Many Feathers as Needed to Each Tip of the Pine Cone Working From the Bottom to the Top.
    DIY Feather Tree Kits   

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Old Fashioned German Christmas Feather Tree (Hardest)
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Making Your Own Homemade German Goose Feather Tree is a Fun Weekend Project that Anyone with a Little Craft Experience can Make Themself. We Offer Basic Directions Below or if this Seems too Hard to Figure Out, You can Order a Complete, Pre-Cut Kit Here.

The Basic Concept Goes Like This: Main Stem or Trunk which can be Made from a Wooden Dowel with or without Drilled Branch Holes or Heavy Guage Wire. Either Will Work but it is Suggested that Wooded Dowels be Used for Taller Trees.

Branches Made of Wire Stems Covered With Feathers Continuously Wrapped Along the Entire Length. Branches Should be in Several Lengths Using the Larger Ones as You Move to the Bottom of the Tree, Again Similar to the Fake Christmas Tree Layout. Each Section of the Tree Should Have a Few or Many Branches of Similar Size Depending on the Fullness of the Tree Desired.

A Heavy Base Made of a Chuck of Wood or Heavy Flower Pot filled With Concrete, Plaster of Paris, or Stones Strong Enough to Support Your Christmas Feather Tree.

General Supplies:
Goose Biot Feathers
16 Guage Branch Wire
1/2" Wooden Dowel
Clay Pot, Wood Block
Green Floral Tape
Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Other Tacky Craft Glue
Crepe Paper Streamer
Holly Berries

Biot Goose Feathers are Traditional for Making German Feather Trees but Could be Substituted With Other Feather Styles that have a Flexible Stem Such as the Large Turkey Marabou Feathers.

1st Decide How Tall You Would Like Your Christmas Tree to Be & Cut the Dowel for the Center Stem to the Length Desired.

2nd Decide How Many Branches You Want to Have for Each Row. Old Fashioned Feather Trees have 4 or more Branches on Each Tier, & 5 or More on the Bottom of Taller Trees. Personal Preference is Key Here. Drawing Your Tree on Paper May be Very Helpful in Determining What Works for You. Each Branch Should Have a 1" Unwraped End where no Feathers are Wrapped to Make Room for Attaching to the Tree Trunk Later. Each Row Should be Approx. 1" for Smaller Trees & 2" Longer or More as You Proceed to the Bottom of the Tree. Also Remember to Feather the Top Few Inches of Your Trunk Stem.

Instructions for Making Branches:
If You are Including a Holly Berry at the Tip of Each Branch, Place Your Berry Wire Along Side of Your Wire & Wrap Both Together With Floral Tape. You can Do this With Any Type of Bead or Decoration as Long as it is Set on a Wire 1st & Floral Taped On. Do this for Every Branch & The Trunk Top. Use Glue on Floral Tape End if Desired.

Floral Tape the Tip (Thinner End) of the Feather to the Branch Next to the Holly Berry & Tack Glue. The Long End of the Feather Should be Hanging off Along Side of the Berry. This Will Seem Backwards but You are Basically Tucking the Feather Tip in Under the Rest of the Feather that Will Wrap Around the Wire. Now You Can Begin Wrapping the Feather Around the Branch by Starting to Wind the Feather Right Next to the Holly Berry in a Somewhat Tight & Close Manner. Try not to Leave any Spaces or Gaps as You Continue to Wrap the Feather in the Direction of the Other End. An Average Feather will Only Cover 1" or so of the Branch. Be Sure to Floral Tape the End Also Catching the Next Feather in Under the Tape as Done Previously. Secure the Final Feather with Floral Tape & Tack with Glue if Necessary Remembering to Leave a 1" Unwrapped Wire End. Uaing Needle Nose Plyers, Make a 1/4" Right Bend on each Branch End.

Tree Assembly:
Layout Your Trunk Stem Placing the Branches Alongside Keeping Them Evenly Spaced from Row to Row. Mark Where the Branches Should Connect on the Stem. Drill Small Holes Around Dowel at Each Branch Level. Starting at the Top Row, Place the Bent End of the Highest Branches into the Stem (Evenly Spaced Around Stem) Wrap a Length of 12" of Thin Wire Around the Stem & Over the Branch Bottom Ends in a Criss Cross Fashion.
You Can Now Add a Layer of Brown Crepe Paper or Brown Floral Tape to the Wooden Center Dowel Starting Just Below the Branches & Again Spiraling Down Over the Wired Trunk. Continue to Add the Remaining Rows of Branches & Crepe Paper till Your Christmas Feather Tree is Completed. Be Sure to Tack Glue as Needed.

If Using a Clay Pot With Cement, Mix Enough Cement to Fill it Almost to the Top. Place the Truck of Your Tree Into the Cement While Still Wet & Brace or Hold as Needed. Another Option is to Poke Something into the Cement Making a Hole Big Enough for the Trunk to be Added Later. Wood Blocks can be Drilled Accordingly.

Now & Finally...the Fun Part, Bend the Branches Down to Reflect that Old Fashioned Heirloom Feather Christmas Tree Style!

Important Note: Feel Free to Do a Sample Branch or Smaller Sample Tree Just to Get a Feel for This Project & Don't be Afraid to Use Glue or Longer Wires Since These can be Cut Later.

An Average Goose Biot Will do an Inch of Stem Area so to Estimate How Many Goose Biot Feathers You Might Need for Your Feather Tree...Measure the Lengths of Each Wire Branch or Stem & Combine to Get the Total # of Inches Needed. (1 Feather = 1" of Stem)

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Glitter Christmas Tree (Medium)
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For a Modern Look, Make a Glitter Tree Using the Instructions Above for the Old Fashioned Feather Tree but Instead of Feathers, Wrap Metallic Christmas Garland Around the Wire Frame.


Feather Trees | Easy DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

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These Feather Trees look like they would take a long time, but they honestly don’t. And using the supplies I found, they were cheaper to make than to buy hands down. I also love that these can be customized to your color scheme and can be subtle and neutral colored or can be fun and funky too depending on the look you’re going for.

This post may contain affiliate links. See our full disclosure policy HERE.

I love the idea of unique decor any time of the year around the house. But when it comes to Christmas decor, I love to use decor that’s fun and interesting and that catches people’s eye. These DIY Feather Trees do just that, and they’re really very simple and quick to make.

How do you make Feather Trees?

You will need:

Fiberboard Trees (like a very thin cardboard)
Hot glue gun
Scissors (optional)

For the best coverage and overall look, in my opinion, you should glue the feathers on with the curving outwards. This allows them to lay better on the Feather Trees and gives them more of the appearance of evergreen branches.

I just made a little line of hot glue, starting at the bottom, and worked a couple of inches at a time. I pressed the end of the feather into the hot glue, and then quickly grabbed another feather and repeated until I needed more hot glue.

Pro Tip: Hot glue will make lots of little glue strings by the end of your projects! Be sure to take a couple of minutes and remove those dried glue strings at the end of your project before displaying or selling for the best results.

What size feathers work best?

Feathers that are like 4″ or shorter work best as they are more pliable. The smaller the tree, the smaller the feathers should be. I used this beautiful pack of white feathers I found on Amazon for my white 10″ tree and it’s absolutely elegant.

I really really love how my little tree turned out. The feathers were much smaller, and not uniform in size and color like the white feathers I used on my big tree.

To be honest, I was worried they would be harder to work with and wouldn’t look as good on the finished Feather Trees. I was so wrong! I think I like this one with the brown feathers better than the white one!

Where do you get the feathers for these Feather Trees?

Feel free to make it funky with neon feathers, or make it elegant with jewel tones or blacks and greys. Amazon has a ton of feathers that you can get for pretty cheap.

For reference, I had plenty of white feathers to do two of the 10″ tree size. The brown pheasant feathers would probably have done ten of the 7″ trees easily. Great price when you do the breakdown of costs versus buying one.

How long do Feather Trees take to make?

The bigger white tree took me probably half an hour, and the smaller brown tree took me about twenty minutes to complete. I could have done it faster, but I wanted to be sure to cover any of the brown cardboard of the tree so it didn’t show through the feathers. However you choose to make yours, I’m sure it will be beautiful!

Want more DIY Christmas Decor?

  • Glass Gem Christmas Tree – use dollar store gems to make this gorgeous tree!
  • Sea Glass Christmas Tree – this is a beach lover’s favorite! Stunning and easy to make!
  • Vintage Button Trees – These turn out so fun and are the perfect whimsical Christmas decor you can make!

No matter what feathers you choose to use, I’m sure your DIY Feather Trees will turn out beautifully! Happy crafting!

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Fledgling! Master class on creating textile feathers

Maria Makaus

The idea of ​​textile feathers dawned on me just the other day. Carrying out the most interesting idea for the customer to make one “terrifying look” of arachnid, I set out to make him a small accessory (well, I couldn’t sit still while the tint dried, I confess).

Floral bows did not suit us categorically. And the hands itched ... For fools, the head does not give rest to the legs, but for needleworkers, you yourself understand.

When starting any order, I seriously study the topic of work. This time was no exception. The prototype of our arachnid was the Mexican tarantula spider Brachypelma Smithi. At home, this "baby" eats crickets. But in fact ... in fact, she is still a tarantula. "Feathers left over from the eaten bird!" suddenly occurred to me.

Since tearing feathers from a sparrow's tail seemed too trivial to me, and shreds of fabric were found in the visibility zone, it was decided to use them to implement the idea.

So, we need:

1. Scraps of fabric (patchwork scraps work great).

2. Color matching threads.

3. Wire.

4. Glue (in this case, Titanium, known to almost everyone, is beautiful).

5. Acrylic paints for fabric.

6. Brush.

7. I almost forgot about the pliers, needle and scissors!

Let's get started:

1. Determine the size of the pen and cut off two pieces of fabric of the length and width you need, respectively.

2. We use wire for the base. Its length should be less than the length of the future pen. Pliers are needed just in order to bite off the necessary piece of wire from a common coil (I have wire in coils. I love, you know, stocks ...). On this, their role, in fact, has been exhausted.

3. Gently, without fanaticism, so that there is no excess, coat the wire with glue. We put it in the middle of one patch, and as shown in the photo: one end should not reach the edge of the patch by 1.5-2 mm. It’s better to be safe than the metal base of the donkey’s tail will stick out of the pen later.

4. Put the second patch on top and crimp the wire. This is how it looks:

5. Now it's the turn to draw the base, that is, the trunk, of our pen. For this we need a thread and a needle, our best friends. Overcast the wire like this:

And as a result we get:

6. Now we cut out the pen of the required shape. Approximately, for "the haircut has just begun." We cut the feather edge close to the overcasting.

7. And, my friends, let's start SHUTTING!

Sparing no effort, we make a fringe (taking into account, however, that a little untouched plain should be left around the swept wire). For this purpose, a regular needle is perfect.

8. As soon as we found out that there is nothing to pluck, we beautifully distribute the fringe and smooth it to a satisfactory look.

9. The last and most interesting stage of work begins - painting.

Here you can turn around your imagination. Within the pen, of course.

As you can see in the photo, painting was carried out on a napkin. This is convenient, as excess paint remains on it. And then you can immediately throw this napkin away. And you don't have to wash anything, which saves time.

This is what we have as a result:

We process the pen end with paint. So he will not crumble.

There is no need to iron the dyed feather. Everything will dry naturally.

So, they leveled it, cut off the unnecessary. Voila! Or rather, three times voila and a little sleight of hand :)

On the back I attached a tiny pin. Now this spider accessory can be worn by the spider hostess if desired.

Here comes the spider with a new accessory. She is a girl :)

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Maria Makaus

Russia, Moscow region, Sergiev Posad

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    how to get through the fog and make an offering nest?

    World Quest Walkthrough Genshin Impact's exceptionally exceptional writer will help you figure out how to get through the fog and make offerings to the nests.

    Tsurumi is Inazuma's last island to be added to the Electro Region map. He appeared in Genshin Impact 2.2, bringing new quests and storylines to the game. A feature of the location is the fog, which can be eliminated by completing a series of world tasks "Through the Fog", automatically available to travelers under certain conditions..

    Tsurumi's story begins with the quest Exceptionally Exceptional Writer, a detailed passage of which allows you to open an island forever shrouded in fog.


    • How to start an exceptionally exceptional writer in Genshin Impact
    • How to get on Tsurumi
      • Where is Sumida
      • where Kama
      • COME0139

        How to start Genshin Impact's Exceptional Writer quest

        First you need to talk to Katherine at the Inazuma Adventurer's Guild. To access this quest, you must have completed all the quests in the Seirai Stormchasers chain.

        How to get to Tsurumi

        Katerina will send the hero to the writer Sumida.

        Where is Sumida

        Walk down behind the local gift shop as shown on the map below. She, in turn, will talk about the novel she is writing and ask the main character to get maushiro from Tsurumi Island. Go to Rito to talk to the driver Kama.

        Where is Kama

        A boatman stands at the pier of Rito Island, from which the history of Inazuma for the traveler began. After a dialogue with him, the hero will automatically be on Tsurumi.

        It is possible to get to uncharted territory on a wavewalk, but there will be no possibility of free movement around the island.

        Explore Tsurumi

        We recommend that you immediately after appearing on the island and having a dialogue with Kama activate the statue of the Seven Archons nearby. Although the opened map will still be for the most part covered in fog. The player will also receive achievement "Continental Explorer: Tsurumi".

        Upon completion of the dialogue, you need to move deeper into the island. Go through the stone gate pointed out by the boatman so you don't get lost in the fog.

        Talk to the boy

        After passing through the gate, the traveler will dispel much of the fog.

        There will be a boy nearby who you need to talk to. His name is Roo, he will invite strangers to some ceremony.

        For adapting to Tsurumi's strange climate, the player will receive the "Through the Mist Gate" achievement.

        How to walk in the fog

        Move around the island, focusing on the stone structures that glow white. Only a special path allows you to move freely around Tsurumi. Using these routes, you will need to touch all the nests that the new acquaintances of the Traveler and Paimon are talking about.

        Offering: where to find three feathers

        After talking with Roo and his friends, go to the first of the nests. This is the name of the strange Electro-trees located on the island. To touch one of them, just go to the point indicated on the map. The first is located near the place of conversation with Roo, Makiri and Ipe. After touching the tree, you need to collect the feathers scattered in different directions. They are marked on the mini-map with the corresponding icon, which makes it easier to find.

        After collecting all the feathers, make an offering to the nest to remove another patch of mist (go and interact with the tree again).

        Ceremony location

        After that, you will need to visit the ceremony location and talk to priest Mata. He will ask you to make offerings to three more nesting sites, which are hidden behind three patches of fog on the map.

        Pass through the fog in Genshin Impact, make an offering to nest

        If you look into the fog from afar, you can immediately see the right trees on the ground. Below they are shown on the map without fog to make it easier to find the right direction.

        The principle of action on the ground does not change:

        1. Interact with the tree.
        2. Track each of the scattered feathers to return them to the nest.
        3. Repeat the tree action to complete the step.

        First nest: Autake Plains

        This place can be seen from afar. Near the nesting area, Paimon will see the Puppies of the Rupture. They need to be destroyed, and then talk to Ru, who is standing nearby.

        Touch the tree and start collecting feathers. They will be clearly visible on the mini-map.

        First Feather

        It is located just below the hill where the nesting site is located. Climbing down, defeat the Puppies of the Rupture, and then touch the feather to return it to its place.

        Second pen

        It will fly away from the traveler. At the same time, along the way, you will have to fight not only with Puppies and Hounds, but also with a detachment of Hilichurls.

        Be sure to take an electro-granum at the first point in order to pass through the Electro dome, into which the feather will fly.

        At the last point, you need to touch the pen to return it to its place.

        Third feather

        It will be on the roof of the building in the Hilichurl camp. It is enough to go past all the enemies on the way and climb up to get a feather.

        Second nesting site: Sirikoro Peak

        There is a mountain on the island north of Oina Beach. In the cave below it is the right tree. You can enter a little to the right of the northernmost point of the fog. A wandering fairy winds at the entrance. Go inside to the nesting place to talk to Roo. Touch the tree. Feathers will fly to the bottom of the cave. If you go down there, you can see that everything is flooded with water.

        First you need to return the wandering fairies to the three gardens located near the tree.

        First fairy

        Follow the first fairy back to the cave entrance if you passed by.

        The second fairy

        She is visible to the left on the opposite edge of the cave, if you stand a little away from the tree (with your back to the entrance). Plan to it and move together in the opposite direction.

        Use Thunder Cherry Bough along the way to fly through thunder orbs with Electro Granum.

        The third fairy

        It is also visible if you look at the nesting place (top right of it). Climb up the branch to send the fairy back to its place.

        After the return of all the fairies, a rich chest will appear and a cut-scene with the water dropping in the cave. Get down to the feathers.

        First feather

        Touch the nearest feather to immediately return it to its nest.

        Second Feather

        The remaining after the return of the first feather will fly further into the passage if approached too quickly. Follow them. After seeing them a second time, the character will also not be able to interact with the feathers.

        How to open the first round door

        The fairies will fly away through the big round door, which is opened by solving the relay stones puzzle. Below it is a blocked activator cube. Collect the relay stones in the indicated places.

        Power is supplied from right to left along the yellow lines on the ground.

        To complete the circuit, place the relay stones to the left and right of the door, as shown in the screenshots.

        Interact with the cube to open the door. There will be a Ruin Guard right behind her. After defeating him, it will be possible to interact with the second feather.

        Third Feather

        Behind the indicated door, there will be a third feather to the right. Approach so that it continues its flight to the opposite edge of the cave. Solve another series of puzzles to open the second round door.

        How to open the second round door

        Three gardens for wandering fairies can be found in the cave. Start with them:

        • The first fairy can be found right at the entrance.
        • The second one is on the stairs leading to the room on the right. Inside, there are paintings related to the mystery of the star gems on Tsurumi Island.
        • The third one is covered by a pile of stones (should be hit) on the left behind the fallen bell.

        If you bring 6 fairies to the gardens as part of this quest, the player will receive the "Direction in the Mist" achievement.

        The activator unlocked by the fairies will lower the water and also give the hero a rich chest. At the bottom is the second part of the puzzle with relay stones. The relay stones themselves can be taken:

        • bottom - 2 pieces;
        • in the fallen dome (it also contains an Amazing Chest).

        Connect the chain at the bottom where the water was (see screenshot). This place is located on the opposite side of the relay stones.

        Leave two more relay stones to the left and right of the round door in the chain breaks.

        The door can then be opened with the unlocked activator. The pen will be right behind it.

        When you've done this, go and make a nest offering inside Sirikoro Peak. After dialogue with Ru, you can go to the last tree in the Tirai Shrine.

        If there is no feather at any of the places described above, return to the beginning of the path. When reloading the game profile, as well as in the case of a long inactivity of the character, when the connection with the server is restored, the feather may fly away to the starting point.

        Third Nest: Tirai Shrine

        The last Nest is reached through the cave that the player followed to get the feathers of the second Nest. It is also possible to climb the cleared Sirikoro Peak to activate the teleport point, and from there glide to the shrine, which would be a more reasonable solution.

        Other mysteries of the underground passage to the sanctuary in separate guides for Genshin Impact on the site.

        A nest in the fog will help you find white stone beacons. It stands on a hill above the ruins, from which the hero will get out if he went to the sanctuary of Tirai through an underground passage.

        After interacting with the tree, the feathers will again scatter to three different points (see map).

        First Feather

        It will fly to the bottom of the cave, from which the player exited, if he moved to the sanctuary through the underground passage from the peak of Sirikoro.

        Second Feather

        It lies on the ground next to a simple puzzle with relay stones. While the author was killing the enemies that appeared, the circuit was activated due to the received Electro status.

        Third feather

        You will have to fly through the phase gate to get it. On the opposite side after the flight, fight the two Electro Jumpers. Then go down for the feather as shown on the map above, and after the interaction it will return to the nest.

        Where to find maushiro

        It's time to remember the maushiro, the instrument for which the trip to Tsurumi was made.

        Return to the ceremony site

        After speaking with Ru, return to the ceremony site. Explore the indicated location, and then return to Kamu at the point of arrival on the island with the obtained maushiro.

        Return to Sumida

        Return to Rito and go to Sumida. In the conversation, it turns out that the maushiro found was lost. For this, the player will receive achievement "P-Paimon ate her" , and will also complete the world quest "Through the Fog".

        Video Walkthrough


        For completing the Exceptional Writer world quest, the player will receive: