How to make a felt advent christmas tree

DIY Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

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Learn how to make your own adorable felt Christmas tree advent calendar to count the days til Christmas and celebrate all season long! I am sharing free printable templates, cut files, and a step by step instructional video to help you make your own DIY advent calendar that you can use year after year. This project was made in partnership with VELCRO® Brand, and includes affiliate links, which help to support this site at no extra cost to you. 

As a kid, one of my favorite Christmas traditions that we had was a felt advent calendar that my mom had made. The main feature of the advent calendar was a big green felt Christmas tree and beneath that were pockets filled with beautifully decorated handmade felt ornaments. My siblings and I each had our favorite ornament and we would take turns adding a new one to the tree every day of December leading up to Christmas morning.

I loved that simple advent calendar so much, and I made a similar wood version years ago for my kids, but this year was felt like the right time to recreate my own take on the felt advent calendar of my childhood.

DIY Felt Advent Calendar

The DIY advent calendar that I created has a cleaner, more modern look than the one from my childhood and a bit of an updated color scheme, but other than that, it is really similar to the one I grew up with. I used an electronic cutting machine and heat transfer vinyl to make it easy to put together, and I’m sharing the cut files and printable templates here to help you make your own easily!

I am so happy with how my Christmas tree advent calendar turned out! If you want to make your own, you will find everything you need below.

DIY Felt Advent Calendar Supplies:

  • Colorful Felt (I bought my felt from the adorable felt shop Benzie Design. They sell beautiful, high quality felt in gorgeous colorways. They also offer beautiful color palettes, which make it easy to create a coordinated advent calendar. I mostly used colors from their Winter Mint Color Palette. You will need Benzie Design also has an Amazon shop.)
    • You will need a 1/2 yard each of the background color (I used Benzie’s Julep), the tree shape color (I used Benzie’s White), and the pocket color (I used Benzie’s Strawberry).
    • You will also need several sheets of felt in coordinating colors for your ornaments. I recommend choosing a color palette to work with. I used the Winter Mint palette, but  or would be beautiful too.
  • Cutting Mat and Rotary Blade
  • VELCRO® Brand For Fabrics Sew On Tape
  • VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics White Ovals
  • Sewing Machine and Thread
  • Cricut Maker or Silhouette Cameo 4 (optional, but really nice to have!)
  • Fabric Glue or Hot Glue Gun
  • 1/2″ Dowel Rod cut to 21″ long
  • 2 Dowel Caps to fit Dowel Rod
  • Heat Transfer (Iron On) Vinyl (I dug through my vinyl stash and grabbed any coordinating colors I had on hand. I especially loved how the glitter and metallic HTVs worked for this.)
    • I used a lot of Siser Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl in White Rainbow and Jade.
    • I also loved the look of Siser Electric HTV. I used Cherry and Peacock Teal on several ornaments.
    • Happy Crafters Shine HTV is another great option.
  • Iron or Easy Press
  • Small Rhinestones, Embellishments, or Sequins (optional)
  • Thin Rick Rack, Ribbon, or Pom Pom Trim (optional)
  • My Free Printable Ornament Templates and Cut Files (When you click the link to the left, a ZIP file containing a PDF file of the printable templates as well as the SVG, DXF, and PNG versions of the cut files will download. You will need to unzip the file before you will be able to use the individual templates or cut files. Please note that these downloads are free for personal use only. If you are interested in a commercial use license, you may purchase one HERE.)

How to Make Your Own DIY Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

I have created a full video tutorial to help you create your own DIY advent calendar. If you do not see the video below, it may be because of an ad blocker. You can also see the video on my youtube channel here. If you prefer written instructions, keep scrolling!

  1. Cut the felt for the background of your advent calendar. Start off by cutting a large piece of felt 34 inches long by 17 inches wide. (If you want your calendar to be thicker and sturdier, you can sew or glue two pieces of felt together for your background.) Next, it’s time to cut tabs at one end of this piece that you will use to attach the banner to your dowel rod. I cut four tabs 3″ wide and 4″ long about 1.5″ apart.
  2. Sew on VELCRO® Brand fasteners to close tabs. Cut off pieces of sew-on hook and loop tape to fit each tab. Wrap the tabs around the dowel rod to position the hook and loop tape. Pin the fasteners in place and then sew onto the back of the banner and the tabs.
  3. Create the felt tree shape. Start with a piece of felt cut down to 18 inches by 15 inches. Fold in half lengthwise, and then cut out a 1.5″ x 6.25″ rectangle on one open corner (this creates the trunk shape at the bottom of the tree). Next cut a diagonal line from the outer bottom corner up to the opposite corner of the folded edge. Unfold to reveal your large tree shape. You can glue or sew your tree shape onto the background leaving space at the bottom for your ornament pockets.
  4. Create the felt pockets. Start off by cutting our 15.5″ x 2.75″ strips of felt for your ornament pockets. Pin them in place on your felt background. Sew around the sides and bottom edge of each strip 1/4″ from the edge to attach the felt to the background. Mark every 2.5″ from the stitch line across each felt strip and then sew at your markings to create six pockets on each strip.
  5. Add numbers to your felt pockets. The cut files in the supply list above include numbers for the pockets. I cut my numbers from Siser Easyweed in White. (You could also cut numbers from felt or try pre-cut numbers like these cute felt numbers. ) After cutting the designs from heat transfer vinyl, you will need to remove the excess vinyl from around the design and then iron the numbers onto the pockets. If you are new to working with heat transfer vinyl, check out my beginner’s guide to working with heat transfer vinyl here.
  6. Cut out felt ornament shapes. Next, it’s time to cut out the felt shapes for your ornaments. The cut files and printable templates are available in the supply list above. I used a Cricut Maker to cut the felt ornaments out, but you can also use a Silhouette Cameo 4 with a rotary blade. (My friend Alicia has a good tutorial on cutting felt with Cricut here.) Or, if you don’t have an electronic cutting machine, you can use the printable templates and cut the shapes by hand with a pair of sharp scissors. You will need to cut 2 felt shapes for each ornament, and you want a total of 24 ornaments. Glue the two pieces together to create a more sturdy ornament.
  7. Decorate ornaments. The cut files in the supply list above also include a decorative layer or design for each ornament. Cut these designs from a coordinating or contrasting heat transfer vinyl and apply them to the ornaments with your iron. Have fun decorating each ornament! Add rhinestones, trims, paint, or whatever other embellishments you like to personalize each one.
  8. Add Hook and Loop Ovals to Tree and Ornaments. Next, you will need 24 sets of VELCRO® Brand Sticky Back for Fabrics white ovals. I cut apart all of the hook ovals and positioned them on the tree to make sure they were evenly spread out before peeling off the backing and sticking them on. Next, I applied a loop oval to the back of each ornament. It is important to put the loop pieces on the back of the ornaments so they don’t get stuck to the felt when they are in their pockets. When storing your advent calendar, place a piece of scrap felt over the tree to protect the hook fasteners.
  9. Finish Dowel Rod and Hang.  Finally, use a bit of glue to attach the dowel caps to the end of the dowel rod, wrap the tabs around the dowel, fill the pockets with your ornaments, and hang!

And that’s it! Your DIY felt Christmas tree advent calendar is all done and ready to be enjoyed all season long!

If you make your own advent calendar, then I want to see it! Share your photos to my facebook page or tag me on instagram (@persialou). 

Happy Holidays and Happy Making!

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Felt Christmas Tree Advent Calendar Tutorial - Part 1

Okay Holiday Crafters!! It’s that time of year. Time to hurry up and get all our crafting done!! I have always wanted to make a Christmas Advent Calendar. And a few years back I saw Abby from “A Feathered Nest” post awesome pics of her Pottery Barn Knock off advent calendar!! I fell in love! Then after doing some more research this year I was inspired by Rach H over at “Family Ever After” and just had to make my own Christmas Calendar. I love how Rach has a sew along guide for all us fellow crafters who want to pursue such a time consuming and detailed project just before the holidays. But I’m gonna do it anyways because I know my children will use our Christmas countdown for years to come.

A few years back I made a Halloween calendar and it was well loved this year!! So who else wants to take on such a fun and exciting project?? Well I am here to help motivate and inspire you all to join along with me and make your very own Christmas Advent Calendar!! This would also be a great gift for a loved one who has little ones, so even if you don’t have little ones at home you can still join in on the crafting!

**Update: Here is my completed Advent Calendar…

Pottery Barn’s Advent Calendar:

A Feathered Nest’s Advent Calendar:

Family Ever After’s Advent Calendar:


So without further ado, lets get started….

Step 1: Supplies and Design

Here is a list of the supplies you will need (some items are optional) you can make this calendar how ever you like, I have a friend following along who would like a no-sew version so I will try and suggest hints for that and some of you may want to get more detailed so I will point you in that direction too. Mine is gonna be somewhere in the middle!


*Not all items are shown in picture*
Green Felt (1-1/4 yards of 72”wide) This amount may very if you are doing bigger pockets than 3-1/2”

Felt Scraps/Sheets (sold by the sheets at most craft stores like JoAnns, get a variety of colors…red, white, blues, greens, brown, yellow, etc. buy different shades too)

Scissors (fabric and paper)

Fabric glue

Ruler, pencil or pen

Large paper (you can use wrapping paper here)

Optional Items:

Embroidery Thread/Floss (all different colors)

Fusible Interface (if you plan on doing embroidery on your pockets you will need to iron on this stuff to the backs when done)

Batting (If you want batting in between your felt tree pieces, to add a little dimension)

Hand Sewing Needles (that your embroidery floss will fit into)

Embellishments (Christmas)


I haven’t gotten all my supplies yet but I had the materials to make my pattern and yesterday I sat down and drew out all the details of what I want my tree to look like. It is going to be a little different from the ones I have seen online. First of all I want a more rounded tree and I want circle pockets instead of squares. Let’s begin making our pattern…

So start by rolling out your pattern making paper (or wrapping paper), if yours is not wide enough to draw the whole tree just draw half of it and you can cut the felt on a fold. Here is a picture of my tree pattern. I drew one side and then folded it in half to make both sides identical. Cut it all out.

**Just a note, this tree is VERY LARGE, the pictures are very deceiving because this calendar is actually quite huge!! If you want to make a mini version you are gonna have to downsize these measurements! I added my measurements so you get an idea of how you can draw yours (each measurement is at the widest part all the way across or from top to bottom in the center). Visit Rach’s tutorial HERE to see how she made her pattern for more guidance if you need it.

Get out some paper and a pencil/pen and start drawing out your pocket designs. I want to do some that I have seen, and others that I thought of. Just do a simple sketch or write down the items you want to include, this will help you get an idea of what colors you want to use and embellishments you may want to buy. Here are some ideas for your pockets…tree, snowman, gingerbread man, holly, bell, mittens, dots, ornament, penguin, presents, moon, stars, wreath, stocking, Santa, candy cane, baby Jesus, birds, candle, ice skates, sled, reindeer, snowflake, skies, train, lights, etc. Here is my sketch of ideas, keep in mind I am a crafter not an artist!!

Now GO SHOPPING!! We will start cutting our pockets and our tree out once we get our supplies! I started cutting my circles out last night because I have tons of scrap pieces of felt lying around, but tomorrow I will be getting the rest of my supplies. Don’t forget your coupon for the craft store!!

NOTE: The Squares in the other tutorials are 4”x3-1/2”. I made my circles 3-1/2inches round. My tree pattern is based off of that size circle, you may need more Green Felt for your tree if you are making larger pockets. I would strongly advise you to make your pattern first and take it with you to the craft store to make sure the felt is big enough to cut 2 tree patterns from it, this is how I plan on cutting my felt tree out(see pic below). If your felt is not as wide (about 72”)you may also need more felt. Rach from “Family Ever After” uses 2 yards of Green Felt for her tree. So the measurement may very, just a heads up!

And here is a sneak peak of my circles that I started cutting out!! (that is a penny and a quarter in the pic so you get an idea of how big a 3-1/2 inch circle really is!)

Now on to Part 2 found HERE!! And here is PART 3!

Here’s another Christmas Advent Idea

  • Storybook Countdown Advent

Go HERE to see all the fun linky parties I’ve linked up to!

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Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of felt: patterns, photos, master classes

With the approach of the New Year, we all begin to feel the atmosphere of the holiday: the streets of the city are lit with festive lights, large decorated Christmas trees appear on the squares, and Christmas toys, lanterns, and tinsel are sold in shops. It remains only to add a little holiday to the house by decorating the interior with New Year's crafts.

One of the main symbols of the New Year is the Christmas tree, and in this article we will tell you how to make a Christmas tree out of felt with your own hands. Working with felt is quite simple, and even beginner needlewomen can create very cute products.

We have collected for you more than 20 master classes on making a felt Christmas tree with your own hands. In addition, in this article you will find patterns and photos of ready-made Christmas trees made of felt.

Easy Felt Square Christmas Tree for Kids

Start by cutting out 25 felt squares (five of each size). Now cut out five small circles of felt. Tie a knot at the end of the thread and string circles (this is the trunk of our Christmas tree). Then, in ascending order, string the squares, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest. Decorate the top with an asterisk and the felt Christmas tree is ready!

Felt Christmas tree - step by step tutorial + pattern

From a simple star-shaped pattern, you can make an unusual mini Christmas tree that will be a wonderful decoration or a gift. You can download the finished pattern below.


Decorative felt Christmas tree – MK + pattern

A wonderful version of a miniature Christmas tree for interior decor. Ideal for an office or small apartment. For the manufacture of crafts you will need felt, branches, glue. According to the templates, we cut out about 20-30 felt blanks, fold them in half, coat the middle with glue and glue the blank to the branch.

Felt Christmas tree garland with patterns

Felt Christmas trees of various shapes and colors can be used to make an excellent Christmas garland. You only need to cut out Christmas trees from felt (the template can be downloaded below) and decorate them with appliqué. At the end, glue the Christmas trees to the thread and you can hang the garland.


By the way, we have more than 60 master classes of Christmas garlands!

Simple felt Christmas tree with pattern

Triangle herringbone decorated with ribbons, buttons, sequins and embroidery. Such a Christmas tree will be a great addition to a gift or decorate any interior.


How to make a Christmas tree from felt with your own hands - a simple tutorial MK

You can make such a Christmas tree with a festive candy instead of a trunk in just a few minutes. We cut out a Christmas tree from felt, fold it in half and make 4 cuts. Then we insert a lollipop and decorate the craft.

Do you like sewing felt toys? We have a great selection of Christmas felt angels!

Do-it-yourself interior Christmas tree made of felt

We make a paper or cardboard base. Cut the felt into strips. We cut out one side of the felt strips in semicircles, and then glue it to the workpiece.

Christmas tree made of felt for interior decor - master class with photo

To make such a Christmas tree, you will need felt (cut into strips), paper blank in the form of a cone, glue. On one side, cut the strips into triangles, and then glue them to the paper blank.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of felt with a pattern

Real needlewomen will like this gift: a Christmas tree-pincushion. Cut out blanks from felt, sew them together, then fold and sew. Inside such a Christmas tree, you can insert foam rubber or any other filler, and you can decorate with safety pins.


Felt herringbone with decorative stitching

Owners of special sewing machines with decorative stitching can handle this decor. However, if there is no machine, but there is enthusiasm, you can embroider snowflakes manually, although it will take much more time. Alternatively, instead of a decorative stitch, you can use, for example, braid or beads.

Decorative Christmas tree made of felt triangles step by step

To make such a Christmas tree you will need: paper cone, felt triangles, glue. Glue the bottom of the cone with a strip of felt, and then start gluing triangles from the bottom up until the entire cone is filled.

Interior Christmas tree made of felt - a step-by-step master class

This master class is very similar to the previous one, only circles are used as constituent elements instead of triangles.

Miniature Christmas tree made of felt for interior decoration - MK with photo

And here is another Christmas tree made of felt circles. This master class differs from the previous one in some nuances. First, you will need a special cone-shaped foam or foam blank. Secondly, the circles are attached to the workpiece with safety pins, so you will need a lot of them. Additionally, it is absolutely not necessary to decorate such a Christmas tree, and if you take pins with multi-colored bead heads, then the Christmas tree will look like with toys.

Garland of felt Christmas trees and clothespins

A very unusual garland will be made from felt Christmas trees glued to clothespins. Clothespins can be attached to a rope, or you can hang Christmas trees separately in different places. If there are children, you can play a game with them, after hanging the Christmas trees in the most unexpected places in the apartment, tell the baby to find them all.

How to make a Christmas tree out of felt in the form of a brooch - MK

You can make a Christmas tree brooch out of felt, which will be an excellent handmade gift for friends and family. By the way, with such a brooch it is quite possible to walk until the New Year, as if creating a festive atmosphere for those around you, for example, work colleagues.

Volumetric felt Christmas tree with a pattern

Felt Christmas tree can be decorated with anything. This MK shows how you can decorate crafts with thread knots. It turns out original and stylish.

Christmas tree-rainbow

Do you remember, a little higher there was a master class on how to make a Christmas tree from felt squares? So, this is about the same, only instead of squares you need to cut out circles of different sizes, and then string them on a nick.

Christmas tree decorated with beads and threads - master class and pattern

And here is another tutorial for decorating a Christmas tree made of felt. It uses beads and blue threads. You can create your own combination of colors and pattern. We only help with ideas!


A simple Christmas tree for children with a pattern

And another Christmas tree made of circles. Only for this craft you will need a base cone. You can make it yourself from plain paper. Then cut out the circles, in the middle of each of them make an X-shaped cut and put on the base. The design is completed with a felt cone. You can decorate with beads, sequins, rhinestones.


Felt Christmas tree toy “Herringbone” step by step MK

Another mini Christmas tree in red and white colors. Simple and tasteful.

Did you know that you can make not only Christmas trees from felt, but also Christmas decorations!

Christmas tree made of felt, decorated with sequins and beads with a pattern

You can download the pattern of such a multi-layer Christmas tree below. The product is decorated with sequins and beads. Very simple but effective.


Simple Felt Baby Christmas Tree

Cut out two pieces of felt. Poke small holes around the edges of the tree. Now thread the thread through these holes. Before you completely sew up the Christmas tree, put cotton wool or any other soft filler inside and only then sew up the Christmas tree. At the top, tie a bow, cut off the extra threads and the Christmas tree made of felt with your own hands is ready!

Plain heavy felt herringbone + template

You will need thick felt, from which you need to cut out two parts of the Christmas tree. In one blank, cut a hole approximately to the middle from the top, and in the other from the bottom. Using glue, form small balls (Christmas decorations) from the threads. Drip drops of glue on both blanks and glue the balls. Then turn the blanks over and repeat the procedure. Now you need to wait until it dries completely, and then insert one blank into another. The felt Christmas tree is ready! You can download the pattern below.


Interior Christmas tree made of felt roses - master class

A very beautiful craft to get from felt roses. Cut out a circle from the felt, and then cut it in a spiral. Roll the workpiece into a circle and glue it with glue. Now it remains to glue the roses on the cone and the Christmas tree is ready!

Christmas tree candy bag

Cut out two triangular pieces of felt and one oval for the bottom. Cut a transverse hole in one of the triangular blanks. Then glue the bottom to both triangles and glue the triangles themselves together. The bag is ready, it remains only to decorate it and put candy inside.

Christmas tree made of felt with a pattern

To make such a Christmas tree, each compound branch must be sewn separately. And then combine all the Christmas tree paws into a single design. You can download the pattern below.


More ideas for inspiration


Help us become better: if you notice a mistake, select a fragment and press Ctrl+Enter .

How to make a Christmas tree out of felt

Christmas has already reached the streets of many cities and it will also reach millions of homes these days. The Christmas decorations envelops the house with a special aroma, a touch of childhood and sweet almonds, which inevitably brings a smile. Christmas at home becomes special, especially when there are children at home, and placing decorations with traditional Christmas carols in the background is one of the best moments of these dates.

But in many cases, the placement of the Christmas tree or the traditional portal of Bethlehem, this can be a problem. Children usually want to touch and play with such bright things. And perhaps for you, many of these decorations are special, and you do not want children to break something. For this reason, it is much more fun and suitable for children. create beautiful Christmas decorations at home .


  • 1 Create convenient Christmas decorations for children
  • Plus have a fun day doing crafts with your kids , you can create a variety of matching decorations so kids can play safely. Decorating your home will be unique and special, and who knows, maybe it will become a Christmas tradition that you will return to every year.

    Christmas decorations vary greatly from house to house, some families like to decorate every corner with lights and other decorations. Other families choose a simpler design, it all depends on the tastes of each and on the available space. But that It cannot be overlooked in the New Year's decoration, this is a traditional Christmas tree. .

    Today I offer you a great idea to create the perfect Christmas tree for the little ones. In addition to the beautiful Christmas decoration, children will be able to play with the Christmas tree throughout Season Christmas. In this way, decorations will become a new game, not just decoration. This felt Christmas tree can be made in one day with very few materials, don't skip the step by step.

    How to make a felt Christmas tree

    Materials To make this tree you need:

    • Cardboard or cardboard
    • Felt fabric pine green, in addition to other colors for decoration
    • Velcro double sided
    • White glue or hot silicone
    • Scissors
    • Needle and thread
    • Cotton fibers fill

    Christmas ornaments can be made in two ways: with felt, as we will explain below, or in a simpler way. Instead of felt fabric , you can make decorations with EVA rubber very simply. You just need to cut and paste the colors depending on the decorations you want to create, you can also use colored markers or stickers. You will only need to put a piece of double-sided Velcro over each decoration so that it can be glued on and peeled off the tree.

    Step by step instructions for making this felt tree