How to make a felt xmas tree

Felt Christmas Tree + FREE Patterns

How to make a felt Christmas tree for your kids to play with this holiday season! Free printable ornament patterns included!

In an attempt to keep Owen away from our real tree, I decided to make him a felt Christmas tree. So I spent the better part of last Saturday night putting 20 year old Chelsea to shame and knocking out a baller DIY felt Christmas tree– complete with ornaments and presents.

I should also add that I’m too much of a perfectionist to freehand ornaments, bows, and ornament designs with scissors so I created patterns, which I’m sharing with you at the end of the post.

In case you didn’t know, felt sticks to felt so the ornaments and presents can be placed and removed anywhere on the tree.

How to Make a Felt Christmas Tree


1.5 yards of green felt … found here or fabric store
different colors of felt … found here or a craft store
scissors … these are my favorite!
patterns … see at end of post
card stock
hot glue gun + glue

Print and Cut the Free Ornament Patterns

Print the patterns onto card stock and cut them out.

Trace and Cut Out Ornaments and Presents

Trace the templates onto pieces of felt, and then cut them out. Glue the cut out ornament and present decorative pieces onto the ornaments and presents. Trace the patterns onto the shinier, smoother side of the felt, leaving the fuzzier side facing out. Do this because the shinier side sticks to the fuzzier side better.

Make the Christmas Tree

To make the tree, fold the green felt in half with the shinier side on the outside and freehand half of the tree with a piece of yellow chalk. Then, with it still folded, cut it out so it’s symmetrical.

After cutting out the tree, you may decide it’s too tall for your little one(s). If so, trim off the first bottom section.

Stick Felt Christmas Tree to Wall

Mount the felt Christmas tree with Command Brand strips (the kind that are like pieces of Velcro).

I wanted the ornaments to look similar to the glass ornaments I’ve been using for years so I went with blue, purple, green, yellow, hot pink, (colors kids love) and I added some white to break things up a bit.

After I cut out all the ornaments, I created different designs to glue on top of the ornaments to jazz them up a bit. Super cute, right?

I didn’t use a template for the presents and the ‘ribbon’. Instead, I just measured out squares and rectangles and cut them out. Then I cut strips of felt to make the ‘ribbons’. I used a template for the bows though.

A great idea for ornament and present storage is to use a bucket is placed next to the tree.

Owen was napping when I put up the felt Christmas tree, so when he woke up he was excited to see something new to play with. It seems that he enjoys taking the ornaments and presents off the tree and putting them in the bucket more than putting them on the tree. But I’ll take it.

FYI, Owen is 33 inches tall– just to give you an idea of the height of the tree.

Felt Christmas Tree Patterns

Here’s the templates. Click on the names of the templates to open a new page and print or save them.




Ornament designs and bow


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5 mins

1 hr 30 mins

1 hr 35 mins


How to make a felt Christmas tree for children to use and play with.

Servings: 1 felt Christmas tree

  • 1.5 yards green felt
  • 8 sheets felt in various colors
  • 1 set printable ornament patterns
  • 3 pieces cardstock
  • 1 piece chalk
  1. Print the patterns onto card stock, cut them out, trace them onto pieces of felt, and then cut them out.

  2. Trace the patterns onto the shinier, smoother side of the felt, leaving the fuzzier side facing out.

  3. Glue the cut out ornament and present decorative pieces onto the ornaments and presents.

  4. To make the tree, fold the green felt in half with the shinier side on the outside and freehand half of the tree with a piece of yellow chalk. Then, with it still folded, cut it out so it's symmetrical.

How to Stick the Tree to a Wall: Use Command Brand picture hanging strips.

Fingers crossed Owen loves his felt Christmas tree more than our big Christmas tree.

Have you made a felt Christmas tree for your kiddo(s)? Did they love it?

DIY Scandinavian Felt Christmas Trees Pattern


Make simple and beautiful Scandinavian-inspired felt Christmas Trees with this pattern suitable for both cutting with scissors or using a Cricut machine.

A few years ago, I walked into World Market and fell in love with their Christmas decorations. The theme that year was Scandinavian Christmas and I didn’t know how much I loved the simplicity of those decorations until I saw them. Something about using felt to make heirloom Christmas decor really spoke to me and got to my heart, so to speak.

You know what I didn’t love? The prices on those simple, heartfelt, handmade-looking decorations!

So, I’m thrilled to be able to bring you an easy Scandinavian Christmas tree pattern that is easy to make. And inexpensive to do. Felt isn’t expensive. Which makes this DIY craft a great idea for decorating your own mantel or giving as gifts!

I used pastel and cool colored felts for a traditional Scandinavian design. Similar to the 3D Felt Pumpkins I made before.

I also use winter-appropriate felt pastels for my DIY gnome wine bottle topper and cute gnome ornaments.

However, you can use whatever color of felt (or patterned felt) that you would like. Consider using all whites and creams for a winter wonderland. Use traditional greens and reds. Or, use something unusual, like pinks and purples, for a winter holiday scene perfect for tweens and teens to decorate their rooms.

How to Make Felt Christmas Trees

  • Christmas Tree pattern (either PDF or Christmas Tree SVG file)
  • Felt fabric in 3 coordinating colors (I used sheets in Icicle, Rainstorm, and Evergreen from BenzieDesign)
  • Fabric scissors
  • Hot glue gun and clear craft glue
  • Wooden dowel, 8” long
  • Wood stump (1” diameter x 1.25” high)


Drill a hole in the center of the stump the same size as the wooden dowel.

These instructions allow you to either cut the felt patterns out with scissors, or use a Cricut machine. Both instructions are below, although you just need to choose one method.

Cutting Felt Out by Hand

Print Christmas tree pattern on an 8.5 x 11 inch sheet of paper.

Cut around each of the pattern pieces.

Cutting out one tree at a time, place the pattern on top of the felt sheet in desired color. Using a pair of fabric scissors, cut out the tree shape along the solid line.

Tip: If you find the pattern slipping on the felt, use pins to keep it in place.

Cut 6 pieces of each tree.

Repeat for any remaining trees you would like to make.

Using Cricut to Cut the Felt

Open a blank canvas in Cricut Design Space.

Upload the Christmas Tree SVG File into Design Space.  

Select “Make It” in Design Space.

Set material type to Felt.

Follow prompts for loading the mat into the Cricut cutting machine and cutting the felt. When prompted, unload the mat from the cutting machine.

Continue cutting 6 pieces for each tree.

Cut additional pieces for additional trees you would like to make.

Assembling the 3D Christmas Trees

On one side of a tree piece, apply a bead of glue along the outer edge.

Place another tree piece on top pressing the glued edges together. Lift and fold back the unglued side and apply another bead of glue along the outer edge.

Press another tree piece down on top to glue the edges together.

In order to have room in the center for the dowel, avoid gluing the very center of the tree.

Repeat with the other tree pieces. Fold each tree piece outwards and glue the inner edge together with the inner edge of the tree piece next to it.

Continue until all 6 pieces are glued together.

Insert the dowel into the wooden stump.

Insert the top end of the dowel into the center opening and push it all the way up to the top. If the opening is too big, glue it some more to make it smaller.

Repeat to make more Scandinavian felt trees.

More Simple Christmas Crafts

If you loved this craft, be sure to check out my other DIY projects!

Make wooden reindeer that are so cute (and free)!

Using a piece of 4X4 wood, make these reversible snowman blocks.

These snowman Christmas crackers keep an old tradition alive – and are easy to make!

This Minimalist Christmas wreath uses felt and wire for a simple look that will be a perfect wreath on your door.

Wood slice ornaments with vinyl are so easy to make, because you don’t have to paint the design yourself! Check out the two different designs.

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Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of felt: patterns, photos, master classes

With the approach of the New Year, we all begin to feel the atmosphere of the holiday: the streets of the city are lit with festive lights, large decorated Christmas trees appear on the squares, and Christmas toys, lanterns, and tinsel are sold in shops. It remains only to add a little holiday to the house by decorating the interior with New Year's crafts.

One of the main symbols of the New Year is the Christmas tree, and in this article we will tell you how to make a Christmas tree out of felt with your own hands. Working with felt is quite simple, and even beginner needlewomen can create very cute products.

We have collected for you more than 20 master classes on making a felt Christmas tree with your own hands. In addition, in this article you will find patterns and photos of ready-made Christmas trees made of felt.

Easy Felt Square Christmas Tree for Kids

Start by cutting out 25 felt squares (five of each size). Now cut out five small circles of felt. Tie a knot at the end of the thread and string circles (this is the trunk of our Christmas tree). Then, in ascending order, string the squares, starting with the largest and ending with the smallest. Decorate the top with an asterisk and the felt Christmas tree is ready!

Felt Christmas tree - step by step tutorial + pattern

From a simple star-shaped pattern, you can make an unusual mini Christmas tree that will be a wonderful decoration or a gift. You can download the finished pattern below.


Decorative felt Christmas tree – MK + pattern

A wonderful version of a miniature Christmas tree for interior decor. Ideal for an office or small apartment. For the manufacture of crafts you will need felt, branches, glue. According to the templates, we cut out about 20-30 felt blanks, fold them in half, coat the middle with glue and glue the blank to the branch.

Felt Christmas tree garland with patterns

Felt Christmas trees of various shapes and colors can be used to make an excellent Christmas garland. You only need to cut out Christmas trees from felt (the template can be downloaded below) and decorate them with appliqué. At the end, glue the Christmas trees to the thread and you can hang the garland.


By the way, we have more than 60 master classes of Christmas garlands!

Simple felt Christmas tree with pattern

Triangle herringbone decorated with ribbons, buttons, sequins and embroidery. Such a Christmas tree will be a great addition to a gift or decorate any interior.


How to make a Christmas tree from felt with your own hands - a simple tutorial MK

You can make such a Christmas tree with a festive candy instead of a trunk in just a few minutes. We cut out a Christmas tree from felt, fold it in half and make 4 cuts. Then we insert a lollipop and decorate the craft.

Do you like sewing felt toys? We have a great selection of Christmas felt angels!

Do-it-yourself interior Christmas tree made of felt

We make a paper or cardboard base. Cut the felt into strips. We cut out one side of the felt strips in semicircles, and then glue it to the workpiece.

Christmas tree made of felt for interior decor - master class with photo

To make such a Christmas tree, you will need felt (cut into strips), paper blank in the form of a cone, glue. On one side, cut the strips into triangles, and then glue them to the paper blank.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of felt with a pattern

Real needlewomen will like this gift: a Christmas tree-pincushion. Cut out blanks from felt, sew them together, then fold and sew. Inside such a Christmas tree, you can insert foam rubber or any other filler, and you can decorate with safety pins.


Felt herringbone with decorative stitching

Owners of special sewing machines with decorative stitching can handle this decor. However, if there is no machine, but there is enthusiasm, you can embroider snowflakes manually, although it will take much more time. Alternatively, instead of a decorative stitch, you can use, for example, braid or beads.

Decorative Christmas tree made of felt triangles step by step

To make such a Christmas tree you will need: paper cone, felt triangles, glue. Glue the bottom of the cone with a strip of felt, and then start gluing triangles from the bottom up until the entire cone is filled.

Interior Christmas tree made of felt - a step-by-step master class

This master class is very similar to the previous one, only circles are used as constituent elements instead of triangles.

Miniature Christmas tree made of felt for interior decoration - MK with photo

And here is another Christmas tree made of felt circles. This master class differs from the previous one in some nuances. First, you will need a special cone-shaped foam or foam blank. Secondly, the circles are attached to the workpiece with safety pins, so you will need a lot of them. Additionally, it is absolutely not necessary to decorate such a Christmas tree, and if you take pins with multi-colored bead heads, then the Christmas tree will look like with toys.

Garland of felt Christmas trees and clothespins

A very unusual garland will be made from felt Christmas trees glued to clothespins. Clothespins can be attached to a rope, or you can hang Christmas trees separately in different places. If there are children, you can play a game with them, after hanging the Christmas trees in the most unexpected places in the apartment, tell the baby to find them all.

How to make a Christmas tree out of felt in the form of a brooch - MK

You can make a Christmas tree brooch out of felt, which will be an excellent handmade gift for friends and family. By the way, with such a brooch it is quite possible to walk until the New Year, as if creating a festive atmosphere for those around you, for example, work colleagues.

Volumetric felt Christmas tree with a pattern

Felt Christmas tree can be decorated with anything. This MK shows how you can decorate crafts with thread knots. It turns out original and stylish.

Christmas tree-rainbow

Do you remember, a little higher there was a master class on how to make a Christmas tree from felt squares? So, this is about the same, only instead of squares you need to cut out circles of different sizes, and then string them on a nick.

Christmas tree decorated with beads and threads - master class and pattern

And here is another tutorial for decorating a Christmas tree made of felt. It uses beads and blue threads. You can create your own combination of colors and pattern. We only help with ideas!


A simple Christmas tree for children with a pattern

And another Christmas tree made of circles. Only for this craft you will need a base cone. You can make it yourself from plain paper. Then cut out the circles, in the middle of each of them make an X-shaped cut and put on the base. The design is completed with a felt cone. You can decorate with beads, sequins, rhinestones.


Felt Christmas tree toy “Herringbone” step by step MK

Another mini Christmas tree in red and white colors. Simple and tasteful.

Did you know that you can make not only Christmas trees from felt, but also Christmas decorations!

Christmas tree made of felt, decorated with sequins and beads with a pattern

You can download the pattern of such a multi-layer Christmas tree below. The product is decorated with sequins and beads. Very simple but effective.


Simple Felt Baby Christmas Tree

Cut out two pieces of felt. Poke small holes around the edges of the tree. Now thread the thread through these holes. Before you completely sew up the Christmas tree, put cotton wool or any other soft filler inside and only then sew up the Christmas tree. At the top, tie a bow, cut off the extra threads and the Christmas tree made of felt with your own hands is ready!

Plain heavy felt herringbone + template

You will need thick felt, from which you need to cut out two parts of the Christmas tree. In one blank, cut a hole approximately to the middle from the top, and in the other from the bottom. Using glue, form small balls (Christmas decorations) from the threads. Drip drops of glue on both blanks and glue the balls. Then turn the blanks over and repeat the procedure. Now you need to wait until it dries completely, and then insert one blank into another. The felt Christmas tree is ready! You can download the pattern below.


Interior Christmas tree made of felt roses - master class

A very beautiful craft to get from felt roses. Cut out a circle from the felt, and then cut it in a spiral. Roll the workpiece into a circle and glue it with glue. Now it remains to glue the roses on the cone and the Christmas tree is ready!

Christmas tree candy bag

Cut out two triangular pieces of felt and one oval for the bottom. Cut a transverse hole in one of the triangular blanks. Then glue the bottom to both triangles and glue the triangles themselves together. The bag is ready, it remains only to decorate it and put candy inside.

Christmas tree made of felt with a pattern

To make such a Christmas tree, each compound branch must be sewn separately. And then combine all the Christmas tree paws into a single design. You can download the pattern below.


More ideas for inspiration


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Patterns of toys and Christmas trees made of felt with your own hands: 30 models, video

New Year's Eve is a time of magic and fulfillment of wishes from the earliest years. Everyone wants to decorate the house for this holiday. Why not make a decoration for the New Year with your own hands? In this article, we will share do-it-yourself toy patterns, the Christmas tree pattern of which is the most popular, and we will also sew New Year's dolls.

Using the patterns below you can make small toys to decorate your Christmas tree. Or using a large pattern to please loved ones with a Christmas tree on the wall.


For the Christmas tree, you can use the following stencils:
They are suitable for both felt Christmas trees and paper Christmas trees. Use them as templates.
Or use the pattern in a new way and sew such an unusual Christmas tree:

To make a toy using these templates, simply sew the cut parts together and decorate them. Read more in the tutorials below.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of felt

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of felt will become a stylish decoration for the Christmas tree.
To make this Christmas tree, you just need to stock up on felt, thread, cotton wool and small decorations - beads, buttons, braid, and so on, which is enough imagination.

Triangular Felt Christmas Tree

  1. Cut out two identical Christmas trees using the patterns.
  2. Sew on your chosen embellishments.
  3. Lightly stuff with cotton.
  4. Sew two felt halves together.
  5. Sew on the stem and eyelet.

The Christmas tree is ready!

Textile tree

To make a fabric tree you will need:

  • Piece of fabric.
  • Threads.
  • Sintepon or other stuffing material.

1. Fold the fabric in half and transfer the pattern to the fabric.

2. Sew the two halves together. Don't forget to leave small allowances.

3. Unscrew the workpiece. You can use an orange stick.

4. Stuff the workpiece tightly with filler. Again, an orange stick will help with this.

5. Decorate the Christmas tree as you like and sew on the loop.

6. The Christmas tree is ready!

A fabric Christmas tree is a great gift or decoration idea. It doesn’t take much effort to make a soft toy, with proper skill, a couple of hours will be enough, and the result will delight for more than one year.


The Christmas tree is not the only New Year's toy made of felt or fabric that you can make yourself. Why not make a star or even a doll?

For the doll we need:

  • Nude fabric.
  • Filler.
  • Needle and thread.

Toy Patterns

  1. Transfer the template to the fabric folded in half.
  2. Sew together using a sewing machine or by hand.
  3. Cut out the stitched pieces in duplicate. Be sure to leave at least 5 mm allowances.
  4. Iron the stitched parts well.
  5. Stuff the parts tightly with filler.
  6. Draw or embroider a face. Don't get too caught up in the details.
  7. Sew on all parts of the body. Watch out for symmetry.
  8. The doll is ready, you can dress it up.

A star will also look good as a Christmas decoration.

We need:

  • Cloth.
  • Tapes.
  • Decoration materials.

Stencil cut out two halves of the back of the star and 8 petals for the front.

Sew the folded parts along the red lines.

3. Press the seams carefully.

4. Fold the resulting parts in two and sew again.

5. Smooth out the pieces once more.

6. Sew these pieces together in one stitch.

7. Smooth out the finished part.

8. Sew the tape on the back.


Learn more