How to make a gum drop tree

Create Holiday Memories with a Gumdrop Christmas Tree

by AbbyFitz

Gumdrop Christmas trees are a great alternative to a traditional tree, ideal for small spaces, and can be a Christmas memory your children will cherish for years to come.

I have warm memories of visiting my Aunt Dorothy at Christmastime. In one corner of her living room on an end table was a hawthorn branch she had put in a flowerpot and carefully stuck gumdrops on the thorns.

When I would visit, I always made a beeline for the tree so I could eat all of the black gumdrops first, then continuing on to the other flavors. It was what really made my Christmas at Aunt Dorothy's.

I thought Aunt Dorothy put a thorny gumdrop tree up year after year because my cousins and I loved it so much.

After I was grown, my aunt let me in on a little secret: She wanted a no-fuss tree. She didn't want to spend time decorating a tree, just to take it all back down in a few weeks. She also lived in a small house and didn't really have enough space for a traditional tree.

To her, a gumdrop tree was an easy way to decorate for the holidays. But for us kids, it was a Christmas tradition that we couldn't do without.

A No-Fuss Christmas Tree

Gumdrop Christmas trees let you decorate without the work or hassle.

My aunt was an older lady, which was probably why she had switched to a gumdrop tree. Her children were grown and her Christmases were always spent at their homes, so she really didn't need a traditional Christmas tree.

Instead of bypassing a tree altogether, she used a gumdrop tree to still be festive, but with minimal effort. Having the gumdrop tree in her living room brightened up her tiny living room, so it didn't seem as if Scrooge lived there.

Aunt Dorothy still had visitors, and I'm sure she enjoyed watching the children ooh and ahh over her unique Christmas tree.

Plastic Christmas Gumdrop Tree

Gum Drop Tree

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Creative Christmas Tree Alternative

A gumdrop Christmas tree is great for apartments, small homes, and hospital and nursing home rooms.

Clear plastic gumdrop trees are ideal for anyone who has limited space to dedicate to a traditional tree. At 12 inches high, it can easily fit into just about any space.

There's no need to move furniture around, because a coffee or end table becomes the perfect tree stand.

Don't Forget the Gumdrops!

View on Amazon

A gumdrop tree would be a great Christmas gift for anyone who is hospital or nursing home bound during the holidays because it's small enough to fit onto their windowsill or bedside stand.

It's the perfect Christmas tree that doesn't require much storage space. It comes apart and lays flat in its own box, so it won't be taking up valuable closet or attic space like a typical tree would.

Gumdrop Trees are a Unique Holiday Decoration

Even if you have a standard tree, there's always room in your home for a gumdrop tree.

Gumdrop trees also make great decorations for your holiday table. Instead of using cedar or other typical holiday foliage, use a gumdrop tree. Most guests have never seen one before, and they'll love the novelty of being able to nibble at the centerpiece.

Also, place a gumdrop tree in your guest rooms for anyone who may visit during the holidays. It's an easy way to decorate their room, and your guests will thank you for the midnight snack.

Gumdrop Christmas Tree Craft

It's easy if you have access to the right trees.

If you have access to a hawthorn tree, any thorny tree, or artificial birch limbs, it's easy to make your own gumdrop Christmas tree.

Cut off a small, table-sized branch that has plenty of offshoots and thorns for your gumdrops. Be sure to clean your branch very well, because no one will want to eat dirty gumdrops!

Place in a pot filled with sand, and cover the pot with a small tree skirt.

Carefully place a gumdrop on each thorn/branch and enjoy.

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Christmas STEM Activity: Gumdrop Christmas Tree

| 7 Comments | Filed Under: Holidays

The holidays are the perfect time to engage your students with activities that you don’t get to do during the regular school year. This Christmas STEM activity is a student favorite and perfect for engaging your students in engineering and math skills while also sneaking in some holiday fun.

STEM Focus:

The focus for this Christmas STEM activity is engineering and math, specifically measuring. You can easily add in a technology component by having the students record their data on a google spreadsheet, video their progress, or complete an online journal entry about the process and what they learned.


  • Gumdrops (about 40 per group)
  • Toothpicks
  • Rulers or other measuring tools

There are a few different ways you can incorporate this activity in your classroom. With any engineering activity, you can provide more or less structure and guidelines. You can add in requirements that up the challenge or you can keep it pretty simple. For this particular activity, there are two main choices I choose from: a more advanced version and a “free for all” version.

Christmas STEM Activity Option 1:

This version is more advanced and has more guidelines that will require your students to think more critically, do more math, and do more writing. The students must start the task by creating a simple tree with four toothpicks and five gumdrops. They will measure the tree and record the measurement. Then, they will begin the main challenge: to create the tallest tree possible. They will measure their progress three more times: twice during and once for the final measurement.

After completing both challenges, they will calculate the difference between the simple tree height and their final tree height. Then, they will compare and contrast the process of creating the simple tree and the tallest tree.

Here is an example of a simple tree created with five gumdrops and four toothpicks:

Christmas STEM Activity Option 2:

For this version, there is no simple tree requirement and the students are only instructed to create the tallest Christmas tree possible with the gumdrops. They will measure their progress three times just like in option 1.

Here are some example trees that could be created. I have included printable examples in the download. However, I usually don’t give my students any examples at all, so what they come up with is truly creative. What my students come up with is typically better or more unique than any example I could show them.

Click here or on the image to download the printable directions for both options to best help you complete this Christmas STEM activity in your classroom.

If you have your students complete this challenge and are on Instagram, I would love to see pictures. You can tag me (@jenniferfindleyblog) in the picture. 🙂

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Christmas Tree of Inventions: STEM-Inspired Christmas Craft

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This post was created in collaboration with A Stults.


7 Comments | Filed Under: Holidays

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photos, production steps, decor ideas

No wonder they say: "Every man should raise a son, build a house and plant a tree." But whether he can, one can only guess. But the fair sex can. She can even make a tree of happiness herself, with her own hands!

Topiary - direction of landscape design. The history of art has been known since ancient times. Today, the topiary is known as a clipped shrub, an elegantly decorated tree that will serve as a real decoration of the interior. Many are sure that the topiary attracts positive emotions and happiness, and if the tree is decorated with various banknotes or coins, then well-being in the house. This is where the name “tree of happiness” comes from.

As an element of decor, topiary has gained worldwide popularity, and now every housewife dreams of seeing such a tree at home.

To create a topiary, you do not need to run around the shops in search of suitable materials, but use improvised materials. Crowns can be decorated with paper flowers, ribbons or organza, multi-colored stones and pebbles, beads, sweets, etc., it all depends on your facts.

Interesting fact: Topiary, as an art, originated in antiquity. For the first time, bizarre and geometric shapes to trees began to be given in Daytime Egypt and Greece. A well-known example of that time that can still be observed is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


  • Feng Shui Talisman
  • Do-it-yourself "Tree of Happiness"
    • Crown
    • Tree trunk
    • How to assemble the pot base
    • ?
    • Decor ideas
  • Popular compositions
    • Corrugated paper happy tree
    • Happy tree decorated with ribbons
    • Coffee bean happy tree
    • Beaded happy tree
  • 45 photos of happiness tree (topiary) ideas:

Feng Shui Talisman

Topiary is a kind of talisman that can attract love and happiness, health and good luck. Topiaries sold in stores mainly look like flowering trees with stones. According to Feng Shui, talismans have Qi energy. In addition, the Chinese are convinced that a precious and semi-precious stone is endowed with a certain charge, so the tree of happiness can also improve health, bring good luck or make a wish come true. However, the influence of the topiary on a person will be felt only if the tree is located in the correct part of the room.

Many people believe that a talisman made by one's own hands has a huge advantage. So the tree of happiness, made by hand, carries energy.

Do-it-yourself "Tree of Happiness", manufacturing steps

Topiary (tree of happiness) has a decorative character. And it will depend only on your imagination how and from what materials you will form it.

Topiary includes three components:

  • Crown
  • Stem
  • Stand or Pot


A common crown shape is a ball, but if you fantasize, you can choose any: in the form of geometric shapes, hearts, stars, etc. Popular base materials:

  • Mounting foam. This crown can be of any shape and size. Foam is poured into an ordinary bag. After a little time, after complete drying, get rid of the polyethylene and give the crown the shape necessary for the composition. It is very convenient to work with such a crown.

Tip: Always wear gloves when handling foam.

  • Newspaper . It will take a lot of newspapers. From the material it is necessary to make a semblance of a ball of the required diameter and density. You can fix the base with a sock, stocking or other fabric. Additionally, cling film, threads and PVA glue will help form the base.
  • Styrofoam . The desired shape of the foam can be given with a clerical knife. Styrofoam, as well as the base of polyurethane foam, is very easy to work with.
  • Papier mache . Thanks to this technique, you can create the perfect shape for the crown in the form of a ball. An inflated balloon is glued layer by layer with pieces of paper. After complete drying, burst the ball with a needle and pull it out of the base. The form is ready.
  • Any material . To work on the manufacture of a tree crown, you can use any material you like: a ball, a ball, spherical toys, etc.

Tree trunk

Branches, a pencil, a stick, wire, or similar can be used to create a tree trunk. The workpiece can be decoratively decorated with colored threads and paper, paints and ribbons, or any other material. To emphasize the structure of the tree, it is desirable that the trunk be longer. For a larger trunk, it is attached to the pot and to the crown. You can beat the composition by painting the trunk with different colors.

Tip: To make the tree of happiness look more spreading, it is better to use a real shrub as the basis for the trunk.

Pot base

The pot is the main decorative element of the whole composition. It is he who is able to give the topiary a finished look. As a pot for a tree, not only a flower pot can act, but also a self-made pot, decorated with your own hands.

For example, if the talisman will be made in the form of a bonsai, it is better to choose a rectangular pot, and if the topiary is a tall, rounded pot. For the stability of the crown and base, the bottom of the pot must be weighted. This can be done with a solution of cement or gypsum, gravel, polyurethane foam and other materials. To prevent cracks in the pot when pouring the solution, pieces of foam rubber, neatly laid on the bottom, will help. To decorate the base of the tree, various pebbles, sand, glass, beads, moss are suitable.

Tip: When choosing a pot for a tree, remember that it should be larger than the crown of the tree.

The crown looks more interesting and profitable from several materials that are designed in the same style. But remember that the combination of elements must be in harmony with each other, otherwise the topiary will look complicated and sloppy.

How to assemble and how to decorate?

When assembling the topiary, the first step is to fill the pot halfway with filler. Next - insert a decorated trunk with a crown into the middle of the pot, firmly fixing it in the base of the pot with glue. After that, you can do the decor of the tree itself. To decorate the topiary, it is best to use a special glue gun or PVA glue. The final stage - the pot is completely covered with filler and decorated with various elements.

Decor ideas

Coffee beans are the most elegant and fragrant decor. An interesting option using pebbles, shells, stars and other symbols of the marine theme. The original idea of ​​​​nut topiary: hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and others. And the most popular decor today is coins and banknotes.

Tip: Let your imagination run wild, and the topiary can become a real decoration for your home or an ideal souvenir!

Popular compositions

When starting to work on a topiary, think over your thoughts and materials. There are many ideas, as well as compositions. Here are some DIY ideas.

Corrugated paper tree of happiness

The simplest decoration. For decoration you will need:

  • Pot
  • Colored paper
  • Spherical crown
  • Stem of any material
  • Colored beads
  • Adhesive
  • Acrylic paint.

The pot is covered with paint, thick thread, preferably twine, wrap the stem around and fix with glue in the center of the pot. And the last step is to attach the crown to the trunk.

Decoration. For an oasis, plastic or cardboard is suitable. The size of the oasis depends on the diameter of the pot. To fix the stem in the pot, a small hole must be made in the oasis. To decorate the tree, corrugated flowers of various shapes and structures will appear. Each flower is glued to a spherical base with PVA glue or super glue. The top of the pot can be decorated with a border, and the oasis with beads.

Tip: Flowers can be glued on with hot glue, or you can use skewers or wire.

Tree of happiness decorated with ribbons

An elegant version of the tree of happiness. For decor:

  • Pencils
  • Balls
  • Ribbons
  • Glue
  • Pot
  • Invisibles

Rings are formed from the tape in turn, closing all the voids, glued to the base in turn. After decorating, the crown is put on the trunk and attached to the bottom of the pot. The pot must first be weighted.

For a pot, use a cup, pre-weighting it with gravel, sand or other material. We glue the finished trunk with a crown to the bottom of the base of the glass. To decorate the cup, a prepared rope is suitable, which is tied around the entire diameter. You can complete the composition with a ladybug or a butterfly made of plastic, which can be fixed on the top of a tree.

An interesting fact: you can give the composition a spectacular look, nobility and relief due to the double coffee layer.

Beaded tree of happiness

Beaded topiary deserves special attention. Decorating such a tree can take a lot of time and effort, but it's worth it. Any product made of beads is painstaking work. To decorate a topiary, you can immediately buy a ready-made set of beads, and a jar of coffee or cream is also suitable for a pot.

Now each of you has an idea what a topiary is and how to make it yourself. After all, it is much more pleasant to make a thing with your own hands, and if you try, you will definitely get a chic little thing for decor in the form of a fancy fantasy ball on a leg!

45 photos of happiness tree (topiary) ideas:

How to make a real pistol out of wood. A simple gun that shoots rubber bands

Today, toy stores offer such a large and colorful selection that parents clutch their heads and children salivate. Unfortunately, the economic situation and one's own capabilities do not always allow one to have enough income to please one's own child with a good gift. Hands and head to help us! Some of the toys can always be made by yourself. Many craftsmen cut cars, horses, anything from wood and sell it.

Wood is a very convenient material, with a minimum of skill in handling it and the necessary tools, you can do a lot. For girls, you can cut dolls, furniture, dishes from it, and for boys - a typewriter, a gun, a sword. The question of how to make weapons out of wood is of great interest to them!

Variants of weapons made of wood

You can actually do a lot, the main thing is, why do you need a specific thing? For a child who will play in the yard, for the use of weapons for their intended purpose, for role-playing games, for hunting, or maybe for a costume? Homemade weapons made of wood will take the form and look that you wish.

If the main purpose is play, then the main thing in this case is strength. All paintwork and delicate fragile parts will come off in a few days, if not immediately. When military field training is held in schools, and schoolchildren are given wooden Kalashnikov assault rifles for them, then 50% of the guys tear off stores on the first or second day. But these machines are made in a stream, not really caring about beauty, painting in one color and trying to make them stronger. Ask how to make a weapon out of wood that won't break? No way, the thing will remain intact only if you do not use your product.

For roleplayers, the situation is much more complicated, they need weapons that are both beautiful and durable, so they often use other materials. If, nevertheless, a tree, then they make two swords or knives, one is beautiful, the second is durable.

Material selection and processing

The choice of material determines how long processing takes. Birch is a very strong and unyielding tree, it is good to make a club out of it, without special processing the product will be heavy. Aspen, poplar, pine are softer, it is easy and pleasant to work with them. Oak is not common in many regions of Russia, but if you decide to make a weapon with your own hands from wood, then you will hardly find a better material. It is easier to process than birch, lighter in weight and stronger than pine, and retains its quality very well over time.

Wood for products must be free of knots, wood chips, rot, with a single grain direction, without distortion. It is necessary to dry it, it is best in a dry room or under a canopy. It is necessary that the tree dries evenly without direct exposure to sunlight, otherwise it will then begin to crack and warp.

Crafting a club

The simplest weapon made of wood is a club or a stick. What could be simpler, break off a branch - and you're done. But if suddenly you decide to take this issue seriously, you want to make a durable, lightweight, comfortable product, then the question “how” arises before you. It is not easy to make weapons out of wood according to all the rules.

Select a young tree of suitable size for the club. They cut down closer to the root, as the fibers begin to intertwine at the butt, making the material even more durable. Then, carefully, so as not to damage the upper layers, remove the bark, cut off the knots, give the desired shape to the handle, if necessary, soak the workpiece in water or special brines for a day. Then the drying begins, a fire is made, and on the smoke, protecting the future club from flames, they are dried. As soon as the tree has turned black, the blackness is removed with fine sand or hard grass. This is repeated six times, the surface is smooth and dry. Even if birch was chosen, the final product will be light and strong. This tree does not rot.

Our ancestors used the same principle to make strong arrows and spears without steel tips.

Shield and sword

How to make wooden weapons for role playing and historical reenactments? If for beauty and entourage, then it is very convenient to cut out the shape with a jigsaw from plywood, smooth the edge, varnish, paint, insert decorations. With good paint, without taking the thing in hand, it will be difficult to determine what material it is made of. For combat, it is worth making a weapon from a thick, durable tree, with a comfortable handle, so that the vibration from the impact is less transferred to the hand, otherwise you can damage the brush or simply drop the object during the first hard collision.

Plywood makes a great shield, but for combat it is better to use iron-bound or steel versions with a shock-absorbing lining. During reconstructions, they usually show a wall fight, in which it is extremely difficult to deliver a strong blow to the shield. A good and durable one is needed for an individual fight, for all other cases it is suitable from plywood.

Models of firearms

No matter how much you want to make homemade firearms out of wood that will shoot, it is impossible. Unless for one or two shots, and it’s not a fact that the weapon will not burst during an explosion of gunpowder.

All samopal schemes are reduced to one algorithm. The tree is a frame to which the trunk is attached, a trigger mechanism with a striker, sometimes a magazine is added. Uncomfortable, short-lived, but cheap and cheerful.

Hunting weapon

Do you remember when you used to run around the yards with slingshots? If you have not run, be sure to try it, you will like it. Modern elastic materials give such striking power to a small metal ball or pebble that, with proper skill, you can knock down targets from thirty steps. But the frame of a slingshot can be easily made of wood.

Wood weapon designs for hunting are quite common. So, they make crossbows and bows. A wooden frame is not so difficult to make, sleight of hand and no magic. But there is an important detail that is necessary to make small arms lethal and effective at long distances. For this you need shoulders, flexible and strong, as well as a bowstring. There are old technologies for making shoulders, but nowadays it is too laborious and difficult to implement at home. It is easier to use modern materials such as plastic.

It is best to make the main frame out of wood, and the shoulders out of flexible non-rotting plastic, the synthetic cord will go to the bowstring. A little decoration and paint, and you get a completely entourage and effective bow.

How to make a pistol out of wood can be learned not only out of love to shoot at others with bullets from rubber bands. In fact, boys are very fond of such truly masculine crafts as cars, soldiers. And in the process of sawing and bringing a wooden pistol to working condition, a small master, under strict guidance, will master all the main stages of implementation, see and learn how to handle complex tools used in woodworking.

How to make a pistol out of wood master class

There are several videos on the net about how to make a pistol out of wood . Master Class this one is quite complicated, so it will be simply impossible for a kid to cope alone, and even very dangerous. Think about what the main stages of the entire complex technological process are not entirely you can safely entrust to him. Maybe it will be grinding, maybe working with a chisel, or maybe tracing the contour of the future pistol will be sufficient participation.

When working with wood, you must follow the simplest safety rules. And this applies not only to children, but also to adults. Wear thick gloves, as wooden splinters are extremely unpleasant, they are difficult to remove, and the wound can bother you for a long time afterwards. In order to prevent this when working with an unpolished board, reliable protection of the skin of the hands is needed. The second obligatory moment is a protective mask or goggles. If splinters that get under the skin are unpleasant, then pieces of wood that get into the eyes can lead to very serious consequences. It is better to play it safe and buy each participant in the production of his own pair of goggles. At the same time, you will look like real professionals in this semi-game execution process.

The production of wooden pistols as a form of children's creativity already has a considerable history in terms of the past years. What material will be as accessible and at the same time as easy to process, relative to metal or plastic? The boys, who always wanted and will want to repeat after adults, made pistols for themselves from plywood, from school rulers, from boards, carried their toys with them for street games in the war, took care of them. Previously, wooden and homemade toys were more likely to be associated with the low income of the family, which could not afford to buy beautiful plastic toys in the store. Today, when a huge number of plastic pistols are sold in the store, but no parent can be absolutely sure of the safety of both the material (toxic or not, what additives are present in the plastic) and the reliability of the design itself (brittleness of plastic, small parts). And wooden toys in our time are environmentally friendly, and, like everything environmentally friendly, they are fashionable and highly valued. Especially handmade ones.

Photo of how to make a pistol out of wood
. In fact, if your dad is not fond of locksmithing, then you probably won’t have the entire set of tools you need for either at home or in the country. Therefore, further we will also analyze simpler methods for the production of quite worthy combat units. By the way, a great compromise for dads is to take their son to a small locksmith shop, where they ask permission to make a toy with their son. At the same time, you will show your son what tools there are, and the time spent working together, as advertising teaches us, is simply priceless.

For crafts, we take a board that is not varnished and untreated with any chemical means. A thickness of 2-2.5 centimeters will be enough to create a high-quality pistol. On the Internet, find a picture of a life-size small pistol, print and cut out the blank. Attach to the board and carefully circle the outline. This is best done with a ballpoint pen or indelible fine marker, as the lines should not be smeared or erased in the future, which can lead to incorrect cutting. It is best to cut such a thick board with a band saw, which will help to form a smooth and neat edge. Using a grinder, process the barrel, handle, give them the necessary rounded shape. Clamp the semi-finished product in a vise and cut the trigger. For this it will be convenient to use a spiral saw. We make all the relief recesses with a cutter, bring the trigger to the ideal shape with a rasp. All small details, such as notches or a pattern on the handle, are cut with a chisel. The gun is almost ready, but its surface must be properly processed, because it is designed for delicate children's hands. The entire surface is carefully sanded. First, we go through with sandpaper, smoothing out the protrusions and irregularities, and with the help of zero paper we polish it completely.

The finished gun can be varnished, which is used specifically for working with wood, and you can also use paint for working with wood, it will create a protective film on the surface of the craft, which is necessary for a long and faithful service to its little owner. A little secret - before applying paint to the surface of a wooden toy, you need to treat it initially with a special primer. So the adhesion of paint and wood will be maximum and the risk of paint chipping during the game, and, therefore, further damage to wood, will be minimal.

How to make a pistol out of wood: ideas

A thick board allows us to make a pistol that is as close to the real one as possible. If the whole complex technological process with an abundance of tools and stages scares you, then you can also learn how to make a pistol out of wood. Ideas in this case will focus on easier-to-handle materials.

Other news

Choose a piece of wood that fits the gun body (barrel and stock). It must be soft enough that you can cut grooves in the barrel of your gun. Ordinary wood is the cheapest and most available material, although bamboo or other materials can also be used for the body of the gun.

  • The stock should be about 60 centimeters long.
  • Suitable wood for the body can be cut from some fairly hard branch, plank or plank.
  • Wooden tool handles available in hardware stores are also great.

Assemble the rest of the parts needed for the gun. In addition to the barrel and stock, you will need a trigger and something to attach it to the body of the gun. Thus, you will need:

  • Clip (as trigger)
  • Pencil
  • Glue (for wood, superglue, etc. )
  • Rubber band
  • Attach the clip to the body - this will be the trigger. The best place for a clothespin is determined by the type of gun you want to make. To make the gun more powerful, you should fix the clothespin closer to the rear edge of the body. In the case of a conventional shotgun, attach a clothespin ⅔ from the front edge of the barrel. Do it like this:

    • Mark the location of the clothespin with a pencil or knife.
    • Attach the clothespin to the body with wood glue, super glue or hot glue.
    • Wait until the glue is completely dry.
    • Note: The further you place the clothespin from the front of the barrel, the tighter the elastic will stretch. If you stick the clothespin too far, it may not be able to hold the elastic and it will slip out of it.
  • Make an incision on the front of the trunk. Using a knife or other cutting tool (such as a small woodcarving file), cut a groove into the front end of the barrel. You will insert the rubber band into this groove.

  • Load your gun. Take a rubber ring and insert one end of it into the groove you cut in the front of the barrel. After that, pull the free end of the elastic back to the clothespin. Open the clothespin and:

    • Pull the elastic a little more so that the end is behind the front teeth of the clothespin.
    • Clip the clothespin into the elastic.
  • Check that the elastic is tight and secure. Lightly pull the rubber band with your fingers to make sure that the notch in the barrel is deep enough so that the rubber band does not slip out of it. Then check the clothespin, making sure it is securely held in place.

    • If the rubber band slips out of the groove in the barrel easily, deepen it a little.
    • If the clothespin moves under the tension of the rubber band, secure it more securely with glue or tape.
  • Arms in the Philippines

    In the Philippines, this place is called the "city of weapons. " For more than a century, the inhabitants of Danao have made a living from the production of weapons. These people know how to manually assemble pistols, revolvers and machine guns. The authorities created a cooperative in order to legalize the production of weapons in this way. But instead of earning money legally, most cooperate with the local mafia.

    Jose picks up a gun, looks through the scope. He thinks for a moment, and then puts the mold in a vise, which at the moment is nothing more than a semblance of a future pistol, a piece of metal. José Arneskar will have to spend more than one day at work before this form gains its firepower. This muscular 33-year-old worker puts all his strength into working on the shutter. “This is the hardest part,” he says breathlessly. “It will take at least a week to finish the job.” This is the most important part of the weapon, so Jose will only use a file in his work.

    We are located in the world's largest arms manufacturing cooperative located in Danao on the island of Quebu in the heart of the Philippines. This organization is unique in its essence, it is here that weapons of 38 and 45 calibers, pump-action shotguns and even some models of machine guns are produced. 90% of the total production is made by hand.

    This huge old building has only a few machines, its roof is leaky and does not protect from rain, which is why a cloth is hung on top to protect the electrical wiring. There is such a noise in the semi-dark room that it seems as if you have fallen into a mountain tunnel.

    Approximately 30 workers can work and modify their weapons on 2 main machines. Using a drill, each item is engraved with "WORLD" and a serial number. There is another large machine, which is considered the most important in the work, drums are produced on it. “This is the most important machine,” says June, as he watches his colleague finish his part of the job. “Thanks to him, we can do work that is very difficult to do by hand.” “We don't have many tools,” the worker says regretfully.

    In this production, each worker independently creates weapons from start to finish, and after the sale receives almost the full cost on hand. It mainly produces 38 and 45 caliber weapons, as well as pump-action shotguns. It takes a week to make a 38 caliber pistol that sells for 30 euros, a 45 caliber pistol takes twice as long to produce, but also costs more. The employees of this cooperative earn an average of 70 euros per month, which is the minimum wage in the Philippines. Nearly 100 guns come out of these workshops every month, most of them ordered by police and soldiers who have not been given weapons at work and for whom this is the cheapest way to get them. This weapon is also in demand among the security guards of shops and banks.

    Weapon making is an old tradition in Danao. They say that even under the Spaniards, arquebuses were made here. But the main production was formed at the beginning of the 20th century, when the Philippines was an American colony. During the Second World War, the Americans used the skills of the Danes to convert captured Japanese weapons to their caliber. It is from that time that manual production of weapons has been carried out here.

    As a result, in 1996 the authorities organized a legal cooperative for the production of weapons. But, despite all the efforts of the authorities, most workers make weapons illegally, not obeying the cooperative.

    Finding such illegal productions is not difficult. In the city center you can find the small house of Renato Gonzalez. All his production consists of a simple vise and a set of tools. In his workshop, you can see the mold for the KG-9, a light assault rifle that looks like an Israeli-made Uzi. It took Renato 2 weeks to produce it, he received 100 euros for the work. The 52-year-old worker took over his skills from his grandfather and father, who were also engaged in the production of weapons. “I was 8 years old when I started helping them,” recalls Renato. - I came back from school and learned to work with a file. Now I am doing this so that my children have the opportunity to go to college.”

    According to Nestor Sabayton, who ran the cooperative until 2007, at least 5,000 people illegally produce weapons in Danao.

    Naturally, there must be a person who would supervise these illegal workers. In Danao, this man is called "Rio Shark", he is one of the most experienced weapons manufacturers. In his workshop, you can see the finished AR-15 automatic rifle, which is very similar to the American M-16 rifle. This weapon, worth 500 euros, was ordered by the mayor of a large neighboring city. “This is the second time I have received an order to make such a thing,” Rio says. His son adds: “We had a lot of orders just before the election. Many politicians wanted pistols or rifles like this."

    Local elections in the Philippines are notorious. For example, in 2007, 114 candidates and party members were killed during the election campaign. In addition, bank robberies are often also accompanied by murders. In May 2008, there was a high-profile robbery, during which the perpetrator shot 10 people. Over a million firearms are believed to be in circulation in the Philippines, with a third of them being unlicensed.

    Despite the situation in the country, everything is calm in Danao police stations. In 2007, only 2 people were detained for illegal production and 18 for illegal possession of weapons. “We know that there are several illegal arms manufacturers in the city,” says Lieutenant Lakson Dekhino, “but when we find them, we try to encourage them to join the cooperative, if they refuse, they will be arrested.”

    The illegal arms business does not seem to disturb Danao's tranquility, with 120,000 residents leading a normal life. So a resident of Danao says with humor: “If you hear shots on the streets of Danao, it’s okay, it’s just one of the masters testing his new weapon in action.”

    If you are going to a country house or going on a trip, it is not always possible to buy a toy gun for your child. However, paper is often at hand, and you can make a gun yourself, using the tips from our article. In this short tutorial article, we will answer the question of how to make a gun out of paper.

    Even a child of primary school age can handle making a paper pistol. You can choose an interesting option from several methods proposed in this article. Videos and photos will help you in the implementation of the project.

    Origami style paper gun

    Required materials

    You don't need glue or tape for this simple craft, you only need paper and pencils/felt-tip pens to color it. Origami is an exciting pastime that helps develop fine motor skills and attentiveness, but you need to carefully understand the technique by following the step-by-step instructions.

    Try to make a gun out of paper together with your child - we are sure you will enjoy the process a lot.

    Step by step instructions

    How to make a gun out of paper? First, cut out a square from an A4 landscape sheet, then fold it in half. Gently iron the fold line in the middle, unfold, tear off 1 part. Fold it in half, then in half again. Then fold the leaf across. Set it aside and take the next one.

    Fold one edge inward, now you can fold this sheet in half twice, as with the previous one. Fold it in half again.

    Fold the 2 pieces together, place them on each other with single sides, fold the top under the bottom to get a fold. Bend the strip along the line, turn the figure over, do the same with the 2nd strip, you get the letter "G".

    Unfold the piece, fold in half again. Gently thread the 2nd part into the resulting holes, do this carefully so that the paper does not tear. The gun is ready.

    Consider another way to make toy weapons. Take 2 sheets of paper. Fold the 1st sheet in half lengthwise, then again. Fold it in half, smooth the fold line so that it is clearly drawn. Expand, bend to the middle of the edge. Please note that the distances from the bend line in the middle to the corners along the edges are equal.

    Fold in half along the fold line you marked. This part will be the handle.

    Roll the 2nd sheet of paper into a tube. Pass the tube into the handle, having previously folded it in half. You will get a double-barreled pistol.

    Required materials

    You will need a sheet of thin cardboard, tape, scissors, a rubber band, and draft bullets.

    A model made of thin writing paper will be very soft, it will quickly deform when the elastic is compressed, it will quickly become unusable, therefore it is recommended to use thin cardboard or thick paper designed for.

    Step by step instructions

    How to make a pistol out of paper that shoots? Sheet A4 must be folded into 2 identical parts, cut along the fold line. Both halves need to be folded horizontally, you get rectangles in which one side will be much narrower than the second.

    The sheet must now be unfolded. Press the edges to the fold, fold it in the center, getting a narrow strip of 4 layers of paper. On the 2nd half of the paper, it is necessary to vertically bend it in the center, and bend the corners of the rectangle at a right angle. The edges of the product must be bent inward to get an angle of less than 90 degrees.

    To make a handle, fold the resulting triangle in half and then fold it to form an L-shape. Fold the 2 pieces to make an obtuse angle: spread the handle a little, thread the paper through the resulting holes. Fasten the model with paper clips, pull the tongue at the bottom to make a trigger.

    Cut a triangle above the handle to match the groove on the top of the barrel. On the front of the trunk, a notch is needed for the elastic band. Stretch the elastic so that it covers the entire model - from the front of the barrel to the handle.

    A bullet can be made from a piece of paper, making shooting a safe activity: glasses and fragile objects will not be damaged, and there will be no bruising from such shooting. When you pull the trigger, the rubber band will release and the gun will go into action, hitting the ball of crumpled paper.

    You can modify the product to make it seem more realistic - decorate with drawings or applications, as your fantasy tells you.

    Paper pistol model

    Required materials

    You need to take several sheets of A4 paper, adhesive tape, a pencil, 1 rubber band, a ballpoint pen (thick).

    Step by step instructions

    To make a barrel, place a ballpoint pen on an A4 piece of paper, wrap it around to make a tube. Push the pen out by pushing it out of the tube with the pencil. Glue the ends of the product with adhesive tape.

    To make a smaller diameter piston than the barrel, place a pencil on a piece of paper, roll it into a tube and seal the ends with tape. Take the pencil out of the tube.

    Cut the piston a little so that it is a little more than 1/2 of the barrel, seal the edges with tape. Glue a rubber band to the edge of the tube.

    To make a handle, wrap paper around the handle to make a tube, remove it by prying it with a pencil, loosen it so that the diameter is larger. Seal the edges with tape and fold the handle in half.

    Insert the barrel into the handle. Make sure that she does not bend the trunk, seal 2 parts of the product with adhesive tape. Glue the edges with tape.

    To make a scope, make a tube out of paper using a pencil, securing the edges with tape. Cut 2 pieces of tubule, cut the rest in half.

    Glue the first 2 pieces to the 1st part with adhesive tape, the scope to the gun. Insert the piston into the barrel, put the rubber band on the handle. From the tubes that are left, make cartridges by cutting them into small pieces so that they pass into the barrel, or take paper, crushing it into lumps. To increase the power of the shot, take not 1 elastic band, but 2 or more. The gun is ready.

    1. The more realistic the model, the more time-consuming work to be, it will require patience, accuracy and time from you. Often, parents try so that the copies are 1: 1 scale, like works of art, they are not suitable for playing with children.
    2. For the manufacture of crafts, it is recommended to use thick Whatman paper or thin cardboard (in all versions, except for origami, it is better to use office paper for this technique).

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