How to make a homemade tree topper

23 Spectacular DIY Tree Toppers You Can Make Yourself!

Thanksgiving is done. It’s now time to let the shopping and decorating begin for the next holiday. Did you know your tree is probably one of the most noticed items in your home when you decorate?

This is why many people spend a fortune decorating their Christmas tree, but you don’t have to. You can find amazing DIY decorations.

Plus, you can finish your tree off with a spectacular DIY tree topper. Don’t assume because your tree topper is homemade it has to look like it.

In fact, the DIY tree toppers I’m going to share with you look anything but homemade! Here are some spectacular DIY tree toppers perfect for your tree this year:

1. The Solo Cup DIY Tree Topper

This tree topper is gorgeous and also inexpensive. They used a red solo cup as the base for the tree topper.

From there, they added gorgeous varieties of ribbon and a few inexpensive circular Christmas ornaments.

2. The Box Star

Are you into upcycling? Can you look past what something is to see the potential of what it could be? This tree topper is for you!

They used an old box from when something was shipped to them. From there, they made a star, painted it, and it definitely set their tree apart.

3. Rustic Star Tree Topper

If you’re into having rustic décor or a farmhouse theme Christmas, you’ll like this tree topper idea. The creator used only twigs, craft wire, and hot glue.

She was able to manipulate different twigs she foraged into the shape of a gorgeous star. It would work well atop many trees.

4. DIY Starburst Tree Topper

Would you like a tree topper that appears to be a burst of light atop your perfectly decorated Christmas tree?

This tutorial can walk you through how to accomplish this. It requires a ball of Styrofoam, wooden skewers, PVC pipe, and metallic paint.

5. DIY Moravian Star Tree Topper

This is an idea that may take someone who is on the crafty side. You all know I’m usually not, but if you are, definitely check out this tutorial.

They used old sheet music, a template, and some cardstock to create this beautiful tree topper. It would be the finishing touch on any Christmas tree.

6. Pipe Cleaner Tree Topper

Are you on a budget but still need a fabulous tree topper for your Christmas tree? Look no further than this idea.

It only requires 2 different colors of pipe cleaners. You secure them together and have a gorgeous glittery tree topper with little cost and effort.

7. DIY Felt Tree Topper

This is a cute and simple idea for a tree topper. You begin by tracing a star pattern onto 2 pieces of felt.

Cut the pieces out and sew them together. Fill the star with stuffing and give it a base to sit atop your tree.

8. Toilet Paper Roll Tree Topper

We all have toilet paper rolls because it’s a product we all must have. Instead of tossing the rolls, save them for this project.

They were able to manipulate the shape of the toilet paper rolls and secure them together to form a gorgeous tree topper.

9. DIY Pom-Pom Tree Topper

This tree topper cracks me up because it reminds me of what a crested duck looks like. If you want a colorful and different style of a tree topper, you must check this out.

The idea consists of a Styrofoam ball and pom-poms. The pom-poms are glued to the ball and fitted atop the tree.

10. Tree Topper Bow

Have you ever wondered how to make a large bow to fit on your tree as a tree topper? This tutorial can help!

They give you the list of materials you need and also have detailed pictures to walk you through each step.

11. DIY Beaded Star Tree Topper

If you’re looking for a simple tree topper, this idea could be what you’ve been searching for.

The tutorial walks you through how to make the beads, how to assemble the star, and offers pictures to help you with each step.

12. Candy Cane Star Tree Topper

This idea for a tree topper is inexpensive and seems simple enough to create. It requires 10 candy canes and 10 mints.

From there, follow the pictures to piece them together into a star and secure them with hot glue. Add ribbon for a nice finishing touch.

13. Rustic Chicken Wire Tree Topper

I’m in love with this tree topper. To the point, I’m seriously considering making it for my own tree this year.

The tutorial walks you through how to piece together different pieces of foraged wood to make a star. You put chicken wire in the center and have a gorgeous yet simple tree topper.

14. Burlap Bow Tree Topper

I’m obsessed with burlap. It’s an easy and inexpensive fabric to use, but it also has a way of still making everything it’s applied to stand out.

Therefore, this easy tutorial for a burlap bow to go atop your tree seems like a must-have for your tree this holiday season.

15. DIY Christmas Owl Tree Topper

Do you have a slight obsession with owls? It’s okay. I have quite a few people in my life who fit into this category.

Therefore, I knew this tutorial had to be shared because people who love owls may want one to top off their tree this year.

16. DIY Angel Tree Topper

Would you like to incorporate both a star and an angel at the top of your Christmas tree? This tutorial can help you with this.

The amazing news is everything you need to make this tree topper can usually be located at your local dollar store.

17. Woven Paper Tree Topper

This tree topper is gorgeous and is one to make you become intimidated by DIY if you didn’t check out the tutorial first.

However, once you see the process in pictures, you’ll realize this tree topper isn’t as difficult as it may appear initially.

18. Candy Tree Topper

This is such a nice idea! They used paper plates to make them look as though they were wrapped peppermints and lollipops.

From there, they placed them all over their tree (including as a tree topper.) Match this with colorful lights, and you’ll have one amazing tree.

19. The Weathervane Tree Topper

This is my all-time favorite tree topper. It’s easy to make and has a way of adding a rustic touch without a great deal of fuss.

It’s created from a hand-drawn template onto a piece of wood. The wood is painted to look like its metal.

20. JOY Tree Topper

This tree topper can be a little difficult to make in comparison to some of the other ideas shared here.

However, if you can locate the supplies and follow the tutorial you should be able to make a variety of gorgeous tree toppers using this one method.

21. Snowman Tree Topper

If you are looking for a good-looking tree topper then you’ve come to the right place.

Plus, thanks to this tutorial, you don’t have to buy one. Instead, you can make it with only a few basic supplies.

22. The Coffee Can Hat Tree Topper

This is such a simple idea, you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t already thought of it. You turn an old coffee can upside down inside a circular piece of Styrofoam.

From there, wrap the structure in craft style rope. Add a bow or another decoration to the brim, and you have an inexpensive hat to top your tree.

23. The Black Bear Tree Topper

This is shared as a general idea. Do you have kids who love stuffed animals? Well, put them to use on your tree.

If you have one which could look as though it was climbing the tree, attach it to the top. It allows you to use what you already have and have a creative tree topper too.

You now have over 20 different ideas for DIY tree toppers. They’re each unique in their own way and should help you to produce a unique Christmas tree this year.

Whether you’re looking for a fresh idea or are working on a tight decorating budget, you should be able to find something to make or inspire you towards the décor in your home this holiday season.

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Fun, Festive, and Unique DIY Christmas Tree Toppers


Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy

Lauren Murphy is a crafting expert and writer with experience creating unusual but highly useful DIY projects. She shares her love of crafting projects ranging from DIY heating pads and cupcake stands to Ouija boards, cat scratching posts, stress balls, and more.

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Updated on 05/08/20

A Beautiful Mess

Instead of reaching for the same classic angel or star Christmas tree topper this holiday season, think outside the box and consider DIY. Pushing your holiday decor over the edge can be as simple as adding a fun and unique topper to your tree. In most cases, a DIY tree topper only requires a few supplies and a bit of holiday-themed creativity. You can design your topper to match your home decor, reflect your Santa-like personality, or show off your favorite colors. There are plenty of great DIY tree topper tutorials to try that will get you off on the right foot.

  • 01 of 16

    DIY Woven Star Tree Topper

    Happiness Is Homemade

    It’s hard to believe this stunning tree topper is a DIY project. To boot, it’s simple to make and budget-friendly.

    Woven Paper Tree Topper from Happiness Is Homemade

  • 02 of 16

    Peace Sign Topper

    Cassie Bustamante

    The holidays are full of love, peace, and joy, so why shouldn’t your tree follow suit?

    DIY Peace Sign Tree Topper from Cassie Bustamante

  • 03 of 16

    Glittery Paper Star Topper

    Lia Griffith

    Imagine the classic star tree topper with a modern makeover. That’s what you get with this DIY glittery paper star tree topper tutorial, using easy-to-find materials such as decorative paper and a hot glue gun.

    Glitter Paper Star Tree Topper from Lia Griffith

  • 04 of 16

    Festive Wire Tree Toppers

    A Beautiful Mess

    Pipe cleaners are the magic ingredient that makes this DIY project so adorably whimsical. And, let’s face it, who doesn't love playing with pipe cleaners. Customize this simple DIY to show off your favorite holiday phrase or symbol.

    Easy DIY Christmas Tree Toppers from A Beautiful Mess

  • 05 of 16

    DIY Bow Topper

    Fry Sauce and Grits

    Perhaps one of the cutest—and often forgotten—decorations is the classic bow. It’s sweet, innocent, and full of holiday cheer. This tutorial will show you just how to create the perfect velveteen bow to place atop your tree this year.

    DIY Velveteen Bow Tree Topper Tutorial from Fry Sauce and Grits

  • 06 of 16

    Disco Tree Decor

    Queens Vein

    Channel your inner party animal and liven up your Christmas tree with this DIY disco ball tree topper tutorial. There’s no better way to add glam and glitz to your holiday.

    DIY Disco Ball Tree Topper from Queens Vein

  • 07 of 16

    Giant Ornament Topper DIY

    A Kailo Chic Life

    Classic Christmas ornaments are adorable. This fun tutorial will guide you through the steps to make a giant one to place on your tree for a fun and whimsical topper.

    Huge Colorful Ornaments and Tree Topper from A Kailo Chic Life

  • 08 of 16

    Sunburst Mirror Tree Topper

    Tatertots & Jello

    Sunburst mirrors are all the rage when it comes to modern home decor. Now you can add one of these stylish accessories to your Christmas tree!

    Sunburst Mirror Ornament DIY Tutorial from Tatertots & Jello

  • 09 of 16

    Pom-Pom Mashup

    Sugar and Cloth

    Nothing says cozy quite like colorful, fluffy pom-poms. Choose your favorite ones and dive into this cute craft.

    DIY Pom-Pom Tree Topper from Sugar and Cloth

  • 10 of 16

    Beaded Star Decoration

    Fall for DIY

    The simplicity of this tree topper gives it an elegant and modern look, perfect to get your home in the holiday spirit. If you’re avoiding busy decor on your Christmas tree, this craft is for you.

    DIY Beaded Star Tree Topper from Fall for DIY

  • 11 of 16

    Festive Foraging


    Nature enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who will love this DIY. The cute design just screams Christmas and will perfectly complement your tree this year.

    DIY Foraged Christmas Tree Topper from Gardenista

  • 12 of 16

    Budget-Friendly Farmhouse Tree Topper

    DIY Beautify

    Cute holiday decor doesn’t need to break the bank and at only $3, as this easy-to-follow tutorial will prove it!

    $3 Farmhouse Tree Topper from DIY Beautify

  • 13 of 16

    Balloon Tree Topper

    Everything Emily

    Make a statement with your Christmas decor by adding your family’s initial to your tree with a balloon. The ones used in this tutorial make it easy, while keeping it trendy.

    DIY Balloon Tree Topper from Everything Emily

  • 14 of 16

    Huge Peppermint Candies

    A Thoughtful Place

    You say Christmas, we say sweets. The two go hand-in-hand. This adorable tree topper says both and will make your space look both festive and delicious.

    Peppermint Tree Toppers from A Thoughtful Place

  • 15 of 16

    Glitter Ball Tree Topper

    A Glimpse Inside

    If you want a craft that’s cute, easy, and fun for the family, look no further. You can likely find all of the supplies needed for this craft at your local craft store. Have your kids join in on the fun and help you customize it.

    Glitter Ball Cone Tree Topper from A Glimpse Inside

  • 16 of 16

    Driftwood DIY

    Charleston Crafted

    Whether you live steps away from the sand or miles away from it, you’ll love this coastal DIY using driftwood. Warm, beachy vibes are always welcome in chilly December.

    DIY Driftwood Tree Topper from Charleston Crafted

DIY Christmas tree stars: 14 step-by-step master classes

The star has been one of the top Christmas decorations for many years. Basically, it shines on the top of the Christmas tree, but it can also be a bright room decor. In this article we will look at: how to make stars on a Christmas tree with your own hands.


  • 1 Volumetric paper star
    • 1.1 Master class
  • 2 Wicker star
    • 2.1 Workshop
  • 0007 3 creative elite
    • 3.1 Class
  • 4 Star from spruce
    • 4.1 Master class
  • 9000 5 Star of threads
      9000 5.1 Master class
  • 6 Awards from frozen
  • 000
  • 6.1 Master class
  • 7 Star origami
    • 7.1 Master class
  • 8 Brilliant Star

      007 9.1 Master class

  • 10 Rozhdestvenskaya star
    • 10.1 Class
  • 11 3D star
      .1 Master class
  • 12 Star of wire and beads
      9000 12.1 Master class
  • 13 star from Foamiran
    • 13.1 Master class
  • 3D paper star

    You will need: 2 square sheets of paper, scissors, ruler, simple pencil

    christmas ornaments\Christmas pendant Twine star/Christmas tree toy

    Watch this video on YouTube

    glue, tape.


    1. Take a square sheet of paper.
    2. Fold it in half 2 times, then unfold.
    3. Fold diagonally on both sides and unfold.
    4. It should be a square with 8 lines, like a snowflake.
    5. Mark with a pencil as shown in picture 4.
    6. Make cuts to the marks.
    7. Fold each side of the beam towards each other and secure with tape.
    8. Take a square sheet of paper and make a second blank in the same way.
    9. Glue 2 blanks together.
    10. Try to make a golden star in the same way.

    3D paper star is ready! I recommend watching the video tutorial!

    8 point PAPER STAR | DIY Volumetric Star 💖 Laxey

    Watch this video on YouTube

    Braided Star

    You will need: willow rods 5 mm thick, flexible branches no more than 3 mm thick, pruner, ruler.


    1. Prepare 5 sticks 12 cm long.
    2. Take 2 sticks and wrap the ends very tightly with wire. Do the same with the second pair of sticks.
    3. Form the frame of the star. It is worth noting that one of the sticks should be outside, and the other inside, so that the frame does not fall apart and the sticks cling to each other.
    4. Attach fifth stick and secure with wire.
    5. Take a thin twig and attach it to one of the tops of the star.
    6. Braid the whole star with thin twigs, as shown in the image.

    Eco-style braided star is ready!

    Creative tip

    You will need: Styrofoam ball, hot glue gun, electric drill, scissors, cardboard, pencil, yarn in bright colors.


    1. Draw a horseshoe circle on the cardboard, then cut it out.
    2. Wind the yarn around the cardboard and form a pom pom.
    3. Make pom poms in different colors and sizes.
    4. Make a hole in the foam ball using an electric drill.
    5. Try the ball on top of the tree, then remove it.
    6. Glue on the pom poms until they are full.
    7. Decorate the top of the tree.

    A creative pompom Christmas tree top is ready!

    Spruce star

    You will need: 5 wooden rulers, adhesive tape, spruce branches, gloves, green wire, ribbon.

    Master class

    1. Make a star frame from 5 rulers and secure with tape.
    2. Prepare the fir branches.
    3. Attach fir branches to rulers using green wire.
    4. Tie a ribbon bow and attach to the star.

    The spruce star is ready! I recommend watching this video!


    Watch this video on YouTube

    Thread star

    You will need: white and red floss threads, stationery pins, board, film, pva glue.

    Master class

    1. Wrap the plank with foil.
    2. Attach 6 pins to the boards as shown.
    3. Wind the thread around 3 pins to form a triangle.
    4. Wind the thread around the rest of the pins to form a second triangle.
    5. Spread the structure with glue and leave to dry.
    6. Carefully remove the star from the pins.
    7. Tie off the intersections of the two triangles with thread of a different color.

    The floss star is ready!

    Ice cream stick star

    You will need: 5 ice cream sticks, glue gun, brush, PVA glue, glitter, sheet of paper, felt deer figurine.

    Master class

    1. Fold the frame of the star from 5 sticks.
    2. Fix the sticks together using the glue gun.
    3. Coat the surface of the sticks with PVA glue and sprinkle generously with glitter.
    4. Leave to dry.
    5. Glue the deer figurine onto the surface of the star.

    Star is ready! Find more ice cream stick crafts HERE.

    Origami Star

    You will need: 6 square sheets of black double-sided paper.


    1. Take a square of paper and fold it diagonally to form a triangle.
    2. Rotate the workpiece 90 degrees and fold the top sides towards the center.
    3. Bend the bottom sides towards the center to form a rhombus.
    4. Fold the bottom section up to the right, then up to the left to form a cross.
    5. Bend the bottom ponytail in half lengthwise, then pull it to the right.
    6. Make 5 more pieces in the same way.
    7. Assemble the modules together in a circle to form a star.

    The modular origami star is ready! I recommend watching the video tutorial!

    Paper Star Modular Origami Star

    Watch this video on YouTube

    Shiny Star

    You will need: paper. scissors, ruler, glue.

    Master class

    1. Cut the paper into 10 thin strips of the same size.
    2. Lay out 5 strips on a flat surface, then lay out the remaining 5 in a checkerboard pattern.
    3. Glue together the ends of the strips located side by side at the corners. Please note that 4 strips of "cross" should remain.
    4. Make the second blank in the same way.
    5. Glue the blanks together forming a star.
    6. Glue loose strips to the parts of the star.

    Glittering paper star is ready!

    Twine star

    You will need: 10 pieces of wood, wood glue, twine, glue gun.

    Master class

    1. Lay out a star from 10 rails.
    2. Glue the slats together to form a star frame.
    3. Leave to dry.
    4. Fix the end of the twine to the rail with a glue gun.
    5. Wrap twine around the star and secure the tip with hot glue.

    Twine star is ready! I recommend watching this video!

    christmas ornaments\Christmas pendant Twine star/Christmas tree toy

    Watch this video on YouTube glue.


    1. Form the frame of the star from the hanger using pliers.
    2. Cut the foil into strips and twist them into ropes.
    3. Twist the flagellum into a spiral and wrap around the star. Thus, fill the entire surface of the star with foil.
    4. Glue on beads to decorate.

    The Christmas star is ready!

    3D napkin star

    You will need: paper napkins, scissors, metal wire.

    Master class

    1. Open the napkin.
    2. Fold the napkin so that the 2 outer edges point towards the center.
    3. Rotate the napkin 90 degrees and fold the 2 outer edges into the center. Repeat the action.
    4. Fold the rectangle in half along the center line to form a tight strip, then unfold the napkin.
    5. Fold the accordion along the fold lines, unfold and fold the accordion again in the opposite direction.
    6. Wind the metal wire around the center of the harmonica.
    7. Bend each corner of the napkin inward at a 45 degree angle. There should be 4 corners on each side of the accordion.
    8. Connect the ends of the harmonicas on both sides to form a star.

    Volumetric star is ready! See also napkin crafts.

    I recommend watching the master class video!

    How to fold napkins for table setting - star. Napkin folding tutorial

    Watch this video on YouTube

    Wire star and beads

    You will need: thick and thin wire, beads, beads, satin ribbon, scissors.

    Master class

    1. Take a piece of thick wire and form a star. Twist the ends of the thick wire together.
    2. String beads on thin wire.
    3. Tie the end of a thin wire to the figure and wind it around in a random way.
    4. Tie a loop using a satin ribbon.

    Christmas tree star made of wire and beads is ready!

    Foamiran star

    You will need: glitter and matt foamiran, pencil, scissors, glue gun, decorative string for hanging, cardboard, ruler.


    1. Draw an 8-pointed star in the desired size on cardboard.
    2. Cut out the template.
    3. Trace the template on the shiny foamiran 2 times, then cut out the blanks.
    4. Glue one star to the frosted foamiran, then cut it out.
    5. Glue the second star on the other side.
    6. Cut out two identical winter figures from foamiran and glue them in the center of the star from different sides. It can be a Christmas tree or a snowman.
    7. Glue a decorative string around the star and make a loop for hanging.

    Foamiran star is ready! And it also produces very beautiful flowers, to view it click HERE.

    I recommend watching this video!

    Christmas tree stars. Volume stars from foamiran DIY | Christmas tree stars

    Watch this video on YouTube

    Quilling star

    You will need: thick double-sided colored paper, scissors, ruler, glue stick, quilling tool or pen, ribbon.


    1. Prepare 2 cm strips of colored paper.
    2. Roll up the strip as shown in the photo.
    3. Glue another strip to the curl, forming a drop shape.
    4. Make 4 more drops in the same way.
    5. Glue 5 blanks together to form a star.
    6. Attach a hanging ribbon to one of the tops of the star.

    The quilling star is ready!


    How to decorate the top of the Christmas tree.

    How to make a top on a Christmas tree with your own hands

    On the eve of the New Year, we take out the cherished box with beautiful toys and decorate the Christmas tree. To make our Christmas tree look unusual and delight all households, let's try to make a creative top with our own hands.

    Contents of the article

    • Christmas tree top photo, photo
    • How to make a Christmas tree top, ideas from photo
    • Angel Christmas tree top, photo with explanation , photo with instructions
    • How to tie a bow on the top of the Christmas tree, photo
    • Toy on the top of the Christmas tree, photo with explanation
    • Top of the Christmas tree made of paper, photo with instructions
    • Top on the Christmas tree Star of Bethlehem, photo with explanation
    • How to make a three-dimensional star out of paper , instructions
    • Snowflake on the top of the Christmas tree, with photo
    • Video top on the Christmas tree master class

    Christmas tree top photo, photo

    How to make a Christmas tree top, ideas from photo

    Cover the cardboard star with gold paper or cloth.

    Decorating the top with the Eiffel Tower, you can imagine that you are celebrating the New Year in Paris.

    For those who know how and love to sew!

    An ordinary lamp can serve as a decorative element for the top.

    Artificial flowers, good option.

    Angel tree top, photo with explanation

    Option #1

    Plasticine, plaster or clay can be used to make an angel's head.

    To form the frame, wrap the wire with thread and then with cotton. Put the cotton on the glue.

    Angel wings are similarly made from wire and cotton.

    Option #2 Angel made from disposable paper plate.

    Option #3 Vine Angel

    1. White skinned vine.
    2. Acrylic varnish.
    3. White rattan.
    4. Raffia.
    5. Large plastic bag.
    6. Thick wire.

    Tools: pliers, wire cutters, knife, secateurs.

    Crocheted angel on the top of the Christmas tree, scheme

    To tie an angel to the top of the Christmas tree, you can use different patterns. The threads are thin cotton. After the angel is tied, starch the details to make the figure elastic and resistant.

    Dissolve starch (2 tablespoons) in cold water, pour the mixture into a pot of warm water (0.5 cup) and heat until thickened. Then dip the parts into the starch solution and soak until it cools. Gently squeeze each part, stretch on the surface and dry. After drying, iron and sew.

    Christmas tree top bow, photo with instructions

    Prepare the tape on the wire frame. Rewind 15 cm and pinch with the fingers of your left hand. Rewind a little more with your right hand, form a loop. Lock with your fingers.

    Depending on the size of the tree, determine the size of the loops. For example, the length of the loops is 30 cm, the length of the unwound tape is 50 cm. The wire frame holds its shape well, so you need to use only such a tape. The front side of the tape should be on the outside.

    Form a figure eight from the ribbon. Rewind with your right hand a little more, form a new loop in relation to the first loop in the opposite direction. Connect the second loop at the base with the clamped tape in the left hand, twist clockwise, fasten. Got eight.

    Make sure that all loops are the same size. Attach the loops to the top of the tree to determine if the loops are the correct size for the tree.

    Continue to form loops.

    Do not forget to twist the hinge base and clamp it.

    After creating the main loops, make the central one. The last loop should be perpendicular to the rest. Cut the floral wire into a "U" shape. The ends of the wire, align and enter into the center, wrap the bottom of the bow. Next, draw the ends of the wire into its bent edge. Pull the ends in different directions, a knot is formed. Twist the wire several times. With another piece of wire, attach the bow in the same way to the top of the Christmas tree.

    The color of the floral wire must match the color of the bow. Use #26 wire.

    Making garlands . Cut 4 pieces. Fold in half. Trim each piece of tape at one end with scissors diagonally to the fold from the bottom corners.

    The length of each piece must match the length of the tree.

    The number of ribbon garlands depends on your desire.

    Attaching ribbon to the Christmas tree. Wrap a piece of floral wire around the end of one ribbon. Fasten the wire well, pull the ends in different directions. With the ends that stick out, fasten the garland under the bow on the branch. Attach all tapes in the same way.

    Hide the top ends of the ribbon under the bow at the top of the tree, giving the impression of being connected to the bow.

    Curl ribbons in a spiral. Use a roll of paper towels to give the illusion of movement. Do as many turns as you like.

    The tape must not be pinched or rumpled so that unevenness does not appear, which will affect the appearance.

    Too many threads will give a hard look.

    Option #2

    Place three tapes on top of each other.

    Form a loop, leave the ends free.

    Fold the end equal to the first loop (opposite) into the 2nd loop.

    In the same way as the first loop, make the third. The loops must be parallel.

    There should be eight loops in total, which are fixed in the center with wire. Spread the loops in different directions.

    Insert decorative branches into the bow.

    How to tie a bow on the top of a Christmas tree, photo

    Christmas tree top toy, photo with explanation

    Option #1

    Prepare glue, scissors, paper, glitter, beads, tinsel.

    First you need to make the body of the star. You can take a tennis ball as a basis and make a hole in it so that it is put on the top of the Christmas tree. Glue pieces of paper in several layers on the base-ball. Leave a small unglued area. After drying, remove the pieces of paper and fasten them together with glue and paper.

    Next, sticks are made from paper. The paper is rolled tightly diagonally until hard sticks are formed. The size is selected by eye, in accordance with the size of the ball. Each stick is cut into two parts (two rays). To get different lengths, you need to cut it like this: a few in the middle, and for some, the size should be shifted. Thus, rays of different lengths will be obtained. Then the rays are glued to the base, the “density” of the location is monitored. After drying, paint, sprinkle with sparkles, attach beads to the ends of the rays.

    Option #2

    The main element in such a top are cones. You will need them: 9 large, 9 small, 1 open small. In addition - varnish or glue; for decor, foam balls or sparkles; cardboard.

    Cut out a circle from cardboard, its diameter is equal to half the bump. From the back, make a loop of wire. With its help, the decoration will be attached to the top of the Christmas tree. Small cones are attached to the cardboard base with a “sun” and fixed with wire. Bigger cones are laid out in the same way, in a circle. An open bump is attached to the middle.

    Option #3

    This top hat is easy to make out of cardboard. According to the pattern, cut out the details.

    The cuts need to be moved apart at the same distance, glue a strip that is equal to the circumference of the bottom. Fields are glued to the teeth, then they are cut, thus giving the necessary shape. Bend and glue the decorative cord to the edge. To make the hat durable, it is pasted over with paper previously moistened with a paste. To give the final look, the cylinder is painted with black paint. A ribbon is glued to the crown and decorated.

    Paper tree top, photo with instructions

    Option #1


    • cardboard 30 by 30 cm:
    • stationery knife;
    • silicone adhesive;
    • sequins.

    Apply a thin layer of glue to the cardboard on both sides, then sprinkle with glitter. Cut into thin strips, one and a half cm wide. You should get 20 pieces. Cross them over.

    Add stripes on the sides, interlacing them. Glue.

    In the same way, add and interlace the strips horizontally.

    Glue the bottom strips together.

    Join four strips on each side.

    Make another shape.

    Glue both halves together.

    Pull the remaining strips into the beams.

    Decorate as desired.

    Option #2

    Prepare six sheets of paper, ruler, glue, pencil.

    Fold a sheet of paper in half, measure one centimeter from the middle, bottom and top.

    Fold the edges to the marked points.

    Glue the edges of the sheet and turn over. With a ruler, measure one centimeter on both sides - below and above.

    Bend the ends in dots and hide in the middle.

    Coat the sheet with glue, fold it in half crosswise.

    Fold the paper in half lengthwise and draw teeth. Cut out.

    Cut five more pieces in the same way, then glue them together.

    Coat all sides with glue and flatten.

    Option #3

    Draw a pattern on thin cardboard. Decorate all the details with paints. Glue after drying.

    Christmas tree top Star of Bethlehem, photo with explanation

    Draw an oval with a star inside it. The star consists of two symmetrical halves. Pyramid-rays in total should be eight with a base at one point. The ends should rest against the ellipse.

    You can cut out individual parts - rhombuses that bend along the specified strips. Use bright paper, or coat with glue and sprinkle with sparkles.

    How to make a three-dimensional paper star, instruction

    You will need:

    • cardboard or thick paper;
    • glue;
    • scissors;
    • tinsel;
    • sequins;
    • wire.

    According to the diagram shown, make two stars from heavy cardboard.

    Bend the stars along the lines (to obtain volume), glue. Before gluing, put paper or cotton wool inside for density and volume.

    Wind the wire in a spiral around a piece of wood. Adjust the length according to the size of the top of the tree. The excess piece of wire can be cut off. Insert the wire into the bottom of the star. Next, cover the entire surface with glue and cover with sparkles. After drying, spray with hairspray. To hide the joints, glue tinsel to them.