How to make a lollipop tree centerpiece

16 Enticing Ways to Make a Lollipop Tree

Lollipops are one of those mouthwatering candies that have been a hot favorite with all of us in our childhood. Have you wondered the number of creative activities you can extract out of these simple-looking round candies rather than just sucking at it to glory? Well, this festive season let the aura of sweetness prevail in your home through the cute little trees made from lollipops. Your kids would be utterly enthralled to see their favorite candies sitting gracefully in the living room of their home. So let us walk through some fantastic ideas and tutorials to get a glimpse of the procedure of making these tasty lollipop trees.

Lollipop Tree Making

Halloween Lollipop Trees

Keeping a bunch of lollipops in pots would serve as a perfect centerpiece enhancing the grace of your living room.

Lollipop Trees

DIY Dum Dum Lollipop Tree

If you want to organize a lollipop game at your child’s birthday party, that you have heard about since long, then make a tree of these candies and let the children joyfully pull out the lollies from it.

Lollipop Tree

Cute Lollipop Tree

The shades of pink make this lollipop tree an ideal baby shower gift.

How to Make a Lollipop Tree

Lollipop Stand Tutorial

Wooden dowels with holes drilled into them serve as a great stand to hold lollipops. You can paint it red if you are planning to gift it to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Lollipop Tree Stand

DIY Christmas Lollipop Tree

The clothes peg arranged in a zig-zag way, painted in green would look like an ideal Christmas tree. You can also place a star on top.

Lollipop Christmas Tree

You can use pieces of finely cut wood and make this sober Christmas tree. Follow the instructions given in the above tutorial to get the same design. Keep the tree as it is excepting the stars, that would create a stunning visual impact when colored in red.

Wooden Lollipop Tree

How to Make a Lollipop Topiary Centerpiece

These cute lollipops arranged uniformly in the candle stands would look beautiful as a centerpiece adorning your coffee table.

Lollipop Tree Centerpiece

How to Make a Dum Dum Lollypop Topiary Tree

The butterfly sitting on top of the lollypop tree makes it an excellent option for wedding decorations.

Lollipop Tree for Wedding

How to Make Ribbon Topiary Centerpiece

The arrangement of lollipops in between the ribbons is just unique. You can add other stuff like candy canes or colorful balls to make your topiary look attractive.

How to Make a Lollipop Topiary Tree

Pumpkin Lollipop Bouquet

This lovely bouquet made from lollipops sitting on a plastic pumpkin is one of the decoration ideas you can consider while beautifying your home during Halloween.

How to Make a Lollipop Bouquet

Instructions to Make a Lollipop Flower Bouquet

Rather than opting for materialistic gifts you can give your best pal this charming bouquet comprising of roses and lollipops on her bachelorette party.

Lollipop Flower Bouquet

Lollipop Tree Centerpiece

This exotic tree made from a Styrofoam cone and lollipop would serve as a brilliant theme for your kid’s birthday party.

Lollipop Tree DIY

Lollipop Flower Pot

The blue ribbon encircling the green pot gives it an elegant appearance.

Lollipop Tree in a Pot

DIY Patriotic Lollipop Tree

What an amazing way it would be to celebrate the 4th of July by decorating your home with a lollipop tree having the colors red and blue.

Lollipop Tree Idea

Lollipop Pumpkin

You can get this interesting décor done in a jiffy by making holes in the plastic pumpkin and filling it up with the lollies.

Lollipop Tree Picture

Lollipop Tree: How To

How to Make Lollipop Tree

Hope these ideas would be of immense aid to you while giving a sweet touch to your home. You may also place a candy cane wreath beside the lollipop tree to intensify the beauty.

Make a Lollipop Tree Centerpiece for Christmas

This lollipop tree is good the entire year, but it has a real Christmasy feel to it when painted green and filled with colorful ornaments…I mean lollipops!

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is snack, especially on lollipops.   Maybe that’s because, as someone once told me, the effort involved in finishing a lollipop burns away its calories. What ever. We all throw our calorie counters out the window during the holidays, and the best way to keep my favorite treat within reach is to build a lollipop Christmas tree.

The construction of this little tree is easy and you might even enlist the help of others in your family who will help you devour its decorations!

Materials List:
2- ¾ inch x ¾ inch x 4ft pine lumber
1 – ½ inch wooden dowel
Miter saw
Cordless drill/ assorted bits
Paint/old sock/paper towel

The tree limbs are made out of ¾-inch-by-3/4-inch pieces of pine; I bought them at a home center store. The center of the tree is a half-inch wooden dowel.


1. Using a miter saw and a miter box cut the tree limbs. Start at 12 inches, and work your way down by the half-inch, cutting the next one 11 1/2 inches, then 11.

Continue until all you have left is a 1-inch branch.

2. For the base, cut two 12-inch-long branches instead of just one.

3. The half-inch wooden dowel will be pushed through the center of the limbs, creating the trunk of the tree.

4. Find the center of each limb, and drill a hole the size of the wooden dowel, using a ½-inch drill bit.

I used an awl to help make a starter point for my drill bit. This keeps the drill bit from dancing around on the lumber.

5. Do a test to make sure the dowel pushes easily through the hole. Do this to all the limbs except for the 1-inch limb. Save that for later.

6. Drill a pilot hole into each end of the limb. This hole will be where you place the lollipop. The hole should be the same size as the stick of the lollipop, so that it will stand upright. I eyeballed the hole placement at about a half-inch from each end. You don’t have to be precise; just try to be consistent.


Set a depth mark on the drill bit with a little piece of tape. You don’t want to drill all the way through the wood—you just want to go about halfway.

7. After all the holes drilled, lightly sand the end of the pieces to soften the limb.

8. This is also a good time to paint the pieces. I just washed on an evergreen-colored latex paint using an old sock. The paint will have almost a stained look when applied—just a light coating to give the tree some color.

9. The next step is to build the base that will support the rest of the limbs. The bottom two branches measure 12 inches. One of the branches will rest on top of the other.

10. I added little outriggers that are about 1 inch long, using the same ¾ by ¾-inch pine. Just attach the feet with wood glue and let dry.

11. Put a little wood glue on the end of the wood dowel (the tree trunk) and push the dowel into the base holes and allow it to dry.

12. Start sliding the remaining tree limbs onto the trunk, working from the longest to the shortest. You want to arrange the limbs so that they alternate to fill in the tree.

13. The topper of the tree is the 1-inch limb; drill a hole the size of the wood dowel halfway into the piece.

Cut off any excess of the dowel with a little saw; glue the 1-inch piece onto the top.

14. Then drill a pilot hole the size of the lollipop straight through the top.

Once all the limbs have been placed on the trunk, start placing lollipops into the holes to fill in the tree. Place the last lollipop in the very top, and you have a wonderful centerpiece candy display.  I tried using the lollipops without the wrapper at first, but it just didn’t look right (non-appetizing) so I opted for leaving them wrapped.  There are many different types of lollipops that you can choose, from cellophane wrapped flat ones to the round filled ones or even multicolored.

And just one more tip: Buy plenty of lollipops. For some reason, they keep disappearing!


Candy Topiary: we make exclusive gifts and decorate the interior with our own hands. Sweet candy topiary: delicious holiday bouquet

DIY. But it turns out that amazing compositions can be made from sweets and other materials. , which will be wonderful sweet gifts for your loved ones and will please the eye.

Candy arrangements suitable for any festive occasion and everyone will like it: women, children, and men. We offer you several master classes on making the most popular do-it-yourself candy compositions. Knowing the basics, you can show a little imagination and come up with your own compositions .

DIY candy basket

Candy basket is one of the easiest candy compositions to make with a paper base. To get a neat basket, candy is usually used in the form of long sticks. .

For work you will need:

- Candies

Loose colored card stock

Double sided tape

- Scissors

Let's get started:

1) For long chocolates bend the tails by gluing them to the sides with double-sided tape.

2) For the basket you will need a cardboard base, which you can make yourself or use a ready-made one. Measure the height of the candy and measure the rectangle on a piece of cardboard with a width corresponding to the height of the candy, and a long one, depending on the size of your future basket.

Staple a sheet of paper in the shape of a cylinder and secure the edges with a stapler. For 300 grams sweets it turns out a basket with a diameter of 7-8 centimeters .

3) round bottom must be glued to the bottom of the cylinder . To do this, you can use a circle of loose paper, bending the edges and gluing them with glue from the outside. Then glue the cardboard circle onto loose paper , which corresponds to the diameter of the bottom of the cylinder.

4) Apply strips of double-sided tape at the top and bottom of the outside of the cylinder.

5) Then start attaching candies one at a time .

6) You should get such a simple basket :

7) As an addition, decorate basket with a bow by bandaging a row of candies. The basket is ready. Now you can put other candies in it or make several corrugated paper colors .

Candy notebook

This original candy gift can be used as the basis for many other compositions. A laptop can be easily made from a candy box , which is decorated with candy on the outside. The box should have an opening and closing lid that will serve as a "monitor" for the composition notebook. If you do not have a suitable box, the base of the product can be made from a piece of foam.

For work you will need:

- Sweets (flat and rectangular)

Styrofoam (2 cm thick)

Glitter paper

Printed Windows splash page

Paper cutter

Thick wire

- Scissors

Let's get started:

1) Lay flat candies to get contour of the future laptop and trace the outline with a pen.

, then wrap each in glitter paper or foil. These will be the main parts of the laptop - the monitor and keyboard.

3) Take the first blank and glue the computer splash printout in the center of it.

4) Spread flat long candies on all sides of the picture.

5) Lay out the candies and glue them to the second blank, which will be the keyboard . For example, this is how you can use more than tall rectangular candies to get keys:

6) Glue candy to outside of laptop .

7) Cover the sides of the blanks with candy , then only on three sides. You will need the fourth side of each of them for fastening. To do this, use a thick wire, by sticking it into the end of the monitor .

8) Bend the wire to the desired angle and insert the other end into the keyboard blank. To connect it to a monitor.

9) You will have an open laptop.

Here are some more options for candy laptop , which will be a great gift for your beloved sweet-toothed men:

DIY candy tree

Very popular gifts for any special occasion - candy trees . There are several ways to make them, but the principle is the same: a round base, a leg and a pot.

Option 1:

This candy tree is the easiest. It will take you no more than an hour to make crafts . Based on this product, you can make a variety of trees. It all depends on your imagination.

For work you will need:

- Candies of various shapes (about 50 pieces)

Old newspapers

Wooden stick for barrel

Glass or vase

Jewelry (ribbons, colored paper)

- Scissors

Let's get started:

1) Make a small ball of the desired diameter out of newspapers and wrap it with thread so that it does not unfold. From below, stick a wooden stick that will serve as the trunk of your tree.

to keep the barrel from tilting. For example, you can fill a vase with the same newspapers or use a piece of Styrofoam. The base for your tree is ready.

when you decorate your tree with candies and other details. Start by attaching candy. They can be glued with a glue gun. Better use flat bottom candies , then it will be easy for you to then unfold them directly on the tree and eat.

Other, more professional materials can be used as a base for trees, for example, Styrofoam ball and plastic stick which can be found in specialized craft stores:

liquid plaster can be used as a base , which, when hardened, will hold the barrel tightly.

Gypsum will take a little longer to work, although the wood will end up being more stable and durable .

Option 2:

Original trees can be made from sweets Chupa Chups or other lollipops . Moreover, these will not be simple candy trees: each such mini-tree will represent one candy .

For work you will need:

- Candies on sticks

Putty (edible plasticine)

Cake sprinkles of various colors


Pot decorations

Gypsum or hardening plastic

- Water

Let's get started:

1) Insert the lollipop into the thimble and fix it with plaster or any other material , which is suitable (for example, clay or salt dough). Let the base harden.

correct form.

3) After soaking with water, dip the candy into a container with sprinkles and roll it so that small particles stick to the tree .

4) Decorate thimble with ribbons or wrap it with foil . Your candy tree is ready.

big tree can be made in the same way from round chewing gums.

Candy tree (master classes):

DIY candy cake

Candy cake - an original gift for a birthday or other holiday, as well as a beautiful craft that is easy to make. The composition is decorated with candy flowers which can be made from corrugated paper. You can read more about candy flowers.

You will need:

- Candies

Corrugated paper


Decoration ribbons

Cardboard box

- Scissors

Let's get started:

1) Cut out cake blanks from thick sheets of styrofoam: one larger, one smaller. The size of the "cakes" will depend on you. Glue blanks with corrugated paper , leaving nice edges on top.

2) Also cover the cardboard box with colored paper , which you will place on the topmost level and into which you can place small gifts and toys.

3) Apply the same paper to the top of the foam blanks and place all levels one on top of the other , securing them well.

This is the basis for your future cake. Now you can decorate it with candy. For example, you can place candy flowers and bouquets on top of it, or candy over the sides by placing sweets on glue or double-sided tape.

This composition can be made from the same foam base, cut out in the shape of a triangle. You will get piece of candy cake .

Single layer candy cake long and round chocolates and paper flowers:

This original cake is made from broken chocolate bars Kitkat and topped with 9 dragees0025 M&M's . Not a bad idea for a children's party or birthday . The chocolate bars were probably used without a base, but held together with the help of a ribbon.

Candy Grapes Master Class

Bunch of Grapes , made of sweets, is an excellent and very original gift for those with a sweet tooth. It can be used as a separate gift, or decorate any composition with it: a cake, a bouquet, and so on.

Option 1:

You will need:

- Round wrapped candies

Wire for bouquets

Details for decoration - leaves, ribbons, ladybugs, etc.

- Scissors

Let's get started:

1) Make the blanks for the bunch. To do this, attach a wire to each candy using adhesive tape .

2) Then assemble several sweets (5-6 pieces) together and secure with tape or tape. For example, you can use colored tape to match the color of the wrapper, then the fasteners will not be visible.

3) Make some small clusters , which you will then attach to the thicker wire.

4) When the whole bunch is ready, decorate it with leaves, ribbons and other decorations .

With these bunches you can decorate gift bottle of wine :

The question "What to give?" very often confusing, especially if the gift is to be given to acquaintances whose preferences are not very well known. In this case, the idea of ​​a topiary is a great option. Well, if such a gift is made independently, then it is even more pleasant for both the giver and the one who accepts the gift. At the moment, such gifts have become very popular: trees, bouquets, cakes and various candy toys. Here are some examples of such crafts:

Step-by-step instructions for making candy topiary

In order to make your own candy topiary, a master class will be a must. So, first of all, you need to decide on the color scheme of the product. Pick up the material: the base for the crown of the tree (styrofoam ball, newspapers), trunk, container for the stand. And, of course, sweets that will make up the crown. Below is a step-by-step photo, with different options for making topiary.

Material preparation

  • Styrofoam ball. It is needed to create a crown.
  • Double-sided tape, useful for attaching sweets or other items to decorate the topiary.
  • Barrel stick.
  • Thermal gun. It is necessary for fastening the parts together and for decorating the tree.
  • Topiary stand.
  • Plaster. It is needed in order to fill the stand, thereby making the tree stable.
  • Candy for making a crown.
  • Paper for decorating the stand.
  • Various decorative elements to decorate the finished product.

The process of creating a topiary from sweets

1. For the base, take a foam ball and glue it with double-sided tape of a suitable color. This is done in order to avoid the use of various adhesives when working with sweets. Do not forget that at the base you need to leave a recess for the trunk of the future tree. We drip glue into this hole and put it on the future trunk. We leave for a while, you can use an ordinary plastic bottle for this. If foam is not at hand, then you can build a ball from newspapers or foil. In this case, it is better to wrap such a base with corrugated paper that matches the color.

2. Now prepare the tree stand. It can be a flower pot or any other suitable container, the main thing is that it fits in shape and size. Pour gypsum into it and insert the trunk with the base for the crown. Working with plaster requires more time than with any other filler, but the stability of such a tree is much better.

But you can use options with other types of sweets. In this case, the foam base does not need to be pasted over with anything. To do this, you need pins, toothpicks or wire. Simply attach a wire or toothpick to the candy and secure to the base. Often sweets are wrapped in flowers made of wrapping paper, then you can safely use glue. There is also a very simple option - the crown is made from lollipops.

4. The last step is to decorate the tree with decorative elements. The tree stand can be wrapped in paper, as in this example:

You can also use acrylic paint and paint various patterns. And do not regret a beautiful mug for the coaster.

The inside of the stand also needs to be draped. To close the plaster, use a sisal of a suitable color, for example, like this:

You can also put cardboard on top of the plaster and sprinkle sweets on top, but smaller ones, in the form of dragees. Or fill it with glass pebbles of different colors, as here:

The trunk is decorated with bows, paper or ribbon:

The trunk can also be painted, but in this case it is worth doing this first before planting the base.

This micron can be used not only for candy trees, but also for making topiary from other materials. There are various types of such ornamental trees, they can be not only round, but also in the form of bouquets or hearts. Below is a video that will greatly simplify your work.

But the video is not in Russian, but very understandable:

And here is the idea of ​​a heart made of sweets:

Making gifts with your own hands is always much more pleasant, so be patient and have the desire to create a small miracle and go for it! Creative success!

It is customary to give flowers for the holidays, but now you will not surprise anyone with a bouquet. Candy bouquets or topiary are gaining more and more popularity. Topiary made of sweets, lollipops or marmalade is not only tasty and unexpected, but also a beautiful gift that will decorate and diversify any festive table. The article below outlines a master class on creating a topiary from delicious sweets, armed with which everyone can create a candy tree with their own hands without spending a lot of time and nerves on it, but a step-by-step photo and video at the end of the article will help with this.

We study a master class on do-it-yourself candy topiary

For work you will need:

  • Flowerpot
  • Gypsum mortar, sour cream-like consistency
  • Tree stick
  • Newspaper, woolen thread, foil
  • Candy
  • , chocolate, caramel, double-sided tape.
  • Decorations for the topiary as desired, such as ribbon bows or hearts on a skewer, beads, flowers, rhinestones, sisal, pieces of fabric, etc.
Preparing the pot for the topiary.

A thick gypsum mortar is laid out in a clay or ceramic flower pot, in the center of which a stick is placed, this will be the trunk of the future candy tree. The stick can be painted with paint, wrapped with satin or floral ribbon, glued with gold or put rhinestones or sparkles on thermal glue. After you need to let the gypsum set, this happens somewhere within half an hour, but the gypsum dries completely only within 24 hours. Further work on the manufacture of candy topiary can be continued with already set gypsum, but donate, of course, not earlier than in a day.

Topiary base.

Topiary base can be purchased ready-made, usually foam or piaflor base is sold in specialized stores. If there is no desire to look for a ready-made base, then you can make it yourself. To do this, several sheets of newspaper are crumpled into a dense, heavy ball, which is then tied with woolen thread to secure it. After the base of newspapers is wrapped with thick foil in several layers.

But it is possible that the base can be replaced with a large apple, orange or bun of pastry. In this case, the entire crown of the candy tree will be edible, but do not forget that such a gift will be stored for no more than 2-3 days.

Candy topiary assembly.

As noted above, all further work on assembling the candy tree of happiness depends on the type of sweets you have chosen and the base for the topiary.

Option 1.

Based on a newspaper or foam ball, round candies in foil or paper packaging, as in the photo below.

Glue the candies in a tight ring onto the glue gun until the entire base is filled. The glue gun can be replaced with double-sided adhesive tape, then the base ball must first be wrapped with a continuous layer of adhesive tape, and then sweets can be glued onto it. This method is convenient not only for its simplicity, but also because the sweets can be easily removed from the wrapper.

Option 2.

A newspaper or styrofoam ball is taken as the basis, sweets in candy wrappers are attached to toothpicks with the help of narrow masking tape. And then they stick into the base in rows. This is not only a simple, but also a practical way, the sweets are simply removed from the toothpicks.

Option 3.

In this method, the base is edible, it can be an apple, an orange peeled or a pastry ball. Chocolate candies without packaging or marmalade are attached to the base with caramel or thick cream in dense rows of rings. Perhaps the most delicious option. The downside of such a sweet tree is its perishability.

Option 4.

Chupa chups or other lollipops are stuck into the foam base in dense rings. Such lollipops can also be made with your own hands, for example, by melting sugar or wrapping marmalade in cling film, and then strung on a stick.

There are several easy ways to decorate sweet topiary:

  • Glue rhinestones, beads, beads on the package of sweets
  • String satin bows, paper or plastic hearts on skewers or toothpicks and stick into the base
  • Wrap in a circle with rare beads
  • Lay out the top layer of gypsum mortar with glass beads, shells, beads, sweets

Video selection on the topic of the article

As you can see, there are many options for a European candy tree, and to help you make a choice, we bring to your attention some interesting videos on how to make a do-it-yourself candy or marmalade topiary.

With a little imagination, even the most banal gift, such as candy, can be presented in an original way. Candy topiary is not only tasty, but also a beautiful present that will decorate the table for any holiday. The master class will help you make a topiary from marmalade, sweets, coffee beans or lollipops with your own hands.

Topiary - a decorated tree with a crown of confectionery or other decorations. Initially, the word topiary referred to the art of gardening. The tree, which, with the light hand of the gardener, took any shape, for example, a ball or a triangle, became a symbol of beauty and happiness. Over time, gardeners became more and more skilled craftsmen, and landscape design reached a new level.

Today, tree gardens in the form of any animal and geometric shapes can be seen all over the world.

The fashion for unusual trees has spread to the confectionery industry, and this is how sweet topiary appeared: from lollipops, marmalade and sweets. You can make a beautiful decorative tree with improvised means, for example, coffee beans, lollipops, Raffaello, lollipops. Topiary is called a tree of happiness or a bouquet of happiness. Many people believe that such a gift adds good luck and intelligence to its owner, so they put coins in the base, and attach a bill to the crown. Making a magical bouquet of sweets is very simple, you don't need anything special to please your loved ones with a beautiful gift.

How to make do-it-yourself candy topiary: master class

In any creative endeavor, you first need to catch inspiration. To do this, you can look through photos of topiary, watch a master class, find out what has already been created in this area.

The photo shows the main elements that make up the bouquet :

  • Bright and unusual crown;
  • Robust foot of the same diameter;
  • Pot, tub or candy jar in the base.

The base must be heavy enough so that the topiary does not tip over. Looking at the photo, you might think that a bouquet of sweets was created by some kind of magician. But in fact, all these masterpieces of sweets, ribbons and decorations were made by ordinary people. A master class with clear instructions will help you make candy topiary with your own hands, even better than in the photo.

What must be included in the composition :

  1. Styrofoam or papier-mâché ball as crown base;
  2. Wooden stick, spoon or rod for the leg;
  3. Any container that will serve as a pot for the tree of happiness.

What can optionally be used to decorate a tree :

  • for crown ; sweets, a lot of lollipops, Raffaello, Marshmallow marshmallows, round lollipops, ribbons, bows, banknotes, rhinestones, sparkles, artificial and fresh flowers, the variety is limited only by the author's imagination;
  • For leg - ribbons, sequins, bows, glitter coating, rhinestones;
  • for pot filling - live moss, pebbles, coins, sweets, large beads.

A bouquet of sweets is made in a huge variety of options, in the photo you can see how unique and inimitable all models are. A master class will help you realize your own original idea.

How to make candy topiary: step by step instructions

Before starting work, you need to prepare glue, which will serve to firmly fix the parts of the topiary, as well as mounting foam or plaster. How to make a durable and beautiful candy bouquet?

Step by step guide :

  • Pierce the base ball with a foot to the middle;
  • Poke glue into the hole;
  • Place foot in ball, allow glue to dry;
  • Fill pot with mounting foam or plaster;
  • Place the stem firmly into the pot, let dry;
  • Decorate the crown, decorate the pot - the topiary is ready.

How to neatly decorate the crown with your own hands? It all depends on whether you need to eat sweets. If yes, then you can simply fix them with toothpicks with rhinestones, or stick them on a light glue, such as PVA. If the candies are not going to be removed, and they will only serve as decoration, you can use a stronger glue or plaster. In order for the bouquet to look beautiful, even when some of the sweets are removed from it, the base ball should be of a pleasant color, in harmony with the rest of the composition.

The most neutral and popular option is the cork ball. Does not require painting, looks great on any topiary.

Candy Topiary can be used many times, for example as an office decoration. The basis for the topiary (ball, leg, pot) can be the same, but the decorations change depending on the holiday.

Marmalade or lollipop topiary

Master class on how to make a decoration for a children's party, matinee or birthday.

Do-it-yourself topiary from marmalade or lollipops is made elementary :

  • Chupa Chups stick in continuous rows into the base-ball, decorate the pot;
  • Marmalade Fasten on long wooden skewers with a transparent polyethylene film, stick into the ball base.

How to fix sweets on the base is shown in the photo. For children, it is important that the pot is very stable, because children will pull sweets from the ball in different directions. Therefore, it is best to fix the trunk of a tree in a pot with the help of gypsum. The base ball is sold at any art store, and if it is not possible to buy it, you can roll the paper tightly, glue it together with PVA glue and use such a blank.

The easiest way to decorate a pot with your own hands :

  1. Paint over in a pleasant color;
  2. Write in holiday symbols, eg Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays;
  3. Drape with fabric;
  4. Decorate with a bow ribbon;
  5. Wrap in gift paper;
  6. Cover with coffee beans, shells, rhinestones, buttons or other objects according to the author's intention.

The master class reveals the main secrets of making topiary, but true creativity is always its own way in creating beauty. With your own hands, you can implement the ideas that are shown in the photo or realize your own plan.

Master class: a bouquet of sweets (video lesson)

Sweet topiary: a bouquet of sweets for every holiday

Holidays have traditional symbols. New Year is a Christmas tree with toys, Valentine's Day is hearts, March 8 is flowers and ribbons. Topiary can be easily adapted to any date.

The crown can be decorated with artificial flowers and sweets, Christmas balls, colored bows and ribbons.

Eatable sweets are fixed in the same way as marmalade with skewers. Sweets that are not planned to be removed can be glued firmly directly onto the ball. To decorate with flowers, you need to cut the flowers to the same length and stick the flower stem into the ball base.

Valentine's Day Candy Topiary (video)

It is believed that the topiary brings happiness and symbolizes good luck and wealth. To make this sign really come true, you can hide a bill or coins in a pot.

Flower yummy!!!

At the same time, I usually do not care what to do: sew, knit, draw or glue. The main thing is to do something quietly in front of the TV and enjoy the view of a sleeping child.

Knowing this, one of my work colleagues asked me to make her a candy bouquet. I have not done this yet, but after browsing the Internet and looking at other people's examples, I started building a flower yummy. This is how I did it.
I bought 3 packs of these sweets

I took green and white corrugated paper. From it cut out leaves and petals. I made the base of the leaf a little narrower and twisted it with a tube.

For more elegance, I took five more sweets and tied them to long sticks. The sweets were wrapped in white tulle and tied with a gold ribbon.

I tied the wire to one of the tails of the candy, then attached white and green leaves around. All this was wrapped around the top with paper wax tape.

I took a roll of transparent wrapping paper and cut it into squares about 15X15. She folded the squares so that a bash would turn out from the central part, to which then attach the wire.

I cut out a cube from foam plastic - 15x15 in size. The base was wrapped in green paper. Yes, the view from below was aesthetic. I glued the paper to the styrofoam using a hot glue gun. The decorated cube was glued to the stem of the base of the bouquet.

At the base of the bouquet (bottom) I inserted bundles twisted from wrapping paper.

Then, alternating candy flowers and bunches, I filled the entire surface of the foam.

I stuck these 5 candies into the top of the bouquet. I glued the golden beads with the same hot glue. That's all - a colleague's gift wedding bouquet is ready!

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Blue lollipops recipe. How to make lollipops at home? Candy recipe

The first sweets appeared in antiquity, they were based on berries, nuts, fruits. When people learned how to get cane sugar, a new type of candy appeared - lollipops, which for convenience were often planted on sticks.

Lozenges are easy to make at home. You will need a frying pan or saucepan. Dishes with a thick bottom are an important condition for work. You will also need a stirring spoon, a silicone or metal mold, sticks made of wood or plastic. In stores, you can sometimes find special detachable forms for homemade lollipops. Vegetable oil is needed to lubricate the molds. Of the required components, water and sugar will be needed, and the remaining ingredients are added depending on preferences: vinegar, fruit juices, various additives for taste and color.

Recipes for making hard candies

For regular hard candy, which can be the basis for any other candy, you need to take:

  • Sugar - 2/3 cup,
  • Water - two tablespoons,
  • One teaspoon of -7% vinegar or diluted stronger vinegar.

Sugar and pre-mixed water and vinegar are placed in a frying pan and simmered until golden yellow. It is impossible to digest the composition - it will become dark and bitter, with the taste of burnt sugar. The finished mixture can be poured into greased molds and stick a stick or toothpick into each candy. It is not necessary to cool the caramel, it is enough to wait for the sugar mass to solidify and you can take it out of the mold.

Aroma and color can be obtained at home by replacing all or part of the water with fruit juice.

Creamy lollipops

To obtain creamy lollipops at home, you need milk or cream - 0.1 liter, sugar - 0.25 kg, a little butter and vanillin. Sugar is poured into warmed milk and butter and vanillin are added. The composition is cooked over low heat with continuous stirring, when it darkens, the saucepan can be removed from the heat. Sugar and milk must be stirred continuously to avoid burning. Everything must be done quickly, because the mass hardens in a short time.

Fruit candies

To make fruit candies at home, you need to add sugar to the juice in a ratio of 1.5: 1. The resulting syrup is boiled down to a brownish tint. Now you can pour a pinch of cinnamon, ginger or vanilla into it and mix thoroughly, pour into molds, stick sticks in and let cool a little.

Juice for fruit sweets any squeezed juice from different berries is suitable: currants, raspberries, cherries, blueberries. True, you won’t have to count on the benefits of these sweets - all vitamins are destroyed very quickly at a high boiling point of sugar.

Chocolate lollipops

Making chocolate lollipops is no more difficult than usual, they require two glasses of sugar, two large spoons of cocoa or a 100 gram chocolate bar, 50 g of water, two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Chocolate crumbles into small pieces and combines with the rest of the ingredients. Prepare the mixture, heat and cook with constant stirring.

Check if the compound is ready by dropping it into cold water. If the mass quickly became solid, then the chocolate base is ready, you can pour it into molds and insert sticks. In chocolate, as in all other candies, you can add nuts or pieces of candied fruit.

Tips for lovers of homemade lollipops:

  • It is better not to add honey to sweets, because when heated, it will lose its beneficial properties and begin to release substances harmful to humans.
  • The readiness of the lollipops can be checked by dropping a little caramel on a cold saucer. If the drop has spread, then the sugar still needs to be boiled, and if it seized immediately, quickly froze - it's time to pour the mass.
  • For colds, you can add lemon and ginger to the lozenges to help soothe a cough, and adding mint to relieve a runny nose.

Making sweets at home is very easy, but those who follow their figure and care about the health of their teeth should remember that lollipops are 100% sugar, their calorie content will be almost 400 calories per 100 g of sweets.

Home-made lollipops are good because they do not contain dyes, chemical flavors and flavor enhancers, they are easy to make, and there are as many flavors as your imagination tells you. You don’t need a lot of ingredients either, and the manufacturing process takes very little time.

Even while visiting, on a summer vacation or in the country, you can cook a wonderful treat for children - homemade lollipops on a stick (they are also "cockerels"). Remember how happy you were as a child when you were preparing or buying this delicacy? And we, too, can please our children. Moreover, the recipe is very simple - see for yourself.


  • for 300 gr. Sahara
  • 8 tbsp. l. water
  • 1 tbsp. l. vinegar 9%
  • sunflower oil (for greasing molds)

You will also need molds for making lollipops (if you do not have them, you can use ordinary spoons - table, dessert or tea - if desired) and sticks.


  1. Wash molds in advance, dry them, carefully grease the recesses with sunflower oil. If you make lollipops in spoons, they also need to be greased with sunflower oil from the inside and put on a plate greased with vegetable oil.
  2. Preparing sticks. I cut wooden kebab skewers in half, you can use wooden ice cream sticks.
  3. We connect the greased halves of the forms, fasten them with clamps. Put holes up.
  4. Pour the sugar into the bowl in which we will cook the lollipops (“cockerels”). Small pots with high sides work best. For example, here is a bucket. If the ladle has a spout, it will be even more convenient to pour the hot mixture into molds.
  5. Pour in water so that all the sugar is wet, add vinegar and mix.
  6. We put on a small fire. When the sugar melts, increase the heat - it should be a little less than average: not too big so that the caramel does not burn, but not too small, otherwise it will cook for too long. Bring the syrup to a boil and cook, stirring, for 20-25 minutes. The syrup should boil.
  7. As soon as the syrup starts to brown, switch off.
  8. If the syrup for lollipops is well cooked, then it is transparent, caramel-amber in color.
  9. Stir the turned off syrup and immediately quickly pour it into the prepared lollipop molds, as it starts to harden very quickly. If the syrup is cooked correctly, then when pouring into molds, a glassy thread stretches behind the ladle. Insert the sticks into the mold.

  10. In the same way, pour the syrup into the prepared spoons. Sticks can be inserted if desired.
  11. Leave the lollipops to harden. I left until the molds were completely cool.
  12. It is important to cook the syrup correctly and turn it off just when it starts to brown. If you turn it off earlier, the syrup will already be quite thick, but a light yellow transparent color. Lollipops from undercooked syrup turn out to be more sticky, which makes it difficult to open the mold, stick to the teeth, keep their shape worse (“melt”), and deform. And the taste of such lollipops is different, without a caramel shade (the taste of cotton candy). Overcooked syrup may have a bitter taste. True, they say that such caramel is a good cough remedy.
  13. If the syrup has been well cooked, the molds open and the figurines can be taken out easily.
  14. After the preparation of lollipops, a ladle and a spoon are left in the hardened caramel. How to wash it? Everything is very simple. I put a spoon in a ladle and poured boiling water over it all, put it on a small fire and boiled for a minute or two until all the caramel had dissolved. And then I also prepared tea with the resulting syrup (add to tea to taste). My daughter really liked this tea. She said it tasted like cotton candy. And lollipops are better than any lollipops :)

Bon appetit!

Today I will reveal the secret of a successful children's holiday. It is simple - as many treats on a stick as possible: homemade candies, meringues or just fruit strung on skewers. Kids love these handmade desserts! I checked on personal experience: in a birthday cake, it is interesting for children to blow out candles and eat decorations, and the actual piece of cake is eaten at best by half. But lollipops are always in use, children crunch them, not being distracted from the games, each time running up to the table and looking for something else with their eyes ... always on a stick.

Let's see how easy it is to give children a sweet and tasty joy - lollipops. And promise you let the kids make their own lollipop! Believe me, this will remain one of the most vivid childhood memories.


  • Sugar - 400 g.
  • Water - 60 ml.
  • Invert syrup (can be replaced with glucose, corn) - 200 g.
  • Food coloring gel - a few drops

Very easy to make at home. You can follow the link and see the step by step recipe.

How to cook:

To prepare candy caramel, measure the required amount of sugar and pour it into a saucepan with a thick bottom. Add invert syrup (200 g)

Pour in water (60 ml) and stir. Water can be replaced with fruit juice, such as cherry.

We put on medium heat and, stirring, we achieve the dissolution of sugar grains.

Stir sugar syrup for 2-3 minutes, trying to "pick up" with a spatula from the bottom so that nothing burns. If you do not want to get burnt candies, do not leave the stove for a minute.

When the sugar syrup boils, a head of foam will appear. Turn the heat down to the lowest setting and keep stirring. Boil syrup until thick caramel (8-10 minutes). In order for the candy caramel to turn out to be the right consistency, it is important to boil the syrup. If you take the syrup off the heat too soon, the caramel won't thicken properly. It may happen that you pour candies into molds, they begin to harden, but never become hard. They can even be removed from the pan and stick on a stick, but when you try to eat them, a soft, viscous mass will begin to stick to your teeth. This suggests that the caramel was undercooked.

How to check if sugar syrup is boiled enough? I usually do this: I put a small container of cold water next to the saucepan and, to check the readiness of the caramel, I drop a small amount into the water. If the caramel is ready, the ball will immediately become hard, when you try to break it, it does not bend, but breaks. If you have achieved this state - excellent. Take it off the fire!

But don't forget to add a few drops of dye before finishing the process. I like Americolor and Wilton gel dyes, they are of excellent consistency and saturation - just a couple of drops are enough to get a beautiful rich color. The convenient dosage of the bottle helps not to pour too much (they are not too thick, but not liquid, like water).

I used Super Red Americolor in this recipe.

Immediately after the stove, the sugar caramel may bubble for one minute, but gradually the foam comes off and you can speed up the process by stirring.

It is better to deposit lollipops on silicone mats or thick baking paper. You can lubricate the surface with vegetable oil for safety (I do not lubricate, it is perfectly removed).

Using a teaspoon, pour a small amount onto a horizontal surface.

The drop of caramel is quite thick, so it is easy to give it a round even shape. You can trim with a spoon if the syrup does not want to spread.

And now we insert the stick, gently dipping it into the candy "puddle". We turn it around ourselves so that it is completely covered with syrup and does not fly off after solidification. This movement is similar to twisting.

The hardening of the caramel will take several hours. The process takes place at room temperature, you do not need to take the lollipops to the balcony or put them in the refrigerator. In the refrigerator, the caramel will begin to harden unevenly.

The saucepan in which the syrup has been boiled can be easily cleaned by heating a small amount of water in it. The caramel residue will dissolve easily and fall off on its own.

Ready-made sweets are easily removed from the baking sheet and mat without breaking.

Sugar lozenges in molds

You can form lollipops on a silicone surface or pour caramel into molds to get sweets of a certain shape.

We also grease the mold with vegetable oil. Preventing questions, I want to say that the taste of oil is not felt at all in ready-made caramels.

In deep molds, the hardening of caramel may take longer than on a flat surface, this directly depends on the thickness of the sugar layer.

Today you can buy kits for making lollipops, which include molds and sticks.

You can change the basic lollipop recipe to your liking, adding different fruit juices instead of water, coating them with confectionery topping, making two-color caramels, etc. Also, if you do not have invert syrup and you do not want to cook it, you can use a simpler recipe:

Classic homemade lollipop recipe

For 6 pieces:

  • Sugar - 4 tbsp. spoons
  • Lemon juice - 0.5 tbsp. spoons
  • Fruit juice or water - 1.5 tbsp. spoons

Cooking technology is the same: boil sugar, water, lemon juice over medium heat until thick. We check readiness by lowering a drop of candy caramel into cold water. If it instantly hardens, then you can remove the syrup from the heat and pour it into molds.

I propose to admire the photos of ready-made lollipops from the Internet. Look how lovely!

And what lollipops did you get? Show in the photo, attaching in the comments. I wish you to enjoy the process and make the most delicious lollipops. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the recipe. Feel free to ask, please!


Basic recipe for homemade lollipops

The basic recipe for making homemade lollipops can later be modified by adding ingredients (fruit juices, zest, cocoa, food coloring), and you can cook different flavors of this delicacy.

To make lollipops at home, you will need:

10 tablespoons of granulated sugar; - 10 tablespoons of water; - 1 tablespoon of vinegar or 1/5 teaspoon of citric acid; - vegetable oil.

Use natural apple cider vinegar or wine vinegar to make lollipops

First of all, mix water, granulated sugar and vinegar in a fireproof dish. An enamel pan is suitable for this. Place over medium heat and heat well. When the sugar begins to dissolve, reduce the heat and, stirring constantly, boil the sugar syrup until a pleasant golden color is obtained. Cooking time directly depends on the amount of liquid in the pan: the larger the portion, the longer the cooking time for caramel.

Periodically check for doneness by dropping the syrup into a cup or glass of cold water. As soon as the drops begin to harden, remove the pan from the heat - the lollipops are ready.

If you don't have a special cockerel mold, you can make lollipops in ice cube molds, silicone molds or cookie cutters lined on a baking sheet. It is important that the mold material can withstand the temperature of the hot caramel

How to make a lollipop? Recipe

Grease special cockerel molds with vegetable oil and fill them with prepared caramel. To make cockerels on legs, insert pre-prepared sticks. You can buy them, or you can use ordinary matches, wooden toothpicks or bamboo skewers for candy sticks. Don't forget to cut off the sharp ends.

Cool lollipops to room temperature and remove from mould. Delicious homemade treat is ready to eat.

How to make colorful candies

To make unusual candies of different colors, slightly change the basic caramel recipe and take the following ingredients:

8 tablespoons of granulated sugar; - 3 tablespoons of berry or fruit juice without pulp: - 1 teaspoon of lemon juice .

Mix all the ingredients: granulated sugar, fruit juice and lemon juice. Heat them in a non-stick pan until the sugar is completely dissolved, stirring constantly. Determine the readiness of caramel by dropping the syrup into a cup of cold water. When the drop stops dissolving and begins to solidify, remove the cockerel caramel from the heat.

If the candies are prepared using food coloring, mix the coloring powders thoroughly in water before heating, otherwise the candies will be colored unevenly.

Candy flavors include citrus zest, coffee, cocoa, orange water and rose water.

Lollipop caramel in the form of a cockerel from our childhood or a newfangled overseas chupa-chups is a delicacy loved by children of different generations. Making sweets from sugar at home is quite simple, many of us once prepared them. Just forgot a little now. Let's remember old recipes and maybe some of you will learn new and more interesting ones. Moreover, homemade candy caramel advantageously differs from purchased ones in that it does not contain flavor enhancers, stabilizers, dyes and other harmful ones.

Warning! Small children should not be given hard-filled caramel (they may accidentally choke on it) and on a short stick, as children can swallow it (we already wrote about this in the article on e).

What you need to make caramel on a stick

Just 2-3 ingredients are needed to make regular caramel lollipops: sugar, water and a few drops of vinegar or a little more lemon juice. Acid is needed so that the candy mass does not crystallize. But before we did without acid. If the sugar melts and then crystallizes again, that's okay - keep heating it and stirring it and it will melt again. The main thing is not to overexpose on fire, otherwise the syrup will acquire a bitter taste. Burnt sugar sweets are not for everybody.

You also need a wooden spoon or spatula for stirring and a deep cooking container - a small saucepan, ladle or bowl with a thick bottom, a frying pan with high sides will also work. Many are worried that it will be difficult to wash the container from the frozen syrup. But it just needs to be filled with water and left to stand like that. The frozen syrup will completely dissolve in water.

To make caramels on sticks, you need to prepare them in advance, otherwise, while you are looking for them or getting them, the syrup may freeze (and it freezes quickly). If you don’t have candy sticks, then they can be successfully replaced with wooden sticks, barbecue skewers, toothpicks, or, if there’s nothing at all, matches (break off the tip with gray or cut it with scissors).

You will also need lollipop molds. Suitable metal or silicone for making cookies; if they are not available, then you can use spoons or a baking sheet, simply pouring neat little puddles on it. If there is a hazelnut, then this is also a good option: you can make round candy nuts or lollipops using only the bottom of the hazelnut. But the syrup will have to be done twice. Put the halves that have already hardened and taken out of the mold onto molds that are still hot, freshly filled with sugar syrup, and both halves will grab each other. Put sticks between them. Do not forget to grease the molds for homemade sweets with vegetable oil (silicone can be left unlubricated).

How to cook caramel on a stick

Start preparing the mass for caramel on medium heat, stirring all the time; when it boils, reduce the fire by half. When the syrup becomes golden in color, heat it for another 20-30 seconds and then remove from heat. The viscosity of the syrup should resemble stationery glue. To test, drop the syrup into a glass of cold water. If the drop has hardened, then the syrup is ready. After removing the container from the fire, you need to stir the syrup a little more until the bubbles disappear and you can pour it into molds.

To diversify the color and taste of candies, they can be made with milk, cream, fruit and vegetable juice; add cocoa syrup, cinnamon. According to the molds, you can lay out figures from a, pour sunflower or pumpkin seeds, nuts. Also, caramel is very tasty with fresh crushed fruits and berries or raisins, candied fruits, pieces of dried apricots, dried prunes. And already frozen caramel can be dipped in or applied with a brush, rolled (previously sprinkled with water or smeared with a thin layer of honey) in sesame seeds or coconut flakes.

By the way, lollipops can help with colds if you add lemon or sugar to sugar syrup. They will relieve coughs. And to relieve a runny nose, it is good to add mint. good for coughs and colds. But honey cannot be added to hot sugar syrup, because when heated, it releases harmful substances.

Easter cakes can be decorated with lollipops: make domes using heart shapes. The sticks will need to be attached on the other side of the hearts and stick them into the finished Easter cakes. Or, if there are bunny shapes, make caramel Easter bunnies.

Caramel lollipop

To make caramel on a stick, familiar to us since childhood, you need to prepare

10 Art. spoons of sugar
4 tbsp. tablespoons water
4 drops vinegar (or 1/4 teaspoon lemon juice)

  1. In an iron bowl, combine water, sugar and vinegar;
  2. put on medium heat and stir;
  3. when the mass boils, reduce the heat slightly while continuing to stir;
  4. Remove
  5. from heat when syrup is golden and runny;
  6. stir the syrup a little more so that the bubbles disappear;
  7. pour syrup into greased moulds;
  8. immediately insert wooden sticks. Ready! Wait for 10-20 minutes to cool down.

Caramel with fruit or vegetable juice

Colored caramel comes from juice such as cherry or beetroot. Water can be completely replaced with juice - as you like. Take

10 Art. spoons of sugar
2 tbsp. spoons of water
2 tbsp. spoons of juice

Prepare caramel as described above, but the readiness of the syrup can be checked not by color, but by viscosity and hardening of a drop in a glass of water.

Cream caramel

6 art. spoons of sugar
2 tbsp. spoons of cream
you can add vanilla

Cocoa lozenges

1 cup sugar
2 tsp cocoa powder
50 g water or milk

Fruity hard candy


150 gr. any fruit
1/2 cup sugar (or less if the fruit is very sweet)
3 tbsp. spoons of water

  1. Grind fruit in a blender or grater;
  2. mix sugar and water and cook until golden brown;
  3. remove from heat, add fruit and mix well;
  4. spread the mass into molds, and insert sticks into the center;
  5. leave the lollipops to cool, you can in the refrigerator.

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