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Insanely Easy Manzanita Tree Centerpiece Perfect For Any Occasion

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Manzanita Tree centerpieces are the best “drop and Go” decor piece for any party. Plus, some manzanita tree centerpiece ideas, not only for weddings!
Image by Bre Z Photography

It’s a known fact that flowers are expensive, but there is more to consider beyond the blossoms and blooms.

A hot trend with party decorations right now is using trees, twigs, and branches rather than flowers.

They are less costly and far more sturdy than expensive, delicate flowers. Plus, you can reuse them over and over again—no need to worry about wilting or damages!

Manzanita trees and manzanita tree branches are beautiful decor pieces to add to any party theme. These simple “drop and go” accents are perfect for those who do not want to spend too much time decorating or love things pre-made before the big event.

Although simple in their appearance, they bring beauty and elegance to the table.

However, if you are the type that wants over-the-top decorations, manzanita trees and branches are also a great base to add flowers, lighting, or hanging crystals.

We used manzanita trees for our wedding, and I just love how easy they were to use and decorate.

Although manzanita trees and branches’ natural color is a dark reddish-brown tone, you can find unique colors like gold manzanita tree centerpieces or even white manzanita tree centerpieces online.

These amazon manzanita tree centerpieces are what we used for our wedding, and trust me when I say it was a purchase well spent. We not only used them for our wedding, but we used them multiple times for birthdays and baby showers.

Add them on dessert tables and gift tables. Create a “Wish Tree” to hang advice notes to the parents for their upcoming journey into parenthood. The ideas are endless and you can get plenty of use with these manzanita trees.

Re-used manzanita trees for baby shower. Image by Heather Moritz PhotographyRe-used manzanita trees for baby shower. Image by Heather Moritz Photography

In this post, you are going to learn where to purchase decorative manzanita trees. Plus, some manzanita tree centerpiece ideas that may be a match for your upcoming event!

Whether you want a small manzanita tree centerpiece or a large manzanita tree centerpiece, find ideas for manzanita tree centerpieces for weddings or manzanita tree centerpieces with flowers here!

This post is all about the best “drop and go” manzanita tree centerpiece.


Manzanita Tree Centerpiece

Amazon Manzanita Tree Centerpiece

Our wedding guest tables décor. Image by Bre Z Photography

These are the amazon manzanita tree centerpiece decor pieces we purchased for our wedding. However, they are out of stock at the moment.

Bur, if you are interested in different and unique colors, take a look at these artificial manzanita tree centerpieces from amazon.

Gold Manzanita Tree Centerpiece


Add a warm metallic hue to your party decor with this beautiful gold manzanita tree centerpiece.

This centerpiece is made of plastic, so no worries about damages during delivery.

Love those hanging crystal beads? These come with 8 acrylic chains included! So don’t even think about purchasing them separately.

White Manzanita Tree Centerpiece

buy on amazon

If you are looking for something that will brighten up your space, consider this beautiful white manzanita tree centerpiece.

Perfect for that winter wonderland theme or elegant spring baby shower.

Decorate with the acrylic chains already included, or add mini glass tealight globe holders with LED candles to add a romantic and stylish touch.

Black Manzanita Tree Centerpiece


Want a more sophisticated look for your party centerpiece? How about a dark tree to match your Halloween décor?

Take a look at this stunning black manzanita tree centerpiece.

Add some fairy lights or hanging lanterns to give this tree a whimsical touch. Or hang some cobwebs and spiders to match that spooky Halloween feel.

Still don’t see the color you want?

Consider spray painting white manzanita trees or branches to get the desired color you want.



Suppose you are looking for a similar color to the natural manzanita tree branches. Consider this claret wine color.


With so many color options, manzanita trees and branches are a DIYers dream! Your choices are endless when it comes to these décor pieces.

Manzanita Tree Centerpiece Ideas

Blank on ideas for decorations? Want some inspiration?

Well, take a look at these manzanita tree centerpiece ideas! Find centerpieces for weddings or manzanita centerpieces with flowers here.

Take a gander at these beautiful and unique centerpiece ideas that can match any event.

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Manzanita Centerpieces For Weddings

Looking for ideas for the perfect manzanita centerpiece for weddings? Here are some beautiful ideas that may be a perfect match for your perfect day!

This stunning white manzanita tree centerpiece with gold and crystal accents is the perfect decor for a simple and sophisticated look.

You can create something similar with the items listed below.

The wood numbers are color-less, so you can personalize the numbers however you like! Just a little bit of paint, some glue, and glitter, and you too can have this gorgeous table number ready for your big day!




This was our centerpiece for our guest tables. Unfortunately, the brown manzanita tree seems to be out of stock everywhere.

As I mentioned before, you can definitely purchase similar manzanita trees (I suggest in white) and spray paint them to the color you want.

If you do not want to spray paint them and have time to wait, I recommend signing up for the tablecloths factory notifications list so that they can inform you once the brown manzanita trees are back in stock.

We DIYed our table numbers using gold picture frames and chalkboard markers. Our friend free-handed the design, but if you are like me and not skilled with free-handed writing. Remove the back of the picture frame, pick a font and design you like, print it on paper, and then trace it onto the glass with the chalkboard marker. Nice and simple 🙂

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Manzanita Centerpieces With Flowers

Manzanita centerpieces with flowers are a beautiful decor idea that can be pre-made before the event. With a little bit of glue and flowers, you can easily create a stunning piece to match any theme or occasion.

Having a spring or a whimsical forest theme party? Take a look at this beautiful manzanita tree centerpiece with blue and yellow flowers. This simple centerpiece can be pre-made before your event, making it easy to “drop and go” this table decor anywhere.

Make something similar with these suggestions!




Want something unique and out of the ordinary? What about this stunning manzanita tree branch with hanging glass holders filled with flowers. Now, this is one show-stopper!

I love these hanging glass holders filled with flowers. It does not take away the simplicity of the manzanita tree branch. It just adds for a mesmerizing look that you and your guests will love!

Check out the items below to create this similar gorgeous centerpiece.




This Post Is All About The Best “Drop And Go” Manzanit Tree Centerpiece

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Who's ready to roll up their sleeves and get some serious diy on? Well . .. thanks to Louise Georges Yves we have a spectacular DIY Manzanita tree tutorial for you. Louise Georges Yves used a deep red palette but, you can make it your own by using using the same basic principals and swapping out the florals.
This stunner would make a breathtaking centerpiece or create a whimsical wishing tree for guests to place well wishes on. You simply need a little time and a few materials. Read on to see how you can wow your guests.

Floral Recipe

24 Red Paris Roses
20 Small Chocolate Ti Leaves
10-15 stems red elephant or red james storie
5 Stems Fan-tail Willow
1 Manzanita Branch
1 stem cymbidium orchid Tools | Supplies
9x9 wooden container Fabric/ribbon to cover container Ribbon to hang from finished tree Floral foam
5 Water tubes Screw Screwdriver Scissors Floral shears Floral wire Spray paint Rubberized undercoat spray or other water proofing element Step 1
Before you even begin putting the Manzanita tree together you need to prep your flowers.

• Cut roses to approximately 3” in length. Cut with floral shears at a 45 degree angle being careful not to crush the head as it will cause bruising. Set aside.
• Cut 6 - 8” segments from willow looking for pieces with
• Take your ti leaves and cut a half inch slide 1 - 2 inches from the tip.
• Fold the tip of the leaf under and tuck the stem through the slit. If the leaf tears, you can use a stapler to secure the tip slightly above the stem base. Set aside.
•  Use your floral shears to snip each cymbidium bloom off the stem.
• Take 3 inches of floral wire and fold into a u shape. Take the two ends and insert above the tongue of the orchid taking care not to tear the bloom. Alternatively, you can also thread the floral wire through the stem at the base of the bloom. Repeat for five blooms and set aside. These will be used to decorate the branches.
•  Take the remaining blooms and insert them into water tubes. Set aside. These will be used to adorn the trunk of the Manzanita.
• Snip 7 - 10, 6” segments from the Red Elephant orchid stems. Set aside. These will be used to adorn the trunk of the Manzanita.
• Take each remaining stem and cut into 2 - 3, 3” segments. These will be used to decorate the branches and to tuck into the base of the tree.
Step 2
• Measure approximately 1.5 - 2 inches from box corner and use screw driver to twist screw into bottom of box.
• Ask friend, family or hubby-to-be to help hold manzanita branch in place while securing it with the screw.
Once secured, you can use the glue gun to ensure a tight seal against the box and no movement from the branch.
• Use rubberized undercoat to fully coat bottom and side seams of box. Let dry and test the seal by filling with water and placing in a water proof area. Alternatively, you can line the box with a plastic tray or other water tight material or container.
• Use spray paint (we chose an Oil Rubbed Bronze) to coat trunk and branches of Manzanita. Don’t worry about the box unless you do not plan to cover it with fabric.
• Use glue gun to affix ribbon or fabric of your choice to the outside of the box. Start at one corner, wrapping the fabric around the box until you reach the starting point. Fold the ribbon under at the corner to ensure a smooth, finished edge.
• Soak floral foam in water, but do not push it into the water, instead let it absorb the water on it’s own. This will prevent air bubbles.
• Cut the floral foam into segments that will fill the box and surround the base of the Manzanita.
Step 3
From your prepared florals (small chocolate ti leaves and stems red elephant orchid) it is time to begin building your Manzanita tree
• Take the folded ti leaves and begin to insert them into the floral foam. Ensure the leaves radiate out from the base of the tree. You can trim the stems if they are too long.
• Take the willow tips and insert them into the floral foam. Spread them out randomly among the ti leaves.
• Now, insert the roses among the leaves. Attempt to cluster the roses in groups of three and four connecting the various clusters throughout the base. You can also place roses between the ti leaves and the edge of the box for added fullness. Angling the roses and placing them at varying heights will provide added dimension.
• Next, take your cymbidiums in the water tubes and cluster them around the Manzanita trunk.
• Take the wired cymbidium blooms and attach them to the branches. Place them randomly at different heights and where there is a v shape base upon which they can naturally rest.
Step 4
• Now, take the longer red elephant pieces and tuck then in again surrounding the manzanita trunk. Place them so that they fan out from the trunk.
• Take the smaller segments of red elephant orchid stems and wire them to the manzanita branches. You can connect multiple smaller segments using individual blooms to hide wire bits. Take care to place the first segments near the cymbidium bloom so that it appears that the orchids are clustered together and growing from a single branch.
• Take the remaining red elephant segments and tuck them in among the roses. You don’t need to worry about piercing the foam. They will be fine for 2 - 3 days out of water.
• Embellish your beautiful manzanita tree with your 1/4” ribbon segments, votive candle holders, photos or other decorative items and enjoy!

If you would like to use other flowers.If you want to use different flowers, here are tips on how to use them.
1. Pick a combination of full/mass flowers and greens that can help fill the base and long/uniquely shaped items that give height, dimension and interest. Kale, roses, dahlias, safari sunset, succulents, ti leaves, geranium leaves for mass. Craespedia, monkey tail, thistle, scabiosa pods, willow, orchids for shape and texture.
2. In choosing blooms for wiring to branches keep in mind that they are out of water, so use hardier varieties. Orchids come in many varieties and tons of lovely shapes. Roses, succulents, moss and berries can also be used.
3.As for the base, there are tons of possibilities. Hydrangea is probably the one flower I wouldn't recommend for DIY unless you have extra stems for touchups. Unfortunately, it doesn't always do well in foam.

If you are wondering about costThe cost was approximately $125 to make this and would likely be 2 to 3 times that if designed professionally. It's certainly a lush, statement piece that your guests will be wowed by.Doing a smaller scale centerpiece version (smaller manzanita, less flowers) DIY would run $75 and the same would apply - 2 to 3 times the cost to have it professionally designed.


For other uses, see Manzanita (disambiguation).

Main article: Arctostaphylos

Manzanita branches with red bark

Manzanita is the common name for many species of the genus Arctostaphylos . They are evergreen shrubs or small trees present in the chaparral biome of western North America, from where they originate Southern British Columbia and Washington to Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas in the US and throughout Mexico. Manzanites can live in places with poor soil and little water. They are characterized by smooth orange or red bark and stiff, winding branches. There are 105 species and subspecies of Manzanita, [1] 95 of these are found in Mediterranean climates and the colder mountain regions of California, ranging from coastal and mountain species to small trees up to 20 feet (6 m) tall. Manzanites bloom from winter to early spring and bear berries in spring and summer. [2] Berries and flowers of most species are edible.

The word Manzanita is the Spanish diminutive of Manzana (apple). The literal translation would be small apple . The name manzanita is also sometimes used to refer to species in a related genus. Arbutus , which is known by this name in the Canadian area of ​​the tree's range, but is more commonly known as madroño, or madron in the United States.


  • 1 uses
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    • 1.2 Culinary use
    • 1.3 Use of landscape
    • 1. 4 Decorative use
    • 1.5 other use
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Manzanita bush

Traditional medicine

Native Americans made tisane from the leaves of poisonous oak to cure tisane thread. [3] [4] The leaves contain mild disinfectant chemicals and can be used for mild urinary tract infections. [4] [5] [6]

The berries of the tree can be made into cider by grinding, pouring an equal amount of water over the paste, and then straining. In Native American cultures, this cider is then used to treat stomach ailments and increase appetite. The berries have also been used to treat bronchitis and kidney problems. [7]

Manzanita leaves also have many medicinal uses. Chewing the leaves of the manzanita tree in a poultice can heal open sores and relieve headaches after application. It has been shown that chewing the leaves without ingestion can cure stomach problems such as cramps and pain. Leaf infusions can also treat ailments such as diarrhea and severe colds. [8] [9]

Culinary Uses

Berries are good food as they can be harvested and stored in large quantities. [4] After storage and drying, the berries can be ground into coarse flour. [5] Berries can be eaten ripe (when red) or green for a slightly sour taste. They are good to eat alone or use as a thickener or sweetener in other dishes. [4] Native Americans used fresh berries to make cider [10] and used the leaves as toothbrushes. [11] [ unreliable source? ]

Landscape use

Manzanites are extremely useful as ornamental plants in gardens in the western United States and similar climates. They are evergreen, very drought tolerant, have picturesque bark, attractive flowers and berries, and come in a variety of sizes and growth patterns.

Arctostaphylos columbiana , for example, is hardy enough to be used for highway landscaping in western Oregon and Washington. Arctostaphylos 'Emerald Carpet', A. Uva-ursi (Bearberry) and other low-growing manzanites are extremely valuable evergreen ground cover plants for dry slopes. Larger varieties such as Arctostaphylos. Dr. Hurd, 'may be grown as single specimens and pruned to bring out the bright pattern and color of the branches. They prefer light, well-drained soil, although short-growing groundcovers tolerate heavier soils.

Decorative use

Manzanita branches are popular as decoration because of their unique shape, color and drying resistance. Florists sometimes use them as decorations at wedding receptions and other events, often adding hanging votive candles, beaded gems, and small flowers to them.

Manzanita Bark

Wood is notoriously difficult to cure, mainly due to cracking of the fibers, so it is not widely used as lumber. The slow growth rate and the high number of branches further reduce the available sizes. A bit of furniture The art uses solid, round branches, which reduces cracking and maintains a dark red color.

Deadwood decomposes slowly and can be stored for many years both inside and outside the factory. Sunlight smoothes and bleaches Manzanita to a light gray or white, making it look like an animal bone. Because of this, and because of the stunted growth of many species, manzanita is often harvested in more unusual forms, giving it the nickname mountain driftwood .

Manzanita bark peels off in small curls

Manzanita wood is also used as a perch for parrots and other large poultry. For this purpose, the branches of the larger species are extremely durable. Few aquarium keepers use sandblasted manzanita as a fin in planted aquariums due to its attractive forked growth and chemical neutrality.

When properly cleaned and cured, it will withstand long periods of immersion in water well. The wood is also resistant to the leaching of tannins into the water column, which is common with other aquarium driftwood. When used as a floating wood, manzanite often needs to either be weighted down for several weeks or soaked first to counteract the natural buoyancy of the wood once it has been dried and hardened. The green tree does not float.

Dry manzanita wood is great for burning in a campfire, barbecue, fireplace, or oven. It is dense and burns for a long time at high temperatures. However, care should be taken as high temperatures can damage thin-walled braziers and even crack. cast iron stove or cause a fire in the chimney. [ citation needed ]

Other Uses

During World War II, manzanite burl root was used as an expedient natural material for making smoking pipes due to its relationship and similar flame retardant properties to then unavailable imported rose hips. Labeled "Missionary Briard", it was harvested until the end of the war, but soon stopped when supplies of imported briar became available again. [12]

Rarity and endemics

Some species of manzanita are among the rarest plants in the world. [13]

Arctostaphylos Hookeri Ravenii (Presidio manzanita) In 1987, only one copy remained at a secret location in the Presidio San Francisco National Historic District in San Francisco, California. This plant has since been successfully cloned. [16] [17]

Arctostaphylos franciscana (Franciscan manzanita), a San Francisco species [18] has not been seen in the wild since 1947 until it was it grows in the San Francisco Presidio in October 2009. [19] [2] Caltrans transplanted this specimen on January 23, 2010 to make way for the Doyle Drive Replacement Project. [20] [21] [22] Transplant costs were funded in part by the Federal Highway Administration, Caltrans, San Francisco Presidio, and private donors. [23] [24] [25] "Arctostaphylos hookeri, subsp. franciscana", a stunted shrub with thin branches, speckled with a web of miniature spiders, is located in the corner of the California part of the Streebing Arboretum. [26]

An as yet unclassified and unidentified manzanita growing on San Francisco's Parker Avenue is a test case for the San Francisco tree ordinance. [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32]

Arctostaphylos gabrielensis is a critically endangered Manzanita species endemic to a small area in the San Gabriel Mountains, Los Angeles County, California.

The evolution of the genus

The evolution of the genus occurred relatively recently; however, in Hogan's description of the evolutionary history of the genus: [33] "convergent patterns of evolution seem to complicate cladistic constructions for certain parts of the genus cladogram. In any case, the fossil ancestors of genus 9 Hogan, C. Michael (2012). "Arctostaphylos". In McGinley, M. (ed.). Earth Encyclopedia . Washington DC: National Council on Science and the Environment.

external link

  • ITIS 23467 Species List ITIS
  • Manzanita in Central Arizona Nice photo of copper colored bark.
  • The Uncomfortable Plant by Joe Eskenazi, SF Weekly, April 16, 2008 Manzanit cover story

The most interesting secrets in Red dead redemption 2

While Red Dead Redemption 2 is a fairly straight forward tale about the dying years of the Wild West and the industrialization of modern American civilization, it still has plenty of quests, Easter eggs, and locations steeped in the supernatural. Immediately after launch, there were reports that some pretty creepy things could be found in the wilderness, but no one really had any idea how many disturbing little things were to be uncovered.

The Old West is full of tall tales as well as real human vices, and Rockstar did a great job packing all that mythology into their latest masterpiece. While this on the one hand makes the game rich in detail and story, it also helps to scare you when you least expect it.

From UFOs to robots to serial killers to sexual perverts, there are tons of interesting things to see outside of the plot.

Sexually horny people

Woman stalker

Although the Wild West is often associated with oozing testosterone, dangerous shooters, there are also ordinary voyeurs among people. Huge tracts of land mean they don't even need to hide. Voyeurism is the pleasure derived from spying on people making intimate moments.

To find out about this, just go to the hill located in New Hanover, not far from the Emerald Ranch.

When you get there, you will see a man standing by a tent filled with interesting photographs. You can approach the man and start a conversation with him, during which you can decide whether to leave him alone or start a fight.

The Crazy Stranger may be the worst of them all, as he has spotted one particularly innocent target: Charlotte Balfour. Charlotte is part of one of the best quests in RDR 2, as Arthur forms a bond with the widow towards the end of his life, teaching her the basic skills needed to survive her husband's death.

This guy, however, will tell you a story about how he stalks her, about which he is so proud. In a conversation with Arthur, he will tell you that he intends to go to her hut when she is alone. Obviously you shouldn't let that happen and he absolutely deserves a bullet in the head (or much worse).

To make things even more creepy, check his tent after you've decided on his fate and find that it's adorned with many photographs of naked women.


It has long been known that animals are often man's best friends. However, one of the ranchers in the game decided to take their sheep to a higher level of familiarity.

To verify this, visit the farm on the map under the letter A in New Hanover. There you will find several wooden buildings.

In one house you will find an interesting sight of a man sleeping with a sheep. Judging by some of the details, one can guess that the night was intoxicating.

It is worth paying attention, among other things, to the festive "outfit" of the animal and the wedding ring that can be found along with it.


Okay, this is probably the most damaging secret on this entire list. Continuing to prove that hitting random shacks is a recipe for disaster, you can find one in Lemoyne that is incredibly unsettling but doesn't really reveal anything.

At first, the house looks completely dilapidated, but there will be a man sitting outside who will invite you to eat. If you follow him, he will knock you out and, after passing out, hear him throw you on the bed, with ominous overtones indicating that the stranger is sexually assaulting Arthur while he is unconscious. After our hero is thrown back into the wild, he will let out a bewildered "oh my god."

You can pretend that nothing really happened, but that strongly implies that it didn't. Go back and throw it to the alligators.


Zombie Fish

Fishing is one of the most peaceful activities in Red Dead Redemption 2. On countless occasions, you are encouraged to take five minutes and cast your reel, spend some time with Jack, or catch the many legendary fish scattered around the world .

The last action usually leads you to some of the biggest and most beautiful trophy fish in the game, but there is one that stands out from the rest. Heading to the Elysian Pond, a legendary fish awaits you, but once you reel it in, it turns out that it is actually zombified.

Arthur will comment on the appearance of the undead creature, as it is somehow still alive despite having huge chunks of rot removed from it. It remains to be seen whether this is just a random detail - or a hint at a possible sequel to Undead Nightmare.

Big Snake

As you explore the map, you may come across a huge snake hanging from a tree. However, you do not need to be afraid of this, because the reptile is dead, and you can safely approach it in order to take a closer look at its huge body.

If anyone wants to see this unusual specimen with their own eyes, they should go to a region called Lemoyne.

The Serpent is north of where the Kamassa River flows.

Serial Maniacs

Blackwater Sports Club Massacre

This is one of the dark secrets that you can discover as you travel through the game world. Start with a trip to the town of Blackwater, located west of Flat Iron Lake. Go through it, find a newspaper vendor and buy one of them, then read the article about the missing Blackwater team.

You will learn that the athletes were preparing for competitions in the vicinity, and then mysteriously disappeared. So far, no trace has been found. To find out what happened, head to the forest west of the city.

Walking through the forest, you will come across a grave with the murdered remains of the team. You will recognize them by the characteristic letter B on their shirts. Moreover, several severed limbs are also located in the shape of this letter.

This incident dates back to a real situation in 2009year, when a terrorist organization called the National Liberation Army kidnapped and killed 12 Colombian football players from the Los Maniceros team in the forest. Only one person survived.

Ku Klux Klan

One of the most famous racist organizations in the world is the Ku Klux Klan based in the USA. Its members, wearing distinctive white suits, committed violence against certain populations, especially blacks.

In RDR 2 we can also meet clan members. In the afternoon we will find the first group near Flatneck Station. You can reach them by trying to attach a wooden cross.

The second meeting is possible only at night. You should then head to a grove north of Rhodes where you will encounter a large group of Ku Klux Klan. It is worth noting that both meetings have a gloomy comedic direction: the developers made the clan representatives as unintelligent as possible.

Racist cultists

Manzanita Post is one of the smallest outposts in the game, with a couple of tents and a few houses. The people of Manzanita are mostly Norwegian immigrants, and while they seem to be some of the nicest people in the Wild West, their secrets are quite the opposite.

If the player searches the house of the seemingly cute Norwegian couple, they will find a hidden drawing on the floorboards and a handwritten note in the chimney. On the back of the photo is the word "UREN", which means unclean, and the note appears to have been written by the woman from the hut. In her letter, the woman reveals her guilt due to the fact that something terrible was done to someone.

The last piece of the puzzle can be found on a piece of newspaper, which must be stolen from the person living in the hut. In the newspaper, the player reads that the people living in Manzanit are actually an overzealous religious cult that have all been involved in the murder of an entire family.

The reasons for killing the family were purely racist, as the patriarch of the deceased family was from North Africa and was therefore considered "unclean" by the ranchers.

A man, his wife and their child were killed on the orders of a cult leader because of their interracial relationship and mixed child. This shocking discovery completely destroys the seemingly peaceful façade that ranchers put up.

Aberdeen Farm - Incest Dinner

In the Lemoyne region, northwest of Bluewater Marsh, there is an inconspicuous pig farm. Approaching it closer, you will notice a wooden two-story house.

Right from the door you will be warmly greeted by the hosts - Aberdins, who will invite the hero inside. If you accept the invitation, you will have time to talk to the couple and take a closer look at her.

Some items may be suspicious, such as the skull kept in the wardrobe on the top floor. However, if nothing is suspicious, you can sit down to have lunch together. Immediately, a strange sexual connection develops between the two as the man tells you to check on the woman upstairs who is changing.

During the meal, they will offer several rounds of alcohol - drinking the drink will cause vision impairment for the protagonist.

After losing consciousness, you will wake up in an unburied pit with empty pockets surrounded by dead people. If you want to return the lost funds, return to the farm and deal with the hostile owners. Then you can search the apartment - it would be nice to look behind the picture of a woman hanging to the right of the fireplace. Behind it you will find a cache of stolen money.

A closer look at the house makes it clear that they are much worse than they even seemed. They killed their parents and buried them in the same ditch they threw you into. You can also mention that they are married brother and sister.

It's worth saying that the Aberdinians are a reference to the "Bloody Benders" family, who in the late 19th century were known for killing and robbing random people who came to visit them.


You can complete RDR 2 without encountering the so-called "nightfolk". In the passage, you can see one of them carrying the corpse to God knows where.

The assassin is actually part of a strange cult that roams the Bayou swamps at night. You can encounter gangs of these Ravagers, usually covered from head to toe in skin diseases, cuts and dirt, in search of their last victims. They look like an even more aggressive version of the Murphrey Geek, speaking only in grunts and moans, and are rumored to not actually be human.

A lonely crying woman in the middle of a swamp

There are places in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 that you should not visit. Especially after dark. However, if you don't mind the thrill, you can head out at night to the Bayou Nwa Wetlands in the Lemoyne region.

You should hear the voice of a desperate woman from afar. If you follow this example, you will soon see a sobbing pale figure. Nothing stops you from turning back.

Or move closer and quickly find that the woman doesn't need help. Not only that, soon even more unpleasant people with knives will appear around you.

Visiting these places after dark, it is quite possible that you will find the "Night Folk".


Boy in the basement

Although the gunsmith in the small, idyllic town of Rhodes appears to be a relatively decent citizen, it quickly becomes clear that he is keeping a dark secret literally in his basement.

While wandering around the city, Arthur hears the townspeople whispering rumors about the gunsmith and his son's death, which already sounds ominous enough before the player walks past his shop.

Looking at the store from afar, you can see a small barred window near the ground. Once close enough to the window, the boy will grab the player with his hand, begging for help.

The player can then enter the gun shop and threaten the owner to take him to the basement, where he will find the minor chained to a bed in sailor's clothing.

It is revealed that the shopkeeper's son actually drowned after being accidentally knocked into a river while learning how to shoot a rifle with him. The gunsmith, in his grief and apparent madness, decided to kidnap a random teenager and dress him up as his son, pretending that the son was not dead at all.

Woman walled up in a toilet

It's no secret that both the Gray and Braithwaite families in Red Dead Redemption 2 suck. Their personal war caused untold suffering to almost everyone within a 20 mile radius, including their family members, the people of Rhodes and, of course, the Van der Linde gang.

The Braithwaites have enough skeletons in their closet, and their entire legacy is built on the humps of others who have since been killed or worse. They also have a couple of family secrets that hide in plain sight, such as a woman you can find locked in a small wooden building on their property.

You will immediately recognize the building by the crescent on the door (by the way, the toilet is not only boarded up, but also chained to keep the unfortunate woman inside). If you get close, the crazed maiden will hit you, and you can get a good look at her terrifying face by entering first-person mode.

During the story mission where the player helps Penelope Braithwaite escape, she will reveal that Gertrude is actually a member of her family. However, she had to be locked up due to deformity and mental illness as a result of incest.

The player cannot free Gertrude no matter how hard they try. Choosing to return to the restroom during the game's epilogue, you'll find her skeleton still locked inside. She starved to death in her tiny prison due to all her family members being killed by the player.

Possible kidnapper of a European princess

While wandering around the seedy town of Van Horn Trading Post, a strange person may approach the player who has picked up a poster of a missing child. This stranger turns out to be a private investigator working for the ruling family of the impossibly small European country of Luxembourg. An investigator is looking for the daughter of the royal family, Isabeau, Katharina Sinsmeister, who went missing almost ten years earlier.

The mystery of the missing princess can potentially be solved by entering Silas Crawford's illegal weapons shop and finding a chest engraved with the initials of the missing princess.

Crawford's adorable dog even tries to help the player by whining towards the top floor, indicating that someone lives there. The player can even hear footsteps creaking across the wooden floor, realizing that someone is in the attic upstairs of Crawford's store.

Even if the player knows this for sure, he unfortunately cannot do anything to save the royal blood, even if he kills Silas Crawford, who is clearly holding her captive.

Unique Oddities

An NPC who realized he was in the game

John, the mad preacher, can be found standing in four different rivers on the game map, shouting to God to give him a signal or some reason for his existence. The player can talk to this NPC, who is supposed to be a reference to John the Baptist, and discover that the madman is actually one of the most disturbing NPCs of all time.

The preacher does not talk to God. John could yell at Sam Houser, president of Rockstar. Yes, that's right, it's an NPC who became self-aware and went crazy trying to figure out why he was literally created and placed in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

There are some minor indications that John is self-aware, such as how he notices that other people are nothing more than programmed NPCs and act strangely towards him. Secondly, the preacher believes that you are the signal from "God" that he has been waiting for so long.

John is essentially a Westworld-style host who has realized that reality isn't what it seems, and it's always scary when you play a game where you can do whatever you want without consequences.

Mad Philosopher

In the upper northwest corner of West Elizabeth, players will come across a simple, modest cave entrance. Heading inside the cave, Arthur gradually realizes that it is much more creepy than most of the usual damp caves in America, as he discovers several distorted cave paintings.

At the end of the cave's winding tunnel system, the player is greeted by a man who claims to be the devil. The man quickly admits that he is not the devil, but really wants him to be.

The hermit may talk to the player several times over the course of several in-game days, revealing a bit more about who he is and why he spends all his time alone in the cave. It turns out that by the end of his confessions, this cave hermit was once a philosopher who tried to teach lessons at several high-class universities.

However, after most of his philosophical ideas were rejected and the woman he had feelings for sent him, the philosopher became disillusioned with humanity and began to live alone and as remotely as possible, going mad for lack of sunlight and isolation.

Time Traveler

The player will one day start the mission "Geology for Beginners", in which you need to collect a bunch of rock paintings for a man named Francis Sinclair.

After you complete the quest, you will be asked to return to Francis' shack, where his father is found dead and his wife holding the baby. A child who has the same mole as Francis.

It is implied that the character used these images in some way to travel back in time. As you explore the hut, you'll see drawings of what appears to be an adult Francis visiting different points in human history (including the building of the Egyptian pyramids).

Dissociative Identity Disorder Sufferer

Nigel is an NPC that will randomly appear in several cities and call his best friend, who is simply called Gavin. If the player interacts with Nigel, he will talk about his long search for his friend and give some descriptions.

After robbing Nigel, there is a letter "from his friend Tom", who writes about how excited he is that Nigel and Gavin have become rich and successful after leaving England for America. There are several indications in the letter that Nigel appears to have had some sort of dissociative identity disorder.

In the letter, Tom talks about Gavin and Nigel's mother as if they were the same person, mentioning how Nigel "pretended" to be someone from London, where Gavin supposedly comes from.

These lines in the letter seem to point to the sad truth that Nigel is just looking for himself everywhere.

A father who didn't love his daughter's suitor

Eugene Wegner is a minor character, but has a bloody secret that can be revealed if the player decides to investigate. Wandering around the ranch, the farmhands will gossip about Eugene's daughter, Miriam, who is nowhere to be found at first.

However, if the player takes the time to look at Eugene's second floor window late at night, they will find Miriam looking at him eeriely. After the time spent investigating, the player will be able to uncover a story about lovers and murders.

It turns out that poor Miriam fell in love with one of her father's young ranch workers. Upon learning of this, the father killed the boy in an "accident" with a shooting and locked his daughter in the house so that she could not tell anyone about it.

It is impossible to save Miriam even if the player fully reveals the truth. Even simply killing Eugene can't seem to free the girl from her horrifying prison. Unfortunately, she is forever locked in her house alone with a broken heart.



Climbing Mount Shann, you can find the Sasquatch remains. Arthur will make sketches in his diary, but nothing else will come of it.


The Vampire Quest in Saint-Denis is one of those easter eggs that is almost impossible to miss, as it forces you to unravel the mystery of whether there really is a supernatural being that sucks the blood of the inhabitants of the city.

Throughout the city, you'll find strange messages scrawled on walls that mention deaths that appear to be the responsibility of the Nosferatu. After finding all the clues, you must draw a pentagram on the map, which will give you another area to search in order to hunt down the killer. Unfortunately, getting him to show up isn't exactly easy, and it can take him a couple of nights to show up.

When he appears, you will find that he is already feasting on his last victim. Luckily, all it takes is a bullet to the head, not a stake or a silver bullet, to put a vampire down for good.

The tragic fate of Agnes Dowd

Ghosts are surprisingly common in Rockstar games. However, Agnes Dowd is an exception to most of the ghouls and spirits that players can encounter, as she actually talks to the player, even if it's not directly.

The ghost of Agnes can be encountered several times in the Lemoyne swamps. During these creepy one-sided conversations, she will reveal another part of her story, explaining how she died.

She was a child from a wealthy family and fell in love with a man who was married to another woman. Agnes and her lover had a common child, but the man left her and their child to return to his wife.

Agnes abandons her child so she can be with the man who abandoned her, infuriating her father to the point that he confronts her boyfriend, shooting him. Then Agnes, perhaps, killed her own father, as well as the wife of her lover, and then hanged herself from the tree under which she and her lover met.

She was so calm when she committed suicide, hoping that her spirit and lover would be together forever, leaving her child without parents.


Another interesting feature is found in the West Elizabeth region, in particular under the wooden bridge that crosses the nearby trail.

You will see a broken wooden chest with a huge stuffed monkey inside. By shooting it, you can see what material is inside.

If you're wondering what a gorilla is doing in a place like this, you can head a little east of its current location. There is a colorful house in the forest, around which there are many carcasses of animals.

It turns out that a certain Mrs. Hobbs lives in it, who, after completing the main storyline, can give the hero a task related to the "This is Art" achievement.

Ghost Train

There are several genuine ghost sightings reported by players in RDR 2, but the most visually impressive is the Ghost Train.

He spawns around 3am, with the most reliable spawn point being the sign that marks the entrance to Lemoyne. If the horse starts to snort, a train should come around the corner.

There you will see him going on his nightly route, perhaps to drop off other supernatural beings for their shifts. It is different from the rest of the trains in the game, and may in fact also be a reference to the ghost train from Final Fantasy VII, given the visual similarity, making it a double easter egg.

Some sources say that the ghost train can only be activated once during the game.


One of the most interesting Easter eggs in GTA V involved a potential UFO/Alien conspiracy, but Red Dead Redemption 2 takes it one step further by having a real spaceship descend into New Hanover.

You may have come across a rather unsettling hut in the area, full of skeletons and strange artifacts, implying that these are the remains of a suicide club, with the robed remains of their leader still present at the front table.

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