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As you may know, we love all Paper Crafts for Kids and growns ups.. as part of that we have been exploring paper quilling and paper quilling patterns for all seasons. Last year we particularly fell in love with the stunning Paper Quilled Snowflake patterns. A must see for lovers of paper crafts and quilling. Today, I decided to put together a list of fabulous Paper Quilled Christmas Trees and how to make quilled Christmas trees – mainly because pinterest seems to be full of quilling inspiration but rarely appears to link to the actual Christmas Quilling Tutorials (grumble). So I took some time to find some lovely quilling ideas for you all around the theme of CHRISTMAS TREES and linking to actual tutorials that you can enjoy!!

I have shared a mixture of quilling patterns for both kid, older kids and grown ups. Do find something that suits your quilling experience!

Where appropriate we have also embedded some how to paper quilling videos (scroll down).

First shared in November 2017

So here we go.. some fabulous Paper Quilled Christmas Tree Crafts

3D Paper Quilled Christmas Trees – these make perfect Christmas table decorations or would look wonderful on the mantel piece.

Super duper EASY Quilled Christmas Tree Cards for kids to make – a simple introduction to paper quilling for kids!


Love the use of different greens and the “poppy outness” (is that a term) of the paper quills in this tree? Made by Creative Paper, see her video below for HOW to.

A clever technique of layering your tear drop paper quills and combining them with small beads to make this oh so sweet 3D Paper Quilled Christmas Tree. This was created by Sabrina’s Crafting Club and again, we have embedded her video for you below!

Another cuet and creative quilled Christmas Card design by Creative Paper, is this adorable “teardrop Christmas tree”. Isn’t it super cute? Love the quilled baubles too. Again, see below for the how to quill a Christmas Tree video!

Next up we have a paper quilling video by Tangled in Wishes – this time showing us how cute and easy it is to make paper Christmas Tree ornaments. Aren’t they darling? You could attached them to the wrong of a greeting card and they would make lovely 2 in 1 card/ ornaments to send and give.

Check out this ADORABLE 3D quilled Christmas Tree form Luntiks. Isn’t it adorable?

Or how about Panda Hall’s super cute and fun paper quilled Christmas Tree Earrings? HOW fun are they!?

Anotehr BEAUTIFUL Quilled Christmas Tree Card design by Craft Beautiful – has a free download for you to use!

Super cute Quilled Christmas Tree Ornaments! How lovely are these paper Christmas trees. Again, I love the use of different colours.. and also how varied ONE technique can bring different designs and looks. Find out step by step quilling instructions over on Craftsy.

How to Make a Paper Quilled Christmas Tree Videos mentioned above:

First up by CREATIVE PAPER – these lovely Christmas Cards

Another great take on the quilled Christmas Tree by CREATIVE PAPER

Next SABRINA’S CRAFTING CLUB 3D Quilled Christmas Tree


I hope you have enojoued this collection of Paper Quilling Projects for Christamas.. and that you are inspired to give this Paper Craft a go!

More Paper Craft Ideas for you here!

More Paper  Christmas Crafts here:

More Paper Quilling Projects:

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Quilled Christmas Tree Craft | My Nourished Home

This easy Quilled Christmas tree is an excellent way to enjoy craft time with this holiday season.

The art of quilling is a simple craft idea to do with your family. This art project will help you work with your kids to create a beautiful Christmas tree that can be hung on the wall, placed on your mantle or given to a special family member.

Quilled Christmas Tree

Quilling is also known as paper filigree. Quilling uses long strands of paper rolled into shapes to create an artistic masterpiece, such as this quilled Christmas tree craft.

Using a slotted quilling toolslotted quilling tool you can easily make this adorable Christmas craft. This project is perfect for beginners and appropriate for kids about 10 years old and up. (Based on your child’s aptitude and interest, of course.) You’ll be able to use the slotted quilling tool to create tight circles as you work to match up each quilled piece of paper to the pattern to make a Christmas tree craft design.

Is Quilling easy?

Since quilling is essentially rolling up strips of paper to create a beautiful design, yes quilling can be easy. As with most crafts, patterns range from simple to complex. This quilled Christmas tree is definitely on the easier end of that spectrum. 

If you want to make this fun tree with your kids, it may take a little while for younger kids to master the skill of using the slotted quilling tool to create their design but with a little patience, they will pick it up. It takes a bit to figure out how to shape each piece of paper, so I find that while my older kids are fine on their own, my youngest likes to roll the paper and I shape and glue each one. 

Spending time making crafts like this quilled tree during the holiday season is an excellent way to encourage excitement for the upcoming holiday, as well as create a homemade gift idea for loved ones.

What glue do you use for Quilling?

Since you’ll need to use glue to place the quilled paper into a Christmas tree pattern, many have asked what glue is best for quilling. White glue is the best glue to use for quilling. This is an easy and solid method to ensure your quilled Christmas tree craft stays in one piece for years to come.  



Allow your kids to use this quilled Christmas tree craft as a way to give their favorite family members, teachers, and other inspirational leaders in the community a homemade holiday gift.

Making this quilled Christmas tree craft is easy. You’ll see the simple supply list and easy to follow directions below. Gather up the necessary materials and enjoy quality time making Christmas crafts with your kids today.


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5 mins

25 mins


Make this beautiful papercraft Christmas Tree with a short list of simple supplies. Perfect for beginners!

Keyword: quilling

Author: Cynthia Rusincovitch

  • Paper quilling strips
  • Green colored craft paper
  • Slotted quilling tool
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • glue
  1. Select 3 different shades of green colored quilling strips for this craft. I’m using 6 inches long strips and 12 inches long strips to create the different quilled shapes for this craft.

  2. Take a strip and coil it with the help of the slotted quilling tool. Carefully take out the coiled strip from the tool and allow it loosen up freely.

  3. Press the loose coil on any point to form a teardrop shape. Glue the open end to secure the shape.

  4. Take a 12 inches long strip and fold it into half.

  5. Coil the 2 open ends of the folded strip. Coil all the way to the closed end (near the half fold part). This will form a heart shape.

  6. Take the teardrop shape formed in step 3 and place it inside the heart shape (between the 2 twirls of the quilled heart shape).

  7. Take a 6 inches long strip and coil the whole strip from any one end to form a twirl shape. Take a same colored quilled teardrop shape and attach it with the quilled twirl on its straight side. Create teardrops, heart shaped pieces with a teardrop inside and teardrop with a twirl attached to it.

  8. Grab more paper quilling strips and create more quilled shapes.

  9. Cut out a piece of green colored craft paper and grab all the quilled shapes.

  10. Let’s start from the top part of the tree. Grab 3 small teardrop shapes and attach them on the top side of the craft paper by keeping the pointy ends of the shapes facing upwards.

  11. Continue to attach the quilled shapes downward by keeping a tree shape in mind. For the next layer below the first quilled layer, I’ve attached a heart shape with a teardrop attached in the middle, teardrop with twirls attached on both sides and on the 2 outer sides, I’ve attached 2 teardrops.

  12. Grab different shaded quilled shapes for the third layer. Simply glue the quilled shapes downwards but forming a wider layer than the previous layer.

  13. For the fourth layer I used the darkest colored quilled shapes. You can add more layers if you want to. If you are confused about the pattern, you can place the different quilled shapes on the paper before gluing them.

  14. Cut out the craft paper around the quilled patterns outer border. Quill a 5 point star pattern using yellow colored quilling strips and attach it on the top end of the quilled tree.

  15. Quill 4 loose coils using brown colored quilling strips and attach them on the bottom side of the quilled tree by forming a square shape with the 4 brown loose coils. Also, create some tight coils from red and other bright colored strips. Attach the tight coils between the quilled shapes of the tree randomly to decorate the Christmas tree.


About Cynthia Rusincovitch

Cynthia is a writer, photographer, and recipe developer. She was in corporate marketing for 15 years before leaving it to focus on family. She started blogging as a way to nourish the desire to work while balancing the joys and duties that come with having more kids than hands. She is married to an aerospace engineer who likes to man the grill and has 3 daughters - a teenager and two toddlers. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and Pinterest.

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master class of postcards with diagrams and photos

It is customary to decorate houses and workplaces for the New Year holidays. When New Year's symbolism glitters and is full of colors and lights around, a magical New Year's atmosphere appears. The main symbol of the holiday is a lush Christmas tree. In addition to a live and artificial Christmas tree, you can decorate the interior with Christmas trees made by yourself. Christmas trees made using the quilling technique are incredibly beautiful. This technique creates different types of forest beauties. It will help you learn how to make a quilling Christmas tree master class, which describes the manufacture of beautiful openwork Christmas trees.

Variety of options

Flat Christmas trees are suitable for hanging on walls, pictures, postcards. An excellent New Year's gift will be a picture or a postcard with an openwork Christmas tree. In this way, trees are created from lace elements and decorate the interior with them. Elements of paper strips are glued to a base of paper or cardboard or glued together. Decorate with beads, beads, sequins.

Such a Christmas tree can replace the usual large Christmas tree if it is made on a piece of wallpaper and attached to the wall. As tapes for twisting, you can use unnecessary wallpaper painted with watercolors and cut into strips. After gluing paper monograms, the resulting forest beauty should be decorated with New Year's balls, bells, bows, snowflakes and attach a garland of lights with sewing pins or colored paper clips. Such a Christmas tree will look creative, stylish and unusual.

For an ornate, graceful image, draw an outline on the base to which the paper tapes will be glued. The contour should be made pale so that it is not noticeable in the finished form. You can print or redraw ready-made tree diagrams.

Making planes

This master class will help you create a flat Christmas tree from lacy drops and monograms.

To create a flat Christmas tree, you need colored paper or ready-made quilling strips, scissors, PVA glue, a toothpick or a special device for twisting paper ribbons. It is good if there is a special form-template with cells of different diameters (lumograph) to create elements of the desired size.

Make blanks for twigs. Roll paper strips onto a stick.

Using a mold, make an element of the required diameter.

Glue the end of the strip and shape the element. To do this, hold the base with your fingers.

We pinch the edge of the element and thus we get an element in the form of a droplet. You need to make 8 such drops.

Two-color elements of the same shape are also needed. Glue the ends of the strips of different colors.

Starting from the end of the green color, wind the line and give the element the same drop shape. You will need 15 such drops.

Now we need to make the next element that looks like a bird. To do this, several strips of green and blue colors need to be glued at the base. With the help of winding on a stick in different directions, give the desired shape. Make 4 of these birds.

Another necessary element is the monogram. Glue a few multi-colored strips at the base and twist onto a stick. Having unfolded the monogram, we glue the ends of the ribbons in a cascade. You will need 4 of these items.

All branches are ready. Now you can start assembling the Christmas tree.

Now roll the bright strips of paper into tight rolls.

Decorate the Christmas tree with the resulting multi-colored balls.

Now you can stick it on a postcard, insert it into a photo frame or, by attaching a loop to the crown, decorate the interior with it.

Creating a three-dimensional Christmas tree

Three-dimensional three-dimensional Christmas trees can be used as a table decoration. The elements are either glued to each other, forming a cone shape, or glued to a cone-shaped frame made of paper or cardboard.

Such a cute tree will spruce up your workplace and create a festive mood. Using Christmas trees in compositions with a thematic New Year's plot, you can decorate the rooms in the house. Also, a quilling voluminous Christmas tree will be a wonderful gift for the upcoming holidays.

Step-by-step photos and a detailed description of its creation will help you make a three-dimensional Christmas tree.

For the manufacture you will need paper tapes, a green sheet of colored cardboard, compasses, scissors, glue and a form with round cells.

To make a frame, you need to measure the desired height of the Christmas tree on cardboard, this will be the radius of the future circle. Draw a circle with a compass so that the cardboard occupies a quarter of this circle.

Make a cone from the obtained quarter circle.

Now you need to make blanks for the Christmas tree branches. Twist rolls from green ribbon. Using the form, determine the diameter of the element, glue the tip.

To shape the roll, press it on one side with your fingers. You will get an element that looks like a drop. You need to make such elements of different sizes: large, medium and small.

Now we need to make twigs. The elements are glued to the cone from the bottom up. Below the elements are large, at the top - small, between them - medium. Each row should be indented from the previous row. Before making the top row, you need to let the bottom row dry.

You should get a Christmas tree with fluffy branches.

Next, decorate the green beauty. The star is made from free rolls, in the shape of an eye, that is, a roll compressed on both sides.

Glue a star out of five of these elements and decorate the crown with it.

From the yellow loose rolls form a star shape by pressing it on four sides.

Rolls for decoration out of colorful stripes. Now it remains to glue the stars and balls on the branches, and the voluminous Christmas tree is ready.

Video on the topic of the article

In the video you can see how flat and volumetric quilling Christmas trees are created.

Quilling tree - master class: diagrams and photos are attached

We always spend a lot of time preparing for the New Year and Christmas. It will be especially interesting to make a Christmas tree with your own hands. A selection on the topic "quilling Christmas tree in a step-by-step master class" will be useful in making gifts and decorations for the home. Working in this technique allows even little helpers to participate in the manufacture of crafts.

Assembling a quilling Christmas tree: a step-by-step master class for beginners

When shopping for the new year, do not forget to buy a quilling kit or build it yourself: a set of colored paper and cardboard; toothpicks; tweezers; scissors; stationery knife; PVA glue.

Usually guests receive homemade postcards as gifts from children. Consider a simple craft that children over three years old can make.

  1. Let's prepare simple elements in the form of spirals: on a special tool for quilling (you can use a toothpick), we wind strips of green paper and slightly dissolve the resulting figure; glue the tip of the paper to fix the shape.
  2. We make the trunk of the Christmas tree from a strip of brown color. We twist the paper into a free roll. With your fingers, we give the spiral a trapezoid shape, slightly rounding the sides.
  3. On a sheet of paper prepared for a postcard, glue the trunk of the Christmas tree, then lay out circles in rows. Each new row is one piece less than the previous one.
  4. We represent Christmas decorations with tight red rolls.
  5. We make the top from yellow paper: we twist the circle; with fingers we form the rays of a star.

For older children, you can use more complex elements, such as a drop. We squeeze the round blank with two fingers, giving the figure the shape of an oval; grab the paper on one side, form a corner and shift the center of the pattern to the other side.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 from the previous algorithm. We decorate the Christmas tree with balls of beads. Glue stars around the Christmas tree, you can use sparkles or rhinestones.

Volumetric figure.

Decorate a table, window sill or car dashboard with a paper Christmas tree. For such a figure, we need the following materials: a sheet of A4 green paper; strips for quilling; glue.

  • The base of the tree will be a cone. On a sheet of green paper, draw an arc (1/4 of a circle), with a radius equal to the desired height of the product. Cut out a quarter circle and roll into a cone. We glue the joint of the workpiece with PVA glue (or any other glue for paper).
  • To make Christmas tree branches, take a curly ruler with circle templates or draw several circles of different radii on paper.
  • Using a quilling tool, we twist spirals of different sizes, trying on a ruler or according to a drawing. Slightly loosening the wrapping, glue the tip of the tape so that the spiral does not unravel. We squeeze the spiral with tweezers from one end, capturing three to four layers of paper. In this way we form the shape of a drop.
  • Having wound a few drops of different sizes, we proceed to laying out the “branches” of the Christmas tree. We select the largest "drops" and glue them along the bottom of the cone. We arrange the elements with the tip up, and combine the lower part with the edge of the cone. We lay out the second row on the first so that the tip is in contact with the base, and the lower part of the workpiece covers the tip of the element in the previous row. So we fill the entire cone with “drops” to the very top, reducing the size of the blanks.
  • We will use balls and small stars to decorate the Christmas tree. On top of the Christmas tree we will “dress” a big star.
  • We twist five red spirals. Having squeezed the element from two sides, with tweezers we make corners at the tops of the oval - we get an element in the shape of an eye. We glue all five blanks with corners to each other and install them on the top of the Christmas tree.
  • Make several spirals out of strips of yellow paper. Spirals should not be too loose. Using tweezers, we give the figure the shape of a four-pointed star. We decorate the Christmas tree with these stars.
  • We make several multi-colored rolls from strips of paper. We twist the elements tightly and immediately fix the tip of the tape so that the roll does not bloom. We glue the resulting balls in different places of the Christmas tree.

This Christmas tree will be brighter if you add decorations with rhinestones and sparkles (it is convenient to use special sparkles in balloons).

Openwork tree.

To make an elegant craft, we need cardboard and paper strips.

Cut out a circle from cardboard - the basis of the souvenir. We cut off a narrow strip of cardboard and attach it vertically to the base, this will be the tree trunk. According to the algorithm described above, we twist three "drops" of different sizes. A number of branches of such a Christmas tree will consist of three blanks. We place the drop with the rounded side to the barrel, “putting” the workpiece on its side. Glue the bottom and one side of the “drop” with glue so that it sticks to the trunk and base of the souvenir. We place the three largest figures in the bottom row at an equal distance from each other. Now we form rows of branches, gradually reducing the size of the blanks. We decorate the top of the Christmas tree with a star of five "eyes" (as described above).

We twist 18 small red spirals and two red drops. We attach two spirals next to the base, placing them with an edge.

Learn more