How to make a snowman tree

15+ Snowman Christmas Tree DIY Decorations and Ideas

Have you ever thought of decorating your Christmas tree in a way that it resembles a snowman? It gets the snowy, wintery feel bang on. Also, it keeps people guessing if it’s a Christmas tree or a snowman. The super cute looks of the completed tree come as a plus.

DIY Snowman Christmas Tree Ideas

1. Snowmen Made Out Of White Christmas Trees

You would need a white Christmas tree, snowman head, twigs for the arms, hat, black Christmas ornaments for the buttons and a scarf for this project. For the detailed DIY click on the link above.

Awesome Snowman Christmas Trees

2. Snowman White Christmas Tree

You would need a pre-lit white Christmas tree for this snowman. His head is made with a foam ball, buttons and straight pins.

White Christmas Tree Snowman

3. How to Make a Christmas Tree Snowman Decoration

The boots laid in front of the tree trunk lend a realistic appeal to the snowman Christmas tree. Its nose is made by wrapping an orange felt sheet into a cone.

Christmas Tree Snowman

4. White Christmas Tree Snowman Directions

How to Make a Snowman Christmas Tree

5. Make a Snowman Christmas Tree Decoration

Instead of hanging random ornaments on your Christmas tree, you can deck it up in the snowman theme to make it unique. Layers of white fluff make it look adorable.

DIY Snowman Christmas Tree

6. Christmas Tree Snowman Idea

This DIY involves wrapping white garland around the entire length of the tree and putting a snowman head tree topper at its apex. You can decorate with a few snowman accessories like buttons and scarves. You can also put ice skates in front of the trunk for making it look cool.

Snowman Christmas Tree Idea

7. Cute Frosty the Snowman Christmas Tree

The hat of this snowman Christmas tree is made uniquely by using a charger plate and a bucket. The objects were spray-painted in black and hot glued together.

Frosty the Snowman Christmas Tree

You can make this snowman Christmas tree by using a snowman head as the tree topper. You can see in the picture that the snowman comprises of a basic green tree that has been wrapped with a white ribbon. It eliminates the need for a white tree.

Snowman Christmas Tree Decorations

8. Snowman Christmas Tree In White

White Snowman Christmas Tree

9. Adorable Snowman Themed Christmas Tree

Snowman Themed Christmas Tree

10. Christmas Tree Decorated Like Frosty Snowman

You can make this one out of a green Christmas tree with colored lights or just use a plain white tree decorated with white fairy lights for a Frosty the Snowman look.

Frosty Snowman Christmas Tree

If you want, you can use a wider tree for this. The lights give it a dramatic effect at night. You can add a spade to make it look realistic.

White Christmas Tree That Looks Like A Snowman

11. Christmas Tree in Snowman Theme

Snowman Christmas Tree Theme

12. Fun White Christmas Tree Snowman Idea

White Christmas Tree Idea for Snowman

13. Snowman Decorated Christmas Tree

Decorated Snowman Christmas Tree

14. How to Decorate a White Snowman Christmas Tree

White Christmas Tree Decorated As A Snowman

15. Snowman Christmas Tree Tutorial

Snowman Christmas Tree DIY

You will find that many of the tutorials above instruct you to use snowman head tree toppers. If you don’t want to buy one, you can easily make one yourself with a Styrofoam ball that has a stick coming out of its bottom to fix it to the tree. You can draw the eyes and the mouth with a marker pen or just glue buttons at the appropriate places. The nose can be made by rolling an orange paper into a cone.

How to Decorate a White Christmas Tree to Look Like a Snowman | Home Guides

By Cyndee Kromminga

Add whimsy to holiday decorating with a snowman tree made using a white artificial Christmas tree. Frosty can be brought to life very quickly with embellishments you probably already have and at the end of the season, all the decorations can be removed and packed away until next year. Create this jolly fellow for your home, office, classroom or a holiday party for young and old.

  1. Trace a nickel two times on a scrap of black paper. Cut out the traced shapes for the snowman's eyes. Trace a dime seven times on the black paper. Cut out the shapes for the snowman's mouth.

  2. Draw a 3-inch-tall triangle with a 1-inch base on a scrap of orange paper. Cut out the shape for the snowman's nose.

  3. Place a 12-inch white gazing ball in a mixing bowl with the ball's neck pointing down; the side of the ball facing you is the snowman's face. Dip a stencil brush in light-pink acrylic paint. Pounce off most of the paint on a paper plate. Pounce two 2-inch cheeks centered on the snowman's face spaced 1 inch apart. Allow the paint to dry.

  4. Apply decoupage medium to one side of the paper carrot using a sponge brush; this side is the back. Place the carrot on the face with the base of the triangle in the center of the face and the tip pointing to the right and tilted slightly upward. Press and smooth the carrot with your fingers to adhere.

  5. Apply decoupage medium to one side of all the black circles. Place the eye circles 1 inch apart and 1 inch above the nose. Arrange the remaining circles into a smile-shaped line on the face. Press and smooth the circles to adhere. Allow the medium to dry.

  6. Assemble a 6-foot white artificial Christmas tree. Do not attach the top branch that peaks upward. In most cases, this branch is several small branches that resemble a miniature tree. Bend the top 12 inches of the tree down and toward the back of the tree if this section is attached and cannot be removed.

  7. Cut an 18-inch length of craft wire using wire cutters. Wrap the center of the wire's length around the neck of the gazing ball. Twist the wire to secure. Place the snowman head on top of the tree with the neck pointing down. Wrap the wire ends around the tree branches to secure the head to the tree.

  8. Wrap an adult-size winter scarf around the tree below the head. Tie the ends in the front and slightly to the left.

  9. Cut three 12-inch lengths of craft wire. Thread one wire through the hanging eyelet of one 4-inch black ball ornament. Center the ball on the front of the snowman approximately 10 inches below the neck. Insert the eyelet hanger into the branches and secure the ball using the craft wire. Thread two more 4-inch ornaments with the remaining cut wire. Space them 10 inches apart down the center of the snowman's body. Attach in the same way as the first ball.

  10. Insert one 30-inch real or artificial pine branch into the side of the snowman body approximately 15 inches below the neck. Allow most of the branch to protrude outward. Repeat this with another 30-inch pine branch on the other side of the snowman.

  11. Fluff and arrange white polyester pillow stuffing on the floor beneath the tree for snow.

  12. Place a pair of adult-size snow boots or ice skates under the tree at the trunk.


  • DIY Cozy Home: White Christmas Tree Snowman

Writer Bio

Based in the Midwest, Cyndee Kromminga has been writing craft and interior design articles for 15 years. Her articles and craft designs have appeared in Crafting Traditions Magazine, Easy Holiday Crafting Series-House of White Birches Newsletter and Country Woman Christmas Books. Kromminga's education is in interior design and she has experience operating a craft and design business for more than 20 years.

DIY snowman craft for kindergarten from improvised materials for the New Year

New Year's crafts create a magical winter atmosphere in the house. To make the holiday memorable for a long time, make them with your children. Fantasize, be creative - after all, preschoolers of any age can create a snowman.

Cotton wool snowman

Children over 3 years old can make it. Winter application can be placed in a beautiful frame and hung on the wall, refrigerator, or given to loved ones.

Form small cotton balls 1.5-3 cm in diameter. Draw a sketch of the figure on the cardboard with a simple pencil. Glue cotton wool inside so that the contour is hidden. From plasticine, complete additional details - mittens, scarf, hat, nose.

Important! Draw snow flakes with gouache or watercolor paint.

Plasticine craft

Using different colors, you can create original accessories for the toy. Additional details diversify the image - sleds, skis, a broom.

How to make a snowman from plasticine for children: roll 3 large balls for the body and 4 small balls for the limbs from the white mass. Connect together. Blind your nose, hat, bucket.

Openwork yarn toy

Children from 6 years old can make a decoration without the help of their parents. Required:

  • knitting yarn;
  • 2 inflated balloons of different diameters;
  • hot melt adhesive;
  • scissors;
  • wooden twigs;
  • fabric scraps.

Master class on how to:

  1. Moisten the thread with glue and wrap around the balls. Wait for it to dry and pierce.
  2. Glue the parts together.
  3. Insert the hand twigs into the side openings.
  4. Cut and glue eyes, nose, mouth, buttons.

Sew fleece mittens, fringed scarf. A hat made of threads will look original.

Pom-pom tree decoration

You can buy ready-made pompoms or make your own. Materials:

  • yarn;
  • cardboard;
  • hot melt adhesive;
  • wooden twigs;
  • for decoration - paper, felt, buttons.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Make pom poms. Cut out 2 round blanks from cardboard with holes in the middle. Connect the patterns and wind the yarn.
  2. Cut the threads along the outer edge. Tighten the structure with a rope.
  3. Form 3 balls of different sizes, fix them with hot glue.
  4. Hands made of twigs covered with felt.

Decorate with a ribbon scarf, glue on beads for eyes and nose.

Cotton pad toy

Recommended age for babies over 4 years old. In addition to cotton wool, for the New Year's application you need blue scrap cardboard, colored paper, glue, markers.

How to make a snowman from padding polyester or cotton pads:

  1. Glue 3 large white balls onto cardboard.
  2. Form 4 small circles for arms and legs.
  3. Cut out paper hat, broom, carrot nose.
  4. Draw a mouth, legs, buttons.

To create a Christmas picture, glue a Christmas tree and decorate it with felt stars and icicles.

Plastic spoon decoration

Recommended for children aged 6-7. What to buy:

  • plastic spoons and glasses;
  • glue;
  • acrylic paints;
  • cotton wool;
  • pieces of fleece;
  • sponges;
  • markers.


  1. Draw a face on the spoon with acrylic paints.
  2. Sew a scarf and a hat from fabric. Attach accessories.
  3. Color the cups.
  4. Place sponges inside the glass.

Important! Place the cotton balls at the base of the toy.

A snowman made from a sock

A self-made snowman is lush and bright. You can put it under the Christmas tree or give it to a loved one. We will need snow-white socks, scissors, twine, a needle and thread, cereals.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Cut the sock in half. Sew up the top and tie with twine.
  2. Turn inside out.
  3. Pour cereal into the resulting bag.
  4. Draw the place where the neck will be with a rope.
  5. What to make a nose for a snowman from - use dough-plasticine, scrap cardboard.

The hat can be made from scrap materials or from the rest of the sock.

Springy paper snowman

Craft used as a Christmas tree decoration. Several men can be combined into a garland. Buy colored and white A4 sheets, scissors, glue and a marker.

How to make a paper snowman with your own hands:

  1. Take 2 white sheets. One cut in the longitudinal direction, the other - in the transverse direction.
  2. Glue the strips into balls that differ by 5-7 cm in diameter.
  3. Draw eyes, mouth, buttons. How to make a snowman's nose - twist a cone out of orange paper, grease with glue at the junction.

Important!Complete the Christmas decoration with a felt or paper hat.

Large snowman made of light bulbs

Used for decorating rooms during the New Year. Be careful not to cut yourself on the glass. In addition to the main material, you will need acrylic paints, glue, felt.

How to make:

  1. Paint an incandescent lamp beige, wait for it to dry. Another option is to sprinkle glitter on the hot melt adhesive.
  2. Draw the face, hands, buttons.
  3. Decorate with a scarf, hat.

Sew a decorative cord onto the hat to make a pendant toy.

Plastic cup balls

The craft is used to create a Christmas atmosphere in the room. Inside you can install a battery-powered lighting fixture. What to buy:

  • plastic cups 450 and 200 ml;
  • stapler;
  • glue gun;
  • black and orange cardboard;
  • markers.

How to make:

  1. Arrange the cups in the shape of an arc, fix with a stapler.
  2. Form a circle.
  3. Attach the balloons with a glue gun.
  4. Make a nose out of orange cardboard and buttons out of black.

By analogy, you can make a DIY snowman craft from plastic bottles to decorate the street.

Cotton bud craft

In addition to the base material, you need felt and colored paper. For the base, use dough-plasticine - the mass hardens quickly when outdoors.

How to make a snowman out of cotton wool:

  1. Cut the sticks, leaving no more than 1 cm of the plastic part.
  2. Make 3 balls. Stick the sticks with the point down, over the entire area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe figure.
  3. Attach felted wire arms and legs.
  4. Glue on beaded eyes, fabric hat.

Craft made of fleece or felt

Requires fabric, cardboard, sewing kit, padding polyester, glue Moment. How to sew a snowman from fleece with your own hands:

  1. Make a pattern - draw a picture of a snowman on cardboard.
  2. Transfer the design to the fabric, cut out the blank.
  3. Fill the figure with padding polyester, sew it along the edges.
  4. Decor - stars, small snowflakes, scarf, hat.

If the magnet is sewn inside, the snowman toy can be attached to the refrigerator.

Glass craft

You will need an empty wine bottle, alcohol, acrylic primer and paints, polymer clay, felt.


  1. Coat the bottle with alcohol, then with acrylic primer.
  2. Treat with acrylic paint, wait to dry.
  3. Put a felt hat on the neck.
  4. Shape the nose, eyes, mouth out of clay.

Decorate with colorful ribbons.

Original candy and corrugated paper craft

We need 2 Chupa-Chups of different sizes, glue, corrugated paper. For decor - beads, sequins, plasticine. How to make:

  1. Make a paper blank. In the lower part, place a large Chupa-Chups with a stick up. Fix with glue.
  2. Place the smaller candy on top. Glue the joint.
  3. Tie a scarf around your neck.
  4. Options for making a snowman hat - use fleece or crepe paper.

Use polymer clay for the nose and other small details.

Cardboard snowman

This kindergarten craft is easy for a child over 4 years old. In addition to the main material, scissors, glue, a simple pencil, and a ruler are required.

Execution technology:

  1. Cut out 4 circles 8 cm in diameter, 2 small balls 6 and 5 cm each.
  2. For large circles, cut off the bases, fold in half.
  3. Glue the large parts in pairs, insert the middle one between them, fix.
  4. Use the smallest circle for the head.
  5. Make cardboard hands, nose, hat and glue the pieces to the toy. To hang the figurine on the Christmas tree, attach it to the string.

Creativity and creative imagination will help to realize the most non-standard ideas. As an option - try to make a snowman out of wire or wood with your own hands.

Do-it-yourself snowman for the New Year 2023 from improvised materials

What can you make a snowman with your own hands? Hello needlewomen! A wonderful holiday is approaching - the New Year! And each of us prepares for it in our own way.

Someone is hard at work preparing outfits, someone is thinking over the New Year's menu, but we all want to celebrate a wonderful event among a beautiful Christmas tree with garlands and permanent heroes of the holiday - Father Frost, Snow Maiden and a snowman.


  1. What to make a snowman with your own hands for school for the New Year 2023
  2. Snowman made of polymer clay: video tutorial
  3. Snowman from nylon tights
  4. Styrofoam Snowman
  5. DIY snowman card for the New Year
  6. Plastic cup figurine
  7. Craft snowman for a competition in kindergarten
  8. What to make a snowman for the street
  9. DIY snowman from improvised materials for the New Year 2023

How to make a snowman with your own hands to school for the New Year 2023

A snowman is the hero of the New Year holidays. Usually we make a snowman on the street from real snow, with real carrots. But here's the problem! A street character can melt and be attacked by kids.

But if we made balls for a snowman not from snow, but from something else, he could delight us and our guests with his company throughout the holiday. In addition, a decorative friend can always be presented to children, and adults as well.

These wonderful heroes for each New Year can be made from anything. These can be buttons and plastic cups, bottles and yarn, car tires and wood, cotton pads and stuffed fabric.

Polymer clay snowman tutorial video

To make this snowman you will need:

  • polymer clay;
  • glue;
  • extruder;
  • toothpick;
  • toothbrush.

This figurine can be used as a brooch or as a fridge magnet. Depending on this, you may need a base for a brooch, for a magnet.

You can do the work yourself quite quickly if you have the necessary tools. We dress the snowman in a beautiful knitted hat and scarf with mittens.

Snowman made of nylon tights

To create such a toy with your own hands, you will need a nylon stocking and soft stuffing, plastic eyes and a soft nose, a base and wire.

  • Stuff the head of the snowman first, fasten the head with white thread and make ties for the mouth and eyes. In places for the eyes we glue the eyes, in the place for the nose - a carrot.
  • We attach a wire to the base for the body, twist it and equip the two arms of the snowman. Next, we pierce the capron with wire. Get the so-called skeleton of a snowman. It remains to fill the body and sew the bottom.
  • To make paws, fill small lumps and attach them to the base (cardboard). The handles turn out to be cool if you wrap the wire from the base with threads, and at the end glue the handles in mittens.
  • Wrap a beautiful scarf around your neck, put a bucket on your head, and put a poster "Happy New Year!" into your right hand. The toy is just super, especially thanks to the wire base, the head and arms of the snowman can be moved and tilted in different directions.

Styrofoam snowman

  1. For a homemade Styrofoam product, you need to find a round-shaped Styrofoam. Cut it with a construction knife into two equal halves.
  2. Now, with the help of an iron and glue, we first stretch on both halves, and then glue the blue rubberized fabric. We cut it neatly along the edges, and glue the same fabric to the lower (cut off) part of the semicircle. We glue a white border around the edges.
  3. We take the second round foam, glue it with the same fabric as the semicircles, on the one hand, and white, on the other hand. Glue the seam with a strap of white and red fabric. We should have three parts. This is the body and two legs of a foam snowman. We put the body on its legs and glue it.

Now take the third circle, cover it with white and pink fabric. The white part is the face, the pink part is the handkerchief. We draw a face, attach a nose, dress up in a beautiful scarf and that's it! Snowman girl is ready. Did you like the step by step instructions? Without it, it is difficult to perceive the video.

Do-it-yourself snowman card for the New Year

A great option is to turn an ordinary chocolate bar into a chic New Year gift for relatives and friends! You will need a chocolate bar and white paper (whatman paper, cardboard or office paper).

  • Paste white paper over the size of the chocolate bar using double-sided tape.
  • On the front side, you need to draw a cute snowman face and make a voluminous nose for the snowman with a carrot. We draw the eyes and mouth with a black gel pen, you can use a felt-tip pen.
  • The spout can be made from crepe paper by folding it in two layers and sticking it over the mouth. Next, you need to make the snowman rosy cheeks. To do this, draw on paper with a red pencil, then rub the painted area with a cotton swab and apply “blush” on the snowman's cheeks. It turns out a laughing cute face.
  • Now we need to dress our snowman. You need a new sock. Coloring, material is chosen by everyone at their own discretion. We cut off the sock just above the heel, use that part of the sock that has an elastic band. We turn it inside out and sew the hole formed after the cut. In the resulting blank, you need to make a pom-pom.

It will just come out of the part where the heel is located. The elastic is slightly tucked, it turns out a beautiful hat. The scarf is made from the second part of the sock. It is necessary to cut the sock fabric in a spiral.

We wrap the resulting strip of fabric in place of the alleged snowman's neck a couple of times, tie it, the ends of the scarf can be glued with tape. We insert a couple of sprigs of spruce behind the scarf. We decorate the hat with a brooch, beads. Here is such a smiling friend will cheer up your loved ones.

Figurine made of plastic cups

Today it has become fashionable to create different things from improvised material, such as plastic cups . It is also quite possible to build a large and voluminous snowman from such cups. It turns out a decent young man, stylish and cheerful.

If you decide to please yourself on New Year's Eve with such a friend, you need to buy a sufficient number of cups, depending on the size of the intended snowman. You will also need a stapler and plasticine. Glasses are fastened in a circle with a stapler. Each new circle will consist of fewer cups. Less cups are needed for the second round. This will be the head.

Connect the resulting clods together. It is better to stop at two clods. The third will give the figure instability. Now the plastic snowman needs to be decorated.

We put black plasticine on the eyes, orange on the nose. We do not use carrots because of the severity. What to use besides carrots? You can take plasticine, felt, polymer clay or cardboard.

You also need to pick up a light hat on your head, a light scarf. You can make a hat out of cardboard and felt, or you can borrow your own for a while. Everything else will depend on your imagination. Such snowmen are presented in photos and pictures on the Internet.

Watch the video right now and you will discover many more ideas for yourself!

Craft snowman for a competition in kindergarten

Not only at home, but also in kindergartens, rooms are actively decorated. To help educators, children and their parents make crafts. A variety of materials are suitable for a do-it-yourself snowman. First of all, paper. From white and multi-colored paper, cardboard, it is easiest for children to create the first masterpieces - appliqué.

Small rolls of flexible cardboard will make a large figure.

For the smallest, offer to cut out appliqué pieces. It remains to stick on colored cardboard.

You can make paper magic voluminous. Just glue small lumps of cotton wool or felt between the main parts.

Another option for a quick, easy craft. Have your child wrap a piece of white paper around their finger. Glue it with a cylinder. Make a hat and scarf out of soft paper. Draw a muzzle with paints.

Unusually simple crafts made from carved snowflakes. It turns out original and cute.

Plasticine is a material that never goes out of fashion. It is easy to model a variety of figures from plasticine.

Cotton pads - improvised material for crafts in kindergarten. All that remains is to paint on a festive tree or make a New Year's tree from plasticine.

Do you want to help your child make an original craft for kindergarten? Take medical cotton. Roll it into balls of different sizes. Paint them with PVA glue. Connect the head, torso, arms and legs of the snowman. Leave until completely dry. Draw a muzzle or glue eyes, nose, mouth from small beads. Don't forget to wear a hat. Mother needlewomen can easily knit a hat for a snowman on knitting needles or crochet. But the easiest option is a small cone made of colored paper.

A larger snowman is obtained from thread balls. The craft is easy to make.

You will need:

  • balloons;
  • many threads;
  • PVA glue;
  • paints;
  • a small piece of fabric for a scarf.

Inflate balloons, wrap with string. Coat the threads well with glue. Leave until dry. Deflate the balloons, carefully pull out. Use patterned spheres to model crafts.

Soft snowmen are a great option for decorating a Christmas tree in kindergarten. Make magical creatures out of wool pom-poms. And let your products be not only white. Make some colorful things.

Mom likes to teach kids to mathematics, geometry? It's time to make a snowman from sweeps for three-dimensional figures. The baby will definitely need your help.

What to make a snowman for the street

Do you want to decorate the street? A great solution to put a large snowman near the house. But what to make crafts from? Start with bottles. Fill used plastic bottles with cotton wool, glue the buttons on the spout. Be sure to wear a scarf so that the snowman does not catch a cold.

Large figures require larger bottles. Paint them white. Gradually glue one to one.

Polyurethane foam is an unusual material for the figure of a fairy-tale creature. Such a snowman will definitely not melt with the advent of spring. Make a frame out of hard wire. Coat it with mounting foam. Remember to use long rubber gloves.

Great news for mechanics and car mechanics. Now there is where to use used tires. Decorate the garage, street or veranda near the house with rubber snowmen.

Do-it-yourself snowman from improvised materials for the New Year 2023

It is easy to make a snowman to decorate your home with your own hands. Hand tools will do. Take old white socks, thin or terry, for work.

Use white paper and blue satin ribbons to make room garlands.

Are you into knitting? Get your hook and thread. In an instant, under the hands of the craftswoman, voluminous crafts, potholders for the kitchen will “grow up”.

Volumetric applications are obtained from dense pieces of wallpaper. Cut out circles, glue their centers together. Glue the body and head onto the base. Turn on your imagination, decorate the craft in an original way.

Use yogurt bottles, toilet paper rolls or even used light bulbs.

Are there computer disks on the table? Glue a piece of cardboard and thread on them.

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