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20 Best DIY Christmas Tree Stand Ideas 2021


You probably have a generic Christmas tree stand hidden in a closet or attic somewhere, but before you bust it out, consider making a DIY version instead. No, we don't mean DIY-ing some cardboard rig that's going to be hidden under a skirt in the end; we mean DIY-ing a super unique base for your tree that looks so good, it stands on its own! Whether you want it to blend in with your current aesthetic–rustic, modern, traditional, Christmaximalist–or completely stand out, you can tailor the design of your DIY tree base to your liking. We've rounded up our favorite DIY stands, from some that require moderate woodworking skills (call your favorite friend-with-a-saw) to incredibly easy-to-assemble ones that are more like instant bases than true DIYs. You're sure to find one you love–or major inspo, at the very least–on this list.


Find a Vintage Piano Stool

adams and elm home

For a highly unique stand, take apart a vintage piano stool. Use the base as a sturdy holder for a skinny faux tree.

See more at Adams and Elm Home.


Create a Faux Antique Box

funky junk interiors

Love the idea of an antique look? DIY a faux antique box using spray paint and stencils (or, you know, run out to the local antique mall and see if you can find one you love). The upside of making one yourself is that you'll get to customize it to work with your interiors.

Get the tutorial from Funky Junk Interiors.


Use Photo Frames

in my own style

Hide a basic tree stand behind a few photo frames wrapped in a festive fabric, and you'll have an incredibly easy DIY display in no time. Bonus points if you match the fabric to your gift wrapping.

Get the tutorial at In My Own Style.


Fashion a Decorative Box

the maker's map

After a quick trip to Dollar Tree, you'll have everything you need to make this Christmas tree stand box. Surround it with other festive accents, like a little snowman vase and cake stand with faux greenery and berries.

Get the tutorial from The Maker's Map.


Try Wooden Pillars

shanty 2 chic

This wooden pillar-like stand is perfect for displaying a mini Christmas tree or two outside of your front door. Plus, you can use it all year long.

Get the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic.


Wrap It

Sarah Ligorria Tramp

To make a plastic Christmas tree stand look a little more polished, simply wrap it with a linen tablecloth or towel. Designer Emily Henderson used a burgundy striped one that feels both casual and refined for this tree stand.


Make It Metal

Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life

Turn a galvanized steel tub into a chic, shiny tree stand. Pair it with a tree that's covered in fake snow, silver ornaments, and glittering tinsel.

Get the tutorial at Adrienne Elizabeth Home Style Life.


Wrap a Tire

Ella Claire & Co.

Repurpose an old tire by wrapping it in twine or rope to give it a rustic look. Slip the tree stand inside the tire once you're finished.

Get the tutorial at Ella Claire & Co.


Repurpose a Lamp Shade

Refunk My Junk

Use an old lampshade to cover up a boring tree stand. Try one with a checkered pattern, like this one by Refunk My Junk, or match the design to the ornaments and other decor you plan on adorning your tree with.


Create a Present

Dream a Little Bigger

It's only fitting that your Christmas tree stand blends in with the presents underneath the tree, and what better way to accomplish that than by making it look like an actual present?

Get the tutorial from Dream a Little Bigger.


Warm It Up

Bower Power Blog

Cover the base of your tree with a runner rug to give it extreme cozy vibes. Bonus: It doesn't take much effort or time!

Get the tutorial at Bower Power Blog.


Use a Basket

Courtesy of Lia Griffith

Place a tiny tree in a rope-wrapped basket with colorful tassels for a vibrant touch. Move the basket onto a small table for additional height, and then start decorating the tree.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.


Pop It Into a Crate

Courtesy of Dreamy Whites

A French-style basket or crate filled with colored ornaments is the country-inspired Christmas stand you need. Plus, you don't have to go through all of the effort of putting the ornaments on the tree.

See more at Dreamy Whites.


Incorporate a Gold Wire Basket

Courtesy of The Merry Thought

Finally—a tree stand that won't kill your modern decor vibes! This DIY requires very little effort. All you need is a wire basket and batting to stuff it with.

Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.


Use an Upside Down Wicker Basket

Courtesy of Live Laugh Rowe

Ditch a tree skirt for a basket collar this year. It'll truly bring out all of the tree's natural vibes. Add burlap ribbon and papier-mâché ornaments to complement the look.

See more at Live Laugh Rowe.


Make a Festive Planter

Courtesy of Bower Power

A tree is a plant, right? Put together a large wooden planter and paint it a traditional red, then set the tree inisde. Once you add a few red ornaments, you'll be good to go.

Get the tutorial at Bower Power.


Use a Sled

Courtesy of Junkaholique

Turn your living room into a winter wonderland with this sled tree stand. All you really have to do is place a small tree on top of a small sled. Add a sheepskin rug underneath for extra flair.

Get the tutorial at Junkaholique.


Get a Wood Barrel

Courtesy of Bless'er House

Contain all the inevitable under-the-tree mess inside a giant wooden barrel. This DIY is perfect for any rustic home. You can even use it as decor throughout the entire year.

See more at Bless'er House.


Give it a Rustic Look

Courtesy of The Golden Sycamore

If you've got woodworking skills, you need to make this simple DIY stand by The Golden Sycamore. Once you're done, stuff it with a blanket or any other cozy material to warm up the look.


Make It Mobile

Courtesy of Sand and Sisal

A Christmas tree on wheels means you can move it wherever you need to around your house. It's ideal for photo ops!

See more at Sand and Sisal.

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25 DIY Christmas Tree Stand Ideas

Getty Images

If you're like Ree Drummond, you have opinions about Christmas tree decorations. She's definitely on the DIY ornaments train, preferring ones she's had since childhood or sentimental gifts over a big set of store-bought ornaments. After you've gathered those homespun decorations and picked out a Christmas garland, there's one final element you'll need for the heavy lifting: pretty DIY Christmas tree stands! These are absolutely necessary to help bring together a festive display of Christmas decorations. Sure, it requires a little extra time to make, but a homemade element is always worth it.

Sure, displaying all types of Christmas trees on the plastic stands you buy at the store is an option, but there are so many beautiful homemade alternatives. Try making a stand of your own that will not only beautify your tree, but keep it sturdy and in place as well. Ahead, you'll find tons of ideas for decorative tree stands and tree collars that will match any style, whether you love vintage Christmas decorations or a more modern look. You can put your woodworking skills to the test by making a "box" for your Christmas tree or you could simply create a knitted collar that will make your entire room feel cozy. There's no shortage of amazing DIY Christmas tree stand ideas here!

Funky Junk Interiors

1 of 25

Antique-Inspired Tree Stand

If you've ever wanted one of those vintage cases, you don't have to drop big bucks at an antique shop! This crate is a fully DIY project using spray paint and stencils but achieves the same authentic charm.

Get the tutorial from Funky Junk Interiors.


Adams and Elm Home

2 of 25

Vintage Piano Stool Tree Stand

Repurpose a piano stool for a unique, rustic stand! Depending on your stool's strength, you can use a small real tree or a light faux tree.

Get the tutorial at Adams and Elm Home.

Ella Claire

3 of 25

Wrapped Tire Christmas Tree Stand

Who would suspect that there's a tire inside of that sophisticated-looking stand? Wrapped in twine and placed beneath a glowing tree, it's perfectly disguised.

Get the tutorial at Ella Claire & Co.


4 of 25

Concrete Christmas Tree Stand

Heavier trees can still fit nicely into well designed DIY stands! Here, a concrete-filled bucket keeps your tree sturdy while the rustic wood box planter acts as a cute cover for the base. Your Christmas tree isn’t going anywhere, and it’ll look so pretty.

Get the tutorial at Ella Claire & Co.


5 of 25

Sled Christmas Tree Stand

Dashing through the snow! Place your Christmas tree atop a piece of vintage décor like this antique children's sled. It's a sure-fire conversation starter.

Get the tutorial at Dreamy Whites.



6 of 25

Christmas Tree Box Stand

To give your Christmas tree a reclaimed look, visit the salvage yard or dig out some planks from your garage. From there, you can place your tree in a well-worn box like this one for the holidays.

Get the tutorial at Create & Babble.


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Basket Christmas Tree Stand

Did you know that a basket can double as a Christmas tree stand? It’s as easy as dropping your tree into a basket for a farmhouse touch.

Get the tutorial at Place of My Taste.


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Present Christmas Tree Stand Cover

To make your tree look as if it’s been planted into a beautiful, festive Christmas present, try this DIY. The bonus? It’ll make your tree sturdier and taller, too!

Get the tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger.


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Painted Basket Christmas Tree Stand

Using white chalk paint, you can breathe new life into a basket that will act as an ideal Christmas tree stand. A cozy blanket will look cute and secure it even more.

Get the tutorial at Girl in the Garage.


10 of 25

Rope Christmas Tree Stand Collar

Rope and black jute cord come together for a Christmas tree collar that’ll cover up that less-than-pretty plastic stand in no time.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.



11 of 25

Tire Christmas Tree Stand

Who knew that an old tire makes for the perfect Christmas tree stand? This one is sitting pretty in an aqua hue that matches the tree décor.

Get the tutorial at Lolly Jane.


12 of 25

Wood Block Christmas Tree Stand

Let’s say that you opt for a tiny tree every year instead of a big one, but you’d still like to anchor it somehow. In this case, check out this simple wood block that doubles as a great stand for a little tree.

Get the tutorial at Garrison Street Design Studio.


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Crock Christmas Tree Stand

Perhaps you’re craving vintage Christmas decorations for your tree this year. Whether it’s a single tree or a whole group of them, look to antique crocks to act as stands.

Get the tutorial at Rocky Hedge Farm.

Purely Katie

14 of 25

Grain Sack Christmas Tree Stand

If your tree is small enough, you can place it in a “vase” that will work as a stand. This painted burlap sack does the trick, and it looks flawlessly farmhouse too.

Get the tutorial at Purely Katie.


15 of 25

Coffee Can Christmas Tree Stand

Don’t throw away that coffee can just yet! Instead, put it to use as a small Christmas tree stand, made over with paint, rope, and ribbon.

Get the tutorial at Re-Fabbed.



16 of 25

Red Christmas Tree Box Stand

For this DIY, you’ll paint a wooden box red to make it look extra-cheerful for the season. You can also use it as a spot to stash ornaments after the holidays.

Get the tutorial at Abbotts at Home.


17 of 25

Farmhouse Christmas Tree Basket Stand

For a basket Christmas tree stand with a chunkier look, opt for a widely woven seagrass basket. Spray-paint half of it in white for an extra little something.

Get the tutorial at Rachel Teodoro.


18 of 25

Plaid Christmas Tree Stand Collar

Do your Christmas decorations always carry some country charm? Then this black-and-white buffalo check Christmas tree collar is right up your alley. With a blanket inside, it works as a stand, too.

Get the tutorial at DIY Beautify.


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Galvanized Bucket Christmas Tree Stand

A galvanized bucket is a great way to create a stand for your Christmas tree, no matter if it’s large or small. Simply drill a hole in the bottom, and that tree won’t budge an inch.

Get the tutorial at Mad in Crafts.


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Christmas Tree Planter Box

This wooden Christmas tree planter box will keep your tree in place. Plus, you’ll use glitter spray paint to make it super-glitzy.

Get the tutorial at Just Destiny Home.



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Wood Christmas Tree Stand with Bow

For a wood Christmas tree box that looks just a bit more festive, be sure to add a sweet bow.

Get the tutorial at Bitterroot DIY.


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Modern Christmas Tree Stand Collar

To give your tree more of a current look, create this Christmas tree stand collar featuring sleek shapes and dark and light hues.

Get the tutorial at Garrison Street Design Studio.


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Crate Christmas Tree Stand

Whether it's vintage or new, a wood crate works beautifully as a Christmas tree stand. This one is even more delightful with its "Rudolph Tree Farms" painted logo.

Get the tutorial at The Creek Line House.


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Knit Christmas Tree Stand Collar

If you think that the holidays and knitting go hand in hand, this DIY is for you. Give your Christmas tree stand a cozy cover with this hand-knit collar.

Get the tutorial at Lily Ardor.


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Snowflake Christmas Tree Stand Box

For a tree stand box that looks ready for Christmas and winter, look no further than this one sporting a wooden snowflake.

Get the tutorial at Gray House Studio.


Volumetric Christmas tree made of paper: schemes and templates

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Today, on the eve of the New Year, I would like to offer you another wonderful craft that we will make out of paper. This is a voluminous Christmas tree that you can easily make with your own hands right now. Because you will have everything you need, these are diagrams and the necessary templates. The forest beauty will turn out lush and fluffy.

Well, if you want to do a more complicated job, you can look here, where we created products from various improvised means, and even made a stomp.

Don't forget to decorate your apartment with snowflakes and other winter attributes.

Well, let's start looking at and choosing the works you like and roll up your sleeves to create and surprise everyone. I wish you all good luck and patience.


  • Do-it-yourself voluminous Christmas tree made of paper: schemes and templates for printing
  • Origami Christmas tree (a simple diagram for children with a description)
  • How to make a voluminous Christmas tree from corrugated paper for the New Year 2022
  • Forest beauty made of colored paper and cardboard
  • Workshop on making a Christmas tree from napkins
  • Christmas tree stencils for cutting and printing
  • Volumetric Christmas tree for a New Year card (step by step instructions)
  • Paper Christmas tree on the wall
  • 6 do-it-yourself paper: schemes and templates for printing

    You always want to make such an ornament yourself, because it will look original and at the same time beautiful. All you need is a sheet of paper from which you can easily fold an amazing craft in the form of a Christmas tree.

    In addition, such work can captivate your child and he will be happy to sit and bother. Well, take a white sheet or possibly colored green, but then double-sided. Bend it in half with its short side. And draw a Christmas tree symbol. Here are examples of templates that can be used.

    Then start cutting along the lines, and then make cuts and fold them in the way shown in these pictures. You need to make a blank in triplicate, and then glue them together. It will come out stylishly and very openwork, but also of course voluminous, which will undoubtedly please everyone.

    The next option is no less interesting and charming in its simplicity. Take these stencils and print on the printer, and then you will get a work in the form of ZD.

    Where you see the main outline, take it and cut it out with scissors, but in the recesses, make only notches so that you can turn it out later, as shown in the photo. Two blanks of the same shape are further glued together.

    And if you really want to surprise or slay everyone, then make a whole composition, that is, a forest beauty, and not just one, but with a deer.

    And another variant of 3D crafts, which I propose to cut out on a simple landscape or office sheet, and then paint with gouache paints to make a real masterpiece.

    Glow in the dark spray paint can be used for a shimmery effect.

    Look at the zeal and desire with which a child does such work.

    And this is what we have in the end. The beauty is indescribable.

    The next option, also quite interesting, is a Christmas tree made of green paper in the form of eyelets, read this instruction and create with me. This year we made such a charm with my son. It came out great.

    Well, if you still have some questions, then I will be happy to share with you this video, which shows this master class.

    Origami Christmas tree (a simple diagram for children with a description)

    I think that in childhood everyone was fond of such an activity as origami. All because, it would seem from an ordinary sheet, once an amazing result comes out. Preparing for this article, I did not even suspect that such an ornament as a Christmas tree can also be made using this technique. Imagine, and that's what I was lucky to find.

    Any old book without a thick cover or notepad will do. And the sequence of actions for folding will be as follows. Fold all the pages of the book from the left corner to the middle.

    And then make a bag, that is, one more fold.

    Cut off all excess, do it carefully and efficiently, take your time.

    After unfolding the product on the table, and sprinkle with tinsel or sparkles.

    If you decide to make the job a little more difficult, for example, if your children already go to school, then you can offer them to create such a forest beauty.

    The next work that is done in the lessons of labor in elementary school or classes in kindergarten. The description and all folding steps are shown in this illustration. Get on with the job.

    If you like modular origami and know this technique, then make this souvenir.

    How to make a three-dimensional Christmas tree from corrugated paper for the New Year 2022

    Moving on, this time we use corrugated or crepe paper, which will look chic on a winter beauty. Let's make the Christmas tree fluffy and elegant with bows.

    We will need:

    • cardboard or thick paper
    • green crepe paper
    • any adhesive
    • scissors;
    • bows, red paper, beads


    1. Make a cone out of ordinary cardboard, then glue it with corrugated paper.

    2. Now it remains to build branches, like needles for a future product. To do this, cut the corrugated paper into strips, cut the edges to make a fringe and twist each one onto a wooden stick into a reel. You get something that looks like a flower.

    3. Glue the blanks to the cone using the facing method. For spruce with a height of 15 cm, you will need 120 small blanks in the form of lush flowers. You can take a ready-made bow for decoration, or make it yourself from the same corrugated paper. Use also cotton wool with sparkles, this will give the tree a chic and elegant look.

    The next option is no less intriguing, as if the Christmas tree is made in a spiral, and an ordinary paper cone is also taken as a basis.

    Make a base for the tree to make the following. Use glue, scissors, and thick paper or cardboard.

    2. Take the corrugated paper 18 cm wide, but the length should be about 2 m. Fold the strip in half with the long side. Apply glue from the edge, leaving a gap of 1 cm.

    3. And start to tighten a little to get a skirt.

    4. Wrap the product with such a prepared strip, drip glue here and there so that everything sticks tightly.

    Only wind it in a spiral to make the work voluminous.

    Here's another wonderful variation.

    Forest beauty from colored paper and cardboard

    The next beauty will be made from colored cardboard, but make decorations from colored paper. The Christmas tree is folded in such a simple technique that in a couple of minutes you will create this magnificent gift or souvenir that can be stored on a shelf for a long time.

    You will need three blanks in the form of semicircles of different diameters, on which you will make such a fringe. Then fold and glue each sample to form a cone. Then, on the largest cone, put a little less on top and then smaller.

    There is another version, which is made of one paper cone and glued with circles. He looks amazing, you can't take your eyes off him.

    By the way, I found a similar work in this story, whoever needs it, go for it. There, the author came up with the idea of ​​making mugs with the help of one little thing, in general, see everything for yourself.

    In addition, you can also fold the Christmas tree in this way, using circles as a base, and use wooden caps instead of a stand.

    If you have wrapping paper lying around, roll it into a bag, cut the edges so that they become round at the base and decorate.

    Moreover, you can make a huge craft in this way, gluing together several cardboard sheets.

    Then wrap the cone and glue the edges to the base.

    Trim off any unnecessary pieces and decorate with stars or balloons.

    Now let's do the craft using cardboard, which we will fold.

    To create such a product, print out this stencil.

    After attach to the cardboard and circle the stencil, cut out. And fold it in half. Make 8 pieces of such products.

    Go through the edges of each Christmas tree with a hole punch, and then, where the middle is, the fold line that you made before, go over it with double-sided tape.

    Now it remains to sew the edges where the holes are.

    Spray on glitter or fake snow and top with a star.

    Next work, take a cardboard base and stick a stick into it and secure with glue. And then cut out circles of different sizes from old postcards and stick them on a stick.

    Something similar can also be made from wrappers or just newspaper or magazine sheets.

    Or you can create a souvenir from children's hands. It also looks good, especially since schoolchildren or preschoolers are always happy with such work.

    By the way, here's another idea from a newspaper or magazine.

    Can you make a green tree out of an accordion? Fold a salad-colored office sheet in the shape of an accordion and pierce the middle with a hole punch. Insert a stick into the resulting hole.

    Among other things, I saw such a lovely composition on the Internet.

    Whoever is good at what, there are so many ideas, take it and do it, friends.

    A simple toy can be made even from ordinary ribbons that you cut and then fold into a snake and connect.

    Here are a couple more ideas, write your suggestions or corrections, how and from what else you make such nice Christmas trees.

    They even managed to create a real masterpiece even from the leaves for recording.

    Kindergarten children will like this work, take a thick cardboard and cut it out in the shape of a triangle. A base will come out, on which ask the child to stick the strips.

    Well, in conclusion to this chapter, here is another invention, this is a quilling herringbone.

    Workshop on making a Christmas tree from napkins

    It turns out that you can also quickly build a Christmas tree out of ordinary napkins, and if you fantasize with color, it will turn out to be absolutely unique.

    Such a masterpiece is made in such a way that circles are drawn on a napkin, and then the middle of each figure is connected with a stapler. Then cut along the contours of the workpiece.

    And straight to the middle, start to crumple the edges, lifting them up. To make a flower. And then glue to the conical base, which you make in advance. You can even decorate in the form of a topiary. Here, decide for yourself.

    In more detail, if you are interested in this work, you can also use this step-by-step instruction in pictures:

    Christmas tree stencils for cutting and printing

    For those who like masterpieces in the style of vytynanok, he will take these stencils as a basis. Using a regular clerical knife, cut a Christmas tree, or you can take a special tool that the masters of this business have.

    Cut out two blanks at once, cut a strip on the top of one and a strip on the bottom of the other.

    Next, connect the two Christmas trees together, as if using the cross-cross technology. Hang toys and snowflakes.

    Here are a couple more ideas, what beauty can appear, see for yourself. Delicate and white forest beauties that are so attractive.

    Take a leaf and fold it in half, draw patterns and outline the spruce. Cut out all the pieces with a cutter.

    Take your time, this job does not require fuss.

    You can either print the template or not fold and draw the tree yourself. Don't forget to leave gaps on the bottom of the paper as well so that you can roll them up and glue them later.

    That's what I mean. As soon as you make these two blanks, connect them together.

    And I suggest downloading the stencils right now from my blog:

    By the way, you can create a whole composition with a hut. These are well-known vytynanki. Oh, and there will be beauty! Request templates through the comments if you like the house.

    Volumetric Christmas tree for a New Year's card (step by step instructions)

    Of course, on New Year's Eve, we all give each other gifts and souvenirs, and together with the children we make crafts and, of course, postcards. Here I propose to arrange them unexpectedly, namely, use the origami technique. This can be done using ordinary triangles, which are obtained by folding ordinary squares.

    The next job, you will need two sheets to complete it. On one, you print out a Christmas tree and make cuts along the dotted lines, and then glue this blank to the background.

    Anyone who does not understand the steps in this picture, he may well use the video hint.

    Another masterpiece, using the same origami technique, you will get a cool little thing that you can give to your mother or loved one. Watch the instruction and repeat step by step.

    Here are some ideas of work you can take as a basis.

    Paper Christmas tree on the wall

    For a long time I could not find a suitable option, but then I came across these ideas. It turns out that there is nothing difficult in creating such a huge and huge Christmas tree. See everything for yourself, and wonder, because it's so great when you and your family are together.

    In addition, I also found an awesome paper beauty that can be glued to any wall.

    This decor can decorate any children's room or a room in a kindergarten. I was struck by this idea and I share it with you. You need to download the templates (you can ask me for them, I send them to your email address for free). And voila, let your imagination run wild, color with your children. The file will contain 22 stencils that need to be printed on a large A4 sheet and then decorated.

    That's what can happen, go for it. By the way, there are other options for coloring for the New Year for children here, go ahead and take note.

    Tadam, that's all, the article has come to an end. It was a pleasure for me to share everything that I found. I hope you enjoyed your browsing through this page.

    Have a good day and sunny mood everyone. Bye!

    Best regards, Ekaterina

    PAPER CHRISTMAS (14 ways + 55 photos).

    Hello, today I'm uploading the largest collection of Christmas trees made out of paper. Here you will see the most interesting models - there will be Christmas trees made of crepe paper, napkins, cardboard, you will learn how to make a Christmas tree from a paper cassette from eggs, from toilet paper rolls and bags rolled from book pages. In this selection of master classes , we will consider only paper versions of the most beautiful do-it-yourself Christmas trees - both flat models and three-dimensional structures. Here are ideal options for crafts for the New Year's school competition.

    So let's get started.

    Idea #1

    A beautiful Christmas tree FROM PAPER FANS.

    Even children will be happy to make such a voluminous Christmas tree. The principle of addition is very simple - you must first make fan circles of different sizes. And then these mugs are strung on the SAME ROD BASE (which we used in the previous Christmas tree). Or you can do it without a rod - just stick the tiers on top of each other (dropping a drop of glue in the middle of each "floor" of the Christmas tree.

    Below we see the principle of creating such fans. They are made from a long strip of paper. The strip folds into an accordion. We turn the accordion into a ring (fastened at the edges with glue). After the glue - has dried, we sew one side of the accordion ring with a needle and thread - tighten the thread (very carefully so as not to break through the paper) - and at the same time lay the accordion ring in a flat circle. We press on the middle of the resulting circle with some object - thereby we crush the convex ribs of the accordion so that they are crumpled and become a little flatter.

    Different sizes of Christmas tree tiers are achieved by a simple principle - the narrower the accordion strip we have, the smaller the circumference of the resulting fan will be. Below in the photo you can see a detailed master class on creating such a Christmas tree out of paper.

    Such a beautiful Christmas tree is obtained from bright paper napkins or from sheets of gift paper.

    And if we put a BEAD between each tier of a fan Christmas tree made of paper, then we will get air, the space between the tiers of the Christmas tree (as is done in the photo of the paper Christmas tree below).

    Idea No. 2

    Christmas tree-box FROM PAPER.

    But this method is the most convenient for beginners. Convenient in that here a simple drawing guarantees a 100% result in the form of a neat volumetric Christmas tree made of paper. Moreover, this Christmas tree can be used as a package for small gifts, if you hide jewelry or a perfume bottle inside.

    Since the layout of the drawing above requires a large square piece of paper - I give a more economical way to use paper space (pattern diagram in the photo below). You can cut the blades of the Christmas tree separately in two pieces. And then fold, glue them cross to cross.

    Idea No. 3

    ROAD Christmas tree made of cardboard.

    And here is a paddle Christmas tree made of cardboard or thick paper. It's also very easy to make your own. To create such a Christmas tree, you can use ordinary packaging corrugated cardboard (as in the photo below).

    How many wing blades can such a cardboard Christmas tree have.

    You can make a four-blade Christmas tree by criss-crossing two flat pieces. To do this, in each silhouette of the Christmas tree, you need to make an incision along the central center line to the center of the Christmas tree. On one part, the incision is made on the TOP HALF of the silhouette - on the second part, the incision is located on the LOWER HALF of the silhouette.

    Here is a paper Christmas tree stencil I found, but you can take any other shape of the Christmas tree with any lines of legs (smooth, rounded, twisted up, etc.).

    If desired, such a Christmas tree cross can be placed on the base in the form of a cardboard roll (a saw cut from a toilet paper roll is suitable). On such a roll, we make 4 cuts (south, west, north, east) - and insert each of the four blades of our Christmas tree into these cuts.

    But a Christmas tree can have more than four blades - FOR EXAMPLE you can make two silhouettes - 2 with a notch at the bottom and 2 with a notch at the top.

    And then connect them into such a Christmas tree with the photo below - it will have as many as 8 blades (as in the photo below). Each blade can be pasted over with a different shade of green colored paper. As decoration paper, you can use gift paper with polka dots, rhombuses, flowers (as in the photo below)

    Using a similar paddle technique, you can make beautiful balls-toys for such a Christmas tree - also from paper.

    Idea #4

    Christmas tree made from paper circles.

    Here's another paper Christmas tree idea. We make this Christmas tree from ordinary flat paper circles. We fold each circle repeatedly along the DIAMETER LINES. We align each fold edge with alternation - one up, one down, one up, one down, and so on. Detailed master class in the photo below.

    You can improve this tree model , if, in addition to everything, bend half of each second such rib upward - as if forming the shape of a ladle (as did in the photo of a Christmas tree made of paper below ). And in each such bent ladle-foot he will put a bright bead. And we will get an already decorated Christmas tree made of paper with a beautiful three-dimensional shape.

    Idea No. 5

    Flat Christmas tree IN ORIGAMI TECHNIQUE.

    Here is another simple example of origami technique to create a modular paper Christmas tree.

    Here we simply fold paper modules from a square napkin (the napkin folds 2 times along the floors, and then unfolds and folds again 2 times in half but already DIAGONALLY.

    Then we lay out the napkin back and bend it along the formed lines so that each corner of the diagonal fold was like a separate blade.

    We fold a Christmas tree out of several such bladed tier modules - simply by gluing it on a flat base.Often such an origami-tree made of paper can be seen as an application for a New Year's card.

    Idea No. 6

    PAPER Christmas tree,

    strung ON A ROD.

    If we have a rod that we made to stand exactly vertically and not fall, then by stringing a variety of paper silhouettes on it, we can get a Christmas tree craft.

    The main rule to follow is to make sure that the bottom paper silhouettes are larger than the top ones. That is, so that the size of the parts decreases as you move up to the top of the tree.

    The most important thing is to MAKE THE ROD. How to quickly and easily make an axis-base from a cocktail tube, so that it turns out to be strong and inflexible.

    And here is a herringbone (pictured below), which is made from STRIPS of felt , but it can also be made from strips of colored paper or cardboard).

    Everything is also very simple. MATERIAL: cut strips of the colors we need, take a cocktail tube (it is better to insert 2 turbos one into one to make it longer), cardboard (for the base circle), hole punch, and stapler (either glue or thread with a needle. Now I’ll tell you in detail how we will make such a Christmas tree at home - with our own hands.

    STEP ONE. Cooking

    And cut out 2 identical circles-discs from cardboard.Leave one cardboard disk intact.And in the middle of the second disk we make a round hole (we punch it with a nail and expand it so that the straw from the cocktail crawls through).Threaded into a cardboard disk we cut the tube with scissors from the bottom side (vertical cuts of 1 cm each - chik-chik - how we cut straws for blowing soap bubbles). We push these cuts apart like rays of the sun. And we get such a "beam-like spread-leg". We put this spreading leg on the second cardboard disk (the one that remained intact, without a hole).

    And now WE GLUE BOTH DISKS - and it turns out that the spreading leg is now with its rays, sandwiched-glued between the cardboard disks - and as a result, our cocktail tube stands EXACTLY VERTICALLY STRAIGHT.

    STEP TWO . We string material for the “feathering” of the Christmas tree on the rod.

    Tape (fabric or paper or felt) cut into strips. Please note that the strips are not the same length. Each pair of strips is 1-2 cm smaller than the previous pair. In the center (middle) of the strips, we make holes with a hole punch (or cut with a nail or scissors). We string the strips onto a tube-rod - first long ones, then shorter ones and at the end the shortest ones.

    And now we glue the strung strips (or sew them together with threads, or fasten them with a stapler) in pairs in order to get a ZIGZAG ACCORDANCE (as seen in the photo). We attach a star to the top of the tube - we also cut out two silhouettes of the star (front and back) - so that the top of the rod is hidden between the two sides of the star.

    Idea #7

    TIERED Christmas tree

    made of paper or cardboard.

    And here is a nice voluminous Christmas tree made of cardboard. Here we also stocked up with paper circles of different sizes. The edge of the circles was made wavy. Then each circle was cut along the radius - and turned into a cone. And the cones were strung on a rod.

    How exactly to string the cones on the rod so that there is air between them (and so that they do not fold like little bags into a friend) I will show using the example of white lacy Christmas trees made of paper, which we see in the photo below.

    We need a rod (wooden skewers will work). Large beads and paper lace napkins.

    To make round napkins into cones, we make a radial incision. We cut along the radius of the circle from the CENTRAL point to the edge.

    And then we string the cones together with the beads.

    Beads between the cones will prevent them from colliding with each other. And our Christmas tree will be airy.

    You can make tapered Christmas trees from spare pieces of wallpaper.

    Colored office paper can be used.

    Idea #8

    Crepe paper tree.

    Here is another beautiful children's paper tree. Here we need a BASIS for a Christmas tree in the form of a high paper CONE. We cut out a semicircle from paper - and fold it into a bag of consu.

    Cut crepe paper into long wide ribbons . Then we make fringe cuts along the paper tape . Next, we wrap our paper consu with this fringed paper tape - starting from the bottom and gradually spiraling, turn by turn, moving towards the top. We twist each incised petal into a curl.

    Next, we string foam rubber balls (or fur pom-poms - sold on ALI-EXPRESS) on a thread like beads and lay them around our paper Christmas tree.

    This Christmas tree craft is suitable for classes at school or the Handy Hands club in kindergarten.

    Idea #9

    Crepe paper tree.

    And here is a convex Christmas tree from a paper egg cassette. Cut out the cells of the cassette holder in the fork of the triangle. We paint them green with gouache. Spray with nail polish (so that the gouache does not stain your hands and the color becomes brighter). And on each bottom of the cassette cell we glue a circle of colored paper. We cut out the silhouettes of a star of different sizes from cardboard and form a puff star.

    Such a children's craft is convenient for conducting classes in a school creativity circle.

    Idea No. 10

    Volumetric Christmas tree from a CONE

    (6 ways to decorate)

    And here is another Christmas tree made on the basis of a tall cardboard cone. We buy whatman paper (a large sheet of paper) - cut out a semicircle - bend it into a cone from a semicircle.

    Here the main monotony of labor is in cutting circles of many hundreds. And then there is a gradual pasting with these circles in the form of scales - starting from the lower rows of the cone and gradually moving up to the top of the Christmas tree-cone. Children who often toil around idle in anticipation of the New Year holidays will be happy to be distracted by such a New Year's children's tree craft. And this is to your advantage, no one will wander around the kitchen and prevent you from preparing the New Year's table.

    This tree cone can be placed on a long stem. And put the rod on a plasticine pedestal. From plasticine we make a thick round cake. We bury the base of the rod in plasticine. We decorate the plasticine sole with cardboard and pieces of moss or other natural material (bark, peeled cone scales, etc.).

    The Christmas tree cone can be glued with paper strip loops. Or if you are too lazy to cut paper, you can buy a long roll of textile tape, cut it into segments, bend each segment into a loop and glue it on a cardboard cone - also in rows from bottom to top.

    You can make from fabric (or paper) triangular folds. Fold the square diagonally in half, and halve again. Layer the angles of the triangle on top of each other - so that the triangle curls up into a ladle. The barrel of the ladle will be glued to the cone-base of the Christmas tree.

    As you can see, you don't have to use a cloth - you can use plain colored paper, crumpled crepe paper or even newspaper (and then spray-paint it).

    You can also use cupcake paper tins to decorate the Christmas tree. As it is done in the picture below. Such a children's craft will be a real New Year's entertainment for your children. Simple and fast - and very beautiful.

    Idea No. 11

    Christmas tree with paper straw decor.

    Here's another Christmas tree made from a paper cone. Here, fine paper shavings are used as the material for gluing the cone. You can find these shavings in fragile goods shipping boxes. Or cut such straws with your own office paper scissors - make a voluminous pile of shavings and decorate the Christmas tree with ordinary pva glue.

    We also glue cones and Christmas balls on the cone - we put them on with hot glue from the glue gun (sold in the construction departments of the store - it costs $ 5, the glue for it is very cheap in the form of rods).

    The Christmas tree can be placed on a pedestal made of round logs. And crowned with a star. It is also not necessary to buy it - such a star can be made with your own hands from ordinary newsprint. How such a star is made, I told in article "How to MAKE a STAR out of paper (24 crafts)."

    This is also a good option for a simple children's craft for the New Year . Because it's simple, easy and fast. Ideal for a 20-minute lesson in the Skillful Hands circle. The main thing is to prepare cones, straws and decorative material in advance.

    Idea No. 12

    Christmas tree

    from paper rolls.

    And here is a tree made from paper rolls. From ordinary sheets of paper (even from office drafts), we roll rolls, fasten them to a stapler or glue (so that they do not unfold).

    And then we decorate the base of the Christmas tree in the form of a paper cone with such rolls.

    In the photo below we see that an ordinary glass goblet (or a vase for jam) was used as a stand for such a voluminous rolled Christmas tree.

    By this principle, you can make a bright Christmas tree if rolls are twisted from colored table napkins.

    You can put the rolled Christmas tree on a long stick and stick it into a flower pot with soil.

    Below is a classic way to create such a Christmas tree from paper rolls.

    And here is a method where the bags are not glued to the base cone, but simply laid in radial circular rows.

    These paper bags can create a Christmas tree on any plane - on the wall or on the door to the office. A quick and easy way to make a beautiful office decoration for the New Year. I have collected even more ideas for New Year's decor for cabinets and office space in a special article HOW to decorate the OFFICE for the New Year - 27 photo ideas.

    Idea No. 13

    Quilling tree.

    (4 ways from flat to 3D)

    And here are paper Christmas trees made using the QWILLING technique. They can be flat as in the photo below.

    It's easy.

    STEP1 - The paper is cut into strips.

    STEP 2 - Each strip is twisted around a quilling rod (or a simple toothpick).

    STEP 3 - The twist fits into the circle-hole of the stencil - and inside this round frame of the hole we relax the twist (so that it unfolds slightly, but within the specified size).

    STEP 4 - Next, we carefully remove the twist from the stencil and glue its tail (so that the twist does not unwind further, but retains the size specified by the stencil. This way we get round twists of the same size.

    STEP 5 - Then we take a round twist and with our fingers, we set the SHAPE of the twist - it can be TEAR-SHAPED (as in the photo with the Christmas tree below) And from such twists we glue our Christmas tree out of paper.0003

    Such children's handicrafts can be offered at the lessons in the circle of school creativity. It can be done together with grandmothers and children for a competition in kindergarten.

    The corners of the droplets can be slightly bent up (as in the photo of the Christmas tree below).

    Christmas trees can be made using the quilling technique for any fantasy shape.

    DOUBLE LAYER quilling tree.

    And here is a Christmas tree made of paper in the same technique - where the quilling modules are glued not on a sheet of paper but on themselves - that is, they stick together side by side. And such gluing of paper rolls is laid in two layers

    Paper quilling tree - ON SHAFT .

    Twist quilling can be placed on the stem. From cardboard we make a rod on the edges of which we will glue the twists. Here we see a striped Christmas tree, where the twist modules are attached to a central cardboard rod.

    But the Christmas tree where the central cardboard rod has a hexagonal section - that is, this rod has 6 sides and 6 edges. On these flat sides we attach the base of the paper droplets. Please note that here the droplets are of different sizes - at the bottom there are large twists (made according to a large stencil-hole), and at the top there are smaller ones. We attach a rhinestone to the tip of each droplet.

    You can glue the twists with the barrels down, as is done on the Christmas tree from the picture below.

    Quilling twist can be placed around the round rod - and put the modules in a horizontal plane (as in the photo of the quilling Christmas tree from paper below).

    The modules are fastened to the round rod by another even strip of paper of the same color. First we wrap the paper around the rod on glue - we leave the tails sticking out on both sides of the rod - and between these tails of the strip we put our finished twist, and we hug it and wrap it around with tails - gluing them to the twist. In order for such fasteners to hold better - repeat its same with one more strip of paper (and, if necessary, with another strip) - so our twist will ideally keep its horizontal plane.

    You can make a simple quilling herringbone out of weak loops and curls from cardboard or thick non-quilling paper (as done in the photo below).

    Paper quilling tree - CONE BASE.

    The twist modules can be glued not on the rod, but on the classic cone base.

    Cone can be round (as pictured above). Or the cone can have rectangular section - that is, have ribs and flat sides (as in the photo below). It is convenient to apply any quilling patterns on such planes of the cone-pyramid . And we will get a patterned 3d Christmas tree.

    You can connect children to this craft. They will happily wind up the modules. And then they will help you glue the pyramid-tree with them. A good children's Christmas craft.

    Idea No. 14

    Christmas tree craft made from bushes

    from toilet paper

    Here is another idea for a Christmas tree made of paper. Here, rolls of cardboard and paper of different diameters are taken as material. You can use rolls of scotch tape and masking tape, supplement them with toilet paper cardboard sleeves (shortening them to the height of scotch rolls), you can use narrow tubes from office fax paper (also cut into short lengths). Screw homemade rolls of cardboard.

    And from such prefabricated material, fold-glue a Christmas tree. Rolls can be glued to each other with a glue gun, or with double-sided tape. A simple craft that kids will love to do.

    Only toilet paper rolls of the same size can be used. And fold them into a Christmas tree in the form of a pyramid. Pre-paint the rolls green, dry, glue. So that the gouache paint does not stick to your hands and does not dye clothes, the dyed and dried rolls need to be sprayed with hairspray - the paint will fix and the color will become brighter.

    Inside each roll we put a Christmas ball (you can just put it or you can hang it by a hole in the roll) - you can put a large candy in a shiny wrapper instead of a ball . You can decorate the side of such a Christmas tree made of paper rudons with New Year's glass beads.

    If you start collecting rolls in advance and involve all the staff of your company, then you can make a very tall large Christmas tree to decorate your office.

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