How to make a star for the christmas tree

How to Make a Star Christmas Tree Ornament

Learn how to make a star out of paper strips to create a beautiful ornament for your Christmas tree!

These star Christmas ornaments will look lovely hung on your Xmas tree or in your window!

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The thing I love about these Christmas tree stars is that they look so woven and intricate, and yet the method for how to make a star like this is incredibly easy. In fact they're so easy that in Finland these are a popular decoration for children to make!

Because of the intricate design, I think these star decorations look a little bit like snow-flakes, don't you? If you wondering how to make paper snowflakes then these could be an option, although they have 8 points instead of 6.

How to Make a Star - Materials

For this project you will need:

  • Some nice scrapbooking paper or card stock. 6" by 3" is enough for one star
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Thread to hang your star

That's it! This project is a good way to use up offcuts of wrapping paper or scrapbooking card stock. I generally prefer making these stars out of card stock rather than paper, because the stiffness makes it a little easier to work with.

How to Make a Star

Ornament for Your Christmas Tree

Here's a video I found on youtube (not mine) that explains how to make a star of this style:

Or, you can follow my step-by-step photos below:

Step 1

Cut 12 strips of paper or card, each about 6" by ¼" (15 cm by 0.7 cm).

Using strips this size will make a star about 5 ½" wide. Of course you can scale the size up or down if you like!

Step 2

Take two of the strips and fold them in half. This is so that you'll be able to see where the center of each strip is for the next step.

Step 3

Take one of the two strips you folded and place it vertically on the table, then glue a small patch at the center of the strip with your glue stick. If your paper has a colored side and a blank side, then make sure you put it colored-side up.

Lay the other strip across the first strip at right angles so that the two get glued together.

Step 4

Glue two small patches of glue on the horizontal strip, as indicated here:

Place two more strips vertically next on either side of the first strip onto the patches you just glued.

Step 5

Put down small patches of glue in the positions indicated here:

Place two more strips horizontally, so that they weave over and under the strips that are already there. They will get glued down with the patches of you just glued.

Here's a close-up showing how the strips are woven:

Step 6

Turn over the mat you've woven, so that the blank side faces up. Then put glue on the tips of the strips, as shown in the picture below:

Take hold of the top-right strip, and bend it over like this:

Then take of the strip next to it, bend it over, and glue it to the first strip to make a "petal" like this:

Repeat for the other four corners. Your half-finished star should now look like this:

Step 7

Repeat steps 2 to 6, so that you have two half-stars like this:

Step 8

Place one half star on top of the other, offset by 45° so that the "petals" of one half line up with the strips of the other half. Also, the petals of the two halves should face inward so that the two halves "hug" each other.

Here's a side view showing how the petals face inward:

Step 9

Put glue on the tip of one petal, as indicated here:

Feed the strip through the loop of the petal, and glue it to the petal, as shown below. The strip should extend roughly ¼" (between 0. 5 and 1 cm) beyond the petal, depending on how long your strips are. Basically when you put the halves together you'll see that the strips naturally extend a bit beyond the petals, and you just want to glue them in the position they are naturally in.

Do the same thing for all the other pairs of petals and strips. Your star should now look like this:

Here's a side view of the star once all the strips and petals are glued together. As you can see it has a nice kind of 3D look.

Step 10

Optionally, you can trim the arms of the star so that they end in points like this:

Here's an angled photo of the finished star with trimmed points:


I hope you had fun learning how to make a star. If you have any questions or comments, or just want to say hi, please contact me with this handy form . Here are a few more photos of the finished stars...

Star hanging on the Christmas tree:

Another star ornament hanging in my kitchen, just for the fun of it :-)

Here are some stars that reader Heike made to brighten up her office wall- thanks for sending in your photo Heike! I think the colors are beautiful.

And here are some stars that reader Clare made as Xmas decorations - thanks for sending in your photos Clare! Nice idea to use ribbon for hanging too.


You can make a beautiful, delicate-looking star by using longer, thinner strips of card or paper. Here's one I made with 8" by ⅕" strips of office printer paper.

If you make a delicate star like this, then it helps if you actually glue the two star-halves together at their centers (i.e. the woven sections), to give the star a bit more support and structure.

More Star designs...

Check out the projects below for how to make a star in other ways:

... or take a look at my full collection of DIY Christmas ornaments .

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3D Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper

by Janice

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

You can make spectacular 3D paper stars for stunning Christmas Tree Toppers or for dazzling decor any time of year with our step by step 3D paper star tutorial. Your gorgeous paper star decorations are destined to become family heirlooms that you reach for every Christmas season.


Last week, I posted step by step instructions, along with a video tutorial, on how to make five-point paper stars. Making paper stars is incredibly quick and easy once you get the hang of it. In fact, you can fold a paper star in about a minute.

This week, I want to show you how to transform those folded five-point paper stars into incredible 3D paper stars that you can make in any size and use as Christmas tree toppers or for decorations any time of year.

How to Make a 3D Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper

In this video tutorial, I walk you through how to fold the paper stars, along with the method I came up with that allows you to attach two stars together to create a three-dimensional star, and how to paint and decorate your 3D stars tree toppers and decorations.

I first made these 3D star tree toppers last Christmas for my post about How to Spray Paint Christmas Trees. These three dimensional, five-point stars were the perfect toppers for my DIY spray-painted Christmas trees.

I wanted to publish a tutorial post last year for these fabulous stars, but I ran out of time.

So this year, I had to make time to write this post because I just have to show you how you can make these gorgeous DIY decorations yourself!


How to Make 3D Paper Stars

To make a three-dimensional paper star, you first need to fold two paper stars using the same method I showed you in my previous post, How to Make Paper Stars EXCEPT with one significant change which I walk you through in the steps below and in the video tutorial above.


  • Square paper or cardstock – 2 pieces for each star
  • Scissors
  • Spray adhesive and/or glue gun
  • White glue or Modge Podge
  • Spray paint (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)
  • Glitter Sealer (optional)


Step 1

Cut two squares pieces of paper or cardstock.

For a large star, I use 12″x12″ scrapbook paper. For medium stars, I use 8″x8″ and for smaller stars, I use 6″x6″.

Step 2

Fold one piece of paper in half with the open edge facing you.

You will need to make two separate stars, so start with one piece of paper and follow these directions until you have folded your first star. Then repeat the steps with your second piece of paper.


Step 3

Make a creased intersection to mark the center of the left side of the folded paper.

So you could see it, I marked the creased intersection. But you do not need to mark yours. You will cut off this part of the paper and it will not be a part of your star.


Step 4

Folded the top right folded corner to the point of intersection and press down folded edges.


Step 5

Fold back so the folded edges are flush on the right side.


Step 6

Fold the top left corner down to the diagonal folded edge.


Step 7

Fold backward along the line where the diagonal folds meet.

Now your paper will look like this. If you are confused, please watch our video tutorial.


Step 8

Next, you will make one cut to make a star.

But WHERE you make this cut will determine the size and shape of your star AND since we will be gluing two stars together, we need to make this cut wider than we would if we were just making regular paper stars.

As I explained in my previous tutorial, How to Make Paper Stars, to make uniform stars, you can create a creased cutting line by folding the triangle fold of paper back to the bottom fold, as shown below, and then cutting along that folded crease.

But since we need extra room to make flaps along the edges of the star in order to have something to glue together, we need to make the cut wider.

Cut along this line.


Step 9

Open the cut triangle to reveal your star and then refold the peaks and valleys that are going in the wrong direction.

Half of your star has the correct peaks and valleys, but the other side will need to be refolded in the correct direction. The long folds should be peaks and the short folds should be valleys.

You will now have a folded paper star. Repeat steps 1-9 to fold your second paper star.

Step 10

Cut 3/8″ to 1/2″ slits into each short folded corner to create flaps for gluing together your two stars.


Step 11

Fold back the flaps.

You may want to use the edge of a ruler to help you fold straight lines from the corner to the pointed tips of the stars.

Repeat with second paper star so that you have two paper stars with folded flaps.


Step 12

Apply spray adhesive to flap edges and glue stars together, leaving the bottom edge open if making a tree topper.

Gluing the stars together is the trickiest part of creating these stars. If you try to use white glue, the glue will not dry fast enough to hold the star together.

So I use spray adhesive and then let the adhesive dry for a few minutes until it is tacky. Then you can reposition the stars as you try to get the flaps all lined up.

The Testors Craft Clear Spray Adhesive is a stronger adhesive that holds together better, especially when working with heavier cardstock. But that extra stickiness does make it harder to work with since it is not as “re-positional” as the Krylon Easy-Tac.

BUT, the Krylon Easy-Tac does not hold together as well. On my smaller stars, I used Testors Craft but on this large paper star, I used the Krylon and some of my edges came unglued after spray painting. So if using the Krylon Easy-Tac, you will have probably have to reinforce your edges with white glue, Modge Podge, or a glue gun.

You also may want to cut out a rough star insert to protect the inside of your star from the spray adhesive when you spray it on your flaps. I always skip this step and then hate myself for it when the inside of my stars try to stick together.

Spray the adhesive outside or somewhere with very good ventilation and then wait for 3-5 minutes or until the glue is tacky.

Very carefully, attach the stars along the folded flaps.

NOTE: For this mesh glitter covered star below, I cut out two stars from the mesh glitter fabric and used Testors Craft Clear Spray Adhesive to adhere the fabric to the two cardstock stars BEFORE I glued the two stars together.

After your stars are attached and the spray adhesive has dried, you may want to reinforce edges with white glue or Modge Podge. You can use a paintbrush and carefully paint on glue so that you don’t get glue on the star if you are not planning to cover the entire star in Modge Podge.


Step 13

Decorate your star with spray paint and glitter.

You can leave your 3D paper star as it is, or you can dress it up with spray paint and glitter.

I used Rustoleum Imagine in Metallic Silver for my silver stars.

After the spray paint is dry, apply Modge Podge, or white glue, and glitter and allow to dry and harden. It will take several hours – I usually leave overnight – for the Modge Podge to fully dry. The Modge Podge will firm up and your paper star will develop more structure.

You may need to apply a second coat of Modge Podge and glitter. For my second coat, I had run out of silver glitter and I couldn’t find any more of the same kind of glitter. So I had to use a silver glitter that was finer, with smaller circles/specks of glitter.

So that is why my larger silver star looks different than my smaller silver star in the final photos.

After your coats of glitter are dry, spray a coat or two of glitter sealer over your entire star. I used Testors Craft Glitter Sealer.

Finally, if your star is a Christmas Tree Topper and you left the entire bottom edge of the star unglued, use a glue gun to close up the bottom edge, leaving a 3″ to 4″ opening in the bottom middle to place on the top of the tree.

And congratulations! Your 3D Paper Star is finished!


Make Your Own Christmas Ornaments

Now that you’ve made your 3D Paper Star Christmas Tree Topper, here are some easy ways to make DIY Christmas Ornaments…

  • Painted Christmas Ornaments
  • DIY Photo Ornament
  • DIY Foam Christmas Ornaments


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DIY Christmas tree stars: 14 step-by-step master classes

The star has been one of the top Christmas decorations for many years. Basically, it shines on the top of the Christmas tree, but it can also be a bright room decor. In this article we will look at: how to make stars on a Christmas tree with your own hands.


  • 1 Volumetric paper star
    • 1.1 Master class
  • 2 Wicker star
    • 2.1 Workshop
  • 0007 3 creative elite
    • 3.1 Class
  • 4 Star from spruce
    • 4.1 Master class
  • 9000 5 Star of threads
      9000 5.1 Master class
  • 6 Awards from frozen
  • 000
  • 6.1 Master class
  • 7 Star origami
    • 7.1 Master class
  • 8 Brilliant Star

      007 9.1 Master class

  • 10 Rozhdestvenskaya star
    • 10. 1 Class
  • 11 3D star
      .1 Master class
  • 12 Star of wire and beads
      9000 12.1 Master class
  • 13 star from Foamiran
    • 13.1 Master class
  • 3D paper star

    You will need: 2 square sheets of paper, scissors, ruler, simple pencil

    christmas ornaments\Christmas pendant Twine star/Christmas tree toy

    Watch this video on YouTube

    glue, tape.


    1. Take a square sheet of paper.
    2. Fold it in half 2 times, then unfold.
    3. Fold diagonally on both sides and unfold.
    4. It should be a square with 8 lines, like a snowflake.
    5. Mark with a pencil as shown in picture 4.
    6. Make cuts to the marks.
    7. Fold each side of the beam towards each other and secure with tape.
    8. Take a square sheet of paper and make a second blank in the same way.
    9. Glue 2 blanks together.
    10. Try to make a golden star in the same way.

    3D paper star is ready! I recommend watching the video tutorial!

    8 point PAPER STAR | DIY Volumetric Star 💖 Laxey

    Watch this video on YouTube

    Braided Star

    You will need: willow rods 5 mm thick, flexible branches no more than 3 mm thick, pruner, ruler.


    1. Prepare 5 sticks 12 cm long.
    2. Take 2 sticks and wrap the ends very tightly with wire. Do the same with the second pair of sticks.
    3. Form the frame of the star. It is worth noting that one of the sticks should be outside, and the other inside, so that the frame does not fall apart and the sticks cling to each other.
    4. Attach fifth stick and secure with wire.
    5. Take a thin twig and attach it to one of the tops of the star.
    6. Braid the whole star with thin twigs, as shown in the image.

    Eco-style braided star is ready!

    Creative tip

    You will need: Styrofoam ball, hot glue gun, electric drill, scissors, cardboard, pencil, yarn in bright colors.


    1. Draw a horseshoe circle on the cardboard, then cut it out.
    2. Wind the yarn around the cardboard and form a pom pom.
    3. Make pom poms in different colors and sizes.
    4. Make a hole in the foam ball using an electric drill.
    5. Try the ball on top of the tree, then remove it.
    6. Glue on the pom poms until they are full.
    7. Decorate the top of the tree.

    A creative pompom Christmas tree top is ready!

    Spruce star

    You will need: 5 wooden rulers, adhesive tape, spruce branches, gloves, green wire, ribbon.

    Master class

    1. Make a star frame from 5 rulers and secure with tape.
    2. Prepare the fir branches.
    3. Attach fir branches to rulers using green wire.
    4. Tie a ribbon bow and attach to the star.

    The spruce star is ready! I recommend watching this video!


    Watch this video on YouTube

    Thread star

    You will need: white and red floss threads, stationery pins, board, film, pva glue.

    Master class

    1. Wrap the plank with foil.
    2. Attach 6 pins to the boards as shown.
    3. Wind the thread around 3 pins to form a triangle.
    4. Wind the thread around the rest of the pins to form a second triangle.
    5. Spread the structure with glue and leave to dry.
    6. Carefully remove the star from the pins.
    7. Tie off the intersections of the two triangles with thread of a different color.

    The floss star is ready!

    Ice cream stick star

    You will need: 5 ice cream sticks, glue gun, brush, PVA glue, glitter, sheet of paper, felt deer figurine.

    Master class

    1. Fold the frame of the star from 5 sticks.
    2. Fix the sticks together using the glue gun.
    3. Coat the surface of the sticks with PVA glue and sprinkle generously with glitter.
    4. Leave to dry.
    5. Glue the deer figurine onto the surface of the star.

    Star is ready! Find more ice cream stick crafts HERE.

    Origami Star

    You will need: 6 square sheets of black double-sided paper.


    1. Take a square of paper and fold it diagonally to form a triangle.
    2. Rotate the workpiece 90 degrees and fold the top sides towards the center.
    3. Bend the bottom sides towards the center to form a rhombus.
    4. Fold the bottom section up to the right, then up to the left to form a cross.
    5. Bend the bottom ponytail in half lengthwise, then pull it to the right.
    6. Make 5 more pieces in the same way.
    7. Assemble the modules together in a circle to form a star.

    The modular origami star is ready! I recommend watching the video tutorial!

    Paper Star Modular Origami Star

    Watch this video on YouTube

    Shiny Star

    You will need: paper. scissors, ruler, glue.

    Master class

    1. Cut the paper into 10 thin strips of the same size.
    2. Lay out 5 strips on a flat surface, then lay out the remaining 5 in a checkerboard pattern.
    3. Glue together the ends of the strips located side by side at the corners. Please note that 4 strips of "cross" should remain.
    4. Make the second blank in the same way.
    5. Glue the blanks together forming a star.
    6. Glue loose strips to the parts of the star.

    Glittering paper star is ready!

    Twine star

    You will need: 10 pieces of wood, wood glue, twine, glue gun.

    Master class

    1. Lay out a star from 10 rails.
    2. Glue the slats together to form a star frame.
    3. Leave to dry.
    4. Fix the end of the twine to the rail with a glue gun.
    5. Wrap twine around the star and secure the tip with hot glue.

    Twine star is ready! I recommend watching this video!

    christmas ornaments\Christmas pendant Twine star/Christmas tree toy

    Watch this video on YouTube glue.


    1. Form the frame of the star from the hanger using pliers.
    2. Cut the foil into strips and twist them into ropes.
    3. Twist the flagellum into a spiral and wrap around the star. Thus, fill the entire surface of the star with foil.
    4. Glue on beads to decorate.

    The Christmas star is ready!

    3D napkin star

    You will need: paper napkins, scissors, metal wire.

    Master class

    1. Open the napkin.
    2. Fold the napkin so that the 2 outer edges point towards the center.
    3. Rotate the napkin 90 degrees and fold the 2 outer edges into the center. Repeat the action.
    4. Fold the rectangle in half along the center line to form a tight strip, then unfold the napkin.
    5. Fold the accordion along the fold lines, unfold and fold the accordion again in the opposite direction.
    6. Wind the metal wire around the center of the harmonica.
    7. Bend each corner of the napkin inward at a 45 degree angle. There should be 4 corners on each side of the accordion.
    8. Connect the ends of the harmonicas on both sides to form a star.

    Volumetric star is ready! See also napkin crafts.

    I recommend watching the master class video!

    How to fold napkins for table setting - star. Napkin folding tutorial

    Watch this video on YouTube

    Wire star and beads

    You will need: thick and thin wire, beads, beads, satin ribbon, scissors.

    Master class

    1. Take a piece of thick wire and form a star. Twist the ends of the thick wire together.
    2. String beads on thin wire.
    3. Tie the end of a thin wire to the figure and wind it around in a random way.
    4. Tie a loop using a satin ribbon.

    Christmas tree star made of wire and beads is ready!

    Foamiran star

    You will need: glitter and matt foamiran, pencil, scissors, glue gun, decorative string for hanging, cardboard, ruler.


    1. Draw an 8-pointed star in the desired size on cardboard.
    2. Cut out the template.
    3. Trace the template on the shiny foamiran 2 times, then cut out the blanks.
    4. Glue one star to the frosted foamiran, then cut it out.
    5. Glue the second star on the other side.
    6. Cut out two identical winter figures from foamiran and glue them in the center of the star from different sides. It can be a Christmas tree or a snowman.
    7. Glue a decorative string around the star and make a loop for hanging.

    Foamiran star is ready! And it also produces very beautiful flowers, to view it click HERE.

    I recommend watching this video!

    Christmas tree stars. Volume stars from foamiran DIY | Christmas tree stars

    Watch this video on YouTube

    Quilling star

    You will need: thick double-sided colored paper, scissors, ruler, glue stick, quilling tool or pen, ribbon.


    1. Prepare 2 cm strips of colored paper.
    2. Roll up the strip as shown in the photo.
    3. Glue another strip to the curl, forming a drop shape.
    4. Make 4 more drops in the same way.
    5. Glue 5 blanks together to form a star.
    6. Attach a hanging ribbon to one of the tops of the star.

    The quilling star is ready!


    DIY Christmas tree star

    Have you noticed that this year many people decorate the Christmas tree in advance? And this is wonderful, the festive mood will not come by itself - it needs to be created. Well, what is a Christmas tree without a star on top? Even more interesting if the star is made by yourself.

    Joy-pup has collected for you the best ideas of stellar Christmas crafts - simple and a little more difficult. See photos, study master classes, get inspired by creative ideas and create magic with your own hands. We will tell you how to make a star on a Christmas tree yourself: no one will definitely have such a top.

    3D cardboard star

    Making a three-dimensional star is quite simple, but it looks spectacular and unusual. By the way, with such silver stars you can decorate not only the top, but the whole Christmas tree, or combine them into a long New Year's garland.

    What you need

    • Printer paper (or notebook page)
    • Thin cardboard (a candy or cookie box, or a cardboard binder will work)
    • Plain food foil
    • Pencil, line, scissors
    • Napkin
    • adhesive pistols (or any rapid gluing glue)
    • Narrow tape or twine

    How to make a 3D star

    1. Print a finished stencil, or draw a five-ended star according sample and cut it out of paper.

    2. Place the stencil on the cardboard sheet and trace around the outline with a pencil.

    3. Fold the cardboard in half, cut out 2 identical stars and draw lines (as in the photo above).

    4. Gently fold both blanks along the lines to make the stars voluminous.

    5. Keep the foil in your hands and spread it carefully.

    6. Cut off a piece of foil and wrap the cardboard piece tightly around it. Do the same with the other half.

    7. Crumple the tissue and fill the inside of one piece with it. Make a loop of tape and glue it to the tip of one beam.

    8. Now apply a bead of glue around the edges and join the two halves (try to press firmly, but don't overdo it).

    Watch the video master class "3D Foil and Cardboard Star"

    Star of Bethlehem in origami technique

    But a more interesting option is an eight-pointed Christmas star made in origami technique. How to make a Bethlehem0100

    1. Cut out two identical squares from colored paper (20x20 or 10x10 cm)

    2. Fold the squares in four, then unfold, fold into a triangle and fold along the lines.

    3. Unfold again and mark the middle of the vertical and horizontal lines with a pencil.

    4. Make four cuts, fold the corners inwards.

    5. Glue half of the corner with glue, and glue the rays in the center, as shown in the photo. Repeat the same with the second square.

    6. Make a loop from a piece of tape, glue between the rays of one piece and glue both halves.

    Foamiran Star

    Foamiran (or foam) is a polymer material, flexible and plastic, from which wonderful New Year crafts are made. Try to make such an elegant star for the Christmas tree out of it.

    What you need

    Two sheets of foamiran in different colors (foamiran with glitter is best)

    • Glue gun
    • Cardboard
    • Pencil, scissors

    How to make a Christmas star from foam

    1. Draw and cut out a cardboard stencil for the future star.

    2. Attach it to a sheet of foamiran, draw around the outline and cut out the frame star.

    3. Now take a different color of foam and cut out a second, whole star.

    4. Glue both pieces together with a heat gun.

    5. In the middle, you can glue any New Year figurine (snowman, Christmas tree, etc.).

    Don't forget to attach a loop to hang the star on top of the Christmas tree.

    Quilling Christmas Star

    Quilling is an ancient art of making volumetric compositions from twisted strips of paper, incredibly popular for the last few years. Those who are familiar with this technique will assemble an amazing star in 20-30 minutes, beginners may need more time.

    What you need

    • Heavy colored paper
    • Scissors, glue
    • Ideally a quilling rod, but you can get by with a ballpoint pen or toothpick
    • Narrow ribbon

    How to make a quilling star

    2. Screw the strip of paper onto the core, but not all the way.

    3. Loosen the curl a little, take another strip and glue one end to the twisted part and the other to the free part. You should get such a loop (see photo).

    4. Make the remaining loops in the same way (there should be 5 in total, the same size).

    5. Thread the ribbon through one beam and hang the star on the tree.

    Christmas tree star made of fabric

    Cute soft star toy is an original decoration for the Christmas tree and a wonderful find for needlewomen.

    What you need

    • Shiny fabric (silk, satin, brocade)
    • Scissors, paper, pencil
    • Matching thread, needle
    • Soft material for stuffing (cotton wool, synthetic winterizer or holofiber)
    • Several pieces of foamiran for finishing
    • Buska for cap
    • Decorative ribbon or ribbon
    How to make a soft sprocket


    Learn more