How to make a tree branch bookshelf

How to build a tree bookshelf

If you want to add a bookshelf shaped like a tree to your home, here is how to build it! We are giving our son a jungle themed bedroom makeover and decided to build him this DIY tree style bookshelf and toy shelf!

This post was sponsored by Kreg Tool, which offers tools perfect for DIYers trying to improve their homes. Right now, Kreg products are on sale, including $20 off the Kreg K4 used to make this tree bookshelf. All opinions are our own and our opinion is that we love Kreg products. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Charleston Crafted possible!

We are excited to begin diving into Luke’s bedroom makeover.

Remember his jungle themed nursery in our old home? When we asked him what he wanted in his new bedroom, he said “animals!” The kid has loved animals his whole life.

If you follow us on Instagram, you know that Morgan has been painting a jungle themed mural in his bedroom! I can’t wait to share that project when it is done.

DIY Tree Shaped Bookshelf

So, designing him a jungle room theme, we decided to build him a tree shaped bookshelf. He loves to read and has tons of books and we loved this idea.


This shelf was inspired by the Babyletto Spruce Tree bookcase.

However, we decided to mimic the feel of that bookshelf but not copy it exactly.

We decided to go for a more simplistic approach and built this shelf out of 1×6 and 2×6 lumber.

Thanks to our Kreg K4, it was super easy to connect the branches and make them super strong.

How to build a DIY tree bookshelf

Building a DIY tree bookshelf is about making a custom look of a tree for your space.

You could build this bookshelf just using straight or singular branches off the trunk.

We opted to add interest by adding different angles and additional branches to really mimic the abnormalities of a tree.

We started by cutting the trunk to the height we wanted and notched the bottom to make room for the baseboard.

Then, we cut branches at 10 degree and 30 degree angles so they would come off the trunk.

We added pocket holes with our Kreg K4 on every branch where it connected to the trunk or another branch.

When we had all the branches right where we wanted them, we attached using wood glue and Kreg pocket screws.

Finishing the shelf

The inspiration bookshelf is actually lacquered. To get that look you would want to paint your shelf with a high gloss paint or paint it and finish with a glossy top coat.

We decided that we wanted a more natural look. So, we stained the tree Early American to match the crib we built for him that are next to each other.

This ties really nicely with the stain on Luke’s crib (another great DIY build!) and the brown in the mural.

Mounting the shelf to the wall

To mount the bookshelf to the wall, we used simple corner brackets and drywall anchors. We also painted them to blend with the wood and wall.

We put two brackets on each side of the trunk to stabilize it to the wall. This is important, because this can look like a tempting ladder to a toddler.

We didn’t do anything to support the branches other than the wood glue and pocket hole joints. We aren’t going to put that much weight on them and they are very solid.

Plans to build this tree bookshelf

You can get the plans to build this bookshelf on The full cut list and step-by-step instructions are available there.

For an overview, check out our how-to card here.

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Active Time: 2 hours

Additional Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 3 hours

Difficulty: Medium

Estimated Cost: $10-50

Here's how to build a super cute DIY bookshelf shaped like a tree! This bookshelf is great for toddlers and kids who love nature. Add books and decor items to the branches and let you child explore all day!


  • - (1) 6' 2x6 board
  • - (2) 8' 1x6 boards
  • - 1 1/4" pocket screws
  • - 4 corner brackets
  • - wood glue
  • - stain or paint


  • - Kreg K4 pocket hole jig
  • - Miter saw
  • - Drill
  • - Sander


  1. Cut the trunk board.
  2. Cut branch boards at angles.
  3. Drill pocket holes in branch boards.
  4. Attach branches to trunk with wood glue and pocket screws.
  5. Stain/paint
  6. Attach to wall.
  7. Decorate.

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  • Ryobi 12 in. Sliding Miter Saw with Laser

  • Gorilla Wood Glue

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For instance, you can get the Kreg K4 that we used for this project for only $79 at major retailers!

This is limited, so make sure to get your hands on it!

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How to Build a Tree Shaped Bookshelf

A few years back, my wife found an amazing tree shaped bookshelf that we thought would be the perfect centerpiece for our little one’s bedroom. Problem was, we could only find one person selling them on the internet and they were going for more than $1,100!

In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how to build this tree shaped bookshelf, which requires just over $100 in materials. However, be careful, as every time a mom sees this bookcase, you’ll most likely get a request to build one for their little one.

Some of our posts contain affiliate links. We often share links to the tools & products used in our home improvement projects and if you purchase one of these items using our link, we may earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you).

Materials & Tools You’ll Need

  • 4-5 Pieces of 4′ x 8′ Plywood (3/4″ Thick)
  • Jig Saw
  • Power Drill
  • Large Drill Bit – 1/2″ Bit
  • Palm Sander
  • Router
  • Router Bearing & Bit
  • Wood Filler
  • Stud Finder
  • Mounting Brackets

Drawing or Stenciling Your Tree Shaped Bookshelf

First stencil or draw your tree with a Sharpie on a single piece of your 3/4″ thick 4′ x 8′ plywood. You could consider printing out some sort of stencil, but that’s a tall task as you would need a pretty large piece of paper or would need to piece together 14-15 pieces of paper.

Your best bet is to freehand and draw the tree. While this may seem like an impossible task if you lack drawing skills, it’s actually not that hard. Just know up-front that you’ll eventually be painting over your tree outline and if you mess up, you can fix or redraw the lines until you get it right.

Tips for Drawing Your Tree

  • Measure to the center of your piece of plywood (2′) and draw a vertical line from top to the bottom of the plywood. Use that line to center your tree trunk on (see image below).
  • Break up drawing the tree into different sections (draw the trunk first, then when completed add your branches).
  • Make the trunk width about 4-5 inches at the bottom and slowly taper to a point at the top.
  • As you add your branches make sure they get narrower as they go out.
  • Don’t worry about messing up. It’s just marker and you’ll be painting over it!

Cutting the First Piece of Plywood

I used this super inexpensive, but awesome Ryobi jigsaw to cut out my tree shape. Surprisingly it was pretty easy and was actually the first time I ever used a jigsaw. I’d recommend using a fine jigsaw blade, which will give you the least amount of splintering as you cut.

For your first cut start at the bottom of your tree trunk and cut out the sections on both the right and the left of trunk below the first branch. Go slow and do your best to stay on your Sharpie line. If you want, you can make the cut in one fell swoop or cut up to the first branch, pause and then cut the bottom of the first branch and meet up where your last cut left off.

In order to cut some of the interior sections of your tree that don’t have an opening, you’ll need to drill a hole first using a large drill bit. I found it’s easiest to drill these holes at the intersection of a branch and the trunk. Once you have that pilot hole just insert your jigsaw blade into the hole and make the interior cut.

Cutting the Next 3-4 Trees

After you get your first tree cut, you can use it as a stencil for the next 3-4 pieces of plywood. I ended building my tree shelf out of 4 pieces of 3/4″ thick plywood and while it can hold most smaller books, 5 pieces of plywood may have been the way to go. I’ll leave that decision up to you!

Stencil your next 3-4 pieces of plywood with a Sharpie and cut out the negative spaces as you did with the first piece of plywood. The goal here is to cut each new piece of plywood as close as you can to the first one. The closer you can get each of these pieces to each other, the better they’ll match up when you screw them all together.

Combining the Plywood & Leveling Your Edges

Once you have your 4-5 trees cut out, you’ll want to make sure that you get all 4 or 5 pieces of plywood as close as you can to identical. The best way to do this is to use a router and a special bearing bit.

To start, screw only your original/first stenciled tree and second cut tree together. When doing so make sure to put your screws in the very center of the trunk or branch and we’ll be trimming the edges with our router and don’t want to hit a screw.

Once they are screwed together you can rest the bearing part of your router bit against the original stencil. The bearing bit allows you to just run/roll your router along the original stencil without cutting it, while cutting the lower second piece of plywood, so it matches the original.

After you’ve routed around the entire tree, screw on your next tree and repeat the process again and again until all 4-5 pieces of plywood are nearly identical.

Sanding & Filling the Gaps Between Trees

After you’ve evened out the sides or your tree with your router you’ll most likely have some rough edges. Sand down these edges using a palm sander. I have this super inexpensive – but awesome – DeWalt palm sander that also has a dust catcher. This palm sander will take care of most of the sanding, but you’ll need to hand sand in most of the tight nooks.

After sanding you’ll want to fill the gaps between the plywood. Filling these gaps will make your tree look like one solid piece of wood once painted.

For my project, I used DAP’s Plastic Wood. This stuff is awesome as it goes on pink and when it’s done drying it turns white. For my project, I needed roughly two tubs. Once your wood filler dries then just smooth out any bumps with sanding paper or a sanding block and you’re ready to paint.

Cutting Your Tree to Fit Flush with Your Baseboards

Before you paint you’ll want to cut roughly 3.5″ off the back two pieces of plywood on the bottom of your tree trunk. This cut will account for the baseboards and quarter round trim in your little one’s room and allow the rest of your tree to sit nice and flush against the wall.

I’d suggest taking the exact measurement of the height of your baseboards, drawing a horizontal line and cutting with something safe and easy, like a hand saw.

If you take a look at base of the tree shelf below you can see exactly what this cut looks like and the purpose it serves.

Also, if you love our white floors check out our post here after on how to prep and paint your hardwood floor white.

Painting Your Tree-Shaped Book Shelf

Once you have your tree bookshelf completely sanded you can then paint. There’s not much to this step! Pick an awesome color and put on 2-3 coats of paint.

Securing Your Bookshelf with Wall Anchors

This bookshelf is pretty heavy. With that being the case you’ll want to make 100% certain that it’s secured properly to the wall.

Step One: Place your tree shelf against the wall in your desired location.

Step Two: Use a stud finder to find out where your studs are located. The goal here is to find at least one stud left of the trunk and one stud right of the trunk.

Step Three: Make a mark on your tree branches to notate where the center of your stud is located and where we’ll be attaching our anchors. I’d suggest marking the center of our studs on at least two of the branches on each side of the trunk.

Step Four: Attach your anchors to the back of the tree with a screw making sure the second hole of the anchor will line up with the mark you just made on the wall for the studs.

Step Five: Place your tree up on the wall and use your anchors to attach the bookshelf to your studs.

Tree Shaped Bookshelf Conclusion

This is truly one of the most awesome things I’ve built. Every mom, dad and kid that comes over loves it! Also, it’s been in my daughter’s room for four and a half years and I’m sure will stay for plenty more years to come!

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Or give a gander to one of the easiest and coolest upcycle projects out there – How to Chalk Paint a Chandelier. Back in the day I had a Etsy shop and made some decent money painting and refurbishing old chandees. Check it out!

Wooden shelf for books

Wooden shelf for books

Wooden shelf for books

Made in two types for large and medium-sized cats.

After a bit of googling, I found several interesting options, and one of them sunk into my soul so much that I decided to bring it to life. When the elements are dry, assemble by securing their connection with nails or screws. In the photo, the cardboard looks good, but in real life the wooden product will look better, although this is a matter of taste, and if desired, you can paint it at least somehow. You can use the bookshelf design to teach kids how to organize their room. We need an old timber that does not have a rotten core inside. in this article will provide an opportunity to find additional information on the above topic.

While the tree bookshelf is technically designed to hold books, children will probably want to place their favorite toys on the branches as well. Designed by Martina Carpelan What better way to describe books than piled letters. This is what designer Pieter de Leeuw thought. Prepare a list of the wood planks you will need, along with their dimensions. Plywood kitchens material advantages, features of the manufacture of kitchen sets and countertops How furniture is made from plywood. You press the book against the bracket and now it is already hanging in the air.
Here is another version of the original shelf.
Make sure that they are connected to each other at right angles and without distortion. Make a sketch of the project and determine immediately how many shelves you want to make, and whether they will have compartments, if so, what size. Before proceeding with the main process, it is necessary to prepare measuring and working tools, as well as protection according to safety precautions Material for a wooden bookshelf prepared dried boards of the required thickness Find a place where your bookshelf will be placed and use a tape measure to determine its height, length and depth at will. When one branch was done, I stuck it on the wall and liked the result, so I then used it as a layout to cut out a second identical branch. You cut or order wooden corners with sides of 2025 centimeters. I specially made this shelf in the form of a large tree branch. Here is a bookcase made in the best way for cats from unpainted wood. For rope shelves, it is necessary to have planed boards, wooden blocks, thick rope, hooks for fixing the shelf. The instructions below will guide you through all the steps, and at the end you will have a wooden shelf for books or other items. Place the bottom of the future shelf on the desktop and attach the sides to it.

Do this in 23 places, depending on the dimensions of your parts. In the end, you will realize that you made the right choice, get the necessary skills in carpentry and save a significant amount of money. Nominated in the Young Design 2010 Selected Design category, this bookcase will always be a reminder. Some hardware stores can immediately saw it into the lengths you need. This is what a heart beat looks like on an ECG and on medical devices. And I'm sure you can think of other fun ways to create your own tree bookshelf on the wall. It is quite possible to make a modern bookshelf with your own hands; it can be made according to the style of the room, emphasizing and complementing it. Carry out all the manipulations with a woodworking machine, taking precautions and closing your eyes with special glasses. Below we offer you to get acquainted with the project that will help turn your bookshelf into a universal one. If you do not need to carry out any fitting work, apply wood glue to their ends and then connect the bottom of the shelf and one sidewall to each other with self-tapping screws using a screwdriver. The shelf is ready to mount on the wall and it looks very creative.
When the structure is ready, attach wheels to it, and it will become mobile.

Copying site materials is possible without prior approval in case of installing an active indexed link to our site. It also helped that I bought new chairs for the new apartment, which were delivered to me in huge cardboard boxes, which I decided to use for this project. If you prefer something a little more playful and colorful, then you'll love the mix of wall art and plain bookshelves. It would seem a simple shelf, but stimulating and allowing you to organize reading, dividing books into those that have already been read and those that you are going to read.
I don't know myself, I just wanted to get a little closer to nature in my new apartment. I not only reused cardboard hello ecologists. Advice determine right away you need a strong shelf with supportive stands so that it can withstand not only books, but also heavier things, or you do not plan to place the latter on it. Do not try to create a perfectly even tree with sharp corners, the more natural your wood-shaped bookshelf looks, the better.

Designer Mebrure Oral Book tree and that's it. In fact, you can make yourself a bookcase that you can simply put on the floor or attach to the wall.

If you came up with the idea to make a shelf out of improvised things, you have a million options. Tel Aviv design studio Ami Drach Dov Ganchrow presented its new Modern Stone project at Budapest Design Week 2012.

wood shelf for books

wood bookshelf creative book storage

    Wood bookshelf, creative book storage Wood bookshelf, creative book storage Wood book shelf Wood book shelf: types. Preparation for the project. Choice of tools. Making a bookshelf in the form of a tree

Forget the old ones. boring and plain bookshelves. and see how original the bookshelf in the form of a tree looks in the interior of the rooms. Tip When working with wood, feel free to wear safety goggles and gloves. which will help you get rid of possible troubles.
If you live in Moscow. then you better know where you can buy such things. Shelves of non-standard shape are used more and more Shelves on the wall with their own hands. The more e-books become. the more modest and lighter bookshelves become. . how to make a beautiful bookshelf in a children's room in the form of a tree So that kids do not forget about books and love them the same way. like toys. you can Having a drill and a wood processing agent will greatly facilitate your work. I chose a book and applied immediately. Shelves for the kitchen, wooden are intended for dishes and food storage. Wooden shelving on the balcony serves as a storage of various items. seasonal items wooden bookcases. We stretch the cord through all the bars. using washers in the form of separators of 3 pieces. It's time to find new ways to display your book collection. Books are located on the branches. like birds on a dry birch. The bookshelf is made of wenge wood with a set of twelve bookmarks. Here's a bookcase for you. made in the best way for cats from unpainted wood. I specially made this shelf in the form of a large tree branch. I don't know myself. I just wanted to get a little closer to nature in my new apartment.

Add a comment:

… Tip: When working with wood, feel free to wear safety goggles and gloves to help you get rid of possible troubles.

Here is a bookcase made in the best way for cats - unpainted wood. ... I chose a book and lay down right there. The bookshelf is made of wenge wood with a set of twelve bookmarks.

, how to make a beautiful bookshelf in the children's room in the form of a tree: So that kids do not forget about books and love them just like toys, you can ... Having a drill and wood processing agent will greatly facilitate your work.

Irregular-shaped shelves are becoming more and more popular ... - Do-it-yourself wall shelves. ... We stretch the cord through all the bars, using washers in the form of separators (3 pieces each).

… Wooden kitchen shelving designed for dishes and food storage; wooden shelving on the balcony serves as a repository for various, seasonal items; wooden bookcases.


DIY shelf decor in colonial style

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How to decorate a shelf with your own hands? It is possible to transform the bookshelves in the house, give them a new look, using very simple decorating techniques.

A bookshelf will look good on an empty empty wall, you can place books on it.

Bookshelves can be used not only to store books, but also to become an integral part of the interior of your apartment.

DIY bookshelf decoration design

You can place your favorite items, photos, souvenirs, various accessories on the bookshelves. If you have a lot of hardcover books, you can turn your bookshelf into one of the original room decor items. Let's look at a few ideas.

  1. Books can be grouped by color. If there are not many books of the same color, then you can group them by the same type of cover. At the same time, the decor of the shelf can be supplemented with several mirrors, figurines.
  2. Completely fill the shelf with books, and in the foreground put a picture in a beautiful frame. This design will be very extravagant and will surely attract attention.
  3. Wallpaper the inner wall of the shelf and paint it in your favorite color or to match the interior of the room. It can be not just a solid color, but some kind of pattern or ornament. The choice depends on your taste and style of the surrounding interior.
  4. You can arrange picture books or magazines with the cover forward. This can be done on the two bottom shelves. Thus, in accordance with the interior of your room, you can create certain decor accents. Here you can also place your photos.
  5. Select any one color as the main color. It looks simple and elegant at the same time. The base color will go well with other colors, such as white. This is a wonderful way to highlight collectibles, souvenirs and other accessories.
  6. If the room is small, then you can choose an excellent way to place books. You can hang the racks vertically by placing them on the wall from the bottom up. Such a design can be designed not only for books, but also for storing documents and any other things that are necessary at hand.
  7. If your room has an unfilled empty wall, you can place a bookshelf on it. You can fill it by folding books vertically, horizontally, alternating them in combination with souvenirs or accessories that are dear to you.

If the room is small, then you can make racks and hang them vertically, placing them along the wall from the bottom up.

Keep balance when creating an interior. The combination of colors, paintings, personal photographs, sculptures and souvenirs - everything should be presented in moderation. In order not to destroy the beauty of the interior you have created, it is better to place things that you use daily on the bottom shelf.

Bookshelves, like any other part of the interior of a modern apartment or country house, must meet certain requirements:

  1. Bookshelves should match the design style of the room and harmonize with the furnishings.
  2. They should fulfill their main function - to be a place to store books.
  3. They should be comfortable, roomy and match the volume of the number of books that need to be placed.

With your own hands, you can make various and very original bookshelves in design. Products that have an unusual, non-standard shape look very beautiful and stylish.

It is better to take spruce or pine as the material for the shelf.

Even a classic style can transform bookshelves into a tree with branches, for example. In such a design, the base of the bookshelf can act as a tree, and racks for books can act as branches.

You can make bookshelves made in the form of honeycombs with your own hands. Such products can be made of wood or materials that imitate a wooden surface.

A very original design of the herringbone bookshelf. It has a classic style, and at the same time looks very impressive in various design designs. This design will help to avoid a long search for the necessary book and at the same time will be an excellent decoration of the room. Bookshelves of various decor can be created with your own hands, according to your taste, using all your imagination in design development.

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Colonial suspended structures

You can make your own hanging structure from colonial-style shelves. It is perfect for a colonial style living room, a beach resort style bathroom, a nautical style nursery.

Materials and tools:

  • wooden boards or finished shelves with finished edges;
  • wood paint brown or dark blue;
  • flat wide brush;
  • hemp or sisal twine, 2-3 cm in diameter, imitating a sea rope;
  • wooden sticks.

Work sequence:

  1. It is necessary to drill holes in the boards corresponding to the diameter of the twine.
  2. Paint the boards in the desired color. Pass the twine on the front in the following order: first through the bottom board, then the middle board, then the top board. After that, the free part of the twine is left for hanging. Then the twine is threaded in reverse order through the top, middle and bottom boards. Using a level, adjust the level of the boards. Tie the end of the twine in a large knot.
  3. Cut wooden sticks into small pieces. They need to be threaded into the twine under the boards in order to fix each board in a horizontal position.
  4. The structure must be hung on a strong steel hook.
  5. Arrange the necessary items on the shelves.

This design can be used for books, for small things and in the bathroom, to place the necessary accessories on it.

Bookshelves, hanging shelves in the bathroom and other rooms have long been an integral part of every home.

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