How to make a tree topper bow with wired ribbon

How to Make a Bow Christmas Tree Topper

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In this post I’ll show you how to make a bow Christmas tree topper! This is an easy and elegant solution that you can easily customize to match any tree decor!

Have you ever noticed that it’s really hard to find just the right topper for your Christmas tree? I don’t think I’ve ever found one that I really love and that works for me year after year, no matter what type of tree-scheme I’m doing that year. I find that store bought ones always seem just a little too cheesy, or a little too rustic, or a little too tacky. I’ve ended up using a whole bunch of berry picks from the floral section of the craft store, along with other unusual items to try to make my own, and that usually works quite well, but I picked up an extra roll of ribbon this year that I really wanted to use somewhere, so I decided to try my hand at a big, fluffy bow Christmas tree topper. It turns out that they’re pretty easy to put whip up!

This post is part of the December edition of the Thrifty Style Team project. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of my post to see all the other thrifty projects from other talented bloggers on the team! Wired ribbon can get pretty expensive, but it also goes on sale quite a bit around this time of year, so if you still don’t have a topper for your tree, you can make one of these quite affordably! Also keep in mind to search the after Christmas sales for clearance ribbon that you might want to use for this project next year!

Supplies Needed to Make a Bow Christmas Tree Topper

I used:

  • Wide wired ribbon. My roll was 25 feet long and I used basically all of it for this one bow.
  • Pipe cleaners (floral wire would work too of course, I just used what I had when inspiration struck, which happened to be way too many pipe cleaners. #momlife)
  • Scissors

The things that I love about this is that you can reuse all of the supplies that go into making this bow topper in a different way next year if you want a different color of ribbon for your next tree. So this is a really practical and inexpensive tree topper solution!

How to Make the Bow Tree Topper

The process for making the bow basically involves creating as many loops as you want and then securing them tightly at the bottom of your bow to hold the whole thing together.

To make your first loop, unravel about 12 inches of ribbon from your roll, and create a loop. Next, create another loop by pulling out more ribbon and creating kind of a figure 8, then pinch both loops together at their bases.

Continuing creating loops until you have the full, fluffy bow that you were hoping for. My bow has ten loops for reference. I could have gone for more, but you do want to leave a little bit of extra ribbon so that you can create matching streamers to hang down from your bow topper over the top 1/3-1/2 of your tree.

When you have all of your loops done, pinch them all tightly together at the base and wrap them tightly in floral wire or pipe cleaners.

How to Make the Streamers for Your Tree Topper

Cut three to four lengths of ribbon that are about two feet long to use as your streamers. Cut the end that will be dangling down over you tree on an angle for a nice finished look. To secure my streamers, I just wrapped the top few inches of each right around the top of my tree. Since the ribbon is wired, it holds quite well and looks tidy.

Finish the topper by resting the bow on the top few branches of your tree. Feel free to make it even more spectacular by adding in some floral picks, or by using twigs and other natural elements that you gather from outside! I gathered some phragmites from the banks of our creek and tucked it in all over our tree for something a little different. I saw phragmites used in all kinds of beautiful holiday displays when I was in Old Montreal recently so I just had to try it out for myself. 🙂

Do you create your own tree toppers or have you found a store-bought one that you absolutely love?

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DIY Tree Topper Bow, Decorate Like a Designer

Are you ready for Christmas? I sure am! I just finished decorating all my trees, All I have left to add are the tree topper bows so thought I would share with you how to add the perfect bow for the top of your Christmas tree.

Yes, you read that right, all my tress! I just love decorating for Christmas and really enjoy putting up different trees around my home. This helps everyone get what they want!

Tree topper bows are usually a beautiful statement piece for those lush, tall Christmas trees. Use this tree topper bow design and add that wow factor into your tree to really shine without going overboard.

For this tree topper bow, you’ll be making 7-inch loops to start with and gradually making them smaller.

Recipe by Kelea NewhouseDifficulty: Easy

Step up your Christmas decorating with this DIY tree topper bow tutorial. You’ll take that Christmas tree to a whole new designer level!


  • Supplies and Tools**
  • 1 – 2.5″ wired ribbon

  • 1 – 1.5″ wired ribbon

  • Cable Tie

  • EZ bow maker

  • Wire cutters

  • Scissors

  • Tinsel green stem


  • Start by measuring out 40 inches of ribbon for your tail, pull tail forward and twist it
  • Measure out 7 inches and twist, then repeat.
  • Fluff the loops out as you make them.
  • Make 5 loops at 7 inches on each side.
  • Measure out your tail 40″ and cut.
  • Now you have a tail up and a tail down and 5 loops on each side.
  • Come in now with a coordinating color ribbon
  • With this one make the tail the same exact length to match.
  • Start it opposite of the other tail to get spacing with your tails
  • Measure out 40 inches and twist and put in the center of the bow maker
  • For the coordinating ribbon color, you will only be making 4 loops
  • Measure out your loop to be 6.5 inches and twist, you should have 2 loops now
  • You should repeat this until you have 4 loops on each side.
  • Fluff your bow loops as you make them.
  • Every time you come back to the middle until you get to your last one you measure it out to the same exact length of your previous tail. Just like with the first ribbon you have one tail up and one tail down.
  • Now you grab your first ribbon pattern back and measure your tail 40 inches and twist in the middle
  • This time you are doing 3 loops with the first ribbon making 6-inch loops, making 3 on each side.
  • Be sure to keep fluffing the loops out and positioning them as you make your loops by twisting.
  • Making sure all your tails are the same length and positioning them
  • Grab your second ribbon color and measure your tail out the same length and twist
  • Make your loops 5 3/4 and making 3 loops on each side.
  • Just like with all the other tails measure this tail out 40 inches.
  • Take a tinsel green stem and a 14 inches cable tie, slid it underneath your center and pull up and connect your cable tie and pull it a little tight
  • Place your tinsel green stem you will use this to attach to your tree. Slide it into the back of the cable tie.
  • Don’t let go of the center you want to keep holding pressure
  • Start fluffing and make sure your tails are spaced out and start putting loops between loops
  • You should start seeing your tree topper filling out and looking fabulous
  • Now tighten your cable tie as tight as you can get it
  • Take wire cutters and cut the excess of your cable tie off
  • You can place a little piece of ribbon and cover the center of the mechanics of the bow. This helps it look very professional.

Recipe Video

Be sure to share with us in the comments the tree toppers you have made this Christmas Season!

how to do it yourself, step-by-step master classes with photos

Buying decorations for the Christmas tree is not a problem now. With the advent of December, tinsel, toys, ribbons and garlands are sold on every corner. But, despite this, do-it-yourself decor is much more appreciated, and helps to better feel the approach of the holiday. One of the decoration options can be ribbon bows for the Christmas tree. You can make them quickly, as they do not require special professional skills.

What you need to make your own ribbon bows for the Christmas tree

To make work enjoyable, it is necessary to prepare all materials and tools in advance. This will greatly speed up the process and make it enjoyable.

To make Christmas tree bows you will need:

  • scissors;
  • satin ribbons in various colors and widths;
  • lighter;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • fast adhesive;
  • textured material in several shades;
  • foamiran;
  • colored ribbons;
  • rhinestones;
  • beads.

Such a set of necessary materials will not require serious expenses. Therefore, the preparation can be carried out without any difficulties. And in the end you get an elegant Christmas tree that will delight throughout the holidays.

Tip! The size of the bows should correspond to the Christmas tree, they should not be made large for a small tree and vice versa.

How to make a Christmas tree ribbon bow

Jewelry can be both simple and complex. From the proposed options, you can choose the most suitable one that will decorate the Christmas tree.

Simple Christmas tree bow made of satin ribbons

This Christmas tree bow is very easy to make, so even a child can make it. The main thing is to prepare blanks from the material before work, and then such decorations can be made in 1 hour. Several dozen pieces.

For the Christmas tree bow you will need:

  • white or other colored satin ribbon;
  • gold tone garter thread;
  • sequins, beads;
  • scissors;
  • lighter;
  • sewing accessories.

Order of execution:

  1. Measure the length of the tape 55 cm, fold in half, cut off.
  2. Finish the ends with a lighter.
  3. Fold the section into a bow.
  4. Stitch the center of the thread, pull it off.
  5. Separately prepare a square with 5x5 cm ribbon.
  6. Walk around the edges with a lighter.
  7. Fold in half, sew along the edge, turn inside out.
  8. Wrap the resulting strip around the center of the bow, sew it back.
  9. Decorate with beads, sequins.
  10. Make an eyelet, sew on at the back.

Tip! To make such a Christmas tree bow, it is best to use a 5.5 cm wide satin ribbon, while its color can be red, golden or white.

How to make a Christmas tree flower bow

This version can be made from ribbons that are used to decorate gifts. They can be selected as different colors, and in one tone. For a Christmas tree bow, you need to prepare textured material, rhinestones and standard tools.


  1. Cut seven equal parts, their length depends on the size of the bow.
  2. Fold each lengthwise and cut diagonally.
  3. Finish the edges with a lighter.
  4. Thread the folded tapes on the needle in the center.
  5. Pull off the thread to make a bow.
  6. Tie in the center with a thin satin ribbon, sew it back.
  7. It remains to make a loop.

Tip! These flower bows can be attached to the Christmas tree with metal clothespins.

Ribbon bow for the top of the Christmas tree

For the Christmas tree, you also need to make a decoration for the top. In this case, a voluminous bow will do. It's harder to make, but the end result is worth it. Such a Christmas tree bow is best made from organza ribbon, as it should be light, but at the same time keep its shape.

You will need:

  • 3 wire sticks;
  • 3 long ribbons of the same or different colours;
  • scissors;
  • lighter.


  1. Take one ribbon, tie a knot in the center of the wire stick.
  2. Fold the remaining tail into three loops.
  3. Wrap the other loose end around the center of the wire stick and pull through the hole.
  4. Straighten the resulting bow, cut off excess material, work the edges with a lighter.
  5. Repeat the same with the other two types of material.
  6. At the end, fasten them together, straighten the resulting voluminous bow, fix it on the Christmas tree with a wire.

The edges do not need to be cut short, it will look better if the ends are left long

An extravagant DIY bow for the Christmas tree

This option is suitable for more experienced craftswomen who are familiar with the kanzashi technique. This decoration will look beautiful if you sew small details correctly.

To make one bow for the Christmas tree, you will need to prepare:

  • 2 pieces of blue ribbon - 9*5 cm;
  • 2 pieces blue ribbon - 8*2. 5 cm;
  • 4 pieces of blue ribbon - 0.5*6 cm;
  • 2 pieces of blue ribbon - 2.5 x 6 cm;
  • 8 squares each of blue ribbon and silver brocade - 2.5*2.5 cm;
  • 1 piece of blue ribbon - 1.2*8 cm;
  • 2 silver laces - 10 cm each;
  • 1 silver cord - 23 cm;
  • bead holder with a diameter of 2 cm;
  • 1 white, blue or light blue felt circle with a diameter of 1.5 cm;
  • blue half-bead - 0.8 cm.

Work progress:

  1. Take two strips of blue color measuring 9*5 cm, treat the sections with a lighter.
  2. Fold both parts into a loop so that the wrong side is inside. This will be the base for the bow.
  3. Press with fingers to fix the fold in the fabric.
  4. Lighter two blue pieces of ribbon - 8*2.5 cm.
  5. Also roll up and squeeze with your fingers. This will be the top layer of the bow.
  6. Take two blue strips measuring 2.5*6 cm.
  7. Put four narrow blue strips - 0. 5*6 cm on their edges.
  8. On the other side, cut in a V shape and burn.
  9. Take the prepared blue and silver squares and fold them diagonally.
  10. Then bend again to make a petal, fix with a needle and thread.
  11. Insert triangles of different colors, one inside the other.
  12. String all eight petals on a needle, pull together with thread to make a flower.
  13. In the center of it there is a holder with a half-bead.
  14. Glue the two main blue loops of the bow together in the center.
  15. Make eyelets from the top with 2 silver laces 10 cm each.
  16. Wind the blue ribbon (8*1.2 cm) around the center of the resulting bow.
  17. Glue the ponytail on the bottom.
  18. Place the flower in the center of the front side and carefully glue it.
  19. Make a loop out of the remaining long lace, fasten it at the back.
  20. Tape off loose areas with felt.

Tip! When performing this work, you should prepare all the necessary details of a certain size in advance, then making a bow for the Christmas tree will not take much time.

Festive ribbon bow for the Christmas tree

This version of the Christmas tree bow is lighter than the previous one, but also made on the basis of kanzashi technique.

For work you will need:

  • 2 pieces of white and blue ribbon each - 22*5 cm;
  • 1 piece of blue ribbon - 8*1 cm;
  • thread;
  • needle;
  • scissors;
  • lighter.


  1. Join the ends of one long piece of white tape overlapping, sew with a basting stitch.
  2. Without breaking the thread, repeat the same with another piece of the same color.
  3. Pull off the resulting bow, fix, straighten.
  4. Glue the ends of the long blue section together.
  5. Turn tape over to form corners.
  6. Sew along the center with a running stitch.
  7. Without breaking the thread, repeat the same with the other blue piece.
  8. Pull, fasten, straighten the bow.
  9. Put the blue blank on the white base, squeeze it in the middle with your fingers.
  10. In this place, tighten with the remaining thin strip of blue, sew it on the reverse side.
  11. At the end decorate the center of the bow with rhinestones.

DIY original Christmas tree bow

Making such a decoration is not difficult. This Christmas tree bow is best made from foamiran or brocade ribbon.

Work order:

  1. Print the template, cut the pieces.
  2. Transfer the pattern to the material, cut it out.
  3. Finish the edges with a lighter if necessary.
  4. Fold the parts as shown in the photo.
  5. Fix them with glue or thread.
  6. Attach a metal clip to the back.

Do-it-yourself Christmas bow for the Christmas tree from ribbons

To sew such a bow for the Christmas tree from fabric, you need to use textured material of different colors and widths. You will need three cuts: a larger one, a medium one, a smaller one, and a thin ribbon for decoration. In addition, you still need to prepare a lighter, scissors, a needle and thread.

Work progress:

  1. Take the widest section, its length should be twice the rest.
  2. Fold in three.
  3. Sew along the center with a running stitch, tighten the thread, fix.
  4. Do the same with the middle piece.
  5. Sew them together.
  6. Do the same with the smallest cut.
  7. As a result, sew all the blanks in the center, tie the joint with a ribbon.
  8. Separately cut into 10 thin strips of 2 cm.
  9. Twist their ends with scissors, sew into one bundle
  10. Fix it in the center as decoration.

How to tie a ribbon bow for a Christmas tree

Decoration can be made without the use of threads or glue. In this case, the bow can simply be tied.


  1. Take a satin ribbon - 30*2.5 cm.
  2. Fold it like a bow, while pulling the left end down through the top.
  3. Tie a knot in the center.
  4. Throw the right end over the top.
  5. Wrap it around the knot.
  6. Pass the end through the hole on the left side.
  7. Straighten the resulting decoration.

Tips for needlewomen

Experienced craftswomen know that any creative work requires certain rules. This helps to simplify the process, and will allow you not to redo the same thing several times.

Some recommendations:

  1. Sharpen scissors before use, as the tape must be cut in one motion.
  2. Do not forget to burnish the ends of the material with a lighter so that the threads do not spill out.
  3. To cut small parts, you need to make a template and fix it to the fabric with a paper clip.
  4. Small debris can be collected at the end with a sticky clothes roller.
  5. You need to start with light jewelry options, and after gaining some experience, start with complex ones.

Photo of a Christmas tree decorated with bows

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree with bows came from Europe and has not lost its relevance. Using this decorative element, you can give the New Year's talisman an unusual elegant look. But at the same time, you need to adhere to moderation and select suitable tones that will organically combine with each other.

In the photo you can see how to decorate the Christmas tree with bows and balls to make it look elegant and festive.

Golden color creates a sense of magic that always accompanies the New Year

The combination of white and red remains relevant, but it is important that the decorations are approximately the same size and do not stand out from the general background

The Christmas tree will also look beautiful when using only bright large bows and garlands easy to make. The main thing is to find time and pick up all the materials. Creative work is best done together with children. This will help you have a good time with your family and create original jewelry that cannot be found on store shelves.

Learn how to make Christmas tree bows with your own hands

It's hard to imagine a Christmas tree without decorations. Someone has balls hanging on the branches of a forest beauty, and someone has bows. They can be made from paper or ribbons. Such decoration will create a real festive atmosphere. There are several ways to tie a bow. It all depends on its purpose. After all, a bow can be attached to a ball, just hung on the paws of a spruce tree, or you can decorate the top of a tree with it. It does not require too many materials. So, how to make bows for the Christmas tree?

What you will need

To make Christmas tree bows with your own hands, you need to prepare all the tools and materials in advance. You will need:

  1. Glue.
  2. Scissors.
  3. Floral wire.
  4. Tape.

Ribbon must be chosen correctly

Before you buy a ribbon, you should decide on its texture and color. It is best to choose a material that matches the tone of the balls. As for quality, you can use the standard version - satin ribbons. Of course, for many beginners, this fabric may seem too slippery. Therefore, to make bows for a Christmas tree with your own hands, you can use a rougher material. If there is no skill in needlework at all, then you can take special tapes, along the edges of which a wire is laid. They perfectly hold their shape and do not slip.

If the ribbon is well tied into a sufficiently strong knot, then you can easily make bows for the Christmas tree with your own hands from it. It is worth noting that it is very difficult to create jewelry from some types of material without the use of threads, needles and wire.

If you wish, you can experiment a little and try to combine several types of fabric in one bow. In addition, you can use tapes of various widths. This will allow you to create more original and beautiful bows for the Christmas tree with your own hands.

The easiest way

This is the easiest way to create jewelry without using additional tools. The main thing to remember is that it takes a lot of ribbon to make one bow. After all, it does not stick, but is tied. It is on the knots that more material is spent, and not on the loops.

First you need to cut a piece of tape to the required length. It is worth making sure that this amount of material is exactly enough. Better, of course, to make a small margin. This will make it easier to tie the bow. You also need to leave beautiful ponytails.

Lay the tape on a table. Both ends of the fabric should be pulled to the center, and then put on top of each other. The result should be beautiful loops and two tails. If necessary, the details of the bow can be corrected. To make beautiful Christmas tree bows from ribbon, you need the loops to be the same size. Now you can start tying. Cross the loops of the future bow, laying on the right left. It pays to be careful and attentive. Around the right loop, you need to draw the left one and skip it into the loop that forms in the center. Now you can tighten it tight.

At the end, be sure to correct all the loops and tails in order to exclude symmetry breaking. That's all, the bow is ready!

Decoration with metal wire

You can also make Christmas tree bows from ribbon using various tools. Products, for example, with wire are ideal not only for decorating a New Year's beauty, but also for decorating a room, bouquets of flowers, wreaths and, of course, gifts.

To make such a bow, you need to cut a piece of ribbon as described in the previous method. After that, the material must be laid out on a smooth and even surface. To the center of the future bow, you should pull the ends of the ribbon, while laying them on top of each other. The fabric should be held in the center, otherwise the symmetry will be broken. Exactly in the middle you need to wrap the bow with wire. You can hide this detail with the same tape. It is enough just to wrap the middle. To do this, you can use the material of the same shade or play in contrast. This is optional. Fix the tape with glue or just sew it on.

If necessary, loops and ponytails can be adjusted. This will give the decoration a neat look. That's all. In this way, you can create multi-colored New Year's bows for the Christmas tree.

How to make a double bow

This product can be used for decorating rooms, decorating a forest beauty and gifts. Making double bows for a Christmas tree from ribbon is very simple. First of all, you should cut off a piece of material. It is worth remembering that such products require more tape. After that, fold the first pair of loops, as described in the previous method. In this case, the tape should be held. Now you can fold the second pair. If you are a beginner, you can ask someone for help.

This way you can make a very lush bow. It all depends on the number of loops. For starters, it's better to try creating a simple and a double.

When the loops are folded, cut off any excess tape. The center of the decoration should be tied with wire or sewn with a thread and a needle of the appropriate color. This will secure the loops. If a wire is used for the connection, then it is enough just to wrap it around the center. Then it can be covered with tape. The thread must first be wound around the center, and then stitched through all the layers of the fabric. At the end, be sure to tie a knot.

A piece of tape can be used to hide the attachment points. It should be fixed with glue. The result is an original bow on the Christmas tree. The master class is over. The finished decoration can be hung on a forest beauty.

Flower decoration

These bows look like one large and beautiful flower. They can also be used to decorate New Year's beauties, gifts and wreaths. The Christmas tree with bows looks amazing. The photo will convince you of this. Take the tape and cut off a piece. Measure exactly 115 centimeters. The first loop needs to be made from only 20 centimeters. Pinch this part of the bow between your fingers. After that, you need to make another same loop on the left side of the finished one. You need to hold the individual parts of the bow in the center. Now it is worth making the same loop, but on the right. That's not all. Similarly, you need to make up to five pairs of loops on each side to make a magnificent decoration. The bow needs to be fixed. To do this, wrap the wire around its center and tighten it as tight as possible. After that, you can remove all unnecessary.

To hide the wire, you can wrap the center with a piece of tape, carefully gluing it. The hinges of the decoration must be straightened. They should fluff up. As a result, the product will become like a flower.

In conclusion

Now you know how to make bows for a Christmas tree from ordinary ribbon.

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