How to make a tree topper out of ribbon

How to Make a Bow Christmas Tree Topper

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In this post I’ll show you how to make a bow Christmas tree topper! This is an easy and elegant solution that you can easily customize to match any tree decor!

Have you ever noticed that it’s really hard to find just the right topper for your Christmas tree? I don’t think I’ve ever found one that I really love and that works for me year after year, no matter what type of tree-scheme I’m doing that year. I find that store bought ones always seem just a little too cheesy, or a little too rustic, or a little too tacky. I’ve ended up using a whole bunch of berry picks from the floral section of the craft store, along with other unusual items to try to make my own, and that usually works quite well, but I picked up an extra roll of ribbon this year that I really wanted to use somewhere, so I decided to try my hand at a big, fluffy bow Christmas tree topper. It turns out that they’re pretty easy to put whip up!

This post is part of the December edition of the Thrifty Style Team project. Be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of my post to see all the other thrifty projects from other talented bloggers on the team! Wired ribbon can get pretty expensive, but it also goes on sale quite a bit around this time of year, so if you still don’t have a topper for your tree, you can make one of these quite affordably! Also keep in mind to search the after Christmas sales for clearance ribbon that you might want to use for this project next year!

Supplies Needed to Make a Bow Christmas Tree Topper

I used:

  • Wide wired ribbon. My roll was 25 feet long and I used basically all of it for this one bow.
  • Pipe cleaners (floral wire would work too of course, I just used what I had when inspiration struck, which happened to be way too many pipe cleaners. #momlife)
  • Scissors

The things that I love about this is that you can reuse all of the supplies that go into making this bow topper in a different way next year if you want a different color of ribbon for your next tree. So this is a really practical and inexpensive tree topper solution!

How to Make the Bow Tree Topper

The process for making the bow basically involves creating as many loops as you want and then securing them tightly at the bottom of your bow to hold the whole thing together.

To make your first loop, unravel about 12 inches of ribbon from your roll, and create a loop. Next, create another loop by pulling out more ribbon and creating kind of a figure 8, then pinch both loops together at their bases.

Continuing creating loops until you have the full, fluffy bow that you were hoping for. My bow has ten loops for reference. I could have gone for more, but you do want to leave a little bit of extra ribbon so that you can create matching streamers to hang down from your bow topper over the top 1/3-1/2 of your tree.

When you have all of your loops done, pinch them all tightly together at the base and wrap them tightly in floral wire or pipe cleaners.

How to Make the Streamers for Your Tree Topper

Cut three to four lengths of ribbon that are about two feet long to use as your streamers. Cut the end that will be dangling down over you tree on an angle for a nice finished look. To secure my streamers, I just wrapped the top few inches of each right around the top of my tree. Since the ribbon is wired, it holds quite well and looks tidy.

Finish the topper by resting the bow on the top few branches of your tree. Feel free to make it even more spectacular by adding in some floral picks, or by using twigs and other natural elements that you gather from outside! I gathered some phragmites from the banks of our creek and tucked it in all over our tree for something a little different. I saw phragmites used in all kinds of beautiful holiday displays when I was in Old Montreal recently so I just had to try it out for myself. 🙂

Do you create your own tree toppers or have you found a store-bought one that you absolutely love?

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DIY Tree Topper Bow, Decorate Like a Designer

Are you ready for Christmas? I sure am! I just finished decorating all my trees, All I have left to add are the tree topper bows so thought I would share with you how to add the perfect bow for the top of your Christmas tree.

Yes, you read that right, all my tress! I just love decorating for Christmas and really enjoy putting up different trees around my home. This helps everyone get what they want!

Tree topper bows are usually a beautiful statement piece for those lush, tall Christmas trees. Use this tree topper bow design and add that wow factor into your tree to really shine without going overboard.

For this tree topper bow, you’ll be making 7-inch loops to start with and gradually making them smaller.

Recipe by Kelea NewhouseDifficulty: Easy

Step up your Christmas decorating with this DIY tree topper bow tutorial. You’ll take that Christmas tree to a whole new designer level!


  • Supplies and Tools**
  • 1 – 2.5″ wired ribbon

  • 1 – 1.5″ wired ribbon

  • Cable Tie

  • EZ bow maker

  • Wire cutters

  • Scissors

  • Tinsel green stem


  • Start by measuring out 40 inches of ribbon for your tail, pull tail forward and twist it
  • Measure out 7 inches and twist, then repeat.
  • Fluff the loops out as you make them.
  • Make 5 loops at 7 inches on each side.
  • Measure out your tail 40″ and cut.
  • Now you have a tail up and a tail down and 5 loops on each side.
  • Come in now with a coordinating color ribbon
  • With this one make the tail the same exact length to match.
  • Start it opposite of the other tail to get spacing with your tails
  • Measure out 40 inches and twist and put in the center of the bow maker
  • For the coordinating ribbon color, you will only be making 4 loops
  • Measure out your loop to be 6.5 inches and twist, you should have 2 loops now
  • You should repeat this until you have 4 loops on each side.
  • Fluff your bow loops as you make them.
  • Every time you come back to the middle until you get to your last one you measure it out to the same exact length of your previous tail. Just like with the first ribbon you have one tail up and one tail down.
  • Now you grab your first ribbon pattern back and measure your tail 40 inches and twist in the middle
  • This time you are doing 3 loops with the first ribbon making 6-inch loops, making 3 on each side.
  • Be sure to keep fluffing the loops out and positioning them as you make your loops by twisting.
  • Making sure all your tails are the same length and positioning them
  • Grab your second ribbon color and measure your tail out the same length and twist
  • Make your loops 5 3/4 and making 3 loops on each side.
  • Just like with all the other tails measure this tail out 40 inches.
  • Take a tinsel green stem and a 14 inches cable tie, slid it underneath your center and pull up and connect your cable tie and pull it a little tight
  • Place your tinsel green stem you will use this to attach to your tree. Slide it into the back of the cable tie.
  • Don’t let go of the center you want to keep holding pressure
  • Start fluffing and make sure your tails are spaced out and start putting loops between loops
  • You should start seeing your tree topper filling out and looking fabulous
  • Now tighten your cable tie as tight as you can get it
  • Take wire cutters and cut the excess of your cable tie off
  • You can place a little piece of ribbon and cover the center of the mechanics of the bow. This helps it look very professional.

Recipe Video

Be sure to share with us in the comments the tree toppers you have made this Christmas Season!

Christmas tree made of ribbons using kanzashi technique, master class

Author galinarudi Reading 7 min. Views 3k. Posted on

Author: Galina hand-made

Good afternoon, friends!

I'm in a hurry to show you what kind of Christmas tree I made from ribbons. I made this Christmas tree using the “kanzashi” technique.

I'm in a hurry because the New Year holidays are almost over. And our favorite holiday has already come - "Old New Year"


I just wanted to make a Christmas tree out of satin ribbons. And it turned out a small New Year's composition: a Christmas tree, a Snowman, gifts and snow.

Due to the large number of photos, I had to divide the MK into two parts:

  1. DIY snowman.
  2. Christmas tree made of satin ribbons, gifts and snow.

I needed it for work.

  • green ribbon 2.5 cm wide - 13 m;
  • silver ribbon 2.5 cm wide - 12.40 m;
  • cardboard;
  • green paint;
  • hot melt adhesive;
  • paper tape;
  • cork;
  • decorative star.

Twigs - Christmas tree needles I decided to make from my favorite sharp double kanzashi petals. For each petal, it took me 6.5 cm of green and silver ribbons.

How to fold such petals I will not paint here. I wrote about this in detail in the MK “Tiebacks for curtains in the technique - kanzashi”.

The only difference between the petals for the Christmas tree (photo No. 1) and the petals for curtain tiebacks (photo No. 2) is that I did not cut the corners. In the photo below, these corners are shown with a dotted line.

In total, I had to make 190 of these petals.

Now it's time to make the base for the Christmas tree.

I made the basis for the Christmas tree like this:

  1. I made markings on cardboard in A-4 format, as in photo No. 1. 15 cm is the height of the Christmas tree + 2 cm for the hem inside.
  2. Cut out my drawing.
  3. I twisted the cone and glued it with paper tape.
  4. When twisting the cone, a second layer formed inside. So that it does not interfere in the future, I glued it to the main, outer layer (I hope that I wrote clearly).

5. The edge of the cone, cut into strips of 2 cm. You should get the bottom of the cone. Each strip, bending, glued to the next strip. To make it stick faster, I used a hot glue gun.

7. Cut the green satin ribbon into small strips. And then I pasted these strips, decorating the lower part of the cone with them.

8. I took a wine cork and trimmed its edges so that they were even. And I glued the cork to the center of the base of the cone. This will be the tree trunk.

Then I painted the cone green.

And I started to glue the petals to the cone. Glued one to one, but not very tightly.

But, as it turned out, the petals had to be glued a little closer to each other.

I glued each next row as in the photo below. Not in a checkerboard pattern, since the volume of the base narrows towards the top. Almost in each next row it turned out one petal less than in the previous one.

In total, I got 12 rows. For the last three layers, I had to use another green ribbon. The top of the Christmas tree turned out a little lighter than the main color.

The reason is simple. I bought 10 meters of green ribbon, but it was not enough for me. I had to go to the store and buy the same tape, but I was too lazy and decided to use the tape that I had available.

Honestly, I regret doing this. I think that a Christmas tree from a ribbon of one green tone and texture would look better. Anyway.

As a result, I got such a tree made of ribbons.

I did not decorate the Christmas tree with any beads. I think these petals themselves are quite elegant.

Just decorated the top of the Christmas tree with such a star. I made this star out of wire. And glued it to a cropped cap for beads.

The fact is that now my main hobby in hand-made is wire jewelry using the Wire Work technique. And in parallel with this work, I made earrings according to the MK of one wonderful foreign craftswoman.

I immediately added this master class to our VKontakte group. Now, whenever I find interesting needlework workshops on the Internet, I publish them in our VKontakte group.

And so! Christmas tree from ribbons is ready.

At the very beginning, I wrote that I decided to make not just a Christmas tree from ribbons, but a small New Year's composition - a Christmas tree, a snowman, gifts and snow. Such a small forest fairy tale.

The tree is ready, the snowman too. It remains to make gifts and snow and put everything together. Let's get started!

To make a New Year's composition, except for a Christmas tree and a snowman, I needed:

  • polyurethane foam (dried) - for the base;
  • ceiling tiles - for the base;
  • synthetic winterizer - basis for snow;
  • foamed polyethylene foam - for snow;
  • razor - for snow;
  • Styrofoam - for gifts;
  • paints - for gifts;
  • titanium glue;
  • toothpicks.

Base first. I needed “a piece of snow-covered forest”. In principle, how to make it many options. I used what I had available.

After foaming the door jambs, a piece of dried foam remained. She did not let her husband throw out the foam scraps and dragged a large piece of foam into the mink in time. I knew that sooner or later it would come in handy in needlework.

This piece of foam was used:

  1. Cut off the foam. This will be a bump.
  2. Glued foam onto a piece of ceiling tile.
  3. I glued a piece of synthetic winterizer on top and cut it off.
  4. Turned everything upside down. She bent the edges of the synthetic winterizer and glued them to the ceiling tiles.

It remained to solve the question of how to make artificial snow from improvised materials? After searching the Internet for information, I found the article “Snow in Scrap”. The author of the article, Svetlana, gave great advice on how to make snow from foamed polyethylene foam.

It seems to me that this is the best way to make artificial snow from scrap materials. Thank you Svetlana and special thanks to your husband!

Here is a link to the article: (copy the link and paste it into your browser's search bar).

The essence of this method is simple: shave the foamed polyethylene foam. And it turns out very believable snow. Below in the final photos you can see that this snow is very similar to the real one.

Having prepared the amount of snow I needed, I glued it to the base. To do this, I applied a thick layer of Titan glue to the synthetic winterizer. And from above, snow was sprinkled on the glue and slightly pressed down.

Having sprinkled the entire base with snow, I set up a Christmas tree. To do this, I inserted three toothpicks into the cork of the Christmas tree, and then pierced the base with them. In the gap between the cork and the snow, I added more glue and pressed the cork to the base.

Separately, I want to say that when assembling the New Year's composition, I had to give up my favorite hot melt adhesive. Since this glue is hot, and the basis of the composition is all synthetic and warps and melts from temperature.

It remains only to make beautifully “wrapped gifts” under the Christmas tree.

To do this, I cut foam plastic cubes with a sharp knife.

I painted the styrofoam cubes in different colors. And tied the ribbons in the likeness of a festive package.

I pierced the “gifts” with toothpicks and stuck them in the snow, just like the Christmas tree.

Finally, the New Year's composition is ready!

These are what I got - a Christmas tree made of ribbons, a snowman made of cotton pads, gifts and snow!

Photographed the work on real snow. See how homemade snow outwardly differs little from the real one.

Now, this snowman by the Christmas tree will decorate our New Year holidays.

And if you put white tinsel around the New Year's composition, it will be even more interesting.

This is the New Year's fairy tale I got.

Friends, if my master class was useful to you, share it with your friends!

Click on the social media buttons!

DIY Christmas tree from ribbons, photos, ideas, master class

Author Olga Reading 3 min Views 2. 5k. Updated


  1. Tapered Christmas tree made of ribbons
  2. Ribbons on the plane
  3. Mini-Christmas tree
  4. Master class: Christmas tree made of ribbons and beads

Recently, it has become very fashionable to use the shape of a Christmas tree when creating New Year's masterpieces with your own hands. holiday. What materials are Christmas trees made of? Christmas trees made of fabric are already considered traditional. An interesting technique is their creation not from a whole piece of matter, but from ribbons: silk, nylon, lace. In some cases, paper tapes are used, they hold their shape well.

Ribbon Christmas tree

You can make a cardboard cone and cover it with ribbons. It is convenient to attach them to a foam cone with sewing pins.

It is better to take silk ribbons for the Christmas tree, they look very elegant, are opaque and are sold in various widths. If necessary, they can be cut from fabric.

When combined with lace ribbons, you get a vintage Christmas tree with your own hands.

The design of the Christmas tree-cone can be divided into 2 ways:

  • Winding: row or spiral. Large fragments of tapes are used, but their total consumption is usually not large, since they lie tightly on the surface of the cone or with a slight gathering.

  • Attaching many small parts of the same shape to a cone. It is the diversity in form that determines the style of the Christmas tree. You can attach multi-colored simple loops, as if taken from the remnants of ribbons. Or you can make complex petals and roses with your own hands and attach them to the base of the Christmas tree with pearl pins.

Flat Ribbon

It's a good idea to use easy-to-make ribbon Christmas trees - Christmas trees on cards and gift boxes. You can wind the ribbon around a triangle of cardboard or fabric, you can fix the ribbon zigzag on a flat surface with pins or glue. The silk or metallic sheen of the ribbon makes the packaging elegant and stylish. In addition, the triangle from it puts everyone's favorite Christmas accent on a gift or postcard.

Gathered ribbons can be used to sew a Christmas tree on the wall. It is very convenient if in a small room it is difficult to allocate a corner for installing an ordinary Christmas tree. A wall-mounted Christmas tree made from ribbons with your own hands does not look as flat as others. Ruffles, layering and satin sheen create an effect of volume and splendor.

Mini Christmas tree

The tiniest DIY Christmas trees are most conveniently made from narrow ribbons. They are decorated with hairpins, bookmarks, mini-postcards, business cards. It is in such lovely details - perfection.

Master class: herringbone from ribbons and beads

Another very simple version of the Christmas tree decor. Even a child can cope with such work in a matter of minutes, so I recommend that you stock up on a large number of various ribbons and beads, these consumables for needlework are not at all expensive.

Learn more