How to make a wedding wish tree

Wish for a Better Guest Book

by Denise Martinez, Director of Feature Sales and former Event Coordinator | Images by Sherman Chu

Tired of the traditional guest books? Mix it up with a Wedding Wish Tree!

The Wish Tree is a Dutch wedding custom where guests write their well wishes to the couple on a piece of paper, either shaped like a leaf or made of cardstock, and then hang it on the tree. This creates a spectacular wedding centerpiece—especially when the tree is placed at the entrance to the reception to WOW guests right when they walk in.

I helped assemble a Wish Tree when I worked with Maxine Andrew of Instead of You at a beautiful Bently Reserve wedding.

→ Now, I'm going to show you exactly how it's done—so grab your bridesmaids and get to DIY-ing!

Helpful hint: give yourself plenty of time to assemble the Wish Tree. It must be done on site and can’t be moved once it’s assembled. The one in these photos took about two hours to complete, from wrapping the crystal garland inside each hurricane glass to laying out the wish cards for the guests to hang. Yes it takes a while, but the wow factor is huge.

By purchasing the materials to make your own Wish Tree, you’ll be able to assemble it again for other types of parties such as baby showers, birthdays, graduations, etc. After each event, you can create a scrapbook with the wish cards. Think of it as the Wish Tree that keeps on giving.

Here's what you need to recreate the tree shown in the picture:

  • Manzanita Branches: You can spray-paint them gold or silver, or you can leave them the way nature intended. Look for ones with nice, thick trunks and lots of upward-reaching branches.
  • Crystal Garlands for use on the tree and in the vases
  • 2 Large Glass Hurricanes or Floral Vases
  • Ornament Hooks
  • 2 or More Pens for guests to write with
  • 2 Large Serving Trays which may be used to display the wish cards before the guests hang them on the tree
  • 1–2 Frames: The frames are placed between the hurricanes on either side of the table. Inside each frame, place cardstock with wording that instructs guests to write their well wishes to the couple on a card, and then hang it on the tree.

Wish Tree Notes: To keep it simple, you could have your invitation vendor create the notes in the same style and cardstock as your wedding stationery. Or, simply choose cardstock in any shape or color you want! Just make sure there's enough surface space on the card for the guest to write a heartfelt message.

Useful tip: Get 15–20 notes more than your total guest count. You can take the cards to Kinko’s and have them drill a hole in each one, or simply hole-punch the top of each card yourself.

Most of these materials can be found at Crate & Barrel and Target. You can pick them up while you're registering for your wedding gifts!

Here's how to build your Wish Tree:

1 } Prep The Hurricane Glasses

Wrap the inside of the large hurricanes with the crystal garland in a circular direction so that you get a good base in which to place the manzanita branches.

2 } Placement Is Everything

Place the two hurricanes about a foot apart from each other on the table on which the wish tree will be displayed. To get the most sparkle out of your tree, put it near a great light source or add a few votive candles around it. Arrange the manzanita branches in the center of each hurricane.

3 } Bedazzle The Branches

Take the remaining crystal garlands and drape them throughout the branches. This could take some time and you might need to make adjustments. You don't want to have any huge holes.

4 } Hook It Up

Place an ornament hook on each wish card and display them on the table. You can use the serving platter to lay them out (like in the picture) or you can just spread them on the table itself. (This step was the most time consuming for me.)

5 } Make It Frame-worthy

Frame cardstock with simple instructions on it and place the frame(s) in the center of the two hurricanes. If you want your guests to be able to sign on either side of the table, put the two frames back-to-back.

6 } Let The Well-Wishing Begin!

Place the pens on either side of the serving platter(s) and enjoy the sweet sentiments coming your way.

You’re done! You now have a show-stopping place for guests to express their good wishes.


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diy wedding wishing tree — Favored by Yodit Events & Design Blog — DC Wedding Planner

Carol Johnson

Blog, DIY

Carol Johnson

Blog, DIY

Are you looking for a small way to make your wedding stand out? Instead of a tradional guestbook, try a Wishing Tree. With origins in Holland, guests write their well wishes for the couple on small pieces of paper and hang them on a tree with string or hooks. The tree can be customized to fit any theme and color to blend in with the rest of the reception space. You can order an already made wishing tree from several sites or you can save a few dollars and make it yourself! Check out the step by step instructions below.

You Will Need:

  • Bare tree branches (e.g., manzanita, mitsumata, etc. – about 3 to 4 feet in height) – look in your backyard for some tree branches, too! You can use one large branch or several smaller ones.
  • Tree planter (vase, box, or pot large enough to hold the branche(s) and goes with your wedding theme)
  • Craft cement. If you are using a glass vase, then you can use clear or colored marbles/rocks as the anchor.
  • Floral Foam (for stuffing the tree planter. Foam not needed for glass vases).
  • Blank business-sized note cards
  • Thin ribbon - for haning the note cards
  • A nice tray to hold the blank wish cards AND pens
  • Fresh flowers - 1-2 bunches of flowers for flower bed covering (depending on type of flower you are using).
  • Clear fish wire or glue gun (optional) – if you want to attach a few flowers to some of the branches.
  • Colored cardstock (in your color theme) and glue stick (optional) – to make a Wish Tree instructions sign.


  1. Place branch(es) in planter or vase.
  2. If you are using clear vase, then fill the vase with heavy rocks, marbles, etc. Make sure the branches are stable. You can lean the branches diagonaly on each side of the vase for better stability.
  3. If you are using a solid planter, fill a quarter of the base with cement to set the branch in it’s position. fill the rest of the planter with floral foam, leaving about 1-2 inches of space from the top of the planter.
  4. Fill the planter with water to ensure floral foam soaks up the water. Do NOT fill water all the way to the top of the planter, as you will spill the water when you transport it.
  5. Cut your fresh flowers down (at an angle) leaving about 2 inches stem.
  6. Stick your flowers into floral foam, covering the entire base to make the flower bed.
  7. TIP: Water your foam everyday to ensure foam has water to feed your flowers!
  8. Cut colored paper into business size cards and punch hole on left side.
  9. Cut ribbon about 14″ long and tie around punched hole. You can tie the loose ends together or have your guests do it when they hang their card.
  10. Optional – If you would like to add flowers to branches, cut flower down to it’s base and simply glue or tie single flowers onto branch with glue gun or fishing wire. Do this as last as possible, because your flowers on the branch will not have any water source and may wilt by the end of the day, depending on the type of flower you use!
  11. Optional - To make your Wish Tree instructions sign, print out the following message (you can change wording if you’d like) on your cardstock and glue onto another cardstock of your theme colors.


 Wish Tree

Please use the provided tags to leave a note for Bride name & Groom name.

 Then hang your note on the tree!

 Need some inspirations?

- Words of wishes

- Marriage advise

- Memories of your wedding

- Draw a picture

 Have FUN and don’t forget to sign your name!!!

Send us some pictures of your wedding wishing tree! We would love to see them!






Carol Johnson

Blog, DIY

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DIY wedding wish tree


  • How to make a wedding wish tree with your own hands?
  • paper wish tree
  • What materials will be needed
  • Stages of creation
  • Paper tree templates
  • Wire tree?
  • Necessary materials
  • Stages of creation
  • tree from living branches
  • Necessary materials
  • Stages of creation
  • Tree pictures

The process of preparing for the wedding is accompanied by a search for memorable gifts for the newlyweds. How you will choose a surprise for the bride and groom depends on your imagination. It’s a great idea to make a souvenir with your own hands, because it’s nice to receive such a surprise. The tree of wishes is considered an original gift for the wedding: it serves to ensure that all guests can leave their wishes to the culprits of the wedding. A do-it-yourself wish tree for a wedding is easy. How to make this souvenir yourself?

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How to make a wedding wish tree with your own hands?

To create your own souvenir for the newlyweds for the wedding, you need to stock up on materials at hand and turn on your imagination. Think over all the details of your craft, consider several possible options for souvenirs, and only then proceed to create it. There are several varieties of this gift: paper, wire, created using living branches. Consider how to create each variety, as well as the necessary materials.

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Paper wish tree

Paper souvenir - the best option for a wedding. It can easily fit on the banquet table, where all guests can leave their wishes to the newlyweds. In addition, to make this priceless gift, you do not need to make a lot of effort.

What materials will be needed

To make a paper craft, you need to purchase high quality paper, as well as a frame where the template will later be inserted. The frame size depends on the paper size. Also in the future you will need bright plug-in pads, a pen and napkins. It is worth saying that now ready-made templates of this paper souvenir are available for sale.

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Stages of creation

Follow the step by step instructions to make a wonderful paper product:

  1. Draw a trunk and branches, let the plant symbolize the newlyweds who create a young family. Sketching is preferably done with a black pencil or felt-tip pen. In addition, you can buy or print your favorite plant templates.
  2. Insert the template into the frame. It would be nice to decorate the finished craft with beads, artificial flowers, ribbons - this will make it original.
  3. During the celebration, guests take turns writing their wishes on a branch, after which they leave a fingerprint using ink pads. Don't forget to put napkins nearby, with which guests can wipe off paint residue from their fingers.

If you are having difficulty creating a paper tree, watch the video tutorial, which describes step-by-step instructions for creating a wish tree with your own hands:

To make this solemn moment memorable for the newlyweds for a lifetime, take a photo or video during the process of leaving wishes from guests. Viewing wedding photos and videos is a great way to refresh the experience.

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Paper tree templates

The template is the basis of the craft. As mentioned above, you can draw templates yourself or print ready-made ones. If you're not good at drawing or don't have time to create a template by hand, use the templates below. Decorate black and white templates, decorate them with stylish decor elements - and you will get an unusual craft!

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Wire tree?

This option is as simple as the paper version. To create it, you need a minimum of materials that can be found in every home. In addition, the process of creating a product does not take much time.

Required materials

To make such a tree, you will need a small glass or vase, where the structure of the tree will be placed later. The composition is created using a bundle of thin golden fishing line and pieces of wire. Also get corrugated cardboard, double-sided tape, artificial glass flowers or birds to decorate. Additional materials are scissors, rice, a stapler, colored paper - all of which will help you bring your idea to life.

Stages of creation

Step-by-step instructions to help you make your own wedding wire craft:

  1. Fill a vase or glass with rice. Wrap the container with a rectangular piece of corrugated cardboard, secure it with tape or a stapler.
  2. Next, create leaves where those present at the wedding will write their wishes. Cut out cardboard and paper hearts, the number of which should equal the number of guests at the wedding.
  3. Attach cardboard and paper hearts together with glue. In the upper part of the heart, make a small hole where you need to thread a piece of wire. Thanks to her, the heart will be attached to the tree structure.
  4. Attach decorative ornaments - birds or flowers - to long pieces of wire. They should be attached to the wire with adhesive tape or glue.
  5. Insert a bundle of golden fishing line into the vase, which will serve as the basis and decoration of the composition. Next, insert the wire with decorations at the end. Hearts for wishes must be hung on a fishing line or on a wire.

As you can see, a do-it-yourself wire wish tree for a wedding is easy to do, you need to acquire the necessary materials and be patient.

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Tree from living branches

An original and special souvenir, created with the help of living branches, will complement the solemn wedding ceremony and surprise guests. The fashion for such a tree came to us relatively recently. More and more newlyweds prefer to decorate their wedding with this craft, which is made from natural materials. To create it, you will need improvised materials that you can purchase at any stationery store. Let's take a closer look at what you need to buy for a wish tree.

Required materials

The main element you need is a few live branches. Their length should be approximately 1 m. Clear them of hard growths of the bark, if any. To paint the branches, buy a regular spray with gold or silver paint. You will also need a vase, decorative pebbles, sheets of thick colored paper, ribbons, a hole punch.

Stages of creation

Let's consider how to make a tree of wishes from branches with your own hands for a wedding. Follow the detailed step by step instructions:

  1. Spray the cleaned branches and leave to dry.
  2. Fill a vase with decorative stones. Insert dried branches into it. Make sure they are stable in the vase.
  3. Cut out paper hearts or cards for guests to write wishes to the newlyweds.
  4. Use a hole punch to make holes in the leaves. Pass the pieces of ribbon through them and tie.
  5. Hang wish sheets.

It is advisable to make a sign next to the wish tree. Do not forget to put pens or felt-tip pens next to the vase so that guests can leave wishes.

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Pictures of trees

To make the craft beautiful, look at the pictures of finished souvenirs. In addition, pictures will be a source of fresh, original ideas if you are not able to come up with the design of the wish tree on your own.

Souvenir tree will leave joyful memories of the wedding. Reviewing the cards with the wishes of the guests, the bride and groom will be charged with positive energy for further actions and making their dreams come true.

Have you already created such a tree yourself? Leave a few words about your experience in the comments to the article!

Wedding wish tree: the best ideas and templates

On the wedding day, sincere congratulations and kind words never cease to be addressed to the newlyweds. But no matter how hard the bride and groom try to remember everything that their relatives and friends wished for them, over time it will be forgotten. The team of the wedding portal knows a great way to keep all holiday greetings for many years to come. The wedding tree of wishes will help the newlyweds with this.

What is a wish tree?

The wish tree can be made from different materials and decorated in a wide variety of styles and colors. Its main function at the wedding is to replace the wish book. In addition, it will be a wonderful decoration of the wedding hall.

Throughout the entire wedding celebration, guests will be able to approach the wish tree and write down everything they would like to say to the bride and groom. So their words will be preserved for a long time, and the newlyweds will be able to re-read them more than once and remember the wonderful wedding day.

After the celebration is over, the bride and groom can take the tree of wishes home. It will certainly add comfort to the family nest of the newly-married spouses and will become one of the first family heirlooms.

Wish tree: buy or do it yourself?

Wish tree can be printed on paper, woven from wire, made from decorative branches or cut from a sheet of plywood - there are many ideas for creating such an accessory.

Creative people can make their own wedding wish tree. This is a great way to show your imagination and creativity by bringing your idea to life and creating a unique wedding wish tree that will be much more original than a purchased product made according to a standard template.

How to make a wish tree: templates and ideas

Creating wedding accessories is a great pastime for the bride and groom. Making a tree will unite the lovers even more, and also help to distract from the hassle and worries associated with wedding preparations.

Paper wedding wish tree

To create a wedding tree of wishes, you need to draw a tree template without leaves on a large sheet of high-quality white paper or cardboard (as in the photo below).

Ideas such as:

can be used as leaves
  1. Colored paper leaves. The most common variant is heart-shaped leaves. But no one limits the newlyweds in fantasy. It can be flowers, butterflies, stars, fruits or petals of the usual form. It all depends on the preferences of the bride and groom. Guests leave wishes on the petals, and then stick them on the tree themselves.
  2. Fingerprints . To do this, you will need finger paints or ink pads. Guests will be able to leave their fingerprints instead of leaves, and write wishes next to them. Later, the tree can be placed in a frame under glass.

This original accessory will be an excellent replacement for a wedding wish book. And then it will take its rightful place in the interior of the house of the newly-married spouses.

Wire wedding wish tree

A wedding wish tree can be made from strong wire. For petals with wishes, thin colored cardboard is perfect. Do not forget about the ribbon or wire with which the leaves will be attached to the tree.

In addition to leaves, the tree can be decorated with beads, beads, ribbons, decorative butterflies or birds. It is very important that the tree is firmly fixed in the pallet and does not fall when the guests hang leaflets with wishes on it.

Wedding tree from decorative branches

An amazing idea for a wedding decor - a composition of branches. Branches to create a tree can be found in a craft store or cut in your own garden. The main thing is that they are strong enough and make up a harmonious composition that resembles a real tree. Tree branches can be painted with paint and decorated with various decorative elements to match the style and color of the wedding. Having installed the tree in a suitable container, you should fill it with beautiful stones or colored sand, making the composition more stable.

As in the case of the wire tree, you need to prepare the cardboard leaves with a ribbon threaded through them in advance so that the guests at the wedding can easily place their wishes on the branches.

What should be considered when creating a wedding tree?

When choosing and making a wish tree, the portal recommends paying attention to the following nuances:

  • Material quality . In order to keep the wish tree as long as possible, it must be made of quality materials.
  • Convenience. Consider in advance how guests will write and attach wishes, for example, you may need small strings or miniature clothespins.
  • Style and colors . The wedding tree should fit into the theme and palette of the wedding, but do not forget how it will look later in the interior of the newlyweds' house.
  • Number of guests . Think in advance whether all the wishes will fit on the tree. It is necessary to choose such a tree template so that all guests can leave their wishes on it at the wedding.
  • Writing utensils . It is worth considering in advance how guests will write wishes. Selected markers or pens should be permanent and should match the color of the wishlist.

Wish tree is a great way to capture the positive energy of your wedding day and keep it for a long time. Later, a married couple will be able to re-read the wishes of the guests more than once and cheer themselves up with cheerful, touching and sweet words written by their close and dear people.

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