How to make a wine cork christmas tree

DIY Wine Cork Christmas Tree

By Kristin Mansky on December 21st, 2014

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Combine your love for wine and the holidays with this festive DIY wine cork Christmas tree.   

The holiday season is well underway and with all the celebrating that takes place this time of the year it always seems to lead to an excess of leftover wine corks from all the fun. If you’re like me and are looking for a fun DIY project that will put those extra corks you’ve been saving to good use then this festive creation is just for you! This simple, fun and decorative DIY wine cork Christmas tree requires just a touch of crafting skills, but a whole lot of holiday spirit.  

How to Create a Wine Cork Christmas Tree


  • ~ 150+ wine corks  
  • 2 paper mâché open bottom cones in varying sizes: 
    •     10.63”x 4”  
    •     13.75” x 5"  
  • Hot glue gun + extra glue sticks  
  • Battery operated string lights  
  • Holiday thin ribbon  
  • Bow tree topper  


1. Start with the largest cone. Start hot gluing corks to the cone in a symmetrical vertical pattern with a little bit of space between each cork. Be sure to not let any of the corks extend past the bottom, as this will be the base of your wine cork Christmas tree.  

2. Next, do the same thing with the medium size cone. Here you don’t have to worry about corks extending past the bottom edge as this will overhang on top of the larger base cone.   

3. Place the medium size cone on top of the larger cone and apply hot glue to secure. This should create a two-tier Christmas tree shape.   

4.  Before you place a second layer of corks on, start to weave the battery-operated lights into and around the spaces between the corks. Start from the bottom where you will place the battery pack to be hidden underneath and work your way up.   

5. Add another layer of corks using hot glue but be sure to not cover up too much of the string lights. Depending on your style, you can start to place corks in random directions or keep a symmetrical look. Start to create a peak at the top where you will add a single cork standing vertical. Depending on how you’d like your tree to look, you can continue to add additional layers at the bottom of the tree to give it a “fuller” look. The cork tree we did here has about 4-5 layers of cork along the bottom rows and narrows as you go up.   

Attach a tree topper of choosing. We used a decorative holiday bow and secured it with the wire provided, but you could easily hot glue it.  

6. Lastly, using the thin holiday ribbon, wrap a decorative element around the cork tree starting at the bottom. Secure with hot glue occasionally as you wrap towards the top.  

7. Turn on the lights and marvel at your wine cork Christmas tree creation!  

I’ve realized over the years that most of my favorite holiday decor is often times a handcrafted creation. This DIY wine cork Christmas tree makes for a festive centerpiece for your holiday dinner table. To recreate your own, grab all your used and leftover corks from your favorite wines, pop open a fresh bottle of my favorite Kendall-Jackson Grand Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, kick up the holiday tunes and get to work! Depending on how large you want to create your wine cork tree, this project should take anywhere from 1-2 hours. Enjoy these few hours of crafting and treasure the joy of the holiday season. 

Love this Christmas DIY? Share it with your friends or PIN the image below to save for later!   

Written by Kristin Mansky of Modish & Main  

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DIY Wine Cork Christmas Trees Craft

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Wine cork Christmas trees are fun to make for decorations or to give as gifts. It’s another craft idea to upcycle wine corks. 

There are so many creative projects one can create with wine corks. If you’re not a big wine drinker, you can still get in on the fun by purchasing corks from eBay.

Once again, if you do drink wine and don’t want to craft, know that you can sell corks on eBay, as well. For this craft, you want natural corks only.


Click to get $22 off. That's 4 bottles for $39! Shipping is included.

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A cork Christmas tree makes a great homemade gift idea.

Bring one as a hostess gift, neighbor present, or anyone you know that might appreciate a unique Christmas-y decoration.

Get creative and decorate your little “tree” however you want. Maybe add some tinsel or glitter for a little sparkle.

Materials needed for a cork tree

  • Natural Corks
  • Styrofoam Cone – mine measured 7″ tall, and the bottom diameter is 3″
  • Brown Paper Shopping Bag
  • Wax Paper
  • Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun
  • Pom Poms
  • Wood Star
  • Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint

Wine Cork Tree Directions:

  1. Unwrap/open the brown paper grocery bag. Set onto a flat surface.
  2. Lay your foam cone onto the paper bag and wrap it around the cone. Trim the bag to cover just the foam. Use hot glue to affix the bag to the cone. Fold the ends in for the top and bottom and secure with hot glue.
  3. Place wax paper onto a flat surface. Place your cone onto the wax paper. Begin to apply the corks to the cone. Apply a strip of hot glue to the side of a cork and place it onto the cone at the bottom. Repeat all the way around the cone. Keep the cone on a flat surface, so the base remains flat and solid.
  4. Continue to add corks, angling them as you move from the bottom to the top of the cone and affix with hot glue. When finished, fill some of the larger gaps with pom poms. Attach with hot glue.
  5. Paint a wood star with gold metallic paint. Let dry completely and attach to the top of the tree with hot glue.
  6. Display in your home or give as a homemade Christmas gift.

Prep Time 10 minutes

Active Time 30 minutes

Total Time 40 minutes

Difficulty Moderate


  • Natural Corks
  • Styrofoam Cone – mine measured 7″ tall, and the bottom diameter is 3″
  • Brown Paper Shopping Bag
  • Wax Paper
  • Pom Poms
  • Wood Star
  • Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint


  • Hot Glue & Hot Glue Gun


  1. Unwrap/open the brown paper grocery bag. Set onto a flat surface.
  2. Lay your foam cone onto the paper bag and wrap it around the cone. Trim the bag to cover just the foam. Use hot glue to affix the bag to the cone. Fold the ends in for the top and bottom and secure with hot glue.
  3. Place wax paper onto a flat surface. Place your cone onto the wax paper. Begin to apply the corks to the cone. Apply a strip of hot glue to the side of a cork and place it onto the cone at the bottom. Repeat all the way around the cone. Keep the cone on a flat surface, so the base remains flat and solid.
  4. Continue to add corks, angling them as you move from the bottom to the top of the cone and affix with hot glue. When finished, fill some of the larger gaps with pom poms. Attach with hot glue.
  5. Paint a wood star with gold metallic paint. Let dry completely and attach to the top of the tree with hot glue.
  6. Display in your home or give as a homemade Christmas gift.

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  • Dual Temp Mini Hot Glue Gun 

  • Wood Cutout Stars

  • Assorted Pom Poms

More crafts to make

  • Christmas tree alcohol ink tiles
  • Turn baby food jars into storage containers
  • Wine cork kitchen utensil holder

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Who do you know that would like wine cork Christmas trees as a gift? 

DIY wine cork crafts

DIY wine cork crafts

October 14, 2021 | Categories: Topic news, Holidays, Miscellaneous, DIY | Tags: diy, handmade, cork wreath, video, video master class, Santa Claus from wine corks, Santa Claus from corks, Santa Claus with his own hands, Christmas tree from corks, Christmas tree from wine corks, master class, Christmas crafts, New Year's crafts from wine corks, New Year's cork wreath, deer from corks, deer from wine corks, crafts from wine corks, cork crafts, do-it-yourself cork crafts, do-it-yourself crafts for the new year from corks, corks New Year, Christmas cork wreath, DIY, photo

New Year holidays are approaching, which are impossible without a magnificent feast. And that means there will be a lot of champagne and of course wine. The news portal "" is in a hurry to warn you - Do not throw away wine corks! After all, it is wine corks that can be an excellent improvised material for creating New Year's crafts for the next New Year: Christmas decorations from wine corks, Christmas wreaths, souvenirs and interior items. You can do all this and much more with your own hands from the most ordinary wine corks that will remain with you after the holiday.

And if you don't drink wine, but you really want to make something beautiful and unusual, you can buy wine corks. Of course, they are not very cheap, but in general, the purchase will be affordable.

Well, now let's see what you can do with your own hands from wine corks.

Wine Cork Crafts

Christmas Wine Cork Crafts

Cork reindeer

Wine cork reindeer

Let's start our review with a funny Christmas reindeer. To make such a craft, you will need not one wine cork, but at least 2.

In order to make a Christmas deer from two wine corks, you will also need strong branches that will be the legs, tail, neck and horns of the deer. Decorate the finished craft with a decorative thin ribbon or tourniquet.

Christmas reindeer can be made from more wine corks. In this craft, the horns and tail of the deer will be made of decorative brown fluffy wire. All parts are attached to each other with a hot glue gun.

The finished craft can become a decoration for a bottle of champagne, a New Year's toy or a souvenir.

Santa Claus made of corks

Santa Claus made of wine corks

A very bright and beautiful wine cork craft is Santa Claus.

For making you will need: a wine cork, a chocolate cone-shaped candy, a red bead, threads, acrylic paints, cotton wool and glue.

Half of the wine cork must be painted red. Attach a candy to the top of the wine cork, in our case it is a cone-shaped candy in red foil.

You can make Santas and other colors. For example, a bright green New Year's character will look great.

Now draw the details: eyes, nose (a nose can also be made from a bead).

Glue a small cotton ball to the top of the candy.

Glue the threads cut into thin pieces in the area of ​​​​the headdress, as well as the beard and mustache.

These funny crafts will be a wonderful Christmas tree decoration or a great souvenir.

Cork wreath

New Year's cork wreath

Christmas cork wreath

If you have accumulated a large number of wine corks, you can make a very beautiful and durable decoration - a Christmas (New Year) wreath.

You can use a wooden circle or even cardboard as a wreath base, because corks are very light.

Glue the wine corks to the base, alternating with Christmas decorations and other decorations.

from traffic jams

Tree of plugs from wine

What kind of new year without a Christmas tree? You can make miniature New Year's beauties from wine corks.

Glue wine corks together to form a Christmas tree shape. And then decorate the finished Christmas tree with ribbon and painting with acrylic paints.

The simplest option would be to stick a spruce branch into each wine cork and place a miniature spruce forest on the windowsill. Powder the composition with foam balls or artificial snow.

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How to make a Christmas tree out of wine corks. Original crafts from wine corks - photos and ideas for needlework. Wine corks - from rug to finish

Where to put wine corks? In new masterpieces for interior decoration!

Wine corks are the most valuable material for making decor and useful gizmos for home and garden. From these seemingly useless waste, you can create anything - from useless miniature souvenirs to full-fledged furniture. Inspired by the ideas, most likely you will want to build crafts from wine corks with your own hands, and then one question will arise - where to get the corks? It is unlikely that you will be able to accumulate them on your own; you will have to find friends working in cafes and restaurants.

Useful little things for the home

Wooden cork is made from a unique cork tree - it is not afraid of moisture, resistant to mold and decay. Crafts from corks will serve for a long time, wherever you find a use for them - in the living room, in the kitchen, on the balcony, in the bathroom, in the country yard or in the garden. Additional processing of the cork tree is not required, but if desired, it can be varnished or painted in the desired shade.

If there are very few corks, then pre-cut the existing raw material into circles of the same width. From such circles you get an original stand for a hot cup or plate. The elements can be glued together tightly to each other, fastened with a stapler or stitched in a checkerboard pattern with a fishing line. In the first case, a solid product will be obtained, and in the second, a flexible stand.

The thickness of the stand is easy to vary, but if you lay the corks horizontally, you get a completely different masterpiece. Such crafts from champagne corks with your own hands can be made not only for yourself, but also as a gift.

Using a wooden board as a base, it is easy to make a handy holder for keys or jewelry. Attaching plugs is simple with screws. To maintain a single style, it is recommended to glue the board with cork wallpaper.

A little more imagination and unnecessary wine corks turn into stylish candlesticks for decorating candles, photo frames, and bread baskets.

Bath mat or curtain - fashionable creativity

To make this practical craft from wine corks with your own hands, both whole parts and halves are suitable. The mat can be solid or with holes. Corks are connected with a fishing line or glued to a rubber base. It all depends on the number of parts and your own preferences.

Wine cork curtains look spectacular in any interior, and if you do not want to decorate your apartment with them, hang them on the balcony or in the country house. To make this is as easy as shelling pears - the design is assembled on a fishing line, like ordinary beads, or with the help of metal fasteners.

If ​​there is nothing to do - funny souvenirs

Looking at funny photos of cork crafts, it's impossible not to smile. Such trinkets are easy to make on a free evening or weekend. The main thing is that fun crafts do not need a lot of details, and some masterpieces generally consist of one element, which is easy to get after a romantic evening.

If you enjoy making crafts out of wine corks, maybe you can come up with something of your own, such as a luxurious chandelier or floor lamp, an eco-friendly necklace or a coffee table in bed.

We wish you creative exploits and good mood! Check out our tutorials to get inspired to get creative.

One of the interesting and demanded materials for creativity is ordinary corks from different bottles.

The main material will be corks:

  • Wine, champagne.
  • Plastic.
  • Iron.

The advantage of this material is that it is available to everyone and costs absolutely nothing. On the network you can find a lot of photos of crafts from traffic jams, make a variety of things.

Plastic Cork Crafts

Plastic bottle caps are usually thrown into the trash. But, having collected a large number of them, you can make a lot of items, from the simplest fridge magnets to large paintings and carpets.


You will need a magnet, glue, felt-tip pens, cork. First you need to degrease the cork, glue a magnet in the middle. From the outside we draw funny emoticons. Using threads, you can attach a hairstyle to the smiley face.

They can also be made in the form of cherries, two red corks are used, we make leaves from wire. Very fast and not difficult.


Mosaics and paintings require more plastic stoppers. You can depict anything, you just need to glue the corks together. Whole carpets are collected in the same way.

Garden path

Many people decorate their house, yard and garden with corks. One of the options for faking from traffic jams for the garden is a path. You will need a large number of multi-colored corks, they are laid on cement. These tracks look very impressive.

But we must remember that in winter they become very slippery. The chairs, made of a metal frame and decorated with plastic corks, will stand on the street all summer.

Wine cork crafts

Wine corks can be crafted:

  • Pictures and letters 3 D.
  • Cabinet handle.
  • Chandelier.
  • Photo frame.
  • Animals.
  • Hangers.

Photo frame

The frame is very easy to make, minimal plugs are required. Take the base from an old photo. Cut the corks in half, grease the frame with glue and glue the corks. A stylish and interesting photo frame is ready.


Large phrases or initials can be made. Corks can be folded as you like; whole, alternate with cut ones, you just need to stick it on a previously cut blank. This is an exclusive home decor.


The wine cork chandelier will always take center stage. It is easy to make, you only need a fan grill, a rope and a light bulb holder. Screw the cartridge into the fan mesh, use a rope to make pendants from corks. You can attach them in several levels, each longer than the previous one, but with fewer traffic jams.

Champagne cork crafts

You can make decorative items, such as fake wine corks, such as furniture items.


One of the unusual, but quite common ways to use corks in the interior is to design or decorate objects.

You can create chairs, tables, baskets, you just need to fasten the corks together. The only negative is that you need to collect a lot of this material.

Models of chairs, like other interior items, are varied, with an internal or external base for durability.

Interior elements

Anything can be decorated, countertops, coffee tables, chest of drawers, small shelves, and other cabinet furniture.

In the kitchen, you can find a lot of cork tools, they are not afraid of hot, suitable as a stand for pots and pans. Works great as a knife handle.

A practical bathroom rug, corks are not afraid of water and do not absorb it.

Plinths made of wine corks, window sills, steps will be original.

Jewelery made of various materials is very refined. Champagne and wine bottle caps are very useful in their creation.

It is easy to create an original brooch, pendant, earrings, ring. To do this, you need to buy the necessary accessories in advance. A whole cork is suitable for a pendant, for earrings it should be cut, giving the desired shape.


You will need scented candles, glass jars. Place the candle in a small vessel, put in another, picking it up twice as much. Fill the space between them with wine corks. Or glue corks around the vessel, tie with a beautiful ribbon.

Do-it-yourself cork fakes can be varied, you just need the availability of materials and your own imagination.

Photo cork crafts

1. Cork handle

This craft is very simple: you need to drill holes in the center of the plugs (much better if you have a drill) and stick the handle inside.

2. Teapot and cup holder

There are many ways to make these cute, cuddly and easy-to-use items. For example, you can do this:

But we will consider this ager method:

To make coasters you will need 10-12 wine corks, a circle cutter, needles and thread.

Cut the corks into 5 mm circles, each will make 8-10 slices, about 80 pieces in total. This is enough to make two coasters. Arrange the cork mugs on the table in the desired geometric pattern, or simply fold in circles. Connect the circles together with two stitches. Try contrasting threads for an artistic effect.

3.Wall panel

An original way to show off your wine cork collection to your guests is to create this unusual panel in your kitchen.

To create such a panel. It is necessary to stick the corks you have on a chipboard sheet or other base cut out in the shape of the area that you are going to close. This is very convenient, since such a panel can be fixed with 1-2 screws, and when it gets tired, it can be easily removed.

By the way, you can paste over an entire wall in this way:

An adorable giraffe or other cork sculptures can be made with a little imagination. You can do this work together with the children, it will be very interesting for them to participate in the process. Of course, you can make any animal you like, only the principle is important. You will need wire for the frame, newspaper, and texture tape to reinforce the structure. But the main thing, of course, is cork and construction glue.

First you need to make a wire frame, wrap it with newspaper. For the animal to have a shape. Then you need to wrap the entire structure with tape.

Now you can stick the corks parallel to each other.

Finally, let the child fill all the gaps between the plugs with glue. This work does not require accuracy, when the glue dries, it will become completely invisible.

5. Bath mat

Is there anything more pleasant than putting your feet on the warm, supple, natural cork surface after taking a shower? A master class on making this cozy rug will tell you about all the subtleties >>>

6. Cork candlesticks

A great option when you need themed candle holders, for example for a wine party. This is done quickly, there is no need for additional devices. In addition, these candle holders can also be easily taken apart and corks can be used for other interesting projects.

7.Cork necklace

Cork wood is a unique natural material. And if you like wooden jewelry or you wear a boho style, then these products will come in handy for you. It is necessary to carefully cut the wine corks into circles and fasten them together with a pattern. You can add rhinestones, rivets or paint corks with paints. Hang the finished decoration on a ribbon.

8. Mini boats

Let's say you're not a big fan of wine and you only have a couple of corks for the whole year. But. for sure. Do you have kids that you want to please. See what a wonderful boat you can make from your existing traffic jams. She doesn't drown! Has a sail! No, look at it through the eyes of a child. Isn't she alive?

9. Cork wreath

The essence of the method is that you cover the base with corks, gluing them with construction adhesive. It's easy and fun!

10. Jewelry panel

In this simple and functional piece, wine stoppers serve as jewelry holders. This is very convenient, especially for stud earrings, they are easily stuck into the cork and do not get lost.


This way you can easily decorate a country house or a wine cellar. It is possible to lay out a whole word or sentence from letters. In the right place, such decor will look very stylish. Bonus - it's very easy to do.

12.Mini stamps

A great opportunity to make personal stamps for your children. They will like to put stamps from various patterns. And besides, you can decorate postcards and invitations.

13. Cork top

This plastic table has become a stylish table for evening wine drinking, thanks to the fact that its top is covered with halves of wine corks.

In the same way cork tray

14. Cork lampshade

Simple product. As children, we made similar curtains from twisted strips of cardboard and paper clips.

16. Cork toys

Amazing cork crafts you can make with your kids. I am glad that for this there is no need to collect a huge number of corks and drink a lot of wine.

17. Cork chair

Do you think it is comfortable to sit in such armchairs? In any case, the massage effect is guaranteed

18. Wine cork house

Actually, of course, the house is not made entirely of corks, it is simply pasted over with them for the purpose of insulation. But the scope of work, as well as wine drinking, is simply amazing.

Often we do not pay attention to the little things that have become familiar and seemingly useless. These include corks from bottles with drinks, which we use for their intended purpose once and mercilessly throw them into the trash. In each family, a considerable number of corks of one kind or another will accumulate in a week: both from cork tree bark and multi-colored synthetic or metal caps.

Not only a plug for every bottle

If you follow the norms of alcohol consumption and drink red wine once a day, then a family of two adults will have 2-3 wine corks per week.


Champagne corks will be added during the holidays. In a family with children, plastic stoppers from bottles of juices and water will prevail. Fans of drinks in glass containers will pick up a lot of metal lids. These riches can be successfully used in life, for a start, having accumulated a sufficient amount of material.

The process will become more exciting if you put corks in glass containers of various configurations - for example, vases of various sizes and shapes.

A glass vase with wine corks, gradually filling up, will give originality to the interior and enliven the atmosphere, even if nothing else is done with the corks.

Use of bottle caps at home

When there are enough bottle caps of any kind and there are no longer enough storage containers, you can think about what to make useful and interesting from corks so that the collection does not turn into simple accumulation. There are many ways to use wine corks at home.

Wine corks - from rug to finish

Cork products can be the first thing that meets us at the entrance to a house or apartment. For example, an easy-to-make wine cork rug.

The same rug is appropriate in the bathroom - it sets the mood and is pleasant for the feet.

Cork is environmentally friendly, easy and pleasant to work with. Excellent for use as a decorative material of a peculiar texture when decorating a room, with which you can:

  • cover walls partially or completely

  • assemble as skirting board

  • trim stair steps

  • spread as an apron behind the stove

Do-it-yourself pleasant little things made from corks

Where, besides decoration, are wine corks applicable in the interior of an apartment? If you are not afraid to approach this issue creatively, then almost everywhere, up to furniture and original interior items. While there are few traffic jams, it is logical to start creativity with small things. The most affordable cork crafts are obtained in just an hour:

  • clips

  • business card holders

  • key ring

  • ring napkin holder

  • pencil holders and organizers

  • headphone organizer

  • refrigerator magnets

  • furniture leg pads

  • coasters for cups, glasses and hot dishes

  • skewers and spatula handles for canapes

  • needle pad

  • flash drive case

  • candle holders

  • dies

Cork interior items

Having practiced making pleasant little things, you can move to a new level of creativity. A little more time will be required by other cork products that will find their rightful place in the interior:

  • cork vase

  • fruit bowl

  • bottle holder

  • flower pot

  • decorative ball

  • cork tray

  • monograms and cork letters

When there is a significant amount of traffic jams, you can think about larger works. The most notable cork products on this list:

  • wine cork paintings

  • frame for photo, mirror or picture

  • wine cork installations and panels

  • note board

  • curtains for windows and doors

  • lamps and lampshades

  • cork top

  • chairs and stools

  • chair

Pleasant to the touch armchair made of corks invites you to sit in its arms, next to the table with a top made of wine corks. A vase with corks, a picture or a mirror in a cork frame and a cork lamp will complement the cozy atmosphere. Such a composition will create an appropriate atmosphere in which you will enjoy a cup of coffee or wine tasting.

Stylish things, fashion accessories and jewelry

The fashion industry has also taken notice of cork. Cork dresses, suits, hats and even mannequins that look like sculptures - all this product of the wild imagination of designers is not so common in everyday life.

It is much more affordable to make small decorations from wine corks with the addition of accessories. Necklaces and brooches, rings and earrings, pendants and beads - there is no limit to the flight of fantasy for the realization of ideas!

A cork wall display can be made to display and store this handmade beauty and other decorations.

Handbags and baskets made entirely or partially with corks look stylish.

Champagne corks: a hanger, a handle, and a fishing rod with a float

Champagne corks do not fill up as quickly as wine corks, but they will also be successfully used. Like a theater, an apartment starts with a hanger - this is one of the simple devices that you can start by making from champagne corks.

Thanks to their unique shape, they make comfortable and pleasant to the touch handles for furniture drawers and doors.

If you cut off the rounded parts of the corks and assemble them in clusters on a wire, you will get an original installation in the form of a vine with grapes.

And if you connect these pieces in the same plane, a reliable heat-resistant hot pad will be ready for use.

For fishing enthusiasts, cork is a well-known material that is used to make almost all parts of the fishing rod - it turns out a comfortable handle and a reliable float. It is important to use such a home-made device in winter: cork material does not cool the hand upon contact.

Crafts from champagne corks are not limited to this: even metal fastening wires are used - craftsmen twist elegant toys out of them.

Crafts from corks in the garden

If you have a country house with a garden, corks can be used here as well. For starters, the easiest way is to make markers for plants in beds and flower beds.

If desired, it is not difficult to assemble a cork planter for garden plants.

And if you put more effort and time, you will get warm and cozy bird houses.

Lightweight and weather-resistant garden furniture made from this eco-friendly material blends harmoniously with garden design.

Cork ideas for special occasions

You can achieve such mastery in working with cork that you are not ashamed to make and give gifts from it to your friends and acquaintances. Such a cork gift carries the warmth of the material and the hands of the creator. All kinds of cork gifts, toys and holiday crafts will be appropriate for any occasion:

  • funny figurines

  • wine cork wreath or Christmas wreath

  • Christmas trees, Christmas decorations and toys

  • caskets

In addition to crafts, there are no less interesting ideas from wine corks. For example, use in cooking: restaurateurs advise adding a few corks from white wine when cooking seafood - it is believed that this technique fills the finished product with a pleasant aroma.

Someone might like the idea of ​​using corks as a material for lighting a fireplace or fire - for this they are pre-soaked in alcohol.

Plastic and metal closures - let your imagination run wild

If you have a collection of plastic or metal closures, then there are all kinds of original uses for them. As in the case of cork stoppers, craftsmen create almost everything from caps, and even more: they lay out walls and floors, make toys and interior items.

Metal lids can decorate the kitchen table and create an apron over the cooking area. Bright and durable interior items will cheer you up and last for decades.

Impressive is the grandiose creation of a resident of one of the Russian villages, who laid out the walls of the house with multi-colored covers, like a mosaic.

Learn more