How to make a wire tree jewelry stand

DIY Jewelry Holder Tree made out of wire

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Need a convenient place to store your jewelry? Why spend money on something you can make yourself for a fraction of the cost? Build a sweet looking stand with this easy DIY Jewelry Holder Tree. 

DIY Jewelry Holder Tree

I am not much of a jewelry person, I think I only own a couple and frankly I have no clue where they are at this moment. I don’t even wear earrings which is the minimal jewelry women normally wear. But I love crafting and creating things I or my family needs using old stuff we’ll probably never use again.

Like this huge roll of wire I used for these sweet projects you might wanna pin and save for later when Halloween and Christmas time season will require some gift making ideas: Wire Snowman and a Halloween spider web . Or you can make a Peanut Bird Feeder wreath today!

So I’m pretty much a tomboy when it comes to jewelry but my sister LOVES this stuff and has like tons of it, all around the house, to her husband despair. So she decided to make a nice stand for her junk…err..precious stuff and this is how this DIY Jewelry Holder Tree was born. She’s made the most of the tree, her husband helped with the heavy stuff (hint: hairy hands will be popping up at one point) and I was the photographer, a job I failed at successfully. In my defense it was done at night time and everyone knows lighting sucks at night.

This is a super easy project and pretty quick too, it’s been done in about an hour or so. It also uses my wire curling method which you can find here only that this time the curl were made a bit looser.

How to make the DIY Jewelry Holder Tree

Materials needed:

  • wire or galvanized wire
  • pliers
  • cutting tool
  • black spray paint (or color of your choice)
  • primer spray


  • Cut 25 wires of 50 cm = 20″ long (adjust if you want a taller tree)

  • Bring them together and grab the pile with 2 pliers, leaving about 10 cm = 4″ at the base (left hand side in the photo below) and 20 cm = 8″ at the crown (right hand side in photo) so the body will be 20 cm = 8″ too.

  • Twist just the body using the pliers until the wires are pretty tight to each other.

  • Separate the wires at the base and crown in groups of 3 and bend on the sides around the body of the tree.
  • For the crown, make 5 groups of 3 wires and the rest gather in 1 group of 10 (sister miscounted the wires here so the photo won’t show the correct wires in all groups; just follow the written instructions)

  • Twist each group of 3 wires around each other and leave 1″-2″ loose at the ends.
  • Curl the ends as tight as you like, on the inside or outside. We curled on the inside for the base and outside for the crown.

  • You can leave the base curls lay flat on the floor (I would’ve if it was my stand) or bend as my sister did.

  • Start working on the group of 10 wires you have left in the middle of your tree. Twist the wires and curl randomly as you work your way up to the tip of the crown.

  • Spray on some primer and allow to completely dry then spray some black paint, making sure you cover the tree well (pay attention to the curls, those are harder to reach). You may need to spray twice and if that’s the case, allow the first coating to dry well before spraying again.
  • And you’re done! Now hang all your beloved jewelry and proudly display your DIY jewelry holder tree for everyone to admire!



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27 Homemade Jewelry Tree Ideas You Can DIY Easily

The problem with having too much jewelry is that you need somewhere to store it, and one creative solution is to make a jewelry tree to display it all on.

For anyone who wants to have a go at making one, we’ve had a look online to see what other people have been doing – and as a result, here are our favorite 27 DIY jewelry tree plans you might like to try copying at home.


1. Three Ways to Make a Jewelry Tree – wikiHow

If you want to learn about making jewelry trees, this post on WikiHow would be a great place to start. It teaches you three different ways to make beautiful trees to display your jewelry on, giving you somewhere to store everything while also showing it all off. As always, the guide is well written and offers plenty of great tips, making it well worth checking out.

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Easy Tree Jewelry Stands in Under 20 Minutes For $10

In this video, you’ll learn how to make two different types of jewelry tree stands. They’re both highly artistic and attractive – and the best part is they won’t cost you any more than around $10 to make. The technique is super-easy too, so if you like the way these trees look, you shouldn’t have any trouble making something similar yourself.


3. DIY Jewelry Tree – Centsational Style

The jewelry tree this tutorial teaches you how to make is simply stunning. We love the minimalist style achieved by using white paint and then only hanging a few choice pieces of jewelry on it, leaving it looking uncluttered and elegant. It’s also an inexpensive and easy design, so if you like it, why not see if you can make one just like it?

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DIY Hanging Jewelry Tree

Here’s an original idea we’re sure plenty of people will adore. Rather than a classic jewelry tree, in this tutorial, these YouTubers teach us how to make a version that is suspended from the ceiling. It looks fantastic and can give you somewhere to make the most of your jewelry by hanging it all somewhere people can see it. Check out the video and see what you think!


5. Rustic and Simple DIY Jewelry Tree –

For those who enjoy a more rustic style, this is the plan for you. In it, you’ll learn how to make a simple jewelry organizer from nothing more than a small tree branch, some twine and a flowerpot. We love the effect it creates, and if you like it too, you shouldn’t have any trouble making one just like it at home.

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6. DIY Jewelry Holder Tree Made Out of Wire –

The jewelry tree organizer this blogger shows us how to make is fabulous! It’s made of wire, which is then bent in all kinds of different angles, creating something that looks like it belongs in a fantasyland. It’s super-inexpensive to make too since all you’ll require is the wire itself plus spray paint in the color of your choice. A wonderful idea we like a lot!

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7. DIY Jewelry Tree

Here’s an ingenious idea for a jewelry tree from a highly talented YouTuber. In her video, she demonstrates how she built up the tree using wire and a glue gun. It’s fascinating to watch her work, and it’s so much fun to see as the tree begins to take shape. Once it’s finished and gets its final spray of paint, it looks amazing. This is a plan we loved – and we’re sure we won’t be the only ones!


8. Easy DIY Jewelry Tree – Red Ted Art

If you’re looking for a simple yet fun DIY project to work on with kids, this could be the ideal option. This plan teaches you how to make an easy jewelry tree that children will love working on and will be proud of when it’s done. This plan was created by an 11-year-old, making it the kind of thing that’s suitable for kids of almost any age – so why not give it a go with your little guys?

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9. DIY Jewelry Tree from Yf’s World

Perhaps one of the best things about jewelry trees is that they’re so easy to make. In providing ready-made branches, mother nature has already done most of the work for you – and all you need to do is concentrate on making them look beautiful. Want to know how to do it? Then give this video a watch for more info.


10. DIY Jewelry Tree – Zalando Lounge UK Magazine

The jewelry tree in this post is less organic and more industrial. However, it’s an incredibly fashionable style at the moment, and if it’s one you appreciate, this is a tutorial you should find interesting. Copying this plan doesn’t require any expensive materials or difficult techniques, so it’s the kind of thing just about anyone will be able to manage – check it out and see what you think!

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11. DIY Fantasy Wire Tree Jewelry Hanger

If you like the weird and wonderful jewelry tree in #6, this is another tutorial you should enjoy since, as you can guess from the title, it teaches you how to make another magical-looking fantasy jewelry tree. We think it looks so cute, and it’s the ideal way to store and display your favorite pieces of jewelry. Give it a watch and see if you agree.


12. Making a Costume Jewelry Christmas Tree – My Frugal Christmas

This “jewelry tree” is a bit different from the others in our list because rather than being a tree for displaying jewelry, this one is literally a tree made of jewelry. It’s a beautiful design, and the one in the post is specifically for Christmas – although you could also make something similar in the shape of a regular tree and hang it on your wall as an attractive piece of homemade art.

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13. DIY Jewelry Tree (Literally Made from a Tree!) – Do It, Gurl

Here’s a video tutorial by a YouTuber who has plenty of charisma and personality, making all her uploads a lot of fun to watch. In this one, she teaches us how to make a jewelry tree from a small tree branch, and when it’s finished, it looks perfect. Think you’re up to making something similar? Then give it a go and see how it turns out!


14. How to Make a Wire Jewelry Tree –

We’ve seen a couple of fun ideas for wire jewelry trees, but this one is more unique since it makes use of wire in a range of different colors. This gives the finished trees a striking look, and if it’s one you like, it should be a fun project trying to make one just like it.

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15. Jewelry Tree – DIY How-To

This is a video that any amateur woodworkers should enjoy. In it, this talented YouTuber shows us how to make a beautiful jewelry tree cut from a sheet of wood using a scroll saw. If you have the right tools, it should be a fun design to copy, and when it’s done, you’ll have somewhere convenient to display your collection of jewelry.


16. How to Make a Jewelry Tree with Jenny – John Greed

Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best, and if that’s a sentiment you can agree with, this is a plan for you. Made of nothing more complicated than a small tree branch, a jar and a few pebbles, this is a design that will cost you next to nothing. As the blogger writes, you can make as many as you need to hang all your jewelry on, giving you a way to keep everything well-ordered and easy to access when you want to choose what to wear.

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17. DIY Jewelry Tree (Great for a Gift!)

This YouTuber suggests that this jewelry tree would make a great idea for a handmade gift, and while that’s true, we’re certain lots of people will be interested in creating one for themselves too. But regardless of who you’re making it for, this is an original design that we love – give the video a watch and see if you do too.


18. Resin Tree Branch Jewelry Organizer DIY! –

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a jewelry tree from a tree branch and some epoxy resin. In essence, you simply cover the branch in resin to make it more permanent, and the metallic copper color this blogger chose gives it a classy and stylish look. However, you’re also free to use any other color you like to give your jewelry tree your own personal touch.

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19. DIY Jewelry Tree from Mature Beauty

As this YouTuber writes in the introduction to her tutorial, this idea for a jewelry tree is fast, cheap and easy. She estimates you won’t need to spend more than about $15 to copy her design, and it would also be a great option to give someone as a gift. We love the way it looks at the end with all the necklaces hanging from the branches, and if you appreciate the style too, it should be a simple job to make one of your own.


20. DIY Branch Jewelry Holder – How to Make a Jewelry Tree

Here’s another simple idea for a jewelry tree that anyone will be able to recreate at home. Probably the only thing you’ll need to buy is some air-dry clay for the base, and once you have that, you’ll be able to make something like the tree in the photos in no time at all. Another great plan and a recommended read.

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21. Dollar Tree DIY – Jewelry Tree Stand

If you’re a fan of Dollar Tree DIY, this is a plan you should enjoy since it teaches you to make a jewelry display tree from supplies you can pick up at your favorite thrift store. Inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap looking though, as you can see from the video, so if you like the design, you can make one of your own for very little money.


22. DIY Jewelry tree – The Conscious Student

We love the photo at the top of this blog post – this is, without doubt, one of the classier jewelry trees we’ve seen. However, the materials needed to make it are no more complicated or expensive than a few twigs and an old vase – so if you like it as much as we do, what are you waiting for?

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23. DIY Jewelry Tree from Nessa Uribe

Judging by this video, this YouTuber certainly needed a jewelry tree – because she has such an extensive collection of jewelry to hang on it! When it’s finished and covered in all her rings, it looks like a work of art. It might not be so convenient to get them off again, but if you’re more interested in making something beautiful than creating a practical storage solution, this is a plan you should enjoy.


24. DIY Free People Inspired Jewelry Holder

In this video, you’ll learn how to make two different types of jewelry holders from tree branches, one for necklaces that you mount on the wall and another freestanding version for rings and bracelets. They’re both great ideas, and they’re also extremely easy to make, so check out the video and see if you’re inspired to have a go at doing something similar yourself.


25. DIY Jewelry Tree from North Texas Daily

This short video teaches you how to make an attractive jewelry tree from a couple of glitter-covered branches and a few colored pebbles. It’s such a simple idea, but it works well, so this could be a great solution if you’re looking for an attractive way to organize your jewelry.


26. DIY Tree Jewelry Stand from Yuki & Talent

This jewelry tree is made from nothing more than a tree branch and a jar of beans, so if you need an inexpensive jewelry storage solution, this could be just the thing. We love the simplicity of the idea – and we’re sure plenty of others will too.


27. How-To DIY Jewelry Display Tree for Rings and Bracelets

Here’s another simple idea for a jewelry tree made from dollar store supplies – and it’s another one that looks stunning when it’s done. The tutorial is short because there’s nothing complicated to explain, which means you can get started making one of your own right away!


Loads of creative ideas to inspire you

As you can see, there’s no shortage of creative and original ideas online that should help fire your imagination and inspire you to have a go yourself.

We’ve enjoyed collecting these plans for you, so we hope you’ve enjoyed watching and reading them all too. And above all, we hope we’ve helped you find the plan you needed to make a pretty jewelry tree of your own.

how to make an organizer for jewelry

There can never be too much jewelry - any true woman will tell you, no matter how old she is. And she is right: jewelry is selected individually for different bows, and the more there are, the richer the variability of combinations. And if you take into account the current trend for “all the best at once” - voluminous multi-layer jewelry, then you simply cannot do without a rich arsenal of jewelry.

Naturally, the problem of storing all this wealth arises, because if you keep it in one box, chains, beads, earrings and others like them will instantly turn into a single lump, which will take a lot of time to unravel. Yes, and on the appearance of jewelry, such an approach does not affect the best way.

However, this problem is solved with the help of an organizer for costume jewelry and jewelry, which you can also make yourself.

What are jewelry organizers?

The whole variety of bijouterie and jewelry organizers defies classification. They take a variety of forms: pencil cases, caskets, all kinds of hangers, coasters…

According to the place of deployment, the organizer for storing jewelry can be:

  • Desktop. Its place is on a table, chest of drawers, shelf - in a word, on any horizontal plane. Decorations in them can either simply lie or be stored in a suspended state (for example, on an impromptu tree).
  • Wall mounted. Organizers of this type are hung on a wall or other vertical surface. These are mainly all kinds of frames and boards with various fastening systems (studs, hooks, ribbons, door handles, chains, and so on).
  • Floor standing. These are the most voluminous and bulky options that are installed on the floor. These are floor hangers and decorative trees, serving at the same time as interior decorations.

Whatever your organizer, its main purpose is to provide optimal conditions for storing jewelry. Ideally, they should be located away from heat sources, avoid damp places and direct sunlight.

Original ideas for making an organizer

As mentioned above, a DIY jewelry organizer can be made even without needlework skills, a pronounced talent in the field of arts and crafts and without expensive materials.

This simple set makes an interesting wall-mounted jewelry holder, where even a rich collection of jewelry can be found:

In this case, cork panels form the basis of the organizer. They are decorated with paint using a stencil and sponge, equipped with hooks and nailed to the wall.

If you wish, you can buy one floor panel for cork and not bother with decorating: natural cork looks spectacular on its own. By the way, the organizer will turn out to be stronger: you can attach more impressive fittings to it and hang heavy jewelry.

If you don't have the time or desire to create, you can simply buy a note board with a cork base. In fact, it's ready: all that remains is to fix the fittings and hang the board in a place convenient for you. However, you can just put!

There are other ways to play with the cork theme, especially if you like good wines.

Yes, picture and mirror frames are generally a fertile topic for various organizers. They are complemented by a mosquito net, netting, canvas, coarse canvas, lace, with or without a rigid cork or plywood base.

And if you add an organizer from the frame with a hanging hanger, you will get beauty in general!

A cutlery organizer is a cool base for your ideas. It can be decorated to your liking, put on the table, on the table or hung on the wall!

If you know how and love to work with wood, see what you can do with ordinary laths. However, even a fragment of a rotten board has a special aesthetics.

The main thing is that the board does not crumble in your hands, so do not overdo it with its "old style". To at least slightly strengthen the tree, you can treat its back with glue or varnish.

Has more modern junk been preserved? Here's how you can use an unnecessary disk with a holder to organize jewelry storage:

Even an old dresser drawer and empty wooden spools of thread can be given a bright second life.

The once fashionable "dream catcher" can also get an updated status and become the basis for a convenient organizer.

You can create an organizer for rings, hairpins and earrings using a regular box and textile napkins packed tightly into it.

Very interesting desk holders for bracelets and watches are made from paper towel reels. Scissors, glue, designer paper or napkins and everything that comes to hand - beauty!

Earrings can be stored on a homemade holder made from an old grater. We take a can of acrylic paint, cover the grater and hang the earrings!

How to make a DIY jewelry stand?

Are you inspired and full of energy? Then let's try to make a DIY jewelry stand. It will be a simple but trendy idea - an impromptu tree, the branches of which will serve as a support for your jewelry arsenal.

To make an organizer for jewelry and jewelry with your own hands, you will need:

  • floral wire,
  • PVA glue,
  • paper napkins,
  • large beads with large holes,
  • paint (optional).

Let's start magic!

Take floral wire, cut it into approximately equal lengths and twist into bundles. We twist the bundles together, form a stand and a “crown”.

Cut paper napkins into strips. We moisten the strips of PVA napkins and carefully glue each branch with them. Do not forget to carefully stick around the stand with glued napkins.

Waiting for the glue to dry. You can cover the tree with acrylic paint from a spray can and fix it with varnish, or you can leave the tree white and crown the branches with beads.

The result is a stylish and versatile desktop jewelry stand that can hold anything from rings and earrings to chains, bracelets and beads.

Other wires can be used if desired. But it is the floristic one that has the optimal balance of rigidity and flexibility: with the support of PVA, it acquires the necessary elasticity, and the branches can withstand the weight of rather heavy decorations.

In the same style, you can make a plywood jewelry stand, but you need to understand that processing this material takes much more time, minimal tools and skill to handle it.

Or you can just find a suitable branch, dry it well, get rid of the bark, clean the problem areas, cover with spray paint and fix it in the stand. The simplest and most elegant fixation is to take the original vase, insert a “tree” and pour in pebbles or fill it with plaster.

Speaking of plaster. The trend of recent seasons is a hand-shaped jewelry stand, which can be molded from this material: cheap, stylish, fast.

The ideal material for creating a hand-shaped holder is a special plaster for creativity or a composition for creating sculptures (they are very similar). The cheapest building gypsum is not worth buying: the result may turn out to be far from perfect.

In addition to good plaster, we need rubber gloves (household or medical, thick enough), a piece of board or plywood, compasses, pencil, drill, jigsaw (manual or electric), construction stapler.

It is better to take gloves of the smallest size. This is important, otherwise your rings simply will not fit on the plaster fingers.

So let's go. We draw and cut out a circle in plywood according to the size of the “wrist” of the glove. Then we carefully sand it and fix the edge of the glove around the circumference with a construction stapler.

No stapler - you can get by with furniture studs or even push pins. The main thing is that the entire circumference of the wrist of the glove is firmly fixed on a wooden base.

We prepare the mixture according to the instructions on the package (you can add a little PVA). We pour into the preparation. We act quickly so that the mixture does not seize, but pour it carefully and in portions, carefully distributing and avoiding the formation of bubbles.

The plaster should dry naturally with the glove hanging up.

We wait a day or two and take off the glove. It can be left in its original form, painted or decorated in any other way - fantasize about your health!

In a word, if you wish, you can get not just a jewelry organizer, but a mainstream interior design element. It will take a little time and effort, but what a result!


How to make a DIY jewelry stand


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Agree, jewelry allow you to transform and become brighter. And, the more beads, earrings and rings, the easier it is to assemble a unique and almost perfect bow. With an increase in the number of jewelry and costume jewelry, a problem arises - where to store products so that it is beautiful, neat and convenient. There is a solution! We want to tell you about how to make a DIY jewelry stand without spending a budget.

How to make a DIY jewelry stand: ideas

Many people are used to keeping jewelry in chests or boxes. It is not very correct to store jewelry in such "containers". Firstly, the design of some products in this position may be damaged, and secondly, it is not very convenient. At the very bottom, one or another little thing may be lost.

Making a glass stand for jewelry or other materials will be very useful, and here's why:

  • The organizer will allow you to place all your jewelry in plain sight;
  • Stand eliminates the confusion of beads and chains among themselves;
  • Beautifully made organizer will not only be functional for you, but will also emphasize the interior as an art object, as well as your taste.

In order to make a convenient holder for jewelry, you do not need a lot of money. Look around. There are so many different items used in everyday life that can be used for our purpose.

Below are some useful ideas. You just have to choose the right idea and turn it into reality.

Simple but interesting jewelry stand ideas

To answer the question of how to make your own jewelry stand, sometimes you don’t have to go far. It is enough to look at things that are familiar to us in a new and “different” way.

Earrings, beads, chains, necklaces and rings can be conveniently stored using the following household items:

  • Hooks for hangers and towels. You can easily change the purpose of the towel hooks to "jewellery holder". Just buy a small plastic, wood or metal hanger with hooks, or a few hooks individually, and place all your wealth on them. Beads and bracelets will serve as decoration;

  • Clothes hanger (hanger). How to make a stand for earrings with your own hands? It is very easy to build an earring holder from a simple hanger. You need to make additional hooks under the shoulders. To place bracelets there, put them on a metal rod, and fasten the beads, tying a loop, on the crossbar;

  • Grater. If you look closely, the holes in this kitchen item are just asking to hold a dozen of your earrings. Hooks and clasps from earrings are conveniently inserted into them. If you take an old and even rusty grandmother's grater, you can make it not only a convenient stand, but also a real art object. Spray paint and a bunch of your jewelry will help with this. It is extremely comfortable to use such a stand, you can turn it from all sides to select the desired model of jewelry.

  • Plaster base. Gypsum is a material that can also be in every home as a building element. A good idea to store a lot of jewelry is to make a plaster hand. To do this, you will need to use the following items:

- plaster;

- rubber glove;

- pencil and wooden board;

- sandpaper;

- construction stapler;

- hand saw.

Now to how to make a do-it-yourself ring stand of this type:

You need to take a wooden board and cut a circle out of it with a diameter with a “wrist” of a glove. After that, in the resulting hole from the board, fasten the glove using a stapler. Now pour the gypsum mortar there and wait for it to harden. After the glove can be easily removed from the workpiece, and you will get a cool stand for rings and beads made of plaster.

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