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Learn how to make an easy DIY yarn Christmas tree to decorate your home for the holidays. The fluffy yarn gives the tree great texture! You’ll love how these cozy trees look in your home all winter long.

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy decorating my home for the holidays?

It’s kind of crazy to think how much time I put into decorating for just. one. holiday!


I’ve got a secret.

I love decorating for Christmas with things that can stay out to keep my home looking cozy during the winter months.

AnnMarie does something similar in her home during winter too!

So when I made a tree covered with fringed burlap for my Christmas centerpiece, I could see the possibility.

I knew it could stay out all winter long.

So could its little tree friend who’s covered with burlap loops.

And I immediately started thinking of other types of trees I could make!

So I took a look through my crafting supplies and…


I found a ball of chunky cream colored yarn and knew exactly what I wanted to try.

We’ve all seen the DIY yarn trees where the yarn is wound all around the tree form.

They’re super cute, right?


What if the yarn could be made to look like branches?

Almost like a flocked tree?

That would be something special!

One of the things I love about this craft is you can make all different sizes of yarn-covered trees!

They look pretty grouped together, or mixed in with a variety of burlap trees and/or faux greenery trees.

You’ve got to see how I mixed them together for my kitchen table centerpiece this year!

This tree is so easy to make!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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  • Burlap preferably in a color similar to the yarn you’re using (I used this cream burlap with gold shimmer)
  • Nubby yarn
  • Styrofoam tree form
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Small wood star
  • Gold metallic paint
  • Small paint brush
  • Fabric and Craft Scissors
  • Optional: block of wood, slice of a tree branch, large wooden dowel, etc. to form a tree trunk

1. Paint your wood stars with the gold metallic paint.

Start by painting the edges, then place the star on a piece of paper and paint the top.

Set it aside and let the top dry while you complete the next few steps.

I like to paint a bunch of stars at once so they’re ready to use when I make more trees.

When the tops are dry, flip them over and paint the other side.

2. Cover Base of the Cone

This step is optional, but it helps to cover the foam at the base of the tree and also provides a soft surface to protect your furniture. 

Simply trace the base of your foam cone on a piece of soft white felt and cut it out.

Apply hot glue to the base of the cone and attach the piece of felt.

Smoosh the glue out to the edges to make sure the felt circle is glued down all the way around.

3. Cut the burlap

When you buy burlap by the yard you’ll have two selvage edges that have been stitched by the manufacturer to prevent fraying.

Cut a rectangle of burlap large enough to wrap all the way around the base of your foam tree form with about an inch of overlap.

Mom tip: Make sure the bottom edge of the rectangle is one of the selvage edges!

4. Cover the tree form with burlap

Run a line of hot glue down one edge of the burlap.

If you’re using a high temp glue gun, wait a few seconds for the glue to be a little less hot, and then wrap the burlap around the tree.

Since you’re wrapping a cone, the rectangle of burlap will end up being a little uneven at the end.

But that’s okay!

The whole thing is gonna be covered with yarn.

You may be wondering why bother with this step if the tree form is getting covered with yarn?

Well, since we’re doing loops of yarn, you can still see what’s underneath.

The burlap gives your tree a nice finished look.

It’s kinda like an undershirt!

Nothing to see here.

No naked trees sitting around…

To cover the top part of your foam cone, add some hot glue to the top.

Then fold over the burlap to cover the top.

You may need to add a little more hot glue to hold each layer down as you fold it over.

Don’t worry about being super neat because this part won’t be visible at all!

Just try to get the burlap on top to be sorta flat.

Once you’ve finished attaching the burlap to the tree form you can clean up any edges.

If you’re planning to put your tree on a block of wood to look like a trunk, you don’t need to worry about whether any burlap is hanging below the edges.

But, if you plan to sit your tree flat, give it a little haircut to trim any bits hanging below the base.

5. Cover the tree with yarn

It’s time to get loopy!

With your yarn.

I like to pull out a bunch of the yarn first, but you don’t have to do it that way.

Get your hot glue gun ready, and place the end of the yarn a few inches up the base of the tree like in the picture above.

You’re going to be making loops of yarn and this is how long the loops will be.

There’s no right or wrong answer here.

You can play around with different lengths of loops to get different looks!

To make a loop, just run the yarn to the base of the tree and then bring it back up to the start.

Easy, right?!

Use hot glue to attach the loops to the burlap-wrapped tree form.

You can either add a bit of hot glue for each loop, or run a short line of glue and smoosh the loops into it as you make them.

Now, work your way all around the tree making loops.

I’ve found it looks best if you make lots of loops so the tree is more fully covered.

In fact, I tend to overlap a few loops, especially for this bottom row.

To start a new row, simply bring the end of the yarn up about an inch or two.

Add a dot of glue and start looping the yarn around just like you did for the first row.

Your next rows should overlap the loops immediately below about an inch.

The number of rows you’ll need to make will depend on how tall your tree form is.

For the last row, instead of attaching the yarn around the edge of the cone, glue the yarn to the top of the cone.

6. Attach your wooden star

To attach the star to the top of your tree, put a blop of hot glue on top of the yarn.

That’s a very technical term.

Basically you want a fairly generous amount of hot glue.

Now, put one of the gold-painted wooden stars from step one on top of the tree!

Hold it in place for about a minute while the glue hardens.

And that’s it!

Also, this picture is a great example of why you want to cover the floral foam cone with burlap.

See how the burlap peeks out from underneath?

But no big deal!

It’s about the same color as the yarn so no one’s gonna notice.

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It’s so fun displaying these trees!

You can group a variety of sizes of yarn-wrapped trees together, or mix it up with different styles of trees.

Whaddaya think?

Will you be making some of these trees for your home?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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Yarn Christmas Tree Tutorial - The Pickled Rose


Simple DIY Yarn Christmas Trees

It’s time for a simple tutorial that you can easily knock out in an afternoon.   I first shared these cute yarn trees over on my Instagram page and have had so many requests about how to do them, I thought it was time to show you how.


List of Supplies
  • 3 various size Styrofoam cones
  • 1 skein of yarn
  • Metal stars for the top
  • Wooden dowel rod
  • Wood slices
  • Jingle bells
  • Hot glue gun/glue sticks

So before you go shopping for your supplies, I encourage you to choose a color of yarn that best fits your decor.   Don’t be stuck on white if another color is calling your name.  Green, Red, Gray, Navy, I can only imagine how gorgeous these would be in those as well.  I would recommend, however, buying the hunkiest chunkiest yarn you can find.  It just gives them more texture.  For color, I chose a creamy white to so they would fit in with some cute little trees I had already purchased this year.

Check These Out


These Merino wool trees were really what started it all for me.  I mean, CAN WE TALK.  I found them at the amazing Laurie Anna’s Vintage Home on a recent trip to Canton Texas Trading Days.  If you’re ever passing through Canton, Texas, I can’t stress enough why you should go and visit this shop.  It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen.  I mean beauty beyond anything I could ever describe here.

Back to the wool.  Because I live in a fairly small town, Merino wool was not readily available to me.  Now, I could have driven 30 minutes to an hour or ordered it from Amazon, but I have no patience when it comes to waiting and I was ready to knock this DIY out that day.   When I have my mind set to do something, I like to get it done.  Anyone else that way?

Let’s Get Started

I like to start at the bottom of the cone and work my way up.  So begin by just laying down a small bead of hot glue.  Be sure and do it in small sections AND be very careful not to burn your fingers.  (If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve burned myself with the glue gun.)  Lightly press the yarn into the glue until it’s set.  Hot glue takes no time at all.  Continue working your way up.


It’s a little time consuming, but keep going and before you know it, it’s covered.


Next it’s time to cut the dowel rods and attach the wood slices.  I cut my dowel into three pieces; 8 inches, 6 inches and 4 inches.  Once again, this is completely up to you.  You can make your trees as tall or as short as you want.  After they are cut, you literally just push it into the bottom of the cone.  Once the hole is made, remove it, put a dab of hot glue in it and push it back in.   This will secure it to the cone.

For this next step I hate that I didn’t get a picture.  Sometimes I get so excited to get the project done, I forget.  I think I can explain it though.  Grab a drill bit the same size as your dowel and drill a hole in your wood slice.  Now, I used a log from our wood burning pile, but you can find slices at Hobby Lobby if you don’t have a fireplace with wood laying around.   Make sure your dowel fits in the hole and drop a dab of glue in the hole and push it in.  Your tree should now be standing.

To Jingle or Not

I am bell crazy this season.  I mean, if you’ve seen my Instagram, you know what I’m talking about.  It is quite literally Jingle all the way.  You can add small bells to the bottom of your trees by just adding a drop of hot glue and pressing them into the Styrofoam just a little.  I like the detail they give.

Last but not least, grab your metal star and stick one of the points into the top.  Add a drop of glue before you do.   If you can’t find metal stars, you can use wood as well, or whatever you like at the top of the tree.  Make it your own.

I really hope you try this easy peasy project.  You can even get the kids in on it too.  Instead of hot glue, substitute craft glue and let them create a tree of their own.


Once mine were complete, I added them to my store-bought trees.  The differences in texture really gives the vignette interest.  Now, I can’t wait to see yours.


Be sure and tag me in your project so I can see your tree creations and leave a comment below if you’d like to see more tutorials.  Thanks so much for stopping by friends.  Happy creating!!



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ABOUT Kristi Bissell

Hi! I'm Kristi, the face behind The Pickled Rose. I am so glad that you're here. I am a firm believer that it's never too late to step into your greatness. So if you love everything farmhouse, chippy and DIYs with a splash of color, then I hope you will follow along. Together we can make life a bit more beautiful!

Christmas tree made of threads and glue with your own hands how to make step by step 15+ master classes with photos of Christmas trees made of threads

Christmas tree made of threads and PVA glue - master class with photo

cardboard, PVA glue and small decor in white and pink.

You can make such a Christmas tree of any size and there is nothing difficult to make. The main thing is to do all the movements correctly, slowly. Make a cone from the prepared cardboard. Treat it well with PVA glue and wind the thread. Alternatively, you can initially soak the thread in glue and wind it on a dry cone. It is important to wait until the cone with the thread dries well. After that, the cardboard cone is removed. It remains only to decorate the handmade artificial Christmas tree with small elements. Beads, half beads, snowflakes will look best as decor.

Christmas tree made of thread for knitting on a cone - how to make it yourself

Such a New Year's product turns out not only beautiful, but also neat, looks elegant.

Before you start making, you should stock up on the following materials and tools: hard paper, yarn (choose a color according to personal preference), cotton twine, scissors, hot glue.

Make a cone out of stiff paper to use as a base. It is important to level the base so that it stands firmly and evenly. Wrap the cone with the selected yarn (two shades can be used at the same time). In the course of the winding, it is desirable from time to time to attach the thread to the cone with glue. It is good to fix the ends of the product. If desired, decorate with rhinestones, beads, narrow lace stripes.

Pompom tree step by step

The process of making such a Christmas tree is very simple, but it takes a lot of time to make pompoms. For their production, it is better to take threads of 2-3 contrasting colors. It is desirable to make pompoms of different shapes.

After they are ready (their number depends on the parameters of the Christmas tree), make a cone out of cardboard, which will serve as the basis of the product. On it you need to use glue (it is advisable to use hot glue) to attach pompoms in a chaotic manner. Decorate the top with a felt bow or star.

Fluffy Christmas tree made of wire and thread - MK with photo step by step

So, in the last master class we made a Christmas tree from several pompoms, then in this one - from one. A very simple craft with a minimum set of materials: threads, scissors and wire, hairspray. It is also advisable to have a drill and pliers on hand.

Take green threads (preferably dark and light colors), cut them into pieces 10 cm long. Divide each piece of thread into fibers - wavy stripes are obtained.

Take the wire, fold it in two and lay it between the bent wire of the fibers. Further twisting of the wire can be done both with a drill and manually. It remains to comb the collected fibers a little and give the product a Christmas tree shape (cut off excess side fibers). To make such a Christmas tree fluffy, it should be held over steam.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree from balls of thread - master class

The Christmas tree turns out to be spectacular and original. To make it, you need to prepare a lot of balls of thread (preferably of different shapes). To do this: place a balloon inflated to the desired size in a plastic bag, wind the threads and grease the structure with PVA glue (you can, by the way, immediately wind the threads moistened with glue). Wait for it to dry completely, pierce the ball and remove it from the thread ball.

The resulting balls can be glued together in the form of a cone or placed in a triangular frame, for example, like this:

You can complement all this openwork beauty with a garland, beads and sequins. In the evening, a Christmas tree made of thread balls will look divine!

Grass Christmas tree - 3 master classes with and without knitting

Such a Christmas tree can be made in several ways: with and without knitting. The easiest option is without knitting. Even preschool children can master such crafts. For work you will need: a cone, threads, grass, glue or double-sided tape, decor elements.

Lubricate the cone with glue or paste over with double-sided tape and wind the threads tightly. Glue beads, sequins and other decorative elements on top of your taste. The Christmas tree is ready.

A more difficult option for those who know how to knit a little. You will need: weed thread, wooden sticks (sushi sticks are suitable), knitting needles or a hook, scissors.

Knit 18 squares with a difference of 1 loop, i.e. the first square - 21 loops, the last (18th) - 4 loops. String the squares on the stick in decreasing order, i.e. from largest to smallest. Decor elements can be sewn or glued (as you like)!

Well, the most difficult version of a knitted grass Christmas tree. For work you will need: grass threads, thick knitting needles, a sheet of A2 paper (for the frame), adhesive tape, decorations and, of course, a New Year's mood.

The future Christmas tree will consist of 62 rows of loops. The first 7 rows - 101 loops, from 8 to 16 - 91 loops, 16-24 rows - 81 loops, etc. decreasing on 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54 and 60 rows of 10 loops. In total, 11 loops remain on the last 60-62 rows. The result is a triangular-shaped canvas.

It remains to fold it in half and sew the edges. Put a Christmas tree on a paper cone and decorate. All is ready!

Craft Christmas tree made of thread and cardboard - a simple craft for kindergarten

This is a very simple craft that can be used as a Christmas decoration. Its production (both the process and the result) will definitely appeal to children. To make it, you need to take thick cardboard, multi-colored threads (you can have different thicknesses), beads, rhinestones for decoration.

Cut out an isosceles triangle from cardboard, which may resemble a Christmas tree in shape. For the manufacture of one Christmas tree, you can take 2-3 colors of threads (of the same or different shades). They need to be wound on the figure, and the ends firmly fixed. The thread must be firmly fixed on the tree. After that, it remains only to add decor and attach a thread with which you can hang the toy on the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree made of thread and cardboard - embroidery

This simple but very original craft will be made by children of preschool and primary school age. For work you will need: cardboard, thread, needle. The pattern can be customized to your liking.

Christmas tree made of threads and cardboard 3D

And this version of crafts made of threads on a cardboard basis.

Christmas tree made of thread tassels - original craft for the competition

Need an original Christmas tree craft made of thread? You will definitely like this master class! For work you need: knitting threads, a cone (made of cardboard or foam), glue, scissors.

We make brushes from threads (the number of brushes depends on the size of the cone). Using glue, glue the brushes on the cone in a circle, moving from bottom to top. Christmas tree made of threads is ready!

Christmas tree made of nails and threads - do-it-yourself string art

A great option for New Year's crafts for adults and children 12+. Making crafts takes a lot of time, but the result will exceed all expectations. For work you will need: a wooden board, nails (a lot, the same size), threads, a picture.

After choosing a suitable picture, fix it on the board. Drive the cloves along the contour at about the same distance from each other. Remove the picture from the board and start winding the threads. From the threads, you can only make the frame of the Christmas tree or fill it entirely. There are no rules here!

Macramé Christmas tree step by step

Incredibly beautiful Christmas tree can be made using ordinary macrame yarn. For work you will need: knitting threads, a wire or wooden frame for a Christmas tree, glue.

Prepare the frame for the future Christmas tree. You can make it from wire or wooden sticks. At the bottom of the frame, glue the thread with which you will fill the Christmas tree. Decorate the bottom bar of the frame with knotted fringe. Fill the frame with threads, adding a drop of glue to the middle crossbar of the frame. The Christmas tree is ready!

Christmas tree made of threads and a paper plate - a Christmas craft for the little ones

Here is a great Christmas tree craft for the little ones. Simple, fast and useful! For work you will need: a paper plate, scissors, a hole punch, threads and a needle with a large eye, as well as paints, colored paper and glue.

Paint your plate in a bright color (unless, of course, the plate requires it). Cut a triangle in the center of the plate (future Christmas tree), make holes along the contour with a hole punch. Now it remains to stretch the thread into the needle and let the baby fill the frame of the Christmas tree with threads. When everything is ready, add a star to the crown and trunk. You can additionally decorate the Christmas tree with pompoms, buttons, beads or sequins.

Christmas tree made of filament spirals - step by step master class

Need an unusual Christmas tree craft? We recommend that you pay attention to this master class. For work you need: knitting threads, glue, cone, scissors.

Put glue on the cone and wind the yarn in a spiral circle. Fill the entire cone in this way, moving from bottom to top. For crafts, you can use threads of one color or several.

Help us become better: if you notice a mistake, select the fragment and press Ctrl+Enter .

how to make a Christmas tree out of thread

Christmas trees are natural, plastic, even candy. And our Christmas tree is made of threads. We offer step-by-step instructions for making a stylish New Year's decor.

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Beautiful elegant Christmas tree is undoubtedly the most associative and festive symbol of the New Year and Christmas. Someone prefers the smell of fresh pine needles, and therefore buys a live fluffy beauty for the holiday. Someone takes pity on nature and puts a beautiful artificial Christmas tree in the room and enjoys the smell of tangerines. And we will tell you how to make a rather popular decor in the form of a stylish Christmas tree from the most ordinary threads! With such decorations, you can decorate a festive table, or even completely replace the usual Christmas tree. The manufacturing process is very simple.

So, we will need:

  • thick threads of any color (threads "Iris" or thicker, at your discretion are good)
  • PVA glue or clear stationery glue (clear glue is best for colored thread as it doesn't leave white marks)
  • thick needle
  • scissors
  • paper or flexible board
  • foil (preferred but not required).

Roll paper or flexible cardboard into a cone that can stand flat on the surface, and tape it along the seam so that it does not unfold, this is our layout for shaping the herringbone. In other words, the height and diameter of your future decoration will depend on the size of the cone. Since we will be putting threads on the cone, for convenience, cover it with foil - this will make it easy to separate the thread frame of the Christmas tree from the layout when the glue dries.

There are two ways to make the thread wet and sticky - choose the one that seems more convenient to you. You can pierce a bottle of glue through a needle with a thread and, pulling the thread through the glue, immediately wind it in random order around the cone. The second option is to simply pour the glue into a convenient dish and lower the threads there, and then wrap the cone around. The first method seemed to us more accurate and economical, since the excess threads that you might need later will remain clean and dry.

Continue winding the threads around the cone until you feel the winding density is sufficient.

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