How to make big bows out of ribbon for christmas tree

How to Easily Design the Most Admired Christmas Tree with Ribbon Right Now

Creating a swoon-worthy Christmas tree is everyone’s goal. Maybe your goal is to create two or three, or even more. Creating your Christmas tree with ribbon is the easiest way to take your average Christmas tree all the way to amazing. Ribbon and bows add that decorator wow factor. The best part is that it’s easier than you think, especially with a little help from your friends. That’s where we come in 🙂

  • In this post we will show you three different kinds of bows that are easy to make.
  • We will also show you five different styles of decorating your Christmas tree with ribbon.

Don’t worry. These tutorials are easy to follow and will take you step by step so you feel like an expert. We promise!

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  • How to Put Ribbon on a Christmas Tree
  • Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon…Using Less
  • 3 Main Ribbon Design Styles
  • Ribbon Buying Guide: Understanding Ribbon
  • Wired ribbon vs. Non-wired Ribbon
  • Solid vs. Mesh Ribbon
  • Bouncing Method
  • Organic Method
  • Types of Christmas Tree Bows
  • Simple Old-fashioned Bow
  • No-Bow Ribbons
  • Easy Big Christmas Bow
  • It’s Your Turn to Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Ribbon

How to Put Ribbon on a Christmas Tree

There are many methods of decorating a Christmas tree with ribbon. Sometimes choosing which one to use is the hardest part. When you understand different style choices and have a vision for your tree it makes it easier. The only way to become an expert is through experimentation and practice.

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Decorate a Christmas Tree with Ribbon…Using Less

Ribbon can get expensive. So we’re always looking for ways to get the impact we want while using less ribbon. Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t use it straight from the roll.
  2. Cut your ribbon into pieces. Depending on the style and size of your tree we recommend 3-5 ft. pieces.
  3. If the back is hidden do not go around the tree. 
  4. Bouncing smaller pieces gives the illusion of more while using less.

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3 Main Ribbon Design Styles

  • Vertical placement, starting at the top and working straight down, all around the tree
  • Diagonal placement, taking pieces around the tree at regular intervals creating diagonal stripes down the tree

  • Haphazard placement, taking pieces and tucking them in and out of the tree in different directions, giving a more organic look and not creating regular lines

Julie’s mesh ribbon is the perfect example of this haphazard tucking and placement style.

Ribbon Buying Guide: Understanding Ribbon

Ever wonder…

  1. Why is ribbon so expensive?
  2. What are the different types of ribbon?
  3. What makes each type of ribbon unique?
  4. How is ribbon made?
  5. What is the history of ribbon?

Making the most of ribbon starts with understanding it. When you understand the product you know how to buy it and what to pay for it. I love this ribbon buying guide for all those reasons. 

Wired ribbon vs. Non-wired Ribbon

  • Using wired ribbon is different from using non-wired ribbon.
  • Wired ribbon holds its shape.
  • Non-wired ribbon is flowy and creates an old-fashioned, more casual look.
  • We love both styles on a Christmas tree.

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Solid vs. Mesh Ribbon

  • Using mesh ribbon has the benefit of allowing the lights of the tree to shine through.
  • Mesh ribbon has a more subtle affect, and it’s a great addition to any tree.

  • Using solid ribbon is often used for its color, texture or patterns.
  • Solid ribbon makes a stronger visual statement.

Bouncing Method

The bouncing method can be used in all three placement options. Bouncing means taking the ribbon and tucking it, then “bouncing” a piece over the branches, then tucking again and so on, creating a ribbon-bouncing affect.

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Organic Method

  • This method involves far less tucking and more casual laying of the ribbon across the tree.
  • To create an organic feel let the ribbon flow naturally over the branches.
  • To create a natural feel you may want to turn the ribbon, forming natural curl and a 3-dimensional look like Julie did with her tree this year.


  • Jodie used this same organic method with her “Merry Christmas” ribbon but allowed it to lay mostly flat so the words would show.

  • The look is fluid, casual and effortless, as if the ribbon fell onto the tree.
  • It gives the tree a little old-fashioned feel.

Types of Christmas Tree Bows

Bows are another fabulous way to decorate your Christmas tree with ribbon. One benefit of decorating with bows is that it uses less ribbon than covering the entire tree with lengths of ribbon.

Just like ribbon styles, there are plenty of bow styles to choose from. Have fun playing with all of them.

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Simple Old-fashioned Bow
    • This method needs no real explanation. If you learned to tie your shoes you’ve got this one down already. 
    • Don’t underestimate the beauty and potential impact of the simple bow.
    • I love to use this bow with delicate 1/4 inch ribbon. 
    • When using delicate ribbon place them on the tips of your branches.


    • For my family room tree this year I used two shades of 1/4 inch velvet in my two key accent colors, gold and black.
    • Also consider making the simple bow using wider ribbon of your choice. You can choose to tie them on branches or tuck them in around the tree at regular intervals.

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No-Bow Ribbons
    • Also simple to create.
    • Perfect with three ribbons, but you could do it with four if you want.
    • Choose three ribbons of different width that look good together.
    • Cut them all the same length.
    • Length is up to you, but we like about a foot.
    • Lay the second widest on top of the widest.
    • Take the thinnest ribbon and tie the other two together.
    • Spread out the ribbon and you’ve got your no-bow ribbon ready to go.
    • This works equally well with both wired and non-wired ribbons.
    • Use all around your tree at regular intervals.
    • To help envision where to place, I imagine creating diamond shapes all around the tree.

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Easy Big Christmas Bow

I have a blog post that details these gorgeous Christmas tree bows and how to make them.

When to Use and Tips for Decorating your Christmas Tree with Ribbon and Easy Big Bows:

  • Still an easy bow to make
  • Larger look
  • Use this bow if you want to fill more of your tree and use fewer ornaments.
  • Create using 3-4 different ribbons.
  • I like to use a variety of colors, textures and widths of ribbons
  • For a bigger look use wider ribbons.
  • I also like to use wired ribbon for these.

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How To Make Easy Big Bows to Decorate your Christmas Tree with Ribbon:

  •  Choose 3 or 4 different ribbons to layer
  • Cut into equal lengths, about 30″ long.  

  • Gather together and fold in half.
  • Use craft wire to secure in the middle, creating large loops at the top and long tails. Halfway is where I secure.

  • Leave enough wire to be able to secure to tree if desired. You can opt to tuck inside the branches and not use the wire to secure. It’s up to you.
  • Spread out the loops and tails.

  • Arrange around the tree, creating diamond shapes.

Variation on the above “Big Bow” is a smaller version. Simply cut your ribbon lengths to 20-22 inches instead of the large 30″ for a smaller but equally show-stopping look for your Christmas tree. You can see in these photos of Jodie’s tree how layering just 2 ribbons still made a huge impact on her tree.

Jodie’s version is super simple. She doesn’t connect them. She just loops them and sticks them into the tree. 

Here’s another close up view.


It’s Your Turn to Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Ribbon



Feel free to tailor the sizes to the size of your Christmas tree and your unique look you’re trying to achieve.

These ideas are simply starting points for you to get creative and comfortable using ribbon to decorate your Christmas trees.

There’s no right or wrong way. Once you get going we bet you’ll find new ways to use ribbon that are all your own.

Remember our only rules for decorating

  1. Have fun.
  2. Don’t worry.
  3. Enjoy the process!

Merry Christmas Y’all!

With love,

jodie & julie

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How to Make a Christmas Bow 4 Ways

There are so many fun ways to decorate for Christmas, but one great way to tie your decor (or gift wrapping) together is with Christmas bows! You can choose the ribbon and color scheme yourself to make your Christmas decorations extra special.  If you’ve ever wondered how to make a Christmas bow like you see in pictures, look no further!

We’re going to show you how to make a Christmas bow out of ribbon four different ways, both big and small.

First, here are some things to take into consideration when purchasing your materials:

  • Consider double sided ribbon – Though double sided ribbon isn’t required for all of these bows, we recommend it if you’re worried about your ribbon getting twisted. Double sided ribbon ensures that the right side is always facing up!
  • Use wired ribbon for shape – If you want your bow to have a lot of shape or fullness, use wired ribbon so that it’s easier to arrange.
  • Sharp scissors are key – Sharp scissors leave clean cuts, and make it easy easy to cut through multiple layers and wired ribbon. We used fabric scissors.

Ready? Let’s get started!


How to Make a Classic Christmas Bow

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The classic bow is what everyone pictures when they hear the word “bow.” It is the easiest of the four to make. You can use either regular ribbon or wired ribbon when making a classic Christmas bow. We used wired ribbon, which allowed us to mold the loops into full shapes rather than having them lay flat.


Step 1: Create three loops with your ribbon. Two that face upwards and one middle loop that faces downwards.

Step 2: Cross the right loop over the left loop so that the side with the tail hanging down faces out.

Step 3: Fold the right loop down through the center loop.

Step 4: Arrange your bow and enjoy!


How to Make a Double Bow

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For the double bow, we suggest using thin, non-wired, double-sided ribbon for best results. As you can see in the video, we use single-sided ribbon, which still works. However, one of the loops will be twisted, as you have to twist the ribbon on the second loop in step 2 so that the right side is still facing you.

Since you use your fingers as a guide when making these bows, they will be relatively small. You can apply the same technique using something wider, like chair legs, if you want to make a large double bow.


Step 1: Cut a length of ribbon. Ours was 18 inches long. Then, make a peace sign with your index and middle fingers and rotate them sideways. Place the ribbon over your index and middle fingers, leaving about 4 inches overlapping, and hold ribbon in place between your thumb and index finger.

Step 2: Wrap the ribbon down and around the back of your fingers once. Repeat one more loop so the ribbon is now facing downwards behind your middle finger.

Step 3: Bring the ribbon in front of your middle finger. The ribbon should still be facing downwards.

Step 4: Loop the ribbon up and behind your middle finger so that it is facing away from you.

Step 5: Bring the ribbon forward so it lays horizontally across the vertical loops of ribbon.

Step 6: Thread through the opening between your index and middle finger.

Step 7: Circle the tail back around so that it crosses the horizontal strip of ribbon, making an “x.”

Step 8: Pull the tail up behind the “x” and cinch the ribbon together, tightening the center.


How to Make a Gift Bow

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A voluminous bow is a great way to make your gift pop. If you want to go beyond solid-colored, store-bought gift bows, try making your own with patterned ribbon! We’ll show you how to make a gift bow in six easy steps.

One-sided ribbon is fine for this type of bow. You can use non-wired or wired ribbon, though wired ribbon gives the bow a better shape. Since you’ll be cutting through multiple layers of ribbon, you’ll need sharp scissors, like fabric scissors, to create this bow. The gift bow uses a lot of ribbon (we used nearly 5.5 feet in our 4.5 inch wide bow), so if you plan on making multiple gift bows, be sure to stock up on ribbon.


Step 1: Measure how wide you want the bow, keeping the ribbon attached to the spool if you’re unsure how many layers you want.

Step 2: Fold that length inwards. Continue folding until you have the desired number of loops (one fold equals one loop). Once complete, cut the end of the ribbon. You’ll now have one big ring.

Step 3: Take the two ends of that ring and put them together so that they (and the loose end of the ribbon) are at the top center.

Step 4: Cut notches at the center of the ribbon. You should cut on the left and right sides about one-third of the way in on each side.

Step 5: Thread floral wire through the cuts and twist it tightly to secure.

Step 6: Pull and twist each loop to fill out your bow.


How to Make a Big Christmas Bow

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This large bow is the perfect wreath bow. Use it to decorate your greenery, or place on your door or staircase to add festivity to your home! Single-sided, wired ribbon is best for this project. If you’re unsure how big you want each loop, leave the ribbon on the spool while you’re creating the bow.


Step 1: With the right side of the ribbon facing up, determine how long you want the tail of your ribbon to be.

Step 2: From that point, twist the ribbon so the side closest to the spool is facing wrong side up.

Step 3: Grab the end where the wrong side is facing up and loop it down towards the tail and back around to create a circle. Twist the ribbon so right sides are facing up on both sides. You should now have your center loop.

Step 4: Fold the ribbon back towards the bottom of the center loop to create your first side loop.

Step 5: Twist the ribbon so that the right side faces up and create another loop on the opposite side.

Step 6: Repeat until you’ve filled out your bow with the desired number of loops

Step 7: Cut a piece of floral wire and thread through the center loop and around the rest of the bow. Twist to secure.

Step 8: Measure your second tail so it’s equal to the first and cut ribbon from the spool.


DIY Christmas Bow Styling Tips

Now that you know how to make Christmas bows, what are you going to use them for? Wrapping Christmas gifts is the obvious answer, but there are so many other unique ways you can decorate with bows and ribbons. Here are a few styling tips to inspire you.

    • Use mini bows as ornaments | Elise + Hope
    • Top your Christmas tree with a paper bow | Studio DIY
    • Complement your greenery with contrasting ribbon | Clean and Scentsible
    • Tie together your place setting | This Happiness Blog
    • Dress up your bows as characters | Living Locurto

New Year's bow on the Christmas tree from a ribbon, master class

Every year, on New Year's Eve, all the inhabitants of our country are busy with one IMPORTANT occupation - everyone decorates their New Year tree! To facilitate this task, sales of all kinds of New Year's toys are gaining momentum in the supermarkets of our country: balls, stars, houses, cones, animals, snowflakes, bows and even fairy-tale characters . .. you can’t count everything!

Some Christmas trees will be decorated in a strict design style, others will be full of all kinds of toys, and others will be only rare collections…

This is all good, but you must admit, how nice it is to make New Year's toys with your own hands, in the circle of your family, saturated with emotions and fun of loved ones! Not a single purchased toy will bring such an effect!

Our site brings to your attention a very beautiful New Year's craft with your own hands - a chic lush bow for the Christmas tree, made with your own hands from ribbons!

Photo of decorating a Christmas tree with bows

These bows can be made in a wide variety of colors and sizes. This Christmas tree decoration will fit perfectly into any style, whether it is strict, consisting of just such bows, or a cheerful children's one, where bows are a fun addition to a great variety of New Year's toys.

A very big "plus" of such ribbon bows for the Christmas tree is that they are made very quickly! In any hour you can make a dozen of these decorations!

Why so many bows? Well, firstly, your Christmas tree can only be decorated with ribbon bows, secondly, with the help of such bows you can arrange any New Year's wish, rolled up in a scroll and inserted into a festive bright bow, and thirdly, New Year's costumes, a table and a room can be also decorate with fun bows! However, depending on the application, adjust the size of the bow itself!

Christmas tree bow, master class

Let's start our master class as soon as possible and you will learn all the stages of creating such a Christmas tree decoration.

Prepare and place in front of you:

  • Sharp scissors;
  • Bright ribbon 5 cm wide;
  • Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide;
  • Thin ribbon only 0.5 cm wide;
  • Needle and thread to match the ribbons;
  • Regular lighter.

To make one bow, you need to cut the prepared ribbons into small pieces:

  • A piece of the widest ribbon (5 cm long) 15 cm long - 4 pieces;
  • Pieces of medium-sized tape (2.5 cm) 15 cm long - 5 pieces;

We select four ribbons of each width, carefully place the narrow ribbon on the wide one, and align it strictly in the center!

And now we are faced with a very important task: to ensure a tight fastening of two ribbons superimposed one on top of the other and take measures to prevent the ribbon cuts from loosening! An ordinary lighter will help us with this! Thanks to her intervention, we will kill two birds with one stone with a slight movement of the hand - we will get rid of loosening and “fuse” the tapes together!

It is done like this: we bring a lit lighter to the edges of the ribbons and move it up and down - the edges begin to melt and burn (we do not let it burn, we blow it out). We should get an even fused cut:

See how four blanks should look like:

We bend our tape blanks in half. It's time to put all the details of our bow together.

Using a regular basting stitch for assembly, this is what it should look like:

We pull it together well, fasten it - we got this blank:

As you remember, we still have one more piece of tape left unused, 2.5 cm wide. Its time has come. We put this segment in front of us, visually mark its middle and sew along this line with the already familiar overcast seam:

You don’t need to cut the thread, just sew the ribbon to the finished workpiece.

And now let's remember about one more thin ribbon! With this ribbon. With a width of only 0.5 cm, we will carefully tie a bow in the center, decorate the middle, tie a loop - BOTTOM FOR THE CHRISTMAS made by yourself, completely ready!

I think. That your collection will not be limited to one bow, and the included fantasy will work with a vengeance, especially when it sees the result of its work:

Fantasize, dare, be creative . .. luck is on your side!

Do-it-yourself ribbon bows for the Christmas tree, 7 master classes

The stores have a huge assortment of beautiful Christmas toys, stars, cones, bows and many other New Year's accessories. Factory production produces beauty in large quantities and it can be found on the Christmas tree in different families - and that's good! However, you want to do something special and unique, and your skillful hands will help you with this. In this article we will look at: how to make bows for a Christmas tree from ribbons with your own hands.


  • 1 chic bant of satin ribbons
    • 1.1 Master class
  • 2 Flower bant from tapes
    • 2.1 Master class
    • 3 Original Balti from risks
      • .1 Master class
    • 4 Christmas ribbon bow
      • 4.1 Master class
    • 5 Classic satin ribbon bow
      • 5.1 Master class
      • 9004 5 6 bow0032
      • 6. 1 Master class
    • 7 Extravagant Bant of satin ribbons
      • 7.1 Master class
    • Shikan ban from satin ribbons


      You will need: Krasnaya tape 5 cm. 2.5 cm, white ribbon 0.5 cm wide, needle, thread, lighter, scissors.


      1. Prepare 4 pieces of 15 cm each from a red 5 cm ribbon.
      2. Prepare 5 pieces, each 15 cm long, from 2.5 cm wide white tape.
      3. Melt the ends of the ribbons using a lighter.
      4. Fold the workpieces in half.
      5. Assemble the bow from the blanks using a thread with a needle. Carefully do this work with a basting seam.
      6. Pull and fasten the thread.
      7. Sew the remaining white ribbon into the center of the bow.
      8. Prepare a piece of the thinnest white ribbon and sew it as a pendant to the length you need.

      A chic satin ribbon bow is ready! I recommend watching this video!

      DIY crafts - How to Make Bow / Simple Way to Make ribbon bow / diy decorative bow / Julia DIY

      Watch this video on YouTube width, scissors, thread with a needle, lighter, rhinestone.


      1. Prepare 7 pieces of the same size.
      2. Fold the piece in half and cut the ends diagonally. Repeat this process with all segments.
      3. Melt the ends of the ribbons using a lighter.
      4. Thread the pieces with a needle as shown in the picture.
      5. Tighten and secure the bow.
      6. Prepare a thin ribbon and fasten it in the center.
      7. Attach a rhinestone to the center of the bow.
      8. Prepare a piece of ribbon and sew it as a pendant in the length you need.

      The ribbon flower bow is ready!

      Original ribbon bow

      You will need: textured ribbons of two colors of the same size, scissors, lighter, thread, needle.


      1. Prepare 2 pieces of the same size in each color.
      2. Fold in half and cut the ends diagonally.
      3. Melt the ends of the ribbons using a lighter.
      4. Fold the ribbons in a cross pattern and sew in the center.
      5. Tighten the thread, wind it around the center and fasten off.
      6. Prepare a thin piece of ribbon and decorate the center.
      7. Prepare a piece of ribbon and sew it as a pendant to the desired length.

      The original ribbon bow is ready! I recommend watching this video!

      How to make a BOW FROM A RIBBON of any size / Satin ribbon Bow / ✿ NataliDoma

      Watch this video on YouTube

      Christmas ribbon bow

      You will need: textured ribbons of different widths, scissors, lighter, thread, needle.


      1. Prepare a piece of the widest tape. It will be the base and should be larger than the other two parts.
      2. Fold it 3 times.
      3. Gather in the center and tighten with string.
      4. Wrap the thread around the center, then fasten off.
      5. In the same way form the middle bow, it should be smaller than the previous one.
      6. Sew the bows in the center.
      7. Form a small third bow and sew it to the two bows in the center.
      8. Prepare a thin piece of ribbon and decorate the center.
      9. Make 10 small equal cuts and twist them with scissors.
      10. Sew the pieces together to form a curly flower, then sew into the center of the bow.

      Christmas ribbon bow is ready!

      Classic satin ribbon bow

      You will need: 5.5 cm wide satin white ribbon, gold cord or other pendant, 3 gold sequins and 3 beads, needle, thread, scissors, lighter.


      1. Prepare a ribbon 55 cm long.
      2. Fold in half and cut the ends diagonally.
      3. Melt the ends of the ribbons using a lighter.
      4. Fold the ribbon into a bow shape as shown.
      5. Sew the center of the bow with thread, then pull off.
      6. Prepare a 5x5 cm square of white ribbon.
      7. Melt the cuts with a lighter.
      8. Fold the square in half, sew along the edge and turn inside out.
      9. Place this strip around the center of the bow and sew at the back.
      10. Sew on sequins and beads.
      11. Prepare a cord 14 cm long, form and sew a loop.

      The classic satin ribbon bow is ready! I recommend watching this video!

      Satin ribbon bow 🎀Laço de Cetim 🎀 Satin Ribbon bow 🎀laço de fita

      Watch this video on YouTube

      Festive bow

      You will need: red transparent ribbon with a pattern 5 cm wide, red nylon thin ribbon, thread, needle, scissors.

      Master class

      1. Fold the tape in such a way that you get a loop.
      2. Make a loop on the other side to make a figure eight.
      3. Flatten the ribbon into a bow shape as shown.
      4. Tie down the center with thread.
      5. Prepare a thin red ribbon 24 cm long, wrap one end around the center of the bow and fold the other end into a loop.
      6. Secure the tape with stitches.

      Festive ribbon bow is ready! I recommend watching this video!

      Lush ribbon bow 2.5cm DIY kanzashi BOW

      Watch this video on YouTube

      Extravagant satin ribbon bow

      You will need: 5.5 cm wide satin beige ribbon, thin green ribbon, thin red ribbon, thread, needle, scissors, lighter, sequin and bead.


      1. Prepare a 36 cm long beige ribbon.
      2. Fold it into a bow shape as shown in the image.
      3. Make a random bow with thin ribbons.
      4. Secure in the center with stitches and leave a piece of thin ribbon for the future eyelet.
      5. Form a loop and sew it on.
      6. Sew the bows together.
      7. Sew on the sequin and bead.

      Extravagant satin ribbon bow is ready! I recommend watching this video!

      Beautiful bow of satin ribbons .

      Learn more