How to make burlap christmas tree topper

Christmas Tree Topper Idea (using the Messy Bow)

Need a fresh Christmas Tree topper idea? Using scrap fabric or extra ribbon along with some burlap material makes this a whimsical, non-traditional idea for a tree topper. This bow is so easy that anyone can make one to use on a Christmas tree or anywhere an added pop of color is needed. See how to create your own tree topper bow in this tutorial.

A tree-topper or tree topper is typically a decorative ornament placed at the top otherwise known as the “crown” of a Christmas tree. They are usually the last decoration to be placed on the tree and sometimes there is a special ceremony involved.

I have fond memories of placing a bright, multi-colored star on the top of our Christmas tree when I was little. It was so much fun. We played music and drank hot cocoa and made an event out of decorating the tree. Adding a tree topper to a Christmas tree dates back centuries and is a fun way to personalize your tree. Ideas include an angel, star, finial, Santa, or a bow!

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What You’ll Need to Make a Tree Topper Bow

  • burlap material
  • 4-5 various choices of ribbons with at least one of them wired
  • zip tie
  • optional embellishment or bling
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • scissors

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Watch the YouTube Video Tutorial on How to Make a Messy Bow Tree Topper

If it’s easier for you to watch a video, then I’ve got you covered here with this easy-to-learn step-by-step instructional video tutorial on how to make your very own messy bow. Be sure to subscribe while you’re at it!

Instructions for Making a Christmas Bow Tree Topper

  1. Cut the burlap and ribbons into approximately 2-4″ wide by 12-16″ long strips. The length of the ribbons will determine the size of the bow.
  2. Starting with a burlap piece, lay the ribbon strips down one by one in a criss-cross pattern varying the ribbons as you go.
  3. Taking the zip tie, wiggle it underneath the stack of ribbons until it comes out on the other side and then zip it half way.
  4. Flip the ribbon stack over and bring the zip tie around the the back to zip it tight. Trim the zip tie.
  5. Pull each ribbon strip towards the center until you have a pom pom shape for your bow.
  6. Take the stack in your hand like a bouquet and using the scissors, trim to the desired length evening up the strips.
  7. Shake out the bow to release the strings.
  8. Glue an embellishment in the center like a piece of vintage jewelry or bling.
  9. Use an extra zip tie to thread through the original zip tie to attach to the top of your tree.

Messy Bow Tree Topper with Bling

This is how a simple vintage brooch or rhinestone embellishment would look in the center of your messy bow tree topper. It gives it just the right amount of extra sparkle!

Stunning and gorgeous and all handmade by YOU!

Messy Bow Tree Topper Without Bling

This is how it would look without bling in the center of your messy bow tree topper. This look is traditional and simple.

This is a close up look at the tree topper bow with all it’s colors and uniqueness!

What are the Most Popular Tree Topper Ideas?
  • A Christmas angel is the most common tree-topper. Here are some of my favorite angel tree topper ideas!
  • A star is another popular choice for a tree topper. The star symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem that led the shepherds to the manger.
  • The snowflake is a little less traditional of a tree topper idea; but snowflakes still a popular choice.
  • Father Christmas or Santa are also popular tree-topper ideas. There are so many to choose from out there; I picked a few and put them here.
  • Finials are a beautiful way to top a Christmas tree. They come in so many shapes, colors and sizes. These can be plastic or blown glass. Make sure your ceiling is high enough for one of these though.

How to choose the right tree topper

When choosing a tree topper, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. First, think about the overall look you’re going for. Do you want something traditional or modern?

Next, consider the size of your tree. If you have a small tree, you’ll want to choose a smaller topper. For a large tree, you can go with a bigger topper.

Finally, think about what kind of materials you want your topper to be made out of. Glass and metal are popular choices, but there are also many fabric and plastic toppers available.

No matter what your style or budget, there’s sure to be a tree topper that’s perfect for you!

Here are a few of my favorite tree toppers below:

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Tips for storing your tree topper

When it comes time to take down your Christmas tree, you’ll want to be careful with your topper. Glass and metal toppers can be fragile, so it’s important to wrap them up carefully.

For fabric and plastic toppers, you can just fold them up and store them in a box. Make sure to label the box so you know what’s inside when it comes time to decorate next year!

With a little bit of care, your tree topper will last for many Christmases to come!

The History of Tree Toppers

The first recorded use of a tree topper was in the 15th century in Germany. Trees were often decorated with fruit, nuts, and candles. The candles were used to represent the stars in the sky.

The first Christmas tree topper was made out of glass and was shaped like a star. It was created in 1846 by German glassblower Hans Greiner.

The first electrically-lit tree topper was created in 1903 by Edward H. Johnson, the founder of the Edison Illuminating Company. The topper was a replica of his company’s light bulb.

Tree toppers became more popular in the United States in the 1920s and 1930s. Many different designs were created, including angels, Santa Claus, and stars.

Today, tree toppers come in all shapes and sizes. You can find them made out of glass, metal, plastic, or even fabric. There’s sure to be a tree topper that’s perfect for your holiday decor!

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Christmas Tree Topper Idea

This Christmas tree topper idea is so easy that anyone can make one. See how to create your own tree topper bow in this tutorial.

  • burlap material
  • ribbons
  • zip tie
  • embellishment optional
  • hot glue
  • Cut the burlap and ribbons into approximately 2-4" wide by 12-16" long strips. The length of the ribbons will determine the size of the bow.

  • Starting with a burlap piece, lay the ribbon strips down one by one in a criss-cross pattern varying the ribbons as you go.

  • Taking the zip tie, wiggle it underneath the stack of ribbons until it comes out on the other side and then zip it half way. 

  • Flip the ribbon stack over and bring the zip tie around the the back to zip it tight. Trim the zip tie.

  • Pull each ribbon strip towards the center until you have a pom pom shape for your bow. 

  • Take the stack in your hand like a bouquet and using the scissors, trim to the desired length evening up the strips. 

  • Shake out the bow to release the strings.

  • Glue an embellishment in the center like a piece of vintage jewelry or bling.

Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree - A Rustic Holiday Decor DIY

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If you love rustic décor, you will absolutely adore this burlap ribbon Christmas tree craft. They are perfect for holiday decor or holiday gifting!

Rustic decor has taken the world by storm.

Just take a peek in your favorite home décor store and you’ll see a variety of items made with galvanized metal, worn wood, and burlap.

Burlap is such a great material to work with. It’s durable and gives your craft a bit of charm.

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Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree

Speaking of charm, this DIY burlap ribbon Christmas tree is loaded with rustic charm.

This project is perfect to make on a rainy Fall day. Just turn on one your favorite Christmas movies and relax while making some of these burlap ribbon Christmas tree decorations.

Make them for your home, make them for friends, make them in a variety of styles. Have fun with it and be creative.

Create different size burlap ribbon trees to display together as collection of three trees.

Or you could use these decorative burlap trees as a Christmas centerpiece. Just place the trees inside of a homemade wreath.

How to Make Burlap Ribbon Christmas Tree Decorations

Begin by gathering your supplies.

For this DIY you will need:

  • burlap ribbon with wire in various prints and sizes
  • foam tree form
  • push pins
  • small pine cone or star to top the tree

You will also need a pair of scissors and a hot glue gun to complete this craft.

Start by finding your widest ribbon and cut a few short pieces — only a few inches long each.

Starting at the bottom of the tree, make loops out of your lengths of ribbon and pin them onto the tree form. Continue until you have gone all around the bottom.

Then, move up to the next row, using your next widest ribbon.

Continue covering the tree form with layers of looped ribbon.

For the final layer, use hot glue instead of push pins (so no pins will be visible).

Finally, top your tree with a small pine cone, star, or embellishment of your choice.

I hope that you enjoy this easy Christmas decor DIY!

Did you know that you can now print out the material list & step-by-step instructions for Crayons & Cravings projects?! Just click on the big green print button below!

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  • Rock Nativity Canvas Wall Art
  • Wooden Christmas Tree Decor


  • Various types and widths of burlap ribbon with wire
  • foam cylinder tree form
  • Push pins
  • Small pine cones for the top (or other small decoration)


  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors


  1. Begin by cutting short lengths of your widest ribbon. These should be only a couple of inches long. Form each piece of cut ribbon into a loop and put a pushpin through the top where the two loose ends meet.
  2. Attach the pinned loop of ribbon to the bottom of your tree form just an inch or two from the bottom.
  3. Continue to create a ring of looped ribbon all the way around the bottom.
  4. Once you have finished one row, go to your next widest ribbon and continue the process to create another layer of pinned loops of ribbon just an inch or two above the last row.
  5. Keep making layers of looped ribbon all the way up the Styrofoam form. You can see the photo for reference as to what this should look like.
  6. When you get to the final layer of looped ribbon, use hot glue to secure the loop closed and attach it to the Styrofoam form. You want to use hot glue and not pins on this layer so that no pins will be visible on your burlap ribbon tree.
  7. Once finished with the layers, hot glue a small pine cone or other embellishment to the top of your burlap ribbon tree to complete the decor.  

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How to make a Christmas tree out of burlap with your own hands?

Home » Home and family

Home and family

Author LediSmile Read 2 min. Views 8k. Posted by

New Year's decor made of rough materials on a natural basis is gaining more and more popularity. One of these is burlap. It is often used in needlework. It differs from ordinary material in large weaving. Burlap can also become the basis for a Christmas tree. So that you can easily make such a festive decor, the website has prepared detailed instructions.

You will need:

  • wide burlap tape;
  • cardboard or foam cone;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors, wooden star;
  • silver acrylic paint;
  • ink, silicone mat.

Workflow for making a burlap tree:

Step 1. Line your work surface with paper or use a silicone mat. Make a cone out of cardboard. You can also use ready-made foam figures as a basis.

A 5 cm wide lettuce is needed. Since it will fold in half along the strip, a narrower ribbon will not be able to create a frill. Start decorating the Christmas tree at the base of the cone. To do this, wrap the tape around the mold and cut to the desired length. In this case, the fabric for allowances does not need to be added.

Step 2. Burlap cuts do not need to be finished. To make a frill, apply a layer of glue along one of the edges of the tape.

While the adhesive is still wet, roll the material lengthwise and press down. Hold the burlap as the glue will seep through the threads.

You should end up with something like this.

Step 3 To secure the frill to the base, apply glue to the outside of the seam as shown in the picture.

Glue the first strip around the base of the figure. In this case, the fold line should be located at the bottom.

Step 4. For the second row, measure the tape again, fold and glue over the first. Place the strips as close together as possible so that the cardboard is not visible. So you get a magnificent Christmas tree.

Step 5. The closer you get to the top of the cone, the more you fold the strip of burlap.

Step 6. Decorate the top with fabric as well.

Step 7. When you have glued all the rows of frills, cut each one vertically. The distance between the cuts should be at least 2.5 cm.

Use sharp scissors for this.

Step 8. Paint the star with silver paint and age it with ink.

Step 9. Attach the decor to the top of the tree.

do-it-yourself fleece, felt and burlap

New Year is probably the most favorite and long-awaited holiday for children. It has always been like this: looking forward to Santa Claus, from year to year the kids touchingly and naively write to the good wizard about their cherished dreams and hopes, waiting for their wishes to come true.

They also try to create gifts for the most beloved and dear people with their own hands. Of course, with the help of adults.

The most magical holiday

Now it's not a problem to decorate a New Year's tree: there are so many different balls, toys, garlands, tinsel for sale - eyes widen. Only now all this brilliant, iridescent abundance is nothing but banal consumer goods.

If stamping does not warm your soul, and you like to make something, involve your child in the creative process. Yes, inept fingers do not know how much, but the baby will try. And not only to make toys and be a magician, he will also learn from you to take care of others.

You can create from everything

Everything is useful for work: felt, colorful patches, ribbons, lace and burlap. And since these are fabrics, it means that you will need needles and threads, scissors, thick paper for stencils and fillers for voluminous toys (synthetic winterizer, synthetic winterizer, foam rubber or cotton wool). Pencils, chalk, glue and a brush will come in handy.

Before you know how to make stencils, start with simple fabric toy patterns. With your own hands, first create one figure, then another, and then everything else will work out.

Alternatively, you can print Christmas tree decoration templates from the Internet - this will help, especially for beginners.

New Year's soft toys

There is so much love, warmth and tenderness in crafts created by one's own hands that you involuntarily start to smile, as soon as you look at them at least once.

Do-it-yourself coniferous beauty

For this magical holiday , the most necessary attribute is the Christmas tree , which can be made in several versions using the following fabrics:

  1. Felt. Using a stencil, transfer the outline, and then carefully cut out two Christmas trees. If there are pieces of felt of different colors, you can make a two-color tree. Between the two crowns, you need to put a loop of thin ribbon (then you can hang the toy with it) and secure with a few stitches. Sew with threads in contrasting or the same colors as the felt, making decorative stitches over the edge. Sew the base last, since through it you must first fill the Christmas tree with cotton wool or padding polyester.

    Beads, beads, sequins, small buttons are suitable for decoration. They can be sewn on or glued on.

  2. Calico, first option. The fabric can be plain or variegated. Again, you need a stencil. Having folded the material in half so that the front side is inside, transfer the outline of the Christmas tree to it. To prevent the layers from moving, chip them off with needles, and then sweep the Christmas tree twice (the stitches should be small) along the entire contour, except for the base. The second seam must be shifted a step - you get a semblance of a line. Can be stitched on a sewing machine.

    Stepping back half a centimeter from the stitches, cut out the figure. Turn the resulting Christmas tree inside out, fill it with padding polyester and sew the base with a hidden seam. You can not dress up a colorful toy at all, except to add a few sequins and beads to the existing pattern. Create a loop by threading a thick thread through the top of the Christmas tree.

  3. Calico, second option. This tree will be sewn in a completely different way, so the fabric needs to be folded differently: inside out to the wrong side, the outline will have to be transferred to the front side. In the same way, chip off the layers with needles and sweep them away. Sew along the outline with a zigzag stitch. Cut out, stepping back from the edge of a millimeter.

    Insert a wooden stick (trunk) inside, fill the Christmas tree figurine with sintepuh and stitch the base. The loop is made from a thick thread.

Instructions for creating Santa Claus

You can make a Santa Claus figurine as follows:

  • Make four stencils: head, cone-torso, arm, bag.
  • Transfer the outlines of the head and hand onto the felt, repeat the operation, first turning the stencils over. Do not double the contours of the torso and bag.
  • Cut out all the elements of the future toy.
  • Sew the head, leaving the "neck" and filling it with padding polyester.
  • It is better to sew the cone end-to-end - this will be the front part of the toy.
  • Glue on the doll's body the head (it is put on the tip of the cone), hands and bag. Color the hat, coat, mittens and bag blue or red. Put and glue a magic staff in one hand.
  • Cut out the beard from cotton pads.
  • The edge of the fur coat can be made of white fleece or wadding, which also closes the front seam on the cone.
  • Draw Frost's face.
  • Decorate your fur coat, hat and bag with sequins, silver beads.

Soft fabric snowman

The snowman can be made from felt and tulle . In order to make a cute felt snowman you need:

  • Make a pattern: three circles, one smaller than the other, and a trapezoidal outline of the bucket. Cut out all these shapes in two sets.
  • Sew all circles over the edge with decorative stitches, filling them with padding polyester. The resulting lenses will play the role of balls.
  • Then you need to string the blanks on a thick thread to make a snowman. First from top to bottom. Then, stepping back about a centimeter along the lower arc of the largest ball, string all three parts of the figure from bottom to top, parallel to the first seam.
  • Pulling the thread slightly at both ends will flatten the balls a little. Tie the thread into two knots so that the snowman does not fall apart.
  • Pass the stick through the upper third of the middle ball, these will be the hands.
  • Sew the sides and bottom of the bucket. Pass both ends of the thread from the figurine through the middle of the seam so that the headdress is put on the head. Lubricate the edges of the bucket from the inside and glue to the smallest ball.
  • Use leftover thread to make a loop.
  • Now it's time to decorate the toy: draw or embroider the eyes, carrot nose and mouth. Buttons can be sewn on or glued on.

A tulle snowman will look more like his real counterparts. The main elements of should approximate the shape of the ball . To do this, you need:

  • cut three round blanks, sew the edge with medium-sized stitches and pull the thread slightly - a kind of bag is formed into which you need to push the filler and tie the thread. It turns out a ball. Carefully tuck the protruding edges of the tulle inward. The other two parts of the toy are made in exactly the same way.
  • Now you need to thread the wire through the middle ball. "Palms" will turn out if you carefully form an oval bend at the ends of the wire.
  • When stitching the balls, you need to try to mask the connected knots.
  • It remains to make eyes from small beads or embroider a smiling mouth and a carrot nose, attach one or two buttons of beads or sequins on the middle ball in any way.
  • This snowman will have a different headdress: you need to build a hat from a rectangular piece of knitwear. To make it a beautiful top, step back from the edge a little less than a centimeter and sew the workpiece with small stitches, leave thread tails on both sides.
  • Now connect the sides of the rectangle, then pull off the bait - you get a "pompom". Baste the hat to the topmost ball-head.
  • It remains only to make a loop.

Small bird toy

You can easily make such textile toys with your own hands with patterns. It is only necessary to first imagine an elongated drop , then “bend” it and add a head with a beak to the thickened end. This is one stencil. The second is a tummy-lens. A small curved drop, repeated twice, will become wings.

It is necessary to cut out two torsos with a head from a plain fabric, sew them together with a lens (it can be of a different color). Then sew the contour of the head. Now only the back remains unstitched. Turn the future bird inside out and start connecting both edges from tail to head with a blind seam.

Fill the figurine with synthetic down through the not yet sewn hole in the middle of the back . Then, inserting the edges of the loop, sew up the toy and fasten the ribbon.

Wings, cut from the same fabric as the tummy, can either be neatly basted or glued on.

Embroider eyes or glue on small beads.

Scheme for making a baby penguin

For this figurine it is better to take white and black thick fabric . The template can be found on the Internet or drawn on your own: one circle is slightly on top of the other, add handle fins to the bottom one - you will need two such black outlines. The white part, which consists of two overlapping circles, is almost a centimeter smaller than the black silhouette. From the top of the white blank, cut a small triangle.

Glue a white one onto one black piece, this will be the front. Then sew it to the back. Before reaching the end, push the synthetic winterizer into the existing hole and finish the seam.

Sew on beady eyes, stick a yellow beak triangle, tie a scarf around the neck, make a loop.

DIY star craft

Very spectacular stars made of satin or lurex fabric . Using the template, draw outlines on the fabric folded in half. Peel off the layers with needles, sweep and stitch along the contour, with the exception of one edge. Cut out the shape, departing from the stitches half a centimeter. Turn the star inside out and fill it with padding polyester.

Sew up the toy with a blind stitch and make a buttonhole. Sew a zigzag star from burlap, it is better not to turn it inside out. If the fabric is bright, the craft can not be decorated. If you want a more colorful figure, make each ray from a different fabric.

We will go to a fairy tale

You can go to a fairy tale on a self-made vehicle . Patterns for New Year's toys can be simplified, so it's easy enough to draw a pattern.

On burlap, folded in half, draw an outline and stitch everything except the back. Now you need to cut out the horse, fill the toy with sintepuh and sew it up. Make a mane and tail from threads pulled out of burlap, knitting yarn is also suitable. Eyes, mouth and nostrils can be drawn or embroidered. Attach a loop.

Tower, hut or house

To make a fairy tale hut or house , the template is based on the development of a cross-shaped cube with equal triangles added on each wing.

After cutting out a blank from a plain fabric along the contour, sew over the edge, first one corner of the house and the roof, then another, then the third. Fourth corner - connect only the walls first. Fill the house with cotton wool or synthetic winterizer, then sew up the roof and make a loop. Cut out windows and doors from fabric of a different color, stick them on. To make the house sparkle, you can decorate the corners, the perimeter of windows and doors with sequins. Or just spray it with glitter polish.

Decorate your roof with snow from cotton pads .

Learn more