How to make christmas tree ornaments at home

69 DIY Christmas Ornaments - Best Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

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When it's time to trim the Christmas tree this year, we know that you will want to grab your tried-and-true ornaments that you have been using year after year, and for good reason, the memories they hold are priceless. And while they're a surefire way to spruce up your, well, spruce, we think DIY Christmas ornaments can be just as meaningful. (Especially if you can turn making handmade ornaments into a fun Christmas activity for the family and create memories together!) Whether you're already in the holiday spirit and can't wait to get to work, or want to hold off on making them until you've picked out your tree, there's never a wrong time to start thinking about what homemade Christmas ornaments you want to create this season.

To help get you inspired, we've put together some of our favorite easy-to-make DIY Christmas ornaments. Salt dough Christmas ornaments are super fun to make and the kids will love getting their hands messy helping out. With so many DIY Christmas decorations and options to choose from, you're bound to find something that suits your taste. From options that are perfect for rustic trees, like tiny ornaments made of twine, to modern, metallic clay ornaments and even Christmas cookie ornaments, there's a Christmas craft in here for everyone. So if you're looking to add a twist to your tree this year, we suggest you take a peek at some of these homemade ornaments.

Becky Stayner

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Mini Bell Ornaments

Hang these pretty ornaments on your front door or drape on your tree.

To make: Stack mini molds and Bundt pans to form bell shapes; affix together using epoxy. Hot-glue small ornaments to the bottom to create the clappers. Glue ribbon loops and a bow to the top for hanging. Add a swag of greenery, if desired.


Brian Woodcock

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Mini Santa Sleigh Ornament

Santa will delight all who spy him on the tree in his mini walnut shell sleigh.

To make: Draw eyes on the face of a small wooden peg doll with a fine-tip black marker. Wrap the body of the doll in red felt, holding it in place with hot glue. Create a small hat from red felt, gluing it to the doll's head with hot glue. Attach a mini pom pom to the hat. Cover a mini wooden cube in green felt, holding it in place with hold glue. Tie a ribbon around the present. Drill small holes on either end of half of a walnut shell. Thread a piece of thin twine through each hole, securing it on the inside of the shell with hot glue. Knot the twine at the top for hanging. Use hot glue to secure Santa and the present in the shell.


Brian Woodcock

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Clothespin Ornament

Turn a classic country item, the clothespin, into a sweet Christmas ornament. Our version is made with mini clothespins, but you can use the regular sized variety if you prefer.

To make: Remove the springs from 14 mini clothespins. Turn the pieces from each clothespin around and glue them back to back. Glue the pins together to create a circular shape. Glue a piece of gold twine to one pin for hanging.


Brian Woodcock

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Felt Olaf Ornament

Kids love Frozen, and this ornament will surely get them dancing around the tree signing "Let It Go" again and again (sorry parents!).

To make: Cut body shapes from white felt; attach to a tongue depressor with hot glue. Cut buttons, mouth and eyebrows from black felt; attach to body with hot glue. Glue mini googly eyes below the eyebrows. Cut a carrot nose from orange felt; attach below the eyes with hot glue. Glue mini twig arms and a piece of twine for hanging to the tongue depressor.


Brian Woodcock

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Unicorn Ornament

Delight the kids and grandkids with this sweet and friendly DIY unicorn ornament

To make: Remove the cap from a glass or plastic ball ornament. Lightly water down a small amount of light pink acrylic paint. Carefully pour the paint in the opening of the ornament. Rotate the ornament until the inside is fully covered with paint; pour out excess. Allow to dry then reattach cap. Press desired color sculpting clay into a silicone unicorn mold to create ears and horn; allow to dry completely. Attach a mini unicorn horn, ears, and fake flowers with hot glue. Draw eyelashes just below the horn with a gold paint pen.


Brian Woodcock

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Walnut Rudolf Ornament

Greet Santa with this fresh and friendly faced Rudolph ornament. His shiny red nose will lead Santa right to the cookies you left under the tree.

To make: Drill a small hole toward the top of a half of a walnut shell. Attach mini googly eyes, a mini red pom pom, and brown felt ears with hot glue. Thread a piece of twine through the hole and knot.


Brian Woodcock

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Velvet Wrapped Ornament

Elegant and so simple, this DIY only takes 4 supplies to complete.

To make: Cut a square of velvet fabric. Wrap around a ball ornament, cinching it at the top. Tie a piece of ribbon around the cinch to hold closed and create a hanger. Tie a bow from the same ribbon and attach with hot glue. Attach small pearl craft bead with hot glue.


Brian Woodcock

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Wooden Bead Snowman Ornament

We promise this sweet DIY Frosty won’t melt while he hangs on your tree this holiday season.

To make: Paint three wooden craft beads with white acrylic paint. When dry thread a piece twine through the holes of the beads and knot to hold together. Attach two black gem mini crystal rhinestones for the eyes and four for the buttons with hot glue. Snip a short lengths of orange felt and attach just below the eyes with hot glue. Attach stick arms to the side of the middle bead with hot glue. Flock arms, if desired. Wrap a thin length of red felt to a mini black top hat with hot glue. Glue a string to the top of the hat for hanging. Glue hat to snowman’s head.


Brian Woodcock

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Decoupaged Tissue Paper Ornament

As simple as tearing and gluing this sweet and colorful ornament will take longer to dry than it does to make.

To make: Tear colorful tissue paper into small pieces. Attach to a clear glass or plastic ball ornament with glossy Mod Podge. Attach a small piece of ribbon or fabric over the ornament cap. Hang to dry.


Aww Sam

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Gumball Machine Ornaments

Turn a clear, plain ornament into a brilliantly vivid mini gumball machine, complete with tiny candies (or pom poms if you prefer). People will be amazed that you made these cute replicas!

Get the tutorial at Aww Sam.


All for the Memories

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Wood Slice State Ornaments

Celebrate your family's travels with these ornaments that have painted state decals on each wood slice. We think these also make the perfect gift for friends or family who travel often—and it doesn't have to be limited to states!

Get the tutorial at All for the Memories.


Unusually Lovely

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Confetti Ornaments

For that extra glitz on your Christmas tree, these confetti ornaments would make a sparkling addition. You only need four items to make these ornaments, which would make a stunning gift to others or to yourself!

Get the tutorial at Unusually Lovely.


Lovely Indeed

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Pom-Pom Christmas Character Ornaments

Make your own pom-pom-tastic Santas, reindeer, elves, and more with these adorable ornaments. The instructions include steps to make your own pom-poms too!

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.


Handmade Charlotte

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Painted Nut Ornaments

Nothing says Christmas more than snowmen, decorated trees, and. ..llamas? Why not! Your kids will love painting these cute ornaments made out of assorted nuts.

Get the tutorial at Handmade Charlotte.



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DIY Cross-Stitched Sleigh Ornament

What's more charming than a handmade ornament? One featuring a delightful Christmas scene, of course! This sleigh piled with presents fills the bill.

Get the pattern.



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DIY Dried Citrus Ornaments

Citrus ornaments look almost like stained glass when the light shines through them. To string your own strand, all you need are navel and blood oranges, parchment paper, two cookie sheets, jute or natural twine, a skewer or nail, and decorative hooks.

Make the Ornaments:

1. Preheat oven to 250°F.

2. Cut oranges crosswise into 1/4-inch slices (four oranges make a six-foot garland).

3. Line cookie sheets with parchment paper. Pat orange slices dry with paper towels, and place them on cookie sheets in a single layer.

4. Bake for approximately 3 hours or until dry. (To ensure the slices dry flat, turn them over at the midway mark.) Remove from oven.

5. Using a skewer or nail, poke two holes into the top of each orange slice.

6. Thread twine through each hole, evenly spacing the oranges on the garland. Tie off each end with a loop, and hang from hooks.


CLARA SUMSION / The House That Lars Built

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DIY Paper Candle Ornaments

These timeless paper ornaments almost look like real candles from a distance. Luckily for parents of small children though, these ones are far less dangerous.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.


Studio DIY

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DIY Rudolph Ornaments

We love this idea for ornaments—but they'd make for super-cute gift toppers too. Make more than one, and you've got yourself an entire herd of pastel-colored reindeer.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.


Alice & Lois

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DIY Wood Bead Snowflake Ornament

These rustic ornaments feature monochromatic twine and simple wooden beads. Whether your style is glam or a little less showy, they'll look wonderful on your tree.

Get the tutorial at Alice & Lois.


Mike Garten / Good Housekeeping

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DIY Sugar Cookie Ornaments

The best part of baking up a batch of "ornament cookies" is forgetting they're for the tree—oh, and nibbling on a few. (We won't tell!)

Get the tutorial at Good Housekeeping.


Lia Griffith

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DIY Paper House Ornaments

These tiny paper houses are too cute. Hung from a well-lit tree, they'll quickly add coziness and warmth to any living room.

Get the tutorial at Lia Griffith.


Jane Merritt / The House That Lars Built

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Printable Retro Ornaments

Wooden beads and embroidery floss bring these chic ornaments to life. They're just as beautiful as their vintage counterparts—but way less expensive!

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.


Mike Garten / Good Housekeeping

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DIY Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornament

Not only does this easy-to-craft ornament look pretty, but it also smells great! Hot glue brings together rosemary, cinnamon sticks, and gemstones for a festive and eye-catching final look.

To make: Bend a 30" piece of naturally coiled wrapped wire in half to form a loop, then gently push each end into the hollow part of a cinnamon stick. Use hot glue to attach cut sprigs of fresh rosemary for branches and small gems for ornaments.


One Little Project

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Wrapped Yarn Ornaments

What we love most about these colorful DIY ornaments is that you can make them year-round. For Christmas, use green yarn to create a tree. Feel like getting crafty on Valentine's Day? We're loving this heart-shaped version.

Get the tutorial at One Little Project.



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Flannel Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

There's something about flannel that has the word "Christmas" written all over it—so what better fabric to incorporate into your ornaments? For another rustic touch, add your favorite iron-on decals.

Get the tutorial at Hip2Save.


Honeybear Lane

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Christmas List Ornament

Chances are, your kids already have their Christmas lists put together, which makes this ornament even more timely. Have them write down what they want on a thin sheet of paper and wrap it around a bobbin to create this personal decoration.

Get the tutorial at Honeybear Lane.


Alice & Lois

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Blue Marble Ornaments

Looking for a modern addition to your Christmas tree? We suggest these pretty marbled ornaments. Feel free to go for an icy feel with this cool blue hue, or you can choose a seasonal red and green color palette.

Get the tutorial at Alice & Lois.


The Cottage Market

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Twine Tree Ornaments

For those who love a farmhouse aesthetic, it doesn't get any better than these mini Christmas trees made from twine and metal. They'll give any tree a totally rustic feel.

Get the tutorial at The Cottage Market.


The Inspiration Edit

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Wooden Rudolph Ornaments

It's a snap to make these cute Rudolph ornaments—plus, their sparkly red noses will look so pretty next to your twinkle lights!

Get the tutorial at The Inspiration Edit.


Left on Peninsula Road

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Mini Winter Hat Ornaments

When the weather gets colder, make sure your tree stays warm with these mini winter hat ornaments. All you need is yarn and pom-poms to create these cute decorations.

Get the tutorial at Left on Peninsula Road.


65 DIY Christmas Ornaments - Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Polkadot Chair

Christmas is a time for everyone to exhibit their personal decorating preferences, and that includes Ree Drummond! She's in the camp of people who prioritize meaningful ornaments over store-bought. "The ones on my tree are a mix of crafted childhood ornaments and sweet, sentimental ornaments we've been gifted through the years," she says. In a certain sense, DIY Christmas decorations are a bit like homemade meals—they're so much better because they're made with love (even if they don't come out how you imagined! 😂). That's why a collection of DIY Christmas ornaments is such a special heirloom. Whether you're after DIY Christmas gift ideas or fun Christmas crafts to try at home, these homemade ornaments are exactly what you need.

Here, we've selected our favorite projects in the hopes that they'll make your Christmas that much more wonderful. Try crafting chalkboard ornaments—you'll be able to personalize each gift with your recipient's initials or a special message. Or take a look at ornaments that up-cycle household items such as Mason jar lids and baking tins! You might also want to make a few of these DIY Christmas tree decorations with your kids, in which case we suggest the adorable mini clothespin options—or those fabulous, sparkly reindeer ornaments! Whether your style is modern, traditional, or rustic, there's a homemade Christmas ornament on this list that's perfect for you.

Polkadot Chair

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Cat Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

Any home with a special cat needs a few of these adorable embroidery hoops on the Christmas tree. Even better, they double as decorations to hang on your wall all year long!

Get the tutorial at Polkadot Chair.

Dream a Little Bigger

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Engraved Ornaments

Personalize your ornaments by engraving everyone’s names on them! Add pretty snowflake designs on one side and lettering on the other for this neat layered look.

Get the tutorial at Dream a Little Bigger.

Polkadot Chair

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Wool Felt Mitten Ornaments

These tiny felt mittens are beyond cute! Alternate between bright colors, and mini snowflake or Christmas tree designs to create a full collection.

Get the tutorial at Polkadot Chair.

Lovely Indeed

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Macrame Ornaments

Macrame decorations are incredibly charming and easy to make. These woven Christmas tree ornaments only use one knotting technique to keep things extra simple!

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

Handmade Charlotte

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Painted Nut Ornaments

Forget ornaments—these darling painted treasures would work beautifully as home decorations, too! Your mantel will thank you.

Get the tutorial at Handmade Charlotte.


Delia Creates

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Leather Ornaments

If you want a warm, modern look for your tree, try making these simple leather ornaments. The clean design means they won’t clash with your other decorations—even those crazy ones the kids painted!

Get the tutorial at Delia Creates.

Studio DIY

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Rudolph Ornaments

Those teeny-tiny antlers just melt our hearts. How cute would your tree look covered in these pastel-colored reindeer?

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.


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Wood Bead Snowflake Ornaments

Wooden beads and monochromatic twine give these dreamy ornaments a rustic feel. They come together quickly, too!

Get the tutorial at Alice & Lois.

Aww Sam

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Gumball Machine Ornaments

These mini gumball machines will delight kids of all ages (including kids at heart!). Add tiny candies for a touch of realistic whimsy.

Get the tutorial at Aww Sam.

The House that Lars Built

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DIY Paper Candle Ornaments

Paper ornaments are simply timeless—and these might just be the most sophisticated ones we've seen to date. (They're also completely safe, unlike real candles.)

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.



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Blue Marble Ornaments

Modern and spunky, these marbled ornaments can be customized with whatever colors you're into this year. We're partial to these cool blues, but anything goes!

Get the tutorial at Alice & Lois.

Lovely Indeed

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Pom-Pom Christmas Character Ornaments

Bet your kids won't be able to get enough of this idea! There's nothing cuter than an elf crafted from pom-poms—and believe it or not, it's really easy to whip one up in a single afternoon.

Get the tutorial at Lovely Indeed.

Unusually Lovely

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Confetti Ornaments

A little extra glitter never hurt anyone! These confetti-filled ornaments are an easy way to add some flair to all your seasonal gatherings.

Get the tutorial at Unusually Lovely.

All for the Memories

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Wood Slice State Ornaments

Whether you're crafting them for your favorite hostess or just looking to commemorate your family's most recent travels, these wood slice ornaments will be a big hit.

Get the tutorial at All for the Memories.

Becky Stayner/Country Living

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Mini Bell Ornaments

Get this: These "bells" are actually just miniature Bundt pans stacked on top of each other! Your baker friends will love them.

Get the tutorial at Country Living.

A Pumpkin & a Princess

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DIY Chalkboard Monogram Ornament

This snowball ornament decorated with a chalkboard tag is so elegant. It's perfect for a present or for displaying on your own evergreen.

Get the tutorial at A Pumpkin & a Princess.


Over the Big Moon

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Printable Christmas Sign Ornament

Craft this printable ornament with a festive message to add some merry words to your already joyful holiday centerpiece.

Get the tutorial at Over the Big Moon.

Posh Little Designs

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French Macaron Ornament

Using ingredients you already have at home—baking soda and corn starch—you can make these sweet little macarons for your Christmas tree.

Get the tutorial at Posh Little Designs.

Little Red Window

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Sparkle Snowflake

Make a fleet of sparkly snowflakes. This blogger provided tons of design inspiration for different colors and decorative elements.

Get the tutorial at Little Red Window.

The Crafting Nook

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Mitten Ornaments

These knit mittens will look so adorable draped over a branch of your tree.

Get the tutorial at The Crafting Nook.


Houseful of Handmade

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Scrap Wood House Ornaments

Create your own mini holiday neighborhood! Deck the halls of these little homes and then display them proudly.

Get the tutorial at Houseful of Handmade.

PMQ for Two

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Atomic Starburst Ornament

Give some retro flair to your Christmas tree by making a bundle of ornaments painted with multi-colored starbursts.

Get the tutorial at PMQ for Two.

Design Improvised

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Mason Jar Lid Wreath Ornaments

There are so many Mason jar crafts out there, including this easy idea for making your own wreath ornaments out of their lids.

Get the tutorial at Design Improvised.

The Merrythought

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Brass Ornaments

Put a geometric twist on your decorations this year with these flashy brass ornaments.

Get the tutorial at The Merrythought.


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Chalkboard Wood Slice Ornaments

One way to DIY a wood slice ornament is by using chalkboard paint and writing a Christmas message on it.

Get the tutorial at Lemon Thistle.


CLARA SUMSION/The House That Lars Built

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Clothespin People Ornaments

For a creative craft your kids will love, make these cute clothespin people to hang on your tree. Let them get imaginative with their outfits and scarves.

Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

Home Made by Carmona

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Gold-Dipped Ornaments

Have you ever thought of filling clear ornaments in addition to painting them? Try making these elegant gold-dipped baubles filled with pearls, lace, paper, and more.

Get the tutorial at Home Made by Carmona.

The Craft Patch

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Stamped Ornaments

These stamped ornaments are so easy to make, you'll want to affix them to all your Christmas gifts. You can churn out a good amount in one afternoon!

Get the tutorial at The Craft Patch.

The Merrythought

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Wooden Tassel Ornaments

Attention, minimalists! These simple wooden ornaments are just what your Christmas tree needs. The designs are customizable to fit your style.

Get the tutorial at The Merrythought.

This Is Tisa

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Reindeer Ornaments

Put a sparkly touch on your Christmas tree with these cute reindeer. Hang them with a ribbon for an extra-decorative touch.

Get the tutorial at This Is Tisa.


50 cool do-it-yourself Christmas decorations

November 27, 2021LikbezDo it yourself

Unique Christmas decorations made of paper, felt, plastic bottles, wine corks and other materials.



Christmas decorations from bushings

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

What you need

  • Bushing;
  • scissors;
  • yarn.

How to

Bend the sleeve and cut across into several equal wide pieces.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Separate many identical pieces from the yarn.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Unfold the bushings. Insert a piece of yarn folded in half into one of them.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Pass the ends of the thread through the resulting loop and tighten.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Tie a few more pieces of yarn in this way. Move the threads that are on the sleeve so that the cardboard is not visible.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Tie the piece from the sleeve completely with thread.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Divide the ends of the yarn into two parts. Twist each of them lightly and pull through the ring. The detailed process is shown in the video below. Straighten the threads.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Over the ring, tie the yarn with another piece of thread, forming a hat.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Trim the ends of the threads so that you get a fluffy pompom.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

In the same way, make hats from the remaining parts of the sleeve. For hanging, tie yarn loops on top.

What other options are

from the bushings you get beautiful snowflakes:

Another design:

You can make a New Year's ball:

Santa Claus:

and even a mini -circle with cocoa:

Ice Cream Sticks Christmas Decorations

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

What You Need

  • Ice Cream Sticks;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • wood glue;
  • toothpick;
  • brush;
  • brown;
  • paint red;
  • twine or other thread;
  • white paint.

How to make

Cut off the tips of four sticks so that you have two pieces 6.3 cm long and two pieces 7.6 cm long. cm. Prepare two more whole sticks about 11 cm long. If you have other sticks, adjust the size by eye yourself.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

On two solid parts, make three marks 1.9 cm apart. First measure from the place where the rounding of the stick ends. Apply glue with a toothpick to the marks on one piece.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

Place it on the edge and glue three short identical parts to it, as shown in the photo.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

Glue the marks on the second whole stick and attach it to the short pieces.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

When the blank is dry, cover it with brown paint. The rest of the sticks are red. Let the coating dry completely.

Place the four pieces with rounded tops on the short sticks, two long ones in the middle and the other two on the edges. Leave small gaps between them. Trim their straight edges with a whole stick. On the other side, put the last piece.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

Gently glue the red pieces onto the brown blank. Remove the whole stick, you won't need it anymore. Tie a piece of twine to the short red part on both sides so that you get a loop.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

Paint the edges of the red pieces white.

The second part of the video shows how to make an incredibly cool ski set using the same sticks:

What other options are there

Here the sled is made in a different way:

wooden snowman, Santa Claus and a Christmas tree:

In this video there is also an angel, a star, a car and a fence:

And here are some very simple wooden snowflakes:

Christmas decorations made of paper

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

What you need

  • Light paper;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • awl;
  • golden rope;
  • fine wire;
  • glue;
  • large light bead;
  • bright paper.

How to

Cut out a 15 cm square and a 15 x 8 cm rectangle from paper.

Fold the edge of the square about 1 cm. Then turn it over and fold it in the opposite direction again. Repeat until you have folded the entire piece like an accordion.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Gather the rectangle into an accordion too, starting from the narrow edge.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Fold a large square harmonica in half. Make a hole in the middle of the fold with an awl.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Fold the second accordion in half and pierce in the same place.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Cut as much string as needed to make a hanging loop. Fold the ends together, form a loop and tie a knot. Remove excess.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Wrap the wire around the loop. Fold the ends together. Pass the wire through the opening of the large harmonica.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Pull out almost the entire rope. Then, in the same way, thread the wire with the rope into the hole of the small accordion.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Tighten the rope so that the parts touch each other. Glue the two halves of a large harmonica.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Apply glue to the bottom of the small harmonica and attach it to the large one.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Put a bead on the wire and lower it to the paper blank. Remove the wire. Tie the rope in a knot over the bead so that it does not fall out.

Spread the wings of the angel by lifting the paper towards the bead. Straighten the bottom.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Glue a heart made of bright paper under the bead.

This video tutorial shows how to make this toy have a collar instead of a heart. And there are three other ways to create an angel out of paper.

What other options are

This is how to make a voluminous paper ball:

This small Christmas tree is made using the origami technique:

Here they explain how to make a volumetric paper star:

in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment create a cute deer:

And a unicorn:

Felt Christmas decorations

Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

What you need

  • Cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • green felt;
  • chalk;
  • invisible or staples;
  • needle;
  • thread green;
  • light ribbon;
  • synthetic winterizer or wadding;
  • ready-made red bow or red ribbon;
  • glue gun;
  • bulk paint or beads.

How to

Draw a small circle on the cardboard. Draw a smaller circle inside. For convenience, you can circle the covers or something else. Cut out the shape along all lines.

Place the template on the felt and trace around with chalk. You will need two of these parts.

Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

Cut out the pieces of felt.

Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

Fold one of them in half. With scissors, make a zigzag edge on a small semi-circle.

Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

Overlay this part on another. Inside should be the sides with chalk marks. Make the same patterned edge at the second part, cutting along the contour of the first. Then make the edge openwork and on the outside of both pieces of felt.

Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

For reliability, connect the parts temporarily with stealth or paper clips. Sew around the outer edge. Leave a small hole in one place. Put the ribbon there so that you get a loop, and sew it up.

Shot: SoCraftastic / YouTube

Stuff the toy with padding polyester or cotton and sew up the inside edge. Glue a ready-made or homemade ribbon bow from below.

Shot: SoCraftastic / YouTube

Make small toys on the wreath from bulk paint or beads.

What other options are there

Any felt toys are very cool. Here, for example, is the cutest New Year's boot:

Elegant holiday bells:

And this video shows how to make several toys: a gingerbread man, a house, a deer, a bullfinch, a Christmas pudding, a heart and an angel.

Foamiran Christmas decorations

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

What you need

  • Glitter foamiran in two different colors;
  • pencil - optional;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • ribbon;
  • beads.

How to do

Cut out eight small circles from foamiran of each color. To make them even, take some kind of cover and press it on the material from the back or circle it with a pencil.

Fold each circle in half and cut along the fold.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Then fold each piece in half with the glitter side inward. Glue from the inside on the straight side.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Now connect two triangles of the same color. You need to glue them in the places where the folds are. In total, you will get eight blanks of each color.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Apply glue to the straight side of one piece and attach another color element to it. Attach six more shapes, alternating colors. The extremes must be different.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Make another one like this. Lightly spread both on the glitter side.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Glue the blanks together by connecting the colored parts in the same way as in the previous step. From above and below, glue those places where the reverse side of the foamiran is visible. The detailed process is in the video below.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Cut out two small strips of foamiran of each color. Glue each one in half lengthwise.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Twist one strip, lubricating it with glue for reliability. Attach a loop of tape to the edge of the second strip and also form a glued “snail”.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Spread glue from the inside of the hole on the ball. Insert the prepared parts there. They should stick out about half way.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Glue beads into the holes between the bottom and top of the balloon.

What other options are there

Another foamiran ball - spiral:

Beautiful hearts:


and an elegant wreath:

Firum for toys from plastic bottles

frames: Little Crafties / YouTube

Boty Betka, which is needed;

  • decorative tape;
  • scissors;
  • utility knife;
  • glue gun;
  • thin ribbons in two different colors;
  • fabric adhesive - optional.
  • How to do

    Tape the bottle around the bottle in two places above and below where the constriction begins. Between the inner edges of the tape, the bottle should be straight. Cut along these lines.

    Shot: Little Crafties / YouTube

    You will no longer need the bottom and top of the bottle. Divide the middle cut piece into four identical rings.

    Image: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Gently burn the edges of each with a hot iron. Apply a little hot glue to the part in one place and attach the tip of the ribbon at an angle.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Wrap the ring all the way, always keeping the tape at the same angle. Cut off the excess tip and fix the decor with glue.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Use fabric glue to attach the sequins to the ribbon. You can use hot glue, but you have to apply it very carefully so that it is not visible.

    Wrap another ring with ribbon of the same color and decorate with sequins. Wrap the other two details with a ribbon of a different shade; you do not need to decorate them additionally.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Lubricate one ring on the outside with hot glue in two opposite places. Place the part inside another identical ring. Glue them so that they are perpendicular to each other.

    Shot: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Put the third ring on the workpiece and fix it at the intersections of the previous two - evenly between them.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Perpendicular to the element just added, glue the last ring.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Tie a ribbon at the intersection and make a beautiful bow out of it. Here, tie a loop for hanging from a ribbon of a different color.

    What other options are

    Cleak from the same plastic angels:

    Make flowers:

    or an unusual toy with stars:

    toys per Christmas tree for new year 2023, photo 2023, photo ideas

    Everyone can make original New Year crafts. All you need is a little time, imagination and, of course, a good mood. Whether you make one toy or you want to decorate the whole Christmas tree with handmade decorations, the creative process will give you real pleasure. And if you involve children, the preparation for the New Year will become even more fun. Materials for unusual crafts are easy to find at home or buy in needlework stores.

    In this article:

    • What will we make
    1. Christmas decorations from buttons
    2. Crafts from beads
    3. Decor decor with woolen balls or pompons
    4. Christmas toys from pasta
    5. Kwiving decorations
    6. of the peeler
    7. From newspapers
    • Varieties of crafts
    1. Christmas trees
    2. Stars
    3. Balls
    4. Christmas tree sweets
    5. Snowman
    6. Snowflakes
    7. Cones

    What will we make of

    You can create Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree literally from improvised materials. For the jewelry that we offer to make, you will need:

    • Scissors,
    • glue,
    • threads,
    • needle,
    • pins,
    • ribbons,
    • paint in spray cans,
    • polystyrene
    • soft toys,
    • cardboard.

    The main materials will be:

    • buttons,
    • Beads, beads,
    • Wire,
    • Woolen balls,
    • pompons,
    • fleece or plus,
    • bumps, nurses, acorns, seven ,
    • paper,
    • felt,
    • newspaper.

    Christmas decorations from buttons

    Crafts made from simple buttons look unusual.

    For a colorful ball you will need:

    • Styrofoam blank,
    • Buttons in different colors and sizes,
    • Beaded pins,
    • Ribbon.

    Pin the buttons to the blank, tie a loop of tape. Even a street Christmas tree can be decorated with such balls - they are durable, not afraid of low temperatures, snow and dampness.

    The basis for the second Christmas decoration is the same foam base, painted in golden color. If you glue matching buttons to it and pick up a ribbon with a golden thread, you get a retro-style decoration.

    Even easier to make a Christmas tree. Materials:

    • 10 - 12 green buttons of different diameters, 4 identical brown buttons for the trunk, star button.
    • thread,
    • needle.

    Using a needle, thread the buttons onto a thick green thread: first the star, then the buttons from smaller to larger diameter, and finally the barrel. Return the thread through the second holes in reverse order. Fasten the thread.

    Star base in pastel colors - Styrofoam star. In addition, you need light-colored buttons of different sizes and styles, a glue gun. To make the surface voluminous, you need to glue the buttons with an overlap, without trying to observe symmetry.

    This craft can be hung on a door or used as a Christmas tree star.

    Beaded crafts

    This is one of the most interesting materials for making Christmas gifts due to the variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

    For the colorful ball you will need:

    • foam base,
    • beads of different colors,
    • strong thread,
    • needle,
    • universal glue,
    • end cap for beads with eyelet,
    • ribbon.

    String beads on a thread, grease the base with glue, glue low in a spiral. At the end, attach a trailer for beads, thread through a loop and tie a ribbon.

    Snowflake stars, bells and other decorations are made from beads, glass beads and beads of various sizes.

    For the star you need:

    • wire star,
    • thin wire,
    • beads, beads of different colors and sizes.

    String beads and beads on a thin wire. Wrap the asterisk with wire in any order.

    How to decorate a ball with beads step by step?

    If you have experience in bead weaving, you can braid the ball according to the pattern.


    • Christmas ball (preferably plain),
    • two-color beads,
    • fishing line,
    • needle.

    Cast on 27 beads on the line, close into a ring. Next, weave according to the scheme. The diagram shows half of the work; the second half is woven symmetrically.

    Decorated with woolen balls or pom-poms

    Ready-made balls are sold in needlework stores. If you know the technique of felting, felt them yourself. And any needlewoman will get pompoms from threads. Stick multi-colored balls on a foam base, sew on a loop, decorate with a bow.

    For the Christmas tree you need:

    • pompoms,
    • thin cardboard or foam cone,
    • glue gun,
    • cardboard star,
    • some beads.

    Glue the workpiece with multi-colored pompoms, attach beads, attach a star on top.

    Christmas trees are made from small wool balls in the same way. Small stars will serve as the top for them, and several skeins of multi-colored serpentine will serve as the trunk.

    For a ring made of wool with golden decor you will need:

    • wool blank,
    • beads,
    • accessories: snowflakes, stars,
    • pasta-bows,
    • can of gold paint,
    • needle,
    • matching threads.

    Paint beads, accessories and pasta bow, sew on the ring.

    For a cute popsicle take:

    • an ice cream stick,
    • a ribbon,
    • two black beads, a carrot bead, a cap bead,
    • , a few small plastic snowflakes0013 two rectangular pieces of soft white fabric (plush, fleece),
    • piece of fabric for the cap,
    • stuffing for stuffed animals,
    • needle,
    • matching thread.

    Sew a rectangle out of pieces of fleece or plush, stuff with filler, sew in an ice cream stick, decorate it with a ribbon. Sew on beady eyes, nose. Stitch the cap, decorate with a snowflake and a bead, attach.

    How to make decor with balloons

    Materials for the next craft:

    • bump,
    • a pack of small colorful woolen balls,
    • glue gun,
    • some harsh thread.

    Glue the balls on the cones, tie long eyelets.

    Pasta Christmas Decorations

    Kids will love making their own pasta figurines. You will need:

    • pasta of various shapes and sizes: tubes, bows, horns, shells, spirals,
    • glue,
    • beads,
    • spray paint,
    • ribbon,
    • scissors,
    • cardboard.

    To make cute angels, you need to choose large pasta, large beads are suitable for heads, and small beads or pieces of foam plastic are suitable for hair. You just need to glue the figures, paint.

    Follow this link to learn how to make pasta snowflakes.

    Small pasta will make an elegant decoration reminiscent of lace.

    You will need:

    • small round balloon,
    • PVA glue,
    • small pasta,
    • ribbon,
    • decorative string,
    • tweezers.

    Inflate the ball to the desired size, grease with glue, roll over the pasta poured onto the table so that they stick evenly. Leave a hole about 1 cm in size. If necessary, trim the parts with tweezers. When the glue is completely dry, pierce the base, pull it out, and seal the hole. Color the product, attach a loop, tie a bow.

    For a photo frame for the Christmas tree, cut out a cardboard star, stick pasta, leaving a place for a photo in the center. Paint the craft, stick a photo, sew on a loop.


    If you are skilled in the quilling technique, make delicate delicate balls, figurines and snowflakes. Wind paper motifs, glue them to the base. Decorate with small beads.

    This technique can also be used for other Christmas decorations:

    Christmas tree ornaments made of threads

    Simple threads that are found in every home can be used to make some wonderful light Christmas toys for the Christmas tree. You will need:

    • Threads,
    • PVA glue,
    • Small round balloons,
    • beads,
    • paint in the spray cans,
    • Scissors,
    • Wires,
    • , one -time one -time flit
    • pins,
    • decorative elements (cones, ribbons).

    Soak the thread with glue, wrap it around a balloon inflated to the desired size. Let the glue dry, blow off the base and get it out. Decorate the craft with ribbons and cones.

    Cut out a Christmas tree from cardboard, wrap it tightly with a thread with strung beads, paint it.

    Even easier to make an asterisk. Give the wire a star shape or take a blank, wrap it with thread.

    Threads can be easily shaped into almost any shape. To get a star or an angel, pin the outline of the future figure with pins, wind the threads in random order, grease with glue for strength. When the glue dries, all that remains is to remove the pins and, if necessary, decorate the figure.

    How to make a Christmas tree toy out of yarn

    Felt crafts

    Felt and decorative items made from felt are sold in hobby shops. It is pleasant to work with him - he does not crumble and it is convenient to cut parts of any size from him. You will also need some filler for soft toys, glue, threads, beads.

    Decorate your Christmas tree with a delicate ball with floral motifs. It will turn out if you glue the base with small felt flowers and beads.

    Cut out the details of the future figurine from multi-colored pieces of felt, sew along the contour, fill with filler. Small details (eyes, mouth) embroider or draw with a felt-tip pen.

    How to make a felt toy (step by step)

    Pattern can be almost any. This master class will show the principle of working with felt using the example of an asterisk. We need:

    • cardboard,
    • scissors,
    • felt,
    • needle,
    • thread,
    • ribbon,
    • small buttons,
    • ribbon.

    Cut out cardboard patterns (hearts, stars, little men), cut out felt parts from them, decorate them with braid, buttons, stitch around the perimeter with a decorative seam, fill with filler, sew on a loop.

    Multicolored paper decorations

    Even from such a simple familiar material, interesting Christmas tree decorations will turn out. There is a large selection of paper in original colors and unusual textures in needlework stores.

    To make funny reindeer, cut out balloon strips and snout pieces. Glue a ball from the strips, glue the muzzle.

    Everyone can make a Christmas tree. An interesting material pattern and decorative elements will transform even such a simple craft.

    Step by Step

    Cut out 5 paper strips as shown. Fold them with an accordion, glue the circles. Collect and fasten the bump.

    From nuts

    From hats from acorns, nuts, seeds treated with golden paint or sparkles, it is easy to make original decorations for the Christmas tree.

    Paint acorn caps on the outside with glitter paint, glue on the base, tie a matching bow, fasten the eyelet.

    A large festive New Year's ball will be made from walnuts painted with gold paint. Stick nuts on the workpiece, attach decorative leaves, tie a ribbon. Such balls can decorate a window or even a large city Christmas tree.

    Smaller toys will be obtained from seeds according to the same principle. They will look very original on the Christmas tree.

    Toys from newspapers

    Varieties of handicrafts

    You can decorate your house for the New Year with decorations of different shapes. Christmas trees, stars, balls, sweets, snowmen, snowflakes, cones have not lost their relevance for many years.

    Christmas trees

    You can decorate your house for the New Year with decorations of various shapes. Christmas trees, stars, balls, sweets, snowmen, snowflakes, cones have not lost their relevance for many years.

    Christmas stars

    For the star you will need the following materials:

    • 3 equal pieces of wire,
    • 6 large cones, 24 small ones.

    Thread the cones onto the wire and fasten.

    More stars:



    This is the most popular Christmas decoration. You can decorate an ordinary New Year's ball by sticking lace and toning it with paint. The ball, pasted over with beads of different sizes, looks elegant.

    The variety of handmade Christmas balls is amazing:

    Sweets for the Christmas tree

    Decorating the Christmas tree with sweets is an ancient and almost forgotten tradition. To make the New Year 2023 sweet, we suggest baking cookies with New Year's motifs for decoration.

    Sweet pastries can create a festive mood, as well as become a good addition to New Year's tree decorations:


    You can make a cute snowman from white pompoms. Put on a felt hat, a braid scarf, embroider small details and you will get a wonderful New Year's souvenir.

    Other techniques make equally cute snowmen:


    Everyone used to cut snowflakes out of napkins in their childhood.

    Learn more