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How to make a fake palm tree for outside | Completely professional quality

BillyCameron How to make a fake palm tree for outside

Creating something myself and displaying it in front of everyone and then hearing compliments from everyone is a really rejoicing and different feeling.

If you have some time and patience, you can do it easily according to my crafts. There are some rules for every job, it is easy to do by following those rules and it can be done successfully with skillfully.

I never imagined my handicrafts would be so beautiful and that would surprise me. When I planned to make it,  was worried about how successful I would be. But when I started, I saw more new ideas coming to mind. I thought if I shared this experience with everyone, it would benefit everyone, so I shared. Here’re two methods I’ve shown on How to make a fake palm tree for outside,– I hope you will be able to make a palm tree yourself in a very simple way just by follow the below article.

How to make a fake palm tree for outside

We are to think of making these artificial palms with two types of plans – one is for indoor and the other is for outdoor. Since we’ll be preparing to make it for the outdoors, we have to make it thinking about the outside weather, – so that it is not damaged by the sun and rain.

First of all, what is needed is 18 inch long five, Waste cloth, thread, Crepe Paper, Steel Wire, Fabric Colour Pot and Fevicol

So let’s get started.

1.   Now wrap the whole pipe with waste cloth, and one important thing is to attach the cloth to the pipe well by fevicol.

2.   Make a shape like a palm by keeping some small piece of cloth inside a 3-in / 3-in cloth, – And then tie some number of palms together and make it like a fascicle.

3.   After making the palm, – Now tie the palms a little below the top of the pipe –Because there will be tree branches on top of this palm.

4.   Now make some palm leaves with Crepe Paper and Steel Wire – Choose green Crepe Paper to make the tree look real

5.    After making the leaves, – attach the leaves well to the pipe

6.   When everything is done properly – now take a pot and put some stone sand inside it– now place the pipe well in the sand

7.   Well done

How to make an artificial palm tree with plastic file covers

This is another attractive artificial palm tree that is much easier to make. All that is required for this is — a4 size paper, pencil, scale, plastic file covers, fabric color, brush, electric tape, pipe, and steel wire, etc.

Now draw the plum tree leaf design with the help of pencil in a4 paper. Then make the leaf design by cutting with scissors.

Now you need plastic file covers,— place the design made of a4 paper on the plastic file covers and draw with a pencil like that design then cut the design drawn on plastic file cover with scissors.

Now attach the steel wire to the center of the plum leaf design of the plastic cover, and sew well with the needle and thread. Then paint the leaves with fabric color.

Now take an electric pipe 2 meter tall in size and wrap whole pipe with electrical tape,— after wrapping whole pipe, paint it— therefore Then attach the leaves well to the electric pipe.

However, the last thing you need to do is take a pot and put some stones inside the pot as needed — and place the made palm tree nicely in the pot center.

Well done, you’ve done the job successfully

How to make an outdoor lighted palm tree

Since you have already made an artificial coconut tree – now it is time to light it. This job is easy to do and anyone would be able to do it easily.

whatever you need for its — (1). Led Strip Lights (2). masking tape You can use cable tie instead of masking tape (3). Fabric Colour Pot

Now apply Led Strip Lights to the whole tree appropriately. Then you can tie it with cable tai or use masking tape. If you use masking tape, you can dye the fabric to enhance the natural beauty.

Final words

I tried to explain to you how to make a fake palm tree for outside professional quality at home. Basically, to make anything professional need Physicaly hard work and some time. And one more important thing here is that, it will not be possible to do the work, as long as the equipment is not collected properly.

It is normal to have fear in your mind before starting work but when you will start the work first time, it may take time to complete the work and the first work maybe some bad. So you have to have the morale to work and try again and again,— so that the next work will be being professional quality. Starting work means facing new problems and then overcoming these problems to reach the root of success.

DIY Palm Tree Tutorial - She Holds Dearly

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Now, you might ask, why does anyone need to read a DIY Palm Tree Tutorial??

There are actually quite a lot of reasons to might want your own life size palm tree! And I’m not just talking luaus and beach parties either.

Safaris and dinosaur parties would fit the bill.

Or what if you own a shop and need some summer window decor??

What if you get ship wrecked on an island and need the proverbial palm tree to lean on? See what I mean? Sooo many reasons to know how to make your own fake palm tree!

My reason for making a palm tree this time was being the head designer for our church’s Vacation Bible School, which we like to call KidsCamp. We needed 16 palm trees of varying heights for our In The Wild theme.

I have made palm trees once before, for my three year old’s safari birthday.

I knew that I would be throwing my ten year old a luau a few years later (I know, that sounds ridiculous planning that far out, but if you are reading this you probably understand.)

I kept the palm trees in our shop for five years! But, at about year four a mama squirrel found them and had her babies in my palm trees!!

Haha, she thought she had found the Bahamas!

I ended up needing to toss some and repair some others after we escorted the squirrel family safely outside.

From those two experiences, I have learned what works and what doesn’t work with palm tree designs and I am most happy to pass that information on to you!

This tutorial produces trees that are:

  • Realistic
  • Sturdy
  • Inexpensive

On that last point, I did some research and found that buying trees can be upwards of $80, renting them can be around $30 – this tutorial costs about $8 per tree! (And they’re yours to do with as you please/use them again and again!)

DIY Palm Tree Tutorial

*This post contains affiliate links to products I know &/or love.

  • 12 ft Cardboard Tube- carpet companies give these away daily for FREE
  • 1″ x 2″ Wooden Boards- I get mine at Home Deport ($2 for 8 ft)
  • Tape Measure
  • Compound Miter Saw
  • Nail Gun & Nails
  • Air Compressor
  • Brown Crepe Paper– one roll per tree
  • Exacto Knife
  • Scotch Tape
  • Styrofoam Disc- 5 inch
  • Compass
  • Hot Knife or Serrated Knife
  • Green Paper- I used a dark green and a light green (this paper is white on one side, so I cut out two leaves and glued them together using spray adhesive for green on both sides)
  • Matching Tapes- dark green and light green
  • Wire Cutters
  • Galvanized Wire- 16 gauge
  • Tan fabric or plastic table cloths

  1. Decide on the height of trees you want. I took my 12 ft cardboard tubes and cut some of them in half to make two six footers. I cut the rest to seven feet, giving me the rest at five feet.
  2. Next, using the compound miter saw, cut the 1″x2″ into 1 ft increments – 4 per tree.
  3. Nail these around the base to form the stand – Set them against the cardboard tube and butt them up against each other perpendicularly to create 4 legs going off from the tree, one in each direction. See the video below for the exact design.
  4. Now take the Exacto knife and cut slits in the brown crepe paper to create a frayed edge. Pretend like you are cutting a pie and cut only half way down. Cut several triangle shapes and work all the way around.
  5. Starting at the top of the trunk, tape the first end of the crepe paper to the top- ruffle side up and start spiraling it down, around and around. I find it best to actually hold the crepe paper against the trunk and unroll it one pass at a time. Overlap the paper about half way up as you go around and be sure to cover the cardboard underneath.
  6. Tape the final edge in place.
  7. Measure the inside opening at the top of the trunk. Trace this size circle onto the Styrofoam disc and cut off the extra with a hot knife or serrated knife.
  8. Push the resulting disc into the top of the cardboard tube and start cutting your leaves. NOTE- if your disc ends up being too small, just have someone hold it while you add your leaves to it and then drop the whole thing into the top of the tube, the wires will hold everything in place.
  9. My leaves are 12 inches by 28 inches. I drew a sort of large oval with points on both ends and cut out triangles all the way around. This became my template.
  10. Then, I traced and cut out ten dark green leaves and two light green ones per tree.
  11. Once you are done with cutting out the leaves, cut 12 pieces of wire about 36 inches long.
  12. Tape a wire to the center of each leaf like a stem with the matching tape. Leave about 6″-8″ of the wire hanging off the tail end of each leaf to attach the leaf to the tree.
  13. Now add these leaves into the Styrofoam disc. Have some that curl down more on the bottom of the bunch and a couple that stick almost straight up on top. Keep stepping back and walking all the way around the tree as you style.
  14. Finally, wrap the base with the tan fabric or plastic to cover the stand.

There you have it! Your very own palm tree.

Now go throw a party or something! You are amazing!

Watch the Video Here

You can subscribe to the She Holds Dearly YouTube channel here!

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Making a palm tree from plastic bottles - selection of material, step-by-step assembly process

A person's desire to decorate his home is not limited to the area of ​​\u200b\u200ban apartment or house. Going out into the street, it is embodied in flower beds and front gardens, in garden bushes and trees. But seasonal changes in nature constantly make adjustments to the beauty we have created.


  • 1 Artificial palm tree material
  • 2 Assembling a plastic bottle palm tree - step by step for beginners
  • 3 Mini palm tree made of plastic bottles, video

But how to create such a picture from improvised means that can please the eye for many years? We will tell in this article.

Material for artificial palm tree

The raw material for making artificial palm tree will be plastic bottles. This is one of the most common containers on the planet for various drinks.

To create a palm tree, you will need a large number of the same type of plastic bottles in two colors:

  • brown: from kvass or beer - for a tree trunk,
  • green: from under the sprite, tarragon or the same beer - for its leaves.

There may be several shapes, in which case you will have to alternate them during assembly, but it is better to have the same, matching both in color and shape.

Harvesting material will be the most difficult job in the process of "growing" palm trees from plastic bottles with your own hands. But, if you have children and they have friends, then all work can turn into an exciting cultural and educational event with a small palm grove in the end.

Or not end with just palm trees.

Before using the bottles, wash them so that the remains of the drinks in them do not become an adhesive base for dust, and remove the labels and adhesive residues with which they were stuck.

Assembling a palm tree from plastic bottles - step by step for beginners

There are a lot of options for making a plastic palm tree, consider the most common ones.

1. Barrel.

It can be based on:

  • metal rod or armature;
  • wooden pole;
  • dried tree.

Consider options for manufacturing a palm tree trunk. Various technologies have been applied to make the trunks of these palm trees.

In , the first case of , the top of the bottles was simply cut off, and they were strung on a rod, inserted into each other. This only vaguely resembles the trunk of a palm tree, but it is done simply and does not require as many bottles as other methods.

The second version of is similar to the first, but the tops of the bottles are carved with a crown, the teeth of which are slightly turned outwards.

Third - requires a fairly large number of bottles, but in this way you can decorate very thick bases, imitating real types of palm trees with thick trunks, or turn dried tree trunks into them, freed from extra branches.

Sometimes, in order not to look for such a huge number of brown bottles of the same type, white bottles of the same shape are collected, and after screwing their bottoms with screws to the wooden base of the trunk, they are painted together with it in one brown color.

This can be done with fade-resistant acrylic paints or automotive enamels, although some use cheaper spray-on nitro paints. Sometimes with a brush, after the first layer has dried, the recesses are painted in a darker color, it turns out more realistic. It is better to cover everything with a colorless frost-resistant varnish after painting.

Formation of the texture of stem by the fourth method also takes quite a large number of bottles, but such an imitation looks even more believable and beautiful. Such scales are obtained using the curvature of the legs of the bottles.

Unlike the previous options, formed from below, such a “bark” is assembled from the upper part of the “trunk”, when the fasteners of the upper layers (self-tapping screws, nails, staples) are covered by the lower ones, and the very bottom is dug into the ground or sprinkled her.

The same method is similar to , the fifth variant , only it imitates the appearance of palm trees, the bark of which is formed by leaves that have died off in the course of tree growth, leaving behind protruding thick parts of the cuttings. We will not describe the method of its formation, it is clear from the photo.

And let's illustrate step by step photographs of the simplest of textured methods, only unlike the photographs in which it is shown, and where only the lower halves of the bottles are used, we will use the entire material. We took a white bottle so that the markings were more noticeable.

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The top of the bottle, after cutting and bending the tips, is unfolded and inserted into the bottom. Both are mounted on a metal rod that forms the barrel and bends to your liking. To do this, holes of the desired diameter are drilled in the bottoms of the bottles, as in the photo.

With this method, it is easy to calculate the required number of bottles.

It's not that big: for a 3 meter barrel you need 19 - 20 two liter bottles.

For solidity and resistance to plastic crushing in the future, while tying, the inside of the bottles can be covered with sand.

2. Leaves.

Some of them resemble palm trees only to a very large distance, but they are easy to make.

It's more difficult when you have to do extra work with scissors.

To enlarge the picture, click on it.

Over the edges of the leaves, you can slightly conjure with open fire, as in the last photo of this collection, and they will take on a more natural look, because in nature there are no leaves with rectangular ends.

Reliable fastening will be if a washer with tubes is welded to the metal rod of the trunk, into which metal rods of palm branches are inserted. Such a washer can be screwed to a wooden trunk or simply drilled into it and inserted scraps of metal tubes.

You can collect branches using the corks of the bottles themselves.

Or you can cut off the threaded necks and use a stapler. Or, inserting bottle leaves one by one, fix only the last one on the rod.

The video shows step by step how to make a palm tree from plastic bottles:

Mini palm tree from plastic bottles video

minimalist idea.

Click on the image to enlarge it.

We have described the method of making the leaves of one of these domestic palm trees, and the video instruction for making such a composition can help you in its manufacture: palm trees for placement in the yard, as well as the method of heat treatment of plastic, which we mentioned earlier.

Artificial coconuts, bananas and other palm fruits can be made from Styrofoam, covered with paper and painted. If you paint them several coats with outdoor acrylic paints, they can last quite a while outside.

And finally one more video:

What kind of artificial trees you can make yourself

Artificial trees are a practical alternative to live plants. They are easily moved from place to place, do not require care and special conditions, do not suffer from pests. A hand-made tree can change the interior of a house, apartment, revitalize, fill it with positive energy.

According to the laws of Feng Shui, such a plant will bring happiness to its owner. We will tell you how to make an artificial tree with your own hands. You will learn about the most popular and easiest ways to create it.

The art of topiary came from ancient Greece and Rome, where the beauty of the surrounding space played a big role. Translated from Latin, topiaria means garden art. Beautifully and originally trimmed bushes and large trees were to the taste of the Catholic Church, and then secular rulers and aristocrats. They decorated palaces, gardens, greenhouses, parks.

In the last century, the ornamental garden became popular again. Figures from plants began to appear more and more often in flowerpots and pots. Today, a topiary is an artificial large or small tree, created with your own hands from improvised materials that can be found in any home.

Materials for making trees:

  • natural or artificial flowers;
  • fabric;
  • coffee beans;
  • artificial or live branches;
  • driftwood;
  • moss;
  • paper, napkins;
  • nuts;
  • shells;
  • cones;
  • candy;
  • satin ribbons, etc.

How to make an artificial tree out of coffee beans with your own hands

This craft will decorate the room, and is also great for a gift. Coffee is a natural product that has an incredible aroma. And a tree made by hand will look great in the interior of any style, regardless of the color scheme of the room.

You can make it in different shapes and sizes: small, compact or large, solid. Creating an original decor will not be difficult for you if you use the step-by-step instructions.

Making an artificial bonsai with your own hands

It takes a lot of effort to grow a dwarf living tree. This is a matter of many days, months and even years. Much easier to do it yourself. You can add flowers to the branches and leaves - ready-made or created by yourself, any other decorations.

Use this article to create the base, it also contains a video of the manufacturing process. And how to make additions to the finished composition, your imagination and imagination will tell you. Luxurious bonsai is a great gift idea for a loved one, colleague.

Artificial big tree with your own hands

A majestic chic plant will decorate the atmosphere of not only a private home. It can be made and placed in the hotel lobby, salon, office space, cafe hall. Real or artificial branches are used as the basis for making decor.

Detailed information with descriptions of each stage of production and many photos posted on the site you will find here. You will learn how to make an artificial poplar tree, an apple tree with your own hands, and easily create a large plant with the help of the author's tips.

Do-it-yourself three-dimensional tree on the wall

Have you ever thought about giving your home an exclusivity? You can decorate the walls in the rooms in a unique way if you decide to make large artificial trees on them. To do this, you do not need special skills, you only need a great desire, skillful hands and imagination.

A detailed step-by-step description of the creation of an original large decor can be found here. Get ready to enjoy the process of creating a masterpiece and admire its result. You can surprise your guests and delight them.

Many ideas: how to make big and small trees with your own hands

If you like needlework, then you will be interested in decorating your house with your own crafts. We have selected for you the best and most detailed workshops with a variety of ways to make large and compact plants.

Making them is easy, there are many ready-made video instructions on YouTube. You can spend time pleasantly, with benefits for mood, health and home interior.

Learn more