How to make jesse tree ornaments

How to make a DIY Jesse Tree Ornaments (Free Printable)

Learn how to make a Jesse Tree with Ornaments to start a Christ- centered tradition in your home. This tutorial will show you how to make a Jesse Tree and will provide you with a free printable to make your own DIY Jesse Tree.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year, and I never want it to pass without feeling like we have had the opportunity to really focus hearts and minds on Jesus. One of the coolest ways I have found to do this with my children is with a Jesse Tree tradition. So today’s gift for Day 10 is a free tutorial and printable on how to make a Jesse Tree with ornaments for a Jesse Tree Tradition in your home!

Start a new Jess Tree tradition

What is a Jesse Tree?

I hadn’t until a couple of years ago. came across the idea when my friend Becca mentioned it. A Jesse Tree is a collection of 24 or 25 ornaments that tell a part of the gospel story from creation to Jesus’s birth. There is an ornament for each day, and a passage or story from the Bible that corresponds with it.

Since then I have always wanted to put one together. So this year is the year!

How many ornaments are used with a Jesse Tree?

I spent time yesterday painting the 24 ornaments that tell the story of God’s salvation from creation to the cross. Instead of stopping at the birth of Jesus. I also added the cross in with my ornaments so I can talk about why Jesus came to earth.

The ornaments I created go along with the Jesus Storybook Bible. So each story has a corresponding story. This makes it easier for having pictures to go along with the story. This is similar to what I did with the resurrection eggs, and works well for young children.

I also wanted to give a gift to you today! So I spent time creating a digital form of the 24 ornaments for you! This will hopefully make it super easy if you are short on time to make a Jesse Tree for your own home.

Putting together the tree was a wonderful experience for me because I was reminded of God’s amazing story from the beginning all the way to Bethlehem where the little babe was born and wrapped in a manager.

I am praying and so excited to share this experience with my daughters and I hope that you will be encouraged and have time to do something similar. So here’s what you do to get started with a Jesse Tree tradition.

Here’s what you need for a Jesse Tree:

This post contains affiliate links to products for your convience (which means if you click on a link and purchase something I receive a small comission at no additional charge to you).

  • Free Jesse Tree printables
  • Small tree, branches, or stand
  • 24 or 25 unfinished wood pieces
  • Jesus Storybook Bible goes along well with these printables but any Bible would work
  • Or Purchase a Jesse Tree Kit (Optional)

Here’s how to make a Jesse Tree & Make it a Tradition

Step 1: Make your ornaments

Print out the free Jesse Tree Ornaments printable and cut around each circle. You could just print your printables on cardstock and use as is. But to get more durable ornaments. I would recommend gluing or mod podging each circle onto an unfinished wood ornament. Tie a small piece of thread or twine to your ornament to hang it.

Tip: You can also use the printables as a guide to make your own ornaments by painting or sewing with felt. I have seen some people use clay as well to make the ornaments. If you are short on time I recommend just using the printables this year.

Free Jesse Tree Printables

Includes 24 Ornaments with a daily Bible passage! 

Step 2: Create a plan for your devotional time together

The free printables come with a devotional reading for each day. The printables I created coincide with the Jesus Storybook Bible. Similar to the resurrection eggs from Easter. So there are pictures with each story on your Jesse Tree. This will work especially well for younger children. Plan a time each day that you and your children can set aside to read the Bible together.

Whether they hear or understand anything that is being read, just the act of gathering as a family to read God’s Word speaks volumes to your kids about the authority of scripture.”

My girls also love music. So we will sing a couple of Christmas songs and get to know them well over the 24 days. It is also a good time to pray with and for your children.

It doesn’t have to take long but in total the whole time might be 15 minutes. I find breakfast is a good time for our family, but it could be a different time as well. Plan a time that you think will work well.

Step 3: Have your children pick an ornament each day

I plan to put my ornaments in the DIY Advent Calendar I made last week. Each morning my daughters will pick a ornament that will go along with that day’s Bible story. I will ask them what they see on the ornament.

If you don’t have an advent calendar you could always just have the ornament in the same place each morning. Then your children will know where to look for it.

Step 3: Hang the ornaments on the tree

Sometime during your time together have your child hang the ornament on the tree each day. I used a small Christmas tree and we keep it in our living room. So everyone sees it often, and it reminds us of the Bible stories.

And here’s a couple of tips for your Jesse Tree:

  • Pray before your time together or with your children- ask Jesus to bless your time together and to open your hearts to Him.
  • Don’t be discouraged if your time together doesn’t happen just as your planned. If you do the Jesse Tree during breakfast, milk may spill, someone may start crying, your phone may ring non-stop or any number of things. Don’t let those things discourage you. There is always opposition to doing the things that are most important. The important thing is that you are trying! Keep at it and try again the next day.
  • There is value in just reading the Bible together- whether children are closely listening or engaged there is value in reading the Bible together. I read the quote below recently, but don’t have the author. “Whether they hear or understand anything that is being read, just the act of gathering as a family to read God’s Word speaks volumes to your kids about the authority of scripture.”
  • Make it fun! I hope the Jesse Tree is a fun tradition with your family. It doesn’t need to be overly serious but help your children to see the beauty of Christ and the joy that is found in a relationship to him. Make it fun with songs, maybe a special treat to go along with the story once in a while or even a small present. Whatever communicated love to your kiddos.

And that’s it!

Really that’s all there is to making a Jesse Tree Tradition in your home! I am thankful for this simple and meaningful way to pause during such a busy season and focus on the reason for the season. I am praying this will be a special time for us each day. And for your family too. You can do the Jesse Tree in whatever way works best for your family. But I pray it will be a blessing to your and your little ones.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions or comments. I would love to hear about the traditions you do in your family!

You can also make your own peg doll nativity set!

A simple project that also goes along with the Jesse Tree is making your own nativity set. You can see how to make your own nativity set with your little children and use it with your Jesse Tree.

As always thanks for sopping by!

P.S. If you missed Day 1 on making beautiful fabric Christmas Trees make sure to check out that post too!

How to Make Jesse Tree Ornaments

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Our family started the Jesse Tree Christmas tradition about three years ago when I was asked to review Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. The experience was so incredible that we repeat it every year.

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The idea of the Jesse Tree begins in the Bible, specifically in Isaiah 11:1-10 which reads:

There shall come forth a Rod from the stem of Jesse,
And a Branch shall grow out of his roots.
The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him,
The Spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The Spirit of counsel and might,
The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.

His delight is in the fear of the Lord,
And He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes,
Nor decide by the hearing of His ears;
But with righteousness He shall judge the poor,
And decide with equity for the meek of the earth;
He shall strike the earth with the rod of His mouth,
And with the breath of His lips He shall slay the wicked.
Righteousness shall be the belt of His loins,
And faithfulness the belt of His waist.

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb,
The leopard shall lie down with the young goat,
The calf and the young lion and the fatling together;
And a little child shall lead them.
The cow and the bear shall graze;
Their young ones shall lie down together;
And the lion shall eat straw like the ox.
The nursing child shall play by the cobra’s hole,
And the weaned child shall put his hand in the viper’s den.
They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain,
For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea.

“And in that day there shall be a Root of Jesse,
Who shall stand as a banner to the people;
For the Gentiles shall seek Him,
And His resting place shall be glorious.”

Each day of Advent (between December 1st and December 25th), your family reads a passage that leads you through the story of God’s amazing love and plan from Creation to the free gift of salvation.

During this special time each evening , we consider the meaning of the passage and application to our lives. Then, we pray, and hang the themed ornament on our Jesse Tree.

When preparing for a Jesse Tree Advent, you will need somewhere to hang your ornaments, whether on your regular Christmas tree or in another spot.

The first year we traversed the Jesse Tree Advent, we used a simple cardboard tree and printable Jesse Tree ornaments. Each night, one fo the children would tape a paper ornament to the cardboard tree.

Now, we use a branch – which becomes our first ornament – as a place to hang each day’s ornament Our family makes an adventure of finding a branch with enough knobs and stems for hanging all of our Jesse Tree ornaments.

Each Jesse Tree ornament is based on a passage in the Bible that walks your family through the genealogy of Jesus. It’s a fascinating study of how the Bible is all connected and can be eye-opening for anyone – child or adult – who is unfamiliar with HIStory.

Depending on the faith background, there appears to be a difference between the traditional Catholic Jesse Tree ornaments and other Jesse Tree traditions. [See the traditional Jesse Tree order here.]

Since we use Unwrapping the Greatest Gift as our devotional, this is the order of our Jesse Tree ornament list with the suggested readings:

December 1st – Jesse’s stump – Isaiah 11:1-10

December 2nd – Globe – Genesis 1

December 3rd – Apple / Tree – Genesis 3

December 4th – Noah / Rainbow – Genesis 6

December 5th – Abraham’s Tent / Camels – Genesis 12

December 6th – Isaac / Baby Footprints – Genesis 21

December 7th – Ram – Genesis 22

December 8th – Jacob / Ladder – Genesis 28

December 9th – Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors – Genesis 50

December 10th – Moses / Ten Commandments – Deuteronomy 5

December 11th – Rahab / Red Rope – Joshua 2

December 12th – Ruth / Wheat – Ruth 1

December 13th – David / Crown – 1 Samuel 16

December 14th – Light / Sun – Isaiah 9

December 15th – Elijah / Bonfire – 1 Kings 18

December 16th – Jonah / Fish – Jonah 1

December 17th – Bethlehem – Micah 5

December 18th – Esther / Scepter – Esther 4

December 19th – Watchtower – Habakkuk 2

December 20th – Zechariah and Elizabeth – Luke 1:1-17

December 21st – John / Scalloped Shell – Matthew 3

December 22nd – Mary / Heart – Luke 1:28-38

December 23rd – Joseph / Tools – Matthew 1:19-25

December 24th – Jesus / Manger – Luke 2:1-8

December 25th – Shepherds / Star – Luke 2:8-20

Two years ago, I decided to upgrade our Jesse Tree ornaments from the simple printables to ornaments that might become family heirlooms.

After reading the passages and looking around on Pinterest, I decided to use a combination of storebought ornaments we already had and make several to fill in the gaps.

Jesse’s Stump

I have thought several times about using a wood slice but our children love picking out a broken branch so much.


Searching the internet, I found a picture of the Earth and printed it.

Using a clear, plastic globe ornament, I added the earth picture and confetti to represent the creation.

Apple / Tree

From eons ago, we had a few apple Christmas ornaments. I selected one that looked aged but had no special sentimentality and painted it a solid red to cover the design underneath.

Noah / Rainbow

Long before I married my husband, I collected Noah’s ark nicknacks. So this ornament was plucked from our tree. But one day I might replace it with a simple rainbow created from polymer clay.

Abraham’s Tent / Camels

To represent Abraham’s visitor, I used a stiff piece of cardboard to create a tent shape and then covered it with layers of brightly colored paper. 

I searched the internet for a camel silhouette and traced it on to black construction paper before cutting it out and gluing it over my tent. 

Finally, since the promise involves making Abraham’s offspring as vast as the stars in the sky, I thought it was symbolic to add a piece of star confetti to the top.

Isaac / Baby Footprints

Using another portion of stiff cardboard, I cut a heart and then searched for baby footprints.

After tracing the footprints on to the cardboard, I used glue to apply a layer of glitter to the feet. After that was dry, I spread glue around the footprints and sprinkled a different shade of glitter to set it off.


This ornament looks more complicated that it was. After cutting a ram body from the cardboard, I also cut out a pair of horns.

Using a black crayon, I colored the face of the ram and the hooves.

The horns were glued to the head on each side and then I unrolled a cotton ball to cover the body.

Jacob / Ladder

I have never made a ladder before and this one is not my favorite but it certainly works for the purpose. 

Using three slender sticks, I fashioned a ladder by cutting one into pieces and then attaching the small pieces as slats to the longer pieces using thread.

Joseph’s Coat

This Jesse Tree ornament was the easiest for me to create since I had a piece of brightly colored scrapbook paper, gold ribbon, and floral wire.

Folding the scrapbook paper in half, I cut a coat shape with the top edge (the neckline) on the fold so it would not be cut. Then, I glued a short length of gold ribbon as a sash.

To create a hanger, I simply cut a length of floral wire and shaped it into a coat hanger. 

The coat rests on the wire hanger.

Moses / Ten Commandments

Using grey construction paper, I cut the tablet shapes and then scribbled little marks using a marker. 

Finally, I glued the tablets together and punched a hole for hanging.

Rahab / Red Ribbon

While this was a challenge, I knew what I wanted to create… the image of Jericho with the red ribbon trailing from Rahab’s window.

The tower is a cardboard (cough… toilet paper) tube. To create the stonework, I drew brick shapes on a piece of grey paper and then cut it to fit the tube.

Once attached to the tube with glue, I punched a small, square hole to represent the window.

The ribbon is taped to the inside of the tube and comes through the window, twisting around the tube and taped under the bottom edge.

Ruth / Wheat

This Jesse Tree ornament is my least favorite and I welcome your ideas for replacing it.

After searching the internet, I found an image of wheat and printed it. The image is glued to a piece of cardboard that I cut into a circle. 

Because I was not satisfied, I coated part of the image with glitter. It didn’t help but the ornament works for now.

David / Crown

To represent King David, I pulled together some beads and silver chenille stems.

By working with two parallel chenille stems, I was able to thread the beads with both strands. The beads give the crown structure and make it pretty.

Light / Sun

In the middle fo creating this ornament to represent the great Light, I shifted gears.

To start, I poured some paint into the ornament but quickly scrapped that idea. Instead, I took thin pieces of orange and yellow construction paper and curled it around a pencil, pulling it tightly so the curls would stay in the paper. 

Then, I inserted the paper into the ornament.

Elijah / Bonfire

To create a multidimensional fire, I cut flames from construction paper with a few being the same shape. The pieces that are the same were glued together except for the ends where I curled the paper over a pencil away from the center.

Then, I arranged all of the flames together to create a cohesive fire.

The twigs are bound together with a thin piece of wire which also pierces through the flames and holds the fire to the twigs.

Jonah / Fish

Another quick search of the internet pulled up a picture of Jonah in the belly of the whale.

After printing the picture, I was stumped for a way to display it and decided to create a tube from the image. I then inserted the picture tube into a clear, plastic ornament.


Using the same colors from Abraham’s tent, I cut an old city skyline and glued it against the impression of a sunset fashioned by layering the papers.

The entire piece is wrapped around another cardboard tube.

Esther / Scepter

The scepter is a family favorite and I love how it turned out.

Using floral wire and beads, I twisted, laced, and fashioned a scepter. Then, I gave the entire thing a quick coat of glue and glitter to hide the fact that the pieces underneath do not match. But you wouldn’t know if I had not told you.


I will confess that this ornament is often confused with Bethlehem since they are very similar and made almost the same way… minus the cardboard tube.

Zechariah and Elizabeth

Another confession… this is an idea I saw on Pinterest but personalized it with the materials I had.

This Jesse Tree ornament has a backing of thin cardboard with cut construction paper overlain to give depth. The eyes are simply drawn making the entire ornament easier than it looks.

John / Scalloped Shell

Living on the Gulf Coast, we have a collection of sea-themed ornaments. This particular ornament was given to us by a church friend but would be easy to replicate.

Start with two scalloped shells and use hot glue to attach them to one another.

Coat the shells with a thin layer of clear glue and then sprinkle with glitter.

Mary / Heart

Another item snatched from our Christmas tree, this glass-spun heart was part of a set that I purchased our first Christmas after getting married because they were inexpensive and would help us decorate our barren little Christmas tree.

Joseph / Tools

There is not a lot available for Joseph, but upon searching the internet, I discovered this lovely picture of Joseph and a young Jesus working together.

Instead of inserting this image into a clear, plastic ornament, I glued it to the outside so that it would show through. To give the ornament a more finished look, I then cut strips of brown construction paper to cover the image on the outside.

Because the poignancy was tremendous, I added three nails to the inside of the ornament.

Jesus / Manger

We have created many variation of the manger as Christmas ornaments and I was lacking any new ideas. So I plucked this “believe” ornament from our Christmas tree to represent Jesus.

One day, I will replace it.

Shepherds / Star

I hated this star on our Christmas tree. It’s true.

The star was given to me back in 1992 by my manager at my first job. She wasn’t a Christian, didn’t like me, didn’t include me in employee gatherings, and made me work on Sundays even when it was in my contract to be off. I knew the star was just something she gave me because she felt like she had to give me something. But I kept it because I have never been able to toss a Christmas ornament.

When I needed a star Jesse Tree ornament, I hesitated before taking this one from our Christmas tree.

That’s when it occurred to me that there was no better option because this star epitomizes the Shepherds for me… the outcast… the unwanted… the persecuted… and the ones who received the first invitation to the coming of Jesus, our Savior.

What was once to me an ugly star became beautiful with its new purpose.

But that is what the Jesse Tree is all about. Tracing the lineage of Jesus and seeing God’s plan span thousands of years is a reminder that He was, He is, and He always will be reaching out to us and offering the free gift of salvation available by His grace.

Not every day will be easy. Not every day will be fun. But every day He is weaving His plan.

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50 cool do-it-yourself Christmas decorations

November 27, 2021LikbezDo it yourself

Unique Christmas decorations made of paper, felt, plastic bottles, wine corks and other materials.



Christmas decorations from bushings

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

What you need

  • Bushing;
  • scissors;
  • yarn.

How to

Bend the sleeve and cut across into several equal wide pieces.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Separate many identical pieces from the yarn.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Unfold the bushings. Insert a piece of yarn folded in half into one of them.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Pass the ends of the thread through the resulting loop and tighten.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Tie a few more pieces of yarn in this way. Move the threads that are on the sleeve so that the cardboard is not visible.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Tie the piece from the sleeve completely with thread.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Divide the ends of the yarn into two parts. Twist each of them lightly and pull through the ring. The detailed process is shown in the video below. Straighten the threads.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Over the ring, tie the yarn with another piece of thread, forming a hat.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

Trim the ends of the threads so that you get a fluffy pompom.

Frame: Handimania / YouTube

In the same way, make hats from the remaining parts of the sleeve. For hanging, tie yarn loops on top.

What other options are

from the bushings you get beautiful snowflakes:

Another design:

You can make a New Year's ball:

Santa Claus:

and even a mini -circle with cocoa:

Ice Cream Sticks Christmas Decorations

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

What You Need

  • Ice Cream Sticks;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • wood glue;
  • toothpick;
  • brush;
  • brown;
  • paint red;
  • twine or other thread;
  • white paint.

How to make

Cut off the tips of four sticks so that you have two pieces 6.3 cm long and two pieces 7.6 cm long. cm. Prepare two more whole sticks about 11 cm long. If you have other sticks, adjust the size by eye yourself.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

On two solid parts, make three marks 1.9 cm apart. First measure from the place where the rounding of the stick ends. Apply glue with a toothpick to the marks on one piece.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

Place it on the edge and glue three short identical parts to it, as shown in the photo.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

Glue the marks on the second whole stick and attach it to the short pieces.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

When the blank is dry, cover it with brown paint. The rest of the sticks are red. Let the coating dry completely.

Place the four pieces with rounded tops on the short sticks, two long ones in the middle and the other two on the edges. Leave small gaps between them. Trim their straight edges with a whole stick. On the other side, put the last piece.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

Gently glue the red pieces onto the brown blank. Remove the whole stick, you won't need it anymore. Tie a piece of twine to the short red part on both sides so that you get a loop.

Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

Paint the edges of the red pieces white.

The second part of the video shows how to make an incredibly cool ski set using the same sticks:

What other options are there

Here the sled is made in a different way:

wooden snowman, Santa Claus and a Christmas tree:

In this video there is also an angel, a star, a car and a fence:

And here are some very simple wooden snowflakes:

Christmas decorations made of paper

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

What you need

  • Light paper;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • awl;
  • golden rope;
  • fine wire;
  • glue;
  • large light bead;
  • bright paper.

How to

Cut out a 15 cm square and a 15 x 8 cm rectangle from paper.

Fold the edge of the square about 1 cm. Then turn it over and fold it in the opposite direction again. Repeat until you have folded the entire piece like an accordion.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Gather the rectangle into an accordion too, starting from the narrow edge.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Fold a large square harmonica in half. Make a hole in the middle of the fold with an awl.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Fold the second accordion in half and pierce in the same place.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Cut as much string as needed to make a hanging loop. Fold the ends together, form a loop and tie a knot. Remove excess.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Wrap the wire around the loop. Fold the ends together. Pass the wire through the opening of the large harmonica.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Pull out almost the entire rope. Then, in the same way, thread the wire with the rope into the hole of the small accordion.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Tighten the rope so that the parts touch each other. Glue the two halves of a large harmonica.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Apply glue to the bottom of the small harmonica and attach it to the large one.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Put a bead on the wire and lower it to the paper blank. Remove the wire. Tie the rope in a knot over the bead so that it does not fall out.

Spread the wings of the angel by lifting the paper towards the bead. Straighten the bottom.

Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

Glue a heart made of bright paper under the bead.

This video tutorial shows how to make this toy have a collar instead of a heart. And there are three other ways to create an angel out of paper.

What other options are

This is how to make a voluminous paper ball:

This small Christmas tree is made using the origami technique:

Here they explain how to make a volumetric paper star:

in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment in similar equipment create a cute deer:

And a unicorn:

Felt Christmas decorations

Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

What you need

  • Cardboard;
  • pencil;
  • scissors;
  • green felt;
  • chalk;
  • invisible or staples;
  • needle;
  • thread green;
  • light ribbon;
  • synthetic winterizer or wadding;
  • ready-made red bow or red ribbon;
  • glue gun;
  • bulk paint or beads.

How to

Draw a small circle on the cardboard. Draw a smaller circle inside. For convenience, you can circle the covers or something else. Cut out the shape along all lines.

Place the template on the felt and trace around with chalk. You will need two of these parts.

Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

Cut out the pieces of felt.

Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

Fold one of them in half. With scissors, make a zigzag edge on a small semi-circle.

Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

Overlay this part on another. Inside should be the sides with chalk marks. Make the same patterned edge at the second part, cutting along the contour of the first. Then make the edge openwork and on the outside of both pieces of felt.

Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

For reliability, connect the parts temporarily with stealth or paper clips. Sew around the outer edge. Leave a small hole in one place. Put the ribbon there so that you get a loop, and sew it up.

Shot: SoCraftastic / YouTube

Stuff the toy with padding polyester or cotton and sew up the inside edge. Glue a ready-made or homemade ribbon bow from below.

Shot: SoCraftastic / YouTube

Make small toys on the wreath from bulk paint or beads.

What other options are there

Any felt toys are very cool. Here, for example, is the cutest New Year's boot:

Elegant holiday bells:

And this video shows how to make several toys: a gingerbread man, a house, a deer, a bullfinch, a Christmas pudding, a heart and an angel.

Foamiran Christmas decorations

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

What you need

  • Glitter foamiran in two different colors;
  • pencil - optional;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • ribbon;
  • beads.

How to do

Cut out eight small circles from foamiran of each color. To make them even, take some kind of cover and press it on the material from the back or circle it with a pencil.

Fold each circle in half and cut along the fold.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Then fold each piece in half with the glitter side inward. Glue from the inside on the straight side.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Now connect two triangles of the same color. You need to glue them in the places where the folds are. In total, you will get eight blanks of each color.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Apply glue to the straight side of one piece and attach another color element to it. Attach six more shapes, alternating colors. The extremes must be different.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Make another one like this. Lightly spread both on the glitter side.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Glue the blanks together by connecting the colored parts in the same way as in the previous step. From above and below, glue those places where the reverse side of the foamiran is visible. The detailed process is in the video below.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Cut out two small strips of foamiran of each color. Glue each one in half lengthwise.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Twist one strip, lubricating it with glue for reliability. Attach a loop of tape to the edge of the second strip and also form a glued “snail”.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Spread glue from the inside of the hole on the ball. Insert the prepared parts there. They should stick out about half way.

Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

Glue beads into the holes between the bottom and top of the balloon.

What other options are there

Another foamiran ball - spiral:

Beautiful hearts:


and an elegant wreath:

Firum for toys from plastic bottles

frames: Little Crafties / YouTube
  • decorative tape;
  • scissors;
  • utility knife;
  • glue gun;
  • thin ribbons in two different colors;
  • fabric adhesive - optional.
  • How to do

    Tape the bottle around the bottle in two places above and below where the constriction begins. Between the inner edges of the tape, the bottle should be straight. Cut along these lines.

    Shot: Little Crafties / YouTube

    You will no longer need the bottom and top of the bottle. Divide the middle cut piece into four identical rings.

    Image: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Gently burn the edges of each with a hot iron. Apply a little hot glue to the part in one place and attach the tip of the ribbon at an angle.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Wrap the ring all the way, always keeping the tape at the same angle. Cut off the excess tip and fix the decor with glue.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Use fabric glue to attach the sequins to the ribbon. You can use hot glue, but you have to apply it very carefully so that it is not visible.

    Wrap another ring with ribbon of the same color and decorate with sequins. Wrap the other two details with a ribbon of a different shade; you do not need to decorate them additionally.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Lubricate one ring on the outside with hot glue in two opposite places. Place the part inside another identical ring. Glue them so that they are perpendicular to each other.

    Shot: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Put the third ring on the workpiece and fix it at the intersections of the previous two - evenly between them.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Perpendicular to the element just added, glue the last ring.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Tie a ribbon at the intersection and make a beautiful bow out of it. Here, tie a loop for hanging from a ribbon of a different color.

    What other options are

    Cleak from the same plastic angels:

    Make flowers:

    or an unusual toy with stars:

    11 ideas with instructions - BURDASTYLELA

    decorations for your Christmas tree that you can't buy in the store! It will not take much time and effort: all the toys in the collection are easy to make.

    Master class author



    Add some handmade decorations to make your Christmas tree the most beautiful and unique.

    Handmade for the Christmas tree: stylish DIY Christmas decorations

    1. Cone decoration with bow

    One of the simplest and most beautiful decorations that you can make yourself: just add a beautiful ribbon bow and eyelet to the bump.


    Your Christmas tree will be unique: 20 DIY toy ideas

    2. Wood Bead Balls

    Large wood beads are needed for these decorations. You can color them and add patterns or inscriptions. Tassels and loops for hanging are made of floss.


    Packaging that will make any gift unforgettable: 10 ideas with instructions

    3. Mini wreaths of beads

    These decorations can be made from wooden or any other beads. Gather them into wreaths and add sprigs of needles and bows.


    Idea: Christmas decorations made of lace and hoop

    4. Transformation of ordinary Christmas balls

    The simplest balls can be turned into luxurious decorations for the Christmas tree! To do this, you need glue-gel, loose sequins and velvet braid. Lubricate the tip of the ball with glue and sprinkle with sequins, and when the glue dries, add a ribbon.


    New Year's toys from old reels: master class

    5. Toys made from small light bulbs

    Light bulbs from an old garland, Christmas tree decorations in the form of light bulbs or miniature minion light bulbs can be used for such decorations. Clamping the base with a clothespin, paint the light bulbs, preferably with glossy paint. And then add decorations and loops to the glue.


    Idea: adorable felt Christmas decorations with appliqué


    Pom Pom Balls

    Balls can be made from threads of one shade or different colors. An unfolded paper clip is used as a loop.


    DIY decorative wreath of colorful pompoms

    7. Cloth-wrapped balls

    An original decoration and a great way to use beautiful scraps of fabric! Wrap a simple Christmas ball with a cloth, tie a ribbon with a bow on top and add a loop.


    How to make and decorate Christmas balls with your own hands: 11 ideas with instructions

    8. Felt mittens

    Cut out small mittens from felt and decorate them with simple embroidery. Add a loop.


    DIY bright Christmas toys

    9. Paper Balls and Stars

    Cut out identical stars and balls from colored paper and design paper. Bend the parts in half with the right side inward and glue the toys, each of 5-8 parts.

    Learn more