How to make napkins into christmas trees

Christmas Tree Napkin Folding in 2 Minutes

2D & 3D Christmas tree napkin folding in 2 minutes! Best Christmas table setting decoration ideas & easy holiday crafts for kids & family!

The most magical time of year is here again! While you are busy finishing up your beautiful Christmas tree and outdoor decorations, why not make your Christmas table settings extra festive as well?

In addition to some super easy and no cost DIY Christmas centerpiece you can make , this easy Christmas napkin folding idea will really bring some holiday cheer to any style table settings and decorations.

Let’s transform a simple napkin into an impressive little Christmas tree in just 2 minutes! We will also share some creative variations such as a 3D standing napkin Christmas tree, and topping it with a star-shaped name card for an even more personal touch. 

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Video tutorial: Christmas tree napkin folding

Materials for Christmas tree napkin folding

  • The napkins you use should be perfectly square: we used these 20″ x 20″ green cotton napkins, but any color paper or cloth square napkins 16″ or bigger will work great. 
  • Optional: gold card stock or paper to make Christmas stars. ( Some readers asked about this: we got these super cute gold flatware from Amazon. )

Step 1: Fold the napkin into a quarter square

You can iron the napkin first, but it is not necessary if your napkin does not have too many creases. 

Fold the napkin in half into a rectangle, then in half again into a square that is 1/4 the size of the napkin. 

Make sure the corners are all lining up with each other. 

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Step 2: Fold the Corners Up one layer at a time

Start by folding each piece of square over diagonally.  

Stagger the corners to create layered folds. Make sure all the sides are parallel and staggered at about 1″ apart.

Step 3: fold the napkin into a Christmas tree 

Carefully sandwich the folded napkin between your hands, and flip it over. Now we see a diamond shape with the tip pointing down.

Fold the left third towards the center, then fold over the right third, like shown in photo above.

Flip the folded napkin over again. 

Starting at the top, fold each flap over so they are pointing up. Tuck the second flap up under the one above it. Do the same with the next two flaps.

You can fold the final triangle flap over or under. I wrapped it under as show in photo. 

You can also fold all the flaps inside. The tree will look slightly different. See video tutorial for this variation.

This Christmas tree napkin folding looks beautiful laying flat on a plate. There are many ways to embellish this napkin Christmas tree: try adding a small ornament, a star or a name tag made from gold card stock or paper, or a piece of candy!

In case you are wondering, we got these super cute gold flatware from Amazon. 🙂

3D Standing Christmas tree napkin fold

You can also make it stand vertically to create a 3d Christmas tree napkin fold. Follow the same steps for the 2D Christmas tree napkin folding, and just roll the back flaps a bit to form a more stable base like in photo below.

I cut a star using gold paper, and glued a paper tab on the back to hold the star on top of our napkin Christmas tree.

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Love Christmas Ideas?

DIY Christmas Tree Napkins Tutorial And FREE Pattern ⋆ Hello Sewing


Christmas is the time of year when your most loved ones are coming over to spend some time with you. So you need to be a great host, which means that your dinner table should look as best as possible.

These DIY Christmas tree napkins are meant to help you with just that!

Nothing says Christmas better than a Christmas tree, so why not put them next to your plate? This Christmas tree napkin tutorial will show you how to make unique and creative napkins that everyone will love as soon as they see them.

By the way, just between us, since they are easy to sew and you can finish them in no time, they can even act as a great last-minute Christmas present! Now let’s make some Christmas tree napkins, shall we?

Below you will find my step by step tree shaped napkin written tutorial with VIDEO instructions for all the visual learners.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 How to make Christmas Tree Napkins
  • 2 Supplies and tools
  • 3 Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial and Pattern
    • 3. 1 Christmas Tree Napkins VIDEO TUTORIAL
    • 3.3 STEP 1: Prepare the pattern
    • 3.4 STEP 2: Cut the fabric
    • 3.5 STEP 3: Pin fabrics together
    • 3.6 STEP 4: Clip and snip
    • 3.7 STEP 5: Turn inside out
    • 3.8 STEP 6: Mark the folding / stitching line
    • 3.9 STEP 7: Topstitch
    • 3.10 STEP 8: How to fold a Christmas tree napkin
    • 3.11 (Optional) Make stems

How to make Christmas Tree Napkins

Supplies and tools

  • fabric – 2 pieces of cotton (one main, one coordinating) or other fabrics suitable for napkins
  • matching thread
  • scissors (or rotary cutter and a cutting mat)
  • ruler or measuring tape
  • iron and ironing board
  • sewing clips or pins
  • sewing machine (if you need a new one – all these beginner ones are an excellent choice)

DOWNLOAD: Christmas tree napkin pattern (Free PDF file)

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Christmas Tree Napkin Tutorial and Pattern

Watch the diy christmas tree napkin video first and then follow the written step by step instructions below.
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Christmas Tree Napkins VIDEO TUTORIAL


STEP 1: Prepare the pattern

Download and print the pattern (don’t scale it in any way, print at 100% US letter paper). Using our free Christmas tree napkin pattern will make the things easier.

If you don’t have a printer however, you can also manage without it. Read how in step 2.

STEP 2: Cut the fabric

Take two of your fabrics, place them on each other and align the bottom edges. Place the paper pattern on top and cut according to the pattern. You need 2 semi-circles in different colors for one napkin.

If you don’t have a printer, follow the instructions below how to make your own pattern.

Take a fabric pencil, pin and a piece of thread. Knot the end of the thread the pin it to the center of the bottom edge of the fabrics. Wrap the thread around the pencil several times until it is 8.5inches. Draw a semi-circle around the pin and cut it out.

If you are making a bunch of napkins, make a paper pattern or use one of the cut fabrics as a pattern to cut the next set of fabric sheets.

TIP: Don’t forget to wash and iron the fabric well before you start doing anything with it.

STEP 3: Pin fabrics together

Take one fabric semicircle and place it right side up. Take a semicircle from the second main fabric and place it over the first one, with its right side down. Align the edges and pin everything.

Sew all around the semicircle. Leave a 4 inch opening unstitched on the straight edge so that you can turn the whole thing around.

STEP 4: Clip and snip

Clip the curve of the napkin and snip the bottom corners to allow it to lay flat. You can skip this step, but I highly recommend it, as it really gives the napkins a professional look.

STEP 5: Turn inside out

Turn the fabric right side out and push out the edges. Then use your iron to press everything flat.

Fold both layers of the edge where the unstitched section is inwards about quarter of an inch. Press it flat and pin in place.

STEP 6: Mark the folding / stitching line

Using your paper pattern as a guide match the beginning of the dashed line with the bottom corner of the napkin. Mark the start of the fold line. Remove the pattern and using a ruler draw a line perpendicular to the straight bottom edge.

If not using the pattern, measure 5 inches from the bottom corner and then draw the perpendicular line.

STEP 7: Topstitch

Topstitch all around the napkin using a scant 1/8 inch seam allowance. Start on the straight edge, just before the fold line you marked, stitch all around the napkin. Stop at the fold line, put your needle down, raise the presser foot and pivot. Stitch along the fold line.

Reinforce the beginning and the end of this seam with backstitching.

STEP 8: How to fold a Christmas tree napkin

It a bit tricky, but the fold line we stitched earlier will definitely make the folding part much easier.

Fold the napkin again over the stitch you made earlier. Press with the iron.

8.1. You will need to fold this flap into thirds, similar to a fan. Grab the corner of the flap and while you’re pressing the corner on the straight edge of the napkin with your finger, pull the flap backward to fold it towards the other side.

Keep pulling until the curve becomes parallel to the long straight edge of the napkin. Then stop and fold it towards the back, just like a fan, until you align the edge with the previous fold. Make sure that the folds are aligned with each other. Press everything flat.

8.2. Flip the napkin over and grab the bottom corner. Fold it until its crease aligns with the back fold you made in the previous step.

Then do just one more fan fold so that the last edge is aligned with the previous fold.

Press everything well with your iron and you’re done! Your first christmas tree napkin is ready!

Repeat the steps with your remaining fabric and your set will be complete.

(Optional) Make stems

Place two fabric rectangles on each other, right sides in, and align their edges. Use a quarter-inch seam allowance and sew around three sides of the rectangle. You can use a contrasting thread if you want to add more flair to the napkins.

Clip the corners and turn the whole thing inside-out. Poke the corners out with chopsticks or with the back of a pencil.

Topstitch around the three sewn edges. Go as close to the edge as you can.

Just before you sew the main fabrics together in step 3, place the stems on the curved edge about 2 inches from the right bottom corner, aligning the raw edge with the raw edges of the main fabrics then sew.


Did you like the christmas tree napkin tutorial? Don’t forget to make a few of these unique napkins for your loved ones as well! If you think of a suggestion for improving this project, let us know. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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DIY Christmas tree made of napkins, photo, instructions

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  1. Cloves of paper cloves-Master class
  2. Christmas tree in paper ruffles-Master class
  3. Tree of napkins-master class
  4. Green Christmas tree-master class

You can easily make a beautiful and unusual Christmas tree with your own hands from such an unusual material as paper napkins.

It can become an original decoration for your New Year's interior. It can be put on the New Year's table, presented to relatives or work colleagues. A do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of napkins will certainly add a piece of your soul, warmth and comfort to the New Year holiday.

To make a Christmas tree with your own hands, you will need items that are likely to be found in your household: paper napkins, scissors, glue, cardboard. When you take the master class, you may need other materials. You can make a Christmas tree with your own hands quickly and easily:

  • First, a frame for the Christmas tree is made, usually from cardboard.
  • The frame is then held together with glue or a stapler.

After that, improvised branches are made from napkins, which are attached to the frame.

There are many ideas for unusual paper Christmas trees, but each of them has its own little secrets and nuances, so we offer you several master classes on creating a New Year's beauty with your own hands.

Christmas tree made of paper carnations - master class

You will need: 92 napkins of different colors, a stapler, scissors, pencil glue, adhesive tape, thick cardboard for the cone.

Step one: Fold the napkin in half twice. We fasten the middle of the square you have obtained with a stapler. Cut out a circle around the paper clip, as shown in the master class diagram. In the same sequence, we make circles from the rest of the napkins.

Step two: lift the top layer of the napkin, lift it up with your fingers, then carefully wrinkle. We do this with all layers. As a result, you should get a crumpled bud. Then you need to spread the bud with your fingers to get a fluffy carnation. Do it this way 92 cloves.

For more details on how to make "carnations" for the Christmas tree, see this video:

Step three: Gently glue the paper carnations on the cone in any order. If desired, beads can be glued to the Christmas tree or beads can be hung.

New Year's beauty, created with your own hands, is ready!

See also the whole process in this video:

Herringbone in paper ruffles - master class

You can make a wonderful Christmas tree in flirty ruffles with your own hands.

You will need: colored plain napkins, thick cardboard, a needle and thread, pencil glue, tape and beads.

  • For the frame of the Christmas tree, a cone is made according to the same principle as in the previous master class.
  • Strips of 3-4 cm wide are cut from napkins, which are then collected on a thread.
  • The assembled tape, starting from the bottom, is glued to the cone in a spiral.
  • Beads are glued to the ruffles, and the top is decorated with a ribbon.

Christmas tree made of napkins using the trimming method - master class

You will need: a pack of green napkins, cardboard, scissors, PVA glue, a brush, green gouache, a ballpoint pen refill and decorations for decoration.

  • We make a cone in the same way as in the first master class. If desired, the frame of the Christmas tree can be painted green.
  • Cut the napkins into small squares 2x2 cm in size. The square should be in one layer.
  • Glue the squares tightly to the cone, starting from the bottom, in this way: apply glue to the lower edge of the cone, rest against the middle of the square placed on the finger with the blunt end of the rod and wind the square onto the rod, as shown in the diagram.
  • Remove the lump from the rod and glue the base to the cone. Having glued the whole row with lumps, we move on to the next one and so on to the top of the Christmas tree. We decorate the Christmas tree with beads and homemade toys.

Green Christmas tree - master class

We invite you to make a simple and beautiful Christmas tree with your own hands from green napkins. You will need: 12-15 green napkins, beads, glue and cardboard.

  • Draw circles of various sizes in descending order on napkins.
  • Trim (do not cut off!) excess paper around the circles. The result should be several circles of different sizes, which will have torn edges.
  • Then cut the circles in one place and stick, starting from the bottom, onto the cone. You learned how to make a cone after passing the first master class.
  • You will get an original and one of a kind Christmas tree with shaggy twigs, similar to the branches of a real spruce.

Interesting ideas for creating a Christmas tree from napkins

A beautiful and elegant Christmas tree can be made from openwork table napkins.

An openwork white Christmas tree decorated with tinsel will look great on the New Year's table. Even children can make such fluffy snow-white beauties.

A New Year's table will look truly festive if each guest puts a Christmas tree made of cotton table napkins on a plate.

DIY Christmas trees will be a wonderful decoration for your home. They can be done with children, family and friends. A little New Year's beauty will certainly bring a joyful New Year's mood to your home.

See similar workshops: Christmas tree with your own hands from threads.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree from napkins

New Year's symbols are not made from any improvised means! A do-it-yourself Christmas tree made of napkins looks like a work of art. Not everyone will guess what you made a forest beauty from. Moreover, there are several ways to make Christmas trees from this material, choose any you like and get creative.

Christmas tree made of cloth

This option will help decorate the New Year's table. How to make a Christmas tree from fabric napkins, we will now tell. Take a green napkin, fold it in four. Arrange so that the free corners look at you.

Fold up the first corner, then the second, third and fourth. At the same time, you must bend each subsequent one to a lesser extent than the previous one. Holding your work with your hand, turn the napkin over to the back. If you want to better fix the fold lines, you can iron them.

Now you need to fold the upside down napkin into thirds in this way: first turn the right corner to the left, then the left corner to the right. How such a Christmas tree is made from napkins is clearly shown in the photo above. In the picture at number ten, you can see that the napkin needs to be carefully turned over again and rotated an additional 180 ° so that the free corners are directed towards you. Start bending them from the top. Place the corner of the next one under the base of the first triangle. Continue shaping the Christmas tree in the same way, folding the bottom corner last.

Now you can put a Christmas tree on a plate and make a few more like it, decorating the New Year's table with them. You can place the fabric tree vertically, and put on a small copy of Santa Claus's hat on top.

Slender beauty

To make a paper Christmas tree, you will need patterned napkins and a sheet of cardboard. Attach a large plate to it, circle it, cut out the resulting circle. You can use a compass to draw a circle. Now cut the resulting figure along the radius - that is, from the edge of the circle to its center. Lubricate one notch on the back side with glue, roll the circle to make a cone. Wait until the glue dries. After that, the do-it-yourself Christmas tree from napkins is done further.

The bags turn into a tree

Take the same napkins, you will need them to decorate the first lower tier of the tree. Lubricate one side of the napkin with glue (where the fold is), put the second side on it, with which these two are connected at an angle. Press the junction with your fingers - you have a bag. Lubricate the fold line with glue, attach this part to the bottom of the cone. Next, glue a second napkin folded in the same way. At the same time, their free corners should be directed downwards.

After you have completed the first lower layer, proceed to the second one. It is also better to make it from napkins of the same pattern or matching color. In this way, build a Christmas tree, consisting of six or more rows of napkins, rolled into small bags. The top can be decorated with a star cut out of cardboard, or tie a satin bow on it. If you want to make a big tree, put a cone on a stick and stick the bottom end of it into the flower pot.

Jewelry work

In the same way (by gluing blanks onto a cone), another Christmas tree is made from paper napkins. First, you need to cut them into squares with a side of 1 cm, then roll each one in a certain way.

Take the first square, put a ballpoint pen in its center, wind this piece of napkin around it. Then bring this design to the PVA glue poured into the bottle cap. Lubricate the center of the folded square with a small amount of glue, attach the workpiece to the bottom of the cone. Glue the remaining parts in the same way - first to the first, then to subsequent tiers. Decorate the Christmas tree with paper beads, after which you can admire the finished work.

Fluffy spruce - let's start creating

A cardboard cone will serve as the basis for the next beauty. He will tell you how such a Christmas tree is made from napkins, a master class. If you made paper boats as a child, now this technique will come in handy for you. Have you forgotten how it's done? Looking at the picture below, you can quickly remember.

First unfold the green napkin. If it's too soft and too big, then don't unroll it. Now bend all 4 corners to the center, at this point they should meet. To make it easier to do this, first find the middle: to do this, bend the napkin one at a time, and then along the second diagonal. The intersection of these lines is the center of the square. This is how a do-it-yourself Christmas tree is made from napkins, but the process has not yet been completed.

Creativity continues

Carefully turn the napkin over and do the same manipulations - fold the four corners to the center. Don't forget to iron the folds with your hand. Turn the napkin over again, straighten the 4 resulting petals, give them volume by rounding them. Apply glue to the center of the back of the workpiece, glue it to the bottom tier of the cone. In the same way, fold the second napkin, glue it. After that, proceed to filling the second and subsequent tiers.

It's time to decorate your creation. Cut a 2 cm wide strip from a red or pink napkin. Starting from the small side, fold the napkin into a circle shape. Apply a little glue to the resulting ball, place the paper toy in the center of the napkin, which is already glued to the cone. Thus, make a few balls and decorate a paper tree with them.

DIY Christmas tree made of napkins. You can put it on the table in the office or leave it at home. Every time you look at it, you will remember how you made such beauty and be proud of yourself. But these are not all the ways in which a Christmas tree craft is born from napkins. One more will be discussed later.

One circle, two circles - there will be a Christmas tree

To make such a decorative tree, you will need cardboard or thick paper.

Learn more