How to make origami christmas tree ornaments

25 Easy Origami Christmas Ornaments Perfect For Your Tree

The second list will be about origami Christmas ornaments you can make for your own Christmas tree or to give it as a gift. 

From when I started to fold I always said I will make my own Christmas ornaments, and have a tree decorated only with them. I did made some one year, but never have I ever had only my decorations in the tree. So this is the year I will do that. 

I will fold the models as well and post them on my Instagram. I just hope I have enough paper.

You can see the Origami Christmas Trees list here. 

And now, let’s start this list.

25 Origami Christmas Ornaments

01: Origami Diamond Ornament Folded by Atelier Fête Unique

For this model you will need 2 pieces of square paper, some string and needle and if you want some beads. 

How To Make It

02: Origami Diamond Ornament ver. 2 Folded by Jessica Jones

You will need 2 pieces of square paper, some thread and needle, some beads if you want and you will also need some glue.

How To Make It

03: The Spinner Made by Jan Halvarson

For this model you’ll need: 6 x 7.5 cm or 15 cm origami paper squares, some string and needle.

How To Make It

04: Origami Japanese Brocade Folded by Creative Company

To fold this amazing model, that I’m obsessed with, you will need 6 x 10 cm or 15 cm square paper. Some thread and needle as well if you want to be able to hand it.

How To Make It

05: Origami Ball Folded by Ludorn

The paper for this one should have the ratio of 1/3. For ex. half of an A5 paper.

How To Make It

06: Upside Down Origami Folded by Tina Taul

To make this one you will need one piece of square paper, some glue, string and needle. They will look great as your origami Christmas ornaments.

How To Make It

07: Origami Omega Star Designed By Philip Shen and Folded by Paper Finger Cuts

If you want to make it, you will need 6 pieces of square paper, some thread and needle.

08: Two in One origami Stars Folded by Tina Taul

For this one you will need 6 pieces of square paper and the classic thread and needle.

How To Make It

09: Tissue Star Origami Folded by Lia Griffith

To make it, you will need some square paper and some scissors. 

How To Make It

10: Origami Stars Garland Folded by Pauline Molinari

To make one star you will need one strip of paper with a 1:13 ratio. To make the garland you will need as many stars as you like, some thread and needle.

How To Make It

11: Modular Origami Star Created and Folded by Paper Kawaii

In order to make it, you will need 5 sheets of square paper and some ribbon in order to hang it in your tree.

How To Make It

12: Origami Wreath Folded by Creative Company

You will need eight square pieces of paper and some ribbon. You can also use some glue, but it should stay as it is.

How To Make It

13: Christmas Card Ornament Folded by Cindy deRosier

The materials you will need are: 

  • Christmas card 
  • scissors or paper trimmer
  • craft glue
  • rubber band
  • yarn or ribbon

How To Make It

14: Bascetta Star Kusudama Created by Paolo Bascetta and Folded by Paper Finger Cuts

For this particular one you will need 30 pieces of square paper but there are other types of assembly with less or more pieces.

15: Origami Christmas Cracker Designed and  Folded by Paper Kawaii

To make this cute candy box ornament you will need 2 pieces of A4 paper or Letter paper.

How To Make It

16: Origami Ornament Folded by Naver Blog

For one of this, you need 12 pieces of paper

How To Make It

17: Fluffy Rose Designed by Natalia Romanenko and Folded by Natalie

I just love how this model is looking.To make it, you will need 12 units (pieces of paper) that have 3:5 ration (9 cm x 15 cm).

How To Make It

18: Bouganville Kusudama Created and Folded by Isa Klein

This is another one that I can’t wait to fold it. You will need 12 pieces of square paper in order to make it.

How To Make It

19: Talitha Star Designed by Maria Sinayskaya and Folded by Go Origami

For the one in the image you will need 30 pieces of square paper but there are other types of assembly with less or more pieces.

How To Make It

20: Juliette Designed by Natalia Romanenko and Folded by Natalie

This one will take some time, as it needs lots of modules.  30+20 (7.5 x 7.5 cm, 5 x 5 cm) to be more precise. But I do think it’s worth the time and effort.

How To Make It

21: The Megapolis Kusudama Designed by Valentina Minayeva and Folded by  Judith

This is a complex one. You will need  60 modules, which are folded from paper in the ratio of 3:4 for ex.  7.5 cm x 10 cm.

How To Make It

22: Origami Santa Claus Designed by Yukihiro Matsuno and Folded by iejhcho

This adorable Santa is made from one square paper. The paper should be double sided.

How To Make It

23: Paper Blow Box Lights Folded by Victoria

For one box you will need one square piece of paper. You will also need some simple, slim Christmas lights in order to make the full project.

How To Make It

24: Origami Christmas Lights Designed by Origami Spirit and Folded by LEYLA TORRES

For one single light, you will need a piece of paper at the ration of 1:3. It works best with double sided paper.

How To Make It

25: Origami Snowflake Folded by Alberta Leong

For one snowflake, you will need one piece of paper. It works best with thin paper, or tissue paper so it will have some transparency between the layers.

How To Make It

I hope you enjoyed this Origami Christmas Ornaments list and helped you decide what to fold and hang in your tree.

I really love all those models and cant wait to fold them myself. 

If you decide to fold them and post them on social media, don’t forget to mention the creator if you can. I did my best to find who designed them, not only who folded them.

I’m sure the artist would love to see his or her creation folded by you guys.

Have a magical Christmas!

If you want to see more Christmas origami models, please check out those other articles that I have on the same subject.

9 Christmas Origami Projects

Easy Christmas Origami Projects for Kids and Adults


Chrissy Pk

Chrissy Pk

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Updated on 11/15/21

Tania Araujo / Getty Images

Whether you're decorating for the holidays or looking for Christmas origami projects to make with your kids, we've got all the ideas you need here. You can bring these projects out of storage each year and they will remind you of the fun you had making them together with friends and family.

  • 01 of 09

    Origami Santa

    Chrissy Pk

    These cute origami Santas are great to make with your kids. Give them different expressions and decorate them with markers, stickers, and pom-poms.

  • 02 of 09

    Christmas Tree Card

    Chrissy Pk

    These easy-to-make origami Christmas trees can be used to make handmade cards, tree ornaments, paper garland, or stand on their own as a decoration for the mantle. Make them in different sizes and shades of green for a festive display.

  • 03 of 09

    Lucky Stars

    Paper Kawaii

    These cute little origami lucky stars are easy to make. They are made using strips of paper—strips of Christmas wrapping paper or colored printer paper work well. They look great threaded onto strings and hung up around the house or on the Christmas tree. You can also stick these onto cards or use one as the star on top of an origami Christmas tree.

  • 04 of 09

    Star Dish

    Chrissy Pk

    This origami star dish is made from one sheet of square paper that's first cut into a pentagon. Don't worry—it's easier than you might think. Use thick or textured paper to make these star dishes and you can use them for serving snacks at a holiday get-together.

  • 05 of 09

    Blow-Up Star

    Chrissy Pk

    This origami stellated octahedron, designed by Sam Ciulla, is made from one sheet of square paper. What makes this origami star fun is that you fold the model and then inflate it by blowing into it. These origami stars look wonderful hanging on the Christmas tree or, if you make a few, they can be displayed in bowls.

  • 06 of 09

    Hex Star

    Happy Folding

    These origami hex stars are made using six strips of paper and are quite easy to fold. They look wonderful hanging down from the ceiling or strung up on a garland. This pattern was designed by Maria Sinayskaya.

  • 07 of 09

    Christmas Cracker

    Paper Kawaii

    If you're up for a challenge, these origami Christmas crackers are a great choice. They actually open in the middle, so there's no bang, but the upside is that they're kid-friendly and your guests get to keep the cracker after they open it.

  • 08 of 09

    Origami Christmas Tree

    Jo Nakashima

    This origami tree by Jo Nakashima is made from six sheets of square paper. Keep in mind that this model is an intermediate-level project, so if you've never folded anything before, you might want to try your hand at some of the other projects listed here first.

  • 09 of 09

    Sakura Star

    Paper Kawaii

    This origami sakura star from Ali Bahmani is a more advanced origami project. This model is a great choice if you have folded a few intermediate origami projects previously. The resulting origami star flower makes a lovely Christmas tree decoration, or if you make it with large paper, it could be the star on top of the tree.

Do-it-yourself paper Christmas decorations: schemes, templates, master classes

Neither bright balls from the supermarket, nor lights flashing in different colors, nor expensive designer sets for decorating Christmas trees can compare with handmade decorations.

Of course, such decorations from the supermarket will make an evergreen guest bright, modernly decorated, but they are unlikely to be able to carry the New Year's mood so joyfully as toys made on their own.

There are a lot of ways to make Christmas decorations, but the most simple, attractive and not requiring much time are toys made of paper. To create them, you may need quite a bit, improvised materials that are stored in every hostess at home. Stock up on a bit of patience and wings for a creative flight of fancy.

Christmas balls

What is the most common decoration on a Christmas tree? Of course, balls! You can always buy glass, plastic ones in the store, but we will try to make them from thick paper. This includes colored cardboard, old postcards and covers of unnecessary magazines. Colored cardboard balls, plain, will give the Christmas tree or the room that you want to decorate a single style, and multi-colored balls will bring the atmosphere of a holiday, magic and a winter fairy tale.

#1 Do-it-yourself paper toy for a Christmas tree: a master class with a description

Before you sit down to make a new toy, prepare:

  • thick paper;
  • Use old magazines, cartons or candy boxes with colorful designs;
  • glue, PVA works best;
  • scissors;
  • compasses or any other object that you can draw around to get a perfect circle.

Take your cardboard and trace twenty-one identical circles on it, then cut them out with scissors. Each circle is to be folded as follows: bend the circle in half twice, on one side and the other, then straighten it, this will mark the center of the circle.

Bend only one side again, so that the edge of the circle is exactly in the intended center. Bend again so the two sides, so you get a triangle. In one of the twenty circles, cut out this triangle, it will serve as a kind of stencil for the rest of the circles. All that remains for you is to impose a triangle on the rest of the circles, circle it and bend the edges of the circles outward along the office.

Take the first ten circles and glue them in a strip, alternating: five down - five up. Glue the resulting strip into a ring, this will serve as the basis for the toy.

Divide the remaining ten by five and glue them into a circle. By gluing them, you will get two caps.

The top and bottom cover must be glued to the base in the same way. Consider a loop to hang your toy from.

#2 Do-it-yourself Christmas ball made of thick paper: making toys for the Christmas tree

#3 Simple Christmas ball for the Christmas tree made of paper with your own hands: getting ready for the New Year with children , colored paper, packing ribbons.

#4 Simple Christmas tree toy in the form of a ball: making paper Christmas tree decorations with your own hands

#5 Simple DIY paper Christmas toys: experimenting with the shape : step by step instructions

#7 DIY Christmas ball from paper circles: experimenting with gluing

#8 DIY Christmas ball from paper strips: step by step instructions with photo

#9 Christmas tree toy made of paper: making a paper ball with your own hands

#10 Christmas tree ball made of paper cords: a step-by-step master class with a photo more:

Published: September 30, 2020

The ball is one of the most popular toys used to decorate the Christmas tree. You can buy it in the store or make it yourself. It will not take much time, and as a result you will get a unique toy that you will not find anywhere else. Volumetric balls of paper It is very easy to make balls of colored paper, especially since it is affordable and […]

Christmas trees: decorating the Christmas tree with paper toys

A great idea for a Christmas tree decoration is a miniature Christmas tree made of paper. You can make it from thick paper or old postcards, and you can hang your masterpiece on a regular thread.

By the way, if you don't have a real Christmas tree, you can make your own magic Christmas tree. And for more ideas, see the article:

Published: October 1, 2021

The New Year tree is, of course, the main attribute of the most important winter holiday. It will not be possible to do without the forest beauty, the atmosphere is not the same, and where does the good grandfather put the gifts? It so happened that a Christmas tree is decorated in the house for the New Year holidays: someone puts a live one, someone prefers an artificial one, and someone paper. A paper Christmas tree can not only replace a Christmas tree […]

Large voluminous snowflake

Snow is obviously the most important attribute of winter, and a snowflake is the main decoration of the house for the new year. A snowflake can be cut out of paper, glued to a window, as is often done. What about voluminous snowflakes? It is as easy to make as it is to cut. To create it, you only need scissors, a stapler and, of course, paper.

#1 Three-dimensional snowflake for the Christmas tree: DIY paper Christmas decorations

Cut out 6 squares of the same size, bend each square diagonally, and then in half. Make parallel cuts along the folds with scissors. Expand the squares, and wrap the inner stripes and fasten them together. The resulting petals are interconnected with a stapler, although glue can also be used. Such a large snowflake can be sprinkled with sparkles or assembled into a garland. You can decorate it with a window, walls or hang it under a chandelier.

#2 3D Christmas paper snowflake: step-by-step master class

#3 Decorating the Christmas tree with paper toys: MK of a 3D paper snowflake from paper strips

#4 DIY 3D paper snowflake for the Christmas tree: step-by-step photo instructions

Paper sweets

What could be easier to decorate than large, voluminous paper candies? It is very easy to make them, for example, from old foil or beautiful wallpaper left over from the repair. Be sure to find paper with a bright pattern. And for this, you just need to measure a small rectangle, twist it into a tube, tie ribbons around the ends. If you are afraid that your toy will lose its shape, then twisting, you can put any unnecessary thing in the shape of a cylinder between the paper, for example, a cardboard cylinder from toilet paper.

Family photo toys

Some types of paper balloons can be made using family photos. Such New Year's toys will be the most special, because the important and significant moments of the outgoing year will remain with you, and the next New Year's toy will remind you of pleasant moments again. By the way, do not forget about pets, let them also remain on your memorable toy, because a dog, a cat or even guinea pigs are also waiting for the New Year holidays!

Flashlights from childhood

What about flashlights? You must remember from childhood how to make paper lanterns. With a little imagination, you can easily come up with a new design for a simple flashlight. To diversify a very simple craft, you can decorate it with sparkles, make it from colored or printed paper, paint it with paints, add new details. Everything to your taste.

#1 A simple Christmas lantern in a hurry: we make Christmas decorations with our own hands

#2 New Year's Chinese Christmas tree lantern: step-by-step instructions + template

Download template

#3 New Year's lanterns in the form of bulbs: a step-by-step master class

Paper angels for the Christmas tree

What about New Year's angels? Do you also remember how to make them? Angels can be made from golden paper or newspapers by coloring or adding glitter to them.

#1 Paper angel for the Christmas tree: DIY decorations

Download template

#2 Paper angels: we make Christmas decorations with our own hands from candy wrappers

#3 Paper toy for the Christmas tree: we make an angel using quilling technique

New Year's cones from paper

What is a Christmas tree without cones? You can decorate a Christmas tree with ordinary cones from the forest, but you can make your own magical ones. There are several ways to make paper cones: it all depends on your preferences, availability of free time and patience. The easiest option is a bump from old postcards.

#1 Decorating the Christmas tree with paper cones: a workshop on how to make

#2 Crepe paper cone for the Christmas tree: making DIY Christmas decorations

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Published: November 5, 2017 – Holidays are coming

time to give and receive gifts, decorate the Christmas tree and decorate the house. Perhaps we no longer believe in the good old man Santa Claus, we do not expect gifts from him under the Christmas tree, but we definitely expect a miracle, especially on New Year's Eve. A miracle is certainly good, but the realities of life dictate their own rules to us. Work, […]

#3 Christmas cones: making toys with your own hands, MK

#4 Making a Christmas tree cone out of paper with your own hands: step by step photo tutorial paper and small scissors, with which you can easily cut lacy snowflakes. You can find patterns for snowflakes on the Internet or print them out so that you can then cut out the figures according to the office. You can put light bulbs from a garland into the holes cut in snowflakes, hang such a garland on a window or on a Christmas tree, it will be very beautiful.

A small life hack: if you don't have time to cut lacy snowflakes, or if you can't make them even and neat, buy lace doilies in the supermarket, this will shorten your work time, and store doilies will look much neater. The garland will create a bright New Year's mood. Feel free to get to work!

See more garland ideas:

Published: November 10, 2017

New Year is the most beloved holiday associated with miracles and magic. The celebration of the new year is characterized by folk festivals and joyful meetings. It is impossible not to love this time of the year, when everything around is transformed, and every house or shop window becomes like scenery for a fairy tale. Everyone wants to participate in this transformation, and therefore they try to decorate their homes […]

Cardboard Santa Claus

You can diversify the decoration of your house and Christmas tree with the help of snowflakes, flowers and lanterns, stars and balls, but what about the most important New Year's miracle - Santa Claus? You can make a funny garland out of little cardboard Santa Clauses, especially if you add different facial expressions to the grandfathers.

#1 Santa Claus in the shape of a star: decorating the Christmas tree with children

To make it easier, you can find toy stencils that you just need to cut and glue.

#2 Santa in the chimney: decorating the Christmas tree with your own hands

Christmas tree house

You can decorate the Christmas tree with a paper house. Such a toy looks especially great if you put an electric candle or a garland light bulb inside. Then the windows of the house will glow, as if someone lives in it. Paper houses are made very simply, you can do without a template. You will need paper or old postcards, scissors and glue.

#1 New Year's house from old postcards: decorating the Christmas tree with paper toys

#2 Do-it-yourself paper house: a template for a Christmas tree toy

#3 Do-it-yourself paper house for a Christmas tree: step-by-step instructions

Download the template


You can decorate the Christmas tree with paper stars. They are made very simply, even kids can cope with such a task, but they look very original!

#1 Simple Christmas star from colored paper: do-it-yourself paper toys for the Christmas tree

#2 DIY three-dimensional star for the Christmas tree

#3 DIY paper Christmas tree decorations: 3D star

#4 DIY origami Christmas tree decoration

#5 Paper and baking Christmas toy: DIY toys

Christmas wreath

A New Year or Christmas wreath is usually used to decorate the front door or hang it on the wall. But you can make a mini paper wreath that will look great on the Christmas tree as a toy.

Well, if you want to make a real Christmas wreath with your own hands, then see:

Published: October 2, 2020

A Christmas wreath is a traditional Christmas decoration. Usually it is hung on the door, but it will look no less original on the wall or above the fireplace. If the wreath is light, then they can decorate the window opening, attach it to the curtain. You can make such a Christmas decoration with your own hands, using any materials that you have in your house. New Year's tinsel wreath Bright […]

Toys that you made for the holiday with your own hands are the key to a cozy holiday atmosphere. Happy New Year!

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New Year's toys made of paper, Christmas toys made of paper

What paper toys can be made for the New Year? There are enough of them. A variety of geometric shapes, garlands, applications, origami, and that's not all. We will show you some of the most interesting Christmas crafts that require only paper, glue and scissors to create. Some of them don't even require glue. These toys will be a great decoration for the Christmas tree, and the children will really like the creation process.


  1. Christmas balls
  2. Do-it-yourself ball of paper and glue - template + master class
  3. Volumetric ball of paper strips - step by step MK with photo
  4. Snowman
  5. Do-it-yourself voluminous snowman from paper strips C17
  6. from paper cylinders with your own hands - a simple Christmas craft for children
  7. Lanterns
  8. DIY Christmas lantern-lamp
  9. Christmas tree toy lantern made of colored paper for kids
  10. Clapperboard - make a Christmas tree clapperboard toy
  11. House
  12. Miniature Christmas tree house - Christmas craft "cut and glue"
  13. Paper house-lantern for the Christmas tree with a template
  14. Gnome - adorable paper cones
  15. craft "cut and glue"
  16. Gnomes made of paper using quilling technique - step by step MK
  17. Herringbone
  18. Volumetric Christmas tree made of paper with your own hands step by step with photo
  19. A simple Christmas tree from a paper cone - we make a simple decoration for the New Year with the kids
  20. Christmas tree in the technique of origami-step-by-step photo instruction
  21. Star
  22. Volumetric paper star on a Christmas tree-step-by-step instructions with photo
  23. 3D paper step by step
  24. Snowflakes
  25. Carpet-shabbron of the openwork snowflake
  26. volumetric volume paper snowflake - step by step master class
  27. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden
  28. Origami Santa Claus - step by step instructions with photo
  29. Christmas tree toy for children Santa Claus and Snow Maiden made of paper
  30. Angels
  31. Christmas tree toy made of paper Christmas angel - step by step MK
  32. How to make a Christmas toy from paper Angel - MK + template for printing
  33. Cones
  34. Christmas tree toy Cone - template for printing + step by step instructions
  35. New Year's toy from do-it-yourself corrugated paper - photo master class
  36. Applications
  37. New Year's application Snowmen + template for printing
  38. Application from colored paper "Christmas trees" with templates for cutting
  39. Singing Snowmen - do-it-yourself winter applique
  40. Geometric origami Christmas tree toys - step-by-step instructions with photo
  41. Kusudama
  42. DIY 3D Christmas tree toy made of paper without glue - MK with photo
  43. step-by-step Christmas ball Kusudama class
  44. Simple volumetric kusudama Christmas tree toy for beginners with photos and explanations
  45. Toys without glue
  46. Original Christmas paper toy without glue
  47. Christmas flashlight made of paper strips and stapler
  48. garland
  49. garland of paper Christmas trees with a template for printing
  50. PRESSENTED garland of paper rings - we make decorations on a Christmas tree with preschools
  51. Christmas tree toy Hedgehog - a simple application "cut and glue" for kids
  52. Do-it-yourself voluminous hedgehog made of colored paper for the Christmas tree
  53. New Year's toy Deer in origami technique with photo step by step
  54. Tiger
  55. Toy-applique Tiger cub made of paper - we make Christmas tree decorations with kids
  56. Do-it-yourself voluminous tiger cub for the Christmas tree made of paper and satin fabric

Christmas balls of paper

9 and do-it-yourself glue - template + master class

To make such New Year's paper toys, you need to print out the templates. We will use two colors: white and red. Cut out white stripes and glue them sequentially to the circle. We perform the same actions with red stripes. When both parts are ready, lay them on top of each other in the opposite direction. We connect them. We take out all the red stripes from the bottom up. Next, repeat the same with white stripes. After four similar actions, we begin to form a ball. Alternate red and white stripes until the length is over. At the end, we seal the hole with a paper circle, on which we sew beads. The toy is ready!

Volumetric ball of paper strips - step by step tutorial with photo

Let's make light balls for the New Year's garland. From colored paper cut four identical strips. We stack them on top of each other in the form of a snowflake. We connect the opposite ends and fasten with glue. We make such balls of different colors. It remains only to thread the rope through them.


Do-it-yourself volumetric paper strip snowman

This method of making a snowman is similar to the previous one. Cut long strips of white paper. We put them on top of each other and connect the ends, forming a ball. Let's make the same from shorter strips. We fasten them together. With a black felt-tip pen we draw a mouth, eyes and buttons. We make a scarf from a colored strip. The cap will serve as a form for cupcakes.

DIY Paper Cylinder Snowman - Easy Christmas Craft for Kids

Making this easy snowman is great for little kids. Prepare 3 rectangles of different length and width. We turn each of them into a cylinder. We glue them together. Draw a face and add buttons.


DIY Christmas lantern-lamp

Let's figure out how to make such fabulous Christmas lanterns. First, cut out the details of the lantern from cardboard. We glue the walls and the upper part of the craft. Attach the handle to the lamp. These lanterns can be coated with any paint. We put a candle inside, and the lantern looks like a real one.

Christmas tree toy lantern made of colored paper for babies

Traditional lanterns can be made from colored paper. We bend the sheet in half. I put it with the fold towards me. From above we retreat 2-3 centimeters and mark the line. We make cuts to this line along the entire length of the sheet. We unfold and decorate the edges of the future lantern with gold paint. We fold the sheet and connect it with a stapler. We make a pen from a paper strip.

Clapperboard - make a Christmas tree clapperboard toy

Take a tube from toilet paper or from a roll of bags. We tie the tip of the ball into a knot and cut off the main part from it. We pull it on the bushing. From glossy paper and sequins we will make a filler for a cracker. We glue the sleeve with colored or kraft paper. To activate the baby cracker, you just need to pull its tail.


Miniature house on the Christmas tree - New Year's craft "cut and glue"

Let's print out the scan of the houses on colored paper. Carefully cut them out. To make it easier to bend the walls, you can push the folds with a ruler. We connect the walls, open the windows and the New Year's houses are ready.

Do-it-yourself paper house-lantern for the Christmas tree with a template

Let's make three-dimensional houses-lamps. Print out templates for cutting. We bend the walls and cut out the windows. We glue the walls of the house and connect the roof. Inside such a house, you can put a plastic candle on batteries. The house can be hung as a New Year's toy on the Christmas tree.


Adorable paper cone gnomes - cut and glue Christmas craft

Print templates on white or colored paper. From a white sheet we will make a beard. To do this, cut into thin strips and twist with a pen or scissors. We put several layers on top of each other. Glue the beard to the bottom of the gnome. Add a face from a pink sheet. Attach the nose and eyes. Slightly darken the edges and twist the hat into a cone. New Year's toy is ready.

Paper gnomes using quilling technique - step by step MK

Roll strips of gray paper into a flat disc. Pull the middle up and form the dress. From two smaller rolls we will make a sphere that will serve as a face. Similarly, we will make a hat for the gnome. We attach the nose, a beard of long stripes and eyes. Add hands and you're done.

Christmas tree

Do-it-yourself voluminous Christmas tree made of paper step by step with photo

Glue an interesting Christmas tree from cardboard and paper. Cut out the sheet in the form as shown in the picture. We make about 25 such figures, reducing each circle by a few centimeters. We fold the corners of each figure. Now, we string layer by layer on the skewer until the Christmas tree is ready. Cut out a Christmas star from cardboard.

A simple Christmas tree from a paper cone - we make a simple decoration for the New Year with the kids

From glossy paper, cut out three semicircles of different sizes. On each of them we make a fringe. We twist the ends with scissors. We turn each semicircle into a cone. Place them on top of each other and add a star.

Origami Christmas tree - step by step photo instructions

Origami Christmas tree can be made from paper without glue. Take a square green leaf. Fold it diagonally and in half. We turn the corners of the square inward so that we get a rhombus. We put it in a "deaf" corner away from you. Take the left corner of the rhombus and bend it in the center. With the left we repeat the same. Cut off the bottom of the figure and make four cuts on each side. We bend a corner on each resulting strip. It remains only to straighten the Christmas tree.


Volumetric paper star on the Christmas tree - step by step instructions with photo

Let's fold a large paper in half. Fold the lower right corner to the right. The resulting triangle on the left is bent up. Flip the shape over and fold it in half. Cut off the excess with scissors. We unfold the cardboard and bend at the seams. Volumetric star is ready.

DIY 3D paper star step by step

Let's make Christmas stars. Fold the square in half 2 times. Next, fold diagonally. We unfold and cut the edges of the square along the folds. The cuts should be the same length and exactly in the middle of each fold. We bend the corners of the resulting squares to the diagonal fold. Glue them on top of each other. We straighten the star and make another one. We attach them to each other.


Simple snowflake cutter - openwork snowflake template

Such a New Year's snowflake will perfectly decorate windows or a Christmas tree. Let's bend a sheet of A4 format diagonally. Cut off the rest of the paper. Fold the triangle in half. Fold the right corner first, then the left. Cut off the top to make a sharp triangle. Gradually cut off the extra parts so that you get a figure as in the photo. We unfold the snowflake.

Volumetric paper snowflake - step by step master class

Now let's show you how to make a 3d snowflake. We bend a square sheet of paper diagonally on each side. We bend the corners to the center of the rhombus. Turn the diamond over and bend the opposite corners to the center. We unfold the corners from below and also bend them to the center. I got a petal. We connect all the petals and glue the bead.

Ded Moroz and Snegurochka

Origami Ded Moroz - step by step instructions with photo

To create Ded Moroz, take a red one-sided sheet of paper. Let's bend it diagonally. Bend the corners from two opposite sides to the contour line. Flip over and fold in half. Bend the triangle down. We make another fold, as shown in the photo. We wrap the excess parts back. We draw eyes and a nose. The geometric Christmas toy is ready.

Christmas tree toy for children Santa Claus and Snow Maiden made of paper

Let's make simple paper toys for the New Year. We bend the blue and red sheet of cardboard. From each we cut out the silhouette of the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. Let's prepare additional details: mittens, hats, braids for the Snow Maiden. Faces are cut out in the form of a circle. We connect all parts of the body.


Christmas tree toy made of paper Christmas angel - step by step MK

Cut out a face from peach-colored paper. We tie the thread into a small bow. Fold the strip in half and cut out the wings. Prepare a red oval. Bend the corners first inward, and then up. Glue the head to the resulting dress. Add wings, bow, threads on the dress and shiny hair. It remains only to draw a face for a New Year's toy.

How to make a paper Christmas toy Angel - MK + template for printing

Let's show you how to make an angel Christmas toy. It is very simple to make it, since only stripes are used. We fold a circle from strips of paper, two drops for wings and a dress, in the shape of a bell. We attach the head and wings to the dress. We tie a thread. Such toys will look great on the Christmas tree.


Christmas tree toy Cone - template for printing + step by step instructions

Print and cut out 17 pieces. Glue 8 identical parts to the circle. Next, under these stripes, glue 8 more mirror parts. We intertwine them, forming a cone. To create such Christmas cones, you can use different colors to make them look more interesting.

Do-it-yourself New Year's corrugated paper toy - photo master class

Corrugated paper will make very realistic cones. We make cuts on a green paper strip. We twist the strips into thin flagella. We wrap the blanks around the wire. We have pine branches. We bend the upper part of the brown strip. We twist this part with our fingers along the entire strip. We form a long cone. We make a small New Year's composition from branches and cones.


Christmas appliqué Snowmen + template for printing

We print the templates of snowman parts and cut out stencils from them. Glue on the head and hat. Add eyes, cheeks and a carrot-shaped nose. It remains to decorate the picture with stars and snowflakes.

Application from colored paper "Christmas Trees" with templates for cutting out

Draw a Christmas tree on the sheet. We cut many small squares of different shades of blue and green. Glue the pieces in the shape of a Christmas tree. Add the trunk and cotton snow.

Singing Snowmen - do-it-yourself winter appliqué

For the New Year's applique we will prepare a blue sheet of colored paper, three silhouettes of snowmen, scarves, snowflakes and carrot noses. Paste white snow and snowmen on the background. We attach scarves only at the base to create volume. We glue noses and snowflakes. With a felt-tip pen we draw eyes, a mouth and buttons. Craft for NG is ready!

Geometric origami Christmas tree toys - step by step instructions with photo

Origami toys will perfectly decorate the Christmas tree. Take pink, yellow and blue paper. Fold the small square in half. Unfold it and bend the side parts to the contour line in the center. Turn the rectangle over and bend the upper right corner to the middle of the rectangle. Do the same with the bottom left corner. Now, bend the left corner to the lower right, and the right to the upper left. The part for the cube is ready. Let's make 5 more details of different colors. In order to assemble a cube, you need to insert these parts into each other. New Year's toy is ready!


DIY 3D Christmas tree toy made of paper without glue - MK with photo

Such 3D Christmas tree toys are very interesting to make. They consist of many modules and require painstaking work. Take a square and fold it in half twice. Bend 2 opposite ends to the middle. Turn the figure over and bend the corners as shown in the picture. Fold the top and bottom towards the center. We make folds next to the formed triangles. We turn over the paper. We turn the protruding corners forward. We have an elongated rhombus. We bend it in half. We unbend and get a part for the future layout. Gradually add details until you get a toy for the Christmas tree.

Kusudama Christmas ball - step by step master class

The next New Year's toy will also consist of modules. Let's fold the square in half. We bend the ribs on both sides to the center. We unfold the square and bend the corners from opposite sides. Bend them to the middle again. Fold the top left and bottom right corners towards the center. Flip over and fold all corners inward. We bend in half. We turn the upper and lower corners back again and bend the figure in half. You need to make enough of these modules in order to create a toy. First we insert green parts into each other, then yellow, green, and finish with blue.

A simple 3D Kusudama Christmas tree toy for beginners with photos and explanations

For the next toy, you will need sheets of different colors. We bend the sheet in half and diagonally. We connect opposite corners. We form an asterisk. Now, twist the sides of the sheet. We make the desired number of such figures of different colors and connect them. The decoration is ready.

Toys without glue

Original Christmas paper toy without glue

Cut 12 strips of the desired color, gradually reducing the length. We connect the ends of each tape together with a stapler. We fasten all the strips together. It remains to attach the rope and hang the New Year's toy on the Christmas tree.

Christmas tree lantern made of paper strips and a stapler

Prepare 2 ribbons each 16, 14 and 12 centimeters long and one 11 centimeters long. We connect them together and fasten with a stapler, first from one end, and then from the other. We attach the thread and the toy is ready.


Paper Christmas tree garland with printable template

Let's make a homemade Christmas tree garland. To do this, we print patterns on paper. We make cutouts along the printed stripes. We string Christmas trees on one thread.

The simplest garland of paper rings - we make decorations for the Christmas tree with preschool children

Let's prepare ribbons of different colors. We connect the ends of the first tape with glue. We pass another tape through the ring and glue the ends again. Repeat these steps until you get the desired length.

Geometric paper garland with sweeps

If you print out these templates, you will get a cool Christmas garland. Cut and fold pyramids. For one figure you will need two pyramids. We thread the thread first through one pyramid, and then through another. We glue them together. We fix the figures on the thread.



Christmas tree toy Hedgehog - simple cut-and-glue appliqué for kids

This cool hedgehog makes a great addition to your Christmas tree decorations. Cut out an oval from brown paper and glue a white oval of a smaller color onto it. Add a heart-shaped head and a paw. We draw eyes, claws and a nose. To make needles, cut out triangles around the hedgehog.

Do-it-yourself voluminous hedgehog from colored paper for the Christmas tree

Cut out two brown circles. Cut them in half and roll them into cones. Let's make incisions in the form of needles. Glue the conical head made in a similar way. We draw eyes and the toy is ready.

Christmas toy Deer in origami technique with photo step by step

Fold a square sheet in half. Expand it and bend the corners to the contour line. Wrap the top corners also to the middle. We unfold them and bend them as shown in the photo. Bend along the middle. We bend the left corner up and form the neck. Let's make the head in the same way. Wrap a small corner on the muzzle of the deer inward so that the head has a quadrangular shape. We form the legs. Cut out the ear and draw the eyes and nose. It turned out a New Year's deer.


Appliqué paper tiger cub - making Christmas tree decorations with kids

For this tiger cub you will need orange paper, scissors, glue and felt-tip pens. We prepare the body parts of the tiger, connect them with glue. We draw stripes on the head and body, eyes, ears and muzzle. Adding a tail.

Do-it-yourself voluminous tiger cub for the Christmas tree made of paper and satin fabric

Print out the details of the tiger and cut them out.

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