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Welcome to the page where you can see how to make Tree in Doodle God Blitz with cheats, guide and combinations. Also here you can look what to do with Doodle God Blitz Tree element on Windows Phone, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows and where Tree uses. Add this page to bookmarks and do not forget where you can look Doodle God Blitz Tree cheats and guide.

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How to make Tree in Doodle God Blitz cheat and guide

Angel +

Grass =


Earth +

Seeds =


Philosophers stone +

Wood =


Human +

Forest =


What to do with Tree in Doodle God Blitz cheat and guide

Tree +

Flower =


Tree +

Human =

Wood +


Tree +

Tree =


Tree +

Fire =

Coal +


Tree +

Tools =

Wood +


Tree +

Sand =


Tree +

Life =


Tree +

Human =

Leaves +


Tree +

Demon =


Tree +

Axe =


Tree +

Angel =

Forest +


Tree +

Snow =


Chapter 1 - Doodle God Wiki Guide

This page is part of IGN's Doodle God wiki guide and details all Doodle God cheats.


Listed below is the chapter one combination guide for Doodle God.

The First 100 Elements of the Game

1. Air

2. Earth

3. Fire

4. Water

5. Dust = Earth + Air

6. Lava = Fire + Earth


7. Steam = Air + Water

8. Energy = Air + Fire

9. Plasma = Energy + Fire

10. Storm = Energy + Air

11. Swamp = Earth + Water

12. Life = Energy + Swamp

13. Weeds = Water + Life

14. Stone = Lava + Air


15. Metal = Fire + Stone

16. Quicksilver = Water + Metal

17. Egg = Stone + Life

18. Lizard = Egg + Swamp

19. Beast = Lizard + Earth

20. Human = Life + Beast

21. Mushroom = Earth + Weeds

22. Sand = Air + Stone


23. Glass = Fire + Sand

24. Clay = Sand + Swamp

25. Tools = Metal + Human

26. Weapons = Toold + Metal

27. Hunter = Human + Weapons

28. Wool = Beast + Hunter

29. Meat = Beast + Hunter

30. Blood = Beast + Hunter


31. Golem = Life + Clay

32. Seeds = Life + Sand

33. Tree = Seeds + Earth

34. Wood = Tools + Tree

35. Wheel = Wood + Tools

36. Cart = Wheel + Wood

37. Corpse = Fire + Human

38. Zombie = Life + Corpse


39. Treant = Life + Tree

40. Vampire = Blood + Human

41. Fabric = Tools + Wool

42. Clothing = Fabric + Human

43. Bird = Egg + Air

44. Phoenix = Bird + Fire

45. Bacteria = Life + Swamp

46. Coffee = Energy + Seeds


47. Ash = Fire + Dust

48. Worm = Bacteria + Swamp

49. Sulfur = Bacteria + Swamp

50. Warrior = Hunter + Weapon

51. Whale = Beast + Water

52. Wizard = Energy + Human

53. Demigod = Wizard + Energy

54. Werewolf = Beast + Vampire


55. Beetle = Earth + Worm

56. Coal = Fire + Wood

57. Oil = Coal + Water

58. Car = Cart + Oil

59. Moss = Weeds + Swamp

60. Grass = Earth + Moss

61. Domestic Animal = Beast + Human

62. Milk = Domestic Animal + Grass


63. Fertilizer = Domestic Animal + Grass

64. Snake = Worm + Swamp

65. Plankton = Bacteria + Water

66. Palm Tree = Sand + Tree

67. Poison = Snake + Tools

68. Poisoned Weapons = Poison + Weapons

69. Assassin = Poisoned Weapons + Human

70. Reed = Grass + Swamp


71. Dinosaur = Egg + Earth

72. Dragon = Air + Dinosaur

73. Hero = Dragon + Warrior

74. Ghoul = Corpse + Zombie

75. Hut = Stone + Human

76. Turtle = Sand + Egg

77. Airplane = Air + Car

78. Field = Earth + Tools


79. Wheat = Seeds + Field

80. Ghost = Life + Ash

81. Shell = Stone + Plankton

82. Limestone = Shell + Stone

83. Cement = Clay + Limestone

84. Concrete = Cement + Water

85. Thunder Bird = Bird + Storm

86. Boat = Water + Wood


87. Feather = Hunter + Bird

88. Saltpetre = Limestone + Fertilizer

89. Gunpowder = Saltpetre + Sulfur

90. Firearm = Weapon + Gunpowder

91. Fern = Moss + Swamp

92. Fish = Snake + Water

93. Electricity = Energy + Metal

94. Ship = Wood + Boat


95. Boiler = Metal + Steam

96. Flour = Stone + Wheat

97. Philosophers Stone = Demigod + Quicksilver

98. Gold = Philosophers Stone + Metal

99. Paper = Reed + Tools

100. Paper = Reed + Tools

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Combinations in Doodle God game

Game Doodle God is a logic simulator created quite recently by developers from Russia (Credits) for devices on the Android OS has already managed to win the hearts of a large circle of users. The essence of the game is the creation of various combinations of Doodle God from a large number of elements, which in turn create a world with its large number of components.

First, in the game Doodle God you are invited to try yourself as a creator, to learn all the difficulties of creating phenomena and materials from a combination of Doodle God. By default, you will have 4 main artifacts: water, fire, air and earth.


  • water is the element provided by default
  • vodka = alcohol + water
  • alcohol = water + fire
  • swamp = water + earth
  • mercury = water + metal.


  • Earth is the element provided by default
  • stone = lava + water /
  • metal = fire + stone
  • fertilizer = pet + grass
  • sand = stone + air
  • clay = swamp + sand
  • glass = sand + fire
  • limestone = stone + shells
  • gold = philosopher's stone + metal
  • plutonium = metal + radiation.

Combinations Air

  • air is the element provided by default
  • dust = earth + air
  • storm = air + energy
  • steam = lava + water
  • ashes = fire + dust
  • radio wave = vacuum + electricity
  • radiation = radio wave + radio wave.


  • fire is the element provided by default
  • lava = fire + earth
  • plasma = fire + energy
  • sulfur = bacteria + swamp
  • coal = fire + wood
  • oil = coal + water
  • saltpeter = limestone + fertilizer
  • sun = vacuum + plasma.

Starting with the creation of the simplest combinations: dust, clay bricks and fire, as you progress further you will discover combinations of creating life, electricity, plasma.

Doodle God Artifact Yin-Yang

  • energy = fire + alcohol/oil
  • life = swamp + energy
  • egg = stone + life
  • electricity = metal + energy
  • blood = warrior + dragon/human/slayer
  • sex = man + man
  • poison = mushrooms + tools
  • seeds = life + sand
  • philosopher's stone = demigod + mercury
  • vacuum - will be given at the beginning of episode 2.


  • fern = swamp + moss
  • grass = moss + earth
  • reed = grass + swamp
  • coffee = seeds + energy
  • tree = earth + seeds
  • palm = sand + wood
  • flower = philosopher's stone + grass
  • apple = flower + tree
  • sunflower = flower + sun
  • tobacco = grass + fire.


  • bacteria = life + swamp
  • plankton = water + bacteria
  • algae = water + life
  • mushrooms = algae + earth
  • moss = algae + swamp
  • shells = stone + plankton
  • worm = bacteria + swamp
  • butterfly = worm + air
  • beetle = worm + earth
  • scorpion = beetle + sand.


  • lizard = egg + swamp
  • snake = worm + swamp
  • bird = egg + air
  • beast = earth + lizard
  • dinosaur = earth + egg
  • domestic animal = man + beast
  • turtle = sand + egg
  • fish = plankton + bacteria
  • dolphin = fish + beast
  • whale = beast + water.


  • man = golem + life
  • alcoholic = man + alcohol
  • corpse = man + fire
  • hunter = man + weapon
  • warrior = hunter + weapon
  • hero = warrior + dragon
  • killer = human + poisoned weapon
  • sorcerer = man + energy
  • demigod = sorcerer + energy
  • cyborg = human + computer.


  • ent = tree + life
  • ghost = fire + ent
  • golem = clay + life
  • phoenix = bird + fire
  • thunder bird = bird + storm
  • zombie = corpse + life
  • ghoul = corpse + zombie
  • werewolf = vampire + beast
  • dragon = dinosaur + fire.

Combination Products

  • milk = pet + grass
  • wheat = arable land + seeds
  • flour = wheat + stone
  • dough = flour + water
  • bread = dough + fire
  • meat = hunter + beast
  • wool = hunter + beast
  • beer = alcohol + wheat
  • feather = hunter + bird
  • cigarettes = tobacco + paper.


  • hut = man + stone
  • skyscraper = house + glass
  • house = concrete + bricks
  • tool = metal + person
  • weapon = tool + metal
  • poisoned weapon = weapon + poison
  • steam boiler = steam + metal
  • steam engine = steam boiler + coal
  • gunpowder = saltpeter + sulfur
  • firearms = weapons + gunpowder.


  • wheel = wood + tool
  • cart = wheel + wood
  • chariot = cart + beast
  • car = cart + oil
  • boat = water + timber
  • ship = boat + timber
  • frigate = ship + cloth
  • steamer = ship + steam engine
  • plane = car + air.
  • Technology
  • bulb = glass + vacuum
  • laser = radio wave + fire
  • CD = laser + book
  • TV = radio wave + laser.


  • cloth = tools + wool
  • clothes = cloth + person
  • paper = tool + reed
  • arable land = tools + earth
  • wood = wood + tools
  • bricks = clay + fire
  • ceramics = man + clay
  • cement = clay + limestone
  • concrete = cement + water
  • book = paper + pen.

The game Doodle God also has puzzles and quests, interesting tasks in the game offer to combine elements of different categories. There are tasks for creating different artifacts, they will give different elements and you need to combine the answer from what materials it was created.

If you are unable to do something on your own, we advise you to contact the round-the-clock computer help -

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Doodle God recipes, walkthrough, how to make all elements

In this article I will talk about the features of the game, provide Doodle God recipes for creating new elements, and also explain how to create artifacts and how to complete Doodle God quests. Puzzle games have always had a dedicated fan base. The game Doodle God trains logical thinking, develops analytical skills, increases the level of intelligence and brings many other positive bonuses. One of the outstanding games of this genre is Doodle God, which has been played for more than 190 million players worldwide.


  • Features of gameplay
  • List of game recipes in Doodle God
  • Create artifacts
  • And now DOODLE GOD:
  • Conclusion

9000 like "Drawing God") is a typical puzzle game in which you will need to create new elements, recipes from the basic elements (originally water, fire, earth and air). You have to go from the very beginnings of the Universe to the latest achievements of Civilization, including skyscrapers, locomotives, rockets and much more.

The game Doodle God allows you to combine elements both physically (for example, the combination of water and lava creates steam) and metaphorically (for example, water and fire creates alcohol). In total, there are more than three hundred different elements and many recipes, to which explanations from Wikipedia are attached. The game has several game modes ("Missions", "Puzzle", "The Greatest Inventions of the 20th Century" and others). The “bonuses” of the game also include an element of unpredictability, when instead of the usual elements you can create something completely unexpected (for example, the combination of death and a person creates terrible zombies).

The program is presented on various platforms (Android, iOS, Windows Phone and as a flash game on PC), has excellent graphics and sound, an intuitive interface, and captures from the first seconds of gameplay. Try it and you won't regret it.

List of game recipes in Doodle God

Well, for those players who are stuck on one of the levels of passing, I offer a list of recipes for creating new elements, including various quests presented in Doodle God.

So let's go alphabetically:

Letter A (recipes)

Absinthe from alcohol and grass
Car from a wagon and oil
Adamantite from drow and metal
Alcoholic from man and vodka
Angel from light and life
Antibiotics from medicine and bacteria
Crossbow (and sword) from man and weapon
Assassin from poisoned weapon and man
Astral from chaos and emptiness
Atomic bomb from plutonium and weapon

Letter B (walkthrough)

B-52 from coffee and vodka
Butterfly from the air and a worm
Bacteria from life and a swamp
Bank from money and a skyscraper
Bard from magic and music (you can also use music and a person)
Tower from a wizard and a house
White Russian from milk and vodka
Concrete from water and cement
Swamp from earth and water
Paper from reeds and tools
Petrel from storm and birds

Letter B

Vampire from man and blood
Virus from man and bacteria
Vodka from alcohol and water
Algae from life and water
Warrior from weapon and hunter
Wizard from man and energy
Magic you get when you go to the fourth episode of "Magic World"
Thief from law and assassin
Resurrection from death and healing

Letter G (elements)

Hero (+ blood) from dragon and warrior
Clay from sand and swamp
Dwarf from man and earth (also possible "man + stone")
Goblin (+ orc) from man and swamp

Golem from clay and life
Sin (+ law) from religion and man
Mushroom from earth and seaweed

Letter D (Doodle God recipes)

Dolphin from fish and beast
Demon from beast and darkness
Money from gold and paper
Tree from earth and seeds
Dinosaur from earth and egg
Debt from money and bank
House of concrete and brick
Livestock from beast and man
Armor from man and metal
Dragon from fire and dinosaur
Wood from tools and tree
Drow of darkness and elf
Druid of man and wood
Duergar of gnome and darkness

Letter E

Unicorn of magic and beast

Letter F

Iron of stone and fire
Beetle4 of the swamp and worm
Journalist from typewriter and man

Letter Z

Fun from sex and man (music and man)
Spell from magic and knowledge
Law (+sin) from religion and man
Castle from house and armor
The commandments are obtained by going to the third episode of "Our Time"
The beast from the earth and the lizard
The snake from the sand and the worm
Knowledge from the book and the man
Gold from the apple and the mobile phone
Zombie from the corpse and life

Letters Y (Y) (elements)

Games of law and fun
Hut of man and stone
Limestone of shell and stone
Caviar of fish and egg
Illithid of astral and death
Illusion of spell and air
Tools of man and metal
Internet from computer and computer

Letter K (recipes)

Stone (+ steam) from water and lava
Pottery from clay and man
Cyborg from man and computer
Brick from clay and fire
Whale from fish and plankton
Book of pen and paper
Spell book of spell and book
Claws of beast and weapon
Molotov cocktail of fire and vodka
Chariot of beast and wagon
Wheel of tool and wood
Computer of TV and book
Cone of cold from spell and ice
Ship from wood and boat
Astronaut from man and rocket
Coffee from seed and energy
Cat (dog) from beast and house
Credit card from money and debt
Blood (plus hero) from warrior and
Blood (plus meat plus feather) from hunter and bird
Blood (plus wool plus meat) from hunter and beast
Rat from beast and medicine

Letter L (connections)

Lava from earth and fire
Lamp of glass and emptiness
Healing of priest and prayer
Ice of glass and water
Boat of water and wood
Bow of elf and weapon

Letter M

Medicine from knowledge and virus
Metal from stone and fire
Mechanism from tools and law
Sword (+crossbow) from man and weapon
Mithril from elf and metal
Mobile phone from computer and radio waves
Modron from mechanism and life
Prayer from magic and priest
Milk (+ fertilizer) from livestock and grass
Dwarf and weapon hammer (+axe)
Water and water sea
Ice and milk ice cream
Ice and mechanism freezer
Swamp and seaweed moss
Reed and human music
Wheat and stone flour
Beetle ant and works
Meat (+ blood + feather) from hunter and bird
Meat (+ wool + blood) from hunter and beast

Letter H

Skyscraper from house and glass
Necromancer from wizard and zombie
Oil from water and coal
Obscene from sex and sex
UFO from rocket and alien

Letter O

Werewolf from beast and vampire
Fireball from spell and fire
Firearm from weapon and gunpowder
Clothing from cloth and human
Orc (+ goblin) from human and swamp
Weapon from metal and tools
Octopus from knowledge and fish
Poisoned weapon from weapon and poison
Hunter from man and weapon

Letter P

Paladin from warrior and priest
Mace from priest and weapon
Palm tree made of wood and sand
Fern made of moss and swamp
Steam from air and water
Steam engine made of steam boiler and coal
Steam boiler made of metal and steam
Steam locomotive made of wagon and steam engine
Steamboat made of steam engine and ship earth and tools
Ashes from fire and dust
Ashes (+ ashes + coal) from fire and wood
Feather (+ blood + meat) from a hunter and a bird
Sand from stone and water
Typewriter from mechanism and book
Cookies made from sugar and bread
Beer made from alcohol and bread (if it doesn't work out, you can try water and wheat)
Pirate from a ship and an alcoholic
Apple pie and dough
Plasma made from energy and fire
Plankton made from bacteria and water
Plutonium of metal and radiation
Wagon of wood and wheel
Dungeon of earth and darkness
Sunflower of flower and sun
Policeman of law and soldier
Demigod of magician and energy
Half-elf of man and elf
Gunpowder of sulfur and saltpeter
Order (+ chaos) = life and void
Staff of magic and weapons
Hangover of alcohol and money
Ghost of ashes and life
Bird of air and egg
Vial of magic and water "
Wheat from arable land and seeds
Dust from air and earth

Letter P

Work from man and money
Radiation from radio waves and radio waves
Radio waves from emptiness and electricity
Rocket from emptiness and aircraft
Plankton and stone shells
Commandment and man religion
Music and alcohol rock'n'roll
Vodka and pirate rum
Water and metal mercury
Vodka and firearms Russian roulette
Snake and water fish

Letter C

Airplane from car and air
Sugar from cane and arable land
Light (+ darkness) from magic and emptiness
Scroll from magic and paper
Priest from magic and religion
Sex from man and man
Saltpeter from limestone and fertilizer
Seeds from life and sand
Sulfur (+ worm) from bacteria and swamp
Silver from astral and metal
Cigarette from paper and tobacco
Scorpion from beetle and sand
Death from darkness and energy
Snow from ice and air
Dog (+ cat) from beast and home
Soldier from warrior and firearms
Sun from void and plasma
Salt from sun and sea
Alcohol from water and fire
Satellite from void and rocket
Steak from fire and meat
Glass from sand and fire
Milk cheese and bacteria

Letter T

Tobacco from fire and grass
Tavern from an alcoholic and home
Tequila from a worm and vodka
TV from a light bulb and radio waves
Teleport from astral and spells
Shadow from light and darkness
Dough from flour and cloth from
tools and wool
Ax (+ hammer) from dwarf and weapon
Grass from earth and moss
Reed from grass and swamp
Corpse from man and fire
Darkness (+ light) from magic and emptiness

Letter U

Coal (plus two ashes) from fire and wood
Fertilizer (plus milk) from livestock and grass
Ghoul from zombie and corpse
Scientist from knowledge and man

Letter F

Phoenix from bird and fire
Philosopher's stone from mercury and demigod
Frigate from ship and cloth

Letter Х

Hacker from computer and virus
Chaos (+ order) from life and emptiness
Bread from dough and fire

Letter C

Flower from sun and grass
Clay and limestone cement

Letter H

Sand and glass clock
Man from life and golem
Worm (+ sulfur) from bacteria and swamp
Turtle from egg and sand
Alien from life and emptiness

Letter Ш

Wool (plus meat plus blood) from hunter and beast
Storm from air and energy

Letter E

Electricity from energy and metal
Elf from man and magic
Energy from air and fire
Ent from life and wood

Letter I

Apple from tree and flower
Poison from tools and a snake
Egg from life and stone
Lizard from an egg and a swamp

Making artifacts

  • Pyramid of Cheops from sand, corpse and stone
  • Sphinx from stone, man and beast
  • Basilisk lizards, lizards and lizards stone
  • Santa's sleigh made of man, wood and snow
    Stonehenge made of stone, stone and stone
  • Perpetual motion machine made of mechanism, emptiness and energy
  • Godzilla made of dinosaur, sea and radiation
  • Eiffel tower made of tower, metal and skyscraper
  • Grail of blood, demigod and resurrection
  • Pandora's box of death, chaos and darkness
  • Omnipotence ring of lava, magic and demon
  • Titanic of ship, ice and death
  • Lightsaber of sword, light and energy

And now the Doodle God quests:


Warrior = man and sword
Wizard = spell book and elf
Mountain = dragon and quest
Party = paladin and wizard
Gold (plus experience) = adventures and quest
Gold (plus experience and princess) = labyrinth and party
Quest = king and party
Key = dead dragon and party
Spellbook = book and sorcery
Labyrinth (plus ashes ) = trap and wizard
Trap = secret door and key
Lair = mountain and dragon
Dead dragon = party and dragon
exp (plus gold) = adventures and quest
exp (plus gold and princess) = labyrinth and group
paladin = warrior and priest
ashes = priest and dragon = adventurers and dragon = trap and wizard
secret door = thief and lair
adventurers = warrior and wizard
princess (plus experience and gold) = labyrinth and group
Steak (and ashes) = adventurers and dragon
Corpse = trap and warrior
Elf = man and magic


Man and Religion = Faith
Man and Faith = Salvation
Man and Life = Birth
Man and Man = Birth + Love
Man and Order = Discipline
Man and Money = Gift
Man and Gift = Generosity
Man and Fun = Cheerfulness
Man and Work = Diligence
Work and Sex = Sublimation
Bread and Water = Diet
Diet and Religion = Fasting
Diet and Grass = Vegetarianism
Vodka and Order = Temperance
Mobile Phone and Gift = Free Games
Mobile Phone and Free Games = Altruism
Light and Sin = Virtue
Virtue and Faith = Hope
Virtue and Energy = Calmness
Virtue and Fun = Joy
Virtue and Pride = Modesty
Virtue and Anger = Humility
Virtue and Humility = Tolerance
Virtue and Help = Help
Corpse and Life = Resurrection
Money and Fun = Donation
Money and Donation = Charity
Sex and Wizard = Abstinence
Sex and Order = Chastity


Man and Island = Forest + Shore + Rocks
Man and Forest = Tree + Bushes + Game
Man and Rocks = Cave + Stone
Man and Tree = Stick + Leaves
Leaves and Stick = Hut
When you receive Hut, then a Map will be added to you.
Stone and Stone = Spark
Spark and Leaves = Fire
Leaves and Fire = Smoke
Man and Map = Treasure
Man and Treasure = Gold + Spyglass + Compass
Man and Spyglass = White sail + Black sail
White sail and Smoke = Merchant ship
Man and Merchant ship = Salvation

Additional elements:
Man and Sea = Water
Man and Bushes = Leaves + Berries
Man and Shore = Sand + Palm tree + Oysters
Man and Palm tree = Lianas + Coconut
Water and Sun = Salt
Sand and Water = Clay
Clay and Sun = Bricks
Stone and Stick = Hammer
Stone and Hammer = Flint
Flint and Stick = Ax
Ax and Wood = Wood
Ax and Stick = Spear
Sea and Spear = Fish
Fire and Clay = Pot
Fire and Wood = Fire + Coal + Ash
Game and Spear = Carcass
Carcass and Ax = Meat + Hide
Meat and Salt = Jerky
When you get Jerky , then a Knife will be added to you.
Carcass and Knife = Meat + Hide + Sinews
Carcass and Flint = Meat + Bones
Sinews and Veins = Rope
Rope and Stick = Bow + Fishing Rod
Rope and Wood = Snares
Rope and Timber = Raft
Man and Skin = Clothing
Bonfire and Meat = Steak
Bricks and Bricks = Walls
Bones and Rope = Needle and Thread
Needle and Thread and Hide = Canvas
Canvas and Stick = Sail
Raft and Sail = Raft with Sail
Raft and Sea = Storm
Raft with sail and Sea = Calm
Hut and Walls = Hut
Gold and Pirate Ship = Torture


Fire and Energy = Plasma
Plasma and Void = Sun
Electricity and Knowledge = Semiconductor and Oil
0404 Car and Air = Plane
Aircraft and Void = Rocket
Air and Earth = Dust
Money and Man = Shopping
Cloth and Man = Clothing
Clothing and Metal = Armor
Grass and Energy = Tea
Knowledge and Paper = Book
Glass and Void = Light Bulb
Mechanism and Time = Clock
Rocket and Weapon = ROCKET

Knowledge and Life = DNA
Light Bulb and Semiconductor = Vacuum Lamp
Void and Electricity = Radio Wave


Air and Freezer = Air Conditioner
Air and Cloth = Airship
Air and Gear = Helicopter
Cloth and Tea = Tea Bag
Cloth and Oil = Cellophane
Limestone and Oil = Crayons
Work and Order = Conveyor
Knowledge and Time = Theory of Relativity
Void and Dust = Vacuum Cleaner
Clothes and Water = Washing Machine

Games and Knowledge = Crossword
Car and Armor = Tank
Clothes and Woman = Bra
Knowledge and Metal = Stainless Steel
Knowledge and Sin = Lie Detector
Air and Armor = Gas Mask
Electricity and Bread = Toaster
Electricity and Neon = Neon Lamp
Food and Life = Vitamin
Clothing and Gear = Lightning

Food and Fun = Chewing Gum
Food and Freezer = Freeze
Medicine and Bacteria = Antibiotics
Aircraft and Radio Wave = Radar
Cloth and Glue = Band-Aid
Knowledge and Void = The Big Bang Theory
Work and Mechanism = Robot
Glass and Sun = Sunglasses
Car and Order = Traffic Light
Fun and Games = Yo-Yo

Money and Games = Monopoly
Money and Car = Parking
Cellophane and Glue = Scotch Tape
Paper and Photo = Xerox
Knowledge and Magic = Software (software)
Music and Radio Wave = FM radio
Gear and Photo = Polaroid
Shopping and Carriage = Shopping Cart
Gear and Fire = Jet Engine
Radar and Void = Radio Telescope

Plutonium and Plutonium = Atomic Bomb
Plutonium and Energy = Nuclear Reactor
Firearms and Magic = AK-47
Software and Vacuum Lamp = First Computer
Gas Mask and Water = Scuba
Money and Shopping = ETA Barcode and Gun = Bazooka
Clothing and Sun = Bikini
Semiconductor and Electricity = Transistor
Food and Radio Wave = Microwave

Transistor and Transistor = Microchip
Transistor and Clock = Digital Clock
Time and Glue = Superglue
Time and Food = Fast Food
Earth and Plane = Black Box
Paper and Water = Corrector
Money and Debt = Credit Card
Robot and Void = Satellite
Sun and Electricity = Solar Panel
Semiconductor and Energy = Laser and Radio Wave

First Computer and Games = Video Game
First Computer and Video Game = Mouse
First Computer and Photo = Digital Photo
Life and Photo = 3D Holography
Void and Car = Lunar Module
Emptiness and Man = Astronaut
Credit Card and Money = ATM
Book and Software = Hypertext
Cloth and Armor = Kevlar
Music and Cellophane = Audio Cassette

Games and Music = Karaoke
Games and Puzzle = Copyright
Software and Microchip = Microprocessor
Software and Audio Cassette = Disk Drive
Music and Music = Stereo
Telephone and Radio Wave = Mobile Phone
Digital Photo and Life = Digital Camera
First Computer and Microprocessor = PC (Personal Computer)
Astronaut and Satellite = Space Station
Automobile and Electricity = Hybrid Engine

Machinery and Medicine = Artificial Heart
PC and PC = Internet
PC and Software = MS-DOS
Software and MS-DOS = Windows
DNA and Knowledge = Fingerprinting
Disk Drive & Laser = CD
Satellite & Space Station = Space Module
Paper & Phone = Fax
Video Game & Life = Virtual Reality
Book & Microchip = Flash Drive
Internet & Digital Camera = Web Camera
Internet and Hypertext = Internet (e)
TV and Plasma = Plasma TV
Rocket and Water = Sea Launch
Radio Wave and Satellite = GPS
PC and Mobile Phone = Smartphone
PC and Order = USB
Music and Microchip = MP3 player
Flash drive and Book = Memory card

Sand and Fire = Glass
Water and Metal = Mercury
Emptiness and Fire = Sun
Water and Fire = Alcohol
Magic and Mercury = Philosopher's stone and Death
= Zombie
Philosopher's Stone and Metal = Gold
Worm and Alcohol = Tequila
Alcohol and Water = Vodka
Man and Wood = Wood
Man and Metal = Weapon
Man and Weapon = Assassin
Spirit and Grass = Absinthe
Philosopher's Stone and Water = Beer
Music and Wood = Guitar
Zombie and Human = Brains
Assassin and Chaos = Joker
Magic and Glass = Crystal Ball
Sun and Glass = Sunglasses
Human and Wheat = Bread
Void and Weapon = Death Star
Assassin and Water = Pirate
Pirate and Alcohol = Rum
Religion and Death = Sacrifice

Rise of Egypt

Man and Water = Life
Man and Stone = Flint
Man and Sand = Gold
Life and Stone = Egg and
Life and Stone = Egg and
Life and Stone = Egg and
Water = Fish
Life and Sand = Scarab + Sun
Stone and Stone = Fire
Stone and Fire = Metal
Egg and Sand = Hawk
Man and Metal = Weapon
Man and Fire = Sacrifice
Man and Sacrifice = Priest
Sand and Sand = Desert
Desert and Water = Nile
Nile and Sand = Swamp
Swamp and Egg = Lizard
Nile and Life = Fish + Reed
Nile and Lizard = Crocodile
Flint and Reed = Papyrus
Man and Sun = Pharaoh
Man and Nile = Arable land
Man and Desert = Corpse
Life and Arable land = Beast
Man and Beast = Livestock
Man and Livestock = Wool + Meat
Man and Wool = Cloth
Cloth and Corpse = Mummy
Mummy and Gold = Sarcophagus
Swamp and Sand = Clay
Clay and Fire = Brick
Brick and Man = House
House and Beast = Cat
Pharaoh and Stone = Statue
Pharaoh and House = Temple
Pharaoh and Crocodile = Sebek
Pharaoh and Cat = Bastet
Pharaoh and Hawk = Horus
Pharaoh and Sun = Ra


Angel and Water = Sea
Devil and Water = Alcohol
Angel and Fire = Sun
Devil and Fire = Inferno
Angel and Earth = Clay
Devil and Earth = Lava
Angel and Air = Heaven
Devil and Air = Storm
Angel and Clay = Man
Devil and Clay = Golem
Angel and Sun = Light
Devil and Sun = Radiation
Angel and Radiation = Energy
Devil and Radiation = Atomic Bomb
Angel and Lava = Stone
Devil and Lava = Inferno

Angel and Stone = Egg
Devil and Stone = Metal
Angel and Egg = Bird
Devil and Egg = Dragon
Angel and Metal = Tools
Devil and Metal = Gold
Devil and Light = Darkness
Devil and Sea = Swamp
Angel and Swamp = Grass
Devil and Swamp = Sulfur
Angel and Sulfur = Sand
Devil and Sulfur = Gunpowder
Angel and Dragon = Dinosaur
Devil and Dragon = Demon
Angel and Grass = Tree + Flower
Devil and Grass = Poison
Angel and Dinosaur = Beast
Angel and Beast = Livestock
Devil and Beast = Werewolf
Angel and Livestock = Milk + Wool
Devil and Livestock = Blood + Meat
Devil and Milk = Bacteria
Angel and Bacteria = Beetle
Devil and Bacteria = Virus
Angel and Energy = Electricity
Angel and Tree + Forest
Angel and Sand = Shore
Angel and Wool = Clothing
Devil and Man = Corpse + Warrior
Devil and Bird = Phoenix
Devil and Forest = Ent + Ent + Ent
Devil and Tools = Weapons
Devil and Beetle = Scorpion
Devil and Scorpion = Poison
Devil and Blood = Vampire

You can see how the Doodle God game looks visually in the video: