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How to Make a Christmas Tree Paper Chain

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How to make a Christmas tree paper chain to trim open shelves in kitchens or on bookshelves. These easy to make chains can be made with any paper and are a budget friendly way to decorate a home for Christmas.

Christmas is just not Christmas to me without seeing the house decorated using twinkle lights on the tree and a glittered decoration or two… or three…. somewhere in the house.

This year I made glittered paper snowflakes from doilies for my Christmas tree. For my kitchen, I made paper Christmas tree chains to trim the open shelves that showcase my collection of white dishes and pitchers.

One of the reasons I like paper crafting Christmas decorations is that they are unique and come January, no big bin is needed to store them for next year.

To keep the project simple and in line with my natural, green and silver theme, I made the paper chain Christmas tree shapes by cutting strips from brown paper bags I had on hand.

I wanted to use Kraft paper, but didn’t have any and didn’t want to drive 45 minutes to the crafts store and back to get some.

They came out fine, but when I make these again, I would suggest using a thinner paper, like newspaper, this French Script paper, sheet music or gift wrap as it would lay flatter along the shelf.

I like that I didn’t have to buy anything and when the holidays are over, I can place these in an envelope to use again next year… maybe as a tree garland.

I did buy one new thing to decorate the kitchen this year with my granddaughter in mind… this cute Rudolph dish towel. I found it at HomeGoods earlier this year.

I made my paper chain 2-1/2″ high. Any longer would interfere with access to my dishes. If you want to make it larger, simply enlarge the free printable pattern using your printer controls.

On the shelves, I added a few silver ball ornaments and sprigs of greenery. I keep the ornaments from rolling off by placing a round key ring under them. You can see how in a photo in this post.

This counter is a workhorse in my small kitchen so I have to keep it clear as it acts as a buffet table as well as a meal prep area. The greenery in the pitcher was clipped from trees in my yard.

supplies needed:

  • Paper – I used brown paper bags, but you can use any paper from newspaper to gift wrap.
  • Print out of: Tree Pattern
  • Small pair of sharp scissors or a kraft knife
  • Pencil
  • Clear tape
  • Glue
  • Optional: Spray glue and glitter

Print This: Paper Chain Pine Tree pattern

Time needed: 1 hour.

To make the Christmas tree chain shelf trim/garland, first measure how long you will need it. I had to join sections together with glue to get the lengths I needed for each shelf as the brown paper I used from bags was not very long.

The time it takes to make the chain depends on how long you make it. It is the perfect project for doing while watching a holiday movie.

  1. Print Tree Template

    Print the tree template linked in the supplies needed list and then cut it out along the lines making sure not to cut the dotted lines off.

  2. Cut a Strip from Paper

    Cut strips of paper that are 2-1/2″ x length you need.

    If you are using short strips, you can make the pine tree chain any length you need by gluing shorter strips together.

  3. Trace the design on Paper

    Place the left edge of the template at the left edge of the paper strip and trace around template.

  4. Start to Accordion Fold Paper

    Make the first fold of the paper on the right edge of the drawn tree.

  5. Continue Accordion Folding

    Continue folding the paper strip, accordion-style, for the length of the strip. Trim off any excess flaps of paper when you reach the end.

  6. Cut Along Marked Lines

    Cut along the marked lines of the pattern tracing, through all layers using a sharp pair of small scissors or a craft knife. Make sure not to cut the folded edges where there are dotted lines on the tree pattern. These sections are how the chain of trees will stay in one long cut-out strip.

  7. Unfold

    Once you have the pattern cut out, carefully unfold the chain. If you need more lengths, repeat the steps to create more chains and use glue to attach them together.

  8. Optional: Add Glitter

    If you want to add glitter to the paper chain, protect your work surface with a drop cloth or flattened cardboard box. Lay out the paper chains on this protected surface.

    Lay out a long piece of foil into a baking tray. This will be used to add the glitter to each paper chain section without making a mess.

    Spray, spray glue over the chain and then move it over to foil lined pan. Sprinkle glitter over the paper chain to cover. Lift the chain and gently shake off excess glitter. Put aside.

    To save glitter, fold the piece of foil in half so all the unused glitter falls into the fold. Pour it back into the glitter container. Repeat for each section of paper chain.

  9. Attach To Shelf

    I tried using Glue Dots to attach the Christmas tree chain to the edge of my kitchen shelves, but they didn’t stick to the painted surface. Simple rolls of clear tape worked. I made a few tape rolls and placed them behind a few trees in each strip.

I have a few more decorating snippets around the house to show you in my next few posts and then Christmas will be here. :-)

How are your holiday preparations going?

Close up of pine tree cut-out paper chain.

The shelves are now festively decorating? How about these creative Christmas projects for other areas of your house?

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DIY Paper Christmas Tree Pictures

1. Crepe Paper Christmas Tree

The cone for this Christmas tree is made of cardstock. They are later covered by fringes of tissue paper or crepe paper. It would look dainty as a centerpiece.

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2. DIY Large Christmas Tree With Paper

This project involves rolling up green construction paper and sticking them to a cardboard wrapping paper tube. The ombre effect can be achieved by using different shades of green.

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3. Christmas Tree Made Out Of Construction Paper

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4. Christmas Tree Out Of Paper Plates

A paper plate is painted green, curved into a conical shape, a pipe cleaner star inserted at its top and decorated beautifully for this fun Christmas tree.

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5. Small Handmade Christmas Tree With Paper

This tutorial comes with printables for you to cut out the Christmas tree form. The templates have a dotted line in the centers that act as guides for folding and gluing up the tree.

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6. Big Paper Christmas Tree Tutorial

The bases of these large Christmas trees are made of giant, thick pieces of cardboard. You need to cut them into triangles and make them into a cone shape. The colorful leaves are cut from cardstock and glued in an overlapping manner on the base.

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7. Paper Chain Christmas Tree Directions

Paper towel tubes when cut into 1-inch ring shapes give the effect of a chain form of Christmas tree. After the rings have been glued together, they can be painted green and decorated with sequins, pom poms, etc.

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8. 3d Christmas Tree Of Paper

The supplies for this project include scrap paper in a size that you want your tree to be, colored card of the same size, scissors, pencil and ruler.

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9. Christmas Tree Paper Template Pattern

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How to make a paper chain - Story Review


  1. Paper garlands. Ribbon rainbow.
  2. How to make a garland. Christmas rings.
  3. Paper Christmas garlands. Unusual chains.
  4. How to make a paper garland to decorate your home.
  5. How to make a garland for any holiday.
  6. Garlands for the New Year. Colorful home decoration.
  7. Garland for the window
  8. Garland for the Christmas tree. Merry wrappers
  9. Paper Christmas garlands. Origami.

The paper chain is an easy craft that leaves little to no mess. You can hang paper chains as holiday garlands or just have some fun in the process. This is a safe creative option for kids and adults. Keep reading to learn how to make a basic paper chain.

Learn about the most popular and interesting ways to make your own garlands.

On our website you will also find:

Paper garlands. Ribbon rainbow.

You can hang this garland both vertically and horizontally. In the latter case, it is better to attach a weight, such as plasticine, to the end of the thread.

1. Fold the colored paper in half and cut the halves.

2. Cut colored paper into strips.

3. Prepare the thread and fold your strips in the desired sequence.

4. Sew all strips together using a sewing machine or needle and thread.

* You can twist the ribbon to make the garland look fluffy.

* Colored paper or cardboard can be replaced with wrapping paper, which is usually used to wrap gifts.

* If you don't want to sew, you can try sticking a thread to each strip - this will take longer and preferably a thicker thread.

How to make a garland. Christmas rings.

This method of making a garland is one of the most popular. This is not only because it is quite simple, but also because it allows you to make beautiful paper decorations for the home, and in particular for the Christmas tree.

1. Prepare colored paper and measure the same width for the strips to be cut.

2. Start cutting the strips. The length of each will be equal to the width of a sheet of paper (i.e. 21 cm) and the width will be approximately 3.5 cm.

* You can make a garland from shorter and narrower strips, then the rings will be smaller.

3. Glue the strips together by passing one through the other (see picture).

* You can complete the circuit.

Paper Christmas garlands. Unusual chains.

Have colored paper, scissors and glue ready. It is easy to make such a garland.

1. To make an unusual chain, you need to fold a sheet of paper in half and draw, for example, one of the shapes shown in the picture.

* In order not to waste a whole sheet of paper on one link, you can cut it into 2 or 4 identical parts, from which you will cut links later.

* For convenience, you can make a link template.

2. Cut out the shapes and start gluing them together to form a chain by threading one link through the other.

* The longer you want the chain, the more links you will need.

* You can use many different colors to make the garland even more colorful.

How to make a paper garland to decorate your home.

You can use 2 or more colors.

1. First you need to make a blank. Cut several strips of the same size. In the picture, the strips are 2 cm wide and 17 cm long.

* It is advisable that you comply with the following condition: width / length of the strips = 1/8 + 1 cm spare.

2. Mark the center of the strip by folding it in half and straightening it out.

3. Bend the ends of the strip towards its middle and fold the strip in half again.

4. Prepare a few of these to start making your garland. The picture shows how to fold the blanks together.

*This garland can be hung on the wall. Due to the fact that it does not bend much, it will be difficult to hang it on a Christmas tree, but it still looks spectacular.

How to make a garland for any holiday.

This garland is suitable for both New Year's Eve and March 8 and Valentine's Day.

The pictures show detailed instructions on how to assemble a cordial garland.

This version of the garland can be complicated, and you get such a beautiful product.

Garlands for the New Year. Colorful home decoration.

Colored paper can be used to make this colorful home decoration. It is suitable for the New Year, and for any children's holiday.

Prepare colored paper, scissors and glue (you can replace it with a stapler or tape).

The picture shows how to make blanks.

* It is desirable that the strips have the same width.

Use glue, stapler, or tape to hold the pieces together.

Using the same technology, you can fold just such a garland. And you can learn how to do everything right from the video below the picture.

Window Garland

Here is a pretty simple but very original idea for a garland that can be hung on a window or just anywhere in the house.

The images show step-by-step instructions on how to make a garland.

* In the tree, the hole through which the thread is threaded is made with a hole punch.

Christmas tree garland. Funny candy wrappers

Very beautiful tinsel can be made from ordinary candy wrappers.

1. Cut the wrapper into several equal pieces.

* Pieces can be 2x4 or 3x5, and depending on the size of the candy wrapper, there can be 3, 4 or 6 pieces.

2. Begin to roll each rectangle into a tube, but do not let go so that it does not unfold.

3. Prepare a thick thread with a needle and start stringing the tubes one by one. The edges of the tubes turn around - this is good, because. tinsel will turn out fluffy.

4. You can make a knot at the end of the thread so that the straws do not come off.

* After stringing all the tubes, turn them in different directions.

Paper Christmas garlands.


1. Making blanks. For one step of the garland, you will need 2 strips of different shades.

* One strip is 21 cm long (which is the width of a regular A4 paper) and 3.5 cm wide.

* The final goal is to make two long ribbons that will form a rainbow.

3. We connect the end of one tape to the other at an angle of 90 degrees.

4. Continue to fold the strips in succession - vertical down, horizontal across.

* The circuit can be closed if desired.

This post is dedicated to lovers of simple paper crafts that fold very quickly and easily. We invite you to assemble with us an original pigtail-chain made of paper, which can play the role of a bracelet for your hand or just an original decoration for your neck.

To assemble such a chain, you will need:

  • a couple of dozen strips of paper of the same length;
  • quite a bit of time and a little bit of patience.

One of these braids was assembled by our regular reader Artem Evdokimov

As already mentioned, such a craft is very easy to make. First you need to cut several identical strips of paper - they can be either the same color or different. After that, each strip is folded in half, after which its edges are folded again towards the center. That's all - the first part is ready. Having assembled the next part in the same way, you can connect them. The two halves of the next blank are inserted into the original pockets of the first. The whole chain is assembled in the same way. If you want your pigtail to be denser, you can use not just narrow strips of paper, but rectangles folded along the center and in half - this way the workpieces will be denser and the pigtail will not seem fragile.

Watch a video tutorial and try to fold such a simple craft.

Do-it-yourself paper garland: photos of New Year's examples

Toys, snowflakes, candles, shining balls - this is something that no New Year's holiday can do without. For many adults, it becomes a real creative challenge, because it is necessary not only to decorate the room, but to create a unique fairy-tale atmosphere in it. To do this, you can use purchased decorations, but the most interesting New Year's crafts, including New Year's paper garlands, are always made by hand.

Garlands have always been and remain one of the most important elements of New Year's decor. Garlands are most often made of paper, so making them yourself is not difficult at all. The main thing is to choose good material and turn on your imagination to the maximum.

Many decorations are so easy to make that children can be involved in making them - this will become a good family tradition, and the kids will develop many skills and abilities.


  • Rainbow garland from ribbons
  • Girland "Snake"
  • garland of socks
  • New Year's rings
  • 9000
  • garland with hearts
  • Greek for those with a sweet tooth
  • Wicker garland
  • What materials are used to make a Christmas decoration for home decor?

Rainbow ribbon garland

To make this decoration you need:

  • two-sided cardboard or paper;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine.

Each sheet must be cut into two long pieces. Then the edges are cut into thin strips. It is advisable to take material of bright colors so that the New Year's paper garland turns out to be really festive.

This decoration can be made very easily: to do this, you need to lay out the strips one after another and simply stitch them in the middle. A feature of such a garland is that it will be very bright and durable. If desired, you can make a decoration of any length. If a sewing machine is not at hand, make a garland by hand. However, this process will take much longer. An alternative would be to stick strips of paper onto a thread. To do this, you should choose high-quality glue and a solid base.

The finished product can be twisted several times. This will achieve an even greater effect, and the garland will look more fluffy and attractive. If you replace ordinary paper with a shiny one, for example, the one in which flowers are wrapped, you get just an excellent Christmas decoration.

Snake garland

This is one of the simplest ways to make a Christmas decoration. Even a preschooler can cope with such a task, so you can also involve kids in the work. To make a Christmas decoration, you will need scissors and a sheet of colored paper. It is advisable to take a double-sided one so that the garland is brighter. Or you can do this: glue two sheets, taking paper of different colors - blue and red, green and orange, etc. This will make an even brighter and more interesting garland.

The manufacturing technique in this case will be as simple as possible. First you need to cut out a circle from paper. Then, on one side, an incision of one centimeter is made, from which further cutting will proceed. Cutting the snake is carried out in a circle. That is, the task of the master will be to walk from the edge to the center, turning the circle of paper into one strip. If you unfold it, you get an interesting zigzag. A paper loop should be attached to one of the sides, for which the decoration will cling to the ceiling.

Garland of socks

Lovers of European and American traditions should try the option of decorating with Christmas socks. They can be cut out of colored paper or white, which is then neatly painted. As a material for the manufacture of socks, you can take corrugated paper or felt. You can cut not only socks for Santa Claus gifts, but also mittens.

Rope is used as a base. It is desirable that it matches the color of the overall color theme. Next, the rope must be pulled along the wall or along the ceiling. Christmas socks will hold on to this base. It is best to secure them with clothespins.

Christmas rings

One of the most popular types of Christmas garland is a chain, and it is not difficult to create such a decoration, so call the children for help, they will be happy to take part in this exciting activity. To work, you will need paper of a wide variety of colors, scissors and glue.

First, cut the paper into neat, even strips. Then one element is taken and folded into a ring. The edges need to be fixed so that the first link holds firmly. Then the next strip is taken.

It is threaded into a ready-made ring, and then its edges are glued together. So one by one you need to fix all the paper strips. It is advisable to alternate colors to make the garland bright and festive. The chain can be closed or left in the form of one strip and fixed to the ceiling.

Paper chain

Ordinary colored paper can be used to make very interesting chains, and not only in the form of rings. They will be a great decoration for a festive event, including the New Year. The work in this case will consist of two stages. The process of manufacturing parts is quite complicated and should be entrusted to adults. Children will also be interested in participating in the assembly of the chain. This task is suitable for those who are not afraid to trust a child with scissors.

Note! To make a chain Christmas garland, you need to prepare colored paper, scissors and a pencil.

First you need to take the paper, fold it in half and draw a thick letter C so that its edges coincide with the fold of the sheet. Next, the letter is cut out. If you unfold the finished product, you should get something like a figure eight, but without a connection in the middle.

You will have to make a lot of such blanks and from different papers. After that, you can begin the assembly process of the garland chain. To do this, one element is taken in the unfolded state. The second figure eight is half threaded through the center of this part. The first element is folded in half to fix the beginning of the chain. The next eight is threaded into the second part, and after that all the other elements cling to each other.

You can make the chain multi-colored or solid. The finished product can decorate the walls or the Christmas tree. If you make several of these chains and attach them to the top bar of the doorway, you will get excellent interior curtains. In order for the chain to be even, it is worth using a template. It can be made from thick cardboard.

Snake chain

Snake chain can also be easily made at home by the whole family. It uses the method of weaving from individual elements, which differs significantly from the previous version. Such a garland can be made monophonic, two-color or very bright. This option will be a great way to decorate the room for the New Year.

By the way, this type of weaving makes excellent interior curtains. The last option can be made not from colored paper, but from wallpaper scraps. So the curtains will fit perfectly into the interior of the room.

The scheme of working on such a garland is quite simple, if you understand it and understand everything:

  1. First you need to cut the paper into strips 2 cm wide and 17 long. It is very important to observe all the parameters, since the appearance of the finished product depends on this.
  2. Each finished strip must be folded in half to determine the center. Then the outer sides are connected in the center, and the strip is folded in half. You will need a lot of such blanks, since each element will be just one small link in a large snake chain.
  3. The assembly process will follow. To do this, the letter L is formed from two parts. Then you need to take the third blank and pass it through the right leg of the letter. This will result in a similarity to Z. The following elements cling to the previous ones. At the end of the chain, you need to fix it with glue.

If all the strips have been carefully cut and the blanks are of high quality, you will get a very beautiful garland. The color scheme can be changed at your discretion. You can make several garlands in different colors.

Garland with hearts

Everyone is used to the fact that on New Year's Eve there are snowflakes, Christmas trees and socks for gifts everywhere. But all this can be diversified with an interesting garland of hearts, which is mastered very quickly and simply.

For this you will need cardboard or paper, a stapler and scissors. Identical strips are cut out of paper. Then you need to take two prepared elements and add them exactly one after the other. In the upper part, the workpiece is chipped off with a stapler. Then the edges of the strip are bent and connected on the other side. It turns out a heart. Holding it by the bottom, you should take two more strips and put them under your fingers. In this part, everything needs to be fixed with a stapler. The ends of the paper strips are bent to make a heart.

So, step by step, we will assemble a simple but very interesting paper garland for the New Year. It can be a wonderful decoration for any occasion. With such a garland, you can decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year, and decorate a bedroom for Valentine's Day.

Bulky garland with Christmas trees

DIY paper garlands are very easy decorations to make. At the same time, you can create beauty from such garlands in various ways. Very interesting options are obtained in the manufacture of volumetric elements, which can then be assembled into a single whole.

For example, if you take a sheet of white paper and scissors with glue, you can make Christmas trees and balls, which then turn into an interesting Christmas decoration.

Trees must be made the same size. They are created on the principle of making a fan out of paper. The upper part should be fixed with a stapler so that the tree does not fall apart. So you can make a certain number of elements.

Next, you need to make white paper balls. There should be as many of them as there are trees. To make a ball, you need to take half a sheet of paper, cut lengthwise, and then fold it in half to make a long strip. Numerous even cuts are made on the side of the fold. Then the strip is straightened and collected in a circle from one side and the other. Everything is fixed with a stapler or glue. It turns out a neat ball.

Each element can be smeared with a little glue and sprinkled with glitter. Next, a Christmas tree-ball-Christmas tree-ball, etc., is alternately strung on a thread. Volumetric garland can be hung from the ceiling. When the light from the chandelier hits it, the sparkles will shimmer beautifully.

Garland against sweet tooth

Those who from time to time do not mind pampering themselves with sweets should not rush to get rid of candy wrappers. They can make a great decoration for the New Year. A distinctive feature of such a garland will be brightness and splendor. The paper in which the sweets are packed is strong enough, so the decoration can be used more than once.

But keep in mind that you will need a lot of wrappers. They can be collected for at least a whole year, and then it is advisable to sort everything by color to make the decoration more accurate.

Important that all blanks are the same length.

Therefore, many wrappers will have to be cut, and some can be completely divided into two parts. A tube rolls out of each piece of colored paper. In advance, you need to prepare a needle and thread, and even better with a fishing line, so that the garland does not exactly break. Each blank in the form of a tube is strung in the center on a needle and thread. So in turn you need to collect all the elements. It is advisable to immediately compact the row and twist the tubes a little. This will make the finished product more fluffy. So, from ordinary material, which many are in a hurry to recycle, you can make a really beautiful Christmas decoration with your own hands.

Wicker garland

To make this beauty, you will need double-sided cardboard or paper, scissors and glue. From the material you will need to cut strips 15 mm wide. It is very important that all elements are the same.

After the blanks are completed, you should take two strips and glue them at the base so that the letter L is obtained. After complete drying, you can continue making the New Year decoration. To do this, one of the sides is bent so that the strip lies on top of the glued part. After that, the second strip is taken and superimposed on top. Next comes the first, then the second again. So gradually an accordion of colored paper is obtained. The material ends - glue to the ends of the strips. In this way, you can get a long, beautiful and very interesting garland. It will be voluminous and will surely attract the attention of others.

Learn more