How to make primitive christmas tree ornaments

How to Make A Primitive Christmas Tree

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This easy tutorial will teach you step by step how to make a primitive Christmas tree on a frugal budget. I love primitive. It goes right along with our homestead and simple life, but wow, the cost of these things to purchase.

So last year, after looking and dreaming for 3-4 years, I was determined to learn how to make my own primitive Christmas tree. And I did it, instead of paying $75 for one, I made my own for less than $20.

Unique handmade Primitive Christmas Tree with handmade natural ornaments

By the way, I should also tell you, I’m not 100% sure if a Primitive Christmas Tree is the right name for this handmade Christmas tree. I’ve heard them called other things, such as a German Feather Tree or German twig trees. Also a rustic Christmas trees, a twig tree and even seen them advertised as a farmhouse Christmas trees.

So honestly, I don’t know the “proper” name, I even think Pinterest refers to them as a Charlie Brown tree, but I do know that I really do like them! And by making my own, I saved a ton of money.

If you love an old fashioned Christmas and handmade Christmas tree ornaments, you’ll love this tutorial!

Handmade gifts are so much better to give. Whether is is some handmade ornaments, miniature stockings to hang, maybe even a Christmas garland made with the kids. You can decorate your home for the holidays on a simple budget too.


How To Make a Primitive Christmas Tree

I know by looking at it, it may look a bit complicated, but I assure you, it is easy to make. Of course, it will take a bit of time, but by planning ahead, you can have your very own special and unique DIY rustic handmade Christmas Tree for this year’s holiday season.

Supplies Needed to make a Primitive Tree

  • 1- 1/8 inch dowel rod
  • Dark Stain
  • A container of choice (it cannot have holes – needs to hold water)
  • Plaster of Paris for crafts
  • 15 pcs Canadian Pine Stems (12 inches)
  • Floral Wire
  • Brown Floral Tape
  • Glue Sticks
  • Spanish Moss

Tools Needed

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Tape Measure
  • Razor Knife
  • Wire Cutters
  • Drill
  • 1/16″ drill bit (tiny)


First, decide how tall you want your tree to be. Be sure to take into consideration the depth of your container. The dowel need to sit on the bottom of it.

Measure and cut the 1/8″ dowel to length. Since it is so small in diameter, I scored mine all the around with a razor knife and then gently “bent” it and it broke very easily.

Now that you have your dowel cut to the length, stain it with a dark stain and let it dry. This will help just in case you miss some when we are wrapping the dowel later.

To make a primitive tree – cut dowel to length and stain with a dark stain

Next step is setting the dowel into your chosen container. Follow instructions on Plaster of Paris box. The amount you will need, will depend on the size of your container.

I’ll be honest – I don’t literally “measure” my plaster mix. I used a plastic cup, and filled my container about half-full of dry plaster mix. Then added water and kept stirring.

Once it was mixed well, I added more dry plaster mix and bit more water. I did this until my container was to the fullness I wanted and the plaster was a good thickness.

NOTE: Be sure to work either outside or on a covered surface. Plaster “sets up” quickly and will ruin a table top. Whatever you stir with should be disposable. It will be no good after mixing plaster.

mixing plaster of paris in container for making a Primitive Christmas Tree

Once you have the container filled with wet plaster, insert dowel to the bottom center of your container. Make sure it is standing straight and then use something to prop it up so sits in place. (I “eye-balled” mine). You can use a small level if you want.

Since it is a primitive twig tree, I think eye-balling it works just fine. This is part of why I love primitive decorating so much, it is simple, unique and not perfect.

Let the Plaster of Paris dry overnight undisturbed. Again, make sure dowel is held in place while plaster is setting up.

Make sure to hold stem in center to make a Primitive Christmas Tree

Now the fun part: Putting the feather tree together. When making the layers, you will want to work in “odd numbers.” Since my tree is 30 inches tall, I wanted at least 5 -7 levels of limbs. Here’s how I did it.

How to Add Limbs To Primitive Tree

Start at the bottom and work your way up. Each layer will vary a bit as you go. First, decide how high off the container you would like your first layer to be. I again, “eye-balled” mine. You of course can be more particular and measure if you want. Mine is about 4 inches above the pot.

To add pine stems (feathers limbs), I hold the 12 inch stems in place against the dowel and decide how long I would like them to be. My first layer, at the bottom, is 7 inches. I didn’t cut them though. I used the full 12 in pine stem, wrapped it around the dowel enough to stays in place and added the next stem on top of it.

Decide where you want limbs to be and then cut and wrap to make a Primitive Christmas Tree

The reason I didn’t cut “yet” – I wanted to add the second layer above and decide the length by looking at 2 layers instead of only one. Your primitive tree will look different as you add more layers of pine stems. So don’t cut until you are sure of the length you want. You may even decide to put on 3 layers before you do any cutting.

Once you decide how long the layers will be, using wire cutters, cut to length plus (+) 2 inches. In other words, my bottom layer is 7 inches, but I cut my stems to about 9 inches. This give you the length plus enough to wrap around the dowel to hold them in place.

The bottom 3 layers will have 5 stems total on the dowel. The other layers higher up will need only 4 stems each. And then the top will use only 3.

So here are my layer sizes:

  • 1) 5 stems; 7 inches
  • 2) 5 stems; 6 1/2 inches
  • 3) 5 stems; 5 1/2 inches
  • 4) 4 stems; 5 inches
  • 5) 4 stems; 4 inches
  • 6) 4 stems; 4 inches
  • TOP: 2 are 2 1/2 inches and the center is 4 inches

As I’ve already said, you can choose to make yours a totally different size all together. I wanted mine small enough to fit nicely on a table top. So I chose 30 inches.

I have now made 5 of these. And they have all varied in size, from 20 inches to my tallest was 36 inches. The size will really depend on what you use as the container. Make your tree tall enough to not be over-powered by it but then don’t let your tree be so tall and your container disappears. Make it all balance to your liking.

Wrap all the pine stem layers around the dowel, step back and take a look. If you like the way it looks, now it the time to use the floral wire and wrap it around the stems to hold them securely in place.

I cut a piece about 12 inches long, squeezed the stems together and wrapped the wire around them in all directions to hold them in place on the dowel until all layers were done.

Next, use the hot glue gun and glue each of the layers in place to the dowel.

Wire and glue pine stems in place to make a Primitive Christmas Tree

Next is adding the top layer. Using your drill, carefully drill and “woller” out 3 holes in the tip of the 1/8″ dowel. This might be a bit tedious, but you only need go deep enough to give the cut stems a place sit down into the dowel so it can be held in place with hot glue.

Drilled holes in dowel for top layer for making a Primitive Christmas Tree

Once you get these drilled, using the glue gun, glue 1 short stem into each hole, putting the longest of the 3 in the center. Hold stems in place until the glue dries. Use quite a bit of it to hold them in place.

Now, this just might be the most difficult part. Use the brown floral tape, start at the bottom and wrap the dowel 2-3 times all the way between stem layers. The reason I say it difficult, it needs to be tight and getting it started on the dowel I find difficult. You may not have any trouble at all.

There is no need to wrap the green stems. Just wrap the floral tape as close to them as you can. This is why you stained the dowel dark, just in case there is some space on the dowel that is not covered. Wrap all the way up the top and wrap around to cover the glue that is holding the top 3 stems in place.

Wrap stem with brown floral tape to make a handmade Christmas tree more rustic

Lastly, glue Spanish moss in the container to cover the white Plaster of Paris. Your tree is done!! Time to decorate your primitive Christmas tree.

Cover plaster with Spanish Moss to give it a finished look

Handmade Primitive Christmas Tree Topper

Deciding what the decorative tree topper was going to be, was difficult. Since I was trying to stick with old fashioned and handmade Christmas tree ornaments, I found this to be challenging.

And since my house is decorated in a primitive style with dried flowers, gourds, and such, I wanted it to be able to go along with the theme of my house. Of course I surfed Pinterest and really didn’t have anything that jumped out at me.

So after much searching for something natural, I decided to go with a rusty star. After all, rust is a natural process too. And, my favorite color is rust. Perfect!

I picked my star up in a pack of 6 in the Christmas Department of Hobby Lobby for $4.99. I still have 5 left.

Easy Handmade Christmas Ornament Ideas

Of course you can decorate this Christmas tree in any fashion you like. Since I like old fashioned and simple, I chose to decorate mine with tiny handmade ornaments, salt dough ornaments and dehydrated fruits & dried nuts.

I do like a bit of an Americana Theme so I did make 2 handmade rustic handmade flags to go on my tree.

So depending on what you choose to use, will determine exactly what materials you will need. Here’s what I used:

  • Dried Orange Slices (I used my dehydrator for most of the dried fruits)
  • Dehydrate Apple Slices
  • Dried Pear Slices
  • Whole Dried Cuties (oranges)
  • Nuts in their shells: (need to have hard shells) – I used dried Crab Apples and Hickory Nuts (from my yard)
  • Rusty Wire to hang ornaments
Dehydrated handmade Christmas ornaments

If you don’t enjoy making small ornaments, these little ornaments look old fashioned too.

So there you have it. This old fashioned handmade Christmas tree will fit right in with your rustic or farmhouse Christmas decor. This year make every room look festive as possible when you make this primitive Christmas Tree.

More Fun Crafting Ideas

  • How to Make A Twig Wreath
  • Handmade Christmas Stocking Ornaments
  • 45 Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Active Time 2 hours

Total Time 2 hours

Difficulty Easy

Estimated Cost $20


  • Dark Stain
  • A container of choice ( it cannot have holes - needs to hold water)
  • Plaster of Paris for crafts
  • 15 pcs Canadian Pine Stems (12 inches)
  • Floral Wire
  • Brown Floral Tape
  • Glue Sticks


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 1- 1/8 inch dowel rod
  • Tape Measure
  • Razor Knife
  • Drill
  • 1/16" drill bit (tiny)


Prepping Container:
    1. First, decide how tall you want your tree to be. Be sure to take into consideration the depth of your container. The dowel need to sit on the bottom of it.
    2. Using a razor knife, measure and cut dowel to desired length.
    3. Stain dowel with a dark stain and let it dry for a few minutes.
    4. Mix plaster of paris in container by following instructions on the box.
    5. Insert dowel down to the bottom in the center of container. Prop it to hold it in place and let sit overnight.
Adding Pine Limbs:
  1. Starting at the bottom, decide how high from the container you would like the first layer.
  2. Hold stems in place against the dowel and decide how long you would like them to be.
  3. TIP: Before cutting any pine stems, wrap 2 layers to see how long you would like for them to be. Tree will change in appearance as you add more limbs.
  4. Once all pine stems and you like the way it looks, use floral wire and wrap it around the stems to hold them securely in place.
  5. Next, use a hot glue gun and glue each of the layers in place to the dowel. Hold in place until glue dries.
  6. Now, using your drill, carefully drill and "woller" out 3 holes in the tip of the dowel. This is a bit tedious, but you only need go deep enough to give the cut stems a place to be able to stick down into and glue in place.
  7. Using the glue gun, glue 1 short stem into each hole, putting the longest of the 3 in the middle. Hold these in place until the hot glue dries.
  8. Next, use the brown floral tape, start at the bottom and wrap the dowel 2-3 times all the way up between pine stem layers.
  9. Glue Spanish moss in the container to cover the white Plaster of Paris. Your tree is done!
  10. Decorate your primitive tree in any fashion you like.


    This tree can be use year around and decorated for different holidays such as Christmas, July 4th and Easter. You'll save a ton of money by making your own.

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    DIY Christmas toys in large sizes step by step.

    New life for old Christmas balls

    Hello everyone! Now everyone wants to decorate the Christmas tree with handmade toys! And this is not only a tribute to fashion, because such crafts carry a special atmosphere of kindness and comfort). They are unusual, unique and only yours. They are associated with memories, expectations, because while you were doing them, you dreamed of a holiday, comfort, a happy future.

    Last time we did it with our own hands. Now let's make wonderful decorations. You will be surprised how interesting crafts turn out, and how easy it is to make them. And the materials for creativity are improvised and the most unexpected.

    These toys can decorate both indoor and outdoor New Year's beauty. And if there is a homemade competition at school, your child is guaranteed a prize!

    Light bulbs, plastic bottles, shreds, buttons, dried fruits… But, let's start with the simplest thing - paper.

    The first thing you can do with corrugated paper is Christmas balls. They are made according to the same principle as the Christmas trees in the last master class. The difference is that the toys are based on a foam ball. It can also be made of wood or papier-mâché. Such blanks are now sold in any needlework store or on the Internet.

    The paper is cut into narrow strips 1 cm wide and 3-4 cm long. Next, the paper is twisted into a rosette.

    Having made the required number of such flowers, we begin to glue them to the foam ball. If you add more beads, you get a very elegant toy.

    Here is another decor option:

    Snowflakes can be made in a similar way. Cut out a shape from cardboard according to the template. We twist roses or buds from corrugated paper in any way, glue them onto a snowflake blank. We make a loop to hang the craft on the Christmas tree and get a wonderful toy.

    Using a Styrofoam egg, you can make this interesting candy cone.

    Brown paper, for starters, glue the workpiece. From corrugated paper, cut out rectangles about 5x3 cm in size.

    Glue them together and cut out an oval. Such blanks will need about 70-80 pieces. It all depends on the size of the foam blank. We turn the finished scales and glue them to the toothpicks.

    Now, starting from the very top of the egg, pierce the foam with toothpicks and fasten the scales. We arrange them in a checkerboard pattern. We make several scales without toothpicks to glue them on the bottom of the egg. You can take candy lollipops and insert them between the scales.

    Here is another version of corrugated paper cone toys:

    But, if you don’t have paper at hand, but there are a lot of plastic bottles, you can make New Year crafts from them.

    How to make a Christmas tree toy out of paper - a step-by-step master class

    And now we will make such a wonderful angel out of paper, which can be either hung on a Christmas tree or presented as a New Year's card.

    Everything is done quite simply. We take a sheet of paper. The color depends on the imagination. You can white and then paint it, or you can take a color. Now we bend it in even strips into an accordion. The result is corrugated paper. Cut the sheet in half.

    We decorate the lower edge of the craft with sticky colored tape, and glue the upper edge. The result is a skirt. I pinched the top so that the glue hardened well.

    While the bottom is drying, make wings for the angel. To do this, take the second half of the paper, cut it in half and carry out the same steps as with the first large half.

    I.e., glue the adhesive tape and glue the top part.

    Now it remains to collect the angel. We glue the narrow part of the wing and the wide one (shown by arrows in the figure) and attach the wing to the figure.

    Do the same with the second wing. It remains to make the head. To do this, we take a strip of paper 20 centimeters long, or more, and 1 cm wide. We twist it into a roll and glue it so that the paper does not unfold. We make a strip of colored tape, which we glue to the head. She plays the role of both a halo and a pendant. Glue the head to the angel.

    All. craft is ready. It took a little time. And the result is wonderful.

    Making a Christmas tree toy from a plastic bottle

    The easiest option is to make snowflakes that only need the bottom of a bottle. Toys made from this material are suitable for both a street Christmas tree and an apartment New Year's beauty.

    Everything is quite simple here. Cut off the bottom. It is better to take bottles of different sizes, then the snowflakes will be of different sizes. Next, draw a snowflake on the plastic. This can be done with felt-tip pens, or a marker, or paints - whatever is at hand.

    We make a hole, pass the thread, and the toy is ready. Can be hung on a tree.

    More patterns and patterns of snowflakes are available.

    Christmas tree is indispensable without bells. From bottles to make them will not be difficult at all. Watch the video tutorial:

    Here are some more ideas for inspiration:

    If you cut off the top of the bottles and insert LED lamps into it, you get a garland.

    If you have an old garland in which the caps are broken or lost, you can replace the missing ones with homemade ones. Cut off the bottom of the bottle, make a hole in it for the lamp, and cut the edges and unfold like petals.

    In addition, by painting bottles you can also make beautiful crafts, such as such a house:

    Or such wonderful penguins.

    If you need Santa Claus under the Christmas tree - do not rush to run after him to the store. Take a plastic bottle and make it yourself. Such Santa Claus under the tree will look much better.

    And here is a version of snowmen, also under the Christmas tree:

    Even this beauty can come from unnecessary bottles:

    So, show your imagination and you will succeed.

    Homemade toy for the Christmas tree 2019 from cones

    Cone is a wonderful material that can be used to make various crafts. If you attach a thread to them, then such crafts can be hung on a Christmas tree as Christmas decorations. It will be pretty creative.

    We collect such balls from several small cones. We decorate with ribbons, colored paper and, as a result, we get a Christmas tree decoration.
    If you use modeling dough, you can make various funny figures, for example, such a Santa Claus.

    And color them in.

    And here is another original and simple decoration. A ring of cones in which a snowman sits.

    A snowman can also be made in this way:

    And, finally, several Christmas trees can be made from cones, which can be placed in different rooms as decorations so that the New Year is felt everywhere.

    A holiday with such handicrafts will be unforgettable!

    DIY crepe paper Christmas tree step by step

    In case you do not have the opportunity to put a real Christmas tree at home, I will leave you a video with a master class of 5 options for making a New Year tree from corrugated paper step by step:

    You will love it!

    DIY Christmas light bulb toy - master class

    An unexpected material for manufacturing - an ordinary glass light bulb. Its pear-shaped shape resembles many factory Christmas decorations. They are used by painting in various figurines of animals and New Year's characters. For example, you can make such a snowman.

    Or these fabulous animals.

    Here you can see a detailed master class on how to make a penguin Christmas toy out of a light bulb that looks better than bought in a store:

    But if you can't draw, don't despair. We take multi-colored sparkles and glue. Coat the light bulb with glue, then immediately sprinkle with sparkles until the glue has had time to dry. As a result, we get such a beautiful decoration.

    Using the technique of drawing and application, you can create Santa Claus.

    And this is a fairly simple drawing that anyone can handle.

    You can draw just some patterns.

    In addition to painting, you can remove the base of the light bulb, leaving only the flask, fill it with colored pebbles, confetti or colored sand (we fall asleep in layers) and get a good decoration too.

    There are many options, try, fantasize.

    DIY Christmas toy for kindergarten or school

    If you have a small child, you will certainly have to deal with the topic of Christmas toys for kindergarten or elementary school. If suddenly a child participates in a school craft competition, such toys will provide him with prizes!

    You can make, in principle, any craft from the above. However, I would like to draw attention to another unusual, but which has become quite popular material - pasta. The store sells a lot of different types, shapes and configurations, which is very inspiring for creativity. For example, you can make such a Christmas tree.

    But I would like to show you an easy craft to make - a snowflake. As well as from paper, so from pasta - there are a huge number of design options!

    We start by drawing a snowflake scheme on our own, or we can find a suitable one on the Internet. Next, put the pasta, as in the diagram and glue them together. It remains only to paint with spray paint and make a loop to hang the toy on the Christmas tree.

    Such a beauty).

    And it's all done by hand!

    DIY Christmas paper toy

    You can make a fairly simple but beautiful craft from paper strips of different colors.

    We start by taking several sheets of paper of different colors and cutting out strips. In total, you need to make 8 such strips.

    The width is 4 cm, and the length can be different depending on the size of the future figure.

    Stack the strips, fold in half and make small cuts along the edges at the fold

    Do the same on the opposite side. Then we open the folded strips and in the middle and at the place of the inflection we tie with a thread.

    Then, in the center of the workpiece, coat with glue and take a strip at the beginning from one edge. Bend and glue. Then glue the second strip, the third.

    We hold the glued strips and glue the rest.

    Having done one side, go to the second half and do everything in the same way.

    When we finish gluing all the strips, we will get such a figure.

    We straighten and get a round craft.

    We make a pendant and get a Christmas decoration. You can also decorate with rhinestones, ribbons. In general, this is already at the creative discretion of everyone.

    Symbol of the New Year 2019 - do-it-yourself pig

    Well, in conclusion, the craft symbol of this year is a pig. As without her. The symbol of the year must be on a Christmas tree, on a table or shelf. It doesn't matter where, the main thing is that he was.

    So let's watch, do and prepare for the main holiday of the year. Good luck!

    DIY Christmas toys for kindergarten

    Master class on making Christmas tree decorations

    Masagutova Liliya Vasilievna, educator of MB preschool educational institution kindergarten No. 6 "Vasilek", Shushenskoye village, Krasnoyarsk Territory
    New Year holidays are approaching every day, and it's time to start preparing and think about the festive decoration of the Christmas tree. Interesting handmade New Year decorations will give the holidays an unforgettable atmosphere of the presence of a miracle.
    I bring to your attention a master class on making Christmas decorations.

    Christmas tree
    Shaggy branches bend
    Down to the heads of children;
    Rich beads sparkle
    Overflow of lights;
    The ball hides behind the ball,
    And the star behind the star,
    Light threads are rolling,
    Like golden rain...
    Play, have fun,
    The children have gathered here,
    And you, beautiful spruce,
    Sing their song.
    Everything is ringing, growing
    Voices of children's choirs,
    And, sparkling, swaying
    Splendid Christmas trees.
    Raisa Kudasheva

    Purpose: Toys will serve as a wonderful decoration for the New Year
    holiday, as well as a good gift.
    Master class is designed for children of senior preschool age,
    students, teachers and parents.

    Christmas decoration "Ball". Master class

    Required materials:

    Colored, holographic cardboard;
    Fine wire;
    Nylon and satin ribbons.
    Step-by-step job description:
    1. Cut into strips 1 cm wide. For one balloon you will need 8 strips
    (for example: 4 stripes red and 4 stripes gold).

    2. With a thick needle we pierce the strips in the middle and along the edges.

    3. We string a bead onto the wire, leaving a small tail.

    4. We make a twist, fixing the bead.

    5. We string the strips on the wire through the middle (First all
    stripes of one color, then stripes of another color).

    6. Then, we string the beads (The number of beads depends on their size.
    I got 9 beads with a diameter of 8 mm.).

    7. Alternately thread the wire into the extreme holes of the strips,
    starting from the topmost strip.

    8. We form a ball.

    9. We string and fix the bead.

    10. Add two more beads and make a loop.

    Cut off the rest of the wire.
    11. Tie a bow out of nylon ribbon.

    The ball is ready!

    Snowman Christmas decoration

    Materials needed:

    - Colored, holographic cardboard;
    - Fine wire;
    - Beads;
    - Nylon and satin ribbons.
    - Scissors;
    - Ruler;
    - Pencil;
    - Decorative eyes;
    - Rubber for creativity.
    Step-by-step job description:
    1. Cut 1 cm wide strips of silver holographic cardboard. (8 strips 25 cm long and 5 strips 14 cm long) and with a thick needle we pierce the strips in the middle and along the edges.

    2. We string a bead onto the wire, leaving a small tail.

    3. We make a twist, fixing the bead.

    4. We string long strips on the wire through the middle.

    Then, we string the beads (The number of beads depends on their size.
    I got 6 beads with a diameter of 14 mm.).

    5. Alternately thread the wire into the extreme holes of the strips, starting from the topmost strip.

    6. We form the body of a snowman.

    7. Then we string short strips and add four more beads.

    8. We form the head of a snowman.

    9. Cut out a circle
    with a diameter of 4.5 cm from red rubber for creativity.

    10. We string a circle and a large red bead on the wire.

    11. Fix the bead.

    12. We make a loop and cut off the remnants of the wire.
    13. Glue the eyes, make a small
    cone for the snowman's nose from orange paper, cut out the mouth from rubber.

    14. We tie a bow from a nylon ribbon.

    15. Making pens and a whisk!

    16. The snowman is ready!

    Similarly, you can make a bear cub Umka and his friend.

    Christmas decoration "Bump". Master class

    Required materials:

    Nylon and satin ribbons.
    Braid with golden design;
    Heavy cardboard;
    Step-by-step job description:
    1. Cut out the cardboard base according to the template.

    2. Cut the tape into 4 cm pieces.

    3. We make blanks of “scales”, for this we glue the edges of the braid.

    Glue the "scales" on the cardboard base.

    Interesting ideas for making Christmas toys with your own hands.

    On the eve of everyone's favorite holiday, each of us wants to create wonderful toys that can decorate the forest beauty. There are a lot of ideas and very interesting options that can be implemented, creating a very warm, cozy atmosphere in the house and a great mood. Let's take a closer look at all sorts of ideas and unusual ideas, because there is less and less time left before the New Year's fairy tale.

    DIY Christmas toys made of felt: patterns, master class

    Handicraft lovers offer many ideas for making Christmas decorations. To do this, you will need:

    • Pattern corresponding to pattern
    • Various colors of felt to match pattern
    • Pencil, pen, ruler
    • Needle and thread
    • Scissors, glue, filler
    • Necessary materials for decoration
    • Transfer the pattern cut out of paper to the fabric.
    • Carefully cut out all the details, sew, leave a small area and fill with cotton wool or padding polyester.
    • Then sew the rest, sew on the decor: nose, buttons, scarf, hat, gift box and stylish belt.
    • Toys are ready, do not forget to make a beautiful loop.

    You can make these wonderful forest beauties or a warm and cozy home that are ideal for creating a festive mood. The technology is the same as described above.

    Felt toys

    DIY felt toys

    For decoration, you can use whatever your imagination suggests, experiment and enjoy the process itself.

    Do-it-yourself patterns for Christmas tree decorations from fabric

    This pattern can be used to sew a very beautiful snowman that can be hung on a Christmas tree or placed under it. Your children will certainly appreciate this beauty.

    For such a snowman you will need:

    • thick white fabric and red for a hat with a scarf
    • small buttons or beads

    The process itself does not take much time:

    • cut out the body of the future snowman according to the pattern
    • fill it evenly with cotton wool
    • sew on original buttons
    • separately cut head
    • embroider eyes and smile
    • then attach the nose
    • after all the main details are sewn on, start decorating

    Such a variety of toys can be made very quickly, from fabrics of various colors, just show yourself. An original and very positive star will cheer you up.

    Fabric star

    You can make it voluminous, it will look very unusual, and a heart or a Christmas tree will fit perfectly into a series of various Christmas decorations. The main thing is that you put all your heart and soul into it.

    Do-it-yourself children's Christmas toys for kindergarten: photo

    On the eve of the New Year holidays, each preschool children's institution organizes exhibitions of very interesting and original decorations for the Christmas tree. Now, when there are many different materials and detailed descriptions, the child himself will be able to make such a craft with great pleasure.

    Parents, of course, can help their child create a real masterpiece and support him in everything. There are a huge number of different options, here are just a few of them.

    Everyone in the house has a lot of buttons in shape and color, with their help you can create such very simple at first glance and unusual toys. The child will show his imagination and discover new abilities.

    New Year's decorations from buttons

    And using ordinary napkins with a New Year's pattern, you can create a real fairy tale. The main thing is that it is very exciting!

    Napkin toys

    Very little is left before the end of the year. We all know that the coming year will be born under the sign of the fiery rooster. Of course, such a toy should hang on the New Year tree in every house.

    It can be made from colorful scraps of fabric, plasticine, colored paper and cardboard, and even plastic bottles. In order for the toy to look, show your imagination and, most importantly, decide how it should look.

    You can experiment by combining different materials, but do not forget about safety and make toys so that they do not ignite very quickly, and all the New Year holidays delight you with their beauty. A little hint:

    • make a cloth body filled with cotton.
    • scallop and wings in multicolored plastic.
    • Sew on buttons instead of eyes.
    • Cut out
    • legs from disposable plates.

    Symbol of 2017

    New Year's cockerel with a pattern

    DIY toy

    Beautiful DIY Christmas balls: photo

    These very simple and pretty balls can be made using a regular tennis ball, colored paper, beads and glue. Even small children can make them together with their parents:

    • Choose your favorite color in advance and make flowers or snowflakes.
    • Apply with glue to the surface of the ball and hold for 5 minutes.
    • After complete drying, attach the previously selected decor to the middle of each flower and make a neat loop.
    • You can also decorate a Styrofoam ball with a decorative cord mixed with small plastic beads.
    • Push the end of the cord into the inside of the ball and glue it to the base, then glue it in a spiral.
    • You can make a heart and decorate it beautifully with beads.

    DIY Christmas balls

    Tennis ball

    Decorate with cloth

    Renew old toys this way. It's very easy and fun. You can also make very original foam balls by decorating them with interesting buttons or colored pebbles.

    DIY colored paper Christmas toys

    You can make a lot of interesting toys out of paper: snowflakes, garlands, different animals, angels, cones and so on. Everything is done very simply, the main thing is desire and imagination. For example, to make an angel, you need:

    • Cut out one large and two small rectangles.
    • Fold them like an accordion, attach the wings to the large square body.
    • Take a wooden bead, draw eyes, nose, lips, eyebrows and attach using glue to the angel.
    • Optionally, you can add additional details that you want to emphasize.

    Colored and white paper angel

    DIY Christmas toy

    • Look at the picture and cut out a large paper snowflake for yourself, it will decorate not only the Christmas tree, but the whole house.

    Paper stars

    DIY Christmas tree star

    Christmas tree star

    • To make a cone, you need to cut squares of the same size, bend two edges in each of them.
    • Then attach to the prepared mold.

    Paper cone

    Christmas paper toy

    DIY cardboard toys

    Such original decorations can be made quite quickly. To do this, you need:

    • take an ordinary postcard with a beautiful pattern.
    • cut it into even pieces.
    • fasten on both sides with a button.
    • and then spread evenly into a ball and attach a loop of tape.

    Cardboard toys

    Cardboard Christmas toy

    Openwork cardboard toy

    To make such a miracle star you need:

    • cut a square of any size, fold it in half diagonally.
    • then lightly make small cuts at the corners.
    • fold them into triangles and glue the two sides for volume.
    • in the same way, make another star, and glue the two together without combining the direction of the rays.
    • can be decorated with sequins or small beads.

    Christmas tree toy made of cardboard

    Openwork star

    Every home has a huge amount of used materials from which you can make very unusual decorations that will amaze with their simplicity and practicality. It is interesting to make them with young children, developing their imagination and fine motor skills. Give your child a chance to express themselves.

    There are a huge number of ideas, everyone can find their own version:

    • You can make funny toys out of peanuts by decorating them and drawing funny faces.

    Peanut Christmas toy

    • Ordinary Pepsi or wine caps can be used to make smiling snowmen that will cheer up all family members.

    Lid toys

    Wine bottles make a great toy

    • Snowflakes made from cotton buds or a spruce branch made from corrugated paper look very original.

    Cotton swab snowflakes

    Do-it-yourself bright snowflake

    • And if you have stocks of multi-colored threads, then make beautiful decorations by making a wire frame in advance.

    Christmas toy made of threads

    DIY Christmas decorations

    Be inspired by simple things and create!

    DIY Christmas toys for a large outdoor Christmas tree

    In order to make such beauty one needs imagination and inspiration. Each of these decorations will not take you much time, but it will please not only you, but also all the inhabitants of the city. When choosing a toy, the main thing is to be guided by three basic rules:

    • practicality
    • strength
    • originality

    There are many options for a fantasy flight. Can be used:

    • bags
    • cups
    • baskets
    • gift boxes of various shapes and sizes
    • threads

    Various decorative materials:

    • rhinestones
    • sequins
    • rain
    • beads
    • beads

    For example, to make a ball or a snowman from cups, you need to make a frame and then attach flower-shaped cups to it. For beauty, you can decorate with rain or sparkles.

    Decoration for a large Christmas tree

    Balls for a street Christmas tree

    You can make wonderful toys from discs, just stick various Christmas pictures on both sides of the carrier.

    DIY Christmas toys from plastic bottles

    Many of us did not even think that such beauty can be made from ordinary plastic bottles. The process is very exciting and interesting.

    For balls, lamps and bells, you can take any color bottle. They are very easy to make and don't take much time.

    Shiny ribbons or pretty stickers make the finished product even more beautiful. Penguins look very funny, in the picture you can see detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

    Santa Claus is just incomparable, it doesn't take much time to make it either. Take a plastic bottle, make a beard, eyebrows and a cap side with disposable small spoons, paint the torso with paint. You can decorate with rain if you like.

    Funny plastic toys

    Beautiful and original DIY Christmas toy for the contest

    For this wonder toy you will need:

    • A bundle of straw or cotton buds
    • Piece of burlap
    • Thin wooden sticks and branches
    • Dry leaves, rose hips
    • Scissors, glue, knife and small sponge

    To get started:

    • Make a ball or buy one made from Styrofoam.
    • Place a cloth on top, wrinkling it slightly, and apply the paint.
    • After complete drying, start creating a composition: a cozy home.
    • Use straw or cotton swabs for the roof, lay out doors, windows and railings with thin wooden sticks.
    • For beauty, make a bouquet from branches and rose hips that will harmoniously fit near the house.
    • Lay a path with burlap and decorate on top.
    • Finish with soft blue flowers for background and leave to dry completely.
    • If you wish, you can add additional details that you see fit.

    DIY Christmas toys made of cotton wool

    To make a Snow Maiden out of cotton, first:

    • Make a frame out of wire.
    • Then gradually take pre-prepared cotton wool of the desired color and make felt boots and mittens.
    • Next, for the torso, take some paper and glue it, put a layer of cotton wool on top of it for outerwear.
    • Now you can proceed to the head. It is better to make it from polystyrene foam and carefully paint it with paints.
    • But it is best to lay out a hat and a braid from cotton wool. It will look very impressive and elegant.

    Cotton Snow Maiden

    • Such a cute Christmas tree does not need a frame.
    • You can simply cut out the shape you like from cardboard, paste it over with ordinary white cotton wool, and then paint it with acrylic paints.
    • If you wish, you can decorate the Christmas tree with beads or also colorful balls and roll them in salt, which is used for baths.

    DIY Christmas decorations from satin ribbons

    Satin ribbon crafts are very popular. Finished products are very elegant and beautiful.

    In order to make any decoration for the Christmas tree, you will need a certain number of ribbons, it all depends on the size and pattern. To make a forest beauty:

    • Cut out a small square, fold it horizontally to form a triangle.
    • Then fold one end over again and secure with hot glue.
    • When you have made the desired number of these petals, attach them to the frame, decreasing the number towards the top.
    • Decorate with a beautiful decor and can be a gift to relatives and friends. They will definitely appreciate such a wonderful gift.

    Ribbon Christmas Tree

    Satin Ribbon Christmas Tree

    To make a three-dimensional rose:

    • Take two wide satin ribbons in different shades of the base color.
    • Start shaping the center of the flower by twisting into a spiral and wrapping one edge to the right.
    • So for the ball you need six of these roses, which you then simply glue to a pre-prepared base.

    Christmas ball made of satin ribbons

    Volumetric roses

    DIY Christmas decorations from light bulbs

    Burnt-out light bulbs can be used to make such bright toys, at the mere glance of which the mood immediately rises, and the hands themselves begin to make such beauty. For decor you can use:

    • glitter
    • rhinestones
    • beads
    • glitter ribbons
    • toothpaste
    • acrylic paints
    • stickers
    • voluminous napkins with a beautiful pattern

    Christmas decorations in glitter

    Light bulb toys

    Light bulb decorated with colors

    90 Minimum financial costs, effort and energy. Children with great pleasure will be included in this process and will receive a sea of ​​emotions and pleasure.

    DIY Christmas decorations from salt dough

    Children are very fond of making crafts from salt dough, you can dream up, and the process of making dough is very exciting:

    • Apply the dough on a pre-selected pattern and put it in the oven for a certain time, when it is browned, you can stretch it out.
    • When it cools down a bit, start decorating.
    • You can use cinnamon, lemon, coffee, or simply decorate beautifully with paints.
    • You can simply make a palm print on a piece of dough, finish drawing the face of Santa Claus and a wonderful toy for the Christmas tree is ready.

    Dough toys

    Edible toys

    DIY figurines

    DIY Christmas attributes from dough

    DIY foam toys

    The easiest way to make an original toy. Cut a ball of the required size from the foam plastic or buy a ready-made one and decorate it as your soul desires. Nowadays, there are a huge number of beautiful in shape and color decorations that will make an ordinary, inconspicuous ball sparkling in the world and radiant.

    Styrofoam decorated with beads

    Styrofoam toy

    You can make a cute Santa Claus in 15 minutes by simply sticking a picture on the foam and tracing it with a felt-tip pen. Color and decorate, and smiling Santa Claus will surely bring you happiness.

    DIY Christmas tree decorations from threads

    Prepare string, glue and balloons in various shapes. A child can make such beauty if you explain and show him the essence of the process:

    Snowman from threads step by step

    DIY Christmas toys

    What is the New Year without cones and funny toys from them. There are very simple toys where you just need to spread glue and dip in glitter and a sparkling cone is ready.

    It takes a little more work to make little animals:

    • Find the right shape for a cone, a wooden ball, artificial hair and pretty ribbons.
    • It is not very difficult to do, it just takes a long time for all the parts to dry, and you can hang it on the Christmas tree.

    Or make a beautiful Santa Claus, additionally using plasticine for a hat, mustache and beard.

    • You can also print a beautiful pattern and stick it on a disc to make an accent, for example, on snowdrifts or snow-white treetops, apply glue and sprinkle with semolina or salt, you can add sparkles.

    • The disc looks very unusual in combination with tubes laid out in the shape of a polygon.

    DIY Christmas decorations from pasta

    Creating with pasta is an all-consuming process. For toys, you can choose a variety of types of pasta. Just lay out the drawing of the future snowflake, starting from the center.

    Christmas pasta figurines

    Video: Master class: DIY Christmas toys

    In Russia, the New Year tree was not always decorated with glossy painted balls, tinsel and shimmering garlands. In the pre-revolutionary period, a Christmas tree was installed in the house exclusively for the Nativity of Christ and decorated with purely symbolic things: apples - in honor of the triumph of Good over Evil, angels and candles - the embodiment of purity and lightness, six-pointed stars - in memory of the Star of Bethlehem. Any unusual New Year's toys were either transported from a distant "foreign land" or created by tireless children's hands at home from improvised materials. And even in that difficult era, when mighty leaders stopped any hint of the usual Christmas rituals, the Soviet people, devoted to customs, still passed their vintage toys to the Christmas tree from generation to generation, hoping for a speedy revival of the fairy-tale tradition. And so it happened ...

    Today the Christmas tree is probably the most important detail for the New Year. Modern souvenir shops offer hundreds of typical and designer jewelry options for the green guest. The first - not everyone's taste, the second - not everyone can afford. Therefore, it is better to make balls, pendants and all kinds of figures on your own, as in the good old days of our beloved grandmothers. Such a do-it-yourself Christmas tree toy made of cotton wool, felt, paper, fabric or light bulbs will be completely authentic, conveying the features of the author and the traditions of the whole family. And also, a New Year's craft according to our step-by-step instructions will be an excellent option for a competition at school or in kindergarten.

    How to make a Christmas tree surprise toy out of colored paper for kindergarten

    It is the first step-by-step instruction on how to make a Christmas tree surprise toy out of colored paper for kindergarten that kids will like the most. Unlike an ordinary shiny ball that does not hide any secrets, our decoration for the New Year's tree is full of pleasant surprises. At first, the finished toy will become a colorful addition to the Christmas tree entourage, and then it will turn into a kind of “kinder surprise” for the child. Therefore, we recommend preparing one copy for each fidget, so as not to leave anyone deprived.

    Necessary materials for a surprise Christmas toy made of colored paper in the garden

    • crepe paper in different colors - 10 sheets
    • quick dry adhesive
    • scissors
    • round, square or rectangular souvenir (3-5 cm)
    • sweets, stickers, hairpins, small toys - 7 pcs.
    • Christmas decorations

    Step-by-step instructions for making a surprise Christmas tree toy for kindergarten

    1. First of all, prepare everything you need and arrange it conveniently in front of you on the table. Cut colored corrugated paper into strips 2 cm wide.

    2. Start forming the Christmas ball with the largest souvenir. Carefully wrap the little thing with ribbons of the same color, overlapping them. Try to create an even layer.

    3. The toy will not look like a ball in the first stages, but this is not a problem. During the formation of the product, each subsequent layer will make its right contribution.

    4. Now attach a second surprise to the resulting bundle and wind another plain layer of corrugated paper.

    5. Attach the next item on the opposite side of the previous one so that the shape we need begins to slowly emerge.

    6. Pay attention to the outline of the toy. Apply another surprise to the flattest and most unexpressed barrel. Secure the tip of each ribbon with quick-drying glue so that the craft does not crumble ahead of time.

    7. Wrap the thinnest, most flexible items around the toy last. With their help, it will be easier to smooth out the bumps of the New Year's ball.

    8. Stretch the last layers well to create the effect of a continuous velvety coating. Make sure that the previous one does not show through from under the top color.

    9. At the last stage, glue a loop on the product and decorate with a pattern of thin colored ribbons, beads, small New Year's decor.

    10. This is how you can quickly and easily make a surprise toy out of colored paper for a Christmas tree in kindergarten. It remains to wait for the festive matinee and admire the seething emotions of the children unfolding their unusual Christmas tree decorations.

    The simplest DIY Christmas toy made of cotton wool for the garden using nuts and bright cardboard

    Often handmade products are distinguished by amazing craftsmanship and are equated with a work of art. And today, many young parents prefer to add just such original and completely unique details to the New Year's home decor, using complex master classes from popular portals. So here it is! Our next step-by-step instructions for making the simplest Christmas toy from cotton wool, nuts and bright cardboard are not among those, even a small child in kindergarten can handle it.

    Necessary materials for a simple toy for a Christmas tree in kindergarten from cotton wool, walnut, cardboard

    • thick red cardboard
    • flexible wire
    • walnuts
    • ordinary non-sterile cotton wool
    • PVA glue
    • scissors
    • artificial eyes for toys
    • red bead

    DIY step-by-step workshop on a toy made of walnut, cotton wool and cardboard for kindergarten

    1. Cut a small square from thick red cardboard (approx. 7x7 cm). Twist a small cone and fix the edge with glue. Thread a loop of their flexible thin wire into the narrow hole at the end. Trim the bottom of the shape. to form a stable cone.

    2. Wash the walnuts thoroughly with an old brush and detergent and pat dry with paper towels. "Put" the cone-cap on the nut, fix it with quick-drying glue.

    3. Cover the lower part of the cap with a small amount of cotton wool, as shown in the figure below. Thus, it will turn out to make the hair of Santa Claus.

    4. On the front of the nut, glue fake eyes, a red nose bead and a fluffy cotton mustache. Don't forget the good wizard's long beard. Without it, Santa Claus will not be as realistic.

    5. Hang the resulting product by the loop in a warm place so that the glue dries completely. After 3-4 hours, the simplest do-it-yourself Christmas tree toy made of cotton wool in the garden using nuts and bright cardboard will be completely ready to be moved to the New Year's tree.

    Do-it-yourself unusual Christmas tree toy from improvised materials for a competition in kindergarten: a master class with a photo step by step our step-by-step master class with a photo. It is so simple and fun that it draws literally all family members into the creative process.

    In addition, making a selection of unusual Christmas tree decorations from transparent balls can easily be turned into an exciting photo session with an abundance of festive shiny attributes. Well, see how to make unusual Christmas decorations from scrap materials with your own hands for a competition in a kindergarten in a master class with a photo step by step.

    Necessary materials for unusual Christmas toys from improvised materials for the kindergarten competition for the New Year 2018

    • transparent Christmas balls-blanks - 8 pcs.
    • dry white glitter
    • small decorative cones
    • small fluffy pom-poms
    • shimmering "rain" on the Christmas tree
    • colored or tinted paper
    • pastel crepe paper
    • colorful sequins
    • pearlescent paint (nail polish is possible)
    • decorative needlework feathers in different colors
    • hole punch
    • fast drying adhesive
    • scissors

    Step-by-step instructions for making a small collection of unusual toys for the Christmas tree with your own hands for the competition in kindergarten

    1. Prepare the bases for future toys - empty glass transparent balls. If you are engaged in creativity with children, give preference to plastic blanks. In the next steps, using a variety of materials at hand, you will create a whole basket of Christmas toys, bright and completely different from each other.

    2. Option 1: Remove fixture from workpiece, fill ball with 1 tbsp. white dry sequins and gently push 4-5 small decorative cones inside. Lock the cover back. The designer toy is ready!

    3. Option 2. Select small fluffy pompoms of different colors and sizes and fill a transparent ball to the top with them. Do not tamp the toy tightly, let the parts be loose. Attach the lid - the ball is ready!

    4. Option 3. Fill an empty blank with a small amount of thin, shiny rain to decorate the Christmas tree. Set the mount on the top and shake the toy. Flickering "rain" will stick to the walls of the ball and form an unusual bewitching pattern.

    5. Option 4. Cut multi-colored pastel-colored corrugated paper into strips 1 cm wide, 5-7 cm long. Tie several strips into one bouquet and carefully place it in an empty transparent blank with a knot up. Another Christmas toy is ready.

    6. Option 5. This time, cut strips of thick tinted paper in bright colors and make holes as thickly as possible with a regular office hole punch. Twist the resulting strips into loose spirals and fill the ball with them. Once inside, the elements will bloom a little and become more voluminous, thereby giving the finished Christmas tree toy an unusual stylish look.

    7. Option 6. Lubricate the transparent base for the toy thickly with glue without removing the mount from the top. Dump the ball in a bowl with multi-colored sparkles and let the toy dry thoroughly. Strain excess glitter back into the bowl.

    8. Option 7. For the penultimate option, we use mother's old, slightly dried mother-of-pearl nail polish. First, dilute the varnish with acetone and shake the tightly closed bottle well. Then pour some of the dissolved liquid into the transparent blank. Slowly tilt the ball in different directions so that the spreading varnish forms fancy patterns on the inner surface of the Christmas tree toy.

    9. Option 8. The finishing touch in our collection of crafts is the easiest. It is enough to lower a pair of lush bright feathers into a transparent ball and close it tightly with the usual fastening.

    10. Collect all the toys in one decorative box, place them neatly on a pillow made of perforated paper balls and take them to the competition in kindergarten. We assure you that such grandiose creativity will not go unnoticed.

    DIY vintage Christmas tree toy for school competition - step by step instructions

    Did you know that following modern step-by-step instructions, you can learn how to create with your own hands not only new-fangled Christmas decorations for spruce, but also stunning vintage Christmas decorations of incredible beauty for school competitions, kindergarten exhibitions and gifts for loved ones. If you haven’t experienced such an activity before, be sure to experiment next weekend.

    Necessary materials for DIY vintage Christmas tree decorations for school talent competition

    • thin oval cuts of wooden branches (6x3 cm)
    • acrylic primer
    • decoupage glue
    • decoupage card or napkins with vintage motif
    • construction stapler
    • jute cord
    • glossy lacquer
    • scissors

    Step-by-step instructions for making an unusual vintage Christmas decoration for school for the New Year's competition

    1. The blank - a wooden cut - is well covered with a primer and let it dry completely.

    2. Choose from a decoupage card or on a thin napkin a motif that is suitable in size and carefully cut it out, departing from the contours 3-4 mi.

    3. Attach the cut (or torn) parts to the front side of the cuts and coat with decoupage glue. If there is none, dilute the PVA in half with clean water.

    4. When the glue is completely dry, cover the image with a clear gloss varnish.

    5. From a thin jute cord, make small loops and fasten them on the wrong side of the cut with a large technical stapler. That's all: a do-it-yourself vintage Christmas tree toy for a school competition (according to our step-by-step instructions) is fully completed!

    Do-it-yourself Christmas toy "Dog", "Herringbone", "Snowflake" from salt dough

    etc.). With such a non-capricious and pliable substance, both a schoolboy and a kindergartner can easily cope under the strict guidance of a mother. And with a little New Year's inspiration and childish spontaneity, you can create real works of art from small homegrown creators.

    Necessary materials for Christmas decorations "Dog", "Snowflake", "Heart" from salt dough at home

    • flour -200 g
    • fine salt -200 g
    • cold water - 125 ml
    • molds "Dog", "Snowflake", "Heart", etc.
    • different textures for prints (leaves, feathers, buttons)
    • cocktail straw
    • fine jute cord
    • gouache paints (optional)

    Do-it-yourself step-by-step master class on Christmas decorations from salt dough at home

    1. Mix all prepared ingredients for a firm salt dough. sweep the mass until completely homogeneous and roll out on a flat surface with a thin layer.

    2. Using various materials at hand (coins, buttons, dry flowers or spruce branches), leave neat prints on the dough layer. Cut out the desired number of shapes with cookie cutters. Even the smallest helper will cope with this task.

    3. Departing from the upper border of the figurine 5-10 mm, leave a small through hole on each blank with a plastic cocktail tube.

    4. Dry the decorations in the oven at 130C on a sheet of clean parchment. When the figures are completely hardened, cool and paint them as needed. Most often, these toys are left in their natural color.

    5. Thread the jute cords through the holes and tie off the loops. Hang ready-made Christmas decorations - "Dog", "Christmas Tree", "Snowflake" - with your own hands from salt dough on a festive tree or decorate or decorate boxes with gifts for guests.

    How to make a Christmas toy with your own hands at home for a child at a labor lesson: a master class with a video and other things) it is easy to turn primitive things into amazing decorations for a New Year tree. But what about those whose imagination and material resources are conditionally limited? How to make a Christmas tree toy with your own hands at home for a child for a labor lesson (according to a master class with a video) with only three primitive components in a box?

    Yes, very easy! Sometimes the combination of the simplest materials - cardboard, twine and bright rhinestones - can surprise with unexpected results. See for yourself - watch a detailed video with a master class on making a Christmas tree toy for a do-it-yourself labor lesson at home.

    How to make a Christmas tree toy out of threads and a ball using beads and ribbons

    New Year somehow completely imperceptibly immerses not only children, but also adults into a winter fairy tale. And those, imbued with a charming festive atmosphere, start creating bright and colorful decorations and souvenirs for the New Year 2018 with their own hands. Someone is trying to remake a whole pile of greeting cards. And someone is interested in how to make a Christmas tree toy from threads and a ball using beads and ribbons. In general, to each his own!

    Necessary materials for a Christmas tree toy made of a ball and threads, beads, twisted cord

    • round foam base
    • thread with beads
    • twisted cord or thick smooth yarn
    • thin satin ribbon
    • glue gun
    • small carnation
    • scissors

    Step-by-step instructions on how to make a Christmas tree decoration using Styrofoam ball, thread, beads, string and ribbon

    1. Make a small indentation in the Styrofoam ball. Fold a 15 cm long satin ribbon in half, and attach the ends with a thin carnation in the previously made recess. Fix the result with hot silicone from a glue gun.

    2. Around the resulting loop, begin to fasten the thread with beads and thick yarn (or twisted cord) in turns.

    3. Coat a small area with hot silicone. Then fasten the decor and press it gently with your hand until it sticks. Glue the next turn in the same way, etc.

    4. Try to match the colors of decorative elements in such a way that they emphasize each other, but do not distort. The optimal result is the winter-New Year gamma: blue-blue, red-green, white-gold, etc.

    5. Tie the ends of the thread with beads and cord firmly at the lowest point on the bottom of the ball. Cut off the excess with sharp scissors.

    6. In the same way, you can make a Christmas toy from threads and a ball using beads and ribbons, but in a different shape. For example, oval, cone-shaped or heart-shaped.

    The New Year and the green beauty of the Christmas tree are inseparable concepts. It's time to review and update the stock of toys. We propose not to run to the store, but to engage in the exciting process of creating Christmas decorations and decorations with your own hands. There is material in every home - these are old glossy magazines, newspapers, gift wrappings, unclaimed beads, shreds of fabric, fur and felt. And also what can be collected on a walk will be used - acorns, cones, beautiful twigs and even bird feathers. Armed with glue, scissors and your own imagination, you can make unique things in the hand made style, please your family, surprise your relatives and friends.

    New life for old Christmas tree balls

    In the box where Christmas decorations are stored, there are sure to be balls that have lost their former attractiveness or are simply tired. Spend a few evenings with pleasant needlework and decorate them in a new way. The proposed ideas are not a strict New Year's master class, where you need to strictly perform certain actions, but only tips for generating your own creative abilities.

    Take some old nondescript balls, Styrofoam blanks, any round objects, burnt out light bulbs and get started. Options:

    • wrap with fabric scraps,
    • paste over with beads or shiny cord,
    • paint with acrylics,
    • draw abstract patterns with a gold or silver marker,
    • fill transparent balls with buttons or other small objects,
    • Wrap
    • with multi-colored threads.

    Use this colorful yarn to make fun pompoms, a Christmas star or a small Christmas tree.

    Simply hammer small studs into the desired outline, soak the thread in starch or glue, wind it up and let it dry - the decoration is ready.

    Christmas trees, garlands, cones and Christmas cookies

    Christmas trees can be made from cardboard, felt, buttons of different sizes or from colored paper rolled into a tube. An ordinary garland will take the form of Chinese lanterns if you place each element in a box that is assembled according to the instructions given.

    Any child can make paper garlands. Coat this simple piece with glitter spray paint and the result will amaze you.

    Decorate cones, acorns, bird feathers, cardboard stars and other crafts in the same way.

    Delicious toys in the form of gingerbread can not only be hung on a Christmas tree, but also create a picture of the night sky on a window or a piece of paper with their help. .

    A selection of photos will tell you the main direction, and new ideas will be born by themselves. Just don’t put everything off until the last moment, but let the New Year’s fairy tale come to life right now.

    50 cool DIY Christmas decorations

    November 27, 2021LikbezDo it yourself

    Unique Christmas decorations made of paper, felt, plastic bottles, wine corks and other materials.



    Christmas decorations from bushings

    Frame: Handimania / YouTube

    What you need

    • Sleeve;
    • scissors;
    • yarn.

    How to

    Bend the sleeve and cut across into several equal wide pieces.

    Frame: Handimania / YouTube

    Separate many identical pieces from the yarn.

    Frame: Handimania / YouTube

    Unfold the bushings. Insert a piece of yarn folded in half into one of them.

    Frame: Handimania / YouTube

    Pass the ends of the thread through the resulting loop and tighten.

    Frame: Handimania / YouTube

    Tie a few more pieces of yarn in this way. Move the threads that are on the sleeve so that the cardboard is not visible.

    Frame: Handimania / YouTube

    Tie the piece from the sleeve completely with thread.

    Frame: Handimania / YouTube

    Divide the ends of the yarn into two parts. Twist each of them lightly and pull through the ring. The detailed process is shown in the video below. Straighten the threads.

    Frame: Handimania / YouTube

    Over the ring, tie the yarn with another piece of thread, forming a hat.

    Frame: Handimania / YouTube

    Trim the ends of the threads so that you get a fluffy pompom.

    Frame: Handimania / YouTube

    In the same way, make hats from the remaining parts of the sleeve. For hanging, tie yarn loops on top.

    What other options are there

    The bushings will make beautiful snowflakes:

    Another design:

    You can make a Christmas ball:

    Santa Claus:



    And even a mini mug of cocoa:

    Christmas decorations made from ice cream sticks

    Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

    What you need

    • Ice cream sticks;
    • ruler;
    • pencil;
    • scissors;
    • wood glue;
    • toothpick;
    • brush;
    • brown;
    • paint red;
    • twine or other thread;
    • white paint.

    How to do

    Cut off the tips of four sticks so that you have two pieces 6.3 cm long and two pieces 7.6 cm long. whole sticks are about 11 cm long. If you have other sticks, adjust the size by eye yourself.

    Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

    On two solid parts, make three marks 1.9 cm apart. First measure from the place where the rounding of the stick ends. Apply glue with a toothpick to the marks on one piece.

    Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

    Place it on the edge and glue three short identical parts to it, as shown in the photo.

    Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

    Glue the marks on the second whole stick and attach it to the short pieces.

    Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

    When the blank is dry, cover it with brown paint. The rest of the sticks are red. Let the coating dry completely.

    Place the four pieces with rounded tops on the short sticks, two long ones in the middle and the other two on the edges. Leave small gaps between them. Trim their straight edges with a whole stick. On the other side, put the last piece.

    Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

    Gently glue the red pieces onto the brown blank. Remove the whole stick, you won't need it anymore. Tie a piece of twine to the short red part on both sides so that you get a loop.

    Frame: createwithjenn / YouTube

    Paint the edges of the red pieces white.

    The second part of the video tutorial shows how to make an incredibly cool ski set using the same sticks:

    Other options

    Here the sleigh is made differently:

    In this master class you will learn how to make a wooden snowman, Santa Claus and a Christmas tree:

    In this video there is also an angel, a star, a car and a fence:

    And here are some very simple wooden snowflakes:

    Christmas decorations made of paper

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    What you need

    • Light paper;
    • ruler;
    • pencil;
    • scissors;
    • awl;
    • golden rope;
    • fine wire;
    • adhesive;
    • large light bead;
    • bright paper.

    How to

    Cut out a 15 cm square and a 15 x 8 cm rectangle from paper.

    Fold the edge of the square about 1 cm. Repeat until you have folded the entire piece like an accordion.

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    Gather the rectangle into an accordion too, starting from the narrow edge.

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    Fold a large square harmonica in half. Make a hole in the middle of the fold with an awl.

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    Fold the second accordion in half and pierce in the same place.

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    Cut as much string as needed to make a hanging loop. Fold the ends together, form a loop and tie a knot. Remove excess.

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    Wrap the wire around the loop. Fold the ends together. Pass the wire through the opening of the large harmonica.

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    Pull out almost the entire rope. Then, in the same way, thread the wire with the rope into the hole of the small accordion.

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    Tighten the rope so that the parts touch each other. Glue the two halves of a large harmonica.

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    Apply glue to the bottom of the small harmonica and attach it to the large one.

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    Put a bead on the wire and lower it to the paper blank. Remove the wire. Tie the rope in a knot over the bead so that it does not fall out.

    Spread the wings of the angel by lifting the paper towards the bead. Straighten the bottom.

    Frame: ABC TV / YouTube

    Glue a heart made of bright paper under the bead.

    This video tutorial shows how to make this toy have a collar instead of a heart. And there are three other ways to create an angel out of paper.

    Other options

    Here's how to make a voluminous paper ball:

    This small Christmas tree is made using the origami technique:

    Here they explain how to make a voluminous paper star:

    in similar equipment:

    And a unicorn:

    Felt Christmas decorations

    Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

    What you need

    • Cardboard;
    • pencil;
    • scissors;
    • green felt;
    • chalk;
    • invisible or staples;
    • needle;
    • thread green;
    • light ribbon;
    • synthetic winterizer or wadding;
    • ready-made red bow or red ribbon;
    • glue gun;
    • bulk paint or beads.

    How to

    Draw a small circle on the cardboard. Draw a smaller circle inside. For convenience, you can circle the covers or something else. Cut out the shape along all lines.

    Place the template on the felt and trace around with chalk. You will need two of these parts.

    Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

    Cut out the pieces of felt.

    Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

    Fold one of them in half. With scissors, make a zigzag edge on a small semi-circle.

    Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

    Overlay this part on another. Inside should be the sides with chalk marks. Make the same patterned edge at the second part, cutting along the contour of the first. Then make the edge openwork and on the outside of both pieces of felt.

    Frame: SoCraftastic / YouTube

    For reliability, connect the parts temporarily with stealth or paper clips. Sew around the outer edge. Leave a small hole in one place. Put the ribbon there so that you get a loop, and sew it up.

    Shot: SoCraftastic / YouTube

    Stuff the toy with padding polyester or cotton and sew up the inside edge. Glue a ready-made or homemade ribbon bow from below.

    Shot: SoCraftastic / YouTube

    Make small toys on the wreath from bulk paint or beads.

    What other options are there

    Any felt toys are very cool. Here, for example, is the cutest New Year's boot:

    Elegant holiday bells:

    And this video shows how to make several toys: a gingerbread man, a house, a deer, a bullfinch, a Christmas pudding, a heart and an angel.

    Foamiran Christmas decorations

    Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

    What you need

    • Glitter foamiran of two different colors;
    • pencil - optional;
    • scissors;
    • glue gun;
    • ribbon;
    • beads.

    How to do

    Cut out eight small circles from each color foamiran. To make them even, take some kind of cover and press it on the material from the back or circle it with a pencil.

    Fold each circle in half and cut along the fold.

    Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

    Then fold each piece in half with the glitter side inward. Glue from the inside on the straight side.

    Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

    Now connect two triangles of the same color. You need to glue them in the places where the folds are. In total, you will get eight blanks of each color.

    Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

    Apply glue to the straight side of one piece and attach another color element to it. Attach six more shapes, alternating colors. The extremes must be different.

    Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

    Make another one like this. Lightly spread both on the glitter side.

    Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

    Glue the blanks together by connecting the colored parts in the same way as in the previous step. From above and below, glue those places where the reverse side of the foamiran is visible. The detailed process is in the video below.

    Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

    Cut out two small strips of foamiran of each color. Glue each one in half lengthwise.

    Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

    Twist one strip, lubricating it with glue for reliability. Attach a loop of tape to the edge of the second strip and also form a glued “snail”.

    Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

    Spread glue from the inside of the hole on the ball. Insert the prepared parts there. They should stick out about half way.

    Frame: Craftastic / YouTube

    Glue beads into the holes between the bottom and top of the balloon.

    What other options are there

    Another foamiran ball - spiral:

    Beautiful hearts:


    and elegant wreath:

    Fir -tree bottles

  1. decorative tape;
  2. scissors;
  3. utility knife;
  4. glue gun;
  5. thin ribbons in two different colors;
  6. fabric adhesive - optional.
  7. How to do

    Tape the bottle around the bottle in two places above and below where the constriction begins. Between the inner edges of the tape, the bottle should be straight. Cut along these lines.

    Shot: Little Crafties / YouTube

    You will no longer need the bottom and top of the bottle. Divide the middle cut piece into four identical rings.

    Image: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Gently burn the edges of each with a hot iron. Apply a little hot glue to the part in one place and attach the tip of the ribbon at an angle.

    Frame: Little Crafties / YouTube

    Wrap the ring all the way, always keeping the tape at the same angle. Cut off the excess tip and fix the decor with glue.

    Learn more