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How to Build Big Trees in Minecraft

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Larger versions of trees can look quite amazing and could add great elements to any building project. They also allow us to add a lot more details and recreate more specific tree species. However, their size can also be a disadvantage, as they could easily overshadow smaller buildings next to it.

In this guide I will only go through the steps I take to create a larger and huge tree, if you’re looking for ways to recreate a specific tree type, please refer to the guide on smaller trees and apply those same tactics on a larger scale, which is pretty much all there is to building larger trees.


As with smaller trees, I first start out with creating the trunk. However, due to the size of the tree, the trunk may need to vary in width, depending on the type of tree. Oaks will usually have thicker trunks, especially at the bottom, while pine trees will always be quite thin.

But no matter the type of tree, I tend to always start with a 2×2 thick trunk and make it any height I want. This acts as a great base from which we can work. I then start to add more layers (if required), while slowly increasing the thickness as I reach the bottom. I then check the overall structure and either add or take blocks away to make it all look better (and satisfy my OCD), after which I’ll proceed to the roots of the tree.


Almost all large trees will look better with roots, the only exceptions are trees which barely have any visible roots in real life, like pine trees. I start creatings roots by first laying out the overall shape and length of 1 root, in a long, curved shapes. I then make the trunks thicker near the tree and I might replace some of the ground blocks with wood blocks, to mimic roots going underground.

After the first root is done, I repeat the same process as many times as needed to cover the whole of the base of the tree.

I always create the roots before I create the branch structures, as the roots can sometimes make the tree look shorter, which can easily be fixed by adding a few blocks on top. But if you create the branches first, increasing the height of the tree will become significantly more difficult.


I often create only 4 branches, one on each corner of the 2×2 top. Adding more will often make it look messy and it’s difficult to keep logs separated, without making the branches look weird. I create the branches by pretty much stacking 2×2 squares of logs on the each others corners and sides. Some parts will be longer than 2×2 and other parts might be shorter, whatever makes the branches look realistic. I finish the branch by adding a (curved) line of logs, which is meant to mimic thin ends of real branches.

I repeat this 4 times, after which I’m pretty much done with the overall structure. I might change a few blocks if they’re annoying me too much, but as long as the tree looks somewhat like a real tree, I’ll be satisfied enough.


Leaves are placed in the same way as I place them on small versions. I begin by covering all the branches with a single layer of leaves, which then get a second layer on top of it. This will make the tree look quite good, though it’s rarely enough to make a good enough tree.

After the 2 layers, I begin to connect the branches in a circular shape, but not in a perfect circle of course, no real life tree grows its foliage in a perfect circle.

I also cover the bottom of the branches, where they meet the trunk, with more leaves to make everything look more rounded. After that I add many more leaves on top, in whichever shape I need, which usually depends on what type of tree I’m making or whether I’m going to put a statue on top of the tree.

Final Details

I’m usually done after I’ve placed all the leaves, but some trees look better with more details. Trunks and roots can look a lot better if you add some vines, though this largely depends on the type of tree you made.

I sometimes also add some logs on top of the leaves, to mimic branches sticking out from the foliage.

As I mentioned I sometimes add statues on top of trees, which can look amazingly epic when viewed from below. But huge trees are also perfect as platforms for housing, which is perfect for wood elf style and other forest dwelling creature style builds.

If you made a huge tree, building a huge mushroom on the trunk or roots could add a fun detail, especially if you’re creating a more magical style tree.

How to Build a Custom Tree in Minecraft

Trees can be an amazing asset to many different kinds of builds. They provide a nice touch of nature and some coverage from weather where needed.

However, sometimes Vanilla Minecraft trees can lack a bit in variety and shape. They are pretty much just a straight pole with a bit of square canopy, but sometimes that simply doesn’t cut it, not to mention the variety in types that Vanilla Minecraft lacks.

Trees like willows, cherry trees, palm trees, or even Christmas trees are very pretty aesthetically, but they simply aren’t in the game.

Building a big custom tree can also be useful for all kinds of builds such as tree houses.

Building a Small Tree

A custom tree doesn’t always have to be a completely unique design for a tree that is not in the game yet. You can expand on the way already existing trees look for yourself.

Think of adding a thicker trunk and more branches to an Oak Tree or maybe make a Spruce Tree with a much thicker canopy.

These are all very easy designs and a good start.

Oak Trees already have an alternative design in Vanilla Minecraft. These are also called big Oak Trees and you can grow them by forcing the Tree to grow taller than usual by surrounding the Sapling with solid Blocks.

Large Oak Trees are taller than usual and have several branches in their canopies. When making custom trees we will mimic this.

First start off with the trunk of the tree, going straight up.

At 3 blocks we will begin branching the tree out with 2 different branches. The key is to never make the branches identical or even branch out at the same height.

One branch will grow lower and smaller than the other, branching out to the left, while the other branches out far to the side. This one will be much higher up and longer than the other, branching out to the right. Its canopy will be bigger as well.

Using Stairs and Slabs in spots where the branches bend helps make them look thicker.

They do not need to be as tall as they simply need to be far enough from the trunk.

Now we can build the canopy. Put the Oak Leaves in a one block circle around the last block of each branch. Gradually expand them block by block to see how far each branch’s Leaves will spread out. They are widest at the base of the branch.

The shape should be a circle and not a square.

Oak leaves tend to spread more upward than downward, so our next step is to gradually build up the leaves.

Go one block inward as you build up, like you were to build a pyramid or dome.

Of course no tree has a canopy like this. We are simply building the shape to see how wide and tall we want the Leaves to go.

Once you are satisfied with that it is time to create variation. The first thing I like to do is connect the leaves of the trees if I haven’t done so yet. Merge them together.

Slowly start adding more Leaves or removing them where you see fit.

This process is a little hard, because you really have to go off your gut feeling. You are adding until you feel like it looks right. You do not want the tree to be too thin with the leaves or too small.

Finally, once you are happy with the top, you can add Leaves beneath the branches. Remember that there should be less Leaves down than there is on top.

Now we get to add more customazations.

At the very bottom of the trunk we will be adding roots to our tree.

Add Oak Logs going upward from ground by 2 and 3 blocks at maximum to make a strong base. Then add Oak Logs and Mangrove Roots into the Dirt branching out from the base.

Then you can add more details to the tree by including Oak Fences on the side of the tree as branches.

Building a Big Oak Tree

When building custom trees, they can be as big as we want them to be. You should not limit yourself for your trees to match the surrounding forests.

Sometimes a good fantasy build can benefit a lot from an enormous tree that stands high above the others.

We will start this design with the trunk. Our small Oak Tree was a single block trunk, but for this we will go much bigger. This Dark Oak will be 3 by 3 blocks in width at the base of its trunk, excluding the roots we will add later.

This trunk will not grow straight upward. It will bend in a few places so the tree gently leans to the side.

We move one block to the right at 4 blocks height, then again after 2 blocks.

You do not need to strictly stick to the shape and size of the trunk. You can make it smaller in places or even add to it. Where this trunk ends is where the branches and canopy will start.

The direction of the branches I place somewhat randomly.

A good tip is that if your tree is leaning that most of the branches grow in the direction the tree is leaning toward. There is only a single branch in the opposite direction.

Before we start working on the canopy, we will very quickly add the roots for the tree around the base. This adds volume and makes the tree seem more secure.

Using Muddy Mangrove Roots and Mangrove Roots is a good way to make it seem realistic.

For the canopy and details we will follow the same steps we did for our small Oak tree; adding Leaves in places and details using Dark Oak Fences.

Other Tree Designs to Try

Now that you got the grasp on how to customize already existing trees you can open your horizons and experiment with different types of trees. You do not have to limit yourself to already existing Logs and Leaves.

A willow is a very popular type of tree, known for its pretty hanging leaves that sway in the wind.

This willow tree design has a strong and thick base. It leans to the side and grows tall, allowing plenty of space for its canopy to hang. Unlike other designs, the branches here are made out of Fence posts and almost completely vertical.

You can switch between using Leaves and Vines for your willow.

We don’t have to always stick to Leaves either.

Pink Wool mixed with, Terracotta and Pink Stained Glass can make a beautiful pink canopy, perfect for blossoming cherry trees.

Mixing up colored Wool is a great way to make autumn trees as well.

Adding a Spore Blossom within the tree will create the beautiful effect of falling Leaves, but you can also use Stained Glass to create the effect of falling blossoms. This is perfect for some romantic builds!

Of course, not every tree has to be based in reality.

If you have a fantasy build you can expand your style by creating a tree directly from your imagination. All you really need is to have the trunk, branches, and then a canopy.

People will be able to tell it is a tree, despite the size and colors you use.

Tips and Tricks for Building Custom Trees

We have seen that we don’t always have to stick to using Saplings or even the usual materials we see Vanilla Minecraft use with its trees.

Wool, Stained Glass, and Terracotta make for amazing Leaf substitutes, as we have seen, but there is so much more we can do.

  • Buttons, Concrete Powder, and Carpets are an amazing way to decorate flooring around a tree. For my Cherry Blossom and Autumn Tree design I used both to display the fallen leaves and blossoms on the ground.
  • Spore Blossoms help to create an atmosphere, regardless of what kind of tree you are building.
  • Stairs, Slabs, and Fences can help in adding more details to the shape of a tree. Fences act as small branches, while Stairs and Slabs help with all the curves. Simply make sure they somewhat match the original Logs you use.
  • For Fantasy trees never hold back from using Light Sources directly in the trees design.
  • WorldPainter is an app that can help you with placing down all your custom trees, rather than building each of them individually. Great for custom forests.

Sometimes building all these trees can be a hassle and having to make your own Biome isn’t as fun. Luckily, Minecraft has a very extensive list of Mods for its players to try out.

There are Mods that can not only aid you in building, but Mods that will give you brand new Biomes and Trees for you to see and enjoy.

All you have to do is install the Mods and enjoy all the new content.

Tree growth mod for Minecraft 1.16.5/1.12.2/1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10 (Dynamic Trees)

Hello everyone! Most likely, if you have been playing in the world of minecraft for a long time, then you could already be bored with the fact that this game does not include elements of realism. But what to do if you really want to look at the round sun, moon, see the growth of trees, similar to reality? Correctly. It is necessary to use various modifications.

And today we will look at a mod that will add some realism to our world. With the help of the Dynamic Trees modification, the growth of trees will become noticeable and unique in your world.

Consider this mod

The first thing you will notice when entering the world of minecraft, after installing this mod, is that all trees will change their structure. That is, now they have a different trunk, now it looks different and the foliage spawns differently.
That is, the trees are now completely redone.
And unlike what we see in the normal world of minecraft, these trees are more and more close to realism.
Oaks, for example, will have a short trunk with long branches to support the crown. And for birch, for example, everything will be the other way around. They will have a long trunk and very short branches.

Now let's talk about the following changes. Tree felling, which is now also changed with this mod. If you try to chop down a tree now, you will notice that the felling will take quite a bit longer than usual. And all because now it is completely one-piece tree with us. And when chopping the bottom block of the tree, you will be able to see a picture of how the whole tree starts to fall. I would like to say separately that the author tried very hard, since it is not very easy to implement the fall of a tree in the form of a 3-d structure.

There is a chance that you can drop a seed when cutting down a tree. By pressing RMB on the ground, a so-called sprout will appear. Over time, a new tree will grow from this sprout.

By the way, now we have also slightly changed their structure and cacti. And accordingly, now when we cut a cactus, it falls with us as well as a tree.

Also an interesting fact. Now the oak tree will spread its seedlings over the ground, which in turn will grow and will also spread their seedlings over time. And now, the growth time and the length of the tree itself directly depends on the biome. For example, in some cold biome, trees will grow much more slowly than in some warm one.
It is also worth noting that, as the official source of this mod says, even rain now affects the growth of our trees.
Amazing, isn't it? The developer really did his best, and brought his mod to perfection and brought it as close as possible to realism with the real world.
Another amazing fact is that our trees can grow absolutely anywhere where sunlight penetrates. Yes, even in a cave. Well, the most striking thing about this mod is that if we suddenly isolate our tree from sunlight, it will quickly begin to rot and die.

Let's sum up

This mod is able to quite diversify the gameplay of minecraft. It greatly changes the graphics of the world familiar to us, adding its own quirks. And imagine what will happen if you collect a whole assembly of mods that contribute to realism in the game? I consider this significant progress. Especially in the world of computer games.

I advise you to download this modification and play with it. I especially advise you to add this mod to your assemblies and enjoy the beautiful graphics of the game world.


Video review

Installation for most launchers

copy to .minecraft/mods
4. Done! Select Forge in the launcher and run the game

1. Download the mod of the desired version below
2. Download and install Minecraft Forge (can be installed through the launcher, but versions higher than 1. 12.2 are not available) 3. Without unpacking the downloaded mod, copy it to .flauncher/clients/vanilla/minecraft/mods
4. Done! Select Forge in the launcher and run the game 1.12.2

Version: 1.12.1

Version: 1.11.2

Version: 1.10.2

Version: 1.7.10

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