How to make tinsel look good on christmas tree

How to Put Tinsel On a Christmas Tree & Decorate Like a Professional

Steps to Decorate a Christmas Tree with Tinsel and Ornaments

Have you ever found yourself getting tangled up in a tinsel tornado of a mess in a vague attempt to decorate your Christmas tree?

Good, because we most definitely understand that struggle far too well for our liking.

You want your tree to look elegant, bold, and brighter than the sun. But it’s hard to do that when you don’t know where the lights fit, how to wrap tinsel around each branch, or what order to hang your baubles in.

No need to panic though, since our savvy little elves here at OpenforChristmas have been working hard gathering all the info and tools you need to put that troublesome tinsel on your tree the right way.

Read on to find out just how to put tinsel on a tree and hang your tree decorations like a Christmas pro!

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Decorating Your Christmas Tree with Tinsel: A Step-by-Step Guide

Part 1 – Preparing your Christmas Tree

To prepare and decorate your Christmas tree, you must first decide which kind of tree would be best suited to your home and lifestyle.  

If you abhor the dreaded clean up that comes with real traditional trees, then we recommend opting for an artificial Christmas tree

However, if the scent of natural pine and a wood trunk fill you with festive warmth, then check out these potted Christmas trees from ChristmasTreesDirect.

Once you’ve found your forever tree, you can now move on to getting it primed and prepped for decorating.

Step 1: Measure Your Tree

To measure your tree, you must take into consideration two key elements:

1. Height

In their guide on how to choose an artificial Christmas tree, leading Christmas tree brand Balsam Hill recommends buying a tree that is at least 15cm (6 inches) shorter than the height of your ceiling/room, to ensure that there will be enough space for a tree topper.

Ask yourself this, when deciding how tall of a Christmas tree you want: will this height of [—] cm/inches allow enough room for all of the decorations that I want to hang on this tree?

Certain decorations such as LED lights or tinsel garlands differ in length according to where you buy them from. Therefore, you need to make a decision: do you want to pick a tree that’s tall enough to accommodate the length of your decorations? Alternatively, do you want to cut your tinsel to length to fit your tree?

If you opt for the former, you will need to find a tree that will allow you to drape your lights and your tinsel in a staggered manner, from the tip of the tree right down to the base. On the other hand, if you opt for the latter, you can pick any tree length that you want, and even if it’s short, you can cut the tinsel to size.

2. Width of Floor Space Needed

One of the first things you should do before deciding which kind of Christmas tree you want to buy is to: measure the spot where you intend to display your Christmas tree; then choose a tree that will best fit within your desired space.

If your tree is too thin, you would be better off decorating it with fewer decorations, as the traditional style of decorating (lights, tinsel, baubles, ornaments and candy canes, etc.) will overcrowd your tree and damage the branches.

However, if your Christmas tree is too full, the decorations could appear too sparse and you may have to invest in twice the amount of decorations to fill any voids.

To get around this, we recommend opting for a ‘Slim’ tree. Slim Christmas trees represent the midpoint between the two extremes and allow you to decorate your tree to your heart’s content.

Step 2: Tweak the Branches

To get that authentic, natural appearance on your artificial tree, you must tweak the branches on your tree. Whether or not your tree is artificial, Christmas tree branches often need some major tweaking to get that full, vibrant look.

Well-positioned branches with fluffy pines offer a perfect blank canvas on which to hang your lights and tinsel. Without a well-planned tree structure, your decorations can look uneven, unbalanced and messy.

As John Lewis Assistant Buyer Christmas, Scott Bartle advises, “If you’ve fluffed your tree and the lights are even, you can’t go wrong.”

Step 3: Choose a Colour Scheme

Choosing a streamlined, vibrant colour scheme for your decorations and lights is key to crafting a well-balanced Christmas tree that adds warmth and Christmas joy to your home.

If you mix colours that don’t blend well, then you’ll end up with an eyesore rather than an elegant work of art.

Traditionally, most Christmas trees are decorated in warm, festive colours such as reds, greens, golds and yellows. Red symbolises fire, love, excitement and joy, while greens imbue a sense of life, vivacity and nature, bringing the forest right into your home. 

Golds are mainly used to imply luxury and decadence and mimic the ribbons of Christmas presents. The combination of these three colours blends flawlessly to give your home that extra oomph of Christmas joy.

For an authentic winter glow, you can add white Christmas tree lights. White tree lights are particularly bright and eye-catching, which is why we recommend also using these for outdoor Christmas lights. Check out our full guide on the best LED Christmas lights here.

Remember: How do you want your space to feel? For a cosy, fireplace-adjacent experience, blend rich, warm colours. For an icy, North-Pole-esque vibe, consider mixing blue and white.

Part 2 – Decorating your Christmas Tree

Step 1: Lead with the Lights

The first step in decorating your Christmas tree is to add your Christmas tree lights.

As logic would dictate, the best way to decorate a Christmas tree is to start from the top and work your way down. Believe us, we’ve made the same mistake dozens of times over.

However, to ensure that you have enough room for your tree topper, it’s best to start at the base of the trunk, winding the lights around the branches from the bottom up to the tip of the tree (and back, if you still have excess lights).

The best Christmas tree lights are well distributed with no obvious gaps or voids between the branches. There should be gaps of no more than one inch between each bulb, and no more than six inches between each branch.

For a great set of lights that will turn your tree into a glittering winter wonderland, look no further than the LED String Lights from Mygoto, available on Amazon. These lights come with 8 different light modes, perfect for transforming your living room into party central!

Step 2: Time for Tinsel

As decorating trends go, the tradition of decorating your Christmas tree with tinsel has certainly seen a decline in popularity over the years.

However, with inflation ever-growing, and the cost of Christmas reaching record highs in a nationwide pandemic, we’re all looking for cheap alternatives to the luxury norms. Tinsel garlands provide exactly that: a fun, low-cost way to decorate your tree in seasonal style.

So, how do you decorate your Christmas tree with tinsel?

The most important step is to first choose tinsel garlands in colours that match or blend well with your lights. For example, if your lighting scheme is a blend of warm yellows, reds and greens, then we suggest picking copper or gold tinsel to add to the cosy atmosphere. 

Alternatively, if you’re opting for more of a wintery theme with your lights, then we recommend blue or silver garlands of tinsel.

Now, to hang your tinsel, simply drape one strand across each level of branches, working your way up from the trunk in stages.

For some inspiration, Amazon currently offers a range of silver, copper, red or multicoloured tinsel to suit each festive style.

You can check out their full range here.

Step 3: Baubles, Bells and Balance

Here’s where the whole family can join in with the fun!

As with your tinsel, you must choose baubles that match the overall colour scheme of your lights and Christmas tree in general.

For example, red and white Christmas tree décor works really well.

Hanging baubles is a bit like a math equation: you should start from the inside of your tree and work outwards, making sure to leave reasonable gaps between each.

Start with a plain base of baubles for the deeper sections of the tree then as you work outwards, add baubles with some sparkle. Use bigger baubles to fill the interior, adding depth and volume; then, place the smaller baubles along the tips of the branches for boldness.

This 24-piece Christmas Bauble set from YXC offers a mix of both plain and decorated red and white baubles for that traditional theme. To match your blue or silver scheme, we recommend picking up the Mini Christmas Tree Baubles from Christmas Concepts.

Alternatively, if you want to go all out and decorate your tree to the hilt, we recommend the Xmas Tree Hanging Christmas Balls 100-piece set from Aitsite, available on Amazon.

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Step 4: Top it All Off with your Tree Topper

Traditionally, whenever we think of the crowning masterpiece, we think of religious symbols like the Star of Bethlehem or angelic icons and cherubs.

However, there are so many unconventional tree toppers out there to choose from.

You could add a sense of childlike whimsy and fun with a Santa-esque topper, like the Swedish Gnome Xmas Tree Topper from Amosfun, available on Amazon.

Or, you could bring the festive frost inside, with this Snowman Tree Topper from Dee Banna, also available on Amazon.

Or, if you happen to be a stickler for that traditional Christian vibe, we recommend checking out this beautiful 3D Geometric Star from Lewondr.

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Unusual Christmas Tree Decorations

Stringing Popcorn

Taking a frosted leaf out of the Big Book of American Christmas Traditions, you could partake in the old-fashioned tradition of wrapping your Christmas tree in garlands of popcorn.

A tradition that was brought over to America by German immigrants, using popcorn as a holiday decoration became popular in the 19th and 20th centuries due to the failing economy, and the fact that cheap snack foods were seen as a fun Christmas treat by many youngsters.

As a way of making the popcorn festive and fun, they would colour the popcorn using various dyes, load other snacks onto the strings, such as nuts, fruits and seeds.

How to Make Your Own Popcorn Garland:

1. Use wax-covered dental floss, fishing line, or sewing thread, and a tapestry needle.

2. Tie a knot at one end of the string so that the kernels don’t fall off.

3. Use popcorn that is at least a day old (newly-popped kernels break very easily).

4. Thread the needle cautiously through the middle of the popcorn.

5. Move each kernel to the end of the string once you’ve loaded them individually.

6. If you want to include dried fruits or nuts, load your string in an alternating pattern; for example, popcorn-nut-popcorn, or popcorn-fruit-popcorn, etc…

Bear in mind that if you’re using fresh fruit instead of dried, you will have to prepare for potential juice stains by wearing some old, unused clothes and to protect the area that you’re working in with newspaper or cloth.

Final Thoughts on How to Put Tinsel On a Christmas Tree & Decorate Like a Pro

There you have it: the fruits of your labour actualised in a well-balanced, striking tree decorated to the very stars Mary and Joseph walked under all those centuries ago.

Now, in the dusk of the start to a new decade, all that’s left to do is find, wrap and put the presents under the glittering masterpiece that is your Christmas tree!

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How to Put Tinsel On a Christmas Tree & Decorate Like a Pro

You're 'common' if you have a fake Xmas tree & tinsel, claims expert - here's how to get the festive decor 'right'

WHEN it comes to decking the halls and putting the Christmas tree up, every family has their own personal style and traditions.

And with the current covid turmoil and the absence of anything better to do, it is no surprise that Christmas has kicked off earlier than usual for some.


Etiquette expert has shared the Christmas decorations that'll instantly make your home look 'tacky'Credit: Getty Images - Getty

While some chose to get their tree up as early as October this year, others were sticking to tradition and holding off until December 1 - today.

And as the decorations go up across the nation, expert etiquette William Hanson has revealed there can be a fine line between festive and frightening Christmas decorations.

The co-presenter of the podcast Help I Sexted My Boss insists there are basic do’s and don’ts to ensure your decorations aren’t 'common' and tacky. 

He says there are certain decorating pitfalls to avoid so your tree doesn’t veer into looking too "overdone", as "less is more".


William Hanson shared his Christmas decoration do's and don'tsCredit: William Hanson // TWITTER

Here’s William’s guide on the do’s and the don’ts of decking the halls . ..


Etiquette coach William says "less is more" and people should really try to resist going overboard with their Christmas decorations as it can look like ‘tat’. 

Some people have a tendency to use every bauble and glittering ornament they can find with lots of clashing colours and themes. 

William says: "Resist going overboard, opt for a few tasty places or adorned zones rather than drowning your house in fairy lights, tinsel and festive tat."


William urges people to avoid going 'overboard' with decorationsCredit: Alamy


The podcast star also insists that steering clear of multicoloured flashing lights will ensure your Christmas tree doesn't fall into the ‘tacky’ category. 

He says: "White lights are preferable. The lights on trees or on garlands are meant to represent the stars which when viewed from Earth, are white.  

"They’re not flashing pink, strobing blue, and shimmering green. Just stick to white lights to be as authentic as possible this Christmas. "

If you’re putting your decorations up in the final few days before the main celebrations, well done - very chic.

William Hanson


William says Christmas decorations look less 'common' when people have a real tree instead of a fake one. 

He says: "Have a real tree! Real is beautiful - authentic, even. It’s so much more elegant to have the real thing rather than a plastic creation.

"If you must have a fake one - perhaps someone in your house is allergic to fir trees - then make sure it’s a green one. Trees are not blue."


Choosing a luxurious Christmas tree topper can be a difficult task.

But etiquette coach William says people should stick to putting a simple star on top of their trees to maintain traditions. 

He says: "It was a star that guided Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem - not Father Christmas or a Sugar Plum Fairy."


According to William, you should always have a star on the top of your treeCredit: Getty Images - Getty


While many families have opted to get their decorations up early to add some festivity to the bleak covid-stricken year, William says it’s important not to keep them up for too long.  

He says: "Twelfth night is the absolute cut off for taking down the tree and boxing the baubles. 

"The only person who is exempt from this rule is Her Majesty, who likes to keep her decorations up at Sandringham for weeks and weeks after the celebration ends. 

"When you’re a 94-year-old Queen you can do what you like!"

William also insists there’s lots of things to avoid doing with Christmas decorations to ensure they don’t come across tacky. 


The expert says only The Queen can get away with having her tree up in JanuaryCredit: PA:Press Association


He believes decorations appear more "chic" when they are put up closer to Christmas. 

William says: "The acid test for smartness is how late you leave it.

"If you’re putting your decorations up in the final few days before the main celebrations, well done - very chic."


But William also insists there’s nothing festive about "itchy tinsel" and people can have a lovely Christmas without the tacky decor.

"It doesn’t liven up a room and it is very dated, not to mention not being eco-friendly. 

"You can still have a good Christmas without it," says William. 


Another thing that William believes is a huge Christmas ‘don’t’ is referring to Father Christmas as Santa. 

He believes the American term should be avoided. 

He urges: "Call him Father Christmas - this is Britain - and we are not visited by Santa!"

Big, glittery bows are very downmarket and never look as good as you think they did on Instagram.

William Hanson


The podcast co-host is also sceptical of Christmas door accessories and believes people should ditch big bows to avoid being seen as tacky.

He adds: "If you must stick something on your front door, a wreath (ideally real) is the only option. 

"Big, glittery bows are very downmarket and never look as good as you think they did on Instagram. "


And lastly the etiquette coach thinks people need to remember Christmas shouldn’t be taken too seriously. 

"It’s just a bauble and a few lights," he says.

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Plus The Radfords gave a tour of the incredible Christmas decorations in their home – and it looks like Santa’s grotto.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree on the wall photo examples of beautiful decorations

Before the New Year, you need to create a festive atmosphere at home. Of course, decorations will help this, including drawings or garlands in the form of a Christmas tree on the wall. There are so many ideas that everyone can handle.

From branches

The easiest way to make a Christmas tree is from sticks. The product is suitable for living room or living room. Sticks can be taken as they are, it is unprincipled. Making crafts different:

  • painting branches in different colors;
  • wrapping sticks in various shades of foil or fluffy rain;
  • pasting sticks and branches with colorful tapes.

But you can leave the material in its original form. So it will look more natural. Step-by-step instructions for creating a Christmas tree are as follows:

  1. Drive a nail or other suitable fastener into the top of the wall.
  2. Tie sticks together with ropes or strong threads
  3. Attach the resulting Christmas tree from branches to a nail.

Another interesting version of the Christmas tree is Scandinavian. The following is required:

  • Glue thin sticks to one side. For this, it is convenient to use double-sided tape.

  • Attach spruce branches to the other side - live ones are best, but artificial ones can also be used if they look like natural ones.

  • The nuances of how to fix a Scandinavian Christmas tree are the same as in the previous situation. It is enough just to form a Christmas tree or ladder on the wall.


A tinsel Christmas tree on the wall looks festive and bright. Before work, it is recommended to mark the contours on the surface, and then stick pins, buttons or carnations at key points. Then the following manipulations are performed:

  • Hang the tinsel at the predetermined points.

  • Carefully fasten the material on the buttons, forming a tinsel Christmas tree on the wall. Be careful not to damage anything.

  • If you like, hang small balls and toys on the tree.

Materials needed:

  • long garland;
  • nails or tacks, needles;
  • ruler and pencil;
  • decor for decorating the finished product.

The process of creating a Christmas tree on the wall of tinsel and garlands is as follows:

  1. Draw the outline of the future Christmas tree.
  2. At the top, along the edges of the branches, at the corners and in the middle of the longest pieces, place carnations, needles or buttons.
  3. Hang a garland and tinsel. You have to start from the bottom. You can make branches crosswise.
  4. Turn on the lanterns and hang Christmas decorations on carnations or tacks.

A fluffy spruce garland with your own hands will attract attention. First you need to draw a contour on the Whatman paper and cut it out. The inner space of the stencil is filled with fluffy tinsel. Christmas balls and other toys are suitable for decoration. If you do not want to use tape, you can use sticky paper.

A Christmas tree made of sweets and garlands with your own hands will bring novelty to the design of the room. Along the perimeter of the tinsel, you can fix treats that will be interesting to shoot every day. Children will especially like this craft.

Ideas for making a tinsel Christmas tree can be customized to suit your preferences. It is advisable to combine materials of different shades to get a more interesting picture.

From a garland

A Christmas tree from a garland on the wall is one of the most unusual decorations for a room for the New Year. It shimmers with different colors, complementing the festive atmosphere.

  1. Mark the surface to form a spruce. The height is selected depending on your own convenience.
  2. Attach tacks or other fasteners to the edges of the crown or branches.
  3. Hang the garland according to the scheme and fasten it. Be careful not to break the wires.

The easiest way is to draw a triangle and make branches inside it. If desired, you can create a spruce using different lights.

Another option on how to make a Christmas tree from a garland is a zigzag. The work is simple, so even a person who is far from needlework can handle it.

  1. Drive a nail into the wall surface where the top of the spruce will be. Tie a rope to it and pass it down.
  2. Set a distance from the rope: 30 cm in both directions. Hit a nail. This will be the bottom of the tree.
  3. Tie a loose rope to the bottom nail. Using the second rope, tie the top and the second bottom nail. The result should be a triangle with even sides.
  4. Drive about 10 nails evenly spaced on the sides.
  5. Make a zigzag by attaching a garland in the direction from the top nail to the bottom. One turn on each nail is sufficient.
  6. For more fluffiness of the product, the nails can be placed more densely. Of course, the garland should be enough in terms of length.

There is another tutorial on how to make a Christmas tree out of garlands and sticks. To make it, you only need one nail. The tree will be attached to some kind of rope ladder, which should taper towards the top. Step by step the workflow looks like this:

  1. Use suitable sticks. Large branches are optimal.
  2. Make twigs of desired thickness. You should get about 5 pieces per meter. Remove knots.
  3. To make the Christmas tree look harmonious, cut the branches like this: 15, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 70 cm.
  4. You will need a clothesline about 3.5 m long. It is important to keep it constantly taut.
  5. Tie the shortest rope on both sides at a distance of 15 cm from the middle of the loop. Tie the first stick.
  6. Tie a stick 25 cm, maintaining a distance of 15 cm from the first. It should be a triangle. Knots should be knitted, retreat from the edges of the sticks 3 cm.
  7. Tie all the sticks. The finishing nail must be strong, as the structure weighs a lot.
  8. Hang a craft on a nail and decorate it with garlands and tinsel, toys.

From paper

It may seem that a Christmas tree made of paper looks trite, but it is not. It is enough to pick up a bright and interesting decoration of the Christmas tree. You can use any elements to create: book sheets, A4 paper, old photographs, and so on.

The Christmas tree is folded both from whole sheets and from individual figures. They are glued together, complemented with beads and sparkles, confetti. A Christmas tree can be created, for example, as follows:

  1. Mark the place where the product will be attached and stick needles or pins there.
  2. Form a Christmas tree from selected paper elements. It is best to use double sided tape.

If you want, you can cut openwork snowflakes out of paper, and then paste them on the wall in the shape of a spruce. It is convenient to use vytynanki for this purpose.

Another way to make a Christmas tree on the wall with your own hands is from stripes. The following materials are needed:

  • pencil;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • jewelry.

First of all, you will need to cut out many strips of paper of equal length and width of 5 centimeters. To get beautiful curls, you need to attach them with double-sided tape to the wall so that a “hump” appears. Thus, the entire triangle is filled, imitating a New Year's tree.

You can also roll the paper into tubes of different sizes, and then glue it on the surface to make a spruce tree. For a more unusual effect, wrapping paper is suitable.

Good combination of paper and tinsel. Suitable material, sticky on one side. The sticky side outward paper is attached to the wall with adhesive tape. And then they add tinsel or other materials.

Another version of a do-it-yourself spruce is made from corrugated paper. It is necessary to prepare the following materials:

  • foam or cardboard backing;
  • corrugated paper;
  • scissors and tape;
  • adhesive tape;
  • marker and knife;
  • PVA glue and hook.

To begin with, a frame is created from a sheet of cardboard. Styrofoam is used for the same purpose. Corrugated paper is cut with "noodles" to make a lush tree. Stick strips from the bottom of the cardboard, gradually rising up. A hook is attached to the back of the product, which is used for installation on the wall.

From Christmas balls

You can assemble a Christmas tree on the wall with your own hands from plastic or glass balls. Foam options are also suitable, like toys made from other materials. It is advisable to select products of medium size. You can place the balls in any desired order by combining different shades. For fixing use double-sided tape or glue. To make it more convenient, you can draw a contour on the wall in advance or glue the balls to the Christmas tree-shaped paper base.

To make the spruce look unusual, angels, deer, stars and so on are used instead of traditional balls. You can supplement it with a contour of a garland or tinsel.

Another version of the Christmas ball tree requires materials such as wooden sticks and twine. On the surface, you need to draw a triangle and make several lines parallel to the floor. You will get branches to which decorations are attached. Several lines are measured, the length is transferred to sticks and sawn. Then the sticks are tied with a rope and hung on the wall. Add tinsel, toys and other design elements.

From boards

If you have unclaimed boards, you can make an interesting Christmas tree out of them with your own hands on the wall. It is best to take slats from the New Year tree. The house will be filled with a coniferous smell, which will create a festive atmosphere. The materials needed are:

  • electric jigsaw or hand saw;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • boards;
  • screwdriver or screwdrivers.


  1. Fold the boards into a single shield and draw a triangle. Cut with a saw or jigsaw along the contour.
  2. Spread the boards a couple of centimeters apart. Place the lamella in the center. Fix spruce with screws.
  3. Add decoration to the finished product and hang it on the wall.

You can also make a New Year's beauty from shelves and place New Year's paraphernalia on them: toys, garlands, tinsel, and so on.

Thread and string

This tutorial will show you how to make a Christmas tree on the wall with thread and string. You don't need to be a craftsman for this. It will take only 1-2 hours of time and such materials:

  • green thread and rope;
  • scissors;
  • paper-cut toys;
  • pencil.


  1. Mark a place on the surface where you can attach a tree of threads and ropes.
  2. Mark the main points with a pencil. Move so that the pattern resembles a Christmas tree in shape.
  3. Repeat the outlined curves with threads and ropes.
  4. You can also take a few sticks or branches of a tree and wrap them with thread and rope, and then attach them to the wall in the shape of a spruce.
  5. Decorate the craft with toys or other items. Hang carefully on the wall.

Painted Christmas tree

You can draw a green beauty both on the wall and on other objects, and then attach them to the desired area. For example, to depict a tree on a slate board. It is convenient and not so expensive in terms of finances and time. You can paint a spruce in any way. If desired, the design of the picture can be easily changed. At the end of the holidays, there will be no problems with cleaning the scenery.

You can also depict the Christmas tree on paper or cardboard and then glue it to the surface. Or on the wall itself, using easily washable paints. If there are children at home and it is planned to make repairs, they will gladly paint the wallpaper. You can make several trees on the wall - it's easy.

Spruce is often depicted on wooden pallets, plywood, whatman paper, drywall. It is convenient that the product can be removed and taken out the next year.

If you don't have the ability to draw or you don't have the ability to do so, the easiest way is to order photo wallpapers and posters depicting a tree. You can buy curtains and tapestries with such patterns. This is the easiest way to create a New Year's mood.

Do-it-yourself Christmas tree on the wall from beads

Christmas trees are also made from beads. If they are not available, they are replaced by key rings, brooches, pins, hairpins or magnets - almost everything that is at hand. To make it easier, you should first draw a diagram or outlines of the future product. By the way, instead of beads, you can use large beads.

There are no difficulties in creating crafts:

  1. Go through the material. String beads on a string to make it easier.
  2. Other items are suitable for decorating wood.
  3. Lay out the product with beads, secure with double-sided tape or a glue gun. Add key chains, brooches and so on.

More Christmas tree ideas from different materials

A beautiful Christmas tree can be made from different materials. For example, from felt. It is recommended to connect a child to the workflow, children usually like such crafts. You will need to cut out flaps from the material that resemble skirts. In size, each new one should be smaller than the last one. "Skirts" are attached to each other with a thread and a needle.

Once the product is sewn, it is attached to the wall: it is convenient to use double-sided tape or glue. After that, proceed to the decoration. To do this, they take ready-made toys from different materials, even with their own hands made of felt. You can also combine materials and make a Christmas tree out of felt, garlands and tinsel on the wall. You can entrust the creation of design to a child.

The tree looks creative - an imitation laid out from thematic photographs. It's called a "moodboard". To create, you will need the actual photographs, a pencil, double-sided tape and scissors. Buttons are not recommended.

Photographs are laid out on the surface, forming a spruce. If necessary, they are cut with scissors so that the pattern looks even. To decorate and create a New Year's atmosphere, you can use toys, garlands, sweets, small light bulbs and much more. It is best to use photos of family members that evoke fond memories.

You can also make a Christmas tree sticker. For her, you will need stickers of different colors or adhesive tape. A suitable place on the wall is selected, a contour is drawn, and stickers are pasted inside. It is worth placing them as close as possible to each other so that they form a single image. If desired, you can use different colors, foil, sparkles.

Making a Christmas tree is not nearly as difficult as it seems. They are made from any improvised materials - from paper to boards. You don't have to be an expert with experience, just enthusiasm is enough. A product created with soul will complement the atmosphere of the holiday and cheer you up, and the manufacturing process will unite family members.

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How to decorate a Christmas tree for the New Year 2023 with your own hands: tips and interesting ideas

What is the New Year without the main symbol of the holiday - a smart Christmas tree. But if you are now thinking about tons of tinsel and a star on top of a tree - forget it, it's all yesterday. We tell you how to decorate a Christmas tree so that it looks stylish and fashionable: here are some tips and tricks.

How to decorate a Christmas tree: designer's advice

Step 1. Choose a color

First, choose the color scheme in which your Christmas tree will be decorated.

Tones should correspond at least to the general interior of the room in which the tree stands, and at most to the design of the entire apartment. As for the Christmas tree itself, the basic rule is this: choose one main color, take the second for accents that emphasize the details, and add glitter - gold or silver, but preferably one. Red and gold or red and green are timeless classics, but there are other options.

By the way, do not forget about the little things that also play an important role in the festive decoration of the Christmas tree with your own hands. For example, replace the threads or wire that we used to hang toys on with special fasteners - green to match the needles or, conversely, contrasting ones for additional accents.

Fashion trends for 2023

Last year's favorite - white - is still relevant, but now silver is added to the company. You can choose one of these colors as a basis, or you can combine them.

Christmas tree, as if in a sparkling hoarfrost, is suitable for discreet interiors in Scandinavian or minimalist style. In this case, you will need white, not very shiny tinsel (as an alternative, buy an artificial Christmas tree with white or silver “needles”).

Toys will also be in cool colors (it is not recommended to combine them with warm ones) - light blue, ashy, pearl, in general, pastel colors with a cold bias. Pay attention to the following scales: white-milky-beige, lavender-blue-blue, mint-pistachio-green. Silver or blue garlands will answer for the shine.

“Green Ritual” style

It is based on the idea of ​​a conscious rejection of things as a reaction to the formed culture of waste. This style is simple, minimalistic.

Calm, natural colors are used in two ranges: light restrained (gray, taupe, sand, reddish brown, light fern) and mysterious dark (deep shades of red, green, brown, blue).

Designers countered the discreet color scheme with experimental and creative ideas in terms of construction and materials. Glass and clay can be safely combined with wood, diluting them with paper flowers, decor with floral motifs, watercolor sketches or chaotic patterns.

Style "Silk Party"

The name speaks for itself - this style is woven from lightness, femininity, sophistication. The palette is balanced: the first option includes pastel colors, soft cream shades and fresh nuances of sorbet, the second one is distinguished by a discreet glow, warm shades.

This line of tenderness continues in jewelry. Silky, velvety-matte and metallic effects are organically combined with each other. Shimmer and shine - but without the glamor! Comfort is achieved with the help of modern drapery, neat volumes, flowing materials.

While rough, embossed surfaces are welcomed in the old style, only ultra-smooth surfaces, thin glass, translucent fabrics such as silk and organza are allowed to enter the Silk Party.

Happy Meeting Style

Designers draw inspiration from urban lifestyles with an emphasis on recycling. This is the most “delicious” style - it uses the colors of freshly squeezed lemon, lime, mint lemonade, grain. Those who lack brightness should pay attention to the color of natural wax (yellow-orange) and bottle green. Melange and other color mixes obtained using composite technologies are also in trend.

The "Second Life" concept also applies to decor. In the first place is the use of "waste" - plastic, paper. Unconventional ideas and handicrafts (weaving, winding, knotting, layering) are welcome.

Step 2. Decide on the composition

You will be surprised, but it turns out that there are certain algorithms for decorating a Christmas tree, subordinated to literally geometrically verified schemes.

Fashion trends for 2023
Christmas tree ring style

It is closer to the classics familiar to everyone, so it will not require much work to perform. It's simple - we hang balls or other toys with our own hands, the largest ones at the bottom, the smaller ones are closer to the crown, and in a circle we supplement everything with garlands or tinsel.

The “garland for the lazy” – tiered – can make decorating easier. It is a vertical wire with horizontal branches. It is fixed on the top of the Christmas tree with a ring, and then it remains only to distribute the lights - they will lay down evenly, quickly and accurately.

Photo: Jan Baldwin,
In a spiral

Here, on the contrary, we start with garlands or ribbons, arrange them in a spiral from top to bottom. We are already adding toys along these lines so that the balls of the same color form one spiral. For each next one, we choose a new shade, it is only important that it is combined with the previous one. You can decorate in one color, then try changing the shape and type of toys.

Vertical lines

First, take the garlands or ribbons again and hang them from the top of the head to the lower branches in clear lines. By the same principle, we supplement the decoration with balls, and in the intervals between them we place contrasting or matching bows that can be made by hand.

Here, as in the first case, a “lazy” garland will come to the rescue, only consisting of threads fastened from above. The bundle is fixed at the top of the Christmas tree, and the wires are distributed vertically at an equal distance.


Step 3. Choose a style

Now the trend is Christmas trees, dressed up for a certain theme. In Russian, classical or futuristic style - whatever you choose, it is important that the decoration of the Christmas tree matches the overall interior of the home. Otherwise, nothing limits your imagination.

Life hack from the popular blogger Olga Chepurnaya : if you can’t find a compromise with your home, divide the Christmas tree in half. Not literally, of course. The children strove to “hang it up in the wrong place, insulting Scandi with all their might with yellow plasticine fish, crooked chains and tattered giraffes from a toilet paper roll.” But for many years, Christmas tree harmony has reigned in their family - the children decorate their side, and Olga decorates hers.

Fashion trends for the New Year 2023
Mini Christmas tree

This is a very stylish option that is relevant in a variety of cases: if you are not in a special New Year's mood, or you are in the mood, but there is no budget, or there is a budget, but there is no free space in the house for a large tree, or There are all of the above factors, but I want something original.

— Small Christmas trees are not only a cool replacement for a regular Christmas tree, but also a stylish accessory. They are compact, but no less fragrant than large conifers. For compositions, it is best to use a plant such as nobilis. Its branches are as resistant as possible, they do not crumble. Some manage to keep such a Christmas tree until next year! Another plus is that decorating a mini-Christmas tree is easier, and you can do it in absolutely any style and color scheme, explains brand director of the network of workshops "Give Flowers" Victoria Bogdanova .

Photo: Andy Dean,

In general, the trend of all trends is still in the lead in interior design, and in the difficult task of decorating the Christmas tree, it is also not going to yield. What it means: natural materials, no plastic and acid colors, only natural natural shades. Toys can be made of wood, yarn, felt, beads and even papier-mâché. By the way, in recent years it has been very fashionable to use hand-knitted pompoms made of yarn of different colors or balls wrapped in craft paper to decorate the Christmas tree. Dried flowers, cones, coffee beans, tangerines and other fruits are also suitable. Garlands are not forbidden, but let them be white or silver.

Scandinavian style

In general, the trend of all trends is still in the foreground in interior design, and in the difficult task of decorating the Christmas tree is not going to give way. What it means: natural materials, no plastic and acid colors, only natural natural shades. Toys can be made of wood, yarn, felt, beads and even papier-mâché. By the way, in recent years it has been very fashionable to use hand-knitted pompoms made of yarn of different colors or balls wrapped in craft paper to decorate the Christmas tree. Dried flowers, cones, coffee beans, tangerines and other fruits are also suitable. Garlands are not forbidden, but let them be white or silver.


There are actually two ways to decorate the Christmas tree. Simpler - a la Soviet childhood: glass snow maidens, figurines of cosmonauts and workers, silver rain - and yes, in this case you can get a star on the top of a tree from a closet. Another way is to turn to the pre-revolutionary style of decorating the Christmas tree. Here the toys will have to be selected more carefully - you will need porcelain figurines, paper and felt products, which can be supplemented with candles (artificial, of course, we are for fire safety) and foil stars.


Christmas tree decorated with toys in the form of tropical butterflies, bizarre insects or large exotic flowers. The colors here will be bright, so this composition is suitable for interiors in the spirit of minimalism (in contrast), or neutrally decorated rooms for the New Year 2023.

One of the trends in this style is Wild Glam. Feel free to combine any animal prints, fur textures, images of wild animals and birds. The texture of the feathers contrasts interestingly with the needles. The obligatory moment is an abundance of golden color and glitter!

Step 4. Decide whether it will be a classic or a creative Christmas tree

It happens that there is not much space in the apartment, and the Christmas tree will not fit into the remaining space. But in this case, do not give up the festive mood. Instead of a large tree, you can arrange coniferous bouquets around the house or hang wreaths. Or maybe you just want creativity, and the usual Christmas trees do not fit into the ideas about it. Then you can consider other options for a "Christmas tree without a Christmas tree" to make it look stylish and unusual.

Photo: Matej,
Christmas tree in the form of a panel on the wall

You can make it yourself from tinsel, garlands, serpentine or even long beads. If you add small bows and snowflakes made of foil or paper, you get a very impressive New Year's composition. Designers also offer "Christmas trees" made of flat wooden boards, complemented by bright fabric toys and ribbons.

"Knitted" tree

For the last few years, such trees have been in trend. As a rule, they are small in size so that they can be placed on a table or chest of drawers. However, they also offer life-size options of a real tree. The balls can be in any, the most daring color combinations, or, conversely, are selected in the same tone. It is better to take the texture of the threads more embossed - so the tree will seem more “lush”.

Christmas tree for newcomers

Are you celebrating a holiday in a new apartment for the first time? Or maybe they started a repair, but it somehow unexpectedly dragged on? In either of these two cases, you have a ladder in your home. Creative designers offer to make a Christmas tree out of it. You should not be skeptical about this option - the whole structure looks very good, the main thing is to think over the composition and choose the right accessories. We put boards on the rungs of the ladder, on which, in turn, we put small pots with spruce branches, baskets with tangerines and cones, candles and other suitable attributes. We decorate the racks with garlands and tinsel.

Step 5. Decide where to put

It also depends on the availability of free space in the apartment and the size of your Christmas tree. The traditional option is in the living room, but there are other ways to place a Christmas tree in your home.

Fashion trends for the New Year 2023
Choose a place according to Feng Shui

By placing a Christmas tree in the middle of the room, you, according to ancient oriental beliefs, attract energy to all aspects of your life. In addition, the southern corner of the room is considered the traditional place for installing a feng shui Christmas tree. It is also important to use paired elements when decorating the Christmas tree - balls, other toys, double tinsel, paper lanterns of various shapes. And it’s great if the decor has a maximum of red.

Hang on the ceiling or wall

In fact, this trend has been around for several years, but it still does not lose people's love. Christmas trees-chandeliers are equipped not only with a special ceiling mount, but also already have lamps, so additional lighting is not required. As for wall models, such trees have branches only on one side of the trunk, the other is flat. And they are simply hung on carnations - approximately, like paintings.

Organize the Christmas tree in the kitchen

This option is suitable if you are not going to throw a big banquet on New Year's Eve, and in general you plan to be at home less often during the January holidays. Put the Christmas tree where you will meet the new day - in the kitchen. Let a small but beautifully decorated Christmas tree (which, by the way, is not at all necessary, a living tree without decorations in a pot on the dining table or “edible bouquets” that are so popular now will look good - depending on the composition, they can be stored from two days to a month) will create a positive mood for you before winter entertainment.

Photo: Iordache Magdalena via www.imago,

How to make the Christmas tree stand in the apartment longer

To wash or not to wash - that is the main New Year's question! There is usually an opinion that the Christmas tree does not need to be washed, that it is completely pointless, the frosty air will cope with all the bacilli so well, in addition, the Christmas trees are processed (at least they should!) Before they are sold.

Olga Chepurnaya is not only the "creator" of a two-sided Christmas tree, but also the author of the annual flash mob "A clean Christmas tree - a clear conscience."

— Eight years ago we bought an artificial Christmas tree, and when we began to pack it in a box, we found hands black with dirt. How outstanding sofa sherlocks, using a short deductive chain, realized that a tree standing in the house for more than a week (let alone 1.5 months!) Is covered with an even layer of dust, the blogger shares. And her subscribers - with their experience with live Christmas trees: “For several years now, my live fir, there are bugs, and dirt, and garbage. In order not to clog the sewerage, I take my mother to wash in the yard of a private house, and when it’s cold - to a car wash”, “On live Christmas trees, especially in packaging, there can be a bunch of insects that wake up and join the celebration”, “My husband brought a Christmas tree with what -some living creatures such as aphids.

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