How to make wall christmas tree

How To Make A Hanging Christmas Tree For The Wall

This year one of the team made their own wall hanging Christmas tree made with foraged wooden sticks found on the dog walks in the local woods. It’s a wonderful way to decorate for Christmas if you have a small space. Or, in our case, the perfect way to still have a Christmas tree when you have a young puppy that might chew through everything! (Read on for a glimpse of the puppy!).

Wall mounted Christmas tree using foraged wooden sticks

Our wall mounted Christmas tree is essentially a wooden hanging Christmas tree. We simply cut our foraged sticks to size to create a Christmas tree shape, tied together with string, and then hang from a nail in the wall. All that’s left to do is decorate to your taste and there’s your beautiful wall Christmas tree.

Decorating a wall hanging Christmas tree


Supplies to make a sticks Christmas tree

You will need the following supplies:

  • Sticks (we foraged these from a walk in the local woods)
  • String 
  • Saw/knife
  • Scissors
  • Hammer and nails
  • Decorations and Lights


Cut the sticks to size

1. Collect or forage around 7-10 sticks that are roughly straight in shape. This all depends on how large you want your wall hanging dry wood Christmas tree. 

Arrange the sticks in a tree shape

2. Cut the sticks to size, laying out on a flat surface so you can see how to gradually reduce the length to create a triangle shape resembling a Christmas tree.

Tie the sticks with string

3. Tie the sticks together using lengths of string. We wrapped the string around each stick a few times before tying a knot. 

Fix a nail in the wall to hang the 2D Christmas tree

4. Once tied together you can measure the whole length and width of the hanging Christmas tree before marking and fixing a nail into the wall in your chosen location.

Fix the baubles with string Decorating a wall hanging Christmas tree

5. Now you can decorate the tree with your fairy lights and decorations. Some we fixed around some of the natural nooks in the wooden sticks, and others like the baubles we tied onto the tree with string.

Get all of the family involved with decorating

6.  Get all of the family involved with decorating your beautiful new 2D Christmas tree.

Decorating the wall mounted wooden sticks Christmas tree

7. Enjoy! 


Wooden Hanging Christmas Tree Wall Hanging Christmas Tree

As you can see this DIY Christmas tree was pretty easy to make, it looks stunning, A fun Christmas tree idea for small spaces (and pets!).We hope this inspires you to get creative with your own hanging wall Christmas tree.

Have you ever hung a Christmas tree on the wall?

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DIY wall mounted Christmas tree

I’ve always liked the idea of a wall mounted Christmas tree, especially when you live in a small apartment where floor space is at a premium, but most of the ones I’ve seen don’t look like real Christmas trees, which is what I like. So I came up with this idea to use pine garland to make a real looking wall mounted Christmas tree! It’s so easy to put up and there’s no chance that my cat will topple it over, win-win.

I used Glue Dots flexible hang tabs to put it up which have a temporary adhesive so the tabes remove cleanly when you remove them.

You can also enter a giveaway this week for a chance to win a kit to make this project. Info here!

If you prefer reading and seeing pictures, I’ve added the entire episode transcript below (with some modifications for clarity) along with some images to highlight the main steps.

I love traditional Christmas trees but they tend to take up a lot of room. So I wanted an inexpensive alternative that wouldn’t take up a lot of floor space. And that would also be easy to store in the off season. Now that’s when I came up with the idea of making a wall mounted Christmas tree using only pine garland and glue dots flexible hang tabs. 

Map the outline of Christmas tree on wall

The first thing I did was to map out the outline of my tree on the wall using tape. Now mine is three feet wide by three and a half feet tall. 

Fill in outline of Christmas tree on wall with garlands

To fill in the outline, I use three nine foot long pine garlands, and to start I slid the end of one of the garlands through the perforated holes of a hang tab. I removed the backing and pressed the sticky part of the tab onto the wall starting at the top of the triangle. 

The hang tabs are great for hanging lightweight items like the garland and they bond instantly to just about any surface, either indoors or outdoors. So you can even do this project outside if you want. To join the garlands I loop the wired ends and press them together and then I just continued to secure the garland to the wall with the hang tabs, fluffing it up along the way to fill in any gaps. The hang tabs are clear so they’re really discreet and barely noticeable. 

Decorate Christmas tree on wall with lights and ornaments

The only thing still visible is the tape which is really easy to remove. Then all that’s left is decorating the tree with lights and ornaments just like you would a regular Christmas tree. 

I also built a simple rustic stand with wood shims to fill in the space below the tree. And then I added a fake tree trunk made from a scrap piece of two by three to complete the look.

Enjoy beautiful wall mounted Christmas tree!

It’s really unbelievable how beautiful the tree looks no matter what time of day or night. And by using flexible hang tags for this project, there’s no holes in the wall because they remove cleanly without damaging the surface. 


* This video was sponsored by Glue Dots *

DIY Christmas trees on the wall. Photo

Every house should have a Christmas tree for the New Year. It helps to create an atmosphere of celebration and comfort. There are times when in a small house or apartment there is not enough space to put an elegant beauty. An alternative solution is a wall-mounted Christmas tree, which you can make yourself with your own hands.

Paper Christmas tree on the wall

Paper Christmas tree placed on the wall looks interesting and unusual. It can be made in various sizes, it does not take up space in the room.

To make a paper Christmas tree for the wall, prepare:
• Styrofoam base or cardboard sheet with a matte texture;
• corrugated paper with scissors and tape;
• duct tape with marker and knife;
• PVA glue with hook.

First we form a frame from a cardboard sheet. If you need to make a larger Christmas tree, take a couple of cardboard sheets or pieces of foam. Next, you should cut the corrugated paper with “noodles” for pasting the Christmas tree. It must be glued from the base of the cardboard, gradually rising up. On the other side of the craft, fasten the hook. Instead, you can take double-sided tape, which is glued over the entire surface of the frame. For the formation of a Christmas tree trunk, foam plastic or a cardboard sheet is also suitable, which is pasted over with corrugated paper in the same way, but in a brown tone. Attach the trunk to the tree with duct tape and place the craft on the wall.

Tree of branches on the wall

For those who like creativity, we suggest making a Christmas tree of branches. Making this craft is easy.

You only need to buy or find spruce branches in the forest and fix them well in the room on the wall in the form of a Christmas tree. If it is not possible to buy spruce branches, crafts can be made from artificial branches. For decorating such an unusual Christmas tree, tinsel, toys, bows and garlands are suitable.

Garland wall tree

Surely someone has already created a Christmas tree on the wall from a garland. In addition to lights, it can be decorated with beads, unbreakable toys, as well as serpentine.

First, draw the outlines of the Christmas tree on the wall with soap, and then proceed to hang the garland, which will need to be fixed with adhesive tape.

Painted Christmas tree

If you love and know how to draw, then a painted Christmas tree on the wall will be a great holiday decoration for everyone.

To simplify the process, draw Christmas tree contours on the wall surface using a stencil, and then decorate the pattern with garlands, tinsel, beads.

Christmas tree sticker

In order not to spoil the repair in the house and not to stain the surface of the walls with paint, purchase stickers in the form of a Christmas tree.

They are sold in decorating stores or supermarkets.

Board and branch craft

If your interior is decorated in the style of Provence, then a wooden Christmas tree on the wall will decorate your home beautifully. Take a long board and a couple of short boards with small branches.

Knock the pieces down with studs or glue them into a Christmas tree shape and hang the craft on the wall.

A creative Christmas tree is also made from shavings and large logs.

Also see a photo selection of wall Christmas trees with your own hands

Fluffy New Year's beauty on the wall

See more useful crafts for the New Year in the heading: New Year's crafts

90,000 Flat Christmas trees on the wall: 7 crafts with your own hands (46 photos)



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  • How to draw a Christmas tree for the New Year
  • Stickers in the form of a New Year tree
  • Tree of wood, branches and boards with your own hands
  • Mosaic Christmas tree on the wall with your own hands

    Flat New Year

    The main attribute of the New Year, without a doubt, is a beautiful, elegant Christmas tree.

    She creates a festive, cozy atmosphere in the house. However, what to do if the apartment simply does not have a place for a Christmas tree.

    In this case, you can create a New Year's beauty right on the wall from the most unusual materials at hand.

    Flat paper Christmas tree

    A flat Christmas tree on a paper wall looks very creative. This tree can reach a height of 2 meters.

    In addition, it can be made both at home and in the office, since the Christmas tree takes up very little space.

    To make a paper Christmas tree on the wall you will need:

    • matte cardboard or foam backing;
    • scissors;
    • corrugated paper;
    • tape;
    • adhesive tape;
    • marker;
    • utility knife;
    • hook;
    • PVA glue.

    First make a base out of a piece of cardboard or styrofoam. If you need to make a base for a tall Christmas tree, use a few sheets of cardboard or pieces of Styrofoam. Then cut the sheets of corrugated paper with a fringe.

    You should have a large enough amount of fringe paper so that you can cover the entire Christmas tree. When the paper is ready, start gluing it to the base.

    Stick the paper from the bottom up. On the back side of the resulting Christmas tree, add a hook. If there is no hook, you can use double-sided tape by gluing it around the perimeter of the base. In order to make the barrel, also use cardboard or foam.

    It must also be covered with brown corrugated paper. Use adhesive tape to glue the trunk to the Christmas tree and fix the entire structure to the wall.

    Flat paper Christmas tree on the wall

    Wall tree made of branches

    Christmas tree made of branches is a great option for extraordinary individuals who do not want to go beyond tradition. It is very easy to make such a Christmas tree.

    All you have to do is find the right size spruce twigs and carefully attach them to the wall of your room in the shape of a Christmas tree. For such a Christmas tree, both branches from a real tree and artificial ones are perfect.

    You can decorate the resulting Christmas tree with tinsel, bows, Christmas decorations and garlands. It is best if the Christmas decorations are made of lightweight, unbreakable materials.

    Flat Christmas tree on the wall from branches

    Making a flat Christmas tree from a garland

    Christmas tree on the wall from a garland is not new. Such a Christmas tree will appeal to children, and will become for them a symbol of the upcoming holidays. In addition to the garland, such a Christmas tree can be decorated with riots, bows and toys.

    In order to make it easier to place the Christmas tree from the garland on the wall, you can first draw the outline of the future New Year's beauty with chalk. In order to protect children, instead of a Christmas tree from a garland, according to the same principle, you can make a Christmas tree from tinsel.

    Flat Christmas tree on the wall from a garland

    How to draw a Christmas tree for the New Year

    If you or someone from your family and friends has artistic talent, then you can simply draw a Christmas tree on the wall.

    This work can be simplified. For example, draw only the outline of a Christmas tree on the wall and decorate it with beads and garlands, or use special stencils for drawing.

    Stickers in the form of a Christmas tree

    In order not to stain the walls of the apartment with paint, you can use special stickers in the form of a Christmas tree.

    These stickers do not leave adhesive residue on the wall surface. You can buy such stickers in supermarkets or in specialized decor stores. A variety of stickers will help you choose a Christmas tree for any interior.

    Wall sticker in the form of a Christmas tree

    Christmas tree made of wood, branches and boards with your own hands

    A wall-mounted Christmas tree made of wood is perfect for a Provence interior or a chalet.

    Learn more