How to make your christmas tree taller

How to make your Christmas tree look taller

Wondering how to make your Christmas tree look taller? Here is a step by step guide and easy hack to do it on a budget!

When I was a kid, my dad and I always got into a fight at the Christmas tree lot.

See, my parents have a 2-story foyer, and I hated how “small” trees looked in it.

I wanted a 10-footer, at least.

My dad wasn’t trying to spend that kind of money on a dead tree. I also doubt he felt like man handling a 10 foot tree by himself. 

We always fought about it at the tree lot, but it ended up being OK once we got the “smaller” tree home and set up.

That is because my dad actually used this hack to make their tree look taller.

And even though the room that we now put our tree in is much less grand than my parent’s entryway, Sean and I do this as well!

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This is a fantastic holiday money saving hack.

See, you pay for Christmas trees based on height.

This DIY Christmas tree stand will add at least a foot to your tree.

So, you are literally saving money by using this stand and buying a shorter tree!

Here’s how to make a Christmas tree seem taller!

How to make your Christmas tree look taller

The trick to making your Christmas tree look taller is to build a raised stand. A DIY Christmas tree box stand lifts the tree up an extra foot or more! An elevated tree looks larger than one right on the floor.

This stand isn’t gorgeous, sure. But, it is easy and inexpensive to build from plywood and makes it easy to raise your Christmas tree.

Looking for a prettier stand? Here is our DIY wooden tree stand that also raises your tree! This one doesn’t need a tree skirt over it.

This stand is super easy to build with just a few tools. Attach your plastic stand to it and your tree will be raised!

You could also do this with a fake tree. You will just need to examine the base of that tree and determine how to best attach it to the box.

You do NOT want your tree to fall off this box. It’s stable, but you should attach the stand to the box to be safe.

How to make a Christmas Tree Riser Platform

What you need to build a raised Christmas tree stand:
  • 1 sheet of 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood
  • Screws
  • Plastic Christmas tree holder

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How to build a raised Christmas tree stand:
  1. Start by cutting a square of plywood about six inches wider than your tree holder to serve as the top
  2. Cut two 12″ wide strips of plywood the full length of two sides of your top
  3. Cut two more 12″ wide strips of plywood the length of the sides, but subtract twice the thickness of your plywood
  4. Attach the two longer strips to the top first using screws, then attach the two shorter strips, forming a box
  5. Use screws to attach the sides to each other for stability
  6. Use screws to attach your plastic Christmas tree stand to the top

I cover the whole stand with a tree skirt. My favorite hack is to use a beautiful blanket or tablecloth as a cheaper alternative to a real tree skirt.

Be sure to check out 7 DIY Christmas tree collar ideas!

Once it is surrounded by presents, no one even notices that it is on a raised box. 

Plus, it makes more room for presents and gifts underneath the tree.

I love this Christmas tree hack and hope that it helps you to save money and have a taller tree this Christmas!

Our DIY box Christmas tree stand (that also raises your tree!)

Click here to see my tutorial for a DIY Christmas tree skirt.

Other ideas to use as a DIY Christmas tree platform:

Use any of these items and cover with fabric, a sheet, a table cloth, etc, then top with a tree skirt!

  • Stacked wood boards (very securely stacked)
  • Crates upside down
  • Wooden pallet, cut in half maybe

Any other Christmas tree hacks?

Active Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Medium

Estimated Cost: $10-50

Check out my tutorial for how to make your Christmas tree look taller by building a DIY plywood stand. The stand is fully covered by a tree skirt.


  • 1 sheet of 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood
  • Screws
  • Plastic Christmas tree holder


  • Drill
  • Circular saw


  1. Cut a square of plywood 6 inches wider than your plastic tree holder.
  2. Cut 2 12" wide strips of plywood the full length of your square. These will be the sides of your 12" tall box.
  3. Cut 2 additional 12" wide strips of plywood the length of your square MINUS twice the thickness of your plywood.
  4. Attach the 2 longer strips to the top using screws.
  5. Attach the 2 slightly shorter strips to the top and sides using screws to form a box.
  6. Use screws to attach your plastic Christmas tree stand to the top.
  7. Add your tree.
  8. Cover the stand with a skirt - blankets work great.

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DIY Christmas Tree Hack - Make Your Tree Taller!


DIY Christmas Tree Hack – Make Your Tree Taller!

I love tall Christmas trees, and I love to decorate them in different ways, and easy hacks for decorating them. Like, when I showed you How to string on Christmas lights the Decorator way! This time, I am going to show you my DIY Christmas Tree Hack – Make Your Tree Taller! Method for giving your Tree more height.



Through the years, we have always gotten big, tall trees, and they were all so beautiful. I used to make my own DIY Disney ornaments, by gluing two smaller ornaments, to a bigger one, to create a Mickey silhouette ornament. Our relatives who would come over, would stand in awe, next to our Disney Christmas tree, and they asked me, how much it must have cost me, for all of these ornaments. When I told them the truth, that I got the ornaments at the dollar store, and made them myself, they were in shock. I miss our tall Disney trees, with Tinker Bell as our tree topper. Those were the days.

DIY Christmas Tree Hack – Make Your Tree Taller!

These days, my kids are no longer babies, and so now that they are almost adults, making all of those handmade ornaments, and getting tall trees, becomes, tasking, because lifting it of the roof of the car, then after the new year, taking it to the curb, or chopping it down, and placing it into green can, is getting kinda hard, so I am on the hunt for a better solution, without giving up the beauty of a big, fat Christmas tree. And I think I found it!

Use Storage Crates

Now, this is not a sponsored post for Big Lots, but I just wanted to let you know where I got what I needed for this project. I found these bins, that are kind of like crates, and I bought four of them. Just make sure that the bins you get, can hold the weight of your tree. That is VERY important.  First, I cleared out my corner in my living room.

After, my space is cleared, and cleaned, I place the bins upside-down, and together, to make a big square stage. I then use zip ties, using 3 together, to create a large zip tie, and tie the crates together, so that they will stay attached, and not move around so much. See pic below.

Now that we have our platform, I just placed a large wooden board, and two large poster boards on top, to create a flat surface.


Then I covered the whole thing with an old white tablecloth, that I no longer use for my table, and I tucked it under the edges. This creates a blank slate for your tree.

I places a tree skirt on the platform, just to give you a visual on how the tree skirt will kind of look. Once you have your Christmas tree, on this platform, you can place any color tree skirt, and it will cover most of the tablecloth on the platform. When I place my tree on top, I always secure the tree to the base, to be sure the tree doesn’t tip over, so be sure to do that.  I also secure the tree to the wall behind it, for extra measure. 

Very important: Please do not leave children or pets around the tree unattended.

So now, I can get a 5 foot tree, and it will look like it is over 6 feet tall. And all around the base of the platform, is where I set up my presents, that look so beautiful. Below, you can see our purple flocked Christmas tree from last year, where it was placed on this platform, and the presents, are displayed around the tree, and you can’t even tell, that a platform is there.


And, with this awesome Christmas Tree Hack, I am able to get a light enough tree, and make it look big, tall, and heavy — when in reality, this tree, is very light, short, and easy to discard when the time is needed. No more hassles! And the best part….You can get a less expensive tree, and make it look more expensive! Save more footage, save more money, am I right?

DIY Christmas Tree Hack – Make Your Tree Taller!




Do you have a clever trick for your Christmas tree? Let me know in the comments below.

*Disclaimer – please note that this post may contains affiliate links, meaning that if you were to make a purchase through one of these links, I would receive a small commission.  Please see my disclosure

How to decorate the bottom of a Christmas tree: over 40 perfect examples

How to decorate the bottom of a Christmas tree.

On the eve of the main holiday of the year, people are in a hurry to decorate home Christmas trees. And when the green beauty is fully dressed up, the gaze suddenly falls on her base, which looks somehow boring and even quite impartial. Someone immediately takes out elegant tinsel and puts it around the delivery, others strive to arrange various souvenir characters in a picturesque circle - the Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, the Snowman, and still others decide to pack boxes in wrapping paper that will depict fake gifts. As you can see, there are a lot of ideas, but we will go further, and today we will tell you how to decorate the bottom of the Christmas tree so that the whole composition looks holistic, spectacular and incredibly beautiful.

Contents of the page

How to decorate a Christmas tree stand.

Wicker basket.

A very simple yet perfect idea for decorating a Christmas tree base. What could be easier, to choose a basket according to the size of the cross of a home beauty. Needlewomen can prepare such baskets from paper tubes in advance, and then paint them in absolutely any shade.

Decorative mats.

This is, perhaps, a classic of the genre, before the New Year, herringbone textile skirts are sold literally everywhere, but if you wish, you can make them yourself. At the end of this review, you will find a video that tells how to make one. It is better to choose the shade of fabric for the rug to match the decor of the green beauty, for example, if you settled on gold and red colors when decorating, then you can buy or sew a rug in this palette.

NOTE! You can also put a rocking horse, a drum or a miniature composition of a winter courtyard under the Christmas tree. How to do it all with your own hands is shown in the video below!

Galvanized metal bowl.

A very simple solution, but at the same time incredibly New Year's. Christmas trees in such basins look literally 5+. Basins are sold in hardware stores or markets. Well, or you can temporarily ask them from grandparents.

Wooden box.

Another equally interesting idea is the use of wooden crates. You can ask for these in grocery stores, or rather in greengrocers. In extreme cases, such a box, if desired and skill, can be put together from plywood or wooden slats. The natural tone of the tree looks very nice, but if desired, it can be painted in absolutely any color that harmonizes with a touch of decor on the Christmas tree.


An outdoor planter may well serve as a temporary shelter for a Christmas tree. It is only necessary to carefully install it in a flowerpot and sprinkle it with sand to fix it.

Knitted plaid.

Elementary decor, but how it looks - you can't look away! It is enough just to take a very large knit blanket and lay it around the base of the Christmas tree.

Wooden sled.

Well, this decoration of the base of the Christmas tree can be completely attributed to the favorites. So wooden sledges look thematically, spectacularly, cozy and really fit the Christmas tree perfectly. If you wish, you can make them yourself, or go the easier way - order their manufacture from a carpenter.


Burlap will look very nice and harmonious at the base of the fluffy beauty. It can be laid around a stand or put a herringbone cross in the center of the fabric and gathered on top like tying a bag.

Mini town.

Incredibly fabulous idea - the development of a village around a Christmas tree. You can put a mini fence and put small houses, benches, figures of people, animals behind it, and sprinkle everything with artificial snow.

Gift box.

To do this, make a hole in the lid of the box, into which to insert the trunk of the Christmas tree, and pass the cross from below. That's all, the wonderful decor is ready, and most importantly, everything is done quickly and easily!

More photos (click on the images to enlarge them):

Ideas for the best DIY Christmas decorations (video instructions):


How to decorate a Christmas tree, designer's recommendations (video):

Well, now you know how to decorate the bottom of the Christmas tree. Whichever version of decorating its base you choose above, the result will be beyond praise! Until we meet again on the pages of the site "Dekorol".

Christmas tree - 30 stylish and non-standard design ideas. Photo — Botanichka

Planning a menu, shopping for groceries, selecting and searching for gifts, as well as general cleaning before the main holiday of the year, can be rather tiring. But among all the pre-New Year's fuss, there is one tradition that brings only positive emotions - decorating the Christmas tree. In this article, we have prepared a list of designers' recommendations for a successful Christmas tree decoration and, of course, many photo examples. Read, watch and let your Christmas tree be the most beautiful and elegant!

Christmas tree - 30 stylish and non-standard design ideas

10 life hacks for decorating a Christmas tree from designers

  1. The place for the Christmas tree should be near the outlet so that you do not have to lay wires across the room, regularly tripping over them. If necessary, you can even move the furniture a little. True, modern battery-operated garlands give complete independence from sockets.
  2. Often a Christmas tree is placed against the wall. To save square footage, trim back branches a little. This will allow you to place the tree closer to the wall, and the cut branches can be used in the decor.
  3. Put a Christmas tree in front of a mirror - so it will be visually larger in the house.
  4. If the tree is real and you need to cut its height, you need to do it from below so as not to lose the triangular shape.
  5. Professional decorators begin to decorate Christmas trees with LED or electric garlands, in general, from the light. So you can distribute it as evenly as possible and make sure that there are no gaps.
  6. As practice shows, the more light, the more beautiful and richer the Christmas tree looks. Make sure you have enough.
  7. Start decorating the Christmas tree from the inside of the tree. First, use plain decorations (they are usually simpler) that will be the basis. Then add more decorative and original Christmas toys.
  8. Large decorations are usually hung towards the center of the tree to give it more depth, smaller decorations towards the end of the branches.
  9. If you like some New Year's toy, buy it in multiples of three. This will maintain balance in the decor.
  10. Put glass jewelry that is dear to your heart or wallet upstairs, so the risk of breaking them will be less.

These are general tips to help you decorate any Christmas tree. But the question remains - how exactly to dress up? Even if you are not a decorator or a designer, you can get a Christmas tree like in pictures with stylish interiors in magazines. The main thing is not to decorate it randomly, but to think over the concept and color scheme. You can even draw a preliminary diagram.

Below we will show examples of interesting ideas on how to decorate a Christmas tree in a stylish and non-standard way.

1. Lights only

Perhaps the simplest, but still spectacular option is to decorate the Christmas tree with lights only.

Christmas tree with lights. © Hayneedle

2. Christmas tree-queen

The "princess" from the forest can be dressed up accordingly - with a crown, beads, jewelry similar to earrings, and other "jewels".

"Yolka-queen". © Grandin Road

3. Fragrant tree

Natural decor of citrus, cinnamon, cloves and other fragrant products always not only smells good, but also looks very original.

Fragrant tree. © Palazzo Kitchens

4. Flowers on the Christmas Tree

A romantic, even a little girly way to decorate a Christmas tree with delicate flowers.

Christmas tree with flowers. © BlazePress

5. Minimalist Christmas Tree Decor

If you're not a fan of holiday frills, minimalist decor is for you. This applies to both color and number of decorations. Perhaps this is not the most spectacular Christmas tree in the world, but it is very stylish. Lovers of Scandinavian design will especially like it.

Minimalism in Christmas tree decoration. © Apartment Therapy

6. Christmas tree cones

Probably the most organic decoration for a Christmas tree is cones. They are found in different variations on Christmas trees almost always. We propose this time to make them the central element of the decor.

Cones on the Christmas tree. © Hanna Lovely Homes

7. A forest fairy tale, not a Christmas tree

If only cones in the decoration are not enough for you, create a real forest fairy tale at home. To do this, add leaves, acorns, branches, birds and other forest dwellers to the Christmas tree.

Forest tree decor. © deco.access

See also interesting ideas for decorating the interior for the New Year in our material 50 bright DIY Christmas decor ideas.

8. Berry tree

Tasty and juicy option - berries in the decor. You can support the theme with decorations of a similar shade.

Berry tree. © zoubi

9. Snow tree

Even if there is snow outside the window, it does not always look as magical as we would like. But you can easily create a snow fairy tale at home. White color, fluffy "snowball", individual snowflakes and lights - all that is needed for this.

Snow tree. © drafee

10. Sea, not forest beauty tree

If you dreamed of a trip to hot countries on New Year's weekend, but it did not work out, add a sea breeze to the New Year's decor. No one else will have such a “warm” Christmas tree.

Christmas tree in marine style. © Linda in North Carolina

11. Postcards on the New Year's tree

Every New Year we receive and still receive (in smaller quantities, of course, with the advent of modern technology) postcards from loved ones. Usually they are stored somewhere far away in a closet, and can become a central element in decorating our Christmas tree. Their warm wishes will warm better than any batteries.

Postcards on the Christmas tree. © Apartment Therapy

12. Christmas tree-photoalbum

By a similar principle, you can make a family tree out of a New Year's tree. Your favorite photos will help you with this.

Photos on the tree. © Ann Marie

13. The most sporty Christmas tree

Sledges, skis, skates and other winter sports equipment - as decoration for lovers of an active lifestyle.

"Sports" tree. © Apartemen Decor

14. Rustic Christmas tree decoration

Even if you live in a modern apartment on the 25th floor, you can feel like in a cozy country house with rustic decor. Wood decorations are ideal.

Rustic Christmas tree decoration. © Allegro

15. Christmas tree bows

A Christmas tree decorated with bows looks very elegant. At the same time, jewelry bows can be bought ready-made, or you can take beautiful ribbons and tie them into bows on your own.

Bows on the tree. © Country Living

16. Starry Night Tree Decor

We all look forward to the magic of New Year's Eve. This atmosphere can be transferred to the decor of a fluffy beauty.

Christmas tree decor under the "starry night". © Juodilaikai

17. Textile ornaments for the Christmas tree

Textile ornaments are ideal for those who have children and pets. Such a decor made of felt, as in the photo, looks cozy and will outlive even the most active fluffy pranksters.

Christmas tree with textile decorations. © KARIN LIDBECK-BRENT

18. Large ornaments

The case when you don't have to worry that the ornaments will be lost against the background of the Christmas tree.

Large tree decorations. © AuthGram

19. Emphasis on ribbons

We are used to the fact that ribbons are used as an addition to the main decor. What if you do the opposite?

Ribbons in the decor of the Christmas tree. © howto

20. "Plaid" on the tree

Plaid is the most comfortable and homely interior textile. The same effect can be achieved with a festive decor, if you choose a classic plaid print - a check.

"Pled" on the Christmas tree. © hotoimg

See also photo material 15 ideas for warm decor, or Do-it-yourself winter hygge interior.

21. Retro Christmas tree

Even ten years ago, many people tried to get rid of old toys that they were tired of by all means. I wanted something new and modern. But times have changed and now such jewelry is back in fashion. So, if you have such treasures on the mezzanine, it's time to get them.

Christmas tree in retro style. © Mary Lynch Simenson

22. One color Christmas tree decor

The most win-win option is a Christmas tree decor in one shade. Choose your favorite color or "color of the year".

One color Christmas tree decor. © Michael Partenio

23. Metallic tree

The tree in silver or gold looks very elegant. In this case, it is not necessary to choose one thing, they are wonderfully combined in the decor.

Metallic tree. © Mrs. simply lovely

24. Christmas Tree Gradient Decor

An original idea - decorating a Christmas tree with a gradient effect. For this, choose the same balls of similar shades so that the transition is smooth.

Gradient tree decor. © lovelyindeed

Make your New Year's table the most delicious with our selection of the 50 best New Year's Eve recipes.

25. Diagonal decoration of the Christmas tree

For a combination of different colors, a scheme with a diagonal division of color stripes looks spectacular.

Diagonal Christmas tree decoration. © roomadness

26. Rainbow Christmas tree

The brightest idea is rainbow decor.

Learn more