How to paint a real christmas tree

How To Paint A Christmas Tree

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Trees done with a: Bright Brush, Fan Brush, Round Brush

Are you looking to learn how to paint a Christmas Tree for your next acrylic painting project?

There’s quite a few different ways you can paint Christmas trees! Depending on what style tree you want to do, different brushes and stroke techniques will make the tree look different.


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Round Brush Tree

This blog post tutorial is meant to help you step by step learn how to do the tree using three different simple techniques (one with a fan brush, another with a round brush and a third with a bright brush). 

Fan Brush Tree

I did the three demos on heavy card stock paper. However, you can paint these Christmas trees on just about any surface – canvas, wood, rock, etc.  

Bright Brush Tree


Materials You’ll Need

  • Acrylic Paints (I’m using Liquitex BASICS but you can do these in any brand)
  • Paint Brushes
    • Fan Brush (For fan brush trees)
    • #8 Round (For round brush trees)
    • #12 Bright (For flat brush trees)
  • Colors (Your choice of greens can vary but I like to use a dark green and a light green for color variety)
    • Hookers Green Permanent 
    • Light Olive Green
    • Titanium White
    • Light Blue Permanent (I used this to paint the blue background)
  • Surface (I’m using heavy card stock but you can paint these trees on any surface)
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Video Demo




How To Paint Fan Brush Christmas Trees

Fan brush trees are a lot of fun to create and yield I high success rate because of the nature of the brush. If you haven’t checked out my post How To Paint A Tree With A Fan Brush, I encourage you to do so because I go into more depth about that over there.  

But this is specifically how to paint a green Christmas tree with snow with the fan brush! 

1. Paint The Background

These snow trees look best with a background that’s either dark or has enough contrast so the white snow shows up.

I did a very basic blue sky background with snow on the ground. To do that, paint an ombré sky with light blue permanent at the top (horizontal strokes) fading to titanium white. I did this with a large flat brush. 


I went about 3/4 the way down with this blue and white combo. 


For the hill, I used pure titanium white and painted the rest of the way down the paper but making the “horizon line kind of lumpy”. 


And then I did a little “shading” on the snow ground by blending a little bit of light blue permanent on the very bottom and blending it back up in the white. 


Next you’ll need to make sure your background is dry before doing the tree! Use a hairdryer or just wait for it to dry.


2. Load Your Fan Brush

When I load my brushes, I almost always load them in water first and then I tap them dry a bit. This helps with the paint flow.


Then load your brush in Hookers Green Permanent (dark green). Stroke the paint on your palette a bit so all the bristles don’t get clumped together and there’s a nice even amount of paint on the bristles (especially on the tips). 


When you start your tree, start at the top and make a little vertical mark with the tip corner of the fan brush.


Then hold your fan brush horizontally and gently tap just the tip of it to create horizontal strokes.


Tap gently on the tip with the fan brush working in a left and right zig zag direction. Your tree should be narrow at the top but get thicker, wider as you go down. Think of it as filling in an invisible triangle. 

Try to get the branch edges on the sides of the tree to be thinner so they go to a point. And also remember that you don’t have to cover all the background up. There is still sky showing through open areas of this tree.

The bottom should be the widest part of the tree. I did not do a tree trunk in this demo. 

3. Paint The Snow

You’ll want to make sure your green on your tree is dry, otherwise you’ll get light green snow.


Then generously clean your fan brush in water so no green residue is left on the bristles. Load it in titanium white the same way you loaded the green.


Paint the snow using the exact same technique you used to paint the green tree. Start at the top, go left and right in a zig zag direction and tap very lightly. 


You decide how much snow you want to cover your tree. I like the look of a slightly flocked Christmas Tree so I left a lot of green still showing through but you can add more or less.


How To Paint A Round Brush Tree

This tree reminds me of a whimsical style of Christmas Tree. It looks different from the traditional fan brush or bright brush style. I used a large #8 round brush for this but the technique itself can be done with any size round brush.

1. Set Your Background Up 

I used the same background demonstrated above in the fan brush tree directions. 


2. Start At The Top And Stroke Down

I loaded just the tip of my brush in hookers green permanent. Form a little triangle at the top and stroke each individual stroke downwards. 

As you work your way down, your tree needs to get wider. Think of it like filling in an invisible triangle shape. Again, each individual branch stroke starts from top to bottom (stroking down).

This is a very basic tree! You can leave it like this and then proceed to the snow step. I will show you how to add some interesting color and layers in it next. 


I like to take these round brush style trees a step further and add another green in there. So I loaded my brush (it still had hookers green on it) in light olive green.


Basically, re do all your strokes but start at the bottom and work your way up. When you work from bottom to top, it will make the tree branch strokes look like they are overlapping each other and give the tree some fun dimension.

When loading my brush, I alternated between light olive green and hookers green. This color variation helps with the layering effect.

Continue to do these down strokes up the tree. You don’t have to alternate the colors like a pattern, just load your brush in different variations of the green each time.

3. Paint The Snow

Make sure your tree is dry. Then clean your round brush and load it in titanium white. I recommend starting from the bottom and working your way up. Do the same type of strokes you did to paint this tree. 


Leave some space between each row of snow branches. 

I’m pressing very lightly with this white. You can still see green through it. 

Then I did go back and added a few bolder white strokes in there for some color variation and added layers. 


How To Paint Bright Brush Trees

A bright brush is a flat brush that has shorter bristles for more control. This is a great brush to paint trees with because you can do short little strokes. The technique in this demo is very similar to how I do the fan brush trees. This technique gives you a more traditional looking snowy Christmas Tree. 

1. Start At The Top And Dab Short Little Strokes

Load just the tip of your brush in hookers green permanent. Start at the top and dab little strokes forming the shape of the tree as you work your way down. 


Much like fan brush trees, I worked in a left and right zig zag direction. Pay extra attention to the branches sticking out on the left and right. They should be sort of pointed at the tips. You can make them pointed down or up but keep the direction consistent (my branches are pointing down). 




When you get to the bottom, you can go back in and add a second coat of strokes sparingly throughout the tree. This gives some darker areas on the tree. 


2. Paint The Snow

Let the tree dry, completely clean the bright brush and load the tip in titanium white. Then do the same kinds of strokes. Start at the top, work your way down.


Pay close attention to the branches on the left and right. Those will be extra bright and white so make sure you add extra white in those areas.


There’s plenty of snow in the middle of the tree. Think of it as working in clusters but be sure to leave green still showing. 



That’s It! 

These are three techniques that I use when painting snowy Christmas Trees! Add these to your winter landscape paintings, craft projects, Christmas cards, etc.

If you wanted to decorate the trees, you can simply wait for the snow to dry and then paint ornaments, lights, a garland, etc.  

Hope this tutorial helps with all your Winter Christmas art projects! 

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How To Spray Paint Your Christmas Tree

This post may contain affiliate links. Read my disclosure policy here.

Are you wondering how to spray paint your Christmas tree? You’re in the right place! We’re going to show you how to spray paint an elegant rose gold Christmas tree as well as how to make a DIY white Christmas tree with silver accents. You’ll see how to create the look of a flocked Christmas tree using white spray paint.

We hope you love this Crafternoon activity in our ongoing sponsored partnership with


Last year, we created this Testors Christmas Crafternoons activity to show you how to spray paint a Christmas tree. It’s been such a hit that we are sharing it again.

Be sure to also check out our other Christmas Crafternoons projects… DIY Photo Ornaments and Fabric Spray Painted DIY Pillows.


How To Spray Paint A Christmas Tree

Decorating Christmas trees can be expensive! Most artificial trees cost a bundle and if you purchase fancy ornaments, you’ll really be spending a lot of money.

But we’re here to help you save your money and still create the look of an expensive, professionally-decorated Christmas tree.

Watch our step-by-step christmas tree painting tutorial below or see it on YouTube.


We started with two $20 artificial trees from IKEA and various old ornaments and dollar store Christmas decorations. Then we went to work with Testors Craft Spray Paint to create two unique Christmas tree themes.

First, we made a rose gold Christmas tree complete with our own DIY rose gold Christmas decorations.

Second, we spray painted a white Christmas tree with silver accents. By using white spray paint we created the look of a flocked Christmas tree.

We’re going to show you exactly how you can make your own rose gold Christmas tree and how you can make a DIY flocked Christmas tree using white spray paint instead of the trickier and messier real flock.



  • Inexpensive Artificial Christmas Tree

    Any type or size of artificial tree will work. We purchased two of these $20 trees from IKEA. (This post is not affiliated with IKEA.)

  • Inexpensive or old Christmas Tree Ornaments

    This is a great opportunity to upcycle any old ornaments that you have. If you have old Christmas tree bulbs or other mismatched ornaments of various colors, you can spray paint them to match your new Christmas tree theme. Otherwise, buy some inexpensive ornaments at a dollar store or a thrift shop.

  • Testors Craft Spray Paints

    We used these Testors Craft and Rust-Oleum products to paint our Christmas trees and ornaments:

    • Testors Craft 3 oz. Aerosols in Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, Antique Copper, Gold, Silver, and White Gloss
    • Testors Craft 3 oz. Foam Primer
    • Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Primer Spray
    • Rust-Oleum Metallic Spray Paint in Rose Gold
    • Rust-Oleum Universal Pearl Metallic Spray Paint in Champagne Pink



Step 1

Find an inexpensive artificial Christmas tree.

We purchased artificial trees that only cost $20 each. You will notice the tree is sparse and looks very bare and rather unimpressive when we start.

But the key is to find the most affordable tree that is the size you want. Since you’re spray painting the Christmas tree and adding lots of spray painted decorations, it won’t matter if the tree is spindly with big gaps between the branches. You’ll fill it up with your painted ornaments.


Step 2

Choose a color scheme for your tree and decorations.

My daughter’s bedroom has a rose gold theme, so we decided to make a rose gold Christmas tree for her. And for my office, I decided to make a white Christmas tree with silver accents.

You should decide ahead how you want your painted tree to look. If you want to completely change the color of the tree the way we did with our rose gold tree, it will take more spray paint.

If you want the look of a flocked white tree, you won’t have to completely cover the branches with paint. And you can add as much or as little accent color as you want.


Step 3

Spray paint the tree with white spray paint and then, if you choose, spray paint an accent color such as rose gold or silver.

Work in a well ventilated area when you are spray painting and put something on the ground to protect the area from over-spray. I use a tent designed for these purposes.

We used Rust-Oleum 2X Ultra Cover Primer Spray to paint the tree white and mimic “flocking”. Then we used Rose Gold spray paint on our first tree and Silver spray paint on our second tree.

Before you start spray painting, cover and tape off the tree trunk or any parts of the tree that you do not want painted. If your tree is pre-lit, cover the light bulbs as well.

You can spray paint the Christmas tree in parts before you assemble it.

Wait until the white paint has dried before you spray paint your accent color.


Step 4

Spray paint ornaments to match your tree color theme.

You can make your ornament colors consistent with your theme and upcycle old ornaments by spray painting them. If you don’t have old ornaments, you can buy inexpensive dollar store ornaments and spray paint them.

We used Testors Craft White Foam Primer to paint our ornaments. We found it is slightly creamed color, so it’s not the best option for painting the tree white.

And we painted many of our ornaments and tree decorations with the Testors Craft Metallic Antique Copper. I really love it! I also used it in our DIY photo ornaments.

To make our pink ornaments, we used Rust-Oleum Universal Pearl Metallic spray paint in Champagne Pink.


Step 5

Use Testors Craft Glitter Spray Paint to add sparkle to the tree and ornaments.

You can spray the glitter paint on the tree branches before you add the ornaments and then spray paint the glitter on the ornaments separately.

Or you can wait and glitter spray paint the tree and ornaments together as the last step.

We used Testors Craft Aerosols Glitter Spray Paint in Silver and Gold to make our trees sparkle.


Show Off Your Painted Christmas Tree

The two trees we spray painted are small Christmas trees that I will use as decorative Christmas trees in my office and my daughter’s bedroom. Of course, if you want a full size tree, you can follow our Christmas tree painting tutorial to decorate a tree of any size.

(We actually purchased two more trees, and I’m going to help Susan’s daughters decorate their own spray painted Christmas trees for their bedrooms.)

Since these are small Christmas trees, we can store them as they are… completely decorated and ready to use year after year.


How To Store Your Spray Painted Christmas Tree

If your painted tree is small enough to store standing up and still decorated, simply cover it to protect the tree from dust. Then next Christmas, you’re all ready to go!

If you don’t have room to store your spray painted tree all in one piece, then you’ll need to carefully remove and store your decorations and lights as you normally would.

In that case, during the process of taking the tree apart and storing it, some of the paint may chip or rub of the branches. But no worries… next year, you can simply apply a little more spray paint if necessary to do some touch ups.

Try More Christmas Crafts

Here are more of our painting ideas and easy DIY craft projects for the holidays…

  • Painted Ornaments
  • DIY Centerpieces
  • Fabric Spray Paint DIY Pillow Covers
  • Photo Ornaments DIY
  • Driftwood Christmas Tree Craft
  • New Years Eve Photo Booth Props DIY


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How to draw a Christmas tree (12 ways + 55 photos).

Good afternoon, we continue the series of articles on the topic "How to draw a New Year - 48 ideas and 10 lessons" . And today I add FIR-trees to the general piggy bank of New Year's drawings. We will draw Christmas trees in DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES. I will show you how to create simple drawings of Christmas trees, and how to create a real Christmas tree with a drawing of coniferous needles and glitter reflected in glass Christmas balls with your own hands.

So, let's see what ways to draw Christmas trees I have collected for you in this article.

How to draw a Christmas tree


The easiest way to draw a Christmas tree is a zigzag that expands downwards. It can be drawn as a thick brush (left photo) or a thin brush (right photo below).

How to draw a Christmas tree

This method is also easy enough for children to draw. You just need to draw 9 on a piece of paper0003 straight line (or slightly sloping if the tree is going to lean).

This line will serve as the central axis of the tree as its backbone. And then with paints - to the left and right of this axis - we will draw our panicle bunches . You need to draw from the bottom rows of the Christmas tree - to the top. This is important so that our upper tiers lie on top of the lower legs of the Christmas tree.

That is, first draw the lower tier of the Christmas tree (a number of sweeping strokes-branches from below), then the second tier above the lower one (put strokes overlapping on the edge of the bottom row), and then alternately tier by tier we go to the top.

Then you can draw snow on this Christmas tree.

Here in these pictures below is also a Christmas tree drawn using the METELochka technique. Please note that , after we draw New Year's balls on the Christmas tree, you need to take green paint on the brush again and apply a few coniferous strokes OVER THE BALLS so that the balls seem to peek out from under the paws.

You can draw Christmas trees in winter landscapes using the same technique. The background for such a New Year's landscape can be a circular blizzard made of shades of blue gouache. And the spruce branches themselves are also drawn with SEVERAL shades of blue, turquoise and white.

Also looks beautiful when this technique is used in painting WATERCOLOR ON WET PAPER . We get fuzzy blurry Christmas tree silhouettes . And already Christmas balls on such a Christmas tree can be drawn clearly with perfectly smooth edges.

Such a Christmas tree can be decorated with dots of beads, bows, Christmas sweets, round spots of balls.

To make the ball perfectly round (as in the picture above), is better to draw it not just with a brush, but with a stencil. You just need to cut out a round stencil-hole from cardboard - several holes are better for different sizes of balls.

To do this, circle several glasses of different diameters on a sheet of cardboard, pierce each circle with scissors and cut out the inside along the circle line - and we will get round holes patterns. We put them on the Christmas tree - the desired hole-circle in the right place on the Christmas tree. And carefully paint over the hole with a thick and juicy color. You can do this not with a brush, , but with a sponge - that is, with a piece of foam sponge for washing dishes. With the help of a sponge, the paint will lie evenly - as the bristles of the brush can crawl under the stencil and spoil the ideality of the circle.

Now look at the pictures below. Here we see that our MAZKOV technique is performed in the other direction . Here, the strokes are not laid down from the axis-trunk of the tree, but on the contrary, the lines of the needles are laid with a semicircular vector upwards . And we already get new silhouettes of Christmas trees. That is a different kind of Christmas tree.

CONCLUSION: In this technique, the main thing is AXIS-BANK (from which we draw our strokes of branches). And more importantly MULTIPLE PAINT COLORS - Strokes must be made with different shades of green (or different shades of blue). Then our Christmas tree will look voluminous, textured and close to its real natural beauty.

How to draw a New Year's Christmas tree

Method No. 3

Silhouette two -color

This method is also very simple. Little kids love him. First draw a normal Christmas tree silhouette - shaggy (left picture below) or geometric with sharp triangular corners (right picture below), as you like.

Color the silhouette green. We dry. And on top of the dried background we draw Christmas decorations. Or we immediately place Christmas tree decorations, and then separately paint over the gaps between them with green.

The silhouette of a Christmas tree can be the MOST SIMPLE - an ordinary rectangle. Stars, balls, and the stem of any triangle makes it look like a Christmas tree.

And here in the photo below are some more examples of SILHOUETTE Christmas trees, but already with DOUBLE PAINTING. Here the silhouette is divided into ZONES - each zone is painted over in its own shade of green.

The zones are drawn with a pencil on a dry green background and then painted over with a new shade of green. We dry. We draw decorations, ribbon star beads - and the Christmas tree is ready.

How to draw a Christmas tree


Tiered Christmas trees we all knew how to draw in kindergarten. When tiers were erected from triangles of different sizes. Here in the pictures below I present to your attention variations of this technique of images of a Christmas tree.

Tiers can have rounded corners and smooth lines floors (as in the left picture below). Or tiers can have sharp corners and broken lines floors (as in the right picture below).

Tiers can be CLEARLY SYMMETRIC (as in the left picture below).

Or each tier can be UNSYMMETRIC - not the same left and right (as in the right picture below).

Each tier can be painted in a different shade of green . From dark to light, or alternating dark and light in turn (like in the picture of Christmas trees below).

Lines of SNOW, or lines of CHRISTMAS GARLANDS, can be laid out along the edges of the Christmas tree tiers.

A tiered Christmas tree can have an interesting stylization - like these Christmas trees in the pictures below, for example - the edges of their legs are twisted into curls of varying degrees of coolness.

Draw a New Year tree

But the Christmas trees, which have there are no clear tiers - but hints of tiering are given by drawing a shadow under the spruce legs. That is, due to the fact that on the silhouette of the Christmas tree we select BROKEN JUST LINES and paint over them with a darker shade of green - due to this we get silhouettes of shadow zones on the Christmas tree - and the Christmas tree becomes textured, with clearly defined coniferous legs (as it is done in the pictures of Christmas trees below).

Above the shadow zones, you can whiten the snow in some places (as in the New Year's picture below).

And here is a drawing of a Christmas tree below, where the shadow zones of are represented as ROUND LINES.

That is, with a pencil on the green silhouette of the Christmas tree, we draw rounded lines and loops . That is, coniferous paws are depicted in the form of such flat cakes-ears.

And then draw along these lines with a dark green brush . We dry. And in some places we put light spots of light green-green on the green paws - this gives the fir-tree paws a visual bulge.

How to draw a Christmas tree


This method is good to depict on gift wrappings, on postcards and as an interesting work for the New Year's drawing competition at school.

We start by drawing a triangle on a sheet of paper with a pencil . And then with paints we fill this triangle with a variety of shapes (Christmas toys, flowers, birds, snowflakes and other patterns, etc.).

Draw a stylized Christmas tree.


Horizontal lines.

But the way to draw a Christmas tree is perhaps the easiest - we draw the outlines of a triangle on a piece of paper with a pencil. And then inside this drawn triangle we lay horizontal lines of different colors. According to your taste, the lines can be - straight, wavy or broken as in the figure below. They can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

An easy way to draw a Christmas tree.


Here we draw a triangle on a piece of paper. And then in any place of the triangle we put a large drop of light green paint - next to it is a drop of dark green paint. And just with your finger, mix these two drops into a round rosette curl. As a result, the paint of two shades is mixed and we get a two-color roll. Repeat the same procedure elsewhere on the tree. And again and again until we fill the entire field of the outlined triangle.

How to draw a Christmas tree.


CONiferous feet.

And here is a way to draw a Christmas tree using the drawing of coniferous legs.

Here, let's look at the example below how exactly such an image of a Christmas tree is created on a sheet of paper.

To get such a Christmas tree, we first need to draw a triangle with a pencil. Then paint over it with a green background color of a dark shade. And then draw lines-bones of future coniferous legs over the background. And then grow green needles on these twigs.

We draw Christmas trees shining with lights.



And now I want to show how extraordinarily beautiful the Christmas tree we have drawn looks if we think over the BACKGROUND in advance. The background you started drawing the Christmas tree on can make your drawing shine.

That is, if you make the background not a solid one color, but make a wide background strip in the center of the sheet a tone lighter than the rest of the background zone of the sheet. So we get like pillar of light, inside which our Christmas tree will shine.

And in this beam of light (when the paint dries) we will draw our Christmas tree, in any chosen way. And in the end we will get a Christmas tree shining with unearthly beauties. In the figure above, you can see how impressive such a background looks. The tree seems to be illuminated by heavenly light.

And the picture of the Christmas tree itself is a heap of spots of different colors (essentially stuck with a finger). But the illusion of an unearthly radiance of the picture is created - due to the fact that 1.) the background of the sheet in the center has a whitish light shade 2.) white spots.

Let's now consider a detailed master class on drawing a coniferous Christmas tree, for which we will just apply SUCH BACKGROUND RECEPTION - as a "pillar of light".

How to draw a bright Christmas tree



And in this figure below, we also see the same background sheet preparation technique. The sheet was painted over in a bluish tint in the center and yellowish along the edges (it is better to paint the background not with a brush, but with a sponge, a sponge for washing dishes).

In the same example, we will learn how to draw light glossy highlights on Christmas balls.

Please note that this Christmas tree (in the picture above) is drawn in a technique similar to the Broom. Only here there is not one central axis from which our brush strokes dance (as in method No. 2), no - here the axes for panicles-needles are multiple lines-axes randomly scattered in different directions.

Let me draw you step by step MASTER CLASS , with a detailed diagram of the stages of drawing such a Christmas tree.

(I'm too lazy to get paints and a brush, so I'll draw with a computer mouse. This will slightly distort the similarity with the original, but still convey the essence of the technique itself. So ...

STEP 1 - make a general background glowing in the center with a bluish spot.

STEP 2 – in the luminous background we set the dark background of the future Christmas tree.0002

STEP 3 - On top of our base and around it, draw axis lines of future spruce legs. We draw chaotically and, most importantly, not very thick (so that there is more air between them). And most importantly, that they look down and a little splayed.

STEP 4 - Pick up the light green paint on the brush. And we begin to cover the LOWER TIER of the Christmas tree with long panicles-needles. It is important to start drawing the legs of the Christmas tree from the bottom up - mentally divide the Christmas tree into 4 tiers-floors and start from the bottom, gradually moving up. Then the Christmas tree will look natural (where the upper paws cover the lower ones, as in nature). In this master class, for the sake of saving my time, I will show only one lower tier.

STEP 5 - We take just a green color on the brush - and between the light needles we make rich green needles. It’s also chaotic - here and there we make brush strokes.

STEP 6 - take the light brown gouache on the brushes. And also with this color we make needles of brown coniferous color here and there. Finished with the LOWER TIER.

STEP 7 - Go to the second tier - and do the same - draw needles alternating brushes with light gouache, saturated gouache and brown gouache.

STEP 8 - take the dark green color (the darkest shade) on the brush and add dark brush strokes here and there - drawing the needles that are in the shadow under the paws. Draw anywhere. Without hesitation.

CONTINUE with the third tier and with the fourth tier at the top of the tree. Until the whole tree is covered with coniferous branches. I will no longer draw here to the very top - a computer mouse is not the most convenient tool for drawing.

Now let's figure out how we will draw decorations for this Christmas tree.

STEP 9 - under the round stencil (hole in cardboard) draw circles of the SAME COLOR anywhere on the tree - but preferably under the paws - that is, we place each ball between the branches. This is important - so that the balls look natural (then in the last step we will slightly cover them with needles from the legs hanging from above the ball).

STEP 10 - on the brush we transfer the color of the same shade as the ball itself - only a few tones darker. And on the ball we draw curls of this dark color.

STEP 11 - on the brush we take another NEIGHBOR WITH DARK shade of color. And next to the first dark curl on the ball, we put another one, also dark, but of a different shade.

STEP 12 - take a light (but not white) shade of color on the brush. And in the center of the ball we put a spot of light color - a spot of a round shape, or in the form of a thick curl.

STEP 13 - take the WHITE color on the brush. And In the center of the ball we put a white plump dot. And in the lower side of the ball we make a white semicircular stroke. Thus, our balls sparkled like real glass ones.

STEP 14 - Now take a stick with a round tip, with which we will draw POINT BEADS. A simple pencil with a round wash on the end will do. Pour thick white gouache into the saucer - poke the end of the pencil into the saucer and draw a chain of beads between the balls. White beads and red.

STEP 15 - And now we need to push the needles of the Christmas tree a little over the balls. To do this, we again take the green color - - on the brush and put a few sharp needle strokes on the upper parts of the balls . We alternate shades of green - a couple of light strokes, a couple of dark ones. So our balls will be slightly covered with needles and will look naturally hanging under the paws of the Christmas tree.

By the same principle you can draw any of the Christmas trees below.

This Christmas tree, for example, is drawn completely and completely first with a DARK GREEN BRUSH, and then after drying on the brush, we take a LIGHT SHADE OF GREEN and draw already light paws on top of the dark needles.

But pay attention: we draw light branches without repeating the dark contours - that is, the dark branches stick out not in the same directions as the light ones.

But here (the picture of the Christmas tree below) is just different. Here, the light branches of the needles are drawn exactly OVER of the same dark branches. Only lines of light needles are applied slightly inconsistent with with dark ones.

Very few toys can be placed on such a thick Christmas tree. The main thing is to make sure that after drawing the balls you did not forget to take again on a green brush - and again draw the needles of coniferous legs, which with their edges RUN over Christmas tree decorations . So that New Year's balls seem to be partially buried in thick needles and look out of it with their glossy smooth sides.

And a garland of bright multi-beam stars looks good on such a Christmas tree.

To make the stars burn with a LIGHT FROM INSIDE (picture below), we use is a tricky way. Use the flat brush (where the bristles are arranged in a row, not a round bunch), and on the palette we drop a light yellow drop of paint and a dark yellow one next to it. We apply a brush to this paint so that one edge of the bristle row of the brush takes light paint, and the other dark.

And now with this two-color brush we draw rays of stars. Rays are just brush prints - we print the brush in a circle, placing its light-colorful edge in the center of the circle, and the dark-colorful edge of the brush in the outer side of the star circle. (Look at the stars in the picture of the Christmas tree below - they have yellow rays towards the center, and darker along the edges). After the rays have dried in the middle of such an asterisk, we put a round spot of white paint.

And white artificial Christmas tree you can draw in the same technique of dense spruce branches. To do this, on a bluish background with a gray brush, draw the same paws of the Christmas tree (hairy twigs). And then on top of their gray outlines we draw already white shaggy twigs. And we get a picture where the white needles stand out against the background of a gray coniferous shadow (as is done in the picture of the Christmas tree below).

How to draw a winter tree


snow-covered Christmas trees.

And here is another nice snow-covered evening tree, consecrated with a lantern . I tried to draw this Christmas tree with a computer mouse in stages. Of course, this is not as convenient and revealing as brush strokes, but still this master class conveys the general principle of creating a drawing in this style. Here it is shown how the mosaic alignment of the tiers of the legs of the Christmas tree is conveyed with simple blurry strokes.

Many snowy images of painted Christmas trees.

Let's take a closer look at how at home a simple unprepared person (without art education and worldly experience of waving a brush on paper) to create a masterpiece in one evening using an unfamiliar hand with a brush and a jar of paint.

Here is one of the tricky ways to draw a Christmas tree with your own hands in a short time. First, draw the contours of a triangle on paper.

Be sure to draw the center line of the axis on the triangle (this is necessary in order to know in which direction - to the left or to the right - to turn the tip of the brush).

We take black paint on the brush. An important condition is that the shape of the brush should be flat (not a round tuft) and the bristles should be preferably hard. The second important condition is that the paint should not be too wet. That is, we breed a thick, dryish black mixture - we dip the same dry brush into it. And we print it to the drawing - this is how we get the prints of the villi of a natural contour that is not blurry with excess dampness (similar to the contour of real needle needles).

And then you can take dryish white gouache on the tip of the same black brush (also smear thick gouache on a saucer, dip the edge of the bristles of a flat brush and lay its prints along the tiers of the Christmas tree - in even rows.

Here's another quick way to draw a Christmas tree It's even easier, this method is similar to the very first zigzag method in our article, only with the addition of white snow.0005

And here is a way where the Christmas tree is drawn with a wet brush , it was dipped in dark green paint, and then the tip of the same brush was dipped in white gouache. And immediately this white tip was printed to the bottom of the painted oval leg of the Christmas tree. Thus, we get a foot where the bottom edge has a pure white outline, and white-green streaks go up from it.

And here is a real jeweler's way of drawing the needles of a snowy Christmas tree. Here it is drawn thinly and gracefully each large needle on needles . Here we just see with our own eyes the way where the brush was dipped in paint on both sides.

And with such a brush we apply needles along the drawn branch. First, the left row (like on a comb), then the right row (like on a comb), and then (!!!) be sure to as many as three central rows of needles (so that the coniferous branch gets volume).

You can draw such experimental Christmas trees with gouache on one drawing at once, fitting them into a single winter landscape.

These are the ideas of Christmas tree drawings that I have collected for you today in one Family Pile on our website. Now you can choose any way to draw a Christmas tree, based on the materials available and faith in your abilities.

Go ahead. Swing at artistic masterpieces. And may you succeed.
Olga Klishevskaya, specially for the site "Family Handful"
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How to draw a Christmas tree step by step with a pencil. TOP options for beginners

Today you will learn how to draw a Christmas tree with a pencil step by step. Our lessons are suitable for all levels of preparation. We have collected several examples of lessons for you, you just have to choose the lesson you like and start drawing a Christmas tree. As a result, you will have an easily and beautifully drawn Christmas tree with a pencil step by step easily and simply. Get started right now. Write comments under the article, share with friends.

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2 option - Video

3rd variant

4th variant

5th option - Video

6 variant

7 variant

8 option - Video

9 option

Option 1 - How to draw a simple Christmas tree step by step


Draw a vertical line and divide it with horizontal lines. The distance between the lines is about the same. The lines are smaller at the top. Start drawing the branches of the tree.


Continue drawing the branches of the tree and candies on the tree itself.


Draw the branches of the tree. Draw a star on top.


Now draw a lot of balls spreading them evenly throughout the Christmas tree. Also draw the base on which the tree stands.


Draw candies and a gingerbread man.


We are sure you succeeded.


Color the Christmas tree green, make the balls colorful and add a white snowball.

Option 3 - How to draw a Christmas tree for children step by step It is easier than the previous one.


Draw a straight vertical line. This will be the auxiliary line.


Draw a star with rounded ends at the very top.


Now draw the top of the head. Draw branches with an angular line.


In the next step, show the middle part of the tree with the same angular legs.


The tree expands towards the bottom. The bottom is the widest. And that means it has the most branches. Show me the trunk of the tree.


Everything is ready. Now we need to decorate the Christmas tree with balls. You can also draw the earth and snowflakes.


Color the picture. Now you definitely know how to draw Christmas trees.

4th option - How to draw a simple Christmas tree step by step


Let's try it in a slightly different way. Draw a straight vertical line in the center of a tall triangle with equal sides. Draw an oval at the base.


Draw a star on top. We have a lesson on drawing a star. Start drawing paws of approximately the same size. Side and bottom of the tree.


On the other hand, draw the same branches, they are located symmetrically, but you can draw asymmetrically. Draw a garland and balls. Make a thick stem attached to the base.


Now you can color the Christmas balls and the tree itself in the usual color for us.


We are sure everything is working out for you.

6th option - How to draw a Christmas tree for children in stages Let's draw another option.


There are two of them. Draw two vertical lines. One of them is shorter.


Start painting the top. She has only four legs.


Now the middle part of the tree. It is wider.


And the bottom is the widest. It also has four branches. Draw a tree trunk.


Make random balls on the branches.


Now draw the second tree in the same way.


Finish the Christmas tree.


Next step. Draw snow on the second Christmas tree.


You did it. Color the drawing.


This is the result you should have obtained. Or even better.

7th option - How to draw Charlie Brown's Christmas tree step by step Quite small.


Start with a thin trunk. It branches out.


Next, draw fresh shoots with smooth lines. It looks like the tip of a tail.


Draw some more branches with fluffy shoots. Also draw a Christmas ball.


Now draw two crossed planks.


You're done. You can color the picture.


Use bright green for young shoots. Color the ball, twigs and add snowflakes.

9th option - How to draw a real Christmas tree step by step


Draw the base. It looks like a carrot with a rounded end.


You can show the outline of the spruce. Make it an uneven line depicting protruding fluffy twigs.


The next step is to make balls of different sizes inside. And fluffy branches. Looks very festive.


Now draw a ribbon decorated Christmas tree.

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