How to paint a simple christmas tree

How To Paint A Christmas Tree

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Trees done with a: Bright Brush, Fan Brush, Round Brush

Are you looking to learn how to paint a Christmas Tree for your next acrylic painting project?

There’s quite a few different ways you can paint Christmas trees! Depending on what style tree you want to do, different brushes and stroke techniques will make the tree look different.


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Round Brush Tree

This blog post tutorial is meant to help you step by step learn how to do the tree using three different simple techniques (one with a fan brush, another with a round brush and a third with a bright brush). 

Fan Brush Tree

I did the three demos on heavy card stock paper. However, you can paint these Christmas trees on just about any surface – canvas, wood, rock, etc.  

Bright Brush Tree


Materials You’ll Need

  • Acrylic Paints (I’m using Liquitex BASICS but you can do these in any brand)
  • Paint Brushes
    • Fan Brush (For fan brush trees)
    • #8 Round (For round brush trees)
    • #12 Bright (For flat brush trees)
  • Colors (Your choice of greens can vary but I like to use a dark green and a light green for color variety)
    • Hookers Green Permanent 
    • Light Olive Green
    • Titanium White
    • Light Blue Permanent (I used this to paint the blue background)
  • Surface (I’m using heavy card stock but you can paint these trees on any surface)
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Video Demo




How To Paint Fan Brush Christmas Trees

Fan brush trees are a lot of fun to create and yield I high success rate because of the nature of the brush. If you haven’t checked out my post How To Paint A Tree With A Fan Brush, I encourage you to do so because I go into more depth about that over there.  

But this is specifically how to paint a green Christmas tree with snow with the fan brush! 

1. Paint The Background

These snow trees look best with a background that’s either dark or has enough contrast so the white snow shows up.

I did a very basic blue sky background with snow on the ground. To do that, paint an ombré sky with light blue permanent at the top (horizontal strokes) fading to titanium white. I did this with a large flat brush. 


I went about 3/4 the way down with this blue and white combo. 


For the hill, I used pure titanium white and painted the rest of the way down the paper but making the “horizon line kind of lumpy”. 


And then I did a little “shading” on the snow ground by blending a little bit of light blue permanent on the very bottom and blending it back up in the white. 


Next you’ll need to make sure your background is dry before doing the tree! Use a hairdryer or just wait for it to dry.


2. Load Your Fan Brush

When I load my brushes, I almost always load them in water first and then I tap them dry a bit. This helps with the paint flow.


Then load your brush in Hookers Green Permanent (dark green). Stroke the paint on your palette a bit so all the bristles don’t get clumped together and there’s a nice even amount of paint on the bristles (especially on the tips). 


When you start your tree, start at the top and make a little vertical mark with the tip corner of the fan brush.


Then hold your fan brush horizontally and gently tap just the tip of it to create horizontal strokes.


Tap gently on the tip with the fan brush working in a left and right zig zag direction. Your tree should be narrow at the top but get thicker, wider as you go down. Think of it as filling in an invisible triangle. 

Try to get the branch edges on the sides of the tree to be thinner so they go to a point. And also remember that you don’t have to cover all the background up. There is still sky showing through open areas of this tree.

The bottom should be the widest part of the tree. I did not do a tree trunk in this demo. 

3. Paint The Snow

You’ll want to make sure your green on your tree is dry, otherwise you’ll get light green snow.


Then generously clean your fan brush in water so no green residue is left on the bristles. Load it in titanium white the same way you loaded the green.


Paint the snow using the exact same technique you used to paint the green tree. Start at the top, go left and right in a zig zag direction and tap very lightly. 


You decide how much snow you want to cover your tree. I like the look of a slightly flocked Christmas Tree so I left a lot of green still showing through but you can add more or less.


How To Paint A Round Brush Tree

This tree reminds me of a whimsical style of Christmas Tree. It looks different from the traditional fan brush or bright brush style. I used a large #8 round brush for this but the technique itself can be done with any size round brush.

1. Set Your Background Up 

I used the same background demonstrated above in the fan brush tree directions. 


2. Start At The Top And Stroke Down

I loaded just the tip of my brush in hookers green permanent. Form a little triangle at the top and stroke each individual stroke downwards. 

As you work your way down, your tree needs to get wider. Think of it like filling in an invisible triangle shape. Again, each individual branch stroke starts from top to bottom (stroking down).

This is a very basic tree! You can leave it like this and then proceed to the snow step. I will show you how to add some interesting color and layers in it next. 


I like to take these round brush style trees a step further and add another green in there. So I loaded my brush (it still had hookers green on it) in light olive green.


Basically, re do all your strokes but start at the bottom and work your way up. When you work from bottom to top, it will make the tree branch strokes look like they are overlapping each other and give the tree some fun dimension.

When loading my brush, I alternated between light olive green and hookers green. This color variation helps with the layering effect.

Continue to do these down strokes up the tree. You don’t have to alternate the colors like a pattern, just load your brush in different variations of the green each time.

3. Paint The Snow

Make sure your tree is dry. Then clean your round brush and load it in titanium white. I recommend starting from the bottom and working your way up. Do the same type of strokes you did to paint this tree. 


Leave some space between each row of snow branches. 

I’m pressing very lightly with this white. You can still see green through it. 

Then I did go back and added a few bolder white strokes in there for some color variation and added layers. 


How To Paint Bright Brush Trees

A bright brush is a flat brush that has shorter bristles for more control. This is a great brush to paint trees with because you can do short little strokes. The technique in this demo is very similar to how I do the fan brush trees. This technique gives you a more traditional looking snowy Christmas Tree. 

1. Start At The Top And Dab Short Little Strokes

Load just the tip of your brush in hookers green permanent. Start at the top and dab little strokes forming the shape of the tree as you work your way down. 


Much like fan brush trees, I worked in a left and right zig zag direction. Pay extra attention to the branches sticking out on the left and right. They should be sort of pointed at the tips. You can make them pointed down or up but keep the direction consistent (my branches are pointing down). 




When you get to the bottom, you can go back in and add a second coat of strokes sparingly throughout the tree. This gives some darker areas on the tree. 


2. Paint The Snow

Let the tree dry, completely clean the bright brush and load the tip in titanium white. Then do the same kinds of strokes. Start at the top, work your way down.


Pay close attention to the branches on the left and right. Those will be extra bright and white so make sure you add extra white in those areas.


There’s plenty of snow in the middle of the tree. Think of it as working in clusters but be sure to leave green still showing. 



That’s It! 

These are three techniques that I use when painting snowy Christmas Trees! Add these to your winter landscape paintings, craft projects, Christmas cards, etc.

If you wanted to decorate the trees, you can simply wait for the snow to dry and then paint ornaments, lights, a garland, etc.  

Hope this tutorial helps with all your Winter Christmas art projects! 

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How To Paint A Christmas Tree For Your Wall

It is a lot easier than you think to paint a Christmas tree for your wall. It took me less than 10 minutes to pain this extra-large tree, and I’m no artist!

Living in a narrow long Victorian terrace house, I’m a big fan of flat Christmas trees. I can still make my home look festive without compromising on space.

In the past, I’ve made them out of old branches and a wooden Christmas tree with knobs. Last year’s flat Christmas tree was made from decorated wood slices. This year I thought I’d go for the flatest tree possible, a large painted tree.

In my craft shed, I found a large frame that was perfect for this tree. But the Christmas tree could simply be painted on large paper or even on a drop sheet and hung on the wall.

I did a practice run of painting the tree on paper first. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. You don’t need any painting skills at all. Anyone could paint one of these Christmas trees, even the kids.

If you paint the Christmas tree large enough, you can decorate it with drawing pins and small baubles. I even stack my presents around the tree.

I have prepared both a step by step tutorial and a video to show you how to paint a flat Christmas tree.

  • An extra-large canvas – or old frame if you have one. Mine was approximately 2.5 by 3.5 ft. A large piece of wood or a drop cloth would also work as a large canvas.
  • Burnt umber acrylic paint
  • Acrylic paint in two shades of green – I used sap and hookers green
  • White acrylic paint
  • Yellow ochre paint for the star
  • Star-shaped cookie cutter and card
  • The trick to painting the large Christmas tree is in the brushes used. I used three completely different brushes, a large decorator’s paintbrush (36 -50mm), a foam brush, and a small artist’s paintbrush.
  • Christmas push pins for hanging ornaments
  • Mini baubles

How To Paint A Christmas Tree

1.. First, prepare your background by painting it white. If painting on white paper, white canvas, or drop sheet, you can miss this stage.

2. Next, draw out a basic Christmas tree shape in pencil on your canvas. First, draw a very tall long thin triangle for the tree’s trunk. Then draw a wide triangle for the whole shape of the tree. These are just to act as basic guides when painting.

3. Next, using the foam brush paint the tree trunk brown.

4. Next, put the two green paints together on the paint palate. Mix them together slightly, but not too much. You want to make sure, that when the brush is dipped into the paint it will pick up different shades of green on the tip of the brush.

5. Next, paint the leaves of the Christmas tree. Dip the large painter’s brush into the green paint. You only want a bit of paint on the tip of the brush bristles. Then, paint the leaves using a dabbing motion rather than a brushing motion. Simple dab the tip of the brush inside the pencil-drawn triangle.

6. Carry on dipping the brush and painting the leaves onto the tree until the whole triangle is covered. Then take the small artist paintbrush and dab white paint onto the tree. These white spots are to represent snow.

7. Next, make a star for the top of the tree. Draw around a star-shaped cookie cutter, then paint it yellow and cut it out. Stick the star to the top of the tree.

8. If you painted this tree on a canvas or in a picture frame like mine above, you can hang mini baubles from the tree using push pins.

I have made a video of these painted Christmas tree tutorial to show how easy it is!

If you liked this painted Christmas tree then you might want to check out these tutorials for tabletop Christmas trees.

I also have another painting tutorial on Pillarboxblue, showing you how to paint a giant pet portrait the easy way.

Find more DIY ideas here.

12 ways to draw a Christmas tree that kids can figure out

December 3, 2019LikbezInspiration

Step-by-step instructions and detailed videos will help with this.



How to draw a fluffy Christmas tree with a pencil or felt-tip pen

Drawbook YouTube channel

What you will need

  • Paper;
  • pencil or black marker;
  • colored pencils, markers, paints or pastels.

How to draw a Christmas tree

First, draw a five-pointed star at the top of the paper.

YouTube channel Drawbook

From it, draw down two smooth lines in different directions.

Drawbook YouTube channel

Connect their ends with a row of rounded lines.

Drawbook YouTube channel

From the edge, make a line down at the same angle. From it draw a series of smooth rounded lines to the side. Connect it with a smooth line to the "skirt" of the Christmas tree.

Drawbook YouTube channel

In the same way, add another largest tier to the tree. Draw a small rectangular trunk at the bottom in the middle.

Drawbook YouTube channel

Draw small round balls on the Christmas tree.

Drawbook YouTube channel

Color the resulting Christmas tree.

What other options are there

Draw more tiers, then the Christmas tree will look even more fluffy and beautiful:

This tutorial shows how to draw and color the Christmas tree so that it looks more alive:

Here another elegant tree:

How to draw an angular Christmas tree with a pencil or felt-tip pen

Yo Kidz YouTube channel

What you need

  • Paper;
  • pencil or black marker;
  • colored pencils, markers, paints or pastels.

How to draw a Christmas tree

Draw a small line at an angle. From the top end, draw down another slanted line.

YouTube channel Yo Kidz

From the lower ends, draw one small horizontal line inward. Draw lines down from them at the same angle as the top ones. They should be a little longer.

Yo Kidz YouTube channel

Draw two lines again from the ends of the side lines. Add two more lines at the same angle.

YouTube channel Yo Kidz

Repeat, expanding the tree more and more downwards.

Yo Kidz YouTube Channel

Connect the ends of the last lines with one straight line.

Yo Kidz YouTube channel

At the bottom, draw a rectangular trunk or trunk in a pot, as shown in the photo and video below.

Yo Kidz YouTube channel

“Hang” round balls on the Christmas tree and “plant” a star on top.

Yo Kidz YouTube Channel

Color the picture.

What other options are there

Another simple drawing that will take just a few minutes:

Because of the smooth lines, this herringbone looks more elegant. By the way, the author draws it from the bottom up:

How to draw a triangular Christmas tree with a pencil or felt-tip pen

YouTube channel "FishKit"

What you will need

  • Paper;
  • pencil or black marker;
  • colored pencils, markers, paints or pastels.

How to draw a Christmas tree

Put a dot at the top in the middle of the sheet. Place one more at the bottom right and left of this point. Connect them with straight lines to form a triangle.

FishKit YouTube channel

Now draw the garlands. Draw a line from the left edge to the bottom right corner. Next, draw a second parallel line.

FishKit YouTube channel

From the left end of the first garland, draw a straight line upwards to the right. Add another one a little higher.

FishKit YouTube channel

From the right end of the second garland, draw a line up to the left side of the Christmas tree. Finish the pattern by adding another parallel line.

YouTube channel “RybaKit”

Draw balls on the Christmas tree. It's okay if some go beyond the edges of the triangle.

FishKit YouTube channel

Color the balls and the tree. Garlands can be painted in a solid color or made them striped.

How to draw a fluffy Christmas tree with paints

FishKit YouTube channel

What you need

  • Paper;
  • gouache or ordinary paints;
  • brush;
  • water.

How to draw a Christmas tree

At the bottom of the leaf, paint a small brown trunk with a wide stroke of the brush.

YouTube channel “RybaKit”

Draw a five-pointed star at the top with yellow paint.

FishKit YouTube channel

Make a small green horizontal stripe under the star.

FishKit YouTube channel

At the bottom, add two more at some distance from each other. Each next strip should be longer than the previous one.

YouTube channel “RybaKit”

Draw darker green stripes between them.

FishKit YouTube channel

Add a dark green stripe below the very last one. Draw another tier more authentic below.

YouTube channel “RybaKit”

Between them and below, draw the tiers of the first green color. The very last strip should be thicker than the rest. Lengthen the rest of the tiers as needed to make the tree more even.

FishKit YouTube channel

Draw round colored balls.

What other options are there?

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  • 20 ways to draw a beautiful rose
  • 20 cute DIY snowmen
  • 8 really Christmas hairstyles for girls
  • 50 cool DIY Christmas toys

How to draw a Christmas tree with a pencil step by step for beginners

In this article you will learn how to draw a Christmas tree. Coniferous beauty is one of the most favorite trees among children. Firstly, it is very easy to draw, even for beginners. Secondly, the drawn picture on the postcard can be presented to relatives for the holiday. And most importantly, such a lesson creates a New Year's mood.

Before you start painting, it is best to take a walk with your child and see how the forest beauty grows, or take Christmas tree decorations and decorate the Christmas tree in a group or at home. And at the same time consider what kind of trunk the tree has, in which direction the branches and needles grow. And after studying the live sample, you can start drawing and show the child how to draw a Christmas tree in stages.

Show children a video of Christmas cartoons or look at beautiful photos of winter landscapes for inspiration. Create a cozy atmosphere, turn on the song "It's cold in the winter for a little Christmas tree" and get started! 9Ol000 It is difficult for a child of 3-4 years old, in the second younger group, to draw a tree from beginning to end. It is better to give a ready-made template or outline of the Christmas tree and offer to decorate it with balls, for example, using gouache and a cotton swab. With great pleasure in the kindergarten, young children draw using a stencil. It's easy and beautiful.

Christmas tree stencils:

In the middle group of kindergarten and in the senior group, preschoolers distinguish between basic geometric shapes. During the lesson, the children determine that the tiers of the branches of the Christmas tree are triangular in shape. To kids 4-5 years old, you can tell that the image of a fluffy beauty consists of triangles that increase in size from top to bottom.

Older artists, 5-6 years old, can quickly and easily make an easy drawing of a Christmas tree with a simple pencil according to the following scheme.

Take a white landscape sheet, put a dot at the very top, exactly in the middle. From this point, draw two short lines down to the right and left sides. Try to keep them the same length. From these segments, draw lines up and to the center, so that you get a corner. Then again draw a tier of Christmas trees on the right and left with a pencil. It is desirable that it be wider than the top.

Repeat for the third time. It is correct if the lower tier is depicted as the widest. Connect the left and right parts of the picture. It's okay if the bottom edge is uneven. Draw the bottom of the trunk in a rectangular shape.

Decorate the tree with balloons and put a star on top.

Color the picture with colored pencils.

Our festive elegant beauty is ready.

How to learn to draw a Christmas tree in the snow

It will be easier to teach older children who go to the preparatory group.

Before drawing a Christmas tree, preschoolers need to be taught how to divide the whole into parts. To do this, you need to consider in detail the structure of the tree.

Its basis is a smooth, straight trunk, without branches and bends. The branches near the Christmas tree are located at a certain angle to the trunk and form a crown in the shape of a cone.

First step: on a sheet of paper in the middle, draw a straight line to the desired height of the tree.

Draw a conical crown. To do this, draw a wide line below and connect its ends to the top.

Divide the trunk line into five sections, starting at the top. Each lower one will be slightly larger than the previous upper one.

Leave the triangular crown unchanged, and below step back a little from the upper edge on the right and left, forming the corners of the lateral spruce legs. Highlight the edges of each tier. Erase the extra lines.

On the lower edges of the resulting trapezium, draw cloves step by step - twigs. It is better if they are of different lengths, and longer in the center than on the sides.

Draw snow on top of a tree. It is shaped like clouds.

Color the picture. Make the spruce green, dark green, or blue (the winter forest is exactly that color), and leave the snow unchanged. To emphasize its whiteness, paint over the background.

Our Christmas tree is ready, a child's drawing can be placed on the wall as a festive decoration for Christmas or given to mom and grandmother.

An elegant Christmas tree with gifts and toys

For children 6-7 years old, the task is a little more complicated. At this age, a young artist wants to make a beautiful work with complex drawing. In grades 1-2, schoolchildren love to compose complex multi-figured compositions at the drawing lesson.

Step by step drawing tutorial

You can draw a Christmas tree according to the above schemes, from geometric shapes, or by drawing the corners on the right and left. Make five tiers of branches.

Divide the tiers into separate branches, three to five per tier. Define the base of each spruce leg in semicircles.

Now, step by step, draw individual short branches extending from the main branch. Erase construction lines.

Let's decorate the Christmas tree. It is not necessary to use the usual balls, you can depict toys, bows, bells, stars and other decorations on the Christmas tree. Do not forget about garlands, beads or lights.

Place gifts under the tree. If you already know how to draw well, you can put a bear or a doll, a car at the bottom. If desired, add an image of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden or Snowman.

Color the work. To get a beautiful Christmas tree for the new year, use bright, juicy tones. Black color is best used only for the contour of the details.

Drawings for sketching + video tutorials

Watch a visual video tutorial on drawing simple children's Christmas trees: