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Tree of Life Special

Grab this 3 day painting series and learn fundamental acrylic painting techniques while painting the Tree of Life in a new way each day!



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I have packed tons of acrylic painting tips into these lessons.


With easy to follow, step-by-step instructional videos, I hope to help all artists learn how to paint and continue to grow, no matter the skill level. 

What's Included?

  • Supply and Paint Color List 
  • THREE full length, video painting tutorials, delivered to your inbox!
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Day 1

In this lesson, paint a cool tone Tree of Life along with Christie.

Learn beginner brush stroke techniques and how to layer acrylic paints all while NOT blending to achieve vibrant, true colors that won't get muddy.

Day 2

On day two, paint a warm tone Tree of Life. Wouldn't this be perfect for fall?!

Continue to learn new acrylic painting skills from Christie, practice color mixing, and overcome any fears you may have of putting brush to canvas and Enjoy the Journey!

Day 3

In the final lesson of this 3 part series, dive into color values while painting a monochromatic piece.   All you need is your favorite paint color, black and white!

Learn how to take things to the next level with Christie's tips for adding depth to paintings with shadows and highlights.

Here is what a few of our friends have to say about Christie's acrylic painting tutorials and some of their work!

Christie is an awesome teacher!

"I can't believe I painted without a template and it was an awesome experience!

Christie is an awesome teacher."

-June F.

I am very proud of myself with what I have accomplished!

"I like them both! I very proud of myself with what I have accomplished and thanks to Christie for teaching me how to paint.

I love my hobby."

-Karen E.

Painting has become my stress reliever!

"Painting has become my stress reliever and I’m looking for other things to paint now. Thank you!"

-Jeannie E.

Hi, I'm Christie Hawkins

Owner of The Social Easel and also the founder of Christie’s Inner Tribe! And I LOVE to paint and to teach others!!

I believe we all have a creative side to us. Sometimes we just need help pulling it out! That’s what I am here for! Over the past 7 years I have taught many from beginners to experienced painters! Most have never picked up a paintbrush before!  I’ve taken my years of experience with painting and developed an easy to follow system to teach others how to paint with no matter the level of experience!

I come from a line of artists in my family. My grandpa and mom were both painters as well! It’s ingrained in me and brings me so much joy! I’ve been painting since I was a child! Now I want to bring that joy to others! I believe God created us in His image. He is the original Creator. He has instilled a creative side in all, some of us just haven’t found it yet.

My goal and purpose in life is to bring that out of everyone and help others find the joy in painting and what it can do for your life!

I've wrapped all these acrylic painting techniques and 3 full-length instructional videos into one package that anyone is sure to enjoy 

 ALL FOR ONLY $10!! 



How to draw a family tree - 53 photo ideas of beautiful family trees

The use of creative crafts in the learning process is not uncommon, so in kindergarten or elementary school, a child can be asked to draw a family tree. The study of this topic helps children to get acquainted with their ancestry and explore family ties, contributes to the formation of social responsibility.

Simple workshops will help you understand how to draw a family tree and easily cope with the task, visually presenting a large amount of information. In one drawing, it will be possible to collect several generations of the same family, and such a craft will become the pride of the parents and the child himself.


  • Drawing a family tree with children
  • Drawing of a descending family tree
  • Beautifully designed ascending tree for children
  • Unlabeled family tree for the little ones
  • Photo ideas and examples for drawing a family tree
  • Drawing a family tree with children

    Learning about the world around them, children strive to absorb as much useful information as possible, which becomes the basis for their further development. Completing a creative task will help you master drawing techniques, structure data and give you the opportunity to touch history along with other benefits:

    • joint pastime and complete immersion in the process of getting to know relatives and friends;
    • return to the origins of a kind, while you can remember many interesting life stories and situations;
    • systematization of knowledge and pictures of relatives, making excellent crafts for decorating home interiors.

    A drawing made in any technique can be supplemented with the dates of birth of relatives, which will help you never forget about memorable dates. It is allowed to supplement the family tree with photographs that are glued to a beautifully decorated tree in the process of decorating the craft.

    Descending family tree image

    The schematic technique used in drawing up a family tree is best suited for such a drawing. It is best to start drawing from the top of the sheet and gradually complete the picture using knowledge of your own family ties:

    • the landscape sheet should be placed horizontally along the length and a circle should be drawn at the very top, the great-grandfather will be recorded here as the founder of the family;
    • the following circles are drawn below, they need to enter grandparents, children of the founder of the clan, and connect them with straight lines to the upper circle;
    • in the third top row, circles are depicted where the mother and father of the child, his uncles and aunts on the paternal and maternal lines, who are cousins, fit;
    • the last row is filled in with the closest relatives, the names of sisters and brothers, in the scheme they are signed as cousins.

    If you fill in such a schematic tree together with your child, you can thoroughly study all family ties in one family. It is best to draw a diagram for maternal and paternal relatives separately, and then combine them in one, large drawing, helping children understand how big their family is.

    Ancestry tree with beautiful decoration for children

    You can draw a beautiful and original family tree together with children, involving them in the creative process. To do this, you must first draw up a schematic image and enter data on all relatives into it, and then proceed to the main work:

    • on a sheet of paper, a tree trunk with sprawling branches is drawn with a simple pencil;
    • branches are drawn in several layers, thicker branches are shown below;
    • at each level, a certain number of circles should be drawn to write names;
    • the names of relatives are entered in circles in ascending order from grandfather or great-grandfather;
    • on the branches, you can draw leaves with your child and entrust the child with decorating them;
    • the outlines of the trunk are drawn with a brown felt-tip pen, the leaves will be green;
    • at the final stage of drawing, the leaves and the trunk with branches are painted with pencils.

    In such a drawing there will be natural motives and the child, studying it, will be able to get answers to his questions about family ties. Along the way, parents will be able to explain to him that every person, this is a part of society and the whole planet, this is our common home, where many families live.

    Family tree without inscriptions for the little ones

    With kids, drawing a family tree is very interesting and a great pastime for the whole family. Even with minimal drawing skills, parents will be able to depict a beautiful tree, and the child will help decorate it, while proceeding in stages:

    • a tree trunk is drawn in the middle of the sheet with a simple pencil, the crown can be marked with a large circle with wavy borders;
    • at the junction of the crown and trunk, branches are drawn, stretching upwards and partially covering the crown, peeking out from behind the foliage;
    • now you can add ovals and scatter them over the crown, it is better to draw ovals with a frame and free space for the signature of the pasted photo;
    • ovals are not placed in random order, it is important to place them so that you can visually see the horizontal rows;
    • in the center of the trunk, you can draw a plate, the inscription "My family" fits into it, the voluminous letters can be easily sketched by the kid himself;
    • the child can draw the contours of the tree and branches with a dark brown felt-tip pen, and the crown quacks can be easily highlighted in rich green;
    • at the final stages of decorating the craft, the child paints the drawing with pencils, leaving the ovals and places for the signature white;
    • after the drawing is ready, you can paste a photo of relatives in an ascending pattern, if there is no photo, you can simply sign the empty ovals.

    If a child cannot read or write, it is better not to fill in the family tree, but to decorate it with photographs of relatives. But for the future, it is recommended to leave a free space under the photo, where a kid who has learned to write can enter the names of people, remembering his relatives.

    This family tree diagram is great for a presentation at school or for use in an art competition. If you come up with a beautiful design for the picture, supplement it with photographs and thematic pictures, you can decorate a children's room or living room with this craft.

    Photo ideas and examples for drawing a family tree

    Author of the article:

    How to draw a tree: 35 options for every taste

    May 20, 2021 Educational program DIY

    Create simple images with markers, paints, pencils and pastels.



    How to draw a tree with a black marker or felt-tip pen

    Frame: DrawinGeek / YouTube

    What you need

    • Paper;
    • black marker or felt pen.

    How to draw

    Draw a zigzag horizontal line to represent grass. Draw two vertical curved lines. From above, between the parts, make several arcs. Get a trunk with branches.

    Frame: DrawinGeek / YouTube

    Above the arcs, draw two cloud-like shapes. Behind the figures, make three more, but larger. This is a crown.

    Frame: DrawinGeek / YouTube

    Show the texture of the bark on the trunk. To do this, draw a lot of curved lines. Also mark several arcs nested inside each other.

    Frame: DrawinGeek / YouTube

    The full version of the master class can be viewed here:

    What other options are there

    An easy way for beginners:

    Here they show how to portray cherries:

    If you want to draw a realistic tree:

    Even a child will cope with this tree:

    An unusual tree pattern with roots:

    This tutorial shows how to draw two palm trees:

    A fun drawing that is easy to repeat:

    How to draw a tree with colored markers or felt-tip pens

    Frame: Like ART / YouTube

    What you need

    • Paper;
    • colored markers or markers;
    • black liner (optional).

    How to Draw

    Draw two vertical curved lines with a black marker pen or marker. This is a stem. Mark the branches from above with segments. You can use a liner at this stage if you wish.

    Frame: Like ART / YouTube

    Draw a rounded crown with an uneven outline. Mark wavy segments above the branches.

    Frame: Like ART / YouTube

    Color the trunk with a light brown marker or felt pen. To show the shadows and texture of the bark, you need a shade slightly darker than the previous one.

    Frame: Like ART / YouTube

    Make large dark green spots on the crown, leaving some free space. Fill in the empty areas with a light green color.

    Frame: Like ART / YouTube

    Outline the grass under the tree. Use a black liner or felt-tip pen to draw a series of wavy lines on the crown. Emphasize the shadows on the trunk and branches.

    Frame: Like ART / YouTube

    Details - in the video:

    What other options are there

    A simple drawing of an apple tree:

    A master class for those who want to depict an autumn tree:

    What other options are there

    A method for those who want to draw a landscape with a tree:

    Master class on drawing a realistic tree with detailed comments by the artist:

    Here they show how to portray a birch with watercolors:

    And here - how to designate flowers with simple spray:

    Simple dine :

    Draw a spring, summer, autumn and winter tree at the same time:

    Here they show how to draw a tree using pointillism technique:

    Landscape with several realistic trees:

    Even a child can do this drawing:

    How to draw a tree with colored pencils

    Frame: Rio Art Club / YouTube


  • 5
  • colored pencils.

How to Draw

Mark two vertical curved lines with a brown pencil. Get a palm tree trunk. Make horizontal strokes along the entire length of the part. This is how you define the texture of the bark.

Frame: Rio Art Club / YouTube

Shade the trunk so that it is darker on the left than on the right. Draw a few short lines at the base. Draw green fruits of different sizes. They are oval in shape.

Frame: Rio Art Club / YouTube

Color in the fruits. To set the direction of growth of the branches, outline curved lines. On the sides of each, make a lot of short dark green strokes. Place them as close to each other as possible. Add a light green tint to the leaves.

Frame: Rio Art Club / YouTube

Use green and black lines to represent the ground below the picture. So it will not seem that the palm tree is floating in the air.

Shot: Rio Art Club / YouTube

See the entire painting process here:

What other options are there

View of the redwoods from below:

A fascinating drawing that is not easy to repeat:

Here the artist shows how to draw a realistic tree in 40 minutes:

Try drawing a baobab with pencils on black paper:

How to draw a tree with pastels

Frame: Tiku Art / YouTube

What you need

  • Paper;
  • simple pencil;
  • oil pastel.

How to draw

With a simple pencil, mark a horizontal line at the bottom of the sheet. From it, release two broken vertical lines upwards. Get a tree trunk.

Frame: Tiku Art / YouTube

Draw four massive branches. They are widened at the base, and sharper closer to the tips. In the example, the parts have creases. This makes the drawing realistic. Add small branches directed in different directions.

Frame: Tiku Art / YouTube

Shade the trunk and branches on the right with brown pastel - this will show the shadow. Beige chalk is suitable for the left side of the picture.

Frame: Tiku Art / YouTube

Make dark green spots on the branches, consisting of many small dots. Add a light shade around the edges.

Frame: Tiku Art / YouTube

To indicate the texture of the bark, draw small lines on the trunk and branches with a simple pencil. If desired, you can draw several arcs nested inside each other. Sketch the grass at the base of the tree.

Frame: Tiku Art / YouTube

Nuances - in the video:

Other options

Another easy way to draw a realistic tree: