How to preserve birch tree branches for decorating

How to Preserve Birch Logs

Most people love birch logs during Christmas time. However, you can use birch logs to decorate your home at any time of the year. So, how do you preserve birch logs?

Birch is a great focal point in any room. This tree is often used in many DIY projects, including luminaries, tables, bedposts, and more. To keep it in good shape, you will have to dry it before using it. This will keep it from rotting and will keep the critters from feasting on it.


If you have just cut down a piece of birch in your backyard or asked a neighbor if you can have the large branch that fell in their yard, you probably can’t wait to incorporate it into your décor. However, birch is waterproof and tends to rot quickly, and you must work quickly to preserve it to keep it from decaying. Here’s how.


  • Drying Birch Wood Using the Long-Term Method
    • Get the Bugs Out, First
    • Then, Get the Moisture Out
  • Quickly Drying Birch Wood For DIY Projects

Drying Birch Wood Using the Long-Term Method

When it comes to birch wood, it is best to dry this wood out slowly and naturally. If you are in no hurry to use the wood for DIY projects, then you can preserve your birch wood using a much slower process. Keep in mind that since this is a low-moisture wood, the natural process for drying it can take up to a year.

If you prefer to use the long-term drying method, you probably want to use the birch wood primarily for firewood. Birch is an incredibly beautiful wood to place within your fireplace, and it is an excellent wood to burn, but it is not useful if it’s wet, rotten, or moldy. So, how do you preserve birch for firewood?

Get the Bugs Out, First

Before you get to the birch wood preservation process, you must start with the critter removal process. One thing that may be lurking in birch is termites, Japanese beetles, borers, or other pests. You don’t want to bring this wood into your home or anywhere near it before making sure that you have removed the pests. Otherwise, this adorable wood can turn into a termite picnic in your home.

So how do you get the bugs out of wood? One of the best ways to make sure that bugs and other pests don’t start feasting on or making a home out of your birch wood is to preserve it in a dry place. Bugs like termites aren’t attracted to the wood itself; instead, they are attracted to the cellulose in the wood. The cellulose is tastier to termites when it is full of moisture.

Other methods for getting bugs out and keeping bugs off wood are as follows:

  • Suffocate them with plastic.
  • Freeze them in a deep freezer.
  • Use an insecticide on the wood.
  • Kill them with borax.

These methods will get rid of pests on wood. However, borax can also get rid of wood-destroying fungus and molds that may be growing on the birch wood. Ensure that when you are applying these treatments and insecticides, you don’t allow small children or pets around the area. Also, ensure that the borax treatment doesn’t poison the poison the grass or animals by laying a protective barrier down to keep it from seeping onto the ground.

PinBorax can be an effective way to get termites and other insects out of the wood.

Then, Get the Moisture Out

Once you have gotten the bugs off the wood, you must get the moisture out of the wood. This is the most critical part of the preservation process because moisture attracts bugs and can lead to wood rot. If you get enough moisture out of the birch to make it a dry wood, you can use it effectively as firewood. However, it would be best to transform the birch into seasoned wood, which will burn cleaner. Also, seasoned wood minimizes creosote, which can cause chimney or house fires.

Whether you plan to use the birch as lumber or firewood, air drying is a great technique. If you’ll be using the birch for home decore, before you start the process of air-drying the birch, you will have to seal the ends with latex or an end grain sealer for green wood. This prevents the wood from drying out too quickly and cracking on the ends.

You can create an area on your property to pile the wood so that it can dry evenly. It’s best to place the birch wood in a shady spot so that the sun won’t dry it out unevenly. The natural air is best for the wood because it prevents mold growth and provides excellent airflow throughout the birch. Ensure that your wood is not touching the ground by stacking it on a rack or cinder blocks. This keeps termites and moisture off the wood.

Quickly Drying Birch Wood For DIY Projects

Do you want to create adorable DIY projects for the upcoming fall and winter season such as birch candle holders, a holiday wreath, coasters, shelves, or room dividing posts? If so, you may have to get started right away with the wood drying process so that you can finish these projects in time. To get your birch wood dryer faster, splitting it will make it dry in as little as six months.

After splitting wood, you can air dry it in piles similar to the long-term air-drying method. However, if you need the wood to dry even faster than six months, you will have to resort to drying wood in a kiln. To get started, you will need a moisture meter. This allows you to keep track of the moisture content in the birch as it is drying in the kiln. You want to get your moisture content down to about six to eight percent moisture content.

If you are not interested in investing in a wood kiln that could be pretty pricey, another great option, especially for smaller pieces of birch you plan to use for DIY projects, is to place it in a regular microwave oven. When microwaving birch, you have to be careful. Remember, you are not heating TV dinners. You don’t want to heat the wood for longer than two minutes. Also, keep using your moisture meter to check the moisture content as you dry the wood in the microwave.

Once you are finished with drying your birch wood, you can get started on your DIY projects. Another consideration for preserving your wood once it air dries or dries using a quicker method is to use a wood preservation or stabilizing product such as Pentacryl. This also helps with drying and prevents cracking, splitting, warping, or irregular drying.PinProducts like Pentracryl prevent splitting and cracking during the drying process.

Top 35 Ways To Bring The Outside In Through Birch

By Stefan Gheorghe | Published on

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Today is a special day, a day where nature claims its place in the calendar. Thereby I propose to talk about nature and the wonderful things it has to offer. Among them, there are trees, wonderful building materials, and the base for many of the decorative ideas. 

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Today we’ll focus on birch, a tree closely related to the beech or oak. This type of wood has been the subject of many wonderful projects, made by specialists or simply by any of you.  You wouldn’t imagine how many possibilities of creating original decorations and useful items that could surround us in every second and in any type of activity, exist.

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In the first part of this article, we’ll take a look at some wonderful birch project ideas and objects to build with or from birch wood, and then in the second part, we’re actually going to see step by step how could you do similar projects by yourself.

The Best Birch Crafts To Decorate Your Home

1. Birch Tree Wallpaper

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When looking for some serenity in your home, don’t underestimate the beauty something like birch tree wallpaper can add to a room. You will feel like you are at peace in nature even while you are sitting at your own kitchen table. Take a peek at this beautiful birch wallpaper for sale on Burke Décor. The room it is paired with is simple, but that’s okay because the wallpaper does all the decorating that is necessary.

2. Create An Indoor Tree Area With Birch

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Being a natural element wood is usually found outside where it needs rain, sunlight and minerals to grow. This makes them ideal for bringing inside our homes a bit of wild nature to animate the ambiance. As we can see here on Livinator some tall actual birch trees were put along the wall of a walkway behind a small stone wall. This gives the walkway tons of personality and the feel as if you are walking into a forest as you enter.

3. Birch Tree Bed Frame

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Birch trees as decoration can make a great addition to the décor of any room in your house, even the bedroom. Cruise on over to Home ISD and take a look at the beautiful bed frame made almost entirely out of birch trees. It both looks great and gives the room a unique natural feel that you would otherwise be missing. It’s especially neat how each bed post is different, just as no two birch trees are alike.

4. Decorate The Nursery With Birch Trees

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While decorating your nursery for your coming bundle of joy, you will most certainly want to make it a place that inspires growth and potential. What better way to do that than with birch tree decorations? Project Nursery has an example of this idea and it is absolutely adorable. It is also gender neutral, making it an easy choice if you are unsure whether you are having a boy or girl, or if you decided to wait for the surprise.

5. Adorable Birch Branch Nightstand

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This birch side table by Makezine is perfect in terms of design and usefulness. And even better, you can easily make your own version of this project for your home. You will just need a variety of birch trees cut to the same length, and some strong glue to put them together. You will want to ensure the ends are cut flat, and glued evenly so this table stays upright and your items don’t slide off.

Being a natural element, wood is usually found outside where it receives rain, sunlight, and the minerals it needs to grow. This makes them ideal for bringing inside our homes a bit of wild nature to animate the ambiance. As we can see here, some tall actual trees were put in a corner along with other materials from its natural environment for decorative purposes. Thanks to their nature, birch trees are works of art begging to be brought in and utilized in so many different ways. They add so much personality in the rooms they are used in and they are incredibly versatile as well. 

6. Design This Cute Coat Rack

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If in the previous case birch trees were used for decorative purposes, here’s an example where their functional part is revealed. A wonderful piece of birch branch became, with no additional processing, a great coat rack. I would say that this is more than a coat rack. It’s a cool and functional object that supports also tiny dresses, plush toys,  shoes, and so on. It’s just incredible how versatile this simple piece of wood can be. {found on Hobby Vimsa}.

7. Personalized Birch Vase

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Some people love birch trees so much that they inspire them to handmake extraordinary objects, one wouldn’t normally think of. For example here is a vase with carved initials, a great anniversary gift if you ask me. Nothing says love like a personalized birch vase like these ones you can buy on Etsy. Besides just making a great gift for your honey, these could also make great centerpieces for a rustic themed wedding, or you can order it not personalized for a unique vase to use with flowers around your home as decoration.

8. Fun Birch Wood Tray

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 For a romantic breakfast in bed, you can use a wonderful birch wood Serving Tray. One of the coolest things about birch wood is its versatility when it comes to projects. You can use its bark to redecorate a myriad of items, or you can use full slices to create items like this birch tray by Country Living. All you need is a slice of birch, and two decorative drawer handles to make the carrying handles. You can get fancy and paint the tray, as was done in the example, or just leave it plain and it will still be stunning!

9. Cute Plant Baskets Made From Birch

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It’s hard not to be inspired by nature, especially when you have beautiful birch trees around your home. For example, check out these birch baskets by Native Harvest. They were made from pieces of leather as well as bark from their birch tree harvest. Now it is bever advise to peel birch bark off a still living birch tree, as this kills the tree, so be sure if you attempt something like this at home that you use bark from already dead birch trees.

10. Birch Decal For Ceiling Or Walls

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Birch wood has also inspired numerous wall decals, perfect for apartments with tall ceilings. This particular decal is a poster, and it can be purchased for your home on Etsy. This poster is perfect for a kid’s room, office setting, or anywhere where you need to look at something to bring your serenity. And isn’t that little red bird just the cutest?

11. Nifty Birch Tubes

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Birch bark tubes are used in endless combinations for the same amount of tasks.  This particular use focuses on decorative lighting that can be used all year-round.  Their incredible texture gives a special woodsy vibe in the ambiance, great a thematic environment.

Because the bark is thin the light peeking through creates a wonderful effect and a warm glow. If you want an extra festive touch use garlands for a beautiful combination of texture and color. {found on 1. Wig3000, 2-4 Small Stump}.

12. Adorable Branch Slice Card Holders

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These superb gilded cardholders represent the juxtaposition of natural, rough bark with a bit of glam. If you wonder where you could use them, or what to do with them here are some representative examples: you can hold your business cards, or on your office, these can very well hold your photos, as well as desk calendars, or if you are still using formal way of correspondence such an item would be great for your envelopes. Thanks to their availability in various sizes these items can comply with a wide range of tasks. {found on cabin7}.

13. Enjoy a Birch Slice Wall

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One of my favorite uses for birch wood is to really create texture in the room. Look at this amazing wall and say that you don’t love the color as much as the texture.  What other method to change a monotonous space and to add an incredible interest point do you know, except with this piece of a gigantic piece of art. I know I would want to be greeted by this wall every single day I come home. Look at those round pads placed one next to each other in a superb wall symphony. {found on Martha Stewart}.

Like I’ve promised earlier we’re now going to look at some DIY projects, so your inspiration will get a little technical help and  “know how”  for your own projects.

14. DIY Birch Coffee Table

For all of you birch lovers, I am going to present how to make a superb Birch Coffee Table. For this project, you will need approximately 34 birch logs each about 3-4 inches in diameter, at least in this project that was the number of logs, but in your project, these numbers may be irrelevant, some wood glue and screws, plywood, grout, and clear polyurethane.  The first step consists of building the wooden box and table top.

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Then place and glue the wooden logs along each side, for extra strength, screw through the wooden box into each log. An important part is to cut 1 inch wooden rounds and aligning them n rows as you glue them to the box top. After they are secured, spread the grout over the logs with a grout float filling the gaps between pads.

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Use a putty knife and scrape off grout to your desired final look. Then mount feet at the bottom and apply a coat of clear polyurethane over the entire wooden surface. The birch wood coffee table is finished, all it needs now is a great living room to be placed. {found on bottosblog}.

15. Awesome Table Lamp Made Straight From Birch

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What about a DIY project involving wood, light, and electricity? To make a table lamp like this one you will need to find a birch branch to your imagined size and start working on drilling holes for the sockets, mounting a switch, and connecting it through a power cord to a power supply. Mount the bulbs and hit the switch. That’s all you need for a quick bold project. The finished product can sit wherever you want and have the same effect. What a  nice mixture between these two great powers: nature and electricity.{found on etsy}.

16. DIY Small Birch Branch Table

The next DIY idea challenges your imagination because this kind of rough table can be found only in the wood, near forest footpath and in tourist destination for those hardcore mountains enthusiastic and not in a warm cozy living room. This console table is easy to make from simple rough branches.

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The actual process of making it consists of gathering similar tree branches and let them dry, this a very important step because wood tends to change its shape when it dries and you wouldn’t want your table to change its shape with it. After the wood branches are completely dry, cut them to your proper size and build the table top, and then glue and screw everything together, until your DIY adventure materializes in a very good looking, unique table. {found on shelterness}.

17. Amazing DIY Birch Bark Lamp

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Using natural materials in our interiors therefore natural furniture brings us a little closer to nature. For a DIY project like this one you will need to create some unusual lamps with simple materials like fishing wire,  birch bark some basic tools, and the electrical component of the birch bark lampshade: a  60 watts light bulb, 14 gauge electrical wire, and sockets or pendant lamp kits.  

The tricky part of this project is to cut the bark to your own dimensions and stitch the ends together with wire. After that attach the bulb, socket, and their corresponding wires and connect the ensemble to a power supply. Suspend the wonderful lamp in the middle of any room and lower it a little bit for a low light, romantic effect. {found on ruffleblog}.

18. Make Your Own Faux Birch Side Table

Here’s another great DIY project where the star is a wonderful birch log side table. To do that you will need a 12’’ diameter Sonotube concrete form, some plywood, wood glue, screws, and paint.  If you already decided upon how tall the table should be mark a straight line around the Sonotube where you will be cutting.

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Cut out circles from the plywood to the exact size as the tube’s interior and fit it inside. The next process is crucial because you will have to cover the tube with gesso and to replicate exactly the birch’s texture you’ll need to use short horizontal brush strokes. Make sure that you use plenty of gesso and cover all the spots, then let it dry.

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Paint the top in a unique way by squirting some white, beige, and brown paint onto a plate and then dip the paint brush into the paint without mixing it. By painting a circle on top, the cylindrical item will be as close as possible to a real wooden log.  That’s it, you’ve got yourself a marvelous Log Side Table. {found on Katie Steuernagle}.

19. Unique Homemade Birch Headboard

So you can see that birch wood can be used on almost anything we’re going to take a look at a quite challenging project. I said challenging because it’s a little hard to comprehend such a rough looking headboard into a bedroom. To be completely honest it looks more like a  western fence or a cattle gate.

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But for those who appreciate a good woodwork, this could quickly become a must have. So if you decide to build a headboard out of birch branches this is what you’ll need to know.   It costs almost nothing and all you have to do is to find different sized branches both for two strong pillars and the elements connecting them. To fix the branched just use simple nails and a hammer. To achieve a great look paint the wall behind the bed in a color that would highlight the new creation and creates a nice focal point in the bed area. {found on shelterness}.

20. Adorable And Easy Wood Coasters

Another quite simple project to do on a weekend or whenever you have a few minutes is this one. Wooden coasters are something you don’t see every day, especially if they have small artworks painted on them.

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For these unique wooden coasters, you will obviously need some birch wood slices, acrylic paint, some cool printouts, and tracing paper. It is very simple to trace the artwork on the wood, by placing the tracing paper between the paper and wooden coasters. The next step consists of doing the actual paint job and the spray varnish on every one of the coasters, making them original and unique. The nonconformist style is going to be very appreciated and popular among kids thanks to their playful notes. {found on happy}.

21. Romantic Birch Candles

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Do you have a bunch of large plain candles sitting around your coffee table or bathroom? Spice them up with this awesome DIY idea by Sand and Sisial, which only requires that you be able to acquire some birch bark from a tree(dead one of course), tacky spray, and some brown twine for the tie around the middle. This project is very easy, as you simply affix pieces of birch bark that fit to your candle and trim off the excess, leaving you with some beautiful nature themed candles!

22. Birch Christmas Decorations

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Although Birch may naturally lend itself to fitting into your home during the fall season, there are ways to decorate with it even in the dead of winter. Just check out this awesome project by Dream a Little Bigger that you can create using some birch bark sheets and some glue. This project is so simple that you can have the kids help you. What better way to spend the holidays than to sit around the Christmas tree making birch crafts as a family?

23. Birch Christmas Ornaments

Everyone knows you have to have more on your Christmas tree besides just birch garland! So after you’ve made the above project, follow these instructions on CBC Parents to make birch ornaments for your tree. The example features birch being glued to card board that is cut to look like stars, but you can make yours into any shape you want—hearts, angels, or even mini-Christmas trees. They also included additional jewels in the example, which you could add to your project as well, or opt for something else, like bits of pine branches or small pinecones!

24. Classy Birch Photo Frame

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When it comes to decorating your home, you probably have at least a few photographs lining your walls, but have you ever thought about spicing them up with birch? This idea can be found on Garden Mama, and frankly, it looks amazing! The best part is, transforming your photo frames into birch takes barely any work or supplies, and the ending result will have people marveling at how you did it! And you don’t have to stop at one frame, might as well get enough birch to change your entire photo gallery into birch frames.

25. Fancy Birch Napkin Rings

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The occasions when you set the table with cloth napkins are probably few and far between, so why not make them extra special by making these adorable birch napkin rings featured on Twig and Toadstool?

You will be covering up old napkin rings with strips of birch and gluing them down, so be sure you select a set you don’t mind transforming, or buy an inexpensive set for this project. Once finished, these napkin rings are so cute you can even give them as a gift for the holidays!

26. Birch Hanging Plant Stand

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There is nothing like making your plants look great by hanging them where the sunlight is best, or where they can be up and out of the way of pets or running children. Just check out this DIY plant stand on Be Repurposed that you can make using a slice of birch wood.

It’s both adorable and functional, and your plants will love it! This hanging plant stand can be used both indoors and outdoors, making it the ideal choice for a plant that may need to be moved as the seasons change.

27. Birch Woodsy Jewelry Holder

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The hardest part about owning jewelry is knowing where to store it! The good news is, you can use a birch branch piece to create this jewelry holder by Une Touche De Rose, and have a unique spot to keep all of your jewelry from getting tangled.

You will need a drill to complete this project, but otherwise, you can probably find everything else you need lying around the house. In the explanation, the knobs to hold the jewelry are made with old dresser and nightstand drawer knobs. You can do the same, or purchase new knobs, or even hooks, whatever you prefer.

28. Birch Tea Light Holder

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Not everyone loves giant candles, rather they prefer a selection of small tealights spread around the home. If this sounds like you, then this birch tealight holder by A Beautiful Mess is for you. This project doesn’t require much, as you’ll be taking a birch slice and drilling holes to fit tealights in it.

The birch slice you use can be as big or as small as you want, and you can drill holes for the exact number of tealights you want it to hold. You also don’t need to be afraid of moving this piece once it is finished, as the holes you drill will keep all the tealights in place, making it a safer alternative than most comparable tealight holders you can buy in stores.

29. Use Birch To Create a Centerpiece

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When it comes to centerpieces, it can be hard to find the one that is perfect for your home, especially at the right price. That’s why this holiday season you should consider making your own like Welcome to the Woods did, using birch branches, pine boughs, and sparkly red ornaments.

She built hers in a metal trough, but you could use almost anything you want as the base—from a wooden box, or even a birch basket that you made yourself.

30. Magical Birch Fairy House

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If your kids are watching you make all these birch crafts and wondering what is in it for them, you should introduce them to the idea of creating this birch fairy house from Twig and Toadstool.

Not only is it adorable, it also makes a great fall decoration to place on a table runner or on a centerpiece and your kids will love pulling apart pinecones to make the roof shingles. Don’t be afraid to make more than one and have a whole fairy village in your home.

31. DIY Birch Clock

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Still have large birch slices lying around? Then use one of them to make this gorgeous clock by The Summery Umbrella. Admittedly, this project isn’t for the faint of heart, as it requires dismantling an inexpensive wall clock to get the hands for your wooden clock.

You will also need a steady hand to paint the numbers for the clock face. But for those who don’t find these tasks off-putting, your house will surely benefit from this beautiful handmade decoration.

32. Sweet Birch Chalkboard

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Every home needs a chalkboard. A chalkboard is it a nifty place to leave messages for one another, and it can additionally be a great place to start a grocery list or your to-do list for the day.

But before you run out and buy a chalkboard, you should consider creating this birch chalkboard by Iowa Girl Eats. All you will need is a large slice of birch of your choosing, chalkboard paint, and a stand to set it on, it really is that simple!

33. Birch Slice Wreath

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Wreaths are one of the best ways to decorate your front door year-round. But when you are in between seasons, it can be difficult to find the perfect wreath to use as decoration. Follow the instructions found on Finding Home Farms to create this unique wreath using birch slices, bits of burlap, and flowers.

You’ll find that this wreath is a great decoration for both fall and spring depending on the flowers you choose to style it! You could even replace the flowers with fake birds or butterflies to make this wreath a bit more colorful and use it as a summer decoration too.

34. Log Slice Flower Vase Holder

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If the birch vase and flower baskets above weren’t for you, then this log slice vase holder might be a little more up your alley. This project, featured on Ashbee Design, takes slices of birch and turns them into holders for your thinnest glass vases. This gives them a very modern and cohesive look.

This project does require a heavy-duty drill, but when you get your hands on one, there’s no reason not to make a few of these for all your vases, or to give them as cute gifts to friends.

35. Decorative Birch Slice Mirror

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As you are cutting birch for your DIY birch wall, there’s no reason not to save the leftovers to spice up a mirror in another room! This project, designed by Jaime Costiglio, uses a variety of wood slices, but there is no reason not to exclusively use birch.

This project is deceptively simple, only requiring you to create a frame for your mirror using a piece of plywood and the birch circles, then you will glue your mirror to the center to have a beautiful new decorative birch slice mirror!


If you haven’t noticed yet, birch is a truly versatile decoration that can be used to spruce up your home all year long. Whether you choose to just add one of these awesome birch projects to your home, or deck out the entire place until it looks like a fairy wonderland, you now have 35 amazing birch projects up your sleeve! So grab your birch bark and your creative mind and start crafting!

what can be done from branches and threads, step by step workshops

Amazing things for home decor can be made from ordinary twigs. Such a pleasant and positive energy, perhaps, does not have any material for creativity. In addition, this is an excellent budget option that does not require almost any financial investment. Today, in the Homius review, we will conduct several master classes and, using a good example, we will show what can be done from knots, branches and threads, and creative photographs and imagination will help make your interior unique.

Contents of the article

  • 1 Which twigs are suitable for home crafts
  • 2 How to prepare and store twigs for work
  • 3 Workshops on making creative DIY crafts
    • 3. 1 Creative flower girl
    • Christmas wreath
    • 3.3 Volumetric Christmas tree
    • 3.4 PHOTO: happymodern.ruStylish lamp
    • 3.5 Unusual bouquet stand
  • 4 Original examples of creating creative crafts from branches and threads
  • 5 Conclusion

Which branches are suitable for home crafts

When you go for a walk, do not forget to look for suitable materials for home crafts. Not all twigs can be used in work, when choosing, use the following recommendations:

  • twigs with resin are not suitable for creativity, since both hands and the workplace will be stained with droplets, and it is not easy to wash them;
  • for handicrafts it is better to use flexible branches, such material will not break during work;
  • for starters it is better to avoid forked branches, they are much more difficult to work with;
  • easier to process birch and aspen branches;
  • maple and oak branches are best used immediately, as they will dry out over time and the work will become much more difficult.

Coniferous twigs are difficult to work with, so they are best used by experienced craftswomen.

PHOTO: doit-yourself.ruGorgeous design work made of branches, vines and threads will decorate any interior PHOTO: The craft will be a great gift for any holiday

How to prepare and store twigs for work

In order for the craft to last as long as possible , it is important to properly prepare the branches. The process consists of two simple steps:

  1. Pre-wash them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  2. An obligatory step is drying the twigs so that the craft does not warp over time. This should be done within two weeks at room temperature, or you can send the material to an ajar oven at a minimum temperature for several hours.
PHOTO: legkovmeste.ruSprigs should be free of signs of rotting and damagePHOTO: vsesamodelki.ruWeak solution of potassium permanganate will prevent the appearance of insects

After drying, the sprigs are best stored in a plastic container in a cool, dark place with a lid. If the material is too dry, you can lightly moisten it with water before work to restore flexibility.

Tip! If ​​a peeled twig is needed for crafts, it is better to remove the bark before drying. The varnish can be applied only after the material has completely dried.

PHOTO: vsesamodelki.ruTo process twigs, you will need a secateurs

Workshops on making creative crafts with your own hands

Each craftswoman will have a box with beautiful threads or yarn that can be used to make crafts from twigs. Additionally, you may need a glue gun or a regular tube of Moment glue, a variety of decor, including those of natural origin, and unlimited imagination.

Creative flower girl

See what a unique flower girl you can make with your own hands. Such a craft will decorate both a country house and an elegant living room.

For work we will need:

  • plank of wood;
  • glasses or pretty containers;
  • twigs;
  • twine;
  • for decoration - cut flowers and water.

The most important thing is that we do not need any glue or self-tapping screws to connect the parts.

Getting Started:

  1. Put the glasses on a wooden board.
  2. Pick up 4 branches, the length of which will go beyond the borders of the composition.
  3. On the sides there should be 2 horizontal branches at the top and bottom, as well as similar segments should separate the glasses from each other.
  4. You will need vertical branches to separate each piece.
  5. Tie the pieces together with twine.
PHOTO: tutknow.ruPrefabricated flower arrangements look spectacular in this design PHOTO: br.pinterest.comAnother original way to decorate an old vase or planter

Christmas or Easter wreath from twigs

You can make an original wreath from twigs, which will be both an independent element of interior decor and the basis for decorating a Christmas or Easter composition. For work, we need flexible twigs, preferably birch.

Step-by-step master class for making the base of the wreath:

  1. Sort the branches, select the same rods without knots.
  2. Put an oval or a circle on the table. PHOTO:
  3. Tie the rods together with thick twine or twine.
  4. Weave thin branches into the resulting base, you can tie them with twine.
  5. Coat the finished composition with spray paint or varnish and leave to dry.
  6. After the varnish or paint has dried, the base can be placed under a shaping press.
  7. Decorate the base with coniferous twigs, cones, bright ribbons, decorative Easter eggs, tinsel, bells. Here, nothing limits the imagination of the craftswoman.

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3D Christmas tree

3D tree will be a wonderful Christmas decoration for your desktop or home interior. Additionally, it can be decorated with a miniature LED backlight, and this craft will create a romantic mood in the bedroom or nursery.

Let's get started:

  1. Form a circle from flexible rods, fixing the base with twine and a glue gun.
  2. From thicker branches form a frame by tying the top with string. Glue the bottom with hot glue.
  3. Gradually weave flexible rods between the vertical branches, filling the space from the bottom up. PHOTO:
  4. You can cover the base with varnish or paint.
  5. After drying, decorate the craft with a garland, cones, toys, tinsel and bows.


PHOTO: happymodern.ruStylish lamp

An original lamp will decorate any interior, it will look especially harmonious in a living room or a romantic bedroom.

For work you need to prepare:

  • branches of different lengths;
  • acrylic paints;
  • twine;
  • glue gun;
  • decor: cones, ribbons or rhinestones;
  • lampshade with lamp;
  • vase or glass container.

Step by step:

  1. Degrease the surface of the vase or container with alcohol.
  2. Glue the branches vertically to the surface of the vase, leaving small gaps between them. You can additionally secure the rods with twine.
  3. Lower the energy-saving light bulb with the holder inside the vase, fasten the wire to the twigs.
  4. Decorate the composition with decor.
  5. You can paint the twigs with silver, white or soft pink paint and add some sparkles.

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Unusual bouquet stand

Flowers are a wonderful gift. The unusual design of the bouquet will always cause delight and admiration, and for sure the creative composition will remain in your memory for a long time.

For work we need:

  • twigs with and without leaves;
  • cut flowers;
  • wire and twine;
  • beautiful ribbon for decoration.

Getting Started:

  1. Trim the branches so they are the same size.
  2. Cut 2 pieces of thin wire and fold them in half.
  3. Place both pieces of wire on the work table, placing a twig between them. The wire should be at some distance from the edges.
  4. Make one turn of the wire around the twig. The coil should securely fix the twig.
  5. Gradually fasten all branches in the same way.
  6. Fix the ends of the wire firmly and cut off the excess.
  7. You will get a path, you need to lay it out on the surface and distribute flowers and thin branches with leaves inside.
  8. Twist the track, but not too tightly.
  9. Secure the ends of the runner with floral wire.
  10. Decorate the arrangement with twine or pretty ribbon.
  11. Place the composition in a container of water.



Original examples of creating creative crafts from branches and threads

be cozy. Decorative elements play an important role in creating a special atmosphere. Unusual and creative crafts in specialized stores are quite expensive, so we suggest creating a unique eco-decor with your own hands. We have put together a great collection of ideas to help you get creative at home.

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As you can see, you don't need much skill to create unusual crafts from branches and threads. The main thing is to apply creative creativity and imagination. We hope that our step-by-step instructions will help you create a unique decor that will bring a special atmosphere to your interior.

Share in the comments which craft you liked the most and you will certainly make it yourself.



With your own hands Unusual decoration from a piece of wire


With your own hands

Wood products have always been particularly attractive, even with the maximum simplicity of design. Many will agree with this. Whether the success of the tree is due to the naturalness of the material, which by its nature is environmentally friendly, or unlimited decorative possibilities is not an easy question. But one thing is known, interiors where wood is used endow the space with a special magic of home comfort and warmth, help to calm down and feel comfortable.

And if putting wooden furniture in the house is not the cheapest choice today, then you can diversify the interior with wooden details even for free. To do this, you can make decor elements from wood with your own hands. Collecting several branches, unusually shaped snags, picking up a few logs from the dacha, finding the remains of boards or wood that are far hidden after repair is within the power of everyone. But from all this unusual things can turn out. The main thing is that they will be exclusive, because they will be created independently, even if using ready-made ideas. You just need to be able to discern a creative vein in ordinary, useless pieces of wood, their unusualness, uniqueness, beauty and not be shy to experiment.

The role of wood in interior design

It is not necessary to be a master of working with natural materials to create interior accessories from wood. Products can have a fairly simple decor, but at the same time look original and unusual. The whole secret lies in the natural beauty of the material, which can be emphasized if desired by covering the product with wax, varnish. You can, on the contrary, tint the tree with now fashionable shades of gold, silver or any other colors.

Wood goes well with other decorative materials such as natural stone, sea shells, glass, coarse fibers, natural gifts: cones, needles, acorns, ears of corn and others. Sometimes unusual combinations can look spectacular, and they will win due to contrasts. Of course, you want the “masterpieces” made of wood to look presentable and stylish, fit perfectly into the interior or complement it. The thing you created will not look like a schoolchild's handicraft only if, when creating it, all the features of an already existing interior and its compatibility with the aesthetics of natural textures are taken into account.

Preparatory process

For DIY wood decor, you need quality material. Used in the manufacturing process, raw wood can change over time as it dries out. So, the diameter of the logs may decrease, the planks will sag, and cracks will form on the cuts. Another tree is a material that is very attractive to various pests. Before you start decorating an apartment with hand-made wooden crafts, you must make sure that the raw materials are clean and not infected by small inhabitants. Otherwise, you will have to collect over time only the dust from the product.

On the other hand, it is easier to remove the bark or weave from thin flexible branches while they are still damp. To make crafts durable and wear-resistant, it is best to treat wood with special protective impregnating agents and mastics. This may not necessarily be merciless chemistry, but quite an effective old method of coating with linseed or sunflower oil with the addition of herbs and roots. The finish is the same old-fashioned method - a mixture of esters, resins and beeswax to emphasize the natural grain of the wood.

In addition to raw materials, you need to prepare a drill, sandpaper, glue or a glue gun, decorative elements of the product.

Inspirational Ideas

Fancy frame

You can use any of our options for effective framing. In the first case, you can use branches and driftwood to make wooden frames with your own hands. In this option, accurate measurements and mathematical calculations are not needed, the naturalness of the fasteners is important here. When creating a frame, large snags can be glued together, and it is better to fasten thin branches with a careless, rough rope. You also need to insert appropriate stylistic photos into these frames - a view of the sea, if the sticks belong to marine plants, an image of a forest or nature for framing from ordinary branches.

Another idea for a frame could be a romantic retro look. To do this, you need to paste over the passe-partout with birch bark, which has gone through a pre-drying process. This completes the creation of the frame, it remains only to place your favorite photo in it and admire it.

Flame Magic

The combination of the rough texture of wood and the soft glow of fire looks especially charming in the interior of the room, you can look at the spectacle of a cozy homemade candle flame endlessly. It is not at all difficult to make such a piece of decor, you just need to find a log that is suitable in size and appearance, drill a small recess in it at the place where you sawed off, equal in size to the height and diameter of a tea candle. Combinations of a pair of identical or several candlesticks of different sizes or heights look beautiful.

It's a good idea to choose a nice piece of driftwood or a large branch with knots and make several holes evenly in it for the flat wax pieces. Such a candlestick will perfectly decorate a place above the hearth, a ceremonial table.

If there is no suitable branch, then simply decorate an ordinary glass with a fence made of branches and insert a candle into it.

New life for old watches

In the era of modern technology and computerization, ordinary wall clocks in houses and apartments perform a decorative function rather than being the main indicator of time. That's why you can find so many design decisions regarding watches with certain liberties.

To decorate one of the rooms in your home, you can make your own unusual clock from saw cut wood. Material for these purposes is better to take large, more textured, with good bark. It will be a dial, which must first be carefully sanded. The numbers will need to be burned out with a special device at their destinations, and a hole is drilled in the center with a drill for future arrows. It remains to prepare the clock mechanism and attach it to the back of the dial. You can use an old but working watch, or buy a new one and extract the mechanics from it.

There is an option to create a non-standard dial - you just need to put small sticks of different sizes on glue to each other.

Panel of wooden circles

The same interesting idea of ​​saw cuts can be implemented in many variations. For example, you can creatively decorate a small tea table for a summer residence with a tree. It is necessary to prepare several logs of various trees, make cuts of the same thickness and randomly plant them on glue directly on the countertop. You can additionally use tiles, mosaics to cover all the free space between the wooden circles.

Such an idea with saw cuts is quite inspiring, it is not uncommon to find walls decorated with flat saw cuts in a room. Decorating one of them in your home on your own is quite simple, while providing a bright accent in the room.

Hallway decoration

For those people who want to spice up their home and bring a touch of humor into it, this idea will come in handy - to build a tree hanger for outerwear and hats from old boards. The combination of rudeness and brightness of the idea will make the hallway extravagant.

A more modest option is to create a tyn on one of the wall shelves, you need to look for thicker rods, and their branches will serve as hooks for clothes.

Exclusive shelves

No one today will be surprised by the fact that shelves and racks can be made of wood. But in order to transform them, create unusual or even original, a little imagination will come in handy. The easiest way to make an original shelf is to use boards worn by time and sea water, these can be picturesque remains of ships. To make the shelf look stylish, you can supplement it with metal holders that fit perfectly into the marine theme.

Like a floating bookshelf, made of planed boards and carpentry blocks of different thicknesses and colors, it can have many interpretations of appearance. The shelf will be held by thick ropes, so you need to choose a material with an interesting texture. In the board, which will be the shelf, you need to drill a hole on each side, do the same with the bars. Through these holes, you need to thread the rope, tie tight knots at the ends from below, and fasten the sea knot through the loop from above. You need to hang the shelf on 2 hooks driven into the wall in advance. Natural holders will serve as an alternative to hooks. You can use thick birch branches instead of shelf brackets.

Branch cornice

From a thick textured branch, you can create a wonderful decorative cornice for curtains.

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