How to put a tree stand up

Top Tactics for Setting up a Tree Stand

Tree stands come in many shapes and sizes, but they all serve a similar purpose–to give you an elevated, hidden position from which to shoot. No matter what state you’re hunting whitetails in, using a well-placed tree stand can give you the edge you need, but a poorly hung tree stand can ruin a season. Here are the top tactics for setting up a tree stand you can use to seek success.

Types of Tree Stands

Ladder stands, tripod stands, climbing stands and hang-on stands all offer different pros and cons depending on your terrain, cover and hunting situations, but generally they all aim to get hunters off the ground for better viewpoints and better shots. As these top tactics can be applied to a variety of tree stands, each may need to be adjusted to your specific stand type.

“I think both ground blinds and tree stands have their advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. Personally, I absolutely love being 25 feet up a tree. When the terrain allows, I always look for a place to hang a stand. I like the height advantage and the liberty for a better view.” -Realtree’s Phillip Culpepper

Here’s a list of common tree stand variants you might be setting up:

Climbing Tree Stand

A very minimal stand that doesn’t require excessive climbing gear. The climbing tree stand typically features two platforms, with one attaching to the hunter’s feet. Just as an inchworm would climb along a leaf, one platform is secured to the tree while the other moves up and locks in place. Then the other platform moves up, and so on.

Ladder Stand

As its name implies, a ladder stand is simply a ladder attached to a platform. A ladder stand is generally set up for an entire season, and they are not adjustable for different heights. They are easy to climb and might offer more platform space from which to shoot.

Tree Saddle

Gaining in popularity and frequently see on The Hunting Public, tree saddles cradle your backside while tethering you to a tree. Your feet rest on a small platform and you can sit comfortably, bracing your knees against a tree, or stand while leaning back to make a shot.

Tripod Deer Stand

Also known as the tower stand, these tree stands are freestanding platforms supported by three or four legs. These are useful in open country when there are no, or limited, trees for other types of stands.

Hang-On Tree Stand

Hang-on tree stands are versatile and very popular, allowing you to hang your tree stand from virtually any tree exactly the way you want it. With a hang-on stand, you’ll need to use tree steps or a climbing stick to access the stand. Hang-on tree stands are great for trees that aren’t straight or have lots of limbs, which climbing tree stands wouldn’t be able to climb.

Tree Stand Placement

Not every tree is a perfect fit for a tree stand. That’s why learning the art of tree stand placement is key for better hunting success. Factors like orientation, height and potential obstructions should be top of mind when placing your stand.

“When prepping a stand location, visualize the most likely deer approach and what they’ll be able to see. Set the platform in a way that would require a minimal amount of movement to grab your bow, draw, and shoot.” -DIY Sportsman’s Garrett Prahl

Finding the right tree is the first step in placing a good tree stand. Trees around 18 inches in diameter or larger seem to work best. They’re sturdy enough to support your body weight and wide enough to hide your shoulders. Thinner trees will expose your outline.

Keep the sun on your back. The lens of human eyes filters out UV light, but deer lack a UV filter. If you know the direction from which a deer might approach try to hang your tree stand so you’re between it and the sun.

Cover also plays a factor when you’re looking for the perfect tree because not every tree is created equal. Stand where you expect the deer to offer a shot and look up at the tree. The sun should be shining in your face depending on the time of day. Now imagine a person in that tree. Would it create a big silhouette?

This is a deer’s home, and you are just a visitor. If a picture on the wall in your house was moved to a different spot when you came home, would you be a little nervous? Same thing goes for deer. Find a tree that has enough leaves and branches to break up your outline, and especially consider cover behind the stand. Also remember most trees other than pines lose their leaves. A stand in September might be fully covered with leaves, but when you come in November it could be wide open.

While the winds might change, your hunting tree stand does not. Expert hunters will rely on more than one tree stand in a season and choose the one with the best wind direction that day. This is what hunters refer to as “hang and hunt.” This method allows you to find the best spot for that day of hunting, hang a stand, and hunt from that stand – hence hang and hunt. It takes practice to be efficient and quiet while hunting this way. Can you hang and access your tree stand five times in a row at home without making noise? If not, keep practicing.

“If it’s the rut and I’m hunting a ‘pinch point’ I’m all about setting up for a 20 yard shot. If it’s early season or late season, and I’m sitting on a heavy food source, I like to sit within shooting distance of where the deer are going (30-40 yards).” -Realtree’s Phillip Culpepper

Tree stand height is extremely important to understand for hunting whitetails. With climbing deer stands, especially, where you can climb to different heights, you’ll want a solid strategy going into each area. Here are several top tactics for hanging tree stands at the right height:

  • Place your stand as high as possible when you can. Unless you’re after a particular shot on a whitetail you’ve been monitoring, getting above a deer’s normal line of site (higher than 15-20 feet) will improve your chances of success.
  • Find the right height that gives you multiple shooting lanes. Remember, if allowed, you can create or improve a shooting lane by trimming foliage and branches.
  • Measure the distance of your expected shot as it relates to the height of your tree stand. It’s ideal to keep your expected bowhunting shot between 15-20 yards.

“Typically, I like to be at least 20 feet off the ground. I would say 23-25 feet is the perfect height. I am scared to death of heights so I rarely ever go above 25 feet. If the terrain is steep I’ll go higher to avoid being ‘eye level’ with deer coming off the ridge, but in a perfect situation around 20 feet is the perfect height. The higher you go, the smaller the kill zone becomes.” -Realtree’s Phillip Culpepper

Getting to Your Deer Stand

Don’t break your hunt before it’s even started by making these common mistakes getting to your deer stand. You’ve put the work into hanging the best tree stand possible; now it’s time to get to it unnoticed.

“Wind is critical. You can’t just think about what your scent will be doing on your tree stand, but also where it’ll be going along that entire time it takes to access it. When getting close, slow down and use natural noise like wind gusts as cover to silently make the final approach.” -DIY Sportsman’s Garrett Prahl

Guide for Getting to Your Deer Stand:

  1. Be aware of the wind direction at every point between your hunting rig and your stand. If it’s not favorable, you might need to choose another spot.
  2. Access your stand from the lowest ground possible. Never walk a ridge line to your stand just because it’s a straight shot. Choose cover over quickness.
  3. Do not walk along game trails or across fields and food plots to get to your tree stand. You’ll leave your scent anywhere you walk.
  4. Slow down. Deer eyes are designed to catch movement. If you’re careful with the wind and your scent control you’ll have all the time you need to approach your deer stand without busting a savvy whitetail.

Using onX for Setting up Tree Stands

The onX Hunt App is set up to help you plan and hang your tree stands. Use colored waypoints to mark your preferred hunting stands for different wind directions, or based on morning or evening hunts.

Marking photo waypoints from your deer stand locations is helpful for visualizing the shots you have from that stand. You can reference those waypoints when you’re practicing pre-season bow shooting the following year.

One final, but very important: always wear your harness. Stay tethered to the tree at all times by using a full-body harness attached to a lineman’s rope that anchors above your tree stand.

“Regardless if you’re 10 feet off the ground or 30 feet, ALWAYS USE A SAFETY HARNESS!!!” -Realtree’s Phillip Culpepper

How to Set Up a Tree Stand – NOMAD Outdoor

Hunting deer with a firearm is a thrilling sport that takes dedication and practice. However, bowhunting offers an entirely different adventure that requires patience and near-obsessive attention to detail. One of those essential details is the right tree stand. 

A tree stand offers a great vantage point that gives you increased visibility of the environment and provides added cover from your prey. You need to set up your tree stand efficiently and strategically if you want your hunt to be successful. Here are some tips on how to set up a tree stand.

Have a Distinct Purpose

When picking the location of your tree stand, make sure you are choosing it for the right reasons. You need to have at least a few good reasons why your particular tree is the ideal spot. If you can’t identify specific reasons for your decision, you need to choose a different location. Still, if you saw a buck pass by earlier or if there is ample evidence of deer in the vicinity, you’re probably on the right track. 

Create Noiseless Access

You don’t want to alert the local deer population every time you’re getting in or out of your stand, so make sure your entrance and exit are as quiet as possible. If you make a lot of noise, you’ll alert the deer you’re trying to hunt.

Block Your Scent

To shield your scent from the deer, you need a wind blocker or escape. It should be some area, like a large open field, in which the deer would usually be wary of crossing. Your stand should be situated so the wind blows your scent across this dead zone.

A wind blocker can also be a geographical feature – a wide river or ditch – that prevents your prey from walking directly into your scent stream. The ideal spot will have the same effect when the wind blows from a few different directions. 

Some hunting clothes have scent blockers built into them to deter the deer from detecting your presence. But, you don’t want to take any chances. Use wind escapes and blockers to optimize your luck at bagging a trophy.

Use Tree Camo

Tree camo is just as important as the best whitetail hunting clothes when it comes to disguising your presence from your prey. Choose a tree perch that provides you with adequate cover. Look for a tree with plenty of branches and leaves to mask your presence. Oaks and cedars are excellent choices because they tend to be quite bushy around tree stand height.

If you’ve found a great location without adequate cover, you can create a makeshift cover by cutting down branches, hauling them up to your stand or using fake Christmas tree parts for camouflage.

Source: REDAV /

Build Shooting Lanes

You should cover your tree stand, but you also want to give yourself a clear, accurate shot. Ensure you have adequate shooting lanes from your perch so you don’t miss your chance when a buck passes.

Trim all the branches in one or two directions so you have a clear shot when a buck appears. And if there’s one small branch that’s just out of reach, find a way to get to it. Bowhunting is a precise sport, and one small branch can ruin a great shot.

Find a Suitable Height

To create an excellent tree stand, make sure you build it at the proper height. Too low, and the deer will spot you. Too high, and you risk losing the shot due to the angle of your arrow. 

The ideal height for a tree stand is about 20 feet off the ground. If there’s minimal cover in the trees, some hunters go even higher. A deer population used to a lot of hunting will often check the trees for danger. 

Funnel the Deer

You can also work with the terrain around your tree stand to funnel your prey toward you. Use obstacles like barbed wire, large logs or thick brush to guide the deer toward the area of your tree stand.

You may have to work a little to get your funneling landscape just right. Chop down trees or gather some thick brush with thorns to move into a viable area. It may be arduous, but it will lead the buck right to your doorstep.

Setup Success

If you’re bowhunting from a tree stand this season, you have to be careful and deliberate. 

Pick a tree near deer habitats with a lot of cover. Manipulate the landscape to create even more cover and funnel the deer toward you. Using performance hunting gear and terrain that blocks your scent will increase your chances of bagging a buck. With some care, forethought, precision and strategy, you will find success with your bow in a tree stand. 

At Nomad, we specialize in performance hunting gear that is designed by hunters for hunters to improve your experience in the field. To find out more about our full range of apparel, browse our online catalog or contact us at our help center. 

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Where should the money tree be in the house and in which room in the apartment is it better to put the fat woman, can it be placed in the bedroom

  • Where should the money tree be in the apartment for proper development
  • Is it possible to put a money tree in the bedroom
  • Where to put a money tree in an apartment according to Feng Shui
  • Is it possible to take a fat woman out into the yard and onto the balcony
  • In which room is it better to place a fat woman
  • How to plant Crassula to attract money
  • Folk omens about a fat woman

Crassula tree can be found in many houses and apartments. This succulent is loved by flower growers for its unpretentiousness, attractive and unusual appearance, but besides this, there is a belief that this tree brings good luck to the house and attracts prosperity. Its leaves are rounded and outwardly very similar to coins, which is why the fat woman is called the money tree and a symbol of wealth.

Where should the money tree be in the apartment for proper development

For the proper development of the plant, maintaining its health and beautiful appearance, it is very important to place the money tree in the apartment correctly. The choice of placement must be approached thoroughly, remembering that Crassula really does not like a change of scenery.

One of the important points when deciding where to put the money tree is the illumination of the space.

Crassula loves the sun very much, but at the same time she does not tolerate direct sunlight and ultraviolet light. For this reason, the money tree should not stand in the house on the sunniest window sill, otherwise the flower will get burned and die.

At the southern window in the apartment, it is best to put a money tree on a table or bedside table, located next to the windowsill, shading it with a light tulle curtain. In this case, the plant will receive a sufficient level of light.

We should not forget about ventilation, as the fat woman loves fresh air very much, but at the same time she does not tolerate cold and drafts.

For this reason, you need to place the fat woman so that the main air flows do not fall on it during ventilation. There should also be moderate humidity in the room, so if the air in the room is too dry, it must be periodically humidified from a sprayer or a humidifier should be installed.

But it is not recommended to spray the fat woman itself.

The place where you plan to put the Crassula should be not only bright, but also warm. In summer, the temperature should be in the range of 20 - 25 ° C. The plant does not tolerate higher rates, so it is important to prevent overheating.

In winter, the temperature should not fall below +15°C, but it should not be maintained above 18°C. Crassula loves space, so it is recommended to place it separately, without the neighborhood of other plants, especially those that need frequent spraying.

Is it possible to put a money tree in the bedroom? The plant is best placed by the window, screened from the direct rays of the sun with a light transparent curtain.

In winter during the day, the curtain should be moved aside so that the tree receives more light, or provide it with additional lighting.

If the southeast window is in the bedroom, you can put a money tree there as well, as it does no harm. On the contrary, a fat woman, with proper care, cleans the air well, disinfects it, helps fight infections, and improves rest. Many people call the placement of a fatty in the bedroom a very good solution.

There is an opinion that a fat woman in the bedroom helps to restore strength and energy during sleep, improves working capacity and general well-being of a person.

However, it must be remembered that if the bedroom is not on the south or southwest side and is a rather dark room, then it is better to put the fat woman in another place, since the plant may die here.

Where to put a money tree in an apartment according to Feng Shui

According to this teaching, it is necessary to determine the wealth zone in a house or apartment, and it is there that a fat woman should be placed, having prepared a special place for her. As a rule, the southeastern part of the room, or rather, the farthest corner from this side of the house or apartment, is considered the wealth zone.

Therefore, it is recommended to put the fat woman in this corner, but closer to the window, so that the tree receives a sufficient amount of light. But it is important to remember that no matter what room the wealth zone is in, the conditions in it should also be taken into account. They must be comfortable for the maintenance of the plant.

In the room where the wealth zone is located, before placing the fat girl, it is recommended to make the right color scheme, aimed at attracting money. Red color and its shades in this case can not be used.

Violet or lilac combined with green is the best choice. Being in such a place, a fat woman will bring good luck to her owners in money matters, maintain excellent health and well-being.

Is it possible to take a fat woman out into the yard and onto a balcony

Of course, a fat woman feels best in a large and spacious house than in a small apartment. In a dark room, the tree does not have enough space and air, moreover, in apartments, the plant often suffers from dust.

In the summer, if possible, it is recommended to take the fat woman to the balcony, to fresh air, but be sure to protect it from direct sunlight.

If the tree is in a private or country house, then in summer it can be taken out into the garden, placing it so that the sun cannot burn the leaves. For example, you can place a fat woman under a large fruit tree, the leaves of which will shield it from the scorching sun.

It is impossible to plant a plant in open ground, as this can lead to the death of Crassula. Crassula is very demanding on the composition of the soil, and the soil in the gardens is not at all suitable for growing it.

In what room is it better to place a fat woman

In fact, the purpose of the room in which the fat woman will be placed does not really matter. If the southeast windows are in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the toilet, then you can place the plant there, but subject to the obligatory provision of the correct conditions of detention.

It is important that the tree is not exposed to overheating, exposure to direct sun and drafts, does not suffer from excess moisture and air stagnation.

It is best to place the crassula not on the windowsill, but on a bedside table or a special floor stand near the window. The room must be frequently ventilated and cleaned in a timely manner so that dust does not accumulate.

Fat girl does not like high levels of humidity, dust and stagnant air.

If the fat woman is placed in the bathroom, all water taps must be repaired. If water drips in the bathroom in the presence of a fat woman, this will contribute to the flow of money from the house, and not their arrival.

How to plant a crassula to attract money

It is not by chance that the fat woman is called the money tree by the people. This name is due to the fact that the leaves of the plant look like coins. For many centuries, the fat woman has been considered a symbol and talisman of prosperity and good luck, however, in order to activate the talisman, the tree must not only be placed in the wealth zone, but also properly planted, providing it with full care in the future.

In order for a tree to attract money, it is recommended to steal its sprout for planting in a family with a high level of income.

For planting, not only the stalk (twig) of the plant, but also the leaves are suitable. Crassula gets used to her master and has an effect mainly on one person, so you should plant a tree on your own, as well as take care of it.

When planting on the bottom of the pot, you need to place good drainage, and on top of it (under the ground) several coins of different denominations.

After rooting the tree and placing it in a permanent place in the zone of wealth, in order to attract additional money, it is recommended to tie a red ribbon on the trunk of the plant, and tie several banknotes to the branches with red threads. The tree needs to provide the right conditions so that it feels great and fills the room with positive energy.

Folk signs about a fat woman

A lot of different signs and superstitions are associated with a fat woman, most of which are related to money and wealth. For example, if a fat woman loses leaves, this is considered a very bad sign.

People say that this happens because in the place where the plant is placed, there is a very bad energy, and in this case it will not attract money. On the contrary, in such a situation, luck turns away from the owner of the house.

If the tree dies, this may indicate an impending financial collapse, a significant loss in money, or serious financial difficulties.

To attract money, the tree must be placed in the brightest, cleanest and most spacious place, by the window on the southwest side, planting it in a red pot and tying its trunk with a red ribbon.

It is believed that the richer and more beautiful the pot and ribbon look, the more money will flow into the house. For this reason, many people try to decorate these items with lace, beads or rhinestones, but always red. However, there should be nothing more red in the interior of the room.

Money tree at home: how to water, where to put

Many people want to have money trees at home so that they bring wealth and material luck to the house. However, you can’t just put a money flower at home, you need to protect it and cherish it. From our material you will learn how to grow a money tree, as well as learn the intricacies of caring for it at home.


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A homemade money tree most often turns out to be a crassula or a fat woman - plants of this genus are the most common. This money plant in nature has more than 300 species that grow into shrubs. But we will talk about the home money plant, which in a flowerpot resembles a small tree.

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Money tree at home: rays of light

The money tree can be safely placed on the windowsill, even if the sun's rays fall on it. Without them, the money plant will get sick and it is likely that it will die quickly. And this is not at all what you expected when you have a growing symbol of wealth in your home. The best corner for the money tree in the apartment will be the southeast side. In autumn and winter, when the sun is scarce, the money flower can be rearranged to the south.

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Money tree at home: how to water

How to water a money tree - this question is worth studying so that later you do not have problems with Crassula. As you know, this money flower came to us from South African lands, so constant moisture is unusual for him. The money tree is watered 1-2 times a week in spring and summer. If the soil is too dry, it can be watered again. You must not allow a lot of water to remain on the pallet of the flowerpot - in such cases you overdo it with watering the money tree.

And in winter, the money tree is watered much less frequently - once every two weeks will be enough.

Learn more