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How To Assemble An Artificial Christmas Tree

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The search for the perfect Christmas tree is complete! After much searching and price comparing, you’ve found the most important holiday centerpiece for your home, but now that the box is opened and parts are strewn all over the living room you’re unsure exactly how to assemble an artificial Christmas tree. Don’t worry! When it comes to putting together artificial trees, the process is much simpler than it may seem at first glance. Before you become too overwhelmed with the included pieces and parts, follow these easy instructions to guarantee you’ll be hanging ornaments and garland in no time!

1. Choose your location.

Pick a location that is big enough for the diameter of the bottom of the tree. You’ll want to be sure the branches don’t hit the walls and won’t impede guests from walking by. Vacuum the area in preparation for the set up. Double check that the outlet in that location is operational and attach a light timer at this point, if desired.

2. Open the box and remove all parts.

Carefully open the box using a box cutter or knife without cutting too deep. You don’t want to accidentally cut the branches or lights. Remove all of the pieces included in the box, including the instructions and extra lights, if it’s a pre-lit tree. Keep all the pieces organized so as not to lose anything that may be needed later.

3. Read included instructions and follow them precisely.

Every company is different, but almost every manufacturer includes detailed instructions on how to assemble an artificial Christmas tree from their company.

4. Begin with the stand.

Check the instructions for how to assemble the stand for an artificial Christmas tree. Put the stand together completely and place it where you want the “trunk” to be.

5. Insert each section.

Take the largest section, which will be the bottom unless you purchased and upside down tree, and place the pole gently into the base. Make sure the pole has been securely inserted into the base. Refer to the provided instructions, as some trees have snaps or other security measures to provide extra stability. Insert each subsequent section on top of the other in the same manner, fluffing and separating the branches on each section as you go.

6. Connect lights.

If there are lights already strung, use the identifying tags on each plug to connect each section’s lights together. Most trees have the male and female plugs labeled either with a color or a letter tag to identify which need to be connected together. In the provided instructions on how to assemble an artificial Christmas tree, check to see if there are any special notes regarding the specific tree’s lighting connections.

7. Enjoy!

As you can see, when it comes to knowing how to assemble an artificial Christmas tree, all you need to do is follow a few key steps and refer to the instructions provided in the box. Once you successfully assemble it for the first time, assembly in the years to come becomes easier and faster. Once assembled, the fun part of decorating can begin!

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How to Assemble an Artificial Christmas Tree

Learn how to properly assemble, shape, light, and decorate your artificial Christmas tree for the holiday season.

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Christmas trees are the central focus of Yuletide celebrations. They represent life, hope, and family traditions. Whether you have an old or brand new tree, a towering spruce, or a petite pine, you will want to have the most inspiring and beautiful tree possible. Learn how to properly assemble your tree and turn it into the ultimate Christmas showpiece.

How to Assemble a Christmas Tree

1. Choose a Location

Unless a Christmas tree is fitted with a rolling stand, it's always advisable to assemble a tree at the exact spot where it will be displayed. Consider these factors when choosing a location.

Ideal Areas

For maximum visibility, place the Christmas tree in the room where the family gathers most often, such as the living room, dining room, or den. Find a spot where the tree can be seen from multiple vantage points and not just from one position.

Consider the possibility of rearranging furniture to accommodate the tree. It may also be practical to set the tree near electrical outlets to avoid unsightly extension cords.

Areas to Avoid

Avoid placing the tree near light controls as decorations may be accidentally knocked down when people reach for the light switch.

Never place the tree near heat sources, such as heating vents, exhausts, or the fireplace. Avoid setting it up near the staircase, behind a door, areas with busy foot traffic, or locations exposed to harsh elements.

Important Measurements

Before purchasing a new Christmas tree, measure the selected space to ensure the tree will fit properly. A tree that is too large looks cramped, and may block natural pathways and entryways. For detailed instructions on how to measure an area for a tree, please refer to our article on Christmas tree measurements.

2. Inspect the Pieces

For pre-lit trees, examine the tree sections to ensure that there is no cut or frayed wire insulation, exposed wiring, loose connections, or cracks in the light bases. If there are cracked or missing bulbs, replace them by following the tree manufacturer's instructions for that particular make and model.

3. Set Up the Stand

The stand is the foundation of a straight and stable Christmas tree. Here are some points to remember:

Types of Stands
Standard Stands

Most artificial Christmas tree stands are X-shaped and are usually constructed out of plastic or metal. If a stand becomes wobbly or damaged from normal use, check the tree's warranty to see if the stand can be replaced. Some plastic bases may be prone to bending or breaking, so avoid these as much as possible. Balsam Hill trees come with a one-piece steel stand, which is designed to remain sturdy and stable for many years.

Rolling Stands

Rolling stands, such as the Balsam Hill Tree Stand with Wheels, are equipped with wheels that allow the tree to be moved easily. The wheels can be locked in place to keep it from sliding.

Spinning Stands

A spinning tree stand has an electric motor that rotates the tree at varying speeds. Rotating stands show off the entire assortment of decorations as it spins.

Setting up the Stand

For pre-lit trees, examine the tree sections to ensure that there is no cut or frayed wire insulation, exposed wiring, loose connections, or cracks in the light bases. If there are cracked or missing bulbs, replace them by following the tree manufacturer's instructions for that particular make and model.

Instructions for Standard Stands

For one-piece tree stands, such as Balsam Hill's, pull apart the legs until they are X-shaped. Next, align the holes in the base and the flange, then screw the eye bolt through the flange. The flange is the circular piece of metal that goes between the eye bolt and the hole of the base. For two-piece stands, slide the pieces together and press the center hubs until theyclicks into place. For directions on mounting a tree on this type of stand, please refer to section 1.d.1. below.

Instructions for Rolling Stands and Spinning Stands

Before making a purchase, check whether the specialized stand can accommodate the diameter of the Christmas tree. Most stands of these types come fully assembled. If not, refer to the instruction manual for proper assembly and mounting.

4. Assemble the Sections

Most artificial Christmas trees have labels to aid you in the correct assembly sequence. Always follow the tree manufacturer's manual for proper assembly instructions. These are the general steps to take:

Assembly Directions

1. With the hinged branches folded up and tied with a ribbon, take the bottom section of the tree and place the pole into the tree stand.

2. Once the pole is fully inserted, tighten the eye bolt to secure and center it.

3. Untie the ribbon and let the branches fall into place.

4. If you have a pre-lit tree, plug in the lights to make sure all the bulbs are working and evenly spaced. See "How to Light a Christmas Tree" section for a detailed guide.

5. Fluff and shape the branches, making sure to lift and separate the inner branches to hide the trunk and make the tree look full. Check the branches from different angles to see if you missed any spots.See "How to Shape a Christmas Tree" for a detailed guide.

Pro Tip:
Put a light coat of lubricant on the end of the pole so that it slides easily into the base. Lubricating the poles of each section will make it easier to assemble and dismantle later on.

6. When you're satisfied with how the branches and lights look, repeat steps 1 to 5 for the next section.

7. Do the same for the remaining sections, stopping every now and then to check how the tree looks from a distance.

Assembling Other Tree Types
Easy Plug™ Trees

Easy Plug™ refers to pre-lit Balsam Hill trees with pre-installed light connections inside the trunk. The bulbs will automatically light up as the poles connect to each other.

1. Insert the bottom section into the stand.

2. Like the standard tree, it's recommended to fluff and shape the branches first before placing the next section. See "How to Shape a Christmas Tree" for a detailed guide.

3. Plug the light cord into a wall outlet and check the bulbs.See the "How to Light a Christmas Tree" section for a detailed guide.

4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for the remaining sections, stopping every now and then to check the tree from a distance.

Pull-Up Trees

These trees are received in a collapsed form. To assemble, insert the center pole into the bottom section, pull up the foliage-covered frame to its full height, and then insert the top section. For pre-lit models, connect the light plugs into their corresponding sockets according to the supplied lighting diagram.

Hooked Construction

This type of tree has color-coded branches that need to be individually hooked to the center pole. Each branch can be shaped and fluffed before adding the next one. This process usually takes longer than setting up a tree with a hinged construction. This tree type is not available in pre-lit models.

How to Shape a Christmas Tree

Preparation and Tips

  • Wear gloves to protect your hands while fluffing the tree.
  • For pre-lit trees, it's best to shape the tree with its lights switched on to see if they're evenly distributed.
  • Shape the branches by layers and sections. This way, you'll easily see if there are any gaps and adjust them accordingly. Don't insert the next section until you've properly fluffed the one before it.
  • Refer to product photos online as a visual guide in shaping a particular style of tree. Some styles have "downswept" branches that are slightly angled downward, while other styles may have "upswept" tips that curve upward.


1. Begin with the bottom section and work on the lowest layer first. If the section has three layers, fold up the two layers and tie a ribbon around them.

2. To make sure that there are no gaps, start from the inner branches that are closest to the trunk.

3. Separate the individual tips from the main branch and spread them out and away from the center of the tree.When properly fluffed, these inner tips should resemble a peacock's fanned tail and will hide the trunk.

4. For most tree styles, the tips closest to the center pole should be angled upwards to give the tree a full appearance. The tips farthest from the center poles should be angled diagonally away from the branch.

5. Step back and survey the tree from a distance. Check for any gaps that need more shaping. For lighted trees, make sure that the lights are evenly distributed.

6. When you're done with the first layer of branches, untie the next one and repeat steps 1 to 4. Do the same for the last layer.

7. Insert the next section and repeat steps 1-5.

8. Repeat all the previous steps for all the remaining sections, stopping every now and then to check the tree from a distance.

Take note that the first time you assemble the tree requires the most shaping, so take your time and you'll be rewarded with a fantastic-looking tree.

How to Light a Christmas Tree

Pre-Lit Trees

With lighted trees, you only need to connect the plugs into their respective sockets. Plugs and sockets are usually identified with a color-coded or numbered sticker. Use the lighting diagram supplied with the tree for proper instructions. If a certain section of the tree does not light up, take these recommended steps:

1. Ensure that the section is fully plugged into its corresponding socket.

2. Locate the fuse compartment for the light string. Remove and check the fuses to ensure they have not blown. Replace blown fuses with the type recommended by the tree's manufacturer.

3. Gently nudge each bulb very slightly to identify if a bulb wire is slightly misaligned in the socket. Each bulb must be properly in its socket to ensure a good connection.

4. Check each bulb in the unlit section and replace any missing or broken bulbs.

5. Locate the master bulb and make sure it works. A broken master bulb can cause half or the whole light strand to go out. In older trees, the master bulb cannot be replaced, making it necessary to replace the entire strand. However, Balsam Hill's trees from 2013 and on feature replaceable master bulbs, identified with a gray base. Now, if a master bulb goes out, it can be simply replaced with a new masterbulb.

Innovative Pre-Lit Trees

Balsam Hill's line of Instant Evergreen™trees, including the Balsam Hill Centennial Fir Instant Evergreen, features a recent innovation called Easy Plug™. With this technology, all the lighting wires are built directly into the center pole or "tree trunk", which eliminates the need for multiple sockets. The only plug to be touched is the one to be plugged into the wall. When plugged in, the tree lights automatically connect as the tree sections are being assembled.

Another great feature of Balsam Hill's Instant Evergreen trees is its unique memory wire branches. The pre-shaped branches automatically fan out into place as the tree is set up, minimizing the time and effort spent in fluffing the tree.

Unlit Trees

For unlit trees, follow these steps:

1. Untangle the lights carefully and lay them out on a flat surface. Plug them in to test that they are working. Ensure that the tree is bare of any ornaments before stringing the lights.

2. Coil the first set of Christmas lights loosely around your hands. Avoid dragging the cords across the floor.

3. Begin at the bottom of the tree. Using the part nearest the plug as a starting point, wrap the light strand around the trunk at the base of the tree and work up.

4. From the top of the tree, wrap the light strands around the branches near the trunk. Work down as you wind the lights around each branch evenly from the middle of the branch to the tip.

5. Every time you reach the tip, bring the lights back to the center of the tree, and then proceed to the next branch. Once you get to the end of the string lights, plug in another set.

6. If tie strings are used to attach the lights strands, cut off any excess plastic after the tie has been pulled tight to give the branches a cleaner look.

7. Once the entire tree is covered, plug in the lights and check the overall balance. Adjust accordingly if there are lights hidden or covered by any branches.

For more information about stringing Christmas tree lights, please refer to The Tangle-Free, How-To Guide for Hanging Christmas Lights.

Decide between an incandescent or LED light. Traditional incandescent lights are generally less expensive and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, many people enjoy its warm glow. LED lights are more expensive but are far more energy-efficient, leading to reduced electricity costs. LED lights are cooler to the touch. The latest models now mimic the candlelit radiance similar to incandescent bulbs.

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Choose a Color Theme

Having a color theme helps give a Christmas tree a well-planned and harmonious look. For a touch of elegance, opt for ornaments with jewel tone colors, such as ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue.

For a traditional look, hang red and green decorations to evoke childhood memories and feelings of nostalgia. Heirloom or inherited ornaments are perfect for this theme.

A monochromatic theme makes a strong visual impact. Focus on one solid color in varying tones. Use ornaments with different textures and finishes, such as shiny glass, sparkly crystal, or matte.

Mix up gold, silver, and bronze ornaments for a modern, metallic look. Accent standard Christmas ornaments with a selection of metallic jewelry, figurines, or trinkets to achieve an interesting array of colors.

Add Ornaments

Instead of dangling ornaments randomly throughout the tree, use them to give the tree a balanced and graceful look. It's recommended to start decorating from the top of the tree and working towards the bottom. This prevents accidentally dislodging ornaments from the top and breaking those at the bottom. You can place towels or a blanket under the tree when handling delicate or fragile items.

As a general rule, use large ornaments at the bottom of the tree, medium-sized ones in the middle, and smaller ornaments at the top to emphasize the tree's natural triangular shape.

To add dimension to the tree and cover any gaps, place large baubles deep into the tree to act as a backdrop or filler. Shiny or iridescent balls help achieve depth and fullness. Don't hesitate to reshape branches to make room for the balls. Proceed to hang smaller, textured or intricate ornaments on the tips.

When using garlands, start wrapping the tree from the top and spiral downwards. Create a wavy pattern for more visual interest.

How to Decorate with a Tree Topper

Determine the Ideal Tree Topper Shape and Size

Remember to use a topper that complements the profile of the Christmas tree. For a tree with a full, conical silhouette, use a bold and brilliant topper, such as a star or an angel. For narrow or slim trees, use an elongated topper to enhance its slender form.

Use the tree's height to determine the ideal proportion of the topper. Use the size chart below as a guide:

Whatever the height of the tree, it is advisable to allow at least 5 inches gap between the tip of the topper and the ceiling.

Place the Tree Topper

It is important to mount a tree topper securely to prevent it from falling off and possibly ruining some ornaments or causing injury. For a topper with a conical base, bend one of the top branches and insert it into the cone. Crumple surrounding branches to give the topper additional support.

If a topper has a spring or spiral base, insert the tree's sturdy top branch into the topper's coil. Use green floral tape to secure the topper and conceal the spring.

Ribbon tree toppers are light and easy to attach as it has a wire that wraps easily around the top branch. Pipe cleaners can be used to reinforce support for the ribbon topper.

For heavy tree toppers, we recommend using fasteners, such as the Balsam Hill Tree Topper Extension Kit, to give it more stability. For more information on how to choose the perfect tree topper, please read this article.

Follow these expert artificial Christmas tree assembly tips for an inspiring and unforgettable holiday. For more inspiration on how you can decorate your tree, see our article on Christmas tree themes.

How to assemble an artificial Christmas tree: step-by-step assembly instructions

On New Year's Eve, many people need to assemble an artificial Christmas tree. Most Russian families prefer to use a Christmas tree made of synthetic materials, as it is not only economically beneficial, but also allows you to save wildlife. Sometimes it is difficult to assemble a Christmas tree, but if you know the type of construction and focus on it, then the main stage of preparation for the holiday will take no more than 1-2 hours.

Design views

Artificial Christmas trees differ in height, frame material and needles, decoration, backlighting. But when assembling such attributes, the type of their construction is of primary importance. It is the features of fixing individual elements of spruce that determine the algorithm for performing the work.

According to the design, products made of synthetic materials are divided into solid (molded) or prefabricated. The first option is very convenient, since the branches of such a tree are not removed, but simply bent to the trunk. At the time of installation, they only need to be bent and fluffed. Cast spruces are rarely used at a holiday in an ordinary family, as this is a rather expensive product.

Prefabricated structures are more suitable for the house, they can be:

  • Frame;
  • Segmented;
  • Barreled.

The first two types are more suitable for outdoor use, as they usually reach several meters in height. Frame and segment structures are often installed in squares and parks. Stem variants can be with hinged or tiered fastening of branches. The first option is Christmas trees-umbrellas, their branches are opened immediately after the tree is given a vertical position. With a tiered type of fastening, it is necessary to insert each branch strictly into its proper place.

A conscientious manufacturer attaches instructions for assembling a Christmas tree to each copy or paints on the packaging. But over time, information can be lost, which often makes it difficult to install a tree, especially if other family members have previously done this. In fact, there is nothing complicated in connecting individual elements of collapsible variants of spruce trees. Given the type of construction, and observing a number of general rules, even a teenager can easily cope with the work alone.

How to properly assemble a Christmas tree

The easiest way to assemble an artificial Christmas tree is step by step, that is, by following each of the instructions in sequence. But first, they determine the date of installation, it is best to do the assembly no later than 2-3 days before the holiday. During this time, all structural elements with needles that were packed during storage will fluff up, and the tree will take on its original appearance.

Instructions on how to assemble an artificial Christmas tree are not always detailed. Manufacturers sometimes do not specify a number of general rules, following which will facilitate the installation process.

The easiest way to assemble your Christmas tree is to follow these guidelines:

  • Decide on the installation location. Artificial spruce should be placed away from heating appliances and so that direct sunlight does not fall on the needles;
  • Remove all construction parts from the box. An obligatory element of all stem artificial Christmas trees is a stand or, in other words, a cross. It is made of metal or plastic and can be either prefabricated or solid. The team must be connected according to the type of the letter X;
  • Inspect all structural parts for damage. Minor damage can be repaired independently;
  • Twigs can be washed with water and detergent (if allowed by the instructions) or vacuumed gently.

In any spruce assembly scheme, the first item indicates the installation of the cross. The stand must be sturdy and stand on a level surface. Then the trunk is assembled, starting with large elements. After preparing the trunk and checking it for strength, they begin to attach or straighten branches with needles. At the last stage, bright garlands, tinsel, beautiful Christmas balls and other decor are fixed.

How to assemble an artificial Christmas tree, depending on the type of its construction, is described in detail below. But in any case, you need to remember that all elements should be connected easily, without tension. If a lot of force is required to secure them, then this indicates a non-observance of the sequence or breakage of parts. In such situations, you need to check the integrity of the product and compliance with the instructions describing all the points of installing the tree. To facilitate the work, you can first watch a video on how to assemble a Christmas tree. Some people are better at visual information and easy-to-understand explanations from a consultant.

We assemble an artificial fir tree of a collapsible type

Collapsible products are divided into articulated and numbered. Assembling an artificial articulated Christmas tree includes:

  • Connecting the trunk elements. Thinner parts are inserted into thick ones, resulting in a cone-shaped trunk;
  • The assembled barrel is inserted into the crosspiece. It must be tightly fixed and stand strictly vertically;
  • The branches are inserted into the hinges on the trunk and bent back. You need to fix them from the bottom up, moving in a circle, that is, first insert the largest branches, then shorter and shorter.

At the final stage, the needles can be fluffed by hand and all elements can be corrected. The tree should be even, fluffy and stable. It is better to hang New Year's decorations on it after 2-3 hours, that is, after the needles finally straighten and take a permanent position.

Assembling a Christmas tree with numbered branches

You can correctly assemble a numbered Christmas tree in an hour if you carefully follow the sequence of your actions. It is based on Hook-on technology, which provides assembly according to the type of constructor.

Work steps:

  • Mounting of the cross;
  • The barrel is assembled in the same way as when installing the hinged version;
  • The prepared stem is firmly inserted into the stand;
  • Branches attached to the base.

The main difference between numbered trees is that each of the branches is marked with a letter, a number or a certain color. The corresponding designations are also applied to the trunk. The main task of the collector is to correctly determine the marking and, accordingly, to fix each branch only in the place provided for it. That is, if the branch is signed with the letter B, then you need to look for such a mark on the trunk and fix the part in this place.

Compliance with all the nuances of installing a numbered structure will allow you to get an elegant, even and stable tree. If the branches are not properly fixed, the spruce will look crooked, which will increase the likelihood of it tipping over.

How to assemble a one-piece Christmas tree

Installing a one-piece artificial Christmas tree does not take much time. As a rule, it consists of two or three separate elements from which the barrel is assembled. These parts already have branches that form a single structure with them.

You can assemble the Christmas tree in a few steps:

  • First, the trunk is mounted, that is, small elements are inserted into large ones;
  • The barrel is firmly fixed in the crosspiece;
  • The top is fixed at the very end.

As you can see, installation is not difficult, it remains only to check the strength of all connections and straighten the branches and fluff the needles.

When installing a cast structure, first you need to straighten the smallest branches, their needles will fill the space between the large ones, and the tree will look lush.

Installation of an upside-down tree

Fixing the main New Year's attribute on the ceiling is not only a fashion trend, but sometimes a necessary measure. This placement option protects the elegant Christmas tree from the immoderate curiosity of pets and kids. This is a great opportunity to preserve the festive decor not only for New Year's Eve, but for the entire upcoming weekend.

How to assemble and fix such a Christmas tree? The installation of the structure takes place on the floor, that is, you need to act according to the same general rules that apply to the usual options for assembling artificial trees. Complexity arises only at the stage of consolidation. Fixation can occur with a hook or stand. Thus, it is necessary to determine in advance the place that will support the weight of the tree and which can be drilled without compromising the design. Well, if the house has a wooden beam, the fastening on it is the most reliable.

The upside-down tree is decorated only after it has been carefully fixed. As a decor, it is worth using light-weight accessories that will not weigh down the design.

Helpful Hints

Artificial spruce will last more than 10 years if you choose it right from the start. You should not buy cheap designs, as they rarely withstand operation even for 2-3 seasons.

When choosing a tree, you need to pay attention to:

  • Needle material. Twigs from fishing line are distinguished by increased strength, but at the same time they are noticeably prickly. Fiber optic needles glow from within. Products and PVC are endowed with special softness;
  • Dimensions. For rooms with a height of 2.5 meters, the tree should be no more than 2 meters high, as part of the space will be taken by the stand and decor;
  • Needle strength. Considering the tree, you need to draw on the needles, slightly squeezing it. In high-quality products, the needles do not fly off, but only crumple and immediately straighten out after exposure. If needles remain in the hand, then it is clearly not worth buying such a product;
  • Smell. From artificial trees, no extraneous, especially pungent odors should come from;
  • Stand material. The metal support is endowed with increased strength, it is more stable and can withstand at least 10 years of operation without deformation.

The type of construction should be convenient for you. However, you need to take into account the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe apartment, since after disassembling all the elements will need to be stored somewhere. The least space is occupied by hinged and numbered products.

Synthetic Christmas trees are produced in China, Taiwan, Russia, USA, Holland. But in any case, each manufacturer must provide a hygiene certificate for their products, confirming the hypoallergenicity of the product and the absence of toxic elements in its composition. Each seller must have such a document, and the buyer has the right to demand it.

When disassembling and storing the Christmas tree for storage, you need to fold all the parts carefully. In order for the installation to take a minimum of time next year, it is advisable to pre-distribute the branches by size or number. This will speed up the build process.

Installation Tips

Plan the installation of the tree well in advance, as haste often results in the elements being connected inconsistently, which negatively affects the appearance and strength of the structure.

The following tips will help make installation easier:

  • All parts of the structure must be laid out in advance in the order they are attached. That is, separately put the details of the trunk, separately large and small branches;
  • Cotton gloves are best for hands. They will protect against prickly needles, since even soft needles, with prolonged contact with them, can cause skin irritation;
  • After installation, twigs and needles can be treated with a steam generator. Hot steam will not only increase the fluffiness of the needles, but also destroy harmful microorganisms and refresh the color of the product;
  • You can decorate the Christmas tree after 2-3 hours.

The Christmas tree should be placed in such a way that there is a socket nearby for connecting the garland. But at the same time, the Christmas tree should not stand right next to it. It is not advisable to hang too many balls, toys, lanterns on the branches, the branches will bend under their weight, and the general view of the New Year's decoration of the living room will suffer.

Living Christmas trees are bought less and less every year for the house, as this is an unreasonable waste of money. The online store offers all kinds of New Year's decor, including artificial trees. We can choose the main decoration of the holiday by height, color, type of construction. Each product is described in detail in the catalog, and delivery is carried out in any region of Russia.

How to assemble an artificial Christmas tree: collapsible type, solid

Every year, in December, people begin to prepare for the meeting of the most anticipated and magical holiday. On the eve of the New Year, everyone buys gifts to please relatives and friends. An obligatory element of the holiday is the Christmas tree. Since ancient times, people have carefully chosen the most beautiful tree in the forest. Having brought home, the spruce was installed in the center of the room in front of everyone and decorated with all kinds of toys, tinsel, the top was decorated with the most beautiful toy or star. Down under the sweeping branches were placed gifts that were opened with the first seconds of the coming New Year.

Despite a long history and technological progress, we remain true to the traditions of our ancestors. Every year everyone decorates their houses to create a festive atmosphere, and in the center of the room, as before, a Christmas tree is placed. Of course, in recent years, real trees have been used less and less, artificial options have come to replace them. This is due to the fact that the needles of live Christmas trees crumble, they gradually die, and after the holiday they need to be thrown away, and purchased again a year later.

Content of article

  • How to assemble a split-type artificial Christmas tree
  • Assembling a solid Christmas tree: a step-by-step process
  • How to assemble a Christmas tree with numbered branches

How to assemble an artificial split-type Christmas tree

and decoration - with snow or cones, construction and assembly mechanism.

IMPORTANT! If you decide to choose a quality replacement for a living tree, pay attention to the strength of the metal frame, the softness of the branches and the color of the product, which should be close to natural.

We will be interested in the assembly method, at this stage people may encounter certain difficulties. To get started, read the instructions with the description and decide which type you have to work with. If the instructions are lost, or you were presented with a Christmas tree without a complete box, read the information below.

If you have a collapsible model, then the action plan will be as follows:

  1. Depending on how tall the product is purchased, its design may consist of a different number of parts and levels. First of all, you need to fix the frame in a metal support, connect all parts of the trunk, starting from the widest to the thinnest section.
  2. Attach to the main part of the part with branches around the entire perimeter, starting from the very bottom, evenly filling the entire space. During installation, it is necessary to carefully straighten the branches with needles and make them fluffy.
  3. At the end of the assembly manipulations, it is worth taking another look at the structure from all sides and giving the arrangement of all its parts uniformity and volume.

Assembling a one-piece Christmas tree: a step-by-step process

Perhaps the most convenient and simple of all designs sold in stores will be a solid Christmas tree. The principle of its assembly is to attach all the branches to the central rod and evenly distribute them in a circle. The assembly plan is very simple:

  1. As in the previous version, we begin to fasten the details of the future trunk. It is important that they are firmly connected and do not come out of the grooves.
  2. After we have received the finished frame, we install it in a special tripod or other type of support.
  3. Now we give shape to the branches and make them fluffy. With reliable fixation and good quality, the product can be held against the direction of the needles and in this way quickly straighten the branches.

The tree is ready, it remains to check its stability and start decorating.

How to assemble a Christmas tree with numbered branches

Not the easiest way, at first glance, is the construction of a spruce tree with step-by-step attachment of branches strictly by numbers.

  1. We start, as before, with the installation of the barrel. Here we follow the same pattern.
  2. After that, we install the tree into the support.
  3. The rod and each branch have special marks to guide you. Insert all the parts according to the markers, starting from the bottom edge. For convenience, in the future, combine the branches of the lower, middle and upper levels into one bundle. This will greatly facilitate the search and reduce installation time.

INFORMATION! To create a more complete atmosphere of New Year's mood and obtain a fragrant smell, you can take small branches of a real tree and put them in a jar or vase filled with water.

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