How to put christmas ornaments on the tree

How to Hang Christmas Ornaments

From finials to heavy kugels, learn how to best add your decorations to the tree.


By Roxanna Coldiron December 09, 2020

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The tradition of trimming the Christmas tree is one that families look forward to every year. Ornaments come in all shapes and sizes and are made from different materials. What's great about decorating your tree, though, is that you don't have to include only the same type of ornament. "It's always really important to anchor your tree with a series of cohesive ornaments throughout—whether you pick a single color, shape, or texture, this will create a canvas for the more significant or sentimental ornaments to shine while pulling everything together as a whole," says Malorie Goldberg of Noa Blake Design. "We love to see a tree dressed in traditional metallic gold or silver balls, filling in the gaps with ornaments that really mean something. "

To better understand different ornaments and how to hang each type, follow our tips and tricks.

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Ornaments by Type

Your Christmas tree can feature glass balls or shaped glass ornaments, lightweight ornaments with personalized photos, or homemade ornaments made from clay or paper. The best way to hang each ornament depends on its weight and shape, as well as the strength of your Christmas tree's boughs. Heavier ornaments, for example, should be placed deeper into the branches while lightweight ornaments can be placed closer to the ends of a branch without running the risk of falling off.

"Each time you start to think about hanging ornaments, choose the hanging material and keep it consistent. Every ornament can be different but if they're all hung from heavy gold yarn, black cord, or metal wire, then the overall decoration will feel cohesive and thoughtful," explains Goldberg, adding that "floral wire is a great insider trick. " Instead of hanging a fragile or antique ornament from a hook (far too easy for curious children or pets to knock loose), secure it with a length of 28-gauge wire ($10.69, Thread wire through hanging loop, wrap around a branch, and twist ends. The best part is you can hang each decoration at exactly the perfect height.

Lightweight ornaments, such as those made from ribbon or paper, can be made to seemingly suspend from ribbon alone, but they are affixed with wire to prevent them from slipping off should the tree get jostled while unifying the color scheme. To make a ribbon hanger, tie 3/8-inch ribbon ($3.99, lengthwise around a credit-card–size piece of stiff paper, knot at the bottom, and trim the ends with scissors. Slip the ribbon loop off and attach to wire. Thread the wire and ribbon loop through the ornament's metal ring, pulling taut, wrapping the wire around the branch to hold it in place. If you want ornaments to hang closer to the branch, shorten the ribbon by wrapping a bit around the bough before securing the wire.

Edible ornaments, such as dried orange slices, can be banded in ribbon attached by brass upholstery tacks ($12.90 for 500, with wire for hanging wrapped around the tack before pressing into the fruit.

How to Hang Them on the Tree

When it comes time to hang your ornaments, Goldberg recommends starting with the heaviest ornaments toward the inside of the tree and working your way out. "Start with the ornaments that carry the most weight physically or have the largest presence and place them closer to the trunk where branches are heftier and more stable. Then work your way out from there, leaving the daintiest and lightest ornaments for the outer branches," she says. Natural accents like glittery pinecones and glass icicles should be fastened with wire directly to the branches—without ribbon—to appear as if they naturally hang from the tree.

Styling for a Cohesive Look

Once you place your ornaments around the tree, you can add some final touches that will make your tree really stand out. Goldberg recommends including some sparkle "but not too much." Metallics should be simple and solid, and it's best to limit how much glitter and faceted crystal is added to the tree. "If everything shines, nothing will stand out," she says. But it doesn't have to just be sparkly elements to accent your tree. "Adding texture around your ornaments like pheasant feathers or leather ribbon will give more traditional ornaments (or alternatively, more glitzy ornaments), a little bit of edge and make the tree feel fresh," Goldberg says. These final touches to your tree will help to bring the whole look together.

How To Professionally Decorate a Christmas Tree - Designer's Step-By-Step Directions - Worthing Court

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My friends, this is one blog post that you’re going to want to pin to your Christmas Decorating Boards so that you can refer to it year after year.    This is THAT GOOD and there’s a great pinnable image below!

I’ve had the privilege to get special access to several local home decor stores over the last few years, while their stores were closed and their designers reset the entire place for Christmas.  It was a truly magical experience for me and boy did I ever learn a lot!

All of the store designers are amazingly talented and were kind enough to share all of their step-by-step Christmas tree decoration ideas.  I was also told some designer Christmas tree decorating secrets so of course I’m going to share them with you!

You’ll see images from several different Christmas trees, as there were multiple Christmas trees being decorated at the same time.  The important thing to remember is that these steps can be followed no matter what style or color of Christmas decor you want to use on your tree!


  • Maybe this goes without saying, but fluff all of the branches on the tree and make sure that the tree is standing straight from top to bottom.  I’ve completely decorated a tree more than once, only to realize that the top half of the tree is leaning.
  • Make sure that all of the lights are working.  It’s much easier to fix any problems before the decorations are on the tree.
  • The designers recommend that you have the tree lights on while decorating.
  • Supplies that you’ll likely use while decorating your tree are: ornament hooks, floral wire, pipe cleaners, zip ties (for heavy or bulky items), wire snips and scissors

  • The Christmas tree topper is considered the crowning glory, is usually a bit elaborate and helps to set the look for the entire tree.
  • If you will be adding a star, angel, etc. to your tree, it’s best not to place it right on the tip-top of the tree.  Depending upon what you’re using, it can be very appealing to place it about a hand’s width down from the tip-top.  It can be attached with floral wire or zip ties.  If you attach it slightly down from the top, it should be buried into the branches a little instead of looking like it’s floating on the ends of the branches.

  • Most items, such as a star or angel, look the best (and draw more attention) when they are combined with something else, such as picks and/or ribbon.  And good grief – these days picks are available in all varieties and colors!
  • If you’re using a star, angel, etc. for the top of your tree, start the first layer of topper picks a little below it by adding 3 long spikey picks.
  • If you aren’t using anything else on top of your tree, start the first layer of topper picks slightly down from the top.
  • For the second layer of topper picks, choose 3 – 4 slightly shorter and more full picks.  Place these a few inches closer to the top than the original 3 spikey picks.
  • Add a third layer of picks using shorter and more full picks.
  • Don’t think you have to point them going straight up.  Picks pointing straight up (or at a slight angle) combined with picks pointing downward add a lot of interest.  Depending upon what type of pick you’re using, you may actually want to turn the pick upside down, so that the top of the pick is facing whomever is looking up at the tree topper, especially if your tree is taller than normal head height.




A lush, full garland can make a huge impact on a tree!  These tips are referring to the type of garland that you might also use on a mantel, not the lightweight kind that drapes along the edges of the branches.

  • Start about 1/5th of the way down from the top of the tree.
  • Use floral wire to attach the garland or twist the branches together, if the tree is artificial.
  • Run the garland at around the tree at an angle: 2 – 3 times around a 6′ tree and 3 – 4 times around a 9′ tree.


  • To make a real statement and really give your tree a designer look add oversized exaggerated decorations to the tree!  What you add is only limited by your imagination!
  • Add 2 – 3 oversized items to a 6′ tree and 3 – 4 items to a 9′ tree.
  • Be sure to stagger them around the tree and not placed directly above or directly beside one another.
  • Place the largest Christmas decorations toward the bottom of the tree.
  • Mix them up – all of the items don’t need to match.
  • A tip from the professional tree designers is to drill a hole into whatever you’re hanging if you need a spot to run a hanger through.
  • Use cable ties, floral wire or pipe cleaners to attach large items to the tree.  The boot, on the tree, below was purchased at a thrift store with the express purpose of using it on the tree, so it was fine to drill a hole into the backside.  Think outside of the box!

  • Add less expensive Christmas ornaments, such as plain round ones, deep inside of the tree.  You’ll only get a glimpse of them, but it they will help to reflect the lights and will make the tree look more full and will fill up any empty spots inside the tree.
  • It’s easier to hang these filler ornaments now as opposed to when the “outside” of the tree is filled with other, larger ornaments.


  • Give your Christmas tree more dimension, fill in holes and make the tree appear larger by adding picks throughout the body of it.  The picks should extend beyond the ends of the branches and should be angled in various directions – some downward, some upward and some sideways, if appropriate for the pick.
  • The picks closest to the top of the tree may need to be turned upside down so that you aren’t looking at the underside of it.

  • Stagger various types of picks all over the tree.  Don’t put the same type of picks too close to one another.

  • Multiple picks combined together in a cluster typically look better than just one lonely pick.  Try combining three different types of picks together.  For example – combine something with greenery with something long and stick looking (with or without leaves) and with something full (like a flower).
  • Lay the longest pick on the bottom, the second shortest one on top of that and the shortest pick on top of those two.  Then spend a minute fluffing all of the parts of the picks, twisting and mixing the parts of each pick together.  You’ll get a much more natural and professional look that way.  No flat picks allowed!

  • Poke the pick into the tree and attach it to the branch with a cable tie or with floral wire, if necessary. Fluff the tree branches into and around the pick to help it look like it’s a part of the tree.
  • A long pick makes a great place to hang a special Christmas ornament too.

  • Add decor embellishments such as ribbon, lightweight garland and glitter tape once all of the picks, ornaments and oversized pieces have been added to the tree
  • To add glitter tape, start attaching it near the top, but below the topper.  Wind it around the tree similar to how you applied the garland in Step 3.
  • Glitter tape has a mind of its own, so allow it to twist and turn as you go.  That’s what makes it look so great!

  • You’ll use less ribbon if you cut short pieces and stuff the ends of them into the tree as opposed to using one long continuous piece of ribbon.  Using this method also makes the ribbon look more natural.
  • Twist a tree branch around the ribbon if it won’t stay in place.
  • When adding ribbon to the tree, start at eye level and work up and out from there.  I can’t tell you why this works better, but it does!
  • Place the ribbon going in different directions so that it doesn’t appear as if it’s just wrapped around the tree.

You’re finished!  Now get ready to enjoy the oohs and aahs of your family and friends and answer all those questions about who you hired to decorate your tree!

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16 ideas on how to make Christmas decorations with your own hands.

Decorated with purchased balls and tinsel, the Christmas tree looks elegant and stylish. The same one, on which home-made Christmas tree toys also hang, evokes thoughts about the unity of adults and children. Reminds that this holiday is for the whole family. The opportunity to become closer to each other appears if you make New Year's toys, crafts, decor and decorations with your own hands for everyone. So that later the children hang them on a Christmas tree or around the room.

DIY Christmas decorations

Making Christmas decorations with your own hands on the Christmas tree with your own hands is very fun and exciting, this does not require any complex technologies, especially since there are such techniques that allow you to make original and beautiful decorations for the Christmas tree . And they will look no worse than purchased ones.

Among the materials that may be required for the manufacture of toys are

  • sequins;
  • papier-mâché for making bases or bases for toys;
  • salt dough can also be the basis of a Christmas tree decoration;
  • buttons.

Glitter is needed to decorate ready-made toys. To make them, you will need a manual noodle cutter, scissors and baking foil. The foil should be wide enough to fit in the pasta cutter, usually 10-12 cm.

Gradually unwind the foil and pass it through the cutter. Then the resulting strips need to be cut with scissors into very small pieces.

Or you can decorate regular electric light bulbs, elongated with glitter, and make Christmas tree cones out of it. Such a craft will be very environmentally friendly.

Papier-mâché is a sticky mass made from newsprint. It must be finely torn or cut into boiling water so that it gets wet. Then mix with PVA glue and make toys for the Christmas tree or just for children to play from the resulting mass. You can make whole sets of dishes, vegetables and fruits, masquerade masks for carnival costumes.

  • First, use simple forms for crafts - you can mold it from plasticine, then wrap it around papier-mâché, dry it and paint it.
  • Sculpt from the resulting mass of animals - kittens, piglets, monkeys on the Christmas tree, then dry and paint them.

Small children can make Christmas tree crafts from salt dough. To prepare salt dough for crafts, you need to take salt with flour in almost equal proportions. Add some water and vegetable oil. Knead them into a fairly stiff dough. If you want to immediately make colored toys, then immediately tint the water to knead the dough. Then you can sculpt Christmas decorations. They will last for several years, because they are distinguished by increased strength. Dry them in the oven at low temperature with the door open.

The easiest way is to make DIY Christmas decorations for the Christmas tree from buttons. They need to be strung on a thread and glued so that they do not budge. This will make unusual beads. And if you put green buttons of different diameters on the wire, starting with the largest, you get a wonderful Christmas tree. Bend the upper end of the wire for a loop. Crafts from buttons on the Christmas tree can be not only green, but also any other color.

Felt Christmas toys

They are soft and cute. They exude warmth and comfort. Even those who do little sewing can make Christmas decorations from felt. Such decorations are usually made in the form of a New Year's attribute: Santa Claus, snowman, House, bullfinch and others.

Flat bullfinches made of felt

Make patterns, that is, draw a body with a head and a tail. Let the details be smaller, so it will be easier to cut and sew. Beaks can be made of thick cardboard, which is sewn between two parts of the body. Additional details can be: wings, hat, bow, scarf, snowflake.

It is better to sew parts from the outside. Neat, even seams will be an additional decor for New Year's crafts. Threads matched to the main color will merge with the details, while contrasting threads will emphasize and make it spectacular. Eyes also make their felt or small buttons.

Felt star

Do-it-yourself patterns of New Year's felt toys can be copied from pictures: a house with a snowy roof, a gingerbread man or a star.

The latter is recommended to be done in bulk. Draw a five pointed star. On a white felt, depict a semblance of a flowing cream to place it later on an asterisk. It will resemble a hat made of snow.

Sew the two parts of the star together, fill the inside with cotton or pieces of cloth. Then sew white details on top on both sides. Make eyes out of black beads, and embroider the mouth with red thread.

Felt Christmas decorations are recommended to be decorated with green felt leaves. Sew red beads on them. It will resemble the fruits of mountain ash.

As a decoration, you can choose a narrow ribbon, which you can tie into a bow. Then sew with a bell or bead on top of the cap.

The Christmas decoration is ready. It remains to attach a loop to hang it in place.

How to make DIY Christmas tree decorations from wood?

Jewelry made on a cut of a thin tree looks very unusual. They do not require any special additions to the decor. It is enough to burn the thematic picture on both sides of it.

It is clear that without a device for burning out, it will not be easy to make wooden toys for the Christmas tree with your own hands. But you can try to replace it with a pattern of black acrylic paint.

The thickness of the blanks should not be very large so that the wooden decoration does not look bulky. But even thin, it breaks too quickly.

The bark gives a special charm to this decoration, which is better to leave. So the pattern on the tree will be immediately framed in a natural frame. Such unusual Christmas tree decorations are very charming

In order to hang wooden Christmas tree decorations, it is better to use natural threads, such as linen or wool. And they should not be painted.

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