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Growing up my uncle had a Christmas tree farm. One of my favorite childhood memories was going up to the farm to pick out two live Christmas trees every year. While my parents were setting up the trees in their various locations around the house, the kids had an artificial flocked Christmas tree we used to set up in the hallway upstairs. We would surround it with our stuffed animals and it was something we could easily decorate on our own, unlike the 12-foot-tall trees we got for the other parts of the house. I loved that we had a tree that was all our own. 

I can't seem to shake the feeling that it isn't Christmas if I don't have more than one tree decorating the house. I picked up a small artificial tree this past summer at a garage sale for $2 and I decided that it was the perfect tree to work some magic on. I loved the idea of our old flocked Christmas tree, so I did a little DIY flocking.  {more on that tomorrow! You aren't going to want to miss that tutorial.} All of the supplies were from the dollar store and it was so fun and easy.

Another recent trend that I'm loving is using baskets as a base. I saw a few Christmas tree collars lining the shelves at the store, but I was pretty sure that I could DIY a basket for a similar look. And I did. I just love how it turned out. Read along for the full tutorial on how to create your own Christmas tree stand basket.

I collect baskets the way that some people collect pillows. I love baskets of all shapes and sizes, but lately, the bigger the basket the better. Which came in quite handy when I was shopping my house for a basket to use as a base for my Christmas tree.

I had this basket on hand but it was boring. I decided that it needed something that would make it feel slightly more festive and finished. Something that would tie in the white of the flocking and stand out rather than blend in.

Don't have a basket on hand? Try this one.

I used wide painters tape to tape a straight line around the base of my basket.  I taped two rows around the base and turned the basket upside down in my HomeRight Small Spray Shelter.

I live in Seattle and it's been raining for about a month straight, so there is no going outside to tackle projects. Any project has to be done in my garage or in my house. I rely on the Spray Shelter during those rainy winter months.

The Spray Shelter sets up quickly {it literally pops out of a bag} and folds flat in a storage bag. It's the perfect size for small to medium projects like this one. Plus, it's designed to contain overspray and since you can see my car is parked in the garage right next to my project, it's important for me to protect my workspace.

I put some paint I had on hand into my HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer and in under 5 minutes, my basket was painted.

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I let my paint dry overnight before I peeled off the paints tape from the basket. I'm always impressed that the HomeRight Finish Max paint sprayer does such a good job of containing the overspray. As you can see, I only needed the tape around the project, which made for a quick and easy prep time.

I got an amazing crisp line around my basket.

Add the HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer to your holiday wish list!

I brought my basket inside and removed one of the legs from the base of the built-in tree stand. All three legs from the stand didn't fit properly inside the basket. The tree fit just right wedged into the basket with two legs. If you have a cat that might jump in your tree, you might want to come up with a sturdier solution, but for me, this worked out just fine.

If you are using a live tree, simply use a small tabletop Christmas tree stand. You will want to add a block of wood or a brick to the bottom of the basket in order to stand the tree a little taller. You don't want the tree to sink too low inside of the basket.

I just love how this turned out. I think it made for the perfect tree in my entryway and it brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

Don't miss the full tutorial tomorrow on how to flock a Christmas tree using supplies from the dollar store.

I think this tree is one of my favorite things in my house right now!

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disclaimer: this post is brought to you by my friends at HomeRight. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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DIY Christmas Tree Basket - The Turquoise Home

Christmas | DIY Projects | Seasonal Decor

ByLaura Nickelson

The easiest way to make a Christmas tree basket in lieu of the traditional tree skirt. It is such a simple DIY project and so stinkin’ cute! Plus the best basket Christmas tree collars in case you don’t want to DIY anything! 😉

I recently went on a hunt for a basket-style Christmas tree collar, because I just love the look! But I struck out finding anything locally. And actually I kept getting messages of where I could find them, and I think it was a happy accident that I could never find one, because I ended up making my own and I love it even more!

There are two types of basket style tree skirt options.

The first Christmas tree baskets started a few years ago with trendy home decorators setting their trees down in a regular old basket from the store. I love this look, but found it difficult to find a basket large enough to fit the tree stand on my artificial trees.

Basket Christmas Tree Stand

The second Christmas tree basket option happens when stores got smart and started making basket-style tree collars, like this one. (I’m sharing my favorite basket tree collars at the end of the post in case the DIY route isn’t for you. I actually bought this one this weekend while it was on super sale and I plan to use it on my big tree in my front window. 👏🏻)

I decided to make one of the basket tree stands with a basket I found at the store, which was the perfect size for my tree, but too small to fit my tree stand on my artificial flocked Christmas tree.

Supplies needed for the DIY Christmas Tree Basket

  • Heavy duty 2-gallon bucket
  • 1-1/4 inch PVC pipe (cut to the length you need for your tree) Get a size that will fit snugly around your Christmas tree pole. Mine has a tiny bit of wiggle room in the 1-1/4 inch pipe, but it’s fine.
  • 1-1/4 inch PVC pipe cap – or whatever size matches your PVC pipe
  • Multi-purpose, quick-drying cement
  • Large, round basket (like this one that I used)
  • Christmas Tree (I used this one, but use any one that you have!)
  • Level
  • Other: paint stirrer, water to mix your cement, measure cups.

5 Steps to DIY your Christmas Tree Basket

Step 1: Cut down the PVC pipe to fit your tree. I measured my tree from the floor to where the branches started and it was 10 inches. I used my miter saw to cut my pipe, but I’m sure a hand saw would work as well!

Step 2: Place the PVC pipe cap on one end of the PVC pipe you just cut. 

Step 3: Mix the cement according to the instructions on the box in the 2-gallon bucket.

Step 4: Before the cement sets (like right after you mix it) place the PVC pipe with the cap end down into the cement mixture. Hold it straight (check with your level) until the cement sets enough to hold it in place. The cement I used (click here) took about 10-15 minutes before it was set enough for me to leave it. Let it dry for several hours before you try to use it with the tree.

Note: I only had about 6 cups of cement mixture on hand and I didn’t want to buy anymore at the store. It was enough to set my PVC pipe and hold it straight up, but if I were using a full box of cement, I would have filled up the bucket about 3/4 of the way to the top. Instead I used rocks to weight down the bucket some more and just left it as is. 😉

Step 5: Place your Christmas tree pole into the PVC pipe and step back to admire your beautiful Christmas tree basket!!

I made this Christmas tree basket for my new flocked Christmas tree in my bedroom. We have never had a Christmas tree in our bedroom before and I absolutely LOVE it! We can see the tree from the main living area when we look down the hall, so it’s fun to see a tree in every direction. The glow in the bedroom is so cozy, too!

And I think I’m just going to leave it bare this year. I’ve considered getting some frosted red berry picks and adding a few of them in, but for now I’m enjoying the simplicity of the tree with the lights in the bedroom.

Let me know if you have any questions about the process in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them!

More Basket Christmas Tree Stands you don’t have to DIY

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How to decorate the bottom of a Christmas tree: over 40 perfect examples

How to decorate the bottom of a Christmas tree.

On the eve of the main holiday of the year, people are in a hurry to decorate home Christmas trees. And when the green beauty is fully dressed up, the gaze suddenly falls on her base, which looks somehow boring and even quite impartial. Someone immediately takes out elegant tinsel and puts it around the delivery, others strive to arrange various souvenir characters in a picturesque circle - the Snow Maiden, Santa Claus, the Snowman, and still others decide to pack boxes in wrapping paper that will depict fake gifts. As you can see, there are a lot of ideas, but we will go further, and today we will tell you how to decorate the bottom of the Christmas tree so that the whole composition looks holistic, spectacular and incredibly beautiful.

Contents of the page

How to decorate a Christmas tree stand.

Wicker basket.

A very simple yet perfect idea for decorating a Christmas tree base. What could be easier, to choose a basket according to the size of the cross of a home beauty. Needlewomen can prepare such baskets from paper tubes in advance, and then paint them in absolutely any shade.

Decorative mats.

This is, perhaps, a classic of the genre, before the New Year, herringbone textile skirts are sold literally everywhere, but if you wish, you can make them yourself. At the end of this review, you will find a video that tells how to make one. It is better to choose the shade of fabric for the rug to match the decor of the green beauty, for example, if you settled on gold and red colors when decorating, then you can buy or sew a rug in this palette.

NOTE! You can also put a rocking horse, a drum or a miniature composition of a winter courtyard under the Christmas tree. How to do it all with your own hands is shown in the video below!

Galvanized metal bowl.

A very simple solution, but at the same time incredibly New Year's. Christmas trees in such basins look literally 5+. Basins are sold in hardware stores or markets. Well, or you can temporarily ask them from grandparents.

Wooden box.

Another equally interesting idea is the use of wooden crates. You can ask for these in grocery stores, or rather in greengrocers. In extreme cases, such a box, if desired and skill, can be put together from plywood or wooden slats. The natural tone of the tree looks very nice, but if desired, it can be painted in absolutely any color that harmonizes with a touch of decor on the Christmas tree.


An outdoor planter may well serve as a temporary shelter for a Christmas tree. It is only necessary to carefully install it in a flowerpot and sprinkle it with sand to fix it.

Knitted plaid.

Elementary decor, but how it looks - you can't look away! It is enough just to take a very large knit blanket and lay it around the base of the Christmas tree.

Wooden sled.

Well, this decoration of the base of the Christmas tree can be completely attributed to the favorites. So wooden sledges look thematically, spectacularly, cozy and really fit the Christmas tree perfectly. If you wish, you can make them yourself, or go the easier way - order their manufacture from a carpenter.


Burlap will look very nice and harmonious at the base of the fluffy beauty. It can be laid around a stand or put a herringbone cross in the center of the fabric and gathered on top like tying a bag.

Mini town.

Incredibly fabulous idea - the development of a village around a Christmas tree. You can put a mini fence and put small houses, benches, figures of people, animals behind it, and sprinkle everything with artificial snow.

Gift box.

To do this, make a hole in the lid of the box, into which to insert the trunk of the Christmas tree, and pass the cross from below. That's all, the wonderful decor is ready, and most importantly, everything is done quickly and easily!

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Well, now you know how to decorate the bottom of the Christmas tree. Whichever version of decorating its base you choose above, the result will be beyond praise! Until we meet again on the pages of the site "Dekorol".

DIY installation of a live tree

Installing Christmas trees in a stand.

If your choice is on a cut live Christmas tree, then you will definitely need to install it in a special stand or use the "old-fashioned" methods (a bucket of sand, etc.). A reliable, modern Christmas tree stand is much more convenient and reliable.

If you don't have a stand, choose one from our online store.

In the assortment of our online store, Christmas tree stands are presented in several options - you can choose the one that suits you in color, size and type of attachment. Employees of the Yolki.Ru online store will advise which stand is suitable for your Christmas tree, and also offer professional installation services.

How to install a Christmas tree yourself?

If the height of the fluffy beauty does not exceed 2 meters, then you can install the Christmas tree alone. The installation of a tall three-meter Danish or Russian Christmas tree requires the coordinated work of at least two physically strong men: the weight of a spruce tree of such a height can reach 30 kg. What can we say about taller trees!

Therefore, it is very important to firmly fix the live Christmas tree in a reliable stand. The best option is a stand with mounts that allow you to fix the tree trunk from three or four sides. The bottom of modern Christmas tree stands is additionally equipped with a fixing pin, which increases the strength of the Christmas tree attachment and the stability of the entire structure.

If you have ever bought live Christmas trees at street Christmas markets, then you probably remember how you were recommended to hold a Christmas tree on a balcony or landing. It is impossible to bring a live Christmas tree into a warm room right away, because due to a sharp temperature drop, the needles of a live Christmas tree can quickly crumble.

The advantage of our company is that live Christmas trees are not stored in an open Christmas market, but in a warehouse with a constant temperature of at least -5°C. We deliver Christmas trees in closed vans, thus eliminating temperature fluctuations during the transportation of the Christmas tree.

So the living Christmas tree was delivered in the best possible way. You can start installation.

Remove the live Christmas tree from its packaging and tap it on the floor to loosen the dried needles. Don't be afraid of the amount! Christmas trees in the process of growth constantly renew their needles, so every year the spruce sheds a fairly large number of them. During transportation, the tree is in the net, so the needles ready for dumping simply remain inside and spill out when the tree is unpacked.

It is better to put a live Christmas tree away from the battery. Before installation, you need to saw off the lower part of the trunk of a live Christmas tree (about 2-3 cm). You can also remove the bark from the lower 5-10 cm of the trunk.

The base can be filled with sand or water. You can make a special solution: put a teaspoon of sugar and one aspirin in water, or add a special remedy, which can also be purchased from us. Water should be added to the stand periodically, as the plant drinks; sand must be constantly wet.

Planting a Christmas tree in a pot

Christmas trees in pots do not require a stand, as they come to the client in a technological pot with earth, which already holds the Christmas tree in an upright position. However, the native pot of the New Year's beauty has a number of disadvantages.

Since the live potted trees sold in our store are grown in pots and not transplanted into them, the container in which they arrive at your home will have a rather unpresentable appearance - in fact, it is a black, plastic technological pot with holes in the bottom for watering. In addition, the powerful root system of conifers often breaks through the walls of their house, creating holes and deforming the shape of the tub.

In order for the Christmas tree in a pot to decorate your New Year's holidays, you will need to put it in an additional planter of a suitable size and shape.

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